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January 6, 2014: Top Posts

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  1. How to Deal with the Modern, Angry Clemson* Fan

    At last night’s Orange Bowl, Clemson* escaped Ohio State and claimed the state of South Carolina’s first ever BCS bowl …

  2. Guardian writer Alexander White beclowns himself by using a paid PR firm as a factual source for climate

    It seems this reporter Alexander White considered Jim Hoggan’s PR for hire website “DeSmog Blog” a factual source. LOL! …

    Watts Up With That?

  3. Berita Ninja 250 single silinder ternyata juga dipantau media asing…… – Bro dan sis sekalian…kehebohan spyshot motor seperempat liter Kawasaki ternyata tidak hanya terjadi … | All About Motorcycles

  4. Not As Much Snow, Still #StupidCold

    Sunday, 11:00am: I’m not planning on doing a full blog post today — everything I wrote about yesterday is remaining …

    4WARN Weather Blog

  5. Scandalous

    Excerpt from: Married to the SEAL Teams: Lessons in Love 
    You will lose someone you can’t live without, and your …

    grace beyond grace

  6. Why do progressives always want the government to intrude in their bedrooms?

    “Get the government out of my bedroom!!!!!”

    How many times have you seen that written on the internet, complete with …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  7. Are You Strong Enough To Be Our Fan?

    What if I told you your favorite college football team would accomplish this over a 5 season stretch:

    60-7 record …

    My Mind's Eye

  8. Deputy First Minister of Scotland challenged over shipbuilding lies

    Scotland’s Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, was criticised by trade union members and the defence industry for …

    United Kingdom Defence Journal

  9. Il fallimento previsto delle OTAs – Ci siamo quasi? (Venere, Booking, Expedia, HRS, Initalia e Compagnia) – Con […]

    Che niente (o quasi) è eterno lo sapevano anche i nostri antenati, ma che la situazione potesse cambiare così …


  10. Six Things Playwrights Should Stop Doing

    Because what says “HAPPY NEW YEAR” better than a judgmental listicle?

    One thing I want to say right at the start is …

    Bitter Gertrude

  11. Ragam Tanggapan Menarik Sobat Pengunjung TMCBlog Terhadap Strategy Kemunculan sport 1 silinder 250 cc Kawasaki.

    Bro sekalian, Artikel ini khusus tmcblog dedikasikan terhadap kekayaan Khasanah opini pemikiran mas bro – sis sekalian …

  12. “I Ain’t Never Been Nothing but a Winner”

     This weekend, as I was waiting in the Alabama Student will-call ticket line, an elderly couple came up to me and …

    Thoughts by Hannah Stephens

  13. circular needle storage

    Hello everyone, and happy new year! The title of this post is probably not one to start your heart a’ racing . . . …

    Kate Davies Designs

  14. “Giornalisti chi?”

    Ho visto il video incriminato del “Fassina chi?”, mi viene da dire “Giornalisti chi?”

    Mi pare il tipico caso …


  15. Another pandemic? H1N1 sweeping across U.S. and Canada in deadly wave

    January 4, 2014 – HEALTH – Cases of the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, across Canada and the U.S. are …

    The Extinction Protocol

  16. The Cost of Atheism (or just asking questions)

    We still love you!

    So many of my closest friends and colleagues have said this to me in the past few days. My initial, …

    Year Without God

  17. 5 Ways to Discourage Your Pastor

    As a pastor of a local church for over twenty-five years, I had my share of buildups and letdowns. Sometimes I recall …

    Thoughts on Life and Leading

  18. …è la stampa bellezza!

    Ecco come hanno titolato , (e la maggior parte di giornali e telegiornali): …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  19. ¿Habrá otro ”Summer of Punk”?

    Según reportan varias fuentes, la posibilidad de un combate entre CM Punk y Triple H en Wrestlemania XXX sería ya …

  20. The (mas) kuripot 52-week money challenge: Earning 27k to 137k on barya

    A blog post from Kuripot Pinay on how someone can save almost Php 69,000 a year went viral on my Facebook wall today. …

    Minimum Compliance

  21. DIEUDONNE. Quenelle: quand les médias lancent clairement un appel à la guerre civile

    «Nulle raison ne pourrait justifier le mensonge.», disait Anton Pavlovitch Tchekhov. Mais, aujourd’hui, en …

    Allain Jules

  22. Correct! A soldier’s duty is to the Constitution and fellow patriots defending it, not to any worthless empty suit in […]

    Powdered Wig Society

  23. Resumo da novela Amor à Vida 06/01/14: Paloma ataca Félix ao saber que ele foi o mandante do sequestro Paulinha

    Paloma sofre ao ouvir a história contada por Félix (Foto: Inácio Moraes/TV Globo)
    Pilar (Susana Vieira) …

