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  1. Why I Will Not Cheer for Auburn in the BCS Championship

    In the last decade, we’ve become very politically correct, most of which has not been without good reason. Between your …

    Asinine Wisdom

  2. The Monday press conference

    First off, this press conference was rather more reassuring than what I expected. I’ll admit that I feared an …

    A Former F1 Doc Writes

  3. Loren Nancarrow: September 27, 1953 – December 28, 2013

    Here I sit, 24 years old, writing my father’s obituary on his banged-up old macbook that boasts an array of cool …

    Loren Nancarrow

  4. Peer Review; Last Refuge of the (Uninformed) Troll

    Current peer review science, by attempting to explain away model failure, in fact confirms that the science is …

    Watts Up With That?

  5. How Ani Should Have Apologized

    Many of you know, by now, that Ani DiFranco planned an event called the “Righteous Retreat,” which was to be a …

    Social Work from an Intersectional Perspective

  6. The Best Birthday Gift!!

    This is the best birthday gift ever!

    I asked B to sing for me again  and again and again until she got fed up and …

    Barely Supermommy

  7. Aggiornamento sequenza tra le province di Caserta e Benevento, 30 dicembre ore 09.00

    Dopo le 22.00 di ieri (ora dell’ultimo aggiornamento) l’area interessata dal terremoto di magnitudo ML 4.9, 29 …


  8. Plaid Plaid Plaid

    Good morning people! Today I´m writing you from Istanbul, an amazing city where I´m a few days on hollydays to enjoy …

    Trendy Taste


    For the last six months, Catholic cardinals, bishops and theologians have been deliberating in Vatican City, discussing …


  10. Suzuki sedang siapkan model XE351. Motor apa nih ya??… – Bro dan sis sekalian…akhir tahun 2013 sudah tinggal satu hari lagi. Dijenjang waktu yang tersisa … | All About Motorcycles

  11. Ideas para una Fin de Año brillante

    Parece mentira como pasa el tiempo pero mañana es Nochevieja. Y como aquí no hay evento ni sarao que se quede por …


  12. Filho de ditador gasta em uma noite o dobro da dívida com o Brasil que será perdoada por Dilma

    É assim que o Governo Dilma trata o nosso dinheiro – seu, meu, do seu vizinho: dando anistia para devedores ditadores …

    Brazil Leaks

  13. 11 Things You’ll Learn When Your Band Goes On Tour

    Your band Death Hippie has been paying its dues locally for awhile, and the time seems right to take the act on the …

    Trailer Park ninja

  14. Un periodista catalán dice en 5 minutos lo que Ud. no ha oído en 30 años.

  15. [PRESS PICS] 131230 Park Yuchun at ‘Three Days’ Script Reading with Cast members


    Credit: Newsen + Top Star News
    Shared by: JYJ3


  16. UFC 168 Rousey – Tate Judo Throw Highlights (GIFs)

    Ronda Rousey had one of her best showings despite being pushed past the first round for the first time. The UFC 168 …

    Art of Grappling

  17. Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident

    According to a statement from the university hospital in Grenoble, France, former World Champion Michael Schumacher is …


  18. De ce plm să-ţi plătesc eu operaţia, Costică?

    Vă povestesc, demult, multe chestii din interiorul sistemului de sănătate. Din mizeria asta de ţară pentru care …

    Blogul Vindecătorului

  19. هذا ما حدث بمركز الحسين الثقافي بحفل الموسيقية غيا إرشيدات

    بخصوص ما حدث في مركز الحسين الثقافي بحفل الموسيقية غيا …

    majnoon 3arabi

  20. Isirgan Otlu Topkek

    Rahman Rahim olan Allah’ın adıyla

    Hiç şüphesiz, göklerin ve yerin mülkü Allah’ındır. O, diriltir de, …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  21. Shady Girl Heechul’s Story (Part 10)

    Tittle : Shady Girl Heechul’s Story Part 10
    Author : Dha Khanzaki a.k.a Shin Jeyoung
    Genre : Romance, Married …

    Dha Khanzaki's Fanfiction

  22. Nene Leakes Blogs About Tonight’s Episode on HER Website

    I find it interesting that Nene is posting a blog about tonight’s show on her own website. And she seems grumpy.  …

    Tamara Tattles

  23. RIP Tim Salter and Denis Jones. Is This What You Wanted Iain Duncan Smith?

    Ever since this Government weren’t elected the question has been raised whether Iain Duncan Smith really is a murderous …

    the void

  24. Commento ai dati sperimentali su Stamina

    Sono un ricercatore, impegnato da più di dieci anni in progetti di immunologia dei tumori e terapia genica. Nel …


  25. Supergirl (fan-art)


  26. Valesca, a Breguice E O Poder

    Uma crítica – em forma de ensaio – de Beijinho no OmbroNão me sinto inteiramente segura ainda para produzir uma …

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  27. Column Joyce: Wie ben ik?

