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  1. A Ten-Month-Old’s Letter To Santa

    Dear Santa,

     I am a ten-month-old baby and I write because my mother has been sending out my “Christmas List” to …

    The Ugly Volvo

  2. Where are the Decorated Houses and Other Items?!?!?!?!?

    Before I get out the Overview I just stumbled upon a huge surprise. Also a few readers helped steer me in the right …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

  3. Recap: The Heirs Episode 19

    Scattered Joonni

  4. Um médico italiano descobriu algo simples que considera a causa do câncer.

    Inicialmente banido da comunidade médica italiana, foi aplaudido de pé na Associação Americana contra o Câncer …

    G1Sul – Noticias & Entretenimentos

  5. 93 Year Old Kills “Knock-Out Game” Thug

    St, Louis, MO — Gladis Bennett, 93 yr old grandmother, was on her way Saturday morning to visit her grandchildren. It …

    Rack Em Up

  6. Sciopero del 9/12: lettera aperta all’italiano medio

    Caro italiano medio, parliamoci un attimo. Nel 2004 io avevo 16 anni, e leggevo La Stampa, e occasionalmente La …


  7. Nigella Lawson’s amazing courtroom one-liners

    “…a beautiful young woman with the walk of a queen” wrote W.B. Yeats and Lady Gregory in their famous nationalist …

    More Matter Jamie

  8. Investigasi akhir…..FMC CS1 diprediksi tetaplah CS1 reborn!! – Bro dan sis sekalian…setelah sempat ragu dengan hadirnya informasi dua arah tentang kode K56A (klik … | All About Motorcycles

  9. Corrupção ? Advogado que “defendeu” Lusa, e salvou Fluminense, foi indicado – e pago – pela CBF

    Dr. Osvaldo Sestário (foto), conhecido como “porta de STJD”, segundo a Portuguesa, o advogado que teria se “enganado” …

    Blog do Paulinho

  10. Mallory Rae

    Somewhere in a bed in Santa Barbara, there is a girl.  This girls name is Mallory Rae.  Mallory is fighting for her …

    Vogel's Happiness Project

  11. Mercy For Animals has released an undercover video in Wisconsin and they are tying it to Digiorno Pizza.

    This morning a video that Mercy For Animals (MFA) made on Wiese Brothers Dairy here in Wisconsin was released. The …

    The Adventures of Dairy Carrie… I think I Need a Drink!

  12. On the Futility of Long-Range Numerical Climate Prediction

    Note: two events at AGU13 this morning dovetail in with this essay. The first, a slide from Dr. Judith Lean which says: …

    Watts Up With That?

  13. Turbo Tappin’: Christmas 2013

    In case you’ve been living under a rock (or in Shelbyville) it’s snowing is Springfield! That means it’s time to Turbo …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

  14. Toolmaker Killed in Workshop Accident

    Raney Nelson, 44, a woodworker, toolmaker and father, was killed Saturday by a piece of flying debris in his Indiana …

    Lost Art Press

  15. Girissima Giveaway! (International)

    Good morning girls! Today I have for you the most awesome giveaway EVER!!!! (a marketplace you know I do …

    Trendy Taste

  16. [VIDEO] : Une coiffeuse noire insulte une femme blanche en couple avec un noir américain. Qu’auriez-vous fait ?

    Testez le niveau de tolérance aux propos racistes, voilà l’objet de cette caméra cachée réalisée chez un coiffeur …

  17. Descargable navideño III. Menú y sitting para las comilonas que nos esperan

    Ya está aquí la tercera entrega de los descargables navideños que os hemos preparado para que paséis unas …


  18. You Spin Me Round (Like a Prize Wheel)

    Did you miss out on all of the Christmas house façades from last year? Well good news! You can earn them, but you’ll …


  19. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

    The following post was written by Emily Wilson who gave me permission to post it here.
    “Time to starve because VS …

    matt fradd

  20. Kolay Analı Kızlı Köfte Yapımı

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    Cennettekiler birbirlerine dönüp :
    Derler ki: “Daha önce biz, aile …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  21. A Week in the Malaysian Hell

    I was happy that the time has come and I’m gonna go back to Malaysia. Malaysia the place that I always loved and …

    A week in the Malaysian Hell

  22. #rezolutiidinamice

    Una  dintre cele mai populare rezolutii pentru anul ce vine este intotdeauna legata de mersul la sala. Ne propunem sa …


  23. URGENT: Another Armed Robbery in Scunthorpe – Police need your help – please share


    Detectives in North Lincolnshire appeal for …

    Scunthorpe Independent News

  24. A SEDF e a SEAP serão coniventes com os desmandos do IBFC?

    A desorganização no concurso para professor da Secretaria de Educação organização pelo IBFC foi generalizada. Em …

