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  1. Seu filho precisa mesmo ser tão feliz?

    No meu tempo de criança, os pais eram pessoas esforçadas pelo sustento da família. Com ostentação ou sem, as …


  2. 13 things musicians are sick of hearing at the holiday dinner table

    this post is a little serious tongue in cheek. take it for what it’s worth.

    seeing as though we are embarking on …

    my mini-apple

  3. Recap: The Heirs Episode 15

    Scattered Joonni

  4. The string type is broken

    My previous article, “We don’t need a string type”, caused a bit of stir. Though the feedback is mixed, there is a …

    Musing Mortoray

  5. Descargable navideño: tarjetas para regalos

    Este año en el estudio wonder nos hemos propuesto que pases las Navidades más bonitas y menos estresantes de tu vida. …


  6. MEDOVİK (Ballı Rus pastası)

    Rasulullah Aleyhisselam şu duayı çok yapardı:
    “Ey kalbleri çeviren Allahım! Kalbimi dinin üzerine sabit kıl!” …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  7. Smart Trendy

    Good morning people! How are you doing? I´m really busy this week, but absolutely happy! I want to share with you the …

    Trendy Taste

  8. Spectacular video: Comet ISON imaged from a Langrange point in space

    NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STEREO, is monitoring Comet ISON as it approaches the sun. NASA’s …

    Watts Up With That?

  9. Öppet brev till rödgröna som gillar Claes de Faire

    Hej, alla ni rödgröna som gillar Claes de Faire sedan hans skattehöjarkrönika i fredags. Ni gläds åt att han vill …


  10. PREDIKSI & SYAIR SGP KAMIS 28/11/2013


    SGP : 6721 SHIO 09
    SYAIR HONGKONG RABU 27/11/2013 …


  11. Analisa Syair Sgp Kamis 28-11-2013

    Lingkar Mata DUA Menuju
    Dijalurnya LAPAN bersekutu
    Kaki Kangan SATU …

    Badarfadli blog BFB

  12. Exame grafotécnico derrotou Rogério Ceni na Justiça

    (Acima assinatura falsificada, embaixo, grafotécnico de Rogério Ceni)

    Mito nos gramados, Rogério Ceni, o mais …

    Blog do Paulinho

  13. Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2013

    Dear Family,

    This war on Thanksgiving has gone too far.  Bacon, butter, sugar and cream are as important to …

    Margaret and Helen

  14. High res P4 shots – Enjoy!

    So I promised you guys that I would post some high res images for you to use as wallpapers as I’ve had quite a few …

    Amy Shore Photography

  15. Confessions of a non-Muslim butt washer

    Anyone who knows me decently well knows that sooner or later, my penchant for gross humor will break through the …


  16. Maria Kang- Part 2… Oh NO, She Didn’t!!!

    I am angry. She did it again. Maria Kang that is. Remember the fitness guru mom who posed hovering over her three young …

    Extreme Mom

  17. Paul McConville – A Tribute

    I can’t adequately express my dismay upon hearing of Paul McConville’s sudden death at the age of 47.

    Paul was a …

    Henry Clarson

  18. Former Olympic Games Maker faces losing vital care under cruel Government cuts.

    VIDEO: The coalition’s cruellest cut?

    Mary Laver, a former RAF servicewoman, campaigner, and friend, has severe …


  19. ตีสิบ 26 พฤศจิกายน 2556 ทองเนื้อเก้า ล่าสุด

    รายการ ตีสิบ 26 พฤศจิกายน 2556 ล่าสุด

    ตีสิบ …

    ดูทีวีออนไลน์ ช่อง3 5 7 9 ย้อนหลัง

  20. Sin resolver crimen de MARIA FERNANDA

    La joven que fue atacada la tarde del 4 de noviembre
    Hay siete sospechosos de haber cometido homicidio
    Le …

    Colectivo Pericú

  21. Agora já era! E Promoção BSOP Million!

    Buuummmmm é isso aê!!! Agora já era!