    “Jij bent toch Joyce? Ik heb je een paar maanden geleden ontmoet, weet je nog? Dit korte haar staat je mooi zeg!” …

    Pink Ribbon Blog

  28. What I Am Leaving Behind

    “I’m leaving behind everyone else’s ideas of what I “should” be, or how I “should” live my life. Instead, I’m following …

    Positive Outlooks Blog

  29. RUMOR: Brock Lesnar podría regresar en el próximo WWE RAW

    Ésta nota puede contener spoilers.

    Según reporta el sitio WrestlingInc, el ex campeón de WWE, Brock Lesnar, …

  30. Wheel… of… Fortune?

    You can replace fortune with FRUSTRATION, FORMULAS or according to others, some other “F” words if you …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

  31. Geweld tegen geweld

    Eigenlijk wilde ik geen aandacht besteden aan de kleine demonstratie tegen de politie onlangs in Den Haag. Wat onzin …


  32. ETA siempre ha conocido y reconocido el daño causado

    El País

    El Correo

    El Diario Vasco


    Noticias de Alava

    El colectivo de presos de …

    El blog de Santiago González

  33. Woman and young child found dead in Bonnyrigg house

    The bodies of a woman and a young boy have been found at a house in Bonnyrigg last night.

    A thirty-two year old man …

    Live Edinburgh News

  34. The #1 Rider Problem of the Year: Pulling to “Frame” A Horse

    Each year, I try to pinpoint one essential rider problem that is prevalent with most riders. Two years ago, we …

    Horse Listening

  35. นาทีระทึก..ลอบสังหาร..? “นิติธร”คปท. […]

    30 ธ.ค.2556 – เมื่อเช้า ตอน 8 โมง ได้เจอ “นิติธร …


  36. “You Might Be a Dysphagia Therapist If…” Guest Post by Ginger Anderson

    1) Removing that dried-to-the-palate sheet of sputum in one intact piece has, for you, become a sport.

    I am so okay …

    Dysphagia Cafe

  37. Trancan excronista deportiva por darle “golpiá” a otra mujer

    Le propinó la brutal paliza a la joven Suleida Ruiz de 25 años de edad, en medio de una trifulca que protagonizaron …

  38. Quelques sujets occultés par l’Affaire de la Quenelle

    Incroyable, du jamais vu. Un comique, dont les sketchs relèvent du goût de chacun, est à l’heure actuelle le sujet …


  39. El legado del baloncesto más allá de los 97 segundos de Lampe

    Con el paso de las horas las sensaciones se vuelven más amargas en Barcelona. De la sensación reconfortante de perder …

    El contraataque

  40. ¡Quería atrapar a niña de 8 años!

    La niña asustada corrió con su mamá
    Vecinos ayudaron a capturarlo

    San José del Cabo, B.C.S.- Un tremendo susto …

    Colectivo Pericú

  41. Dieudonné et le triomphe du vide

    Posons une hypothèse : il n’y a aucune pensée consistante dans la logorrhée de Dieudonné. Aucune. C’est toute …

    Le blog de François De Smet

  42. Leaked| ዕንቁ መፅሔት ቆርጦ ያስቀረው የቴዲ አፍሮ አስተያየት

    (Daniel Berhane)
    ዕንቁ የተሰኘው መፅሔት ለአፄ ምኒሊክ ሰፊ ሽፋን የሰጠበትን …

    Danielberhane's Blog

  43. DIEUDONNE & QUENELLE. Lettre ouverte à mes amis negrophobes: vox populi, vox Dei

    Le caractère négrophobe contre l’humoriste Dieudonné ne peut plus être nié. Tiré des fonts baptismaux ancestraux …

    Allain Jules

  44. ጉድ በል ኦርቶዶክስ ….በቁም እስር ላይ ያሉት ብጹእ ኣቡነ ማቲያስ […]

    ከአሜሪካን መልስ በደህንነት ቢሮ ለ72 ሰአታት ታስረው …


  45. Preliminary Forecast For Thursday & Friday’s Northeast Snowstorm

    As usual, the weather models have slightly shifted since yesterday (Saturday). Lets get started with the Euro’s …


  46. Michael Schumacher ongeval: toeval of planning?

    Ondanks dat ik het voornemen had even niet meer te schrijven, dringt de actualiteit zich weer op om iets opvallends te …

  47. Men in Dresses: A Voice for Men stands up for trans women by declaring them to be deluded men

    Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men has not exactly shown much of an interest in trans* issues in the past. …

    man boobz

  48. Nós somos a “elite”

    Recentemente estava com um grupo de amigos em um restaurante, em Brasília, e falei que todos nós naquela mesa …

