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  1. Hunter's Insight - A Guild Wars 2 Blog

  2. League eSports Talk

    Talking about League eSports and its community

    South Louisiana's Most Reputable News Source
  4. The Spectator's View

    Because it's clearer from the stands
  5. Minnesota Sporting Journal

    Minnesota's Premier Outdoors Magazine
  6. e-Roll Call Magazine

    Inspiring Policing Solutions
  7. There Must be Justice


  9. Cortical Chauvinism

  10. Amber Swisher

    Bloggin' cause tweets are only 140 characters.
  11. Stennis74

    Your home for news from USS John C. Stennis
  12. Reflections of an English Language Teacher

    Lizzie Pinard's take on teaching and learning
  13. UCLSoundOff

    Stay Tuned
  14. Troy LaRaviere‘s blog

    A place to discuss a better school system for all Chicagoans
  15. Dot to Trot

    My world is expanding as my butt is shrinking!
  16. Your Stories. Your Wall.

    Honoring their service and building their legacy. The official blog of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.
  17. faisalbasri01

    Just another site
  18. Chicago Addick

    The online home of Chicago Addick now residing in Bermuda
  19. blog for outdoor dogs

  20. Tuấn Khanh's Blog

    Nơi lưu trữ và cập nhật các bài viết, hình ảnh từ Tuấn Khanh (ns)
  21. March Hockey

  22. She Speaks We Hear

    Bringing women's voices together, unaltered, unadulterated
  23. Bir Yol Haritası Olarak Astroloji

    by JUNO ''Kendi Halinde Bir Yıldız Gözlemcisi''
  24. Raffles Press

    Word of Mouth
  25. Thomo

    If its itchy - I scratch it.
  26. A Broken Backpack

    The stories of a broken nomad
  27. Waiting for Godot

    Musings on tax
  28. bras and scarves

  29. The Dietitian's Pantry

  30. The Awakening Inn

    Be ahead of time
  31. NIH Director's Blog

  32. James Kennedy

    VCE Chemistry Teacher at Haileybury, Australia
  33. Two Many Tumors

    My Summer to Recovery
  34. Breaking News International

    dependable, factual and reliable
  35. Canada Halifax Mission Blog

  36. asylrock

  37. DudeYouCrazy

    Georgia Football and Everything Else SEC
  38. Michael Breslin

    An alternative view of democracy in Argyll & Bute
  39. Seeing The Love

    observations of life and love
  40. The Orange Bead Collective

    Together We Will Write A New Story
  41. Bewitching Kitchen

  42. Fangasm!

  43. The Belle Jar

    "Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences." - Sylvia Plath
  44. The Great Wen

    A London blog
  45. annalaurashearer

  46. "NO to Silver Labs" Action Centre

    "Silver" Labradors? There's no such thing!
  47. The 3-Day Blog

  48. Richard Boyd Barrett TD

    Tel: (01) 618 3449 | email:
  49. Treadlemusic

    Just another site
  50. More Than A Dodo

    Oxford University Museum of Natural History
  51. Wandering Purposefully

    Adventuring through life with reckless abandon.
  52. The Circus Gardener's Kitchen

    seasonal vegetarian cooking with a side helping of food politics
  53. Monaco Reporter

    From the heart of the Principality
  54. W. Mass. Catholic Voices Blog

    Reflections and insights from the Diocese of Springfield and beyond
  55. the biology of belief

    become a master of your life
  56. JLV College Counseling

    Helping students and their families through the college admissions process
  57. Beyond Fit Recipes

    simply delicious
  58. Attitude Adjustment Hour

  59. BatchSlap: Piping Hot Bachelor/ette/Pad Recaps, Served With a Side of Quinoa

    Ininimitable Bachelor/ette/Pad Recaps, Because Chris Harrison Is a Stone Cold Pimp
  60. purplePTSD

    Unfiltered Opinions. Unrealistic Expectations.
  61. policecommander

  62. Little House in the City

    For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God. Hebrews 3:4
  63. Grønne Jenter

    En Grønn Rosablogg
  64. Preach The Noise, Underground Dance Music DJing

  65. Cardinals Insider

    An official blog of the St. Louis Cardinals

    conversations with the characters of Winston-Salem
  67. Aceso Under Glass

    Science, Altruism, and Video Games
  68. Giggles Premium

    ყველაფერი ბავშვებზე და ბავშვებისთვის

    Singapore mom blogger on travel, food, staycation, breastfeeding, motherhood, and everything about Baby Noah
  70. Saloni Health and Beauty Supply

  71. Molly's Favorites

    Little Bit of Everything
  72. Sadhana Lila

    Welcome to the official website of Sadhana Lila
  73. Absolute Excellence

    Stories from Worthington Schools
  74. africanwomanwarriorcherylroberts

    A fine site
  75. The Tactical Air Network

    Military Aviation Like You've Never Seen It
  76. I'm Vegan


    Holistic Magazine
  78. نكّاشة.كۆم

    أطبّاء الأسنان في العالم العربي ينصحون بنكّاشة.كۆم
  79. Healthinnovations

    Healthinnovations mapped by Michelle Petersen.
  80. scatteredroundtheworld

    “Dream Brother with your tears scattered round the world.”
  81. Guitarra Spazzer

    Welcome to My Silly Life
  82. Cate Blanchett Daily

    Your Source for Cate Blanchett 24/7
  83. Brian Megens Photography,

    create to inspire!
  84. theperfectd™

    There is no such thing, but we keep trying...with Type 1 Diabetes
  85. Roof Report

    Get news and updates on the Minute Maid Park Roof, direct from the front office of the Houston Astros!
  86. The Ways We Parent

    A Collection of Conversations with Parents
  87. Matty Roper

    Blogging about Coventry City Football Club...
  88. pasasrebeldes

  89. Sort of Everything

    food, beauty, news, technology, gossip, almost everything that influence our life

  91. Love Your Garden

    All the show content, suppliers etc from the ITV1 series - returning for a 3rd series on June 25th 2013
  92. Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man

    Where our opinions, Burner culture, and Burning Man come together
  93. The Rosie May Blog

  94. Welcome to Your Vintage Business Magazine

    Timeless life, accomplished you

    The latest news on Square Enix games!
  96. Palestine Square | ميدان فلسطين

    The blog of the Institute for Palestine Studies
  97. omgitsaray translations

    translating xianxia novels at the speed of a snail
  98. Jämställdhetsfeministerns blogg

    Feminism på nätet.
  99. Hooks and Helmets

    Where the firehouse table meets the internet
  100. Balhanuman's Blog

    A humble collection of readings on spirituality, literature, music, and art.

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