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  1. INDIGNANTE!! Alumnos de la UPC humillan a joven que queria estudiar


    Una …


  2. Julia, Du Julia!!!!


    Se på denne lille damen på bildet over. Airbrushet fotoshoppa og fin stråler hun mot oss, …


  3. The Heirs Episode 15 Preview

    Scattered Joonni

  4. 12 things breastfeeding woman hate to hear.

          Breastfeeding sadly is a controversial topic so people are under the assumption that they can pretty much say …

    Breastfeeding Mama Talk

  5. The Tangled “Tonalities” of Mr. Tejpal

    By now the details are well known: a young journalist describes a harrowing encounter with Tarun Tejpal, owner and …


  6. O vídeo mais lindo dos últimos tempos!

    Meninas, o vídeo de hoje dispensa qualquer comentário e qualquer explicação! Perfeito para uma sexta feira doce e …

  7. Δείτε τους 10 «μεγάλους» μας επιχειρηματίες που βούλιαξαν την […]

    Σήμερα διαβάστε ΠΟΛΙΤΗ. Τους καταγράφει όλους ένα προς ένα καθώς …

    parapoliticas Blog

  8. แมนนี่ ปาเกียว 24 พฤศจิกายน 2556 ล่าสุด

    รายการแข่งขันชกมวย แมนนี่ ปาเกียว 24 …

    ดูทีวีออนไลน์ ช่อง3 5 7 9 ย้อนหลัง

  9. Afscheidsbrief van Oostende

    Vandaag kregen we van een 38-jarige Oostendse volgende open brief over waarom ze Oostende verlaat.   Helaas krijgen we …

    Het Ostends Nieuws

  10. El tufo machista de El Mundo

    Víctor F. Clares | @victorclares

    Para El Mundo es noticia que la presentadora Pilar Rubio vaya a perder su …

    Víctor F. Clares

  11. “Já þessi … hún er klikkuð”

    Ég er búin að hugsa þetta lengi, tala við marga og þetta er eitthvað sem að ég er búin að pæla mikið í …

    Sylvia Briem Friðjóns

  12. PREDIKSI & SYAIR SGP SENIN 25/11/2013


    SGP : 5349 SHIO 01
    SYAIR HONGKONG MINGGU 24/11/2013 …


  13. Yumurtalı Sıkma Tarifi

    Rahman Rahim olan Allah’ın adıyla
    26- Ey Âdemoğulları! Size avret yerlerinizi örtecek giysi ve süslenecek …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  14. “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” 7-Day Challenge (Day 4 and 5)

    Day 4 (Friday)- Gain an extra 15 minutes. The first part of the challenge is to write down a list of things I want to …

    Education of an Oilfield Wife

  15. Doped.

    Lokalmotor Richard Meeker tested positive for steroids at the 2012 national masters championships and was sanctioned …

    Cycling in the South Bay

  16. Analisa Syair Sgp Minggu 24-11-2013

    Tujuh enam satu lima…
    Tunduk sejenak dua ingatkan…
    Tuan pembela berlagu …

    Badarfadli blog BFB

  17. VIDEO – Miren a que se dedican Sobeida y Mary en la carcel

    Chequeen dos videos del recorrido de la carcel Najayo Mujeres por las chicas del programa “Geishas”. Por ahi pueden ver …

  18. Teachers, Parents, and Children: Be Very Afraid of the Grand High Corporate Reformer, Melinda Gates

    Grand High Witch: Witches of England  Teachers of the US… You are a disgrace! Miserable witches teachers… You …

    Teachers' Letters to Bill Gates

  19. Growing Up on a Farm: 25 Facts About Being a Farm Kid!

    This post is dedicated to all you past, present and future farm kids out there. There may not be very many of us, but …


  20. [Drama News] The Heirs: Episode 15 Preview

    Episode 15 Preview is out and guess what? LOLLLL… Won has been called to school for Tan’s misbehavior. I did not …

    A Dramatic Life

  21. Noticias rápidas de WWE

    Aquí les traigo algunas noticias rápidas de lo que ha pasado recientemente en WWE.

