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  1. Marriage Isn’t For You

    Having been married only a year and a half, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that marriage isn’t for me.

    Now …

    Seth Adam Smith

  2. Sleepwalking further into Police State Britain as law offers new powers of repression

    Scriptonite Daily has published a piece that everyone should read. It begins:

    “The UK Government is about to pass …

    Vox Political

  3. Police ‘harass’ motorbike funeral cortege

    Police have “harassed” motorcycle riders on their way to the funeral of a 70-year-old woman who died of cancer, …

    Motorbike Writer

  4. Nos enseñaron a vivir con miedo.

    Nos enseñaron a hacer del miedo el más fiel compañero de viaje.Miedo a decir lo que piensas por si al decirlo a …

    No somos una mujer con mil caras, somos mil mujeres detrás de un mismo rostro

  5. “What Crime Did I Commit Showing Up With My Flag?” Onkwehon:we Veteran Arrested at Toronto Remembrance Day Ceremony

    TORONTO, ON – Social media lit up with outrage this afternoon with video of an Onkwehon:we War Veteran, Davyn …

    Dylan Powell

  6. O (muito) que ficou por falar

    O derby deste sábado vai ficar na história, antes de mais pela chuva de golos. Para quem gosta de emoção e muitos …

    Palavras ao Poste

  7. no more – a letter to suzanne wright

    My girl cracking herself up with scripts last night

    I was once asked, “If you have so much trouble with the fact …

    a diary of a mom

  8. Caro Marco, quel che è successo a Salerno te lo spiego io…

    Piccolissima premessa: oggi non parleremo di Inter. O forse si, perchè il calcio è calcio a tutti gli effetti e in …


  9. Why small town Iowa kids are spoiled

    This weekend I went home to help my best friend go wedding dress shopping in our small hometown Iowa.  Now, when I say …

    Farm Girl Facts of Life

  10. WWE #RAW (Cobertura y Resultados 11/11/13) – La Corporación de vacaciones ¿no hay autoridad?

    WWE, Inc. presenta: WWE RAW, desde el Phones 4u Arena en Manchester, Inglaterra; show transmitido a través de la …

  11. Analisa Syair Sgp Rabu 13~11~2013


    TUJUH EMPAT sekali jadi..
    Kuat kaya pilihannya;
    Tanggal bulan berhitung lagi…
    Siap …

    Badarfadli blog BFB

  12. Anime Festival Asia 2013: some thoughts on the Ryuko (Kill la Kill) cosplayer incident

    We had an anime convention last weekend, called Anime Festival Asia (AFA), the biggest and most popular of its kind in …

    Cruel Ultimatum

  13. Grijanje za desetak eura mjesečno

    Autor: Ljubica Šaran

    Matrix World

    Zamislite da grijete sobu za manje od 70 kuna mjesečno, to je zaista moguće …

    Matrix World

  14. Dunkerque – Saint Martin arrêté pour ivresse et exhibitionnisme sur la voie publique

    La fête de la Saint Martin aura pris une tournure inédite cette année. En effet, alors que les enfants s’étaient …

    Le Sprat Enchaîné

  15. What’s Wrong with OOP and FP

    I don’t understand why there are endless debates about Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Functional Programming …

    Surely I Am Joking

  16. Ce cretin ești, comisare Berbeceanu!

    Gata, te-a uitat lumea, comisare!

    Ești cretin ca ti-ai făcut meseria si ai primit in schimb niște medalii de …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  17. Some historical perspectives on Typhoon Haiyan-Yolanda

    While we wait for wacky antagonist Greg Laden to make a decision on whether he’ll chip and and help the relief effort, …

    Watts Up With That?

  18. Attention shopping cart ditchers: look at what you’ve done

    Look at this. Do not avert your gaze. This. This is what greeted me when I came out of the grocery store today.

    It’s …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  19. IGLESIA ni CRISTO ( INC ) Vs People of the Philippines??

