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  1. Here’s why I haven’t been updating my blog

    I haven’t put up a new post in a week and a half, so people have been wondering when I plan on getting back to my …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  2. L’enfer n’existe pas et Adam et Eve ne sont pas réels, revendique le Pape François!

    Par Africeleb, le 31 décembre 2013
    Un homme qui est là pour ouvrir de nombreux anciens «secrets» dans l’église …


  3. IPCC silently slashes its global warming predictions in the AR5 final draft

    Guest essay by Christopher Monckton of BrenchleyUnnoticed, the IPCC has slashed its global-warming predictions, …

    Watts Up With That?

  4. Corra “para que lo vean”

    Hay una enorme cantidad de personas que está harta de “la moda de correr”, y lo expresan abiertamente.
    Y bueno, bien …

    Una Vuelta a la Manzana

  5. Kawasaki bantah motor fairing misterius adalah produk mereka!!!…… – Bro dan sis sekalian….seluruh dunia maya geger oleh spyshot yang IWB posting dua hari yang lalu. … | All About Motorcycles

  6. 24 Things to Do Instead of Getting Married Before You’re 24, a response

    I recently read this article titled, “23 Things To Do Instead of Getting Engaged Before You’re 23”. Normally, I don’t …


  7. اعدام کاپیتان تیم ملی والیبال زنان

    این هم نمونه ای دیگر از افتخارات ورزشی حکومت آخوندی اسلامی برای …


  8. Throw Back Thursday

    Before I announced I would be doing a book a day giveaway this year, I thought about the best way to go about it. …

    Colleen Hoover

  9. Elmalı Karamelli Alt Üst Kek

    Rahman Rahim olan Allah’ın adıyla

    “Allah, kendilerine kitap verilenlerden, «Onu mutlaka insanlara …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  10. Psst, here it is…

    For those of you that haven’t seen it, here’s my Sainsburys ad…

    I’ll pop the recipe up later on – it’s all a bit …


  11. 집에서 일하기

    전에 이야기 했는지 모르겠지만 난 집에서 일한다.

    얼마전 평소와 같이 일하는데 7살 딸 …

    Human-Computer Symbiosis

  12. Last Call for Mac & Cheese & Tang Martinis for awhile.

    I met with the Betty’s staff tonight to break bread (Adriatico’s Buckeye Pizza), drink some cocktails, and shed some …

    elizabeth lessner

  13. Les vœux d’épopée d’Ariane Mnouchkine

    Par La rédaction de Mediapart Mediapart: « Mes chères concitoyennes, mes chers …


  14. First attempt at shoemaking

    This first one was really more of an experiment than anything. Without any access to a teacher or much in the way of …

    lordpoint boot & leather

  15. El increíble mundo de las etiquetas pseudocientíficas (IV)

    Siguiendo con el tono festivo de estas fechas, y tras el éxito obtenido por las tres ediciones anteriores (I, II, …


  16. MediaCorp’s Countdown a Social Disaster

    Dear MediaCorp,

    I was an employee of yours a few years ago and whilst I had big visions of changing the …

    Abdillah Zamzuri

  17. “What’s wrong with us?” demand Government as Romanians fail to arrive

    The Romanian and Bulgarian ambassadors to Britain have been summoned to Downing street for urgent talks this morning …

    News Toad

  18. Muere una comediante dominicana

    La actriz y comediante Jeannette Vicioso fallecio este dia de Año Nuevo en un accidente cuando regresaba de la …

  19. The Xbox One is the better system currently… why is it losing?

    I have never been a fan of Microsoft as an entity.  I don’t like the way they operate.  I feel like their hierarchy …

  20. Triple H habla sobre el regreso de Brock Lesnar y Batista: “El 2014 será ÉPICO”

    La WWE, a través de su cuenta de Youtube, ha publico su tradicional …

  21. Gear Starter Honda CB150R rompal ??? segera klaim …..

    to the point saja… sudah 3 rider honda CB150R yang mengeluh ger starternya rompal gan,,, jadi saat di starter nyalain … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  22. Circumcision Rates Fall to 33 Percent

