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    Pagina fea, pero informativa
  2. League eSports Talk

    Talking about League eSports and its community
  3. Shiroyukineko Translations

  4. Bhaz

    BH de A a Z. Um Portal de Notícias, esportes, política, colunas de Belo Horizonte

    Política Economia Justiça Segurança Pública Meio Ambiente Sociedade
  6. BA SÀM

    Cơ quan ngôn luận của THÔNG TẤN XÃ VỈA HÈ
  7. KoreanIndo

    Korean Waves in Indonesia
  8. Themalaysianrecipe 大马生活资讯网

    网罗生活资讯 碗碗好料 天天精彩
  9. Watts Up With That?

    The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change
  10. Interviuri, analize, satira, tot ce vrei.

  11. Glamrs


    ΕΙΔΗΣΕΙΣ - НОВОСТИ - NEWS - ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΙΑ - Ортодонтическое

    Το φιλότιμο μας, θηλιά στον λαιμό τους, όχι στον δικό μας. …
  14. Colectivo Pericú

    Californio - Noticias

    Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken
  16. КРЫМский бандеровец

    Украина, Крым, Донбасс. Информационное сопротивление российской …
  17. The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

    All Things The Simpsons Tapped Out for the Tapped Out Addict in All of Us
  18. The Skeptics' College

    Science, health and critical thinking for the masses.
  19. The Last Refuge

    Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits - Contact Info:
  20. tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^|Berita Otomotif|Test Ride|Review|Kuliner|Riding|Dagelan
  21. » Aгαbic AllКρoρ Nєωş «

    ๛ مدونة تشمل جميـع أخبار فنانين ๛ AllКρoρ
  22. fromtheeleventh

  23. Eszter's Offtopic

    Szocio, kult, szabadidő, média, bulvár, önismeret, lélekdolgok, napló...
  24. Motorcycle Profiling Project

  25. My Nintendo News

    Wii U and Nintendo 3DS news
  26. Game Development Blog

  27. The Spectator's View

    Because it's clearer from the stands
  28. Hunter's Insight - A Guild Wars 2 Blog

  29. fernandezjrp

    filio temporis
  30. Steve's Blog

    Read on...
  31. juniordoctorblog

    The thoughts of an NHS junior doctor
  32. angelbaby1827

    This is a blog to remember my little sister, Emily Bernauer. I don't know how many I'll do, but I'm in the …
  33. Blue Silver Translations

    Translating Douluo Dalu by Tang Jia San Shao
  34. TellyReviews

    The weekly reviews of your favorite Telly shows
  35. Iglesia Ni Cristo - Silent No More by Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista

    This is the new official blog of Antonio Ebangelista
  36. Family Guy Addicts

    All Things Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff For the Family Guy Addict in All of Us!
  37. therecounter

  38. Pokolenie Ikea

    Cześć. Jestem Piotr C. Jestem blogerem, pisarzem i opowiadam historie.
  39. NoviceTranslator

  40. Tamara Tattles

    No Tea, No Shade News on Entertainment and Current Events News
  41. Petterssons gör skillnad

    Oberoende nyheter, satir och allvar om politik, journalistik, invandring, mångkultur, islam, brottslighet, rasism, natur, …
  42. Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    Tarif Üstü Muhabbetler
  43. Freedom4Ethiopian

    Your rights are your security. When you, 'give up your rights for security", it's not security you get, but …
  44. the new era

    to give people a better sense of their world
  45. Alexandru Chermeleu

    Îți mulțumesc că ai Votat! Blogul nr. 2 Național în Categoria Bloguri Personale
  46. we hunted the mammoth

    the new misogyny, tracked and mocked
  47. Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man

    Where our opinions, Burner culture, and Burning Man come together
  48. KDrama Stars 1

    For Drama News , Actors and actresses Updates , جديد أخبار الدراما الكورية , تحديثات حول …
  49. Microjuris - Puerto Rico

