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  1. A Nova Scotian Christmas Story

    A local Nova Scotian story of Christmas spirit. Not my words. Read them anyway.

    “While I was at the Superstore. … 

  2. Assaulted while breastfeeding


    On December 20th at approx 1:30 pm I was humiliated beyond belief. Let me start from the beginning. I …


  3. The Tesla battery swap is the hoax of the year

    What California says about zero-emission vehicles, and why Tesla is committing fraud

    Guest essay by Alberto …

    Watts Up With That?

  4. Exclusive: Binay’s Umbrella Breaks Its Silence on Dasma Gate

    THE BINAY SIBLINGS, a mayor and a senator have spoken. The security agency, and the villagers have also released their …

    The Professional Heckler

  5. Mayor Binay’s Official Statement

    Junjun Binay is slumped over his desk. Reading article after article that came out once the Inquirer’s explosive …


  6. Dhoom 3: Are You Watching Closely?

    Dhoom 3 is this year’s big Christmas release, so I guess that makes Aditya Chopra Santa Claus. The difference is that …

    Ashish Shakya

  7. Shuhei Nakamoto…..ketika rasa nasionalisme kalahkan rivalitas! – Bro dan sis sekalian..tertegun IWB mengamati gambar dari mbah Google yang memuat wajah Shuhei … | All About Motorcycles

  8. Investigation launched after body found on Portobello Promenade

    Police Scotland have launched an investigation after the body of a male was discovered on the Portobello Promenade near …

    Live Edinburgh News

  9. My December

    December has always been a happy month for me.. First of all, Im a December baby (that was true about 33 years ago!!) …

    Barely Supermommy

  10. O materialismo do Papai Noel e a espiritualidade do Menino Jesus

    Um dia, o Filho de Deus quis saber como andavam as crianças que outrora, quando andou entre nós,“as tocaca e as …

    Leonardo Boff

  11. Sequenza sismica in Umbria (Gubbio): approfondimento

    La sequenza sismica che sta interessando l’area di Gubbio in particolare dal 18 dicembre, dopo l’evento di magnitudo …


  12. Roda uit…. schaam je kapot!

    Normaal gesproken schrijf ik op mijn blog slechts bij uitzondering over Ajax. Vaak een foto met een korte begeleidende …

    Roy Bouten

  13. Every Bedroom Tax Hb Decision Unlawful? Yes the Proof is Here!

    Dear All

    Earlier this week I put up a post which was a standard letter doing the rounds to say if you have been in …


  14. hmm beneran nih Next Vario 110 FI akan pakai headlamp LED ?

    Bro sekalian, salah satu sumber unofficial tmcblog mulai menyebutkan ciri ciri Next vario 110 FI yang disinyalir kuat …

  15. Bokhandel i sms till kund: “Patetisk fjant är vad du är”.

    Hedengrens bokhandel har, genom sin vd, på ett synnerligen oförskämt sätt angripit såväl en av sina kunder …


  16. Medienberichte und Realität #hh2112

    Die Berichterstattung über eine Demonstration in Hamburg zeigt deutlich, dass viele Medien zu unkritisch mit …

    von der leine an die elbe

  17. Where No Google Buses Go

    For every word written about the gentrification and displacement that is tearing San Francisco apart, there should be …

    Pueblo Lands

  18. Weltfrieden? Nicht mit uns.

    “Lampedusa ist die größte der vier Pelagischen Inseln im Mittelmeer zwischen Tunesien und Sizilien. Die Insel gehört …

    La Vie Vagabonde.

