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  1. Ion Iliescu a murit!

    Fostul președinte al României, Ion Iliescu, a încetat din viață sâmbătă seara, în urma unui accident …


  2. Twelve Boyfriend Rules

    1. Always pick him up from the airport. Don’t drive by and pick him up. Be there when he comes down the stairs. Anyone …

    The Bluepers Diary

  3. La morte di Paul Walker. Pillola azzurra o pillola rossa ?un altro esempio della Matrix in cui viviamo:

    Pillola Azzurra: La realtà che i media hanno raccontato al mondo:

    Paul Walker è morto a Valencia, a nord di Los …

    Francesco Amodeo

  4. You don’t have to erase every trace of childbirth from your body

    This woman had a baby a month ago. Now she feels pressured to look like she never conceived a child at all. Apparently, …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  5. The Effects Of Environmentalist and Climate Alarmist Crying Wolf Begin To Appear

    Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball

    The cover story of the November 25, 2013 Canadian weekly magazine Macleans pictures …

    Watts Up With That?

  6. Game Informer Clarifies That Nintendo Will Show A Previously Announced Game At VGX

    Game Informer has clarified that Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will be showcasing a previously …

    My Nintendo News

  7. Respect, Bulgaria! Rușine România!

    Azi noapte: Parlamentul bulgar, arestat de popor!

    The Guardian, in ediția sa de noapte: nu se știe cum a reușit …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  8. صحنه ای که از دست سانسورچی (شبکه 3) مراسم قرعه کشی در رفت!

    شبکه 3 تلویزیون میلی ایران بارها سعی کرد تا مجری زن مراسم قرعه کشی …


  9. Eviscerating The Sound Of Music Live

    NBC aired a live performance of The Sound of Music last night, and theatre performers and aficionados panned it in …

    It Seems To Me…

  10. Hot isu….CBR series kedepan diproduksi secara lokal??… – Bro dan sis sekalian…….pagi-pagi sudah mendapatkan info hot dari sumber setia IWB (maturnuwun … | All About Motorcycles

  11. Livia Lancelot pourrait perdre tous ses contrats en 2014 !

    En effet, la nouvelle et tombée tout récemment au cœur de la FFM, et Jacques Bolle fut bien obligé de prévenir la …


  12. 7 frases de Mandela que você provavelmente não verá na grande imprensa

    Como sempre acontece quando alguém famoso morre, o líder sul-africano ganhou manchetes elogiosas em veículos de todo …

    O Escriba

  13. 6 Cartas Para Venezuela Del 6/12/2013 Arcanos Menores

    Ayer a las 12:00 m leí mis cartas y les aseguró que la cosas sigue y seguirá empeorando para este gobierno, 1) una …


  14. O significado de Mandela para o futuro ameaçado da humanidade

    Nelson Mandela, com sua morte, mergulhou no inconsciente coletivo da humanidade para nunca mais sair de lá porque se …

    Leonardo Boff

  15. Malore per Papa Francesco

    Saranno forse stati i troppi impegni cui Papa Francesco si dedica quotidianamente, il freddo che stamattina c’era …


  16. El Açması Erişteli Börek

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    Yoksa kötülük işleyenler, kendilerini, inanıp salih amel işleyenler …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  17. Yamaha Xeon GT 125 . . . Apakah Sudah Mengupdate Kekurangan Xeon RC?