  22. Honda CBR 1000 Vs Suzuki Smash 110, 2 tewas di Semarang, perlunya SIM berjenjang?

    kemaren pesbuk sempat dihebohkan dengan berita  kecelakaan, Honda CBR1000 VS Suzuki Smash 110 sese….. … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  23. Common Core Unrest Obvious in 17 States

    Proponents of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are fond of saying that CCSS “has been adopted by 45 states and …


  24. Reporte en CHACAO

    Ayer en horas de la tarde, fue avistado y grabado un grupo de malandros que se dedica a robar en varias estaciones con …


  25. no elfing way – why you won’t see an elf on our shelf

    I don’t know a lot about this “Elf on a Shelf” business.  But here’s what I understand:  You buy an Elf doll that you …

    lindsay leigh bentley

  26. sweeks!

    Well, I did it — I made me some SWANTS – or should I say – SWEEKS (ie, sweater-breeks).

    I started with a large …

    Kate Davies Designs

  27. Mainland Chinese Children Abduction Gang Hits Hong Kong

    The headline of 11/24/2013 Oriental Daily
    Mainland Chinese Thief Couple Robbed Baby Girl on the Street

    From …

    Dictionary of Politically Incorrect Hong Kong Cantonese

  28. Le quedó mal empresa INGLÉS INDIVIDUAL

    Ex empleado se queja de la gerente
    Hubo desacato de una orden judicial

    Colectivo Pericú

    Mi nombre …

    Colectivo Pericú

  29. 35 Conselhos realmente úteis (que ninguém dá)

    1. Pessoas que ferram qualquer um, vão mais que provavelmente pisar na sua cabeça pra ferrar qualquer um. Afaste-as …


  30. Nasib Kawasaki Ninja 150 ditentukan tahun depan??… – Bro dan sis sekalian…project Ninja 150 tenggelam tak terdengar. Setelah IWB sebelumnya sempat … – Portal Berita Otomotif

  31. تصویر صفحه اول روزنامه کیهان بعد از توافق ایران و غرب!

    کمپین فدائیان حسین شریعتمداری و پیام فضلی نژاد!

  32. Concurso Professor do Estado de SP – Curva da avaliação

             Bem, este concurso para professor PEB2 do Estado de SP, com 59.000 vagas me tirou algumas horas de sono, …

    Projetos Educação

  33. En forbudt barnesang. Hvorfor gir nordmenn opp sin egen kultur?

    Visen om vesle Hoa.
    I 2006 bestemte Cappelen forlag og Egners familie, som er rettighetshavere til Egners verk, at …

    Bjørn Funder Halldal

  34. Celtic FC getting sucked into the Labour Party Co-operative Bank Scandal

    As well as the evolving local Glasgow scandal of Celtic receiving cheap land deals from a Scottish Labour controlled …


  35. “Face Of The Year” 2013 (Male) ?

    Vote For Your Fav. Stars For The Biggest Poll Of The Year “Face Of The Year” Powered By …

  36. Nintendo Promises There Won’t Be A Wii U Software Drought In 2014

    Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has promised on GameTrailers that the Wii U won’t see the same kind of …

    My Nintendo News

  37. Info Sgp Senin, 25/11/2013



    S T M D



  38. Photoessay: artistic experiments in the home

    Brokeback Chair
    And now for something a little different. Shooting purely for message isn’t new to me; shooting purely …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  39. O olhar de Julio Baptista entrega mais do que as palavras

    O mundo do futebol brasileiro dormiu e acordou sob os comentários de uma possível “entregada” do Cruzeiro para …

    Blog do Paulinho

  40. A look at Minecraft PE beta 0.8.0

    Breaking: Dev. Johan Bernhardson tweets out that room on the Google+ beta page has seemingly run out.

    Released a …


  41. ¿Por qué no la entras?