  19. প্রথম চোদন Bangla Choti

    ছুটিতে গেলাম নানা বাড়ি । কলিং বেল শুনে দরজা …

    Bangla Choti (18+)

  20. Farewell to the ‘Most Hated White Man in the South’

    The first thing I noticed when arriving at Birmingham’s Bethel Baptist Church of Collegeville today for the …

    The Birmingham Buff

  21. IMPORTANT: New Things In Tapped Out Today! Santa Village & Hidden Quest

    Well Good Morning My Favorite Gift Grabbing Addict Tappers!  Happy Sunday before Christmas!  Here at TSTO Addicts …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

  22. Mr Gove: A Christmas Carol…

    Mr Gove was not quite sure about Christmas.

    There were some things he loved about Christmas. He liked the services. …

    Paul Bernal's Blog

  23. Sacramento Family Faces Felony Charges for Selling Sport Caught Fish

    California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) officers arrested a Sacramento family of three early Saturday morning …

    CDFW News

  24. Report on Tonight’s Missing Believed Wiped

    Some very interesting details of “Project Africa” were revealed tonight at the BFI’s Missing Believed Wiped event, …

    Doctor Who Archive

  25. Caramel Pecan Shortbread

    As we get closer to Christmas, I enjoy spending more time in my kitchen, preparing tasty treats for my family and …

    Taste of Home Cooking School Blog

  26. Everyone else is sharing their opinion on this, here’s mine…

    This happened at a perfect time in my life. Because of an internal battle I was recently having with myself, I am now …

    Pray. Eat. & Create.

  27. 5 terrible ways to treat the Bible

    There is a lot of really poor training on how to use the Bible. In fact, if you’ve been in church for a while, chances …

    The Discerning Christian

  28. nih striping baru Honda CB150R facelift, semuanya carbon look sudah siap distribusi

    yaps selain warna RWB ala motor balap ( honda CB150R RWB ), Honda eh AHM merefresh hampir semua Honda CB150R, refresh … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  29. 10 razones para hacer el amor más veces

    1. Mantener relaciones sexuales alivia los dolores de cabeza. Cada vez que haces el amor se alivia la tensión de las …

    La Brújula del Cuidador

  30. HÃy LÀm TÌnh Khi CÒn TrẺ

    RED.A nhận viết bài này vì 1 câu thách thức:
    -“RED à, hãy viết một bài mà khiến em muốn cởi …


  31. Amici coraggiosi

    Abbiamo lasciato passare qualche giorno perché è sempre buona norma far calmare le acque per giudicare le cose. Per …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  32. Teachers: Common Core in Kindergarten Class

    These comments were posted by a kindergarten teacher in response to a post about the Common Core English language arts …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  33. Décès d’Alain Buffard

    C’est avec une immense tristesse que nous venons d’apprendre qu’Alain Buffard nous a quittés ce matin, le samedi 21 …


  34. Chaos: Severe and strange weather sweeps U.S., threatens holiday travelers

    December 22, 2013 – CLIMATE – The weekend before Christmas, Mother Nature is gifting — or, rather, clobbering — the …

    The Extinction Protocol

  35. Krigsretorik från både höger och vänster

    “Jag tänker att jag går dit för att visa att jag är för något, inte mot något.” Det säger en av mina vänner …

    Anna-Lena Lodenius

  36. MKT Prediction SENIN, 23/12/13




    B – R – M


  37. Mariah Carey muestra su cuerpazo por Twitter

    La cantante muestra sus curvas a los 43 años  mientras paseaba a su perro en la nieve:…

  38. 10 lucruri pe care trebuie să le faci cu un bărbat

    Nu toate răspunsurile din lumea asta au nevoie de întrebări!