    Bro sekalian, Seperti yang kita ketahui Bersama yamaha sudah mempersiapkan Xeon GT sebagai Usaha selanjutnya untuk …

  18. 最近ウェブでまかり通っている悪弊

    [本文が読めない modal …


  19. Bullet Time Effect – Frozen Raspberry Pi

    Some people said we were trying to build a Raspberry Pi time machine. In some ways they were right. Others compared it …


  20. Analisa Syair Sgp Minggu 08/12/2013

    Limau purut kembali beraksi
    Setahun lalu berkelana
    Persembahanya jadi saksi
    SATU ke LIMA …

    Badarfadli blog BFB

  21. আমার স্ত্রী বান্ধবী Bangla Choti

    আমি আজ থেকে প্রায় ৫ বছর আগে সরলার সঙ্গে …

    Bangla Choti (18+)

  22. Húmorslausa, viðkvæma, athyglissjúka frekjan sem kann ekki að skammast sín

    Á miðvikudagskvöldið gagnrýndi ég Vigdísi Finnbogadóttur á Facebook síðunni minni fyrir orðaval sitt eftir …

    Freyja Haraldsdóttir

  23. a spencer dress

    It is a grey and murky day, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you my amazing Spencer dress!

    You’ll …

    Kate Davies Designs

  24. Are You Kidding Me??!

    Rack Em Up

  25. Evil did not win

    I know Alissa, like most people do not like watching themselves in a …

  26. Things We ❤: All Things Shimmery

    Just like a magpie, we love all things that shimmer and twinkle.  From metallic pants to sequins bags, glittery nails …

    A by A

  27. KAAMANAA: Sumathi Miss tamil kama kathai சுமதி மிஸ் தமிழ் காமம்

    தேவடியாள் காமக்கதைகள்

  28. ¿Randy Orton saliendo de TLC como campeón?

    TLC: Sillas Mesas y Escaleras, es un evento anual producido por la empresa de lucha libre profesional WWE durante el …

  29. Pennsylvania Judge Sentenced For 28 Years For Selling Kids to the Prison System

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned some 4,000 convictions issued by him between 2003 and 2008, claiming he …


  30. “Kombimi Yaktım, Bekliyorum”

    Bir Ozan Mert Göktürk – Alkım Yılmaz – Erdem Erdoğan ortak raporudur.
    Hap bilgi: Soğuktan …

    Hava Delisinin Not Defteri

  31. kMS ver. 1.2.205 – MapleStory You & I: Pre-Update!

    The “first” patch of the You & I update has been released! I use quotations because there was like no content …

    Orange Mushroom's Blog

  32. Take Me Out Thailand 7 ธันวาคม 2556 เทคมีเอาท์ไทยแลนด์ 2013

    รายการสาวสวย หนุ่มโสด Take Me Out Thailand 7 ธันวาคม 2556 …

    ดูทีวีออนไลน์ ช่อง3 5 7 9 ย้อนหลัง

  33. Slik sviktet Nettavisen kvinner i 2013

    ”Slik sviktet media kvinner i 2013” skriver Nettavisen i dag. Artikkelen – som er sakset fra Huffington Post – …

    Marta Breens blogg

  34. Tunisie, opération de basse police au Palais de Carthage

    Le Palais de Carthage, qui abrite en Tunisie la présidence tunisienne, ne réussit guère à ses hôtes. Après Ben …

    ITRI : Institut Tunisien des Relations Internationales

  35. Mr. Attitude: In a positive way

    ProRodeo contestants drive the long miles and deal with the stress of battling for every dollar in hopes of reaching …

    NFR Insider

  36. Honda CB150R half fairing dijual di dealer resmi ? beli di toko variasi banyak….

    selamat siang pemirsa……. nah, di blognya bang haji kan pernah share tuh honda CB150R modip half fairing ( disini ) … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  37. This Week’s Player Moves Part of Completing Billy’s Puzzle

    Well, I guess it’s finally time to exhale.  It was masterful how Billy Beane and the A’s brain trust were able to …

    Clubhouse Confidential

  38. Otkrivamo: Multipla skleroza je izlečiva!

    Nijedna grupa bolesti nije podmuklija od autoimunih bolesti. Teško ih je lečiti, a progresivan gubitak fizičke i …


  39. How Are You Preparing For Christmas?

    While we wait on the Christmas update, we’d like to know how are you decorating your Springfield? Have you done, or are …

