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  1. Anderson Cooper Appointed U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines

    Washington, D.C. – President Barack Obama has nominated CNN’s Anderson Cooper to be the next U.S. ambassador to the …

    The Adobo Chronicles

  2. New York’s Teacher of the Year Is Not Rated “Highly Effective”

    New York’s Teacher of the Year testified to the State Senate Education Committee that the education evaluation system …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  3. The Heirs Episode 13 Preview

    Scattered Joonni

  4. Pair Programming (give it a rest)

    This is a rant. I’m irritated.

    I’m not a social creature. I don’t want to spend all day, a significant portion of my …

    Peniwize’s Weblog

  5. Latuff solta o verbo sobre o Mensalão.

    Um dos mais ácidos cartunistas de esquerda do mundo, Carlos Latuff solta o verbo sobre o mensalão contrariando as …


  6. A segunda tortura de José Genoíno

    José Genoíno foi brutalmente torturado na ditadura e seus torturadores continuam aí, sorridentes e impunes pelo que …


  7. A view of science worth reflecting upon

    After watching the movie “The Challenger Disaster” on the Discovery channel tonight, I thought it would be good for …

    Watts Up With That?

  8. Sun magnetic field will ‘flip upside down’ within weeks, says NASA

    November 16, 2013 – SPACE – Sun is set to “flip upside down” within weeks as its magnetic field reverses polarity …

    The Extinction Protocol

  9. [Drama News] The Heirs: Episode 13 Preview

    Preview is out! Did Tan temporary run away from home? Hahaha!
    It seems like Daddy Kim plans to send Eun Sang off to …

    A Dramatic Life

  10. PREDIKSI & SYAIR SGP SENIN 18/11/2013


    SGP : 6319 SHIO 07
    SYAIR HONGKONG MINGGU 17/11/2013 …


  11. Keluarga Magazine Dec 2013

    Here we are in Keluarga magazine December 2013 issue..
    Looking all happy and cheerful!
    Little that you know, we shot …

    Barely Supermommy

  12. [TWITTER] 131117 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update: WWW Asia Tour Concert in Yokohama & Cashboxman

    [TRANS] It’s a happy feeling when someone calls your name…everyone is still screaming Jaejoong even though the LIVE …


  13. Fallace Esposa del Pastor Rudy Gracia.

    Fue oficialmente declarado el fallecimiento de la pastora Maria Gracia, esposa del Pastor Dominicano de larga …

    Euric Santi

  14. UFC #167: St-Pierre vs Hendricks – El 20 aniversario de UFC – Cobertura en vivo y resultados: Hendricks fue robado

    UFC 167: St-Pierre vs Hendricks, desde la MGM Grand Garden Arena de Las Vegas, Nevada
    Este PPV conmemora el …

  15. Sachinnnn Sachin! ThumpThumpThump! Sachinnnn Sachin!

    This column is pointless because Sir Lord Jedi King Of The World Mother of Dragons Sachin Tendulkar has retired and …

    Ashish Shakya

  16. Αν υπήρχε Mega το ’73…

    Παρασκευή 16 Νοεμβρίου 1973 , ώρα 20:15
    -Όλγα , είναι φανερό ότι οι …


  17. No Matter How Long It Takes

    Some of the comments on Twitter regarding the incident on the M42 over bridge have defied belief. Comments have been …

    Nathan Constable

  18. Analisa Syair Sgp Senin 18~11~2013


    LAPAN LIMA diam di tempat..
    Susah senang siksa derita.
    Ikut sedih pandang melihat…
    Jam …

    Badarfadli blog BFB

  19. Retina iPad mini の残像問題

    Retina MacBook Pro の残像問題をチェックするウェブ版残像テストを考案した Marco Arment …


  20. 17 Kasım 2013, Boğa Burcu’nda DOLUNAY … Hayaletli Kuleyi Terk Etme Zamanı

    DOLUNAY bir Güneş – Ay karşıtlığıdır… Güneş ruhumuzdan yansıyan ve hayat yolumuzu aydınlatan ışık, Ay …