    No se trata del típico caso de inseguridad crónica o miedo a ser rechazado (a estas alturas todo me la suda), tampoco …

    vivir mata

  42. For my brother

    I have to be honest. As far  as tragedy is concerned, I’ve lived a pretty charmed life (knock on wood). I still have …

    Operation Home

  43. How I got more than 3 Fastpass+ per day and Park Hopped using Fastpass+

    NOTE:  I can’t guarantee how long these tips will work.  Disney could find a way to patch this gaping hole …

    Kennythepirate Disney World Guide

  44. 15 Things Jesus Didn’t Say

    15 things Jesus Didn’t Say:

    “For God was so disgusted with the world and you that he gave his one and only …

    Jim Palmer

  45. [TWITTER] 131124 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update

    [TRANS] I will love you more for the next 20 years!
    Note: This is a reply to the fanmade banner at Jaejoong’s …


  46. Ποια Ασυλια; Ποια Κρατικη Περιουσια; Ποιο Κρατος; ΑΙΩΝΙΟ ΑΝΑΘΕΜΑ.

    Από τον Πόρτα – Πόρτα

    Νομος 4111

    ΦΕΚ αρ 18

    25 Ιανουαριου 2013
    128 …

  47. Where Does My Robot Hand Go When I’m Not Looking?

    Written half-minded, these blog posts are not proof read by me, allowing you the reader a sense of superiority when …

    Robinince's Blog

  48. Pass up this weekend’s ‘second collection’ due to funding of groups inconsistent with Catholicism

    It is best to pass up the second collection at Mass today and tomorrow.  This second collection is for the Catholic …

    Lay Catholics

  49. Hợp đồng hôn nhân 100 ngày [Hồi 8 – Chương 361: Người sống đời sống thực vật]

    Hồi 8 – Chương 361: Người sống đời sống thực vật

    Nam Cung Nghiêu không nói ra được một …

    Green House

  50. Här ljuger SVT tittarna rätt upp i ansiktet

    I fredags dagtid kunde man läsa ett uttalande i ett flertal medier som citerat en mening från TT (GP, Expressen, …

    Tanja Bergkvists Blog

  51. A Reaction to “Confessions of a PetVet”

    By now, most of you have probably seen or heard the 20/20 story titled Confessions of a PetVet. It’s an interview of a …

    C'est la Vie

  52. Los desaires de Lampe, la cobardía de Xavi Pascual y la poca química que ambos se profesan

    A la hora de planificar una nueva temporada se debe hacer un diagnóstico de las carencias de una plantilla. A partir …

    El contraataque

  53. Recensione di Aurora: il film Comico di Piercarlo Paderno

    Ieri ho avuto il coraggio di guardare Aurora, Il Sogno della Liberazione del regista Piercarlo Paderno, noto esponente …

    In Difesa della Sperimentazione Animale

  54. Top o’ the Lot: Top 5 Thor Battles

    Hiya folks! It’s nice to meet you! The name’s Taylor, and when I was asked to contribute here at Outright Geekery, I …

    Outright Geekery

  55. Wait! You’re Not Worrying About What You Think You’re Worrying About!

    The following is the most liberating, practical and helpful thing I’ve ever realised.Sometimes I wake up worrying about …

    Jamie Catto

  56. Man Admits Using 5-Week-Old Baby Girl in Child Pornography

    A Morgan County man is facing federal child pornography charges after authorities rescued a baby girl in his care. …

    Traffick Alerts

  57. Nu faceţi ca vărul meu!

    Muncea de la 14 ani. 

