The purpose of BOTD

Blogs Of The Day highlights the most popular content on WordPress.com. The lists produced by BOTD are displayed on this site and on every WordPress.com user’s dashboard, as well as on the front page. You can browse these lists to find interesting things to read. You might even make a friend.

How BOTD works

We count up the visitors to all public blogs and posts in a rolling 24-hour period. No personally identifiable information is stored. Several times throughout the day, we summarize all of this data in different ways to produce lists of blogs and posts that might be interesting.

BOTD does not use numbers shown on the Blog Stats page of your Dashboard. Some page views are excluded for various reasons. We use proprietary formulae to calculate the popularity of a site.

What BOTD contains

We maintain editorial control of this space on the behalf of the community. Mature or objectionable content can cause a blog to be removed from these lists. This does not depend upon the Terms Of Service; it’s at our discretion.

These lists are generated by machines. We do try to keep the lists safe for browsing from work or school but we can not make any promises about the content shown or linked here. If you see something you think should not be here, please send feedback using the form in your dashboard and we will give it prompt consideration.

How BOTD chooses languages

The languages in the sidebar are chosen according to the number of page views on blogs of each language. Blogs without a chosen language will not appear in any particular language list, so be sure your blog’s language option is set.