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  1. Here be 3D printed dragons

    Earlier this week we posted about a letter we received from Sophie, a 7-year-old girl. All she wanted was a …

    News @ CSIRO

  2. DWP blames cancer patient for her illness

    (not satire – it’s the UK today!)
    This letter from the Department for Work and Pensions was posted by Chris Nelson on …

    Pride's Purge

  3. Climate campaigners start to eat their own over ‘Cleantech Crash’

    The Center for American Progress affiliated attack group “Forecast the Facts” is turning on the CBS News magazine “60 …

    Watts Up With That?

  4. Harga Honda CBR150R diBogor tembus 50jutaan. Lokalisasi adalah harga mati!!… – Bro dan sis sekalian….ngowoh , doweh lan domblong ketika IWB disodori price list terbaru motor … | All About Motorcycles

  5. Where in the World are the Westfall’s?

    You may have heard that we sold our house. Many of you have questions like:

    “What will happen to Jac?” (he will come …

    Stacy Westfall Horseblog

  6. silly boomers

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lutheran Baby Boomer,




    I hear you say a lot of things about people my age …


  7. Magic Christmas Presents

    ¡Buenos días! Ay madre mía, os escribo con tembleque de manos. Tenía preparado este post desde ayer pero he tenido …

    Trendy Taste

  8. Jesus Wondering Whether He Should Tell Cory Bernardi About The Whole Joseph Thing

    Christian figurehead Jesus Christ was today wondering whether he should tell Senator Cory Bernardi about the fact he …

    The Shovel

  9. Wenger confirms Striker deal possible. No Morata but Good News on others…

    Morning all.
    Up front we lose Theo as a potential central forward and that’s maybe where we have to look outside. …

    Highbury House

  10. CENSURE. Hollande pleure après Closer et Dieudonné qui ouvre les yeux aux Français.

    ADDENDUM 13h : le spectacle “Le Mur” interdit à Tours.

    Les sept pleurs du président Hollande, après le terrorisme …

    Allain Jules

  11. ARod orgulloso de sus chamaquitas en práctica de tennis [foto]

  12. Who’s who en el selecto mundo del crimen

    El pundonoroso y eficaz remero de primera, Lindo Gatito, ha elaborado esta excelente presentación de los ponentes en …

    El blog de Santiago González

  13. Info Gress . . . Sinyalemen Kuat Mesin Ninja 250 RR Mono Ke arah Mesin KLX 250

    Bro sekalian, tmcblog mendapat update Gres terbaru yang mampir ke tmcblog news room . . . Info Yang menyebutkan bahwa …

  14. THE KEENAN TEAM REPORTS: THE FED FRAUD | The European-Controlled Creature That’s Bled Us for 100 Years

    January 9, 2014

    Knowledge is indeed power.  Neil Keenan and his team bring the truth to the …

    2012: What's the 'real' truth?

  15. 10 signs you might be an Eventer

    1. Someone mentions jumping their horse over a coffin, and this doesn’t sound strange at all to you.
    2. The most …

    eventing life

  16. Flashback Friday: Shirtless Rafael Nadal poses with Bar Refaeli

    Sports Illustrated’s Swim Daily posted a little gem for us earlier this week in honor of Rafael Nadal “kicking off the …

    Rafael Nadal Fans

  17. Contra la depresión…¡TRIPTONÍZATE!

    No han sido las mejores navidades de mi vida, ni mucho menos… y los acontecimientos que ocurrieron el último día …


  18. [TWITTER] 140110 Kim Junsu Twitter Update: Vacation!

    [TRANS] I’m leaving~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hehehehe


    @poimin73 to @1215thexiahtic: where are …


  19. A Burger’s Guide to Islamabad, Paris of the East

    Islamabad is a fascinating city-state. Frequent flyers would tell you that it truly is the Paris of the East. As a …

    Fresh Prince of Islamabad

  20. The world is not a safe place for a fat girl

    Today, a friend of a friend posted this picture on facebook.

