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  1. Kanye’s Frantz Fanon Complex

    I recently wrote an article called, “Harry Belafonte Was Right About Jay-Z.” The article went viral, generating a huge …

    Our Legaci

  2. My kids don’t make me happy

    “Kids won’t make me happy.” I’ve heard that statement, or statements to that effect, thousands of times. Enough that I …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  3. Coldest Weather in 4 Years Ahead!

    I just finished this afternoon’s forecast, plus caught up on a bazillion emails from the Thanksgiving Weekend.  Big …

    FOX 12 Weather Blog

  4. The Heirs Episode 17 Preview

    Scattered Joonni

  5. Sistem kelistrikan Honda CS-1 reborn disinyalir mirip dengan CB150R…. – Bro dan sis sekalian…menyambung artikel sebelumnya tentang nongolnya kode baru yang diduga sebagai … | All About Motorcycles

  6. Paul Walker Death Hoax Dismissed Since Actor is “Alive And Well” ( He’s Not Dead ) via @IamLilBygone

    On Saturday (November 30) the actor’s reps officially confirmed that Paul Walker is not dead. ‘He joins the long list …

    Your World of Entertainment

  7. Analisa Syair Sgp Rabu 04~12~2013

    Hitungan EMPAT TIGA di
    Sekali DUA putar balik;
    Putri pingitan …

    Badarfadli blog BFB

  8. Study predicts the sun is headed for a Dalton-like solar minimum around 2050

    Method uses the Ap geomagnetic index, which has been in a slump since October 2005:

    The Hockey Schtick tips us …

    Watts Up With That?

  9. Islak Kek Tarİfİ

    İbn Abbas, Ata b.Ebi Rebah’a; “Sana cennet ehlinden bir kadını göstereyim mi?” dedi. Ata; “Evet, göster” …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  10. Knitting

    Good morning! How are you doing? I´m (finally) back at home. I love traveling but I love even more the sensation of …

    Trendy Taste

  11. Valentino Rossi Mengakui Kehebatan Stoner dan Kesalahannya Memilih Ducati

    Bro sekalian, menarik sekali membaca postingan motocuarto yang bersumber pada Interview majalah Rolling stone dengan …

  12. Headlines from a Mathematically Literate World

    Our World: Market Rebounds after Assurances from Fed Chair
    Mathematically Literate World: Market Rebounds after …

    Math with Bad Drawings

  13. #526: I’m worried that my long-distance fiance a) cheats on me b) is keeping me a secret.

    Dear Captain Awkward,

    I am a 15 year old male and I’m engaged to someone that I met online. I have been dating him …

  14. WWE #RAW (Cobertura y Resultados 02/12/13) – Firma del contrato a la Unificación Definitiva

    WWE, Inc. presenta: WWE RAW, desde desde el Chesapeake Energy Arena de Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; show transmitido a …

  15. This is South Buffalo

    It’s filled with a breed unlike any kind. In between the crowded streets and unavoidable drama, is a hidden close-knit …

    Say what you want and stay weird

  16. Info Sgp Rabu, 04/12/2013



    S T M D



  17. $8,000 Reward!

    There’s an $8,000 reward being offered for information leading to the conviction of the person(s) responsible for …

    Rack Em Up

  18. ЗВЕРНЕННЯ Проводу Спілки офіцерів України до […]

    № 86-С від «02» грудня 2013р.

    З В Е Р Н Е Н Н Я Проводу Спілки …

  19. Not an open letter to Tarun Tejpal: Hartman de Souza

    Guest post by HARTMAN DE SOUZA
    When I hit out at him, Tejpal stood there with a swagger and a go-fuck-yourself smile …


  20. The 6 Stages of Final Exams As Told by Harry Potter

    1. Denial

    Finals? Hahahahaha! Please. I’ve still got an entire week left. Do you have any idea what I can accomplish …

    As Told by Laura

  21. Sheffield Strikes Back occupy tallest university building in UK

    Sheffield Strikes Back, a newly formed broad left group of Sheffield students, have occupied the Arts Tower – the …