    Se você não esta entendendo nada provavelmente é porque você não viu o …


  22. Kawasaki sedang berusaha melokalkan Ninja 250??…. – Bro dan sis sekalian…..setelah tanpa kabar, Kawasaki terendus melakukan uji part. Anehnya….part yang … – Portal Berita Otomotif

  23. Why I Left the Apostolic Pentecostal Church

    I have seen many people write blog posts and websites explaining why they are no longer a part of the Apostolic …

    The Land Called Beulah

  24. Pasó de cobrar 2.081,23 euros a 1.377,20 por perder el convenio

    La gente todavía no se lo cree, pero si perdemos el convenio nos pueden pasar cosas como esta:

    Un juzgado de San …


  25. fenomenologia degli status su facebook: 3 casi.

    IL METEOIl lapalissiano: nevica.L’incredulo: nevica?Il sarcastico: è arrivata un’inaspettata e terribile glaciazione, …

    prima o poi l'amore arriva. E t'incula.

  26. Info Sgp Kamis, 28/11/2013



    S T M D



  27. William Faulkner’s Hot Toddy

    Faulkner’s favorite drink is often listed as the julep, which is probably correct: his house in Oxford still displays …


  28. Resumo da novela Amor à Vida 27/11/13: Aline diz a Mariah que dará início à vingança

    Paloma discute com César. Félix prepara seu currículo e fica horrorizado com a conversa de Márcia e Rinaldo. …

    Notícias da TV Brasileira – Audiência da TV

  29. Strange Times – The criminal case against Craig Thomson takes a turn for the surreal

    Yesterday in a Melbourne Magistrates Court Craig Thomson was left scratching his head.

    In what has been the latest …


  30. regarding family

    Do you ever just sit back sometimes and think to yourself, “My family is really weird?”

    I do. A lot.

    But, really. …

    salt and light

  31. BREAKING NEWS: Editor Arrested For Publishing Photos Of Nkandla

    (PIC) Africa’s most forbidden photographIn an attempt to assert its stance over the recent security mayhem prohibiting …

    Lifestyle Tabloids

  32. Rapero criollo le da zumbón a premio que ganó

    El Lápiz echa a la basura el premio Q que ganó……

  33. Little White Dress

    Este dificil sa gasesti rochia perfecta pentru ziua cea mare…
    Va invit in curand, intr-o incursiune in timp…
    a …


  34. Version 1.0 is out!

    After much work, the first edition of The Rook’s Guide to C++ is out.  It’s been sent to the printer today, and should …

    The Rook's Guide to C++

  35. Tuesday Evening Update

    Another 24 hours of model runs to look over…so much fun.  Looks like the weather is still going to get colder next …

    FOX 12 Weather Blog

  36. Hezbollah: Real-Life 1984

    When I was in AUB, I took a special topic CVSP course with Professor Bornedal, and one of the themes we tackled was …

    Gino's Blog

  37. Tasha’s First Few Steps

    Tasha turned 10 month old a few days ago and she has started to walk without aid.
    We are just so happy and we want to …

    Barely Supermommy

  38. Conditions update – Mt. Glory, Teton Pass

    Don, Don and Zahan headed up the Glory bootpack today to check out the snowpack in upper elevation north facing slopes. …

    American Avalanche Institute

  39. Urgencias.

    Artículo publicado el domingo,  24 de Noviembre de 2013 en ElPerió

    “No te hagas líos. Nada importa …

  40. Мила Македонијо, од нив страдаш ти, од своите изроди македонски.

    Дали воопшто негде, на друго место во светов има држава со толку …

    Реалноста пред се…!!!

