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  1. Abstinence is unrealistic and old fashioned

    From my inbox, an email from a high school student named Jeremy:

    “Dear Matt, first I want to say I really like your …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  2. “Netanyahu is in a state of shocked disbelief,” feels “misled” by Obama team. Rapidly intensifying crisis in […]

    (Netanya, Israel) — I landed in Israel on Friday afternoon amidst a rapidly intensifying crisis in U.S.-Israeli …

    Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

  3. cose che prometto di non fare a un’amica senza figli

    1. Non chiederò mai a un’amica senza figli di partecipare a una festa di compleanno di bimbi. A meno che alla …

    prima o poi l'amore arriva. E t'incula.

  4. Another unforced error?

    I didn’t think it was possible for Team Obama to make their problems with the individual insurance market any …

    Keith Hennessey

  5. New Science Discoveries To Be Taken To Manus Island For Processing

    Any Science found trying to enter Australian institutions would be held in detention on Manus Island before being …

    The Shovel

  6. “บทเรียน นิรโทษกรรม ที่ฟิลิปปินส์” […]

    ชาวฟิลิปปินส์ได้ลุกฮือขึ้นขับไล่ผู้นำเผด …

    LifeStyle & Unique

  7. Nadeem Sarwar 2014 Nohay Album Available Now

    Since many years, Nadeem Sarwar has been reciting nohas in his worth listing voice. He has introduced new style of Noha …

    Najaf The Heaven



    SGP : 0124 SHIO 12


  9. Father Takes Son With Mental Age 5 To No 10 To Tell PM ‘If He Can Work, You Give Him A Job’

      A defiant dad took an emotional stand yesterday over the Government’s “bullying” calls for his severely …

    Same Difference

  10. Pinoys Praised for Resilience Amid Super Typhoon Haiyan

    Note: This article “survived” many edits and updates after it went viral. If you want to help the victims of Super …

    Seekers Portal

  11. Puhtaasti syöminen, ruokafriikkaus ja urheilu

    Ns. “puhdasruoka” ja puhtaasti syöminen (eng. ¨clean eating”) on nykyään melko trendikäs tapa elää. Tässä …


  12. Analisa Syair Sgp MINGGU-10/11/2013

    Hati-Hati Enam Sembilan,,,
    Putar Balik Sama Alamat,,,
    Pelan2 Ditengah Jalan,,,
    Tampak Rapih Cari …

    Badarfadli blog BFB

  13. Ekkert svar

    Tvo vetur var ég í Útsvarsliði Hafnarfjarðar, mér til mikillar skemmtunar og vonandi öðrum. Þá gekk á ýmsu, …


  14. An Open Letter to Laurie Oakes

    Dear Laurie Oakes

    I am writing seeking clarification. I can’t help but notice that you seem to be a little …

    The Australian Independent Media Network

  15. Friday Funny: Neanderthal Campfires

    Satirical Parody of AGW alarmism and Climatism
    Reader Tom G tips us to this story:
    by Bob Baird, PhD, PG
    The scene: …

    Watts Up With That?

  16. Şehriyeli Yeşil Mercimek Çorbası

    Her insanın amel defterini boynuna doladık, kıyamet günü açılmış bulacağı kitabı önüne …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  17. Rafa Roundup: November 9, 2013


    Nadal Wins Group A With 3-0 Record (via ATP)

    … Nadal improved his season match record to 74-6, …

    Rafael Nadal Fans

  18. USGamer Slams Zelda A Link Between Worlds Graphical Style

    A Link Between Worlds, the latest 3DS Zelda adventure derived from the SNES classic, A Link to the Past, will be …

    My Nintendo News

  19. মুহম্মদ জাফর ইকবাল-এই দশকের আগাচৌ

    [এই লেখাতে প্রথমে বলা হয়েছিলো যে জাফর ইকবাল …


  20. Dear Joss Whedon: STFU

    “But the word feminist, it doesn’t sit with me, it doesn’t add up. I want to talk about my problem that I have with it. …

    shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

  21. Em defesa de Margarida Rebelo Pinto!

    Margarida Rebelo Pinto tem sido alvo dos mais variados ataques nas redes sociais motivados pelas declarações que …

    Notícias Online

  22. What it has taken me 33 years to learn

    -You can be funny and kind or funny and cruel. The second one is easier, but the first one is worth it.
    -Dip the …

    The Justin McElroy Institute

  23. Casamento não é para você

    Tradução de

    (não sou nenhum tradutor, mas tentei ser …

    Zé Cláudio – Meu Espaço

  24. Bad News from Me

    Dear Friends, I wanted to share some not very good news about my health. This week, my hyperactivity and age caught …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  25. [Video] Despiden a periodista de la Teja que destapó precios de casados de mil Colones y leche de doscientos Colones