    Tapped Out Daily

  40. Dieudonné ou le courage fait homme: «Ferme ta gueule connard, je te pisse à la raie ».

    La dernière vidéo de l’humoriste Dieudonné postée sur Youtube il y a deux jours, a déjà été vue plus de 500 …

    Allain Jules

  41. 【コラボ】爆笑必至の「ボケて!(bokete)」トピックス5

    おもしろ写真で一言、ボケて!TwitterやFacebookで …

    iPhoneのトリセツ – iPhone初心者のための解説ブログ

  42. Granderson Signing Isn’t Jason Bay, Part 2, But It Ain’t Good Either

    By: Brian Mangan
    (Don’t miss anything – follow the Read Zone on facebook!)
    The Mets have reportedly signed Curtis …

    The Read Zone

  43. Hit and run victim identified

    The Washington State Patrol have released the name of the woman found in a ditch in Junction City on Tuesday. Their …

    KXRO Newsradio

  44. Responses to Gospel Inquiries

    I think this is a pretty big deal.

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  45. Percaya atau Tidak Percaya, …Inilah Performa Honda CS1

    Assalamu’alaikum wR wB

    Salam sejahtera buat kita semua, semoga kita semua selamat di perjalanan sampai ke …


  46. Perfect Princess – Black and White

    Pria itu berwarna Abu-abu, gabungan dua warna yang memiliki perbedaan nyata. Warna perpaduan antara Hitam dan Putih. …

    Shin Je Wo

  47. Cold Weekend Ahead!

    Skies are trying to clear out tonight, and eventually they will towards morning.  So another chilly night, some mid …

    FOX 12 Weather Blog

  48. Mes 10 mots qui changent de définition lorsqu’on devient parent… #humour

    On mène sa petite vie tranquille et puis un jour, pour notre plus grand bonheur, on devient parent.

    Notre vie …

    Allo Maman Dodo

  49. Trey Azagthoth Now Identifies As A Brony

    Morbid Angel guitarist Trey Azagthoth has revealed himself as a brony, according to a recent interview in Revolver. …

    The Tyranny of Tradition

  50. Tebak Angka Minggu 8 Des 13

    Poso Pools

  51. Yes, we can!

    „Besser wäre für jeden Einzelnen, statt sich mit qualitativ schlechten Kettenmails zu beschäftigen, den Inhalt des …


  52. Hasil Draw Final Piala Dunia Brasil 2014

    INILAH HASIL DRAW penentuan Grup putaran final Piala Dunia 2014 di Brasil. Sebanyak 32 tim terbagi menjadi empat …

  53. 5 Things Men Need To Learn About Women

    Sure, we have all met some women who seem to be more complicated than Chinese algebra. Even the famous Oscar Wilde …

    James Michael Sama

  54. Book review: Across The Ravaged Land, by Nick Brandt

    I think many of you will recall me being quite blown away by the power of the images and the quality of the printing/ …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  55. weekend update


    After making a new all time high last Friday the market traded lower all week. Then Friday’s Payrolls report …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  56. Christmas Animal

    To keep in line with Christmas release, I couldn’t omit this one: They will be fairly common across the …


  57. Hamed Sinno among most influential LGBT names in the world

    The Independent’s 2013 “Pink List” has 14 names on it. Whistle-blower Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, “It gets better”‘s Dan …

    Hummus For Thought

  58. Ice Storm Update – Saturday afternoon

    1pm Saturday Update

    No substantial change to going forecast below.  Winter Storm Watch has now been upgraded to a …

    The Show

  59. Selection bias in climate model simulations

    by Judith Curry

    Selection biases in information processing occur when expectations affect behavior in a manner that …

    Climate Etc.