    Notícias da TV Brasileira – Audiência da TV

  24. Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL RR Mono 1 silinder nggak masalah, honda CBR250R 1 silinder masalah, tanya kenapa?

    dikarenakan ane lagi mobile 2 hari di solo, dan sekitarnya, harap maklum ,, blog seakan tidak terurusi apalagi sinyal … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  25. Ο αρχιερέας της διαφθοράς, ολοκληρώνει το σχέδιο των τραπεζιτών: […]


  26. Christmas Extension was already planned.

    Recently, there was an “extension” to the Christmas. This made the end date a week later than was originally planned, …

    All about Tapped Out

  27. Level 38 Spoilers

    The Holiday 2013 event has been extended for another week, which likely means we won’t see the next level update until …

    TSTO game

  28. In The Blink Of An Eye

    In the blink of an eye, everything can change. So forgive often and love with all your heart. You may never know when …

    Positive Outlooks Blog

  29. Muzzles: For many dogs, a gateway to fun

    Many dogs have to wear muzzles. Some are required to by law (breed-specific legislation). Some are fearful. Some eat …

    Spread the word: We don't need to fear muzzles!

  30. Mais uma jovem tira a própria vida por enforcamento em Apucarana

    Mais uma jovem tirou a própria vida agora a pouco em Apucarana por enforcamento. Uma menina de apenas 15 anos …

    Blog do Márcio

  31. Malicious advertisements served via Yahoo

    Detection of the infectionFox-IT operates the shared Security Operations Center service ProtACT. This service monitors …

    Fox-IT International blog

  32. Wkręceni w boreliozę

    Bartek Kuzia, Ewa Krawczyk

    BART: Wszystko zaczęło się od tego, że kuzynkę ugryzł kleszcz.

    Kuzynka prowadzi …


  33. And the walls come down…or at least what is on the walls.

    Will I miss this wall? Or will the memory better than the reality?

    I probably should have done before and after …

    Master the Art of Living

  34. ¡Cadaver al fondo de un acantilado!

    Investigan las causas del fallecimiento

    Santa Rosalía, B.C.S.- Hoy elementos de la Policía Municipal notificaron …

    Colectivo Pericú

  35. IMMONDE : le sioniste Klarsfeld jouit d’avoir estropié un homme avec sournoiserie #sionisme

    Dans la vidéo suivante, on voit Serge Klarsfeld sans rougir expliquer la sournoiserie avec laquelle il a mis au point …


  36. Spring Valley man dies in shooting

    A 21-year old Spring Valley man is dead after a shooting in his friend’s house involving alcohol and a gun.  Police …

    AM1220 WLPO News

  37. Shoes, New Years, Science Online, and All Else That’s Fit to Print (Part 2)

    At the end of the first half of this post, I noted that Bora Zivkovic had reappeared, initially glossing over the …

  38. [TWITTER] 140105 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update: Busan~~~☆

    [TRANS] Busan~~! I had a really good time.
    I think the passion that Busan only has is so different from other …


  39. What is the worst looking item in your barn…that you still use?

    My husband says I need new gloves. He isn’t alone either. Pretty much everyone who sees them says they should go.

    I …

    Stacy Westfall Horseblog

  40. Нова година във Великобритания или как Лондон повърна

    Нова година в Лондов премина спокойно – само около 1000 ареста, …

    Светът днес

  41. La Fragile Unione Italiana

    Ringraziando per la traduzione la Dr.ssa Lorenzon Serena, portiamo all’attenzione un punto di vista assolutamente terzo …

    Vivere Veneto

  42. Medevac Cavemen

    Medevac cavemen I always kept my cockpit immaculate.                  My fourth combat tour (two in Iraq and …

    Living the Dream or at least trying

  43. Warkop Padaidi Senin 06-01-2014


  44. “mira a QuiÉn Le Compras”… Ranking De Empresas Sancionadas Por Indecopi



  45. Balotelli & McCarthy to Arsenal? Beating the neighbours with ten men has to be the best….

    Morning all.

    Yep, that’s what the newspapers say. Mario Balotelli could be in for a shock return to the PL with us …

    Highbury House

  46. 築地初セリ2014⇒最高値は大間クロマグロ「736万円」、「すしざんまい」が競り落とす。 […]

    【1/5 16:43、22:15 …


  47. Cyclones Look To Make History

    On Sunday, the Iowa State women’s basketball team will attempt to do something it’s never done before, improve to …

    Cyclone Sidebar

  48. ¿Dónde estaba Inés del Río?

    El Kafe Antzokia de Durango es un espacio que conviene doblemente al acto que allí desarrollaron ayer las cinco …

    El blog de Santiago González

  49. 15 fotos proibidas para quem tem TOC


  50. Sincerely, One of Many Girls Who Care

    Are you a boy?

    I’m sorry.

    Not sorry that you’re a boy… That’s awesome.