  41. Un columnista escribe una carta

    Carta a Carlos Herrera
    Querido Carlos Herrera: Por primera vez no puedo culpar de mi ausencia a la desidia, ni alegar …

    El blog de Santiago González

  42. The Rywire ITR Build…Part 12…

    Well….it’s definitely been awhile. A year and two weeks, or 389 days to be exact. It’s been an interesting journey so …

    The Chronicles© – No Equal Since 2008 |

  43. Brandon Collins: “So you wanna be a tattoo artist?”

    By Brandon Collins

    Reblogged from:

    With the invention of tattoo “reality” shows, the …

    TAM Blog

  44. Shermer and Dalton go after science-y woo

    Michael Shermer and Brian Dalton (“Mr. Deity”) analyze the phenomenon of New Wave Quantum Consciousness Gurus.  The …

    Why Evolution Is True

  45. An Embarrassing Confession I Wish I Didn’t Have to Make

    This is an Embarrassing Story to Tell, But if it Helps Someone Else get Back on Track with their Health, it will be …

    Bill Phillips Fitness News

  46. Aplikasi stang lebar di Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200Ns

    tak banyak yang tahu kalau Kawasaki  bajaj pulsar 200ns yang ane pakai kemaren Testride Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  47. The Return of the Emperor : Megastar Chiranjeevi

    27 July 2007, ShankarDada Zindabad released amidst huge fanfare and hype, though the movie did not perform as per …

    The Chronicles of Troll

  48. Support the Loren Nancarrow Healing Garden at Scripps

    Hi Friends and Family,

    Please join us in our support of a rooftop healing garden at the Scripps Radiation Treatment …

    Loren Nancarrow

  49. A very OT review: the 2013 BMW Z4 28i

    In a break from regular programming, I’m going to take up one of my readers’ suggestions from a flickr comment and …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  50. What did the Nov 26th app store update fix?

    Received an update earlier in the iOS app store for the game (not sure if there was a similar update for Android …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

  51. Ecco come riscaldare casa con 8 centesimi al giorno. I video

    Il giornalista Dylan Winter ha avuto un idea geniale quanto efficace.
    Ha creato un riscaldamento fai da te, un modo …


  52. Overwinning zonder glans

    Barcelona-thuis: Eindelijk. De meester tegen de leerling, maar tegenwoordig misschien wel andersom. Wat wij Barca …

  53. Mulheres inspiradoras: Juliana Romano

    Eu sempre fui a gordinha da turma. Até quando era magra, sempre tive formas e, talvez por ser baixinha, sempre fui …


  54. 10 críticas risíveis sobre filmes memoráveis

    Ontem li um artigo no io9 sobre resenhas muito severas (e pueris) feitas por internautas. O alvo em questão era o …


  55. No condom, no party

    Una delle mie amiche single, che non sentivo da un pezzo, mi ha uozzappata ieri mattina alle 7, dicendo che stava …


  56. The value of an F1 budget cap

    There is only one possible conclusion when one looks at the Formula 1 teams: they are not very good businessmen. They …


  57. Sorry, but I’ve changed my mind. I was paid to.

    In October Malcolm Turnbull announced the appointment of former Tesltra boss Ziggy Switkowski as NBN Co to lead a …

    Café Whispers

  58. TERESA GIUDICE: The Dilemma… When Do “Children” Become Topics of Conversation?… The Exploitation of Gia Giudice…

    As you are well aware, children of the Housewives are off limits on SH.

    We’re not talkin’ about children who can …


  59. Sotto il tappeto a Piazza del Plebiscito

    Abitudine mattutina discutibile – questo sicuramente – di una buona percentuale di giovani napoletani nati dopo …


  60. Post-50th Anniversary Missing Episodes Rumours

    As ever all rumours come from a variety of sources and may be true, true in part or completely false, they should not …

    Doctor Who Archive

  61. Gặp ai giữa ngã rẽ tình yêu (Diệp Tử) – Chương 22

    CHƯƠNG 22
    Dịch: Sahara
    Ngũ Trác Hiên bưng một cốc nước cam ép tới gõ cửa phòng Lạc Lạc. …

    Sahara ~ Mong bình yên trở về…

  62. Vaarwel, mijn lieve Mags.

    Lieverd, wat onwerkelijk. Dat ik hier over jou moet gaan schrijven in de verleden tijd.

