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  1. TCAT Shelbyville - Technical Blog

    Computer Information Technology
  2. carmenketelaar

    It's all about Health, Fitness & Loving Life.

    because it makes sense
  4. Talking THFC

    Welcome to @TalkingTHFC! The home of Tottenham Hotspur Match Previews, Match Reviews and Articles. #COYS
  5. michaelpiff

    "I'm your huckleberry..." and by that, I mean we cover everything including (but not limited to) sports, TV, …
  6. Swimming the Depths

    Finding holiness in beauty, everyday living, and theological study. Recapturing the narrative of Truth.
  7. Gilland's Island

    Wife, Mother & Indecisive
  8. Shivaay Delights

    Sharing my passion for cooking and baking ♡
  9. andreanum & co

    provincialii sufoca capitalistii. provincialismul e un mod de viata. capitalismul se invata
  10. Art Least

    A site that explores creativity in ELT
  11. policecommander

  12. The (mal)Contented Mother

    Ranting and reassurance for parents who aren't perfect.
  13. Wellcome Collection Blog

    The blog for the incurably curious
  14. Amir Parekh

    Working as a community manager in Lumber
  15. Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

    Climate Change to Fear Most
  16. News @ CSIRO

    CSIRO's news blog
  17. Debriefing

    A blog about dating
  18. TheColorOfHockey

    Hockey for Fans and Players of Color
  19. Penn State Medicine

  20. The Christian Center For Family Research

    Promoting Peace in the Family
  21. Islam and Eating Disorders

    Defeating the Demon through Conviction
  22. Kpop Idols' Vocal Analyses

    A compilation of vocal analyses in kpop
  23. Scenes From The Battleground

    Teaching in British schools
  24. Coffee, kids & ice cream

    Mum, PR, ice cream pedlar and coffee mainliner
  25. Met Office News Blog

    Official blog of the Met Office news team
  26. Modern

    Modern C++ for the Windows Runtime
  27. laibasheikh063

  28. Awaken Longford

    Irish Political & Economic Discourse with a Moral Twist
  29. Confluent

    Real-time Data Streams
  30. Cooking in the Archives

    Updating Early Modern Recipes (1600-1800) in a Modern Kitchen
  31. Granted, and...

    thoughts on education by Grant Wiggins
  32. tuyendungklf

  33. Yammer Site Status

    Is Yammer down? Offline? Broken? Undergoing scheduled maintenance? When will it be back? Find out here.
  34. Random Encounterz

    Roll D100 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday!
  35. the biology of belief

    become a master of your life
  36. Mimi Matthews

    Romance · Literature · History
  37. Deakin Nutrition

    Nutrition and Dietetics at Deakin University
  38. Ray the Vicktory Dog

    The best revenge is living well.....
  39. Wahaaz's Blog

    Positive aspects of the state of Israel and why we must support it
  40. Blazing Translations

    Starting up
  41. Derege Negash

    (Ginbot 7 for Justice Freedom & Democracy
  42. Ciça, Polo e Mika!

    Ciça, Polo e Mika!
  43. All The Young Blues

    Waterford GAA & Mental Health Awareness
  44. babylukeblog

  45. Yappy Ever After Dog Rescue

  46. SnookerHQ

  47. Michigan Lottery Connect

  48. The Writes of Woman

    Reviews of books by female writers
  49. STL Preps

    Regional St. Louis high school sports coverage, often straight from the players, teams and coaches
  50. thermobexta

    healthy, wholefood cooking for your thermomix
  51. Kiriko Translations

    Bringing random light novel translations to you~
  52. All about Sportswear

    Kaikki mitä olet aina halunnut tietää urheiluvaatteista
  53. Dorm Kyuhyun

    My World My Imagination
  54. Rush InPerson

    Stories from Rush University Medical Center
  55. The J.O.D.

    The Joy Of Dance
  56. grievingalive

  57. a diary of a mom

  58. जागरण मिडिया सेन्टर

  59. All My Life... I Wanted To Be A Blogster

    Oh, I'm sorry! Did I break your concentration??
  60. IronFat

  61. Kenny Kerr

    MSDN Magazine contributing editor • Pluralsight author • Microsoft MVP • Creator of • Romans 1:16
  62. Mister Mélomane

    ('Mey-lo-mahn') Let's discuss pop culture!
  63. Not One-Off Britishisms

    'Ginger,' 'Bits,' 'Whinge,' and other U.K. expressions that have got popular in the U.S.
  64. The West Bend Current

    The Current News at West Bend East and West High Schools
  65. huiskok

    where recipes live / waar resepte leef
  66. heiaheidi

  67. China Change

    News and Commentaries from those who work for a free and just China
  68. Iron Forged Fitness

    Fitness, food, and life as a bodybuilder
  69. My SOMO Life

    Southern Missouri born, raised and all grown up.
  70. Musings of Mulberry

    "You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur" - Monsieur Lagerfeld.
  71. Lean Left

    The View From the Sinister Side of Life
  72. NORA's Blog

    - beautiful quotes site -
  73. Palestine for Credit and Development

  74. skurjhoeyazucarero

  75. A Podcast about Competitive AndroiD: Netrunner

    A Podcast for Competative Android: Netrunner
  76. The Æthelmearc Gazette

    Covering the Kingdom of Æthelmearc of the SCA
  77. Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

    an irreverant blog by a questing bonsai artist
  78. The Prep Ball Report

    Promoting High School Basketball In The State of Michigan
  79. Food Junkie not junk food

    a bilingual food blog
  80. Backally Bizniz

    Taking mainstream underground
  81. Wilmington Apple

    A Daily News Blog For Wilmington, MA

  83. Trixieland

    words about words
  84. fivelittledoves

  85. archicivilians

    Military Researcher - Strategic War News - Strategic Maps
  86. thehourglassmommy

    Competitive | Classical | Compassionate
  87. Amanda Hedgepeth | Outer Banks Wedding Photographer

    Wedding Photography for Cheerful Couples!
  88. The Dumbarton Terrace

    Sport is life
  89. Primed for Your Life

    Enjoy More Time for Life!
  90. ആരോഗ്യജീവനം | Arogya Jeevanam

    Health through Home Remedies
  91. Peace Corps Passport

  92. Glas Gacka

  93. oneleguponlife


    Surrey dog photographer |
  95. Immigration Reports

    Immigration reform advocate, Past President, American Immigration Lawyers Assoc., Blogger, Speaker, Activist, Photographer, …
  96. A little lipstick never hurt

    A little lipstick and a little bit of everything else.
  97. The Great Debate

    Debating Life from Across the Spectrum
  98. Serawit Hdri

    ኤርትራዊ ማዕከን ዜና
  99. hacker4home

    Let's hack your home!
  100. C.J. Adrien

    Author of Historical Fiction

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