    PHOTO: Credit to the Owner

    Isa akong sagrado katoliko, may takot sa DYOS at pagmamahal sa kapwa. Nitong nakaraang araw …

    kaheljay's Blog

  20. BREAKING: Burning Man Reaches Deal with Pershing County

    Last year, Burning Man sued Pershing County, objecting to their proposed increase in fees. At the time, the fear was …

    Burners.Me Burning Man commentary blog

  21. Pollie Watch: PM Abbott’s first comments on wind farms, Renewable Energy Target

    Tony Abbott has made his first comments on wind energy and the Renewable Energy Target as Prime Minister. During an …

    Yes 2 Renewables

  22. Tweed and Shout!

    Good morning people! Today I want to share with you this look I loved because of the color and texture mix. I think …

    Trendy Taste

  23. Why “Magic: The Gathering” Matters

    This post was originally supposed to be 2 to 4 pages, but it got a little out of hand. The prompt was given to me in a …

    Clinton's Portfolio

  24. La fine del MACRO: muore l’arte contemporanea a Roma

    Il Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma (per gli amici Macro) non è mai stato un museo né una fondazione: lo era …


  25. “บทเรียน นิรโทษกรรม ที่ฟิลิปปินส์” […]

    ชาวฟิลิปปินส์ได้ลุกฮือขึ้นขับไล่ผู้นำเผด …

    LifeStyle & Unique

  26. Tíminn og barnið

    Það er ákveðin þversögn í stöðu barna í dag segja dönsku fræðimennirnir Helle Heckmann og Maria Reumert …


  27. የውጭጉዳይ ሚ/ር ቴዎድሮስ አድሃኖም አሁንም በስብሰባ ላይ ሲዋረዱ […]

    የውጭጉዳይ ሚ/ር ቴዎድሮስ አድሃኖም አሁንም በስብሰባ ላይ ሲዋረዱ …


  28. Firth o’ Forth

    Ahoy from the Firth o’ Forth! This cardigan is the second in my series of my Edinburgh-inspired designs, and it is …

    Kate Davies Designs

  29. La mayor estafa sanitaria de todos los tiempos puede acabar poniendo en riesgo la salud mundial

    Vivimos en una sociedad completamente concienciada con el rigor médico, en donde se exigen los mayores estándares de …

    La Ciencia y sus Demonios

  30. [TWITTER] 131112 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update 3: Jaeromone in the air of Tokyo’s weather + more Jaeromone talk

    [TRANS] Tokyo weather now is good


    [TRANS] I produce my own pheromone. “Jaeromone”


  31. መከራው ቀጥሏል- ኩዌት ደግሞ ሌላ የኛን ትኩረት የሚሻ ነገር ዛሬ […]

    መከራው ቀጥሏል – የኛም ጩኸት እንዲሁ ይቀጥላል! ኩዌት ደግሞ ሌላ የኛን …


  32. Tutti Dottori (post ad altissimo contenuto di turpiloquio)

    Io vorrei tanto capire chi cazzo ha sdoganato l’ignoranza; vorrei tanto sapere chi ha tolto al caprone l’onere di …

    Rem tene, verba sequentur. O anche no?

  33. Info Sgp Rabu, 13/11/2013



    S T M D



  34. Motogp: “cal Come E’ La Ducati? …DIVERSA” (e Gira Piu’ Forte Che Con La M1)

    Queste le prime parole del britannico appena sceso dalla Ducati D16 al termine del primo giorno di test 2014 a …

    MotociclistiBlog.Com | Race News

  35. ¿A quién no le tocó una asi?

    Corre mientras puedas!


  36. How the “War on Christmas” Made Me a Pagan

    I’m going to share something personal with you guys. Maybe you’ve heard Christians give their “testimony” about how …

    The Northern Grove

  37. We Wish to Register a Complaint

    Lori Gottlieb writes about the sticker and service shock she received when informed that she was one of the millions …

    Pejman Yousefzadeh

  38. Endlich – Silvia Schneider & Andreas Gabalier sind ein Paar!

    Nicht nur die zahlreichen Regenbogenblätter spekulierten seit Wochen und Monaten über die Liebesgerüchte zwischen …

    Andreas Gabalier Rundschau

  39. 開箱的開箱文(下)



  40. Why is the ‘Iglesia ni Cristo Refused Shelter for Supertyphoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Victims’ Story Trending?