    The Resistance Report

  22. El oufit de Fefita en “Quiéreme como Soy”

  23. It Goes to the Character of the Man

    Has Australia ever elected a Prime Minister so devoid of character? So lacking in the qualities of leadership? So …

    The Australian Independent Media Network

  24. Strawbale Construction Workshops!

    Strawbale Workshops Now Enrolling!Learn to build in a terrific group setting under the guidance of a Master …


  25. Los responsabilizan de un HOMICIDIO

    A golpes le quitaron la vida a una persona
    El cuerpo lo encontraron tirado hoy temprano

    ¡El Parte Oficial!
    La …

    Colectivo Pericú

  26. monday update

    SHORT TERM: pullback continues, DOW -78

    Overnight the Asian markets gained 0.4%. Europe opened lower and lost 0.3%. …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  27. A Fond Farewell to Gil

    Hi guys.

    This is a short post to let you know how long the Gil sale has left. Unfortunately there seems to be a glitch …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

  28. Hedda, 12 år, gruer seg til jul

    < Hedda har to hjem, et hos mor og et hos far. Hun bor mest hos far. Mor har alkoholproblemer. Selv mener mor at …

    Om rus og avhengighet

  29. Because the Internet: Leaked

    Donald’s album is out. A Lannister pays his debts. Enjoy. And stay tuned for Steve G. Lover’s mixtape.

    Models and Rappers

  30. Entenda as brigas na torcida do Cruzeiro que a Imprensa não dá conta de cobrir

    Para que servem as torcidas organizadas? 

    Crônica para CMAs, TPIs, TFCs e PQPs

    Por Otávio Ogando

    Primeiro …


  31. Enquanto o time empata, jogadores e dirigente do Corinthians se esbaldam no swing

    Dia desses, numa conhecida casa de swing (troca de casais), em São Paulo, um ex-presidente do Corinthians e dois …

    Blog do Paulinho

  32. The @GSElevator Guide to Bar Etiquette

    I shouldn’t have to write this, but apparently I do.

    The following came to my attention via the fantastic Twitter …


  33. Nhìn lại nền Giáo dục VNCH : Sự tiếc nuối vô bờ bến

    Giáo dục Việt Nam Cộng Hòa là nền giáo dục Việt Nam dưới chính thể Việt Nam Cộng Hòa. …

    Huỳnh Long An

  34. Cirujano reconocido mundialmente expone la verdadera causa de las enfermedades cardíacas

    Nosotros los médicos con toda nuestra formación, conocimientos y autoridad, a menudo adquirimos un gran ego que nos …

    Periodismo Alternativo

  35. Christpher Pyne says . . .

    Oh. My. God. My jaw just dropped to the floor.

    Just checking my email and a few people have sent me an email that …

    Café Whispers

  36. Analysts Chime In On Wii U Sales And The State Of The Console

    Bloomberg has spoken to a number of analysts after it emerged that both Microsoft and Sony sold more game consoles in …

    My Nintendo News

  37. Completely Misjudged

    I was shaking and crying when I got back in the car from one of my stops today.  Have you ever been completely caught …

  38. 비트코인 경제학

    몇 주 전부터 미국 각종 언론에 비트코인 이야기가 정말 많이 등장하더니, 계속해서 …

    조성문의 실리콘밸리 이야기

  39. Nationals Acquire Doug Fister in Four-Player Trade with Tigers

    Twitter: @Nationals | Facebook: Nationals | Instagram: @Nationals
    by Amanda Comak

    The Washington Nationals …

    Curly W Live

  40. Does it make sense to use car safety seats only sometimes, or only when children are older?

    The Pediatric Insider

    © 2013 Roy Benaroch, MD

    Trusted Pediatrician: “Mrs. Johnson, Bobby is doing great! …

    The Pediatric Insider

  41. Extraordinary people…

    I popped over to London at the weekend to see some friends, enjoy London, go shopping and attend the Autosport Awards. …