    Apparently, the woman who received this note parked …


  21. La prensa que se lee en Moncloa

    Presidencia del Gobierno ha publicado hoy la licitación del suministro de prensa en Moncloa durante un año por …

    El BOE nuestro de cada día

  22. Cheaper! Healthier! Tastier! Ready meal revolution on the front page of G2.

    Published in G2 magazine, and the Guardian website. For the full article, clickhere.

    Jack Monroe. Twitter: …


  23. Huge support for Fitzpatrick’s continuing with Halloween and Christmas displays

    A massive social media campaign has begun to try and convince Fitzpatrick’s Bar and Restaurant to bring back their …

    Talk of the Town

  24. Graft in Tacloban

    I had dinner recently with Mayor Alfred Romualdez of Tacloban City. That was a first. I have been consistently an …

    Harry Roque’s Blog

  25. When All Is Said And Done

    When all is said and done, we all go through things in life that, if we allowed them to, could destroy us, make us …

    Positive Outlooks Blog

  26. – Moldova are talent! – Ei, serios? Sau, nu credeți că am cam exagerat?

    Vă spun din start. Eu nu contest victoria Monicăi Pîrlici la Moldova are talent 2013. Pentru că nu mă interesează …

    Iulia Brad

  27. GIF: John Scott Throws Puck Into Net … Surprisingly it Doesn’t Count

    Scoreless midway through the first period of tonight’s matchup against the Florida Panthers, Buffalo Sabres’ forward …

  28. Peralatan untuk melatih anak bercakap.

    Apakah peralatan yang boleh melatih anak bercakap? Boleh beli di mana ya? Adakah perlu ke toys r us? Adakah perlu …

    Ruby Speech Therapy

  29. Wearing Pajamas in Public Banned by Hernando’s Image Advisory Council

    The Hernando County Image Advisory Council has placed a ban on wearing pajamas in public that goes into effect near the …

  30. Miyamoto Says Nintendo Will Be The “Super Special Sponsor” Of Nico Nico Chokaigi

    Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has announced that Nintendo will be the special sponsor of the Nico …

    My Nintendo News

  31. Como Le IrÁ a Cada Signo En El AÑo 2014 Que Suma 7

    Marte en los cuatro elementos traerá dinero inesperado

    No habrá tiempo para aburrirte, 2014 será un año …


  32. Uma queda dolorida e amanhã um grande dia!

    E aí meus amigos e amigas do blog!

    Por aqui por Bahamas as coisas hoje não posso negar que foram um pouco tristes. …


  33. Roosh V tweets the world’s saddest tweet

    How pathetic is this?

    What a sad, small, empty life he must …

    man boobz

  34. Mayali Sade PİŞİ Tarİfİ

    Rasulullah  Aleyhisselatu vesselam  buyurdular ki: “Ahir zamanda bir takım kimseler ortaya çıkacaklar da dini …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  35. “Έσπασε” ο Φιλιππίδης: Ο Αντρίκος μου γνώρισε τον Γριβέα! Εθνική […]

    “Θα τα πω όλα”! “Τα CDS πουλήθηκαν γυμνά! Εάν έπεσαν σε χέρια …

  36. Skyggeleken – om å bli utestengt i barnehagen

    1 av 10 barn i barnehagen opplever å bli mobbet eller utestengt (NOVA-undersøkelse 2012). Barn helt ned i …


  37. 紅奧丁降臨!PAD Z 100萬銷量紀念GOD FES 1月12日開始!日本iTunes點數卡特價發售、Google […]

    慶祝PAD Z銷量突破100萬的新一輪GOD …

    Akiba+ 日本ACG代訂專門店

  38. Se accidentó el rector de la UNIPAZ

    Volcadura en San Pedro
    Lesionados sus familiares

    La Paz, B.C.S.- Poco después de las nueve de la noche de ayer, …

    Colectivo Pericú

  39. Erwerbsloser schockt Arbeitgeber mit Fragebogen

    Soeben erreicht mich eine E-Mail eines Erwerbslosen, der seinen Angaben nach ein Stellenvermittlungsangebot mit …