  60. Satürn AY’a, Neptün Merkür’e Kare … Yanılsamalar ve Bastırılmış Kızgınlıklar FORA!

    Aktep’teki Satürn ile Oğlak’taki Pluto ne zamandır birbirleriyle paslaşarak, hayatlarımıza ZEMİN etmeye …

    Bir Yol Haritası Olarak Astroloji

  61. My Man ‘ 4

    fanfiction arabic sub

  62. Негативные новости давят на курс биткойна

    Цена Биткойна на разных биржах вновь резко обвалилась, на этот …


  63. Bravo Makes a Bonehead Casting Move: Below Deck Season Two

    I was worried about Adrienne Gang getting a second season at the WWHL Below Deck Reunion.  At that horrific reunion …

    Tamara Tattles

  64. Mistery Sgp MINGGU,08_DESEMBER_2013


    Delapan Sembilan Bermain Tali
    Bertepuk Tangan Sepuluh Kali
    Lompat Lompatan Kejar …


  65. Audiophile and Proud

    Hey everybody,

    In the past years I have noticed a negative trend towards our wonderful hobby. I have been hearing a …


  66. Deadlift Throwback!

    I stumbled upon this 1 rep max deadlift video (circa 2007) recently and …

    Jeremy Kinnick

  67. CENTRAFRIQUE : Beaucoup de Généraux en carton de la Séléka sont tombés sous les balles et machettes des anti […]

    CENTRAFRIQUE : Beaucoup de Généraux en carton de la Séléka sont tombés sous les balles et machettes des anti …

    Central African Republic (Les infos de Centrafrique)

  68. {إستطلاع} من هي الممثلة التي أردتموها مع لي مينهو في دراما الورثة

    KDrama ☆ Stars

  69. Fast Acting Off-Duty Cleveland Officer Brings Quick End to Kidnapping Incident:

    Fast Acting Off-Duty Cleveland Officer Brings Quick End to Kidnapping Incident:

    The Cleveland Division of Police …

    Cleveland Division of Police

  70. Julio Anguita: “la crisis es tan gorda que el poder se defiende pegando patadas”.

    “Un 67% de la juventud actual serán parados que dependerán de la beneficencia o de una sociedad tipo Edad Media, con …

    Frente Cívico Somos Mayoría Alicante

  71. The Climb Continues…

    Never get comfortable and never make plans.

    These are lessons Joe and I should have had tattooed on our foreheads by …

    Cocktails and Chemo

  72. David Dobbs mucks up evolution, part II

    If you’ve been following this site, you’ll know that yesterday I wrote a long critique of David Dobbs’s recent article …

    Why Evolution Is True

  73. [PRESS PICS] 131206 Press Conference for Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Asia Tour Concert in Nanjing


  74. Maltrato animal durante desalojo Newton Col. Polanco

    No bien acabábamos de reponernos del desalojo de los perros de Olga en la Col. Nueva Santa Maria, delegación …

    Mundopatitasorg's Blog

  75. CQC grava quadro ‘Proteste Já’ em Viçosa e leva prêmio de prefeito como garantia

    O programa vai ao ar no próximo dia 16.…

    Viçosa News

  76. La Bicha y la Cuaima @Tururunes 13/12/06



  77. Nigella Lawson’s amazing courtroom one-liners

    “…a beautiful young woman with the walk of a queen” wrote W.B. Yeats and Lady Gregory in their famous nationalist …

    More Matter Jamie

  78. Numb

    The past 24 hours have been a blur.  Things have happened so quickly.  It’s been a whirlwind where you can’t catch …

    Concrete Faith

  79. Random Fuzzy Thoughts on the New Tie-In

    Hey there party people!