    Bir Yol Haritası Olarak Astroloji

  21. Official Nintendo Magazine Awards Zelda Link Between Worlds And Super Mario 3D World High Scores

    Official Nintendo Magazine has awarded The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds a 94% and Super Mario 3D World a 93%. …

    My Nintendo News

  22. A importância da espiritualidade para a saúde

    Via de regra todos os operadores de saúde foram moldados pelo paradigma científico da modernidade que operou uma …

    Leonardo Boff

  23. Maybe the weirdest game I’ve been through.

    First, I couldn’t figure out how Georgia was winning.
    Then, I couldn’t out how Georgia lost.

    Get The Picture

  24. Llevaban marihuana a la SIERRA DE LA LAGUNA

    Fueron detenidos en el punto de acceso

    La Paz, B.C.S.- Oficiales de la Policía Ministerial, adscritos a la …

    Colectivo Pericú

  25. FOTOS – Dentro del cumpleaños de Sammy Sosa [White Party]

    Haz clic para ver mas:

  26. Purple Light: Myths, Misinformation & Misogyny

    It’s essay season from now till the end of term and so in celebration(/recovery) of a week spent successfully keeping …

    Typical, Really

  27. Angelie’s Law Grants Family Comfort After Tragic Loss

    A couple of months ago we wrote about how a community in Hudson County, N.J. rallied behind a young couple who lost …

    Pa'lante Latino

  28. Nhà ngoại cảm Bích Hằng “nói chuyện” với cụ tổ nhà anh Cua

    Mấy tuần trước thế giới mạng rộn hết lên vì chuyện nhà ngoại cảm Phan Thị Bích Hằng và …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  29. NAMED: The 169 MPs who voted YES to the Bedroom Tax after claiming up to £25K EACH in accommodation expenses.

    BY JACK MONROE. 15 NOVEMBER 2013, 0900HRS.

    169 of the MPs that voted YES to the Bedroom Tax on Tuesday evening, …


  30. Escolhas amorosas inconscientes

    (Paulo Jacob)


    Hoje quero falar com vocês sobre suas escolhas amorosas.

    Quando você escolhe alguém …

    Fãs da Psicanálise

  31. Info Sgp Senin, 18/11/2013



    S T M D



  32. Comunicato dell’Arcivescovo di Granada su “Cásate y sé sumisa”

    (aquí en español)
    Impegni legati alla mia missione mi hanno finora impedito di seguire l’artificiosa polemica a …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  33. ילד כאפות: סופו של אייל גולן

    עומרי חיון מנהיג דור חדש של נפילים עדיני נפש, שמחריבים אימפריות …


  34. The Voice 17 พฤศจิกายน 2556 เดอะวอยซ์ไทยแลนด์ 2013 […]

    The Voice Thailand ออกอากาศ 17 พฤศจิกายน 2556 …

    ดูทีวีออนไลน์ ช่อง3 5 7 9 ย้อนหลัง

  35. 7 Bagay na DI-DAPAT I-donate

    Dear fans and followers,

    Kamusta na ang ulo n’yo, mga bitches?! Mainit pa rin ba dahil sa palpak na aksyon ng …

    Yours Truly, Madma

  36. Carmelo Anthony Takes Out His Frustrations By Throwing a Ball at All Horford’s Head (GIF)

    Boom! Headshot! Horford never stood a chance.

    New York Knicks Memes

  37. If you shop on Thanksgiving, you are part of the problem

    I’m a capitalist. It’s not my religion, I won’t bow before its altar, I won’t kiss its ring, but I believe in …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  38. 3 donne il cui giudizio mi innervosisce più di quello materno.

    La donna delle pulizie. Fantastico molto sulla ragazza che viene a fare le pulizie a casa mia, il lunedì. Ha la mia …

    prima o poi l'amore arriva. E t'incula.