  40. Con cái mắc tội, cha mẹ không phải vô can

    Hôm nay là ngày buồn của tôi. Tôi vẫn dặn cu Luck đi đón em Bin ở bến xe bus khi tan trường vào …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  41. Beneath the tip of the F1 iceberg

    There was a time, 20-odd years ago, when one knew most of the F1 engineers and had time to talk to them at races. Many …


  42. Babes, Partying and Dust

    What’s Burning Man all about? Watch this video from JZLStyle, who call it “The Ultimate Party”, then add your comments, …

    Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man

  43. kMSt ver. 1.2.495 – The Seed and Skill Changes!

    With less than a week to go for this to come to the real server, Tespia has finally updated with The Seed content as …

    Orange Mushroom's Blog

  44. The Real Housewives Of Westport

    Mike Kulich once again nails it.

    The 2004 Staples High School grad — and porn industry titan, as owner and CEO of …


  45. أحببتُ فتى .! [ البارت الثامن عشر ] / [ ليلة جديدة ]

    fanfiction arabic sub

  46. Maciej Lampe se enroca y desafía a Xavi Pascual negándose a abandonar el Barça

    El Caso Lampe a flor de piel en las oficinas del Barça. Ya se acumulan varios partidos con una presencia testimonial …

    El contraataque

  47. Заливът ще плати за Волгоград

    Официалните представители от руското министерство на външните …

    Светът днес

  48. Lakatos: “There’s no story here.”

    I suspect most of you have heard by now that there’s a staff opening.
    Scott Lakatos, Georgia’s defensive backfield …

    Get The Picture

  49. Ice Capades

    The Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina
    So. It’s bloody freezing everywhere, isn’t it? Honestly, I’m usually loathe to …

    Slim Paley

  50. Συλλάβετέ με…!!!

    Γράφει ο Γιώργος Γραμματικάκης *
    Σας παρακαλώ, συλλάβετέ με. …

    Η νέα "Φωνή της Κάσου"

  51. FD Photoessay: Amsterdam architecture, part one

    No words today, just a series of images for you to enjoy. Various architectural details from my last trip to Amsterdam, …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  52. Ducati berencana mundur dari kelas utama Motogp Factory turun ke kelas Open ???

    terlihat sudah pada batasnya…. bisa jadi memang benar ducati sangat di ujung tanduk……. di wsbk kacau, di motogp … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  53. Hipstergristendom: laat een snor staan en doe progressief

    Gristelijke hipsters. Je herkent ze aan hun vintage snor, baard, bril of sneakers. Ze zijn hoogopgeleid (iets met …

  54. 2013 第39回 北海道ミニバスケットボール大会 男子予選リーグ




    4Q …


  55. the shape of hope

    Brooke in one of her favorite shirts
    Yesterday, I wrote a post about hope. About how important it is to believe in the …

    a diary of a mom

  56. Stargazing Live: The Results Are In

    BBC Stargazing Live 2014 has been asking people to visit the Zooniverse’s Space Warps site to identify gravitational …


  57. Liefde voor de fiets

    In 2000 kocht ik me een nieuwe koersfiets. Een Ridley van aluminium in een metaalrode kleur met grijze motieven. Toen …

    Karl Vannieuwkerke

  58. Understanding the Suicidal War in South Sudan

    This is one of the best analysis of the South Sudan crisis we have seen. We liked it so much we are posting an English …


  59. They Hate Us – Physically They Hate Us

    Littlejohn’s father was a copper.