    Blog do Washington Dourado

  25. Five Things I Say To Career Women Who Tell Me They Might Want To Have A Baby

    Recently there’s been a spate of internet discussion offering justifications for or against women becoming mothers as …


  26. Landscape photography, part one: a few principles

    I’ll be straight up honest here: I’m not known as a landscape photographer. Far from it, in fact. But that hasn’t …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  27. Analisa Syair Sgp Kamis 12/12/2013

    Mari berdendang tepk tangan.
    Kaki melangkah ikut irama.
    Dua2nya dalam genggaman
    Pulang pergi …

    Badarfadli blog BFB

  28. R6 Dominasi Penjualan Moge CBU Yamaha Indonesia

    Bro sekalian, belum genap sebulan setelah dirilis angka penjualan Varian Moge Yamaha Indonesia sudah keluar  Vaian …

  29. በጋሻው ደሳለኝ በይቅርታ ሚዛን ተመዘነ÷ ቀልሎም ተገኘ – ምእመኑን […]

    ‹‹በነበረው ሒደት በተለያየ ምክንያት ለበደላችኹን ኹሉ ይቅርታ …

    ሐራ ዘተዋሕዶ

  30. Changes in store for PRCA in 2014

    The annual PRCA press conference at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is always an entertaining affair, and this …

    NFR Insider

  31. An open letter to Gervase Chaney

    To Gervase Chaney (Chairman of the Paediatric Medicine Clinical Care Unit at Princess Margaret Hospital for …

    The Bede Update

  32. ანტიოქიის ეკლესია შველას ითხოვს! ანტიოქიის […]

    დამასკო, 6 დეკემბერი 2013 …

    Junior Theologians

  33. Relationships, Responsibility and Regeneration – Venus in the Retrograde Shadow

    Venus, goddess of love, is slowing down, preparing to turn Retrograde on December 21, and the feminine in each of us …

    virgo magic

  34. O bem que faria um Sporting campeão

    Não, este não é mais um texto onde o autor vai defender a importância de ver o Sporting Clube de Portugal campeão …

    Palavras ao Poste

  35. kMSt ver. 1.2.493 – Game System Changes & EunWol!

    Woah, this is a HUGE patch!! A ton of stuff was added, including a lot of the stuff mentioned for the first patch of …

    Orange Mushroom's Blog

  36. E-tolls: Redesigning the Highway to Hell, a one step process.

    E-tolls have become the latest grudge match between the South African citizens and the Government. With blows being …

    Future, Past and Present

  37. Our Day was Taken up in Court, but Protestors Still Stood Outside OAS

    On Day Six of our Protest at the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, Washington, we spent the bulk of the day in the …

    Set Sonny and Friends Free

  38. Tweets From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

    I screen-captured several Tweets about tonight’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

    I’ll let them speak for themselves. …

    Grits and Bottle Rockets

  39. What 2013 means to 2014?

    The four states that gave a verdict on Sunday could not have been clearer, but we can continue to obfuscate and try to …

    Five Forty Three

  40. 33 jaw-droppingly bad multiple-choice questions from Accelerated Christian Education

    “It’s the crapness!” yelled my mother, who almost never says anything more offensive than ‘oh blow’.

    “It’s not the …

    Leaving Fundamentalism

  41. Gawthorpe, encore

    In between developing kits and other designs, I’ve been working on my Gawthorpe project (which you may remember is a …

    Kate Davies Designs

  42. Lo que va de ayer a hoy

    Vean el espectáculo de las calles de Barcelona para para mostrar su repulsa a Franco en 1963. Seis años después, con …

    El blog de Santiago González

  43. The Things I learned from Isaac Hunter, both on and off the stage

    As many of you know, former Senior Pastor of Summit Church, Isaac Hunter passed away. Few details are public other than …

    Life as I see it

  44. 스타트업이 경력자를 채용할 때

    대부분의 스타트업들은 직장생활 경험조차 하지 않은 20대 중반의 청년들이죠. …

    Bluestone Circle

  45. Bucky Lasek

    Thrasher has named Ishod Wair as Skater of the Year. I was looking over the list of those included in this years …

    Blue Tile Obsession

  46. TIME names Muhammed Muheisen best wire photographer of 2013

    Calling his work “indispensable for news outlets the world over,” TIME magazine today named Associated Press …


  47. ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ new updated casting call seeking men and women

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay is shooting in Atlanta, GA through April, 2014.
    Creative Commons
    This is a casting call …

    Casting Notices

  48. A Whisper In My Heart ~ Reader Post

    Reader Post As  Received: There are so many things I would want you to say to my mom, but just tell her I love her …

    The Messenger's Story

  49. Alma Mater

    I grew up in Orchard Park, New York. Home to the Buffalo Bills and Duffs Chicken Wings. I am very proud of my Buffalo …


  50. Velg Chemco balik lagi, tegaskan Chemco hanya buat Velg Chemco

    sempat menghilangya velg chemco dipasaran memang menjadikan banyak penggila modip yang menunda upgrade velg tapak … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  51. আমাকে চেপে ধরল bangla choti

    আমি যখন ক্লাশ সেভেন থেকে এইটে উঠলাম তখন স্কুল …

    Bangla Choti (18+)

  52. What Not to Say at Shiva (and What to Do and Say Instead)

    By Rabbi Julie Wolkoff. D.Min., CT At some point during shiva, I turned to my friend Steffi and made an off-hand …

    kol isha

  53. Muscle

    First, something not game related.