    Once again, in an unlikely time and moment as the Philippines reels from the recent Indian Ocean Tsunami-like …

    The Perpetual Opinionator

  41. Нещо много лошо се случва в България

    Този пост трябваше отдавна да бъде написан, и щеше да отлежи още …

    Блогът на нервната акула

  42. Real Housewives of Miami Reunion Recap

    And here we go…. on to Real Housewives of Miami Reunion Part One Recap… Sofa King many posts today.  Lea has a …

    Tamara Tattles

  43. Cesari: “Campionato falsato”. Poi lancia una bomba che dovrebbe far riflettere..

    Clamorosa accusa dell’ex arbitro Cesari al calcio Italiano. L’opinionista di Mediaset Premium, ha dichiarato che il …

    Tifosi si nasce

  44. La Navidad está a la vuelta de la esquina y te traemos los productos wonderful edición limitada.

    Señoras y señores, la Navidad ya está aquí. Sí, sí, es así. Ahora me dirás que si falta un montoooón de tiempo …


  45. ¡Cae responsable de NUEVE ASALTOS!

    Peligroso delincuente fue asegurado hoy
    Acababa de perpetrar robo a mano armada
    Utilizaba una pistola calibre 38 en …

    Colectivo Pericú

  46. OT: Thoughts on blogging in an increasingly crowded space

    Content consumption and creation is a 24/7 business.
    The internet is no longer the tool of knowledge sharing it …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  47. Saloon is the new

    For mange kom det som et chok, inklusiv mig selv, at min kærestes bar Cheap skulle lukke og slukke. For snart et år …


  48. WordPressers in the Press

    Last week, Ben offered a snapshot of another great month on Our bloggers continue to bask in the … News

  49. Did you know … What you drink can make your skin droop?

    You’ve heard that carbonated colas are questionable for your health. But there’s another potential drawback to …

    Derm RF

  50. Davvero liberi

    di Costanza Miriano

    Per chi mi conosce la cosa ha dell’incredibile, e, in caso di processo di beatificazione di …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  51. Em Portugal só está desempregado quem quer!

    Ouvem-se pelos cantos lamentos, choros, reclamações de desempregados que dizem não conseguir encontrar um emprego. …

    Notícias Online

  52. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I wish I was dead.”

    Stephanie walked out in front of a lorry on the M6.
    Charles took his own life.
    Donna wishes she was dead.

    The Tories …


  53. Ribéry – Messi – Ronaldo : Comparaisons et statistiques

    Considérés comme étant les trois grands favoris pour remporter le Ballon d’or, Franck Ribéry, Lionel Messi et …

    Coup du Chapeau

  54. A Heartfelt Plea to Katie Hopkins

    Katie, there’s something I need to tell you and I feel like it’s best coming from me. After all, we have the same name …

    London With a Toddler

  55. “Rex Patriarch” explains why women, like dogs, are incapable of love

    The charming Man Going His Own Way who calls himself Rex Patriarch has written up a short treatise entitled “Women …

    man boobz

  56. Ten Bad Things Are Going To Happen, And Then You’ll Get There

    I spend a lot of time planning trips before I set off. Hours and hours are spent checking maps, spreadsheeting my kit, …

    Max, The Cyclist

  57. Kako poraziti baliju?

    Balija ne voli plaho džamiju i hodže, a najviše mrzi “vehabije” jer je na televiziji čuo da je to isto što i …


  58. The Painkiller Diaries

    Still here 🙂
     still pecking away with one hand, almost 3 weeks post shoulder surgery.
    ‘your arm should be a limp …