    Actualidad jurídica y profesional de Puerto Rico
  50. Void Translations

    Machine-Translating/Interpreting/Paraphrasing Wuxia since 2015
  51. hakrimaumalaya

  52. Yes, I Said; Yes, I Will, Yes.

    writing by Misty Ellingburg
  53. Yanis Varoufakis

    thoughts for the post-2008 world
  54. Redleg Nation

    An independent blog about the Cincinnati Reds
  55. Captain Awkward

    Advice. Staircase Wit. Faux Pas. Movies.

    otomotif, campur campur, gado gado
  57. Pit Bulls Make The World Go 'Round

    Living with and loving a pit bull
  58. Tài liệu NEU

    Kênh tài liệu về các môn học Toán cao cấp, Xác suất, Kinh tế lượng, Kinh tế vi mô, vĩ mô, ...
  59. Just Mets

    News, insight, opinion and analysis on the New York Mets

    El blog de un apasionado
  61. Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

    We are Malaysians, so we must be who we say we are.--Din Merican
  62. A Southern Gypsy

    Wife to a small town man | Soon to be momma | Lover of pretty things | Southern belle with a gypsy soul
  63. The Clumpany

    Intangible, ethereal... All things to some People. And a laughable concept to everyone else...
  64. Der dritte Blickwinkel

    Nachdenken bekommt wieder Konjunktur...
  65. honorableliving

    Natural. Organic. Healthy.
  66. The Girl Who Games

    living for the next update
  67. YellowLaw Translations

    Wu Xia Novels
  68. KobaYogas.COM

    Share Drive|Ride|Pride

  70. Punts de Vista

    Blog d'àngelsmcastells, dona, d'esquerres, economista i moltes coses més...
  71. Blog de Gesvin

    "Solo alguien que trata de hacer cosas absurdas podrá lograr lo imposible" - A. Einstein
  72. infamedipalla

  73. By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

    The greatest Mormon blog in the universe.
  74. Bir Yol Haritası Olarak Astroloji

    by JUNO ''Kendi Halinde Bir Yıldız Gözlemcisi''
  75. language: a feminist guide

  76. JYJ3

    The Return of JYJ!
  77. Thyaeria Translations

    Translating raw novels into English...
  78. Arab FanFics

  79. What's new

    Updates on my research and expository papers, discussion of open problems, and other maths-related topics. By Terence Tao
  80. C.J. Adrien

    Author of Historical Fiction
  81. LIFARS

  82. Lupul Dacic

    Blog pentru regasirea identitatii nationale
  83. Al di là del Buco

    Verso la fine della guerra fredda (e pure calda) tra i sessi
  84. SAY - Korean Fanfiction

    story about life, love, family and friendship

    May the Movie Force Be With You
  86. Tô Ngọc Hà

    Chọn im lặng nhìn đời, không ồn ào, không hằn học, chỉ là những niềm riêng rất nhỏ giấu vào …

    Ειδησιογραφία, αρθρογραφία, άποψη, έρευνα, χιούμορ
  88. Noticaribe

    Noticias desde Quintana Roo
  89. Pauli Komonen

    Tutkija ruotii aikalaisilmiöitä. Tietotyö kokemuksena. Baarisosiologiaa vasaralla.
  90. Diane Ravitch's blog

    A site to discuss better education for all
  91. Sing Indo

    Freedom of Speech
  92. Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

    Tracking events and trends in Israel, Russia and the epicenter
  93. Psicologia Acessível

    A Psicologia está em todos os lugares!
  94. Greek National Pride

    έγκυρη, αμερόληπτη ενημέρωση
  95. Periodismo Alternativo

  96. kocoolvidu

  97. Protech-Parabola.Net™

    Sinopsis | Kumpulan Foto | Sinetron
  98. Allain Jules

    L'information déjantée, au Kärcher, et la liberté d'expression dans sa quintessence: "Mieux vaut mourir …
  99. SuperMomRocks

    Sofia, just a mom in a crazy world
  100. Hille Le

    News, Views, Videos of the people, by the people, for the people

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