    Blog do Mansueto Almeida

  49. Happy 49th Birthday to the original Starship Enterprise!

    On December 29th, 1964 – 49 years ago today – the original filming model of the U.S.S. Enterprise was delivered to the …

    The Fog of Ward

  50. Tell-All From A TFA and KIPP Teacher: Unprepared, Isolation, Shame, and Burnout

    A few years ago a UT-Austin undergraduate student sat in my office and told me that she was joining Teach For America …

    Cloaking Inequity

  51. The Bag Lady of Chiswick

    For many years now when travelling to London, I have chosen to park the car at Chiswick and take the tube into London …


  52. 最後一程 by H

    我肯定這是最後一程。 …


  53. The most accurate psychopaths in cinema

    The most accurately depicted psychopaths in cinema have been identified by a study that has just been published in the …

    Mind Hacks

  54. Breaking With Tradition

     I think it would be safe to say I’m not that big on change, especially at this time of year.  Our family always …

    Slim Paley

  55. Wind and rainfall data 29 to 30 December 2013

    As forecast gales and heavy rain are again affecting the UK. Below you can see the highest gusts of wind and rainfal …

    Met Office News Blog

  56. A330neo prospect gains traction

    Note: The following was distributed to our e-mail list December 23. Last week, American Airlines (as predicted) swapped …

    Leeham News and Comment

  57. MKT Prediction RABU, 01/01/14




    B – R – M


  58. アップルが手間暇かけないソフト

    [Chrome …


  59. Skenheligt, Facebook!

     Fångade upp den här bilden i mitt flöde på Fejjan. En hel drös med människor har blivit bannade för att de har …

    MMAfarsans Blogg

  60. Clayton Thomas Smith Secret Service bloater

    We was alerted to Clayton Smith a few months ago after his antics on the Brad Pitt film Fury raised quite a few …

    The Walter Cumpers Hunter Club

  61. Går i grupp

    Vuxna Tomas

  62. Ozil back at the weekend & Three hard earned points…

    Morning all.

    Tackles flying in at one point as were late clumsy ones too. A bit of bite and fury, a tame referee all …

    Highbury House

  63. Sakurai Vows To Get Super Smash Bros 3DS & Wii U Completed In 2014

    Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai has told Famitsu that he plans to have development on Super Smash Bros for Wii U …

    My Nintendo News

  64. Warkop Padaidi Rabu 01-01-2014


  65. Complete Part 3 Sequel “That One Person, You”

    Title                  :   That One Person, You

    Author             :    …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  66. Drake – Trophies (Official Version)

    Drake drops “Trophies” the most anticipated record that we all been waiting for. Produced by Hit-Boy. Not the official …


  67. Criança caiu e bateu a cabeça: e agora?

    Quando a criança cai e bate a cabeça, começam as dúvidas e angústias:
    Preciso ligar para o pediatra? Será que …

  68. Dads message to son

    Good luck Jack Blackmore – Please share

    New Fathers 4 Justice

  69. Erenköy Cemaati üzerine

    Twitter’ın 140 karekterle sınırlı mecrasından bloga geçiş, küçük bir nehirden denize açılmak gibi geldi. …

    Perili Köşk

  70. Nazarenes, let’s talk about homosexuality

    The days leading up to Christmas 2013 were hardly  “peace on earth, goodwill toward men” moments on my FaceBook feed. …

    Theology in Overalls

  71. Başbakan’ın bu itirafı, meselenin özüdür. ‘Yetmez Ama Evet’e saldıranlara da derstir.

    Başbakanb Erdoğan dün itiraf etmiş, yani baklayı ağzından çıkarmış:’Bir yanlış yaptık. Nedir o yanlış? …


  72. An Open Letter to the Baton Rouge Music Scene

    Being a musician in Baton Rouge is not an easy thing. In a city overwhelmed by a hand full of seemingly impossible …

    DJ Clay's History of Rock

  73. Answer to the Friday Puzzle….

    On Friday I posted this puzzle….

    On Christmas Day my brother and I opened our presents, and then noticed a curious …

    Richard Wiseman

  74. Bad omen? The stock market has officially entered crazy town territory

    Omen: The 2013 stock market’s bull run appears to be following the almost identical trajectory of the stock market in …

    The Extinction Protocol

  75. Yeni ildə yeni sən olmaq üçün 4 addım

    Hello Kishilər vətənindən salamlar! Yeni il Tokyoda turistlər üçün maraqsız ola bilər – hər yer …

    Hello Kishi

  76. Warna dan striping baru Kawasaki Z250 2014

    up up berita yang sudah basi .. wong sudah lama dibahas bang haji tmcblog ( disini )

    siganteng seperempat liter … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  77. Atheïst en charismaat nu dikke vrienden

    Vanavond wordt de documentaire ‘Mattheus en ik’ van Victor Vroedindeweij uitgezonden. De genezingsevangelist en zijn …

  78. Tell Me If You Think I’m Going To Hell….

    Not too long ago, I got shot in the chest. I was sitting in the driver’s seat of a parked car, and a woman stuck a gun …

    The Boeskool

  79. 50 Shades Freed recap Chapter 25: “My race is almost run.”