  39. Corresponsal en Caracas

    Nuestro viejo amigo Gorka Taplines ha recibido un correo de un amigo suyo, muy viajero, que ha visitado Venezuela la …

    El blog de Santiago González

  40. Rams Lean on Havoc to Traverse Emotional Valley

    RICHMOND, Va. – Despite the 7,700 rabid souls burying Winthrop under an avalanche of angst-tinged decibels draped in …


  41. لائحة النجوم الفائزين في حفل جوائز APAN Drama Star لعام 2013

    KDrama ☆ Stars

  42. How do the Thanksgiving items affect the Conform-o-meter?

    The Thanksgiving event update added one building and a few decorations, some new and some from last year’s Thanksgiving …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

  43. Sal con una chica que lee

    Ayer, curioseando por ahí, me llamó la atención la introducción de un artículo:
    “Algunas razones para tener en …

    Café Desvelado

  44. Today i don’t feel like doing anything ♨

    Entre mes dernières révisions pour le TOEFL et quelques relectures de mon cours de grammaire anglaise, j’étais …


  45. Riyadh is Flooding with Rain !…ሪያድ በጎርፍ ተጥለቅልቃለች!!! video

    This is much more serious than I initially thought. I’m getting images from twitter of users taking photos in Riyadh …


  46. Wikileaks: Το απόρρητο τηλεγράφημα Κίσινγκερ για το Πολυτεχνείο.

    Όταν ήλθαν στην δημοσιότητα τα απόρρητα τηλεγραφήματα των ΗΠΑ …

  47. 学生起業家が「アグネス・チャンへの質問状」を見て感じた3つのこと

    最近話題になっている、「2ちゃんね …


  48. Muslim Man Rapes His Daughter Then Her Brother ‘Honor Kills’ Her for Being Raped

    by, Our Correspondent | The Express Tribune – Pakistan
    LAHORE, Pakistan: The Lahore High Court has disposed of an …

    sharia unveiled

  49. Ready or Not: Update on Reptilian Fleet’s Captured Ships on Nov 11th

    This is where things get really interesting. Surreal is more like it.  Our guardians are ever-vigilant.

    Julian …

    2012 The Big Picture

  50. McBäh: So sieht ein McRib im Urzustand aus

    Freunde des Fastfoods müssen jetzt ganz stark sein: Ein unbekannter McDonald’s-Mitarbeiter hat heimlich ein einen …

    PRAVDA TV – Live The Rebellion

  51. #520: Getting your stuff back from a Darth Vader ex

    Dear Captain & Co.,

    I’m in a wonderful relationship, but we’ve got a Darth Vader ex-girlfriend lurking on …

  52. First Bobby Jindal failed to elect a governor of Virginia, now he can’t elect a Louisiana congressman; Vance crushes […]

    The results of the 5th District congressional race are in and the message has been sent loud and clear—surely loud …

    Louisiana Voice

  53. Fender belakang Pulsar 200NS dicopot…jadi galak euy!! – Bro dan sis sekalian…tidak seperti tanah air, P200NS sudah terlebih dahulu mendarat dibeberapa negara … – Portal Berita Otomotif

  54. PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer speak at a press conference in Peru

    Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer will be playing an exhibition in Lima, Peru, at the Jockey Club on Sunday, November 17. …

    Rafael Nadal Fans

  55. Ψηφίστε. Να μετονομασθεί το αεροδρόμιο Λάρνακας σε «Γλαύκο […]

    Πείτε την άποψη σας. Να μετονομασθεί το αεροδρόμιο Λάρνακας σε …

    parapoliticas Blog

  56. Taxe mici, evaziune mare!

    Din ciclul “taxele si usturoiul”,

    Mai deunazi Ponta afirma in gura mare:
    “România are una dintre cele mai …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  57. Rokotevastustajien tappava vaihtoehto tulee veronmaksajille kalliiksi

    Tuhkarokko-, sikotauti-, hinkuyskä- ja aivotulehdusepidemiat ovat aiheuttaneet kärsimystä sadoille ja kuoleman …


  58. Le Magistrat Modeste Bria Vient D’Être Assassine Par Les ÉlÉments De La Seleka

    Après les enlèvements et l’élimination immédiate et atroce de certains militaires de la force armée …

    AFRIQUENEWS Actualité en Continu

  59. Tapped Out Thanksgiving Walkthrough: A Thankless Thanksgiving (Complete)

    Happy Turkey Day Tappers!