    According to the CDC rates of circumcision performed on newborn males in the U.S. declined sharply from 56 percent in …

    Kids Are People

  23. Rafa Roundup: January 2, 2014


    DOHA DOINGS: Cursing, Losing & German Pride (via

    … British reporter Barry …

    Rafael Nadal Fans

  24. Nederland schaam je!

    Ontelbare gewonden en zelfs een dode. Minstens vijf mensen die een hand moeten missen en acht met onherstelbaar …


  25. Joey Jordison: “Yo no renuncié a Slipknot”

    El ahora ex baterista de Slipknot finalmente habló sobre su sorpresiva salida de Slipknot. El 1ro de Enero de 2014 …

    Slipknot México × En memoria de Paul Gray

  26. Breaking Exclusive News: Langford Says City May Have Been Hijacked in Letter to Supporters

    Breaking Exclusive News: Langford Says City May Have Been Hijacked in Letter to Supporters… Copy of Letter from …

    The Boardwalk Journal Magazine: Atlantic County's Best Source for News, Media and Advertising

  27. Article: Why I Returned To My Old Leather-bound Bible

    One year ago, I took a step forward in my technological evolution when I was given an iPad for Christmas. This …

    The Lighthouse Keeper

  28. মিলির বাসর প্রস্তুতি Bangla Choti

    মিলির বিয়ে আগামী সপ্তাহে। বিয়ে ঠিক হবার পর …

    Bangla Choti

  29. I figli vanno, i figli tornano

    di Costanza Miriano

    Ricevo a volte lettere di genitori che mi chiedono consigli rispetto ai figli che stanno …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  30. Bức ảnh phản cảm có thật được chụp tại Việt Nam?

    Thông điệp ngắn là: Check and Balance – Hãy Kiểm chứng và Cân bằng.

    Hiệu Minh blog ít khi bàn …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  31. 地獄與天堂:評64屆NHK《紅白歌合戰》


    基本上,日本從三年前開始,「國 …


  32. La campagne contre Dieudonné vue par Diana Johnstone pour le magazine américain Counter Punch

    Un bon article très remarqué de Diana Johnstone sur les développements autour du geste de la quenelle popularisé …

    Mounadil al Djazaïri

  33. Winter Storm Warning – January 2, 2014

    A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for every NJ county, except for Cape May County, where a Winter Storm Advisory has …


  34. Get Ready for Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog

    Tomorrow’s January 1st, and for a lot of us that means it’s resolution time. Whether you’ve resolved to start that …

    The Daily Post

  35. Brave New Bullying: Goodreads Gangs, Amazon Attacks—What Are Writers to Do?

    Today is a tad of a touchy subject, but in this New year, I want everyone to have a the greatest gift any of us can …

    Kristen Lamb's Blog

  36. 陳奕迅,態度可以好點嗎?

    昨日陳奕迅於叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎禮連續柒了三次,第一次唱<任我行>唱錯歌詞兼走音, …


  37. ¡Solicitan ayuda para localizarla!

    Sus familiares están muy preocupados
    Lanza la Procuraduría un exhorto

    La Paz, B.C.S.- Se solicita la …

    Colectivo Pericú

  38. A Swerve Scarf in Just 60 Seconds

    Yes you can! You can actually do up an entire scarf in about 60 seconds.

    Bulky novelty yarns like Red Heart Swerve …

    Knot Just Yarn: The Crochet Crowd Blog

  39. Kaley Cuoco marries Ryan Sweeting in pink wedding dress

    They’ve only been together for six months but it seems Ryan Sweeting and Kaley Cuoco felt no need to wait before making …

    Nola Marianna

  40. This is the way the party ends: not with a bang, but with a whimper

    “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” – Yogi Berra
    Sometimes I …

    Soviet Goon Boy

  41. 5 Ways To Know You’re A Good Boyfriend


    We are living in a whole new world. A world different than our fathers and grandfathers. A world that, if …

    James Michael Sama

  42. Horóscopo Cangrejiano para el 2014

    Acuario: tendrás un 2014 lleno de éxito laboral pero sin éxito en el amor.

