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  1. The Truth Speaker

    Dedicated to Truth in Journalism - Editor - Graham Phillips
  2. Worker's Spatula

    "Honest, fair, dialectical."
  3. Marvel Thailand Fan

  4. The Valley Report

    Newsworthy News
  5. Sonia Furstenau

    Shawnigan Lake Area Director
  6. allthebest776

  7. indayvarona

    scaRRedcat's News & Commentary: Sometimes irreverent, always thoughtful
  8. BWD - Beautiful Wrestling Divas. ''AFTER HOURS''

  9. Rebel Politik by Arun

    Rebellious & Subversive Politics through Cartoons & Photographs
  10. geo312


  12. STOCKREVERSALS.COM : Market Forecasts, Stock and ETF Research and Swing Trades that see around the corner before others [...]

    Free Stock and ETF Advisory Service focusing on Fundamentals and Technicals combined mixed with contrarian ideas and market …
  13. Explore Dream Discover

    A blog from an ordinary girl with a big fat heart <3
  14. nailedthepolish

    Chemical Engineer By Day, Nail Art Addict By Night
  15. The Papua Journal

    Inside Coverage from West Papua & The South Pacific
  16. SteveAndJohnnie's "Both Sides Now" Blog

    Thoughts from Him ... Thoughts from Her ... on life AFTER ... "Life After Dark"
  17. Grand Rapids Voice

    Grand Rapids Voice is your chance to have a say in your community. The group meets on the first and third Saturday of each …
  18. WonKyu Corp

    Eyes Never Lies For Never Ending Story
  19. communists in situ

    leberwurst proletariat
  20. Food-Filment

  21. Life at lucky 13

    Home of Happiness
  22. Darryn's Journey Escaping From Obesity

    "Take The First Step To A Healthier You"
  23. widowsamiam

  24. Golden Frontier Tips Tricks & Info

    Golden Frontier Tips Tricks & Info, Golden Frontier Game, Golden Frontier Friends
  25. Pogrešna

    Da možeš sve iz početka, gde bi pogrešio?_________________________________________
  26. Real Football Man

    All of the Football, All of the time
  27. Wreckless Abandon

    The Uncensored Drivel Of A Self Confessed Combustion Bore
  28. Nohohon Translations

    Webnovel translations at a relaxed pace.
  29. Surf City Chronicles

    stories by chris epting
  30. Carly Kalish, MSW, RSW

    Gender-Based Violence Trauma Counsellor
  31. Pop Culture Uncovered

    ...geek surfing the mainstream
  32. "MAN IN SAN AN" by Martin Makepeace

    News, Views & Politics from a Small Island #Ibiza
  33. Beltane Fire Society

    Formed in 1988, Beltane Fire Society is a community arts performance charity that hosts the Beltane Fire Festival and …
  34. West Tennessee Weather Online

    Weather Updates for West Tennessee
  35. La Grande Graves Aventure

  36. Glass Overflowing

    The place where Marci blogs about God's abundance.
  37. sosteffso

    All things stationary and planer related - literally!
  38. kkk123blog

  39. Minute Art

    Finding the Depth in Brevity
  40. blair boyd photography

    CREATIVE wedding - fashion - portraiture
  41. Ergo

    Your Law School. Your Magazine.
  42. thechristchurchfiasco

    "Shifting the Balance of Power in the insurance industry - back to the policyholders! "
  43. Open UNZA Campaign

  44. So This Is Love

  45. Idaho Lottery

    Enjoy winning news, contest updates and follow the BALL as we inform you of priceless information from the Idaho Lottery! …
  46. Lord...What's My Motivation?

    A Simple Lutheran Drama Teacher's Blog.

    drinking the sun like lemonade.
  48. nancyhikes

    A place to share my adventures, travels and photos
  49. In Gaza

  50. allthebest387

  51. Let's Go To The Movies

    My reviews and views on the movies . . . new and old . . .
  52. Andy Strangeway

    Campaigner and Adventurer Sleeping in Remote UK Locations
  53. Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam

    Priestess, Astrologer, Doctor of Political Science, Spiritualist and Public Speaker
  54. Chronicles of a confused mind.

    Food. Travel. Photography. And more.
  55. Vivien Ray Craniosacral Therapist

    Craniosacral Therapy in Hereford, Herfordshire
  56. Facing Two Ways

    Some musings about Derby County. And occasionally Watford FC.
  57. Thinking & Driving

  58. Woolgathering & Wildcrafting

  59. gayrightsindia

  60. Carina Olset - Sannsynligvis landets gladeste sportsjournalist

  61. SportsChannel8

    North Carolina's #1 Sports News Network
  62. Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co.

    Original Content for D&D 5th Edition
  63. Thoughtfully Prepping

    My Scribblings about Prepping and Survivalism
  64. FM Musings

  65. Butterfly Saga

    How a tortured caterpillar becomes a Butterfly...
  66. titara88

  67. Rezz

    "You make me quite sad" - said little Gerda.
  68. She Works Wood

  69. Kansas Exposed

    Challenging the official story...
  70. Song of the Lark

    Music, melodies, mutterings
  71. Dr. Zack's Blog

    My Thought and Musings
  72. Ted Campbell's Point of View

    An old soldier's blog, mostly about Conservative politics and our national defence and whatever else might interest me …
  73. My journey, from wine lover to sober and happy...

    There are thousands of people over at supporting one another in achieving a happy and healthy alcohol-free …
  74. SimonFuchs

    Videogame Art Blog - Tutorials and Artwork
  75. Robert Nilsson
  76. angelarobinsonblog

  77. Elijah J M | ايليا ج مغناير

    Middle East Politics
  78. bigbossredskullz

    One mans fight against the plastic crack, more commonly known as miniature wargaming!
  79. Resistance & Renewal

    faith, transfomation and social justice
  80. Robert Graham's Anarchism Weblog

    Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas
  81. discomombulated

  82. dentistsfordoctors

  83. raphaels7

    Using science to transform 'unknown unknowns' into 'known unknowns'
  84. The girl with the kaleidoscope eyes

    Kaya Rao Shetty
  85. The Angry Staff Officer

    Peddling history, alcohol, defense, and sometimes all three at once
  86. silent tl

    Without A Sound
  87. Keely K. Studios

    Celebrate your story . Inspire beauty . Cherish love
  88. Wirral Online News

    News, Weather, Sport & More
  89. LifeLoveLyme

    Staying grounded while recovering from Lyme disease
  90. Lelaki Metropolitan

    Fit and Fabulous
  91. melbbeautyblogsale

  92. themidwifemumma

    all things baby & mumma related from my perspective
  93. mikeyandrobzblog

  94. insaneowl

    A topnotch site
  95. Sunday Movies

    Good movies to watch on Sundays
  96. Michael Schmitt

    A young rider's perspective on the endurance microcosm
  97. The Bacon Monologues

    Keto Simplified
  98. Hazel Fights 4 Life

    In December 2015, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, Hazel Lodevico-To'o was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung …
  99. consider the sauce

    Western suburbs taste great
  100. Mommy Cely Arroyo Recipe

    A home of budget-friendly recipes for cooking lovers!

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