    San José. Auxiliadora Zúñiga, una veterana del periodismo costarricense, responsable de idear las entrevistas sobre …

    Primero En Noticias

  26. Edge comenta sobre la posibilidad de regresar a la WWE

    Como recordaran hace unas semanas en Raw, Triple H ofendió a varias superestrellas de la WWE y a los aficionados por …

  27. Tebak Angka Minggu 10 Nop 13

    3SERANGKAI Hati-Hati Enam Sembilan,,, Putar Balik Sama Alamat,,, Pelan2 Ditengah Jalan,,, Tampak Rapih Cari …

    Haimoso News

  28. Foto- Mexicana anuncia su muerte en Facebook y se ahorca

    Escribió una carta de despedida. Se dirige a un exnovio: “Me voy con una sonrisa de lo feliz que me …

  29. România, o țară de proști care se cred deștepți

    Nimeni nu ne admiră că suntem șmecheri. Toți ne disprețuiesc pentru asta.

    In 2010, un cititor mi-a scris:
    In …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  30. Another Story In Shady Girl (Kibum’s Story) // Beautiful CEO – Ending

    Another Story In Shady Girl (Kibum’s Story)

    Tittle : Beautiful CEO – Ending
    Author : Dha Khanzaki a.k.a Shin …

    Dha Khanzaki's Fanfiction

  31. [TWITTER] 131109 Jaejoong Twitter Update: S&M Dress Code for Yokohama Concerts ^_^

    Dress code for Yokohama Stadium Live is Sadist & Masochist. Soooo.. See you on the 15th and 16th …


  32. ילד בדואי נהרג בהריסת ביתו – התקשורת מנקה את הלכלוך

    כתבתי את הפוסט הזה לאחר קריאתה של עוד כתבה שבה התקשורת הישראלית …

    Radically Blonde

  33. Level 37: Quik-Tap Guide Part 1

    Following Mike’s lead with the level 36 Quik-Tap Guide, I’ll present the level 37 version. This is a stripped-down …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

  34. Info Sgp Minggu, 10/11/2013



    S T M D



  35. Rob Kazinsky Talks Siren, Pacific Rim and True Blood

    Shannon O’Connor ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor-in-Chief

    Between a guest starring role on True Blood as the …

    Emertainment Monthly

  36. Uli Hoeneß – auf einmal nur noch ein Steuersünder?

    Er hat es wahrlich nicht leicht zurzeit.
    Nach der Selbstanzeige des wahrscheinlich erfolgreichsten Managers im …


  37. Educação física escolar é substituída por academia?

    Com a chamada “Agora você tem motivos para tirar 10 em educação física” uma grande rede de academias anuncia …

    Blog da Central de Cursos

  38. Médicaments contre le rhume dangereux

    Le service de pharmacologie du Centre Hospitalo Universitaire de   de Toulouse a publié dans son bulletin …

    Réseau International

  39. فرار از پاستور

    سال اول دانشگاه یه روز یه نامه دادن دستمون از طرف انجمن اسلامی. من …

    سیب و سرگشتگی

  40. A New Way to Look at Competitors

    Every startup I see invariably puts up a competitive analysis slide that plots performance on a X/Y graph with their …

    Steve Blank

  41. Africa’s Western black rhino officially declared extinct

    November 8, 2013 – AFRICA – Africa’s western black rhino is now officially extinct according the latest review of …

    The Extinction Protocol

  42. የግድያው መዘዝ በአሜሪካ ዲሲ ( እየሩሳሌም አርአያ)

    የግድያው መዘዝ ትላንት ከቀትር በኋላ ዲሲ በሚገኝ አንድ የሐበሻ …


  43. На кого? (Малко допълнения към въпроса “Кой” и казуса “Бисеров)

    Казусът „Бисеров“ бил най-големият корупционен скандал на …


  44. Bảy ngày đêm nóng bỏng và kinh hoàng ở Hawaii (tiếp)

    Bài của anh Xang Hứng. Tiếp theo và hết. Đây là Entry cuối trong “Hawaii ký sự”, trong phần này …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  45. Cải tạo căn phòng 7m2 thành nhà tiện nghi

    Với căn phòng có diện tích vẻn vẹn là 7m2, nằm ngay cạnh quảng trường St. Peter của thành …

    Không Gian Đẹp

  46. How muggers size up your walk

    The way people move can influence the likelihood of an attack by a stranger. The good news, though, is that altering …

    Mind Hacks

  47. Moyes: I Said ‘No’ To Signing Bergkamp

    What is going on?