    Piscis: tendrás un 2014 lleno de éxito …

    Historias de un Cangrejo

  43. Resumo da novela Amor à Vida 02/01/14: Paloma busca novas provas para desmascarar Aline. Valdirene, Murilo e Jefferson […]

    Paloma pede ajuda a Eron e Rafael (Foto: Amor à Vida/TV Globo)
    Paloma (Paolla Oliveira) desconfia das intenções …

    Notícias da TV Brasileira – Audiência da TV

  44. Descubren monedas del primer siglo que evidencian la existencia de Jesús

    Fuente: NoticiaCristiana
    Un nuevo descubrimiento arqueológico ha sido clasificado por la prensa internacional como un …

    Pedro Torres

  45. Offener Brief an den DFB

    Hallo lieber DFB,

    kennst Du uns noch? Rot-Weiss Essen, Du hast uns 1971, im Zuge des bedauernswerten …

    Catenaccio 07

  46. Letra del año 2014 según la Asociación Cultural Yoruba de Cuba

    Letra del Año 2014 Asociación Cultural Yoruba de Cuba
    Consejo Cubano De Sacerdotes Mayores De Ifá Letra del Año …

    Negra cubana tenía que ser

  47. 밍키성인야동사이트 밍키넷

    클릭☞◐밍키성인야동사이트 밍키넷◐☜클릭

    밍키성인야동사이트 밍키넷

    담배 …


  48. From the Bluegrass, to the District…

    This isn’t goodbye. Just, I’ll see you later. For I will always carry a piece of the Bluegrass in my heart.

    This …

    Nikki B. On T.V.

  49. kMS ver. 1.2.207 – The Forgotten Hero, EunWol!

    The second patch of the You & I update has been released, featuring the sixth hero class, the Forgotten Hero, …

    Orange Mushroom's Blog

  50. El Premio del Público 2013 es para… No se aceptan devoluciones

    Después de un mes de votaciones, los lectores de Close Up decidieron que la ópera prima de Eugenio Derbez …

    close up

  51. Ya estamos en el año que viene

    En diciembre de 1975, Hermano Lobo veía así el futuro en su portada. Veinte días antes había muerto el …

    El blog de Santiago González

  52. Minerva 2014 . . . Fokus di Perlebaran jaringan dan New Product 😉

    Bro sekalian, Iseng sebelum pergantian tahun kemarin tmcblog sedikit berbincang dengan Pak Kristianto Gunadi CEO nya …

  53. Varför jag inte vill ta fler debatter med Lady Dahmer

    Som du kanske sett så har det varit en del diskussion mellan mig och en av Sveriges största feministbloggare Lady …

    Sara Schmenus

  54. 71 has indeed joined DK

    Previously we talked about the possibility of EHOME’s coach and manager, 71, returning to the esports scene after a …

    Dota 2 CN — Dotaland!

  55. A Year Without God: A Former Pastor’s Journey Into Atheism

    Cross-posted from The Huffington Post

    What difference does God make?

    About a year ago a friend and Episcopal …

    Year Without God

  56. QUENELLE & FION. Défaite amère des pourfendeurs de l’humoriste Dieudonné

    “Qui critique les autres travaille à son propre amendement.», disait Arthur Schopenhauer dans “Aphorismes …

    Allain Jules

  57. Harian JUM’AT,03 Januari 2014


  58. Γιατί είναι… ασυνάρτητα τα κάλαντα της Πρωτοχρονιάς

    Tα κάλαντα της Πρωτοχρονιάς
    Έχετε προσέξει ότι τα κάλαντα της …

    αἰέν ἀριστεύειν

  59. Juchhu, ich bin ein Mensch!

    Die Gesamtschule bleibt das Ziel der neuen Unterrichtsministerin. „Es wäre durchaus möglich, dass man entweder ein …