    I’m sorry that you see hundreds of …

    Anna Koistinen

  51. La campagne contre Dieudonné vue par Diana Johnstone pour le magazine américain Counter Punch

    Un bon article très remarqué de Diana Johnstone sur les développements autour du geste de la quenelle popularisé …

    Mounadil al Djazaïri

  52. No AAP Puns Were Used In The Making Of This Headline

    I like this part of the year, when people have finally shut up about how “Dude I got so wasted on the 31st that I …

    Ashish Shakya

  53. 카톡에 떠다니는 ‘대한민국 정부’ 기사를 읽고

    오늘 한국경제신문에 나온 “카톡에 떠다니는 ‘대한민국 정부'”라는 기사. 아래는 내용중 …

    에스티마의 인터넷이야기

  54. Çikolatalı Krep Pastası

    Rahman Rahim olan Allah’ın adıyla:

    Sen, ölümsüz ve daima diri olan Allah’a güvenip dayan. O’nu hamd ile tesbih …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  55. El Barça lleva varios días buscando en el mercado un sustituto a Maciej Lampe

    Poco más se puede aportar tras la derrota del Barça ayer en Vitoria. Un partido donde se volvieron a evidenciar los …

    El contraataque

  56. Europe’s Largest Retailer Of Consumer Electronics Selling Off Wii U Stock For 99 Euros In Belgium

    Media Markt, which is Europe’s largest retailer of consumer electronics, is now selling off its Wii U stock for a mere …

    My Nintendo News

  57. Farvel undtagelsestilstand

    Kære Borgmester, kære Hans Henrik, Claudia og Brita – kære I, mine voldsmænd.

    Jeg har tygget længe på ordene …

    The Noah Lequime Inspiration

  58. You don’t tip competitors on Twitter; you beat them

    You can’t get scooped because competition gets tipped to a story when you tweet about it. Your tweets already scooped …

    The Buttry Diary

  59. MKT Prediksi SENIN, 06/01/14




    B – R – M


  60. CENTRAFRIQUE: La réalité de ce qui se passe en ce moment à Bangui(le boulot des seleka, roungas et goulas)


    Central African Republic (Les infos de Centrafrique)

  61. Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade Strip Search Video Is Fake – Here’s Proof

    — Domani Spero

    There is a video circulating on social media which claims to be showing the CCTV footage of the …


  62. България се самоубива!

    Боби е на 13 години и е мой приятел. Той е от онези даровити деца, …


  63. 老爸的腦 by H


    我記得,在我們小時候曾經看過類似的老電影,訴說著現在我即將要面對 …


  64. Come reagisce il nostro fisico alle emozioni (INFOGRAFICA)

    L’amore fa tremare le ginocchia e la rabbia fa “prudere” le mani. Non si tratta di modi di dire locali, ma di reazioni …


  65. Missouri: Billionaire Donates $750,000 to End Teacher Tenure

    Conservative billionaire Rex Sinquefield does not believe that teaching should be a career. He doesn’t think that …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  66. “2014 fills me with hope for the future.” Look magazine feature, December 2013.

    Published in Look magazine, 30th December 2013.

    One little correction, I’m actually single, no girlfriend, no getting …


  67. World’s Strongest Man 2013

    I used to be an avid watcher of World’s Strongest Man (WSM), but have unfortunately missed the last few years. This …


  68. Harian SENIN,06 Januari 2014


  69. Acidente na SP 322, próximo a Monte Azul deixa duas vítimas…

    Pouco mais das 24h, a Polícia Rodoviária foi acionada para socorrer um acidente de carro na SP 322, à altura do Km …


  70. Quo Vadis Jokowi – Ahok ?

    Fenomena baru seputar sikap Ketua Umum PDIP Megawati Soekarnoputri semakin me narik dicermati seiring kian kuat desakan …


  71. Why I prefer the company of homophobic people: Anonymous

    Guest post by ANONYMOUS
    It may be a strange thing for a gay man to say, but I welcome the Supreme Court judgement …


  72. Nace becerro con dos cabezas [fotos]

  73. Gästinlägg: Karim Jebari om polisrasism

    För några dagar sedan gav Polisen i Västra Götaland ut ett rasprofilerande pressmeddelande i anledning av ett …


  74. Everton 4 Queens Park Rangers 0

    Previously, on This Is Not Football…

    Right, so after we got beat by Sunderland we had a hard game against …

    This is not football

  75. An Epiphany to Start 2014.

    I attended Mass this morning at Our Lady of Lourdes, Klang.I rarely attend Mass in Klang these days, with classes and …

    Emmanuel Joseph

  76. My thoughts on the Charlie Strong saga

    Like most of my opinionated posts, this one will just be whatever comes to mind, and hopefully it ends up making sense. …