  42. Pop Danthology 2013



    an anthology of various creative works arranged by Daniel Kim.
    Finally, …

    The Gift of OCPD

  43. Polícia Civil de SP terá a maior contratação da história

    Do portal da SSP-SP

    O secretário da Segurança Pública, Fernando Grella Vieira, afirmou nesta segunda-feira (2) …


  44. Mais provas para os professores

    De acordo com fonte do Ministério da Educação, os professores contratados que obtiverem classificação positiva nas …

    os dias do pisco

  45. [Skill Build Analysis] Earth Spirit

    We covered Ember Spirit last week, and as you might remember, I went on record as saying that Earth is the more viable …


  46. NOTICIA: la cantante Rita Ora elegida como Mia Grey

    Acaba de publicarse la noticia de que la cantante británica de origen yugoslavo Rita Ora de 23 años ha sido elegida …

    50 Sombras de Grey

  47. #JACKSPETITION – Investigate hunger and foodbank use in the UK NOW. Please sign and share.

    Today I have launched a campaign in the Daily Mirror, a petition to investigate the causes of food bank use and hunger …


  48. Sergio Rodríguez se plantea abandonar el Real Madrid cuando acabe esta temporada.

    Cuando un jugador vive su mejor momento como profesional es obvio que se multiplique el interés de otros equipos por …

    El contraataque

  49. Xmas 2013 picks

    Here’s one to get you into the spirit of Christmas: either treat yourself, treat a very good friend, or better yet, get …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  50. Macel la Pungesti (video)

    Multi m-au intrebat ieri, DACA e adevarat, ca ei n-au auzit la televizor. DA, …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  51. Nodi

    Ho bisogno di scrivere questo post. E non ho voglia di scrivere questo post.

    Ho bisogno di scriverlo perché questa …


  52. Nih Spek Yamaha R15 di Yamaha Asean Cup Race 2013 ternyata oprek Cylinder Head, Camshaft dan klep bikin power melonjak

    yeah, setelah tadi masih abu abu  Yamaha R15 Yamaha Asean Racing Cup 2013 gunakan mesin Standar ? ),, tahu tahu … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  53. PAALIYAL KELVI PATHILKAL: Night thunkum pothu vinthu veliyaruthu . இரவு தூக்கத்தில் […]

    tamil kama kathai . avalin pundaikku theeni podum pakkathu veetu payan sunni nalla perusu. athu avalin pundaikkul poga …

    தேவடியாள் காமக்கதைகள்

  54. Mistery Sgp RABU,04_DESEMBER_2013


    Dua lima didepan tiang
    Setengah jadi jujur berkata
    Sepuluh di kaki bukit …


  55. One Month After

    By iamgarie
    The moment the December 2 teaser appeared on Youtube the other day, I could not help but …

    Excess Baggage

  56. Ya no eres para mi…

    Supongo que siempre lo he sabido pero no quería verlo, y es que ya sabes “No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere …

    Lo que ellos no saben

  57. Parcel Delivery Fraud Warning from Neighbourhood Police

    FOLLOWING his successful message in the summer, warning us about opportunistic burglars and the need to keep property …

    The Hedon Blog

  58. Me your wife ?

    Author : @handaGyuhyun & WonSiKyu

    Tittle : Me? Your Wife

    Category : NC 21, Yadong, OneShoot

    Cast: Cho …

    Yadong Fanfic Indo

  59. Five Easy Ways to Transform Your Blog for the Holidays

    Your site is your home on the web. It only makes sense, then, to spruce it up for the holidays as you … News

  60. Arsenal U21s see their unbeaten record obliterated by superb Sunderland

    U21 Premier League- Game 7

    Arsenal 1 (Toral 64) Sunderland 5 (Watmore 34, Mandron 44, 51, 90, Lynch 75)

    Bt Jeorge …

    Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth

  61. Kamchatka volcano sends pillar of fire 1,000 meters into the sky

    December 3, 2013 – KAMCHATKA – With a pillar of fire stretching up into the clouds, this spectacular image captures …