  60. Growth – Deep value investiranje

    1. U biti glavna odrednica svog investiranja u RH nazvao bih modificirani deep value investiranje. ‘Deep value’ znači …


  61. When Keeping It Real is Not Enuf: A New Years Meditation

    At the top of the new year, Real Colored Girls have taken a moment to reflect on the metaphysics of realness, that is, …

    Real Colored Girls

  62. Father Robert Nugent, New Ways Ministry’s Co-Founder, Passes Into Eternal Life

    With confidence in the promise of the Resurrection, but also with hearts heavy with sorrow, New Ways Ministry reports …

    Bondings 2.0

  63. Execs Who Can’t Attract Former Coworkers Are Red Flags

    “Hire Great People” is an evergreen priority for every startup founder, whether it’s the company’s first employee or …

    Hunter Walk

  64. Perché la maggior parte delle famiglie ha 2 figli

    Ripubblico qui un articolo comparso sul blog di una famiglia americana, a cui sono giunta attraverso Facebook.

    Non …

    il Babirussa

  65. Από που πήραν τα ονόματα τους οι 12 μήνες του χρόνου

    ΙΑΝΟΥΑΡΙΟΣ :Ο πρώτος μήνας του χρόνου πήρε το όνομά του από τον …

    Τhe Ancient Web Greece

  66. Read Naruto Chapter 661 Raw

    We are so excited to bring you the newest naruto 661 raw spoiler and abstracts. naruto manga 661 will be dispatched …

    Naruto Manga 661 – Madara's Bijuu

  67. We can afford $25 million for a Royal Commission, but not $9 million for indigenous legal aid.

    “THE Abbott government will strip funding from the peak Aboriginal legal aid organisation and policy positions in its …

    The Australian Independent Media Network

  68. 2013 – Blog Year In Review

    I wish everyone a happy, healthy, successful and prosperous New Year!

    Many bloggers start each year with a “Year In …

    A Blog Around The Clock

  69. Police investigate second sexual assault on New Years Day

    Police in Edinburgh are today investigating an indecent assault that happened in the Gorgie area of the city on New …

    Live Edinburgh News

  70. Calendario del Cambiamento 2014

    Il Calendario del Cambiamento ritorna per tenervi compagnia nel corso di tutto il 2014. Ogni mese troverete tanti …

    Marta Albè

  71. Dear Sally, my name is Kate and I am a fat girl – my letter to Now Mag editor on body shaming

    For the first time ever, women this year dominated the New Years Honours list. What a bloody great week to be a woman; …


  72. Fixing the “CrossFit Pull”

    That the explosion of CrossFit popularity has been good for weightlifting cannot be doubted. Through CrossFit, more …

    Coach Dan Bell

  73. Oncology 21.0

    My latest CT scan shows good news.

    The CT was actually before Christmas, and I had the results a few days later, but …

    The Boredom Blog

  74. 2014 First Trending Topic: #WeLoveGaushal

    Social Media Is currently playing a vital role in showing the power of fandom, Since last few years it has become a …

  75. [ENG] Seunggi and Yoona Dating News – 2014.01.02 MBC Live This Morning

    Wasn’t ready to post anything about this news yet.  But we’re into day 2 and reality has settled in… *sobs*  If I …

    LSGfan ~ Lee Seung Gi Blog

  76. “Start a new series” promotion means a new low price!

    I am in my office, and it is SNOWING! Er, it’s not snowing in my office, but you know what I mean. I’m so glad I don’t …

    Kim Harrison's Drama

  77. Messaggio di Medjugorje a Mirjana del 2 Gennaio 2014

    “Cari figli,

    per poter essere miei apostoli e per poter aiutare tutti coloro che sono nella tenebra a conoscere la …


  78. Dude, Where’s The Race in Your Class Analysis of HigherEd?

    A key status marker of any profession is engagement in fights about the state of said profession. For the past few …


  79. Happy New Year 2014.. Introducing Baby Z!

    Selamat tahun baru buat semua! Tahun 2014… Semoga menjanjikan seribu kebaikan buat semua.  Semoga dapat mencapai …

    New Life, New Style, New Rules!