    Uneori, ceea ce se întâmplă, se întâmplă …

    vitali cipileaga

  39. Solothurn: Automobilist fährt Fussgänger an und begeht Fahrerflucht – die Polizei sucht Zeugen

    Am frühen Samstagmorgen ist in Solothurn ein junger Mann beim Überqueren der Strasse von einem Auto angefahren …

    Kriminalität Schweiz

  40. Is Phil Robertson a REAL Christian?

    This morning as I was driving into work I heard something pretty disturbing: “Duck Dynasty star suspended for anti-gay …

    Chase Gentes

  41. Fox News Says 2014 Could Be Nintendo’s Year

    Fox News believes that 2014 could be Nintendo’s year, providing they get things right. The news publication recently …

    My Nintendo News

  42. Concours des 40.000 fans #1

    Cette fois c’est parti, comme je vous l’ai promis hier en ce dimanche avant Noël, Les concours des 40.000 fans …

    Chronique d'une maman débordée

  43. في الطريق إلى الصيدلية.. حوارات جندي سوري ومعارض وطني

    أربع ساعات غيرت وجه الثورة السورية.. في الطريق إلى الصيدلية.. …


  44. Story Behind My Fanfiction #Jilid 2

    Ini bukan FF, tulisan ini dibuat bukan dengan maksud apa-apa, Just Share ^_^
    Ada yang pernah baca jilid satunya gak? …

    Dha Khanzaki's Fanfiction

  45. 「ブログは死んだ」:Jason Kottke


    もっとも長い間続いているブログといえば Jason …


  46. Монах Антоније – стао сам пред багер како бих себи придобио […]

    И фирма “ИНГРАП – ОМНИ” из Ваљева данас насрнула на Светињу …

    СРБски ФБРепортер

  47. Israel Opened the Gates to Two Dams. Now Gaza is Sinking

    My name is Rana. I have lived in the city of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip all twenty-one years of my life. What is …

    rana "palestinian child"

  48. Somerville Police and SWAT Team Called in on Standoff

    By William Tauro

    Early Sunday morning, Somerville Police and SWAT/North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council …

    The Somerville News Weekly

  49. An Odd Response from the Orchestra

    The folks over at SOS Minnesota have an interesting post up on their webpage.  It seems that two separate SOSMN …

    Mask of the Flower Prince

  50. “Moarte lor, moarte lor, moarte comunistilor!”

    Foto Rezistenta Urbana

    Strigatul de lupta al poporului roman: 21 decembrie …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  51. Hand Made “Vicks” Vapor Rub

    My apologies for the spacing in this post…not sure why, I’m working on it. I can remember my mom LATHERING “Vicks” …

    The Oily Kitchen

  52. 年度最大合作活動Hunter x PAD,日本iTunes點數卡特價發售、Google Play點數卡正式開售

    歷來最大型的合作活動今晚11點開始!10種扭蛋限定角色,當中3個金蛋角色:小岡、基路亞 …

    Akiba+ 日本ACG代訂專門店

  53. “Ci pisciano in testa e ci dicono che piove”: 210 nuove auto blu

    288 auto blu in meno: che gran progresso! Ricordiamo, per chi non lo sapesse, che le auto blu dei politici ed …


  54. Nova Gaia Energetics have “Taken Flight”

    Nova Gaia Energetics have “taken flight”, as former paradigm energy grids have closed, and necessary Nova Gaia portals …


  55. [OTHER TWITTER] 131222 Moon Sung Geun Twitter Update: Love Line Storyboard

    [TRANS] Movie ‘Sea Fog’…Park Yoochun and Han Ye-Ri’s ‘lovey-dovey’
    [T/N: literal meaning for 닭살 is ‘chicken …


  56. U.S. government passes draconian NDAA law behind Duck Dynasty smoke screen

    Cruz Warns: 2014 NDAA Still Lets Obama Indefinitely Detain U.S. Citizens without Due Process
    Says it “does not …

    Early Today

  57. ゲーマーがピュリツァー賞記者を否定する

    オンラインゲーム「ワールド・オブ・ウォークラフト」などでならした無職のゲーマーが …


  58. America Has Said ‘Duck You!’ to A&E

    Have you heard the joke about the family of duck hunters that took down an entire billion-dollar TV network?

    It’s no …

    Rack Em Up

  59. ЗАТВОР за всеки джойнт!