    The Extinction Protocol

  62. Bowmanville loses a hero

    After a courageous battle with cancer, Limba was humanely euthanized at 12:34 this morning.Limba was more than an …

    Simply Put

  63. Entre Gandhi y Obélix

    Lo hemos visto como Moisés, también ha sido Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi y, en este camino de perfección, su …

    El blog de Santiago González

  64. 10 Reasons We’re Still Proud to be Wildcats

    By Molly Baker, Wildcat Commons Editor

    Even after the lose to the scumdevils in the 87th Territorial Cup game, …

    Wildcat Commons

  65. Men’s Rights: the Video Game

    So I was watching a little video roundup of some of the worst video games ever the other day and I came across some …

    man boobz

  66. Đồng hồ “NOT NOW” Made in Vietnam

    “NOT NOW” dịch sang tiếng Việt là “Chưa phải lúc”.

    Trả lời phỏng vấn của BBC VN, giáo sư …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  67. [TWITTER] 131203 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update: It’s Christmas soon

    It’s Christmas soon… Ha ah…
    Rise up, singles!

    Source: @bornfreeonekiss
    Translated …


  68. مجاهد لیکس افشا می کند:تصویر لو رفته از میز کار یکی از بالامجاهدین!

    سازمان مزاحمین خلق ایران

  69. Ce soir je rends ma carte…

    Je ne vous parle pas tous les quatre matins de mon parti. Ce n’est pas que j’en ai honte, mais comme mon action et …

    L'Art et La Manière

  70. Sobre impostos, racismo e um conselho de minha avó (comentário à entrevista de Fernanda Lima)

    Como a essa altura todo mundo já sabe, a FIFA escolheu a apresentadora branca Fernanda Lima para ser mestre de …

    Recordar, Repetir e Elaborar

  71. Hej Filippa Reinfeldt!

    Jag har hört att du är aktiv i sociala medier så jag försöker nu att nå dig med mitt blogginlägg som jag …

    Boel Mitt I Livet

  72. Jandarmul Cain și țăranul Abel

    „Jur credință patriei mele România. Jur să-mi apăr țara chiar cu prețul vieții. Jur să respect Constituția, …

    Orlando Balaş

  73. Gặp ai giữa ngã rẽ tình yêu (Diệp Tử) – Chương 30

    Chương 30
    Dịch: Sahara
    Doãn Tiểu Mạt đứng ngoài cửa hít thở sâu mấy cái, đợi đến khi …

    Sahara ~ Mong bình yên trở về…

  74. Estamos lá no dia 2 do High Roller!

    É isso ae, acabo de chegar em casa depois de passar para o dia 2 do BSOP High Roller.

    Mais uma vez este evento …


  75. Wyznania suki 3 – Męska przyjaźń

    Jakub dostał nową ksywkę. Chuj, po prostu Chuj. Albo Jakub Chuj, pasuje mu jako nazwisko.

    Ale musimy się …

    Pokolenie Ikea

  76. somewhereinamerica

    I woke up to this beautiful piece of work in my Inbox a few days ago, and was immediately obsessed with it. Aside from …

    khanstitutional lawls

  77. Syrie: plus courageux qu’un ami de François Hollande, tu meurs ! Maaloula n’est pas tombé

    C’est désormais une constance, simples faits banals aux yeux de la presse mainstream. Mais, les gens ne sont pas aussi …

    Allain Jules

  78. Desative seu perfil no Tubby, aplicativo de avaliação de mulheres, antes mesmo dele ser lançado

    Revanche ao aplicativo Lulu, Tubby será lançado nesta quarta-feira (04)Nas duas últimas semanas o aplicativo Lulu, …

    Mulher Real

  79. Wybrane proroctwa świętego przepodobnego Ławrentia Czernihowskiego

    Zdobywszy obfitość łaski Przenajświętszego Ducha Bożego Starzec Ławrentij często rozmawiał ze swoimi dziećmi …

    Dziecko Królowej Pokoju

  80. När man skyller på nån annan kan man åtminstone ha den goda smaken att skylla på någon som kan ändra på sig

    Sverige upprörs idag av nyheten om en gravt autistisk man som hållits isolerad inom rättspsykiatrin i över ett …

    M som i underbar

  81. Blog commenting policy

    by Judith Curry

    It’s time for a discussion on blog commenting policy and moderation.