    As usual on Tuesdays I went to play badminton at the local sports centre. …


  54. Why is Nick Saban interested in Gus Malzahn’s next job?

    Jimmy Sexton, agent of chaos.

    When the dust settles, I’m highly doubtful Saban leaves Tuscaloosa.  But I’m pretty …

    Get The Picture

  55. 7 More Reasons WestJet is Basically the Mr. Rogers of Canadian Airlines

    I’m a total fangirl for great marketing campaigns and above-and-beyond customer service.

    (Yes, actually.)

    So, no …


  56. Meanwhile in India (Part 42)

    The Dutch brewing giant Heineken has become the largest shareholder of Vijay Mallya’s United Breweries Ltd (UBL), …


  57. Top 5 reasons why ICU nurses are mean

    Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post. I blame it on the holidays, and work and school, and sickness. …

    ICU is a four letter word

  58. Who needs Santa when you’ve got Jesus?

    Santa Claus.

    He is a legend, a myth, a fable.

    I hope this isn’t breaking news.

    Now, when a myth is passed off …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  59. The Simpsons Tapped Out v4.6.1 Hack [Christmas]

    The Simpsons Tapped Out 4.6.1 hack here for you to get unlimited donuts and money on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch …

    iOS Game Cheats,iOS Game Hacks – J8mesz

  60. Parlamentul a votat: “romani, deschideti bucile!”

    Asta inseamna legea amnistiei. Asta inseamna imunitatea politicienilor corupti.

    Martea neagra, zic …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  61. Quando non è di sinistra né di destra, invece è proprio di destra

    Mi chiedo che paese è quello dove un magistrato è costretto a fare una vita da latitante e a viaggiare su mezzi da …

    Open Mind

  62. Lplh

    I zašto brokeri i analitičari istupaju anonimno

    Nakon današnjeg članka u Jutarnjem LPLH zaslužuje i svoj post. …


  63. Too Much of a good thing! Walkthrough

    Well the Christmas update is upon us and I hope that for you it lives up to the anticipation!

    Here at tapped out …

    Tapped Out Daily

  64. What The Professor Loves About Christmas, and What I am Less Keen On

    For non-London types and others, here is unexpurgated piece on love and hate of Christmas from this week’s Time OutTen …

    Robinince's Blog

  65. Poor, poor Mar — nadale! Dad-in-law of Mayor Romualdez is a recording wizard

    Technology is a blessing.

    A blessing for people who know how to use it. A source of delight for people who know how …


  66. Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Reasons Why One World Needs More Love

    It’s Wednesday again, so here comes your weekly fix of Survivor Oz Top Ten! Rob Cesternino famously quoted: …

    Survivor Oz

  67. 3 alimentos relacionados con la depresión

    No es ningún secreto que tendemos a comer un poco más en la época de las fiestas. Y con todo el ajetreo y el …

    salud para hoy

  68. Nautilus Next

    Nowadays, digital content is all about the cloud. Indeed, in GNOME we’ve been pushing to integrate with cloud-based …

    As far as I know

  69. ตัวอย่างแรกอย่างเป็นทางการพร้อมใบปิดใหม่ […]

    วอร์เนอร์ บราเธอร์ส และลีเจนดารี …


  70. Japan: Nintendo 3DS Sells 125k And Wii U Sells 48k, Place Top Of Hardware Charts

    This week’s Media Create sales are now in from Japan. The biggest news comes in the hardware charts, where both the 3DS …

    My Nintendo News

  71. …per un casco non calzato!

    Se qualcuno voleva dividere e creare uno shock emotivo all’interno delle forze dell’ordine, forse, ha raggiunto il …


  72. Mbc و Kbs تحظر بعض المشاهير من الظهور في بثها

    KDrama ☆ Stars

  73. Je (ne) vous ai (pas) compris !

    A la lecture de l’article paru sur la version Web du magazine Elle, nous sommes quelques unes à avoir pleuré des …


  74. Chỉ cho tôi một cái lỗ nẻ

    Khi không soi gương, làm sao biết được trên mặt mình có nhọ.