    Waar moet ik beginnen? Bij …


  63. Tony Romo, America’s Whipping Boy, on this week’s Sports Illustrated Cover

    (NEW YORK – November 26, 2013) – In this week’s SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (12/2/13)—on newsstands NOW— senior writer …

    Inside Sports Illustrated

  64. WWE #SmackDown (Cobertura y resultados 29/11/13) – Lucha de 12 hombres

  65. Przepowiednia z 1969r. dla Benedykta XVI

    Na koniec osobistych przekazów otrzymanych przez Manoli (siostra wybrana przez Boga w Barrio del Pilar, Madryt) w …

    Dziecko Królowej Pokoju

  66. [LINE] 131127 JYJ Line Update: Yoochun recommends Urban Zapaka’s song ‘When Winter Comes’

    {JYJ KR LINE 6:52 AM KST}
    [TRANS] Please listen~ {JYJ KR LINE 6:52 AM …


  67. No a la dictadura del apoderado perfecto

    A ser padres, nadie te enseña, pero tampoco nadie te advierte que la mayor tortura no serán sus llantos de bebé, sus …

    el blog de bernardita ruffinelli

  68. “wSieci”: Mamy zdjęcie, na którym Donald Tusk cieszy się ze śmierci Króla Lwa

    Małgorzata Tusk kłamie?…


  69. ኮንዶሚንየም ቤቶች የዝሙት መናሀሪያ ሆነዋል

    መንግስት በተለምዶ ኮንደሚንየም ብሎ አንደነገሩ ገነባብቶ ቀብቶ …


  70. জাফর স্যারের পদত্যাগ ও আমার বাজিতে হেরে […]

    শাফকাত রাব্বী অনীকঃ   চেতনার ফেরিওয়ালা ও …


  71. Education is everything.

    text of image:
    Sam Seaborn: Education is everything. We don’t need little changes, we need gigantic, monumental …

    The Australian Independent Media Network

  72. Finally – the greatest verdict is out!

    The false case foisted against our acharyas has come to a great end. Not just our acharyas but all 23 accused are …

    Sage of Kanchi

  73. 80% il voteaza pe comisarul Berbeceanu!

    Din puscarie, comisarul i-a batut pe toti politicienii, cu milioanele lor furate.

    Faceti un test simplu: luati …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  74. El informe del Tribunal de Cuentas 2009-2011 en Opendata

    ¿Cambiarías tu intención de voto en las próximas elecciones de conocer que tu partido político está en quiebra …

    #CuentasClaras Cuentas Claras

  75. Ibu Derby: Karena hobi, punya 190 ekor kenari

    Seorang penangkar burung kenari memiliki puluhan pasangan burung induk, itu sudah biasa. Namun apa yang dilakukan Ibu …


  76. ISON ya no es un cometa hyperbólico…ahora la NASA, con la boca muy pequeña, dice que ISON ya estuvo por este […]

    Hace un par de semanas estuve con un conocido al que le encantan los temas de astronomía…se puede decir que es un …


  77. உன் சுண்ணி ரொம்ப பெரிசாக இருக்கும் […]

    Tamil-Sex Stories|சித்தியுடன் நான்|Tamil Kaama K athaigal|த‌மிழ் …

    தேவடியாள் காமக்கதைகள்

  78. 2013-14 Totally Certified Basketball Stars in Contest Edition of Panini Unwrapped

    Amid the frenzied goings-on that always piggyback Thanksgiving week, it’s safe to say that we have a lot going on here …

    The Official Panini America Blog

  79. Lostprophets’ zanger Ian Watkins verkrachtte baby’s en kinderen

    Ian Watkins, de 36 -jarige zanger en mede-oprichter van de inmiddels opgeheven band Lostprophets heeft een langdurige …

  80. Blog of the Week: How NOT to p*ss off a toddler!

    It’s Blog of the Week time again on Netmums and we thought you might find this advice by It’s Misty…Seriously …

    Netmums Blog

  81. Неочакваният крах на Ранобудната студентска общност…

    Юмрук или … мека китка?!
    Взаимоотношенията между т.нар. …


  82. The Death Of A Genre? (Music That Will Be Forgotten In The Coming Years)

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to take an eight hour trip to Atlanta, Georgia and watch one of the greatest …

    Revolt. Reform. Resist.