    Unchiul meu sacrifica animale cumparate de la consateni, iar el, Ion, la facea pachete …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  58. Scatta l’allarme: Scilla é in pericolo

    A Scilla ormai é allarme. Una condizione che si ripresenta ogni qualvolta le ondate di maltempo investono il …

  59. Top 10 tény, amivel bármelyik nácit zavarba tudja hozni

    Nácinak lenni végletesen egyszerű dolog. Zsidó rossz, árpádsáv jó. Cigány rossz, gárda jó. Folytathatnánk a …

  60. The hard truths about the costs of veterinary care

    I am a veterinarian, and right now I am depressed and disappointed.  I am also angry.  Last night on 20/20 there was …


  61. Why the World Has a Screwed Up View on Breastfeeding (And Some Things We Can Do to Help)

    Every time I call my grandmother, she asks me the same question, “Are you still breastfeeding… maybe it’s time you …

  62. دروغگویی شگفت انگیز جواد ظریف/برخلاف گفته ظریف نیروگاه اراک […]

    ٣ دروغ ظریف در ساعات اولیه این توافقنامه افشا شد. برخلاف گفته های …


  63. Immer diese “so genannten”…

    Hey Leute.

    3-0 in Lautern verloren. Scheißegal. Kann passieren. Am Rande des Spiels ging es mal wieder leider um …


  64. O novo JK Shopping, de Taguatinga, não respeita direito de professor

    O Shopping JK, que mesmo sem alvará de funcionamento, foi recém inaugurado em Taguatinga, não respeita direito de …

    Blog do Washington Dourado

  65. Tebak Angka Senin 25 Nop 13

    Poso Pools

  66. weekend update


    The market opened higher this week, hit an all time new high in the opening minutes of Monday trading, then …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  67. Nova Circular após audiência com o Sepe esclarece sobre o 5º COC

    Mais uma nova circular chega às escolas, após audiência com o Sepe. Os questionamentos do sindicato levam em conta …

    Regional 7

  68. IL VECCHIO CON GLI STIVALI (Francesco Merlo)


  69. Cosas que me hacen sentir bien

    Qué le vamos a hacer, el tiempo me afecta tremendamente al humor. Siempre lo he sabido, por eso odio estos días …

    Lo que ellos no saben

  70. Cristiada

    Gli appassionati di cinema sapranno che il film hollywoodiano Cristiada, diretto da Dean Wright con attori del calibro …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  71. Foto Bugilku Tersebar Di Facebook

    “Pagi Ros…!!
    Hmmm…. Kalau lihat wajahmu yang ceria begini, rasane aku seneng memandangmu Ros, ehhh jangan Ge Er , …


  72. Neulich im Notdienst

    “Also, wir waren am Freitag abend schon in der Notfallpraxis, am Sonntag nochmal, und jetzt sind wir wieder hier,” …

  73. Concerns grow for missing Saughton Mains man

    Police in Edinburgh are tonight appealing for help in tracing a young man who has been reported missing.

    Twenty year …

    Live Edinburgh News

  74. The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Not Through This Column

    Once in a while, as I’m going through the barrage of headlines online (which can all be summed up as “Cretinous …

    Ashish Shakya

  75. Interview Steve Brown over John van den Heuvel en Rob Zegerius

    Vandaag kopt de voorpagina van de Telegraaf dat de nationale politie een aanslag op John van den Heuvel denkt te hebben …

  76. Pacquiao-vs-Rios-2013-Live

    Hello:(Boxing Fan)Brandon Rios vs Pacquiao 2013 Live Stream(Live Streaming),Pacquiao vs Rios 2013 Live Streaming (Live …

    Pacquiao vs Rios 2013

  77. In case you didn’t notice, Manny Pacquiao did score a knockout

    IT WAS violent. It was vicious. It was stunning. The silence and shock were so thick in the air, you could practically …

    The Sportswriter

  78. My Sunday Cocooning ❤

    Depuis que je suis assez jeune, le dimanche rime avec repos, famille et moments agréables. J’aime me lever le dimanche …

  79. Grandes diálogos (y breves)

    León: ¡Ninotchka, Ninotchka…!

    Ninotchka: Usted se repite.