  80. 17. Me marcho a las Cruzadas.

    Astrocitoma anaplásico. Qué buen nombre para un satélite; o para un barco. Cuando toda esta mierda se acabe me …


  81. Snow, Then Cold…Then Repeat

    NOON UPDATE: The snow has stopped for most of the Midstate (if you even saw any to begin with!)…locations in southern …

    4WARN Weather Blog

  82. [NEWS] 140102 Park Yoo Chun and Park Ha Sun already showing chemistry after topping Japanese poll

    Park Yoo Chun and Park Ha Sun who will lead upcoming SBS TV Wed-Thu drama ‘Three Days’ this February, are already …


  83. Everton set to make first signing of the window

    Everton look set to kick off a busy transfer window with the signing of Republic of Ireland wide-man Aiden McGeady. The …

    St Domingos

  84. Dhoom, Dhoomer, Dhoomest

    *ing Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Suspinder Kaybles.

    (Disclaimer: This article contains …

    Heartranjan's Blog

  85. Rain يتحدث عن علاقته بحبيبته Kim Tae Hee

    KDrama ☆ Stars

  86. When Do You Take Down the Xmas Tree?

    This morning on the Today show they were talking about the different times when people take down their Christmas trees …

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  87. Wasted – Part 13

    Admin note: This is a continuation to Wasted – Part 12

    Author: spicyjjamppong

    Author’s Note: Sorry, ang dami …

    Excess Baggage

  88. Messaggio Medjugorje 2 Gennaio 2014 (Mirjana Dragičević)

    Ecco il testo messaggio straordinario di Medjugorje dato dalla Regina della Pace alla veggente Mirjana:

    Cari …

    Sardegna Terra di Pace

  89. Lima Anime Terburuk Tahun 2013

    sgcafe baru saja menseleksi anime-anime yang ditayangkan sepanjang tahun 2013, dan kali ini mereka memilih lima anime …

    Indonesian Otaku

  90. Zoe4life, qu’avons-nous accompli, qu’allons nous faire maintenant?

    Voila déjà la fin de 2013. 2013… une année exceptionelle… Une année remplie d’émotions , de moments …


  91. Housewife End of the Year Survey Results

    Housewife End of the Year Survey Results by NMD
    Below are the results of BB’s End of the Year Survey for Lynn’s Place. …

    Lynn's Place

  92. 나이들면 후회하는 37가지

    2013년이 다 가고, 새해가 밝아오네요.
    트윗상에 화재가 되었던 글을 의역해 …

    IT의 중심에서

  93. YOU 2nd Story : Red thread

    Tittle: YOU

    Author: Fra-Fra

    Cast: SNSD’ Seohyun; Suju’Kyuhyun, Heechul, Leeteuk ; 2 am Jinwoon and …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  94. beyond tolerance

    There was a time that I thought that tolerance was the goal. I used the word freely. “Awareness,” I would say in the …

    a diary of a mom

  95. Retailer Confuses NSMB U/ Luigi U Wii U Bundle For A Wii Mini Bundle

    It still seems as though there’s plenty of confusion about the Wii and the Wii U throughout the world at various retail …

    My Nintendo News

  96. Fours ways to keep your family thriving

    Despite the fact that I’m focused on improving the health of your family, I try really hard to not be a preachy blog …

    Vegie Smugglers

  97. Words Cannot Express

    (Please bear with the tone of this message. It is not my intent to be callous or uncaring. We are dealing with a tragic …


  98. Vecinos de Sarrià piden la independencia de su barrio.

    El precedente de Igueldo puede abrir la puerta a iniciativas similares si la Generalitat insiste en el …

  99. New Year’s Eve

    ‘Twas the night before January
    When all through Control
    The excitement was building
    Almost like a drum …


  100. Guest post: A reader’s deconversion story

    One of our readers, Mark Joseph, mentioned in an earlier comment that he used to be a missionary. A simple query by me …

    Why Evolution Is True

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