    Ian Bone

  60. Your life is over when you have kids

    I remember when we told people that my wife was pregnant with twins. There were plenty of handshakes, hugs, and …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  61. Rex cinema incident – what the Straits Times didn’t report

    On 09 January 2014, the Straits Times reported an incident at the Rex cinema. Seems that a movie screening was …

    Read The Right Thing

  62. Eu e o Bourdain

    Quando a produção do Anthony Bourdain me chamou para uma participação em seu programa, que está sendo gravado aqui …


  63. Scott Brown and Jason Dohm Offer Advice On the Doug Phillips Debacle

    In the last three days Scott Brown and his fellow church Elder Jason Dohm have, between them, posted three noteworthy …

    Jen's Gems — Doug Phillips' Ecclesiastical Tyranny and Abuse

  64. Literatos modernos

    Ferran Martín

  65. ტვინის გარდაცვალება

     მისთვის ძნელი იყო ამის გაკეთება. დიდი ხანი …

    ზურაბ ჭიაბერაშვილის ბლოგი

  66. It’s the Friday Puzzle!

    First, this week I started a new channel containing life changing ideas in less than a minute.  It is called …

    Richard Wiseman

  67. 「誰が見ても自明で分かりきったもの」

    [初めて iPhone が発表された日:YouTube]

    iPhone …


  68. Funk is not dead.

    Six-year-old B-Girl Terra holds it down. I have been totally smitten (and slightly …

    ▲uto F●cus

  69. “Our SeungGi, has he changed?”… Agency talks post-NoF

    I didn’t know Dispatch did things other than stalking. Or are they just trying to make up for all the grief they’ve …

    Everything Lee Seung Gi

  70. Belpasso-Paternò: incidente strada provinciale Sp 56/II

    Incidente rocambolesco, stamani, sulla Belpasso- Paternò, ovvero strada provinciale Sp 56/II. 2 i feriti. Da accertare …

  71. ( Still… ) Ahjussi…. SARANGHAE….!!!!!!!

    ( Still… ) Ahjussi…. SARANGHAE….!!!!!!!
    Author  : Shin Zia
    Title      : ( Still…) Ahjussi, …

    Zia's World

  72. My Pervert Husband Chapter 13 – JiYoo19

    My Pervert Husband Chapter 13
    Author : JiYoo19
    Genre : Romance, Drama, Comedy *maybe*, lil bit Angst, Marriage Live, …


  73. Sonnensturm, abweichende Elektronen- und Protonenflüsse … und wir mittendrin

    Viel Bewegung ist derzeit auf der Sonne, M-Flares, ein X-Flare, Sonnenwinde, die Richtung Erde unterwegs sind, …


  74. Georgia Bulldogs Lose Secondary Coach Scott Lakatos, Trouble Sure to Follow

    Scott Lakatos’ unit was good against the pass for three years and bad in 2013.  The plan was for a young bunch of …


  75. El nuevo “Messi” es de Bilbao, de la cantera del Santutxu.

    ¡¡ Orgullo Athleticzale !!

  76. Cooking School Classics: Sweet Potato Gratin

    Ever since we made this delicious Sweet Potato Gratin on stage, it has become a family favorite at holiday get …

    Taste of Home Cooking School Blog

  77. Pretty On The Outside But…

    Don’t judge us by our Christmas card.  We look pretty perfect.  Like the quintessential all-American family.  …

    She Runs A Good Race

  78. الملك وجه قبل انصرافه تنبيها حاسما إلى الشرطي بمراكش ويؤكد له أن […]

     مرة أخرى يأبى الملك محمد السادس إلا أن يقدم درسا حاسما لمن …

    Le Sud Sud

  79. The Energy Vampires

    The global elite know that energy is paramount to life. Control over energy means control over people. Four giant …

    LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson

  80. Meet the 2014 SUPERMOM

    I’ve noticed a recurring theme on “mom blogs” as the calendar turned a New Year: lots of moms are writing about once …