    Slim Paley

  59. To all who have communicated with ArtScroll regarding the Dodelson-Weiss matter:

    For the least several months, we have invested enormous time and effort to facilitate a mutually acceptable outcome to …

    The Blog @

  60. Details about the rollback issue

    In the past twenty-fours several players have reported an issue with their game. Their progress had been rolled back, …


  61. (AUDIO) PLOMO PAREJO, programa del dia de hoy 11.11.2013

    (AUDIO) PLOMO PAREJO, programa del dia de hoy 11.11.2013 twitter:
    Ivan Ballestero: @plomoparejo
    Patricia Poleo: …


  62. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

    Its been one of the most fascinating 48 hours in Formula 1 for some time as silly season has been ramped into overdrive …

    The Buxton Blog

  63. End Game

    Last year I posted about Digital Domain’s $17M investment to co-produce Ender’s Game where former CEO John Textor …

    VFX Soldier

  64. Comunicat sobre la cancel·lació de la meva conferència sobre la vacuna del papil·loma a Lleida

    Aquest matí, en el decurs de l’entrevista que m’han fet al 3/24 he anomenat que hi havia hagut intents de censurar …

    Teresa Forcades i Vila

  65. “Sống chết mặc bay”…thời nay

    Anh Cánh Cò bình luận (xem qua Quê Choa) về việc ông Nguyễn Sinh Hùng, chủ tịch Quốc hội, đi …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  66. فرهنگ گیج کننده ی ایرانی یا بی فرهنگی از نوع ایرانی؟

    من یک ایرانی ام، با این همه ایرانی ها از لحظه ی اولی که می بینمشان …

    سیب و سرگشتگی

  67. Festival de Jazz & Bossa Sesc Amplifica apresenta Stanley Clarke, Al Jarreau, Branford Marsalis, Rosa Passos e mais de […]


  68. 27 Slogans Sinceros

    Via: Slogans Sinceros
    Gostou? Compartilhe com seus amigos! =) ARQUITÊTA


  69. New Rankings: World No.1 Rafael Nadal finishes at top for the year

    The rankings have been updated, and Rafael Nadal has a 920 point lead over Novak Djokovic at 13,030, with no points to …

    Rafael Nadal Fans

  70. Nintendo’s Copyright Complaint Against Full Screen Mario Succeeds, Results In Game Closure

    Nintendo has succeeded in filing a copyright complaint against an HTML 5 web game – which features the original …

    My Nintendo News

  71. Hoy se reúne el Supremo

    El Tribunal Supremo va a tratar hoy el asunto de las excarcelaciones de terroristas en aplicación de la sentencia del …

    El blog de Santiago González

  72. Heerenveen-Legionär Geissler im Aufschwung

    Der ehemalige Jugendspieler von Sturm Graz, Daniel Geissler, erlebt in den Niederlanden gerade einen enormen …


  73. O Convite Para Classificador@ Da Prova De Acesso À Carreira Docente

    Caro(a) Classificador(a) de Português,
    No momento em que se anuncia a realização da prova de avaliação de …

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  74. Hợp đồng hôn nhân 100 ngày [Hồi 7 – Chương 339: Bị liệt]

    Hồi 7 – Chương 339: Bị liệt

    Nhiều năm trôi qua, bây giờ quay đầu nhìn lại, cớ ngỡ như là …

    Green House

  75. IRM attackeras, back up på texten SD inte vill se.

    IRM vs Björn Söder i SVT Debatt – vi reder ut Söders lögner
    I torsdagens SVT Debatt deltog Henrik (jag) från …


  76. Vision Forum Ministries to Cease Operations

    By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

    Twelve days after Doug Phillips resigned as president of Vision Forum …

    H . A

  77. احبه ولكن بطريقتي الخاصة 6

    انتظار ما لن يأتي…..

    fanfiction arabic sub

  78. Naming the problem

    Content note: This post discusses transphobia, transmisogyny with particular focus on a known perpetrator.