    So… as most of you know, today EA surprised all of us with an episode tie-in update.  …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

  80. Yellow Subterfuge (Episode Spoiler)

    Hello Tappers, here we are with some information on this week’s episode ‘Yellow Subterfuge’. We have already gotten an …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

  81. Porquê Switchfoot não canta músicas cristãs

    O vocalista Jon Foreman foi perguntado se Switchfoot é uma banda “cristã”. Sua resposta vale a pena …

    Um Precursor

  82. Men’s Rights Redditor remembers the victims of Marc Lepine by complaining “we’re all supposed to cry about how hard it […]

    Today is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in Canada, an annual event to honor the …

    man boobz

  83. Enfermera revela las cinco cosas que la gente más lamenta en su lecho de muerte

    Durante muchos años he trabajado en cuidados paliativos. Mis pacientes eran los que habían ido a casa a …


  84. AANGIFTE/VERKLARING: betreffende overlijden Jeroen Willems

    Vandaag heb ik onderstaande ingeleverd bij het politiebureau ‘IJ-tunnel’ in Amsterdam. De dienstdoende agent heeft …

    De Bovenkamer – Het kan ook anders

  85. Το γράφημα που προκαλεί παγκόσμια ανατριχίλα… Από το κραχ στον […]

    Γνωστοί διαχειριστές Hedge Funds αρθρογραφούν τις τελευταίες …

  86. افضل وجه فرقة ل Kpop في عام 2013

    Arabic Allkpop News

  87. Resultados del Béisbol Invernal Dominicano

    Las Aguilas Cibaenas visitaron a Los Leones Del Escogido, Los Toros visitaron a Gigantes del Cibao y Los Tigres …

  88. Doug Phillips: Portrait of a Religious Sociological Cult Leader

    The public exposure of Doug Phillips’ clergy sexual abuses have had the net effect of Toto pulling the curtain back on …

    Jen's Gems — Doug Phillips' Ecclesiastical Tyranny and Abuse

  89. Have you seen missing Maisie from Frimley?

    Surrey Police is growing increasingly concerned for the welfare of a 17-year-old girl from Frimley.

    Maisie Laslett, …

    Surrey Heath Residents Blog

  90. [第2回] [EXO show time]



    という …


  91. Frozen nation: At least 10 dead as cold, ice and snow grip U.S.

    December 7, 2013 – ARKANSAS – At least 10 deaths — including three in California — were blamed on the deep freeze …

    The Extinction Protocol

  92. Diez novelas latinoamericanas que debes leer sí o sí

    Los detectives salvajes de Roberto Bolaño

    Novela que con el paso del tiempo se ha vuelto de culto. Extensa …

    Qué Leer

  93. Ay, Felipe de mi vida (letra de zarzuela)

    No iba a ser Felipe González el único español que no aprovechara la Constitución para urgir a su reforma. Fue ayer …

    El blog de Santiago González

  94. Christmas Eve boxes – magic the night before Christmas

    One of our favourite traditions here at Team Netmums is the Christmas Eve box. Many of us have adopted it as a firm …

    Netmums Blog

  95. I have a story to tell you…

    It has taken me 5 weeks to write this.  I’m afraid I won’t do this story justice.  But my husband reminds me: …

    just wendy

  96. Saturday 7th December

    Few bets – 1.50 Taquin Du Seuil 7-2 , 2.35 Moorlands Mist 4-1, 2.40 Unioniste 4-1 ,3.00 Captain Conan 5-2, 6.20 …


  97. Young People To Face Workfare In Supermarkets Or 780 Hours Forced Community Work Osborne Announces

    For a long time now anti-workfare campaigners have warned that so-called ‘voluntary’ unpaid work on Jobcentre schemes …

    the void

  98. Cổ thi diễm hậu [Chương 16]

    Chuyển ngữ: Cỏ dại
    Chỉnh sửa: nhoclubu
    Đêm đó khi Nhuận Ngọc rời đi, Đồng Dao khẽ …

    Green House

  99. Szeretetmézes

    Megírni egy bejegyzést számomra nem húsz perc. Gyorsan nem megy. Délután és reggel sem. Hanem csak este, éjjel. …

  100. Paying His Debts, Part II: Sorrows, Whores, and a Game of Cyvasse

    In the first half of A Dance With Dragons, Tyrion goes to some very dark places. He obsesses with his own traumas, and …

    The Meereenese Blot

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