    El blog de Santiago González

  80. Derrick Rose sofre nova lesão no joelho e pode estar fora da temporada

    Um dos maiores talentos da NBA está novamente afastado das quadras por conta de uma grave lesão. O Chicago Bulls …


  81. Znany polityk Adam H. zatrzymany. Chciał się wedrzeć przemocą do audycji Moniki Olejnik

    Atak zawieszonego desperata.…


  82. El mundo naïve de Angela Dalinger

    Entre pinturas, esculturas, comics e ilustraciones Angela Dalinger (Alemania, 1984) nos enseña su apasionante mundo. …


  83. Jason Stanford on John Kuhn: How Texas Hoaxed the Nation

    The next President should select John Kuhn, superintendent of schools in the little Perrin-Whitt District in Texas as …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  84. Mistery Sgp SENIN,25_NOVEMBER_2013


    Empat ceria silang kembali
    Bersilat lidah diam sendiri
    Sama melangkah satu …


  85. A loudmouth female police cadet, Trayvon Martin, and the “Knockout Game”

    In one of the police academies I attended we watched a video of a police shooting. Two officers in two patrol cars were …


  86. The IPCC goes for video bling (and CGI enhanced doom)

    From the YouTube description:
    The IPCC has produced a video on its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). The first part on …

    Watts Up With That?

  87. Do estado policial de Miguel Macedo à ditadura de Passos Coelho!

    Quando um ministro pede que rolem cabeças por uma encenação ter corrido como planeado, algo está errado. Quando um …

    Notícias Online

  88. Наумче Гробарот

    Знам дека си стаам здрава нога у трн али шо да праам.Ќе ме распнат …

    Приказни од булеварот

  89. Pozicije spavanja i njihov utjecaj na zdravlje

    Autor: Irena Dujmušić
    Matrix World

    San je vrlo važan za naše zdravlje, stoga bi svatko trebao imati osiguran …

    Matrix World

  90. Texas textbook update: all books approved by school board; creationists lose big time

    The Texas Freedom Network has emailed us that the last-minute delays about adopting a problematic textbook (too much …

    Why Evolution Is True

  91. Aplikant

    Ryszard, lat 27, łysy na głowie i włochaty w pozostałych częściach ciała jak irlandzki seter wszedł z impetem …

    Pokolenie Ikea

  92. Allaiter, c’est si compliqué? (Mes 20 mois de tétées bonheur…)

    20 mois d’allaitement
    Plus d’un an et demi. Quand je pense qu’avant d’être maman, je n’étais pas “fana” de …

    Allo Maman Dodo

  93. Servette FC – FC Bienne: 3-1 (0-1) Le paradis après l’enfer!!!!

    Après une première mi-temps catastrophique, les Grenat se réveillent et font une démonstration de football face à …

    Les Enfants du Servette

  94. Palusot 23

    Chapter 22 is in private kaya di ninyo siya mababasa…

    Palusot 23

    Hapon na ng Linggo bumalik sa Manila ang …

    Excess Baggage

  95. Exumação do ex-presidente Jango: Peritos declaram que exumaram ossada errada

    Um grotesco erro: assim foi adjetivada a ação dos peritos responsáveis pela exumação dos restos mortais do …

    joselito muller

  96. lulu(náticas)

    Acordei dia desses e o assunto do dia era um tal de Lulu.

    Ignorei as dezenas de publicações e segui a minha vida …

    eu podia estar roubando…

  97. And at Stingtalk, there was much rejoicing.

    The denizens at everyone’s favorite Georgia Tech message board have greeted the news of Murray’s injury with all the …

    Get The Picture

  98. Plucky, Plucky Arsenal – Szczesny, Koz and Mertesacker win us three points

    I missed the first 25 minutes or so of today’s top;three game the Saints. So apparently, I missed our best period of …


  99. عاجل: اسلام مغني الراپ الشهير 50 سنت و الشيخ سار وراء ذلك

    أعلن مطرب الراپ الأمريكي الشهير 50 سنت صباح اليوم في ندوة صحفية …


  100. Vikumatseðill

    Í gær pakkaði ég nokkrum sörum í poka, skrifaði kort til mömmu og gaf henni til að eiga með helgarkaffinu. …

    Ljúfmeti og lekkerheit

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