    I suppose …

    Another angry woman

  79. An open letter to Julius Malema

    Dear Right Honourable Excellency Julius Sello Malema the First, Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters, …

    Ben Trovato – The Whipping Boy

  80. 28 is megl che 18

    Ho compiuto 28 anni. Minchia.

    28 anni sono un’età interessante. Sono quell’età che quando sulla patente hai letto, …


  81. TESTRIDE HARIAN YAMAHA NEW VIXION LIGHTNING 2013, ada titipan pertanyaan?

    Alhamdulillah, sebagai seorang bloggger pinggiran, ane bisa juga testride yamaha new vixion… testride harian lho gan … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  82. Tebak Angka Rabu 13 Nop 2013

    Haimoso News

  83. Pelo direito de ser imperfeita

    Eu não sou perfeita, é óbvio. O que não é tão óbvio assim é o fato de eu não poder viver a minha …


  84. En ganske alminnelig kommunikasjonsrådgiver

    Mens pressen hyler om listene til Listhaug jobber de gjennomsnittlige kommunikasjonsrådgiverne jevnt og trutt med …

  85. Riderless pole bending….a horse that really knows his job!

    Do you know the pattern as well as this horse does?! He knocks one pole…but only because his ‘riderless’ stirrup …

    Stacy Westfall Horseblog

  86. Lancha se vira a 135 millas/hora

  87. Arsenal’s future: Ottewill, Hayden, Bellerin, Yennaris, Eisfeld, Zelalem, Akpom, Gnabry, Campbell, Sanogo, Lipman, etc?

    To buy, or not to buy. That is the question?

    The big questions over transfers are:

    A; What position? i.e. to …


  88. Sal con una chica que lee

    “Sal con alguien que se gasta todo su dinero en libros y no en ropa, y que tiene problemas de espacio en el clóset …

    Lo que ellos no saben

  89. Animal instinct

    In the Serengeti that is the comedy circuit, I’m probably an antelope. I’m just there, in the background. Foraging …

    katie mulgrew

  90. SYRIE. journal de Syrie du lundi 11 novembre 2013. Encore beaucoup de sang versé

    En Syrie, les jours se suivent et se ressemblent. Alors que l’armée arabe syrienne gagne de plus en plus de terrain, …

    Allain Jules

  91. Chuck Klosterman’s response to my letter –

    My intention with my letter to Mr. Klosterman was only to ellicit an answer. I was not looking for banning, burning, …

    a typical son

  92. Caue Moura arrebentou!

    E aí fanáticos por poker, firme?

    Quem viu o novo vídeo do Caue Moura no youtube? Caraca né? O cara mandou bem …


  93. Pán Caban, nehanbite sa a nevoľte Kotlebu!

    Vážený pán Branislav Caban,

    prečítal som si Vaše dva články, v ktorých vysvetľujete, prečo ste v prvom …

  94. PLAN ENTRENAMIENTO TRAIL 2014, POR PEDRO BIANCO. (I) Planificación de temporada y pre-temporada.

    Estos días finales del año son perfectos para revisar y planear nuestro entrenamiento de trail running cara a la …

  95. the pie safe

    Hello Friends!!
    As we progress on the building of our home, we have had a few set backs.
    Mainly, hubby had to return …

    French Grey

  96. 11-11-13: Los gobiernos esclavos de Francia, Israel, Arabia Saudita y Japón bloquean el nuevo sistema financiero

    Fuente y comentarios en inglés: …


  97. Strictly Come Dancing 11 – Week 7 Performance


    The mighty mighty Monk Seal

  98. my year straight: on switching teams in the heartland

    “Wait, so I thought you were a lesbian?” I’ve heard this question plenty-a-time over the past 10 months or so. I’m …

    life in iowa: UNHUSKED

  99. Mareggiata 11 Novembre 2013

    Chi come me è nato a Milano Marittima è ben abituato alle mareggiate che di rado lambiscono le spiagge della città, …

  100. Is Mozambique safe?

    There are many questions being asked right now about the safety of Mozambique.

    Should the South Africans cancel …

    Africa far and wide

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