    Đào Tuấn

  75. Bad Girls Club Miami Season 11 Reunion Part 2 (Full Episode)

    Check out the Bad Girls Club Miami Reunion Part 2

  76. Ny trend; livet

    Jeg møter deg på vei til bilen. Det er en stund siden vi har sett hverandre, vi finner aldri tid. Vi stopper og …

    Fristende lavkarbo

  77. Neither Saved Nor Spent, But Invested

    I want to take a short break from my series to talk about a discussion in the comments of Dalrock’s latest post on …

    Things that We have Heard and Known

  78. Video-Joven mujer se electrocuta con la lavadora [RD]

  79. Some Cold Weather Stats

    The bulk of our cold spell has passed, in fact we climbed above freezing for the first time in 5 days today.  Lots of …

    FOX 12 Weather Blog

  80. Słaby Debiut Energi, Strata 0,3%

    Cudofix stratą na IPO Energa kończy przygodę z ofertami publicznymi.

    Zlecenie wprowadzone przez rozpoczęciem …


  81. Have yourself a cheaper little Christmas: Honey roasted ham with veg, £1.53

    First published in the Guardian and G2 magazine: Jack Monroe’s budget Christmas.

    As always, all prices based on …


  82. Enfermera revela las cinco cosas que la gente más lamenta en su lecho de muerte

    Durante muchos años he trabajado en cuidados paliativos. Mis pacientes eran los que habían ido a casa a …


  83. La corale amorale


    di Emanuele Fant 

    Se l’armonia delle sfere celesti avrà qualcosa a che fare con una canzone di Radio Maria, …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  84. Kusum To Confess Her Love For Saras Infront Of Danny In Saraswatichandra

    Finally after lots of hurdles Kusum marry Danny,but high voltage drama will continue in the show. As we had seen that …

  85. Dlaczego Polki pokazują cycki tylko za granicą?

    – Napisała mi: „pod zlewem są dwa pełne worki śmieci! Musze ja sama wyrzucić, bo śmierdzą! Miałeś mnie …

    Pokolenie Ikea

  86. How to craft a new ascended backpiece

    Just a quick guide here on how to craft the two new ascended backpieces, including an estimated total cost for all the …

    Quaggan's Press

  87. Foreign Minister Anifah Aman: Please tell us the Truth

    December 10, 2013
    Foreign Minister Anifah Aman: Please tell us the Truth
    MY COMMENT: Foreign Minister Anifah Aman …

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  88. Lettre à mon prof de maths

    Cher monsieur Z,
    Nous sommes lundi le 9 décembre 2013, il est 15h25 au moment où je vous écris cette lettre. Notre …

  89. 令史丹扯火的Second Officer

    見人真的不 …


  90. Coses de pijos

    L’altre dia estava a l’ambulatori esperant amb el meu fill el torn per al pediatra. Els qui teniu fills sabeu que …

    Ultramarinos Alemany

  91. Mistery Sgp KAMIS,12_DESEMBER_2013

    Mari berdendang tepk tangan.
    Kaki melangkah ikut irama.
    Dua2nya dalam genggaman
    Pulang …


  92. Exclusivas de la WWE – ¿Triple H y Vince McMahon quisieran despedir a Sin Cara (Mistico)?

  93. IDS and Armed Bodyguards: No-One Trusts the Man who Trusts No-One

    Mike and several of the commenters over at Vox Political have commented on IDS’ evident paranoia and fear of the public …

    Beastrabban’s Weblog

  94. Dear Sarah…

    I debated whether or not I should publish this on my blog. Then, it came to my mind that writing is my passion. It’s …

    New Hound In Naptown

  95. هيونغ، أنت ملكٌ لي ! You are Mine ~ One Shot

    لقد تأخر الوقت كثيراً، ليست من عادة ووهيون أن يبقى خارجاً لهذا …

    fanfiction arabic sub

  96. Queen Farah Pahlavi in a rug weaving 1974

    This rug is bakhtiari design (kermanshah) symmetrical  knots vegetable dyed wool . Queen Farah Pahlavi  Were …

  97. Master codes have been enabled for Global Gaia Ascension process…

    Master codes have been enabled for Global Gaia Ascension process.

    Expect initiation of events in short …


  98. Briefverkehr zwischen Herr Hartung und unserem Bürgermeister Herr Stimpel

    Brief von Herr Hartung an den Bürgermeister Herr Stimpel:

    Brief vom Bürgermeister an Herr Hartung:

    Schneeberg für Menschlichkeit

  99. Norfolk Tidal Surge – The Aftermath – Cromer, Blakeney, Wells & Brancaster

    On December 5th much of the UK’s coast was battered by the worst tidal surge and floods since 1953.
    This set of images …


  100. Los que sacan lo mejor de ti

    Un día empezaste a admirarles, reparaste en esas virtudes en las que muchos o pocos se habían fijado antes que tú, …


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