    This is it. The last chapter of the entire 50 Shades of Grey series. I mean, there’s an epilogue, and a vignette, and …

    Sweaters For Days

  80. Harga burung di Bocimi & Jadetabek akhir tahun 2013

    Meningkatnya jumlah pengunjung di sejumlah pasar burung di wilayah Jadetabek (Jakarta – Depok – Tangerang – Bekasi) dan …


  81. Five Leadership Resolutions for 2014

    A history of failure prevents you from making New Years resolutions. You fell short last time. Why try again? What’s …

    Leadership Freak

  82. This isn’t my Britain

    Every morning I wake up in a country that is less welcoming and more racist. Every morning there’s something new, …

    It's not the despair

  83. Scientific uncertainties and moral dilemmas

    by Judith Curry

    [P]utting adaptation and mitigation issues into the broader context of competing needs and limited …

    Climate Etc.

  84. Razones Para Amar a una Mujer Revolucionaria

    Una mujer revolucionaria
    es capaz de sentir en lo más hondo,
    cualquier injusticia
    cometida contra cualquiera,
    en …

    Mariposas en la Tormenta

  85. Il fratello mai nato

     di Andrea Torquato Giovanoli

    Cara mamma.
    Quante volte mi hai raccontato di mio fratello maggiore, quel primo …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  86. Real Live Catfish

    I’d like to tell the true story (or the story as I know it) of @nikkolascage/@theokayest. I don’t really know how to …


  87. Response to Mairghread Scott

    Generally, I stay out of Internet blurts, but when a fellow ‘professional’ chooses to air her views on my work quite so …

    simon furman

  88. October 27, 2008

    fanfiction arabic sub

  89. Project Em Wk 2

    So week two ended up being a bit more challenging for me.  I didn’t feel much inspiration.  But I guess this isn’t …

  90. Brasil deve desculpas a Anderson Silva

    Da FOLHA

    Embates de vale tudo são um dos eventos mais repulsivos oferecidos sob a chancela de …

    Blog do Paulinho

  91. December 30th, 2013 ~ Lost life and sleepless nights…

    I have ok days then such long nights then long days and ok nights. Nothing makes much sense to me anymore, not that it …

    The Blue Sky Project

  92. খালেদা জিয়ার বক্তব্য

    খোমেনী ইহসান:
    খালেদা জিয়া যা বলেছেন, তাকে …


  93. Dieudonné: entre facho-victimisation et censure d’Etat de Saint-Valls

    Ainsi donc, le nouveau combat du Ministre de l’Intérieur français est de faire taire Dieudonné. Offrant par la même …

    Masr wa Touness

  94. Love~~

    Author. Juwoon
    Main cast. Jung juwoon (you or author), Kim yesung (yesung)
    Genre. Fantasy, Romance.
    Rate. M

    ENJOY …

    Yadong Fanfic Indo

  95. Photos: Rafael Nadal turns magician’s helper at the players party in Doha

    The Players Party for the Qatar Exxonmobil was held last night, emceed by Andy Taylor, better known to US tennis fans …

    Rafael Nadal Fans

  96. Aftermath of Idaho Wolf Derby For Residents

    Salmon, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )
    By Rachel Holt

    The town of Salmon is a quiet community.

    However, that …

    Rack Em Up

  97. Los 43 mejores remedios naturales

    A lo largo del año es frecuente sufrir resfriados o dolores de cabeza. Éstas y otras afecciones se pueden solucionar …

    Periodismo Alternativo

  98. Miscarea Antitaxe –F.A.Q.

    De ce ati facut Miscarea Antitaxe?

    Simplu, ca nu aveam cu cine sa votez. Toate partidele manaca rahat si fura pe …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  99. America Is Going Muslim

    The Islamic takeover of the US is gaining ground. America is going Muslim, and with the current policies in place, the …

    Infidel Task Force – THE CONFERENCE ROOM

  100. ‘Situatie met Van den Bunder onhoudbaar’

    Nadat eerder in Voetbal International werd bericht dat algemeen directeur Marcel van den Bunder zou regeren als …

    Roda JC-nieuws, opinies en achtergronden

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