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  1. Mandatory Ramblings of A College Student

    A Product of My Online Journalism Class
  2. composingjustice

  3. conflict antiquities

    illicit antiquities trading in economic crisis, organised crime and political violence
  4. Joseph A. Lapin: A Blog from San Diego about Literature, Culture, Photography and More

    Author, Journalist, Photog, Poet Living in San Diego
  5. Dabstars

    Recognizing people, products, and businesses that have stood out in the world of cannabis.
  6. Love Letters and Musings on Our Bodies

    Do You Love You?
  7. middle child

    I am a middle child sandwiched between homicide and schizophrenia. This is our true story.
  8. Approaching Justice

    an online journal of culture, religion, and politics
  9. The Charlottesville 29

    If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?
  10. Peace Corps Passport

  11. Greenmonster

    모바일 스튜디오 그린몬스터의 공식블로그입니다.
  12. Bear Tales

    Amazing interesting and funny things ...

    Bringing an end to the dog and cat meat trade internationally
  14. Off the Charts

    American Journal of Nursing blog: diverse nursing voices and stories
  15. Airborne, Anchored

    Poems, Tunes, and Essays by Micah Moore
  16. Raising by Example

    Life Lessons of a Mama & Her Babies on Strength Building from the Inside Out
  17. Adam Briggle

    Notes from a Field Philosopher
  18. olympics2triplets

    Our jouney to having triplets and life after.....
  19. Huron NOW

    Our community, our stories
  20. Mama Said

  21. Fairfax County Emergency Information

    Official Fairfax County Government Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Website
  22. Our Journey

    Home educating, gentle parenting, life and fun...
  23. Adventures of a Labor Nurse

    The Highs and Lows of Labor and Delivery
  24. Ace News Services

    " This is our news that we feel is important & we want to tell people the truth behind the story '
  25. The Campus Crier

    Mount Holyoke's Most Trusted News Source
  26. This Hard Calling

    Stories of Motherhood and Foster Care
  27. KyleTheReporter

    In depth coverage of the Toronto Marlies
  28. Gourmet Paper Mache

    Not your third grade paper mache
  29. NewMark New York

  30. ¿dónde están los pinguinos?

    Patagonia Trekkers Diary
  31. insideoutinistanbul

    Living in Istanbul, Turkey
  32. Blue White Devils

    Lech Poznań Graffiti
  33. CrossCurrents

    All about the dance.
  34. crimesofempire

    Beyond Mental Death.
  35. Hoop Dawgs

    This is a blog that will discuss UGA Men's Basketball
  36. National Road Magazine

  37. Otakk's House

  38. አቤላክ Abelak

    ነዋ: ማይ! ወመኑ: ይከልአኒ: ተጠምቆ? …
  39. Stars in Scotland

    Mapping out the visits of legendary stars to Scotland during the 20th Century ..
  40. The Lair of the Wolf

    Journalism, history, politics, human rights
  41. Hethersett Old Hall School (HOHS) blog - an independent day school near Norwich, Norfolk.

    Girls 3-18 and boys 3-11, boarding for girls from 9
  42. My Wee Musings - independence & politics

  43. thermobexta

    healthy, wholefood cooking for your thermomix
  44. top tier tears

    crying about cardgames - a WS blog
  45. Kako na posao

    Sajt o zapošljavanju, uspehu i uspešnima
  46. Fabrika de case

    Sursa de inspiratie pentru casa ta
  47. The Document Foundation Blog

    The Document Foundation Blog
  48. World Ship Wrecks

    A large collection of ship wrecks from the world
  49. shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

    the blog of foz meadows
  50. Round Taiwan Round

    A locally based English speaking travel resource provider and travel agency helping introduce Taiwan to the world.
  51. Saloni Health and Beauty Supply


  53. Serendipity and Creativity

  54. SQL Studies

     Live, Learn, Share

    Getting You the Latest Anime News!
  56. Three Line Thursday

    Come Lay Down Ink With Us ✍
  57. Mayor Cam Guthrie

    City of Guelph
  58. Welcome to Barbrah Musamba Chama Mumba's Blog

    News, Politics, Business, Relationships, Fashion, Charity and Humanitarian work
  59. Shot of Prevention

    Where People Come to Discuss News and Views on Vaccines

    Defending the brand from junk science, yellow journalism, and invincible ignorance
  61. Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative

    Authentic News, Locally Grown
  62. Daddy Warpig's House of Geekery

    Hardcore geekery for the hardcore geek. (And everybody else!)
  63. Amsterdam Cycle Chic

    Inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic

    We love the City. We hate the City. We live in the City.
  65. The official website of the PJSTA

    The PJSTA is a Fair Trade Local
  66. Tommyslav Island

    In reading, you will's imagination
  67. Doyasıya Yaşamak

    Dolu dolu yaşam rehberi
  68. Let's tlk abt movies

    reviews by Anis Tabet
  69. Saxon Templeton. Content Creator

    Traveller - Photographer - Observer
  70. Hipster Manager

  71. Sword At-The-Ready

    Cutting Down The Nonsense To Recapture Our American Culture and Heritage
  72. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

    Truth. Bravery. Integrity.

    The Official Blog of VCU Athletics
  74. Little Conqueror

    Everything I do all in one place.
  75. Anchor Music News

    Music | News | Reviews
  76. Kreative Kymona

  77. Raising The Mug

    Encouraging words with your morning coffee
  78. Because it really is personal...

    Christian, Wife, Mother, Friend
  79. Bloomsbeautytips

    A Beauty Blog
  80. 30 minutes in the life

    20 photographers capturing 30 minutes of precious time
  81. MAXfocus Status

    MAXfocus Service Status Page
  82. Not All Who Wander Are Lost 32

    The lives and adventures of an Air Force family...
  83. Thomas Burg's blog

    mostly in English, sometimes in Deutsch
  84. A Cavalier in Copenhagen

  85. Professional Nomads

    Live your passion
  86. Trip Diary

    Travels with Pat Arnow, Steve Giles and our cameras
  87. The Teesside Football Blog

    Focusing on Middlesbrough FC and Non-League football on Teesside
  88. Wineadelphia

    A journey through my wine-filled adventures in Philadelphia and beyond.
  89. A House at 25

  90. EVS trimitere

    site al A.C.T.O.R.
  91. Litla Skvís

    Stitching, knitting, music, my kids and my life.
  92. Art@Tings

  93. Train Holistic

    Design your own life
  94. Polotiki News

  95. Ben's Beer Blog

    A place for all things beer.
  96. RunSignUp

    Built By Runners For Runners
  97. House to Home

    Family. Home. Faith. Life.

  99. The Sunshine Skate

    A Florida Panthers Blog
  100. BWH Clinical & Research News


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