    We’ve already brought you the Turbo Tappin’ version of the Thanksgiving Event and now it’s …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

  60. Dear Google, You Just Crossed the Line

    Amidst all of the G+ and YouTube situation, I, not being a heavy YouTube user or commenter was chill of the situation, …


  61. Sinterklaasintocht in #Arnhem verpesten?

    Oplettende burgers uit Arnhem grepen hen in de kraag, zakkenvullende “vreemde” criminelen dachten misbruik van ONS …

    Mijn beurt

  62. Weekend ZOE4LIFE sportif ! Sports and ZOE4LIFE this weekend!

    Quelques souvenir de ce weekend rempli d’émotions! A few photos of this amazing weekend! Il y a aussi des photos sur …


  63. In This Moment I Choose ~ Post by Jake

    Some of my favorite days end with me still awake while everyone else is fast asleep.  If is my time to pause and …

    The Messenger's Story

  64. MARIAGE SURPRISE. Israël et l’Arabie saoudite main dans la main pour frapper l’Iran

    Selon le Sunday Times paru ce dimanche matin, Riyad est prêt à donner à Tel Aviv, le survol de son espace aérien …

    Allain Jules

  65. Raúl Martínez-Illescas Ramos, surfista nº12

    Esta semana murió en Hawai el surfista californiano Kirk Passmore al caer al pie de una ola de 8 metros en Waimea Bay, …


  66. Week in review

    by Judith Curry

    A few things that caught my eye the past few days.

    Climate Etc.

  67. Sunčevi magnetni polovi će se obrnuti u narednih nekoliko dana

    Autor: Ljubica Šaran

    Matrix World

    Iako se o promjeni magnetskih polova na Suncu pisalo i špekuliralo u kolovozu …

    Matrix World

  68. Hvorfor må vi være så forbannet lykkelige?

    Sosiale medier er virkelig en spore til depresjon. I alle fall kjenner jeg ofte på den følelsen. For jeg er åpenbart …

    Ord fra en fjord

  69. Iowa State-Michigan Gameday Primer

    Today’s game will be televised by ESPN2 with tipoff at 4:03 p.m. Dave O’Brien and Dick Vitale will be on the call. …

    Cyclone Sidebar

  70. Mistery Sgp SENIN,18_NOVEMBER_2013




    Nyanyian merdu di keheningan bandar udara.
    Bersatu padu di kiri …


  71. Understanding the Dark Triad

    The Dark Triad is an immoral trifecta of personality traits that results in immense personal power which grants high …

    Illimitable Men

  72. The Morning after the CBA rally

    News of the CBA rally reaches the ears of the Lord Chancellor…


  73. Governo de SC autoriza concurso público para a Polícia Civil

    Do portal da Polícia Civil de SC

    Florianópolis (14.11.2013) – O Governo do Estado autorizou na manhã desta …


  74. Scottish Independence in 5 points

    I have to admit, I grew up thinking that Scottish Independence would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then I …

    Universal Service

  75. Breaking Alert! Mutated Ebola Virus Epidemic In U S?

    Breaking Alert! Mutated Ebola Virus Epidemic In U S? CA, OH, MI

    There seems no other reasonable conclusion, …

    Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason

  76. Forum Angka Senin, 18 November 2013

    Bukan Tempat Judi dan Seks

    Welcome to the
    Playground figures and numbers as well as a place to …

    Mharx05's Blog

  77. Spring rain .. “Innocence” 1\5

    بالإمكان سماع الشكاوى والتذمر في أرجاء المدرسة بشأن مطر الربيع …

    fanfiction arabic sub

  78. 13.11.16 Photos with Lee Seung Gi

    These were posted by model Choi Ara near Paju yesterday. Were they doing a photoshoot?