  81. Perry’s Home Jerseys Dubbed Illegal by AIA

    By: Ralph Amsden

    One of the objectives listed in the constitution of the Arizona Interscholastic Association is “To …


  82. Lời khai nào của Dương Chí Dũng mới gọi là chấn động.?

    Người Buôn Gió
    Theo: Yêu quê hương Việt Nam…
    Nhiều tờ báo giật tile về lời khai chấn …

    Hahien's Blog

  83. Eles disseram que iriam trabalhar por amor e não por dinheiro: Cubano do “Mais Médicos” nega atendimento a paciente […]

    Parece que eles finalmente entenderam que no Brasil não existe falta de médicos, e sim incompetência por parte do …

    Brazil Leaks

  84. Lee Yeon Hee تتحدث عن إستيائها من وكالة SM خاصة في مواضيع المواعدة

    KDrama ☆ Stars

  85. EPA Takes Entire Town Away From Wyoming and Gives it to the Indians…Disenfranchises American Citizens

    Obama’s EPA has declared that the city of Riverton, Wyoming, with over 10,000 people is no longer part of the United …

    Rack Em Up

  86. Homebrew’s 1%: The VC Metrics Behind Investing in One of Every 100 Companies We Meet

    Most VCs spend a significant amount of their time generating and evaluating new investment opportunities.  When Hunter …

    Venture Generated Content

  87. A Whole Lot of AWESOME…AND a Basketball Game

    Thursday night, VCU welcomed George Mason to the Atlantic 10 Conference essentially the same way the Rams said farewell …


  88. Ya está bien

    Ya está bien, estoy harto de vosotros.Estoy harto de que penséis que las cosas sólo pueden ser blancas o …

  89. Cube Entertainment ستقوم باتخاذ إجراءات قانونية ضد جناة وراء انتشار […]

    Arabic Allkpop News

  90. Abra Mayor, Estranged Husband Councilor Being “Watched” 24/7

    By Artemio A. Dumlao

    BAGUIO CITY  (January 7, 2014) – Abra policemen are on a “24/7 watch” over an Abra …

  91. Cães e gatos e doenças do trato respiratório

    Estudo publicado na revista americana Pediatrics investigou o efeito do contato de crianças no primeiro ano de vida …

  92. 7 Things Curitiba Gets Completely Right

    I have been living in Curitiba for a while now and, while it might not be the best city in the world it certainly has a …

    The Head of the Heard

  93. Kumiko Tapped Out Cameo: What Animated Women Want

    Hello Tappers!

    This episode tie-in brought us a brand new FREE character to the game. However did us tappers miss …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

  94. Bend and Snap: The Red Pill Woman Trap

    Apparently being a “red pill woman” is the latest, coolest thing since feminism. Feminism is obsolete and “red pill …

    Unmasking Feminism

  95. Day Three of Road Trip to VA and Miscellaneous Updates

    On Day Three of the Interminable Road Trip to VA form AZ, we have made it to near the Tennessee border. We are driving …

    Set Sonny and Friends Free

  96. DEDH ISHQIYA Review

    DEDH ISHQIYAShemaroo Entertainment and Vishal Bhardwaj Pictures’ Dedh Ishqiya (UA) is the sequel of Ishqiya. Khalu …

    Komal Nahta's Blog

  97. Even Messi is backing McGeady to be a success!!!

    With Aiden McGeady set to agree a transfer to Everton, either in the summer of during the January window, the Liverpool …

    St Domingos

  98. You Know You’re a Writer When…

    We’ve been talking about some heavy stuff the past several posts, so I figured it was time for a bit of levity. We …

    Kristen Lamb's Blog

  99. Do you care? Become a paramedic with us

    If you fancy a new career, you’ll be interested to know that we’re currently recruiting to our popular Student …

    West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

  100. Razvoj tržišta (primjer ADPL)

    Kako jedna stvar vodi do druge i tako dalje …

    Ovo je ponajviše poruka našim depresivcima analitičarima i fond …


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