    Climate Etc.

  82. Ahora sí que sí, la Navidad ya está aquí

    Ahora sí que sí, la Navidad ya está aquí. Se respira en el aire y se nota por las calles. Así que una semana más …


  83. Love & Hip Hop New York Season 4 Episode 6 (Full Episode)

    Peep out Love & Hip Hop New York Episode 6

  84. 10 super simple party stunts

    The other day I made this new Quirkology video showing 10 of my favourite party stunts – hope you enjoy …

    Richard Wiseman

  85. Cổ thi diễm hậu [Chương 14]

    Chuyển ngữ: Cỏ Dại.
    Chỉnh sửa: nhoclubu.
    Cuối cùng Nhuận Ngọc cũng tránh được một …

    Green House

  86. THE ARCHIVES: Randy Auyeung’s Honda Civic from HCI Magazine July 2005….

    Taking it pretty far back on this Monday…Nearly 9 years if you’re counting. Today, we’re going to take our next look …

    The Chronicles© – No Equal Since 2008 |

  87. Chinese asked the Malays to pray on Sunday instead

    The communists had asked the Malays to UBAH to Sunday, from Friday, as their day of prayer.
    “When the MPAJU suggested …

    Helen Ang

  88. Fake email from Royal Mail regarding detained package contains trojan

    MX Lab,, started to intercept a new trojan distribution campaign by email with the subject “Mail – …

    mxlab – all about anti virus and anti spam

  89. 6 reasons to NEVER take birth control pills

    When I got married almost 12 years ago I disregarded warnings from my mother and jumped on the birth control pill …

    lindsay leigh bentley

  90. Want an academic job? Hold your tongue.

    At our house last night we had a Hanukkah party with a mix of friends and co-workers.  We had a dozen kids over and …

    The Analog World

  91. Order today!

    Simply click on the photo to place your order.

    £10 per calendar. Find us (fully clothed) at the Varsity Match …

    The OUWRFC Naked Calendar

  92. Contagion is Getting Survival Horror Right.

    I recently picked up the now in early beta, Contagion by Monochrome. Contagion is a co-op survival horror game, much …

    Scroll of Rambling

  93. The Myth of the Bs.6.30 Dollar

    Here’s a ditty that came in from a reader who, for obvious reasons, would prefer we don’t name him. It gets at …

    Caracas Chronicles

  94. Don’t leave again | لا ترحل مرة اخرى One shot

    fanfiction arabic sub

  95. Αφού οι ελληναράδες “ακαδημαϊκοί” ντρέπονται… Βούλγαρος […]

    Σε συνέντευξή του στο κανάλι των Σκοπίων ο Βούλγαρος καθηγητής …

  96. The Trials and Tribulations of a Female Hockey Fan – By Katrina Gordon

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The growth continues to happen here at Ice Nation UK.  We are delighted to welcome Katrina Gordon into …

    Ice Nation UK

  97. “Face of The Year” (Male) & The Winner Is…..

    Here Is The Result Of The Poll Conducted By “Face Of The Year” on 23rd Nov-1st Dec 2013, In This Time …

  98. Of Grinders and Grindr

    A Social Media Experiment

    As we gear up for a Big Gay Night Out at Verizon on Tuesday, December 10, an evening put …


  99. Top cop to ride in toy run

    The ride register will remain and recreational riders will continue to be incorrectly intercepted in the short term, …

    Motorbike Writer

  100. God is forever in control

    Naomi contacted me when she saw my post on facebook during breast cancer awareness month about doing a session for her …

    Jillian Green Photography

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