    Cardinal Sports Zone

  77. Imperfect Sculptures by Bruno Catalano

    Bruno Catalano was born in 1960 in southern France.  This current series is called “Les Voyageurs” and was …

    Everything With A Twist

  78. „Eu am facut multe pentru tara”

    Vaicareala si autocompatimirea la romani:

    Un articol din Adevarul, publicat chiar in ultima zi a anului, ii …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  79. A Year in Review: The Top 10 Most Racist/Privileged Things White Feminists Did in 2013

    In honor of the #stopblamingwhitewomenweneedunity hashtag (started via this Huffington Post article penned by the …

    The Colored Fountain

  80. TARP Was Bad, but the Looming Obamacare Bailout for Corrupt Insurance Companies Could Be Worse

    Welcome Instapundit readers. To augment the depressing and worrisome message in this post, I suggest you read this …

    International Liberty

  81. 2014 Rider Watch: Jens Voigt – Trek Factory Racing

    Jens Voigt, a photo by on Flickr.Jens Voigt is one of the most popular and enduring figures …

    The Week in Cycling

  82. A harcos húzódzkodás

    Ha megnézzük Mike Tyson hátát ütés közben, nyilvánvalóvá válik mennyire fontos a széles hátizom (musculus …

    Holt Fordítók Társasága

  83. Marina Mahathir mempertikaikan cuti Jumaat beri manfaat buat umat Islam

    Marina sanggup berdiri di bawah terik matahari demi mempertahankan gereja Our Lady of Lourdes.

    Helen Ang

  84. 22 storm pictures of Lyme Regis by Richard Austin


  85. DK.LaNm interviewed at Redbull ECL 2014

    DK’s LaNm interviewed at Redbull ECL 2014 — talks about WPC-ACE, ECL, joining DK, hopes and wishes for the …

    Dota 2 CN — Dotaland!

  86. Maddow to Kochs: Drop dead

    (h/t to Little Green Footballs)

    My first troll was someone who responded to a less than flattering Tweet I sent …

    The Obama Diary

  87. 5 Tips On How to know you are in a “good” CrossFit box (gym)

    CrossFit is growing and I believe it is here to stay. But just like there are good physios and physios that aren’t as …

    The Physio Detective

  88. Gambaran Gamblang untuk Kawasaki 250 RR mono 2014! versi motoblast

    Halo masbrai… kuat sekali mencuri perhatian tentang berita munculnyya sosok kawasaki 250RR mono alias single …


  89. Una niña catalana riñe a Mas por su independentismo. Vea el vídeo.

  90. Hero : Unpredictable

    Ini aneh tapi nyata…

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  91. Ay Caramba! 5 x { DAYlicious } als Give Away, ein Lesezeichen zum Ausdrucken UND eine exorbitant deliziöse […]

    Die war SO gut, dass wir sie nicht mehr gerade noch so mit der Kamera einfangen konnten. Kaum fertig für die Linse …

    Ein klitzeklein(es) Blog

  92. (A MUST READ) A Letter to Michelle Obama

    Dear Michelle,
    On the day that your husband was elected, you said that you had never been proud of the United States …

    Rack Em Up

  93. Italian Pillage

    Italian Village will reportedly vote to allow a developer known for unsustainable building practices to acquire 30 feet …

    elizabeth lessner

  94. Ark Park near collapse; will Bill Nye help finance it?

    Reader Jerry (no, not this one) pointed me to an article at about the planned “Ark Park,” another venture …

    Why Evolution Is True

  95. [ENG] Seunggi is Asked About His ‘Girlfriend’ on Noonas Over Flowers

    English translation of the Noonas Over Flowers cut…

    LSGfan ~ Lee Seung Gi Blog

  96. Uma governança global da pior espécie: dos mercadores

     Anteriormente abordamos o império das grandes corporações que controlam os fluxos econômicos e através deles as …

    Leonardo Boff

  97. The Completed Garden Plan For 2014 – Gearing Up For Vegetable Season!

    As much as we love the holiday season – at the stroke of midnight on December 31st we happily turn our thoughts to the …

    Old World Garden Farms

  98. Palace Linked With Loan Move For Inter Milan Striker

    Reports in Italy are suggesting that we may be interested in making a loan offer for 21-year-old Inter Milan forward …

    Hopkin Looking To Curl One…

  99. A “horrific” incident and an “unfortunate reminder”.

    **Trigger warning – violence, rape, victim blaming**

    On New Year’s Eve, an 18 year old male was “king hit” on …

    It's the people and places.

  100. Příspěvek ad hoc aneb, jak jsem zíral v sobotu ráno

    když  jsem  si  vybral  téma  předvčerejšího  blogu,  ani ve  snu mne nenapadlo,  co  se z něj …

    KOSA NOSTRA zostra aneb NAŠE VĚC zostra ! Prostě Kosa zostra!

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