  83. Take a staND? More like take a seat.

    – Sgt Shamrock

    Notre Dame Stadium, the home of the Fighting Irish. One of the most iconic and revered venues in …

    Down The Tunnel

  84. Hulkenberg set for Force India after Sauber turns him down

    Nico Hulkenberg looks set to be with Force India next year after apparently failing in an attempt to stay at …

    Adam Cooper's F1 Blog

  85. PRIMICIA – CONFIRMA EVIDENCIA LA NARCOACUSACIÓN CONTRA BORGE: Al descubierto, las fotos del narcomensaje que puso a […]

    CANCÚN, MX.- Escrito con notables faltas de ortografía sobre una cartulina blanca pero con una convicción que no …


  86. KONKURS – do wygrania wzmacniacz gitarowy Fender Champion 100 o wartości ok. 1200 zł

    Ogłaszamy Konkurs!

    Do wygrania nowiusieńki wzmacniacz do gitary elektrycznej Fender Champion 100. Jedyne co …

    Portal Gitarowy

  87. Where’s The Snow???

    So…um…about the snow.  It didn’t really happen.

    It’s more of a metaphorical cone of shame, but …

    4WARN Weather Blog

  88. Beyond blood…

    It was the year 1993. At the age of 13, Life gave me one of the best gifts yet. A baby sister. I did not know it then …

    Growing up in the 30's

  89. Oh! My Boss! (12th-You’re Mine-)

    Tittle              : Oh! My Boss!
    Author           : NtaKyung
    Art Poster      : …

    My World Fanfic

  90. Comet ISON – Metaphysical / Spiritual Heart Awakening . . . Everything You Want to Know!!! ~J

    Created on: 14/11/13

    Comet ISON is providing a revolutionary potential to …

    2012: What's the 'real' truth?

  91. Manosphere blogger: “Feminism is a morbidly obese, sexually promiscuous, short-haired, tattooed, cussing beast whom no […]

    Does anyone read newspaper comics any more? Does anyone even remember reading newspaper comics? One of the worst of the …

    man boobz

  92. Nerds win! Nerds win! Nerds win!!!!

    Shit’s gettin’ real, Stingtalkers.
    There is a comment thread titled “I am happy Aaron Murray got injured” on …

    Get The Picture

  93. Τατουαζ μωρο ! Το στηθος της μανας ανηκει στο μωρο!Ολη η ιστορια […]

    Τοσος ντορος για ενα Τατουαζ ε αυτο δεν το φανταζομουν!
    Οκ το να …


  94. Mistery Sgp KAMIS,28_NOVEMBER_2013


    Lima delapan salam2an
    Empat menyilang kedua tiga
    Putri pendekar datang …


  95. Niñas

    Recientemente una amiga publicó en su muro de Facebook un artículo titulado “19 signos de que asististe a una …


  96. Les 3 conditions de Ghannouchi pour la démission du gouvernement

    Tunis – Alors que la Tunisie est plongée dans une délicate phase de transition politique, Rached Ghannouchi, chef du …

    ITRI : Institut Tunisien des Relations Internationales

  97. Love Letter Snafu

    ملاحظه قبل البدأ بالون شوت إذا شفتوا الخط مائل فأعرفوا إنه يتكلم …

    fanfiction arabic sub

  98. I Married The Bad Boy (Part 16)

    Judul : I Married The Bad Boy Part 16
    Author : Dha Khanzaki a.k.a Shin Jeyoung
    Genre : Romance, Married Life, …

    Dha Khanzaki's Fanfiction

  99. Nhà nước nhất thiết phải chui vào buồng ngủ của dân?

    Mà lại tưởng thế là hay

    Đào Tuấn

  100. Wedding Wow!

    MAZAL TOV MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED YESTERDAY!!  (Well, two days ago if you don’t go by the Jewish definition of day …


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