    Everything Lee Seung Gi

  79. Shady Girl Heechul’S Story (Part 7)

    Judul : Shady Girl Heechul’s Story Part 7
    Author : Dha Khanzaki a.k.a Shin Jeyoung
    Genre : Romance, Married …

    Dha Khanzaki's Fanfiction

  80. { Midnight Mud Pie } – ‘Potz blitz!’: A dream come true.

    Mein momentan sehr erhöhter Bedarf an Schokolade führte jüngst dazu, das ich den euphorisierenden Gäumchenkitzel in …


  81. Why you shouldn’t ask authors to be in favor of censorship

    I got the following post to the comments of my post about Monster Hunter Nemesis being up for preorder on …

    Monster Hunter Nation

  82. Garabandal – Zapowiedź ogólnoświatowego «ostrzeżenia»

    «Przekażcie tę zapowiedź Memu stworzeniu» – domaga się Niebo. A jednak orędzie z Garabandal z ogłoszonym …

    Dziecko Królowej Pokoju

  83. Site Down – FIXED

    Sunday Nov 17th, 11:08am PST. The site is down. The dev and ops team are looking into it. More information in the next …

    Building Feedly

  84. Twins for FMS 112

    When Kim and her husband learned they were going to have their first baby, they were ecstatic!  When they found out …

  85. #NoTav: bacia la divisa e sarai in prima pagina!

    C’è una cromolitografia che racconta la guerra russo/giapponese in cui vedi una donna, bella, giovane, alle cui spalle …

    Al di là del Buco

  86. Of Tears, Words, Emotions and a Career..

    The emotion of the final day of Sachin Tendulkar’s career .
    Captured here by Rohit Brijnath.
    From the Straits …

    Just another Silly Point

  87. Trotz Behandlung überlebt

    Mutter: “Können Sie mir sagen, ob ich da Ferrum phosphoricum geben kann?”
    Ich: “Nein, kann ich nicht. Glaube ich nicht …

  88. Tripoli: Horror After Horror

    It roughly translates to
    “The Mina (Tripoli area) municipality is going to dispose/cleanse/expire the dogs from 2AM …

    Gino's Blog

  89. The Children of Strangers. How Batkid Shows Us the Best and Worst of Ourselves.

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was chaplain intern.  One of my wards was children with brain cancer. …

  90. Palusot 20

    Palusot 20

    Sa NBC tent ginawa ang Christmas party ng company nina Richard at tulad noon mga nagdaan taon. Dimlang ito …

    Excess Baggage

  91. To my friends reading along, I’d like to introduce you to Katie…

    Katie and Josh were married last fall. Only half way through their first year of marriage, Katie was diagnosed with a …

    A Conscious Life

  92. Shopping Afternoon

    Trendy Taste

  93. My CrossFit Familia

    I don’t have much family. I am divorced. My parents are dead. My brother and sister and I rarely talk. I have not …

    Crossfitters of a certain age

  94. Afternoon/Evening Severe Storms

    4:00pm UPDATE: Storms have been a little slow to initiate off to our northwest, but now we’re seeing that line …

    4WARN Weather Blog

  95. 2013 Indian Lakes Resort Pix and Vids and Race Reports

    Just a reminder that everyone needs to sign in and get a new number tomorrow… DO NOT race with your number from …

    Chicago Cross Cup

  96. Ram-Leela hits jackpot, Deepika strikes hattrick

    Ram-Leela released this Friday (November 15, 2013).

    Deepika Padukone has scored a hattrick with the success …

    Deepika Padukone FanClub

  97. 10 Razones por las que la feria es: Lo Peor del Año

    Si eres de Maracaibo de seguro sabes que esa famosa gaita dice: “La feria, la feria es lo mejor del año” y …


  98. Dear Ed Miliband, How to romp home with a huge majority in 2015.

    A PrologueOne or two of us have noticed that you appear to be lacking in clues when it comes to putting some Blue …

    The Slog.

  99. Gm Sgp Senin 18 November 2013



  100. Cara melatih bicara burung parkit

    Sebagaimana burung paruh bengkok (parrot) lainnya, parkit memiliki kecerdasan melebihi burung kicauan lainnya. Ia bukan …


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