    Непосредствено преди коледните празници в сайта на Министерство …

    Ule's Blog

  60. VIDEO. Dieudonné: Abd al Malik, un autre nègre de maison qui n’a visiblement rien compris

    La dérision, la drôlerie, le sarcasme de l’humoriste Dieudonné ne sont finalement pas compris. Plus volontairement …

    Allain Jules

  61. Christmas 2013 walkthrough. Too Much of a Good Thing. Parts 8-12

    Hi Guys

    So we last left off with Cletus counting up his family members in part 7 as seen here. We now continue with …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

  62. Lista Lotería Nacional 22 diciembre 2013 Sorteo 102 – Sorteo Extraordinario de Lotería Nacional Navidad 2013

    Venga a visitarnos a la Plaza de los Belgas 7, 28.400 (Collado Villalba – Madrid), llámenos al teléfono +34 91 851 01 …

    Administración de Loterías "La Suerte De Villalba"

  63. “Whilst my canteen of a d*ck wast roaming her cavern” and other bon mots from the worst short story ever written

    I think I may have discovered the worst piece of short fiction ever written. It’s on a manosphere/pickup-artist blog …

    man boobz

  64. Joyeux Noël ! (Vidéo maquillage de Noël)

    C’est peut-être mon côté concon, mais j’adore Noël!

    Les décorations,  les lumières, les chants, et surtout, …

    la défraîchie

  65. Nan, Neol, Saranghae..

    (Pic cr: SeoCherry v: KyuSeo Vietnam’s Facebook)
    Author : Song Hyun-In (inunufi)
    Genre  : Sad-Romance
    Type    : …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  66. Harian SENIN,23 Desember 2013


  67. Warkop Padaidi Sgp Senin 23 -12-2013


  68. Invasions-, insats eller uppsatsförsvar!

    Förmågan att fatta beslut fallerar

    Att samla in data och att bearbeta, analysera och omvandla denna till information …

    Brix Ski Blog

  69. Why We Hate Feminism

    Women: when you read this, try to reign in your own solipsism and realize it’s not about you personally. Try – really …

    Hipster Racist

  70. «L’AMACA» DEL 22 DICEMBRE 2013 (Michele Serra)


  71. أول فيديو إعلاني للدراما القادمة “Emergency Man And Woman”

    KDrama ☆ Stars

  72. “Homosexuality…is a reflection of a heart that doesn’t know Jesus Christ”

    If you have been on Facebook and Twitter the past few days, you probably have seen numerous posts about the Duck …

    Seeing Through Glass Dimly

  73. Thoughts on the foodbank debate, from the public gallery.

    It’s taken me almost 24 hours to write this post, as if I had written it after the debate last night it would have …


  74. La Mondadori fa bene (il Male siamo noi)

    Il post sui CAZ (Contratti ad Anticipo Zero) ha avuto molta risonanza in rete. Soprattutto fra blogger, editor, …

    La notte alle mie spalle

  75. Why Rupert hates unions and Gina loves 457 visas

    While attempting to clean up my computer, I came across an essay that my daughter wrote earlier this year.  I would …

    The Australian Independent Media Network

  76. Dueto de Christina e Lady Gaga pode ganhar versão em estúdio [Atualizado]

    A dica foi dada por DJ White Shadow no Twitter, em resposta a uma pessoa que o questionou se ele ficava irritado com …


  77. Un objeto enigmático subterráneo ha bloqueado a la taladradora gigante Bertha

    Algún objeto enigmático ha bloqueado Bertha, la taladradora más potente del mundo, mientras estaba perforando un …

    Periodismo Alternativo

  78. weekend update


    The market gapped up on Monday, rallied to SPX 1792 in the opening minutes, then pulled back until just after …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  79. That Post Where It’s Mainly Only Amk And 99ts Chatting

    Bodysurf on!

    The Obama Diary

  80. Fire Warning

    As well as the public, Firefighter’s lives will be at risk due to Government austerity cuts, writes John Maggs, Avon …

    Thoughts of a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

  81. Fuga di cervelli. E di spettatori.

    Pur non essendo un estimatore di Colorado-Matano-Willwoosh e degli altri buffoni che ultimamente hanno ridicolizzato la …


  82. Not Quite Haveil Havalim: An Incomplete Superman Sam Round-up

    In Phyllis’s latest post, she said,
    I can’t keep up with the messages and emails and texts.
    I am overwhelmed with …

    Accidentally Jewish

  83. On Binays and Dasmariñas Guards: Village Security Implications

    This is about the current trending topic that kept media networks and netizens abuzz – the incident involving the Binay …

    perceptionsandperspectives's Blog

  84. Typowy skurwiel vol3

    Nic nie pomagało.

    Ani plaża, ani alkohol, ani nawet zakupy (kupiła bikini, całkiem niezłe jego zdaniem, bo kuse …

    Pokolenie Ikea

  85. About the issuance of a new Iraqi currency .. Soon

    CBI seeks to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency since 2003. A project that raises many concerns on the street …

    The Currency Newshound

  86. The Auction Chapter 13

    Merry Christmas!!!  Kapit-bisig everyone Hope you guys find time to visit my blog @  …

    Excess Baggage

  87. 10 Ways To Know He’s Into You

    Admittedly, it can be hard to read people these days. Does it matter how long it took to return your text? Did they …

    James Michael Sama

  88. Editors’ Picks of the Year: The Best of in 2013

    This week, our editors dove into the archives to find and rediscover notable posts published this year on … News

  89. Từ chuyện bà “bảo mẫu” và ông “đại sứ”: nỗi đau không của riêng ai

    Tương Lai 
    Không ít người đã nhắm mắt để khỏi phải nhìn cái cảnh quá ư tàn bạo của …


  90. Life Is Made Up Of Little Things

    “Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things.”
    — Frank G. …

    Positive Outlooks Blog

  91. Lidovci model 2013

    Zdá se,  že  vládu máme pohromadě. A  že  k tomu, aby Rusnokův soubor tzv. “odborníků”  šel konečně …

    KOSA NOSTRA zostra aneb NAŠE VĚC zostra ! Prostě Kosa zostra!

  92. Crystal Palace Fans Today

    Derby People's Assembly

  93. Ratchet Me This: How Do We Ride For Pleasure In a Pimp Culture?

    First things first: we are not talking to Jamilah-come-lately. If you ain’t been boycottin’ R. Kelly since Aaliyah …

    Real Colored Girls

  94. Happy Birthday Harry

    Dearest Harry,
    Today is your birthday so I thought it was about time that I wrote to you. Your mum and I are …

    Ups and Down's

  95. Xang Hứng: Thằng “Bùm”

    Truyện cuối tuần của anh Xang Hứng. HM Blog sẽ đăng những truyện mang tính văn học hay vui vui …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  96. On a tué Morgi, le léopard des neiges

    Le léopard des neiges C’était une petite panthère des neiges aux yeux bleus.
    Dans la vraie vie, elle serait …

    Free Dolphins Belgium

  97. Analisis breeding burung berkicau tahun 2014

    Tabloid Agrobur edisi No 709 – Minggu V Desember 2013 mengangkat prospek penangkaran burung berkicau tahun 2014 sebagai …


  98. Day 22 – A catalogue of operator types

    Perl 6 has a very healthy relationship to operators. "An operator is just a funnily-named subroutine", goes …

    Perl 6 Advent Calendar

  99. Fatal Accident on Cobb Road

    Florida Highway Patrol has confirmed that an accident on Cobb Road December 21, 2013 was fatal. Based upon the …

  100. GTA Online: Has Rockstar lost control?

    The developer of GTA V is seemingly losing control of its own game as players continue to exploit and mod their open …

    Xplore Gaming

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