    First we read that David “Moisty” Moyes claims he could have signed Mesut Ozil this summer but …

    Arsenal Arsenal

  48. Flamini for Arteta, Gnabry for Rosicky, Walcott on bench? Match Preview.

    Arsenal vs Manchester United Pre-Match


    This week we take a trip to Old Trafford to face our bitter …


  49. Mistery Sgp MINGGU,10_NOVEMBER_2013




    Timang-timang sikuat tersenyum,
    Angka bahagia manjur …


  50. SC-2010 Assault Rifle Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup

    The SC-2010 is one of the Assault Rifles that is available to you without unlocking it. It has the second highest …, video game guides

  51. Más reproche al PRI por asunto el IVA

    La Paz, B.C.S.- En la capital del estado, aparecieron unas mantas en contra del Partido Revolucionario Institucional …

    Colectivo Pericú

  52. Soon To Be A Historical Keepsake of the Pre-Civil War Era, cont.

    And in Valencia things got just plain old MadMax today…

    Caracas Chronicles

  53. weekend update


    After a rally Monday, pullback Tuesday, the market rallied back to the SPX 1775 all time high Thursday …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  54. Un elogio de Alfredo

    Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, preguntado por Carme Chacón en The Huffington Post:
    “Mmmmm.. a ver, cómo podría… …

    El blog de Santiago González

  55. Jespers Liftbygel

    Ibland slår mitt Slalommammahjärta extra slag. Av oro när någon Slalomunge gör en ofrivillig tresextio i en …


  56. first anniversary

    This is a guest post by Sarah Pointer

    Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my wife’s death but this time last year …

    Life as a Widower

  57. PILNE: Widzów Faktów już nie męczy myśl, dlaczego Justyna Pochanke nie domyka ust

    Dramat w TVN.…


  58. Fact Check #73



  59. How Tory are you? Take the Tory-o-Meter test and find out!

    Take this ten question quiz and find out how Tory you are – the higher your percentage the more Tory you …

    Pride's Purge

  60. Live Chat: FC Chiasso vs Servette FC. Comunale 17h45.

    Les Enfants du Servette

  61. OFSTED: Smoke and Mirrors and Malevolent Magic

    ‘Every damn thing we’ve talked about at school this week has been driven by Ofsted, and not by the need to educate …


  62. POZE: Priveghi pentru Dayana (8 ani) si Matei (5 ani) Tomoiaga

    Familia este din Axtel, Texas, de la Biserica Golgota. Doi dintre cei trei copii ai familiei, Dayana, la varsta de 8 …

  63. Demokratins UNDERGÅNG.


  64. FILUX: Festival Internacional de las Luces, México

    El Festival Internacional de las Luces hace su debut en Latinoamérica y como primera sede la Ciudad de México se …

    Proyecto DF

  65. Min Krop – Min TrÆning – Min BAGSIDE…

    Jeg har længe gerne vil skrive om ‘bagsiden’ af medaljen. Efter at jeg har læst artiklen i november måneds udgave …

    msmille – MILLE KØPKE

  66. WAWW: Thanksgiving Edition

    Well hello Addicts!  Happy Halloween if finally over?  Well, the crazy thing about America and The SImpsons is we …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

  67. A quien madruga Dios le ayuda…

    Esto es lo que pasa por no madrugas…MÁS…

  68. Mes favoris de septembre/octobre ♡

    Malgré mon retard, je tenais quand même à vous faire cette vidéo. J’y ai pris beaucoup de plaisir et je me suis …


  69. Μεζεδάκια της εκκένωσης

    Προχτές η κυβέρνηση αποφάσισε να εκκενώσει το κτίριο της ΕΡΤ από …

    Οι λέξεις έχουν τη δική τους ιστορία

  70. “The reporter will call you back when she has time…”

    This is what I was told when I called this morning to follow up with my phone call last night, to CBC news after they …

    Branndy Balla

  71. Ks.Jarosław Cielecki

    ks. Jarosław Cielecki, dyrektor Watykańskiego Serwisu Informacyjnego reżyser filmu  ” Wikary. Ks.Wojtyła w …

    Dziecko Królowej Pokoju

  72. Thành danh sau một đêm – Chương 33

    Chương 33: “Lần thứ hai” anh hôn lên vành tai tôi, biểu tình thỏa mãn.
    Sau đó, tôi được …

    Crystal ~ Mãi mãi là bao xa

  73. Gabriela ‘La Jorochita’ Hernández comete el suicidio más famoso del 2013

    La joven Gabriela Hernández Guerra, se suicidó en México en su casa, pero no sin antes publicar una foto en la red …

    Los Puntos G

  74. [67] 대한민국 It기업 권역별 노선도

    대한민국 IT기업 권역별 노선도

    우리나라의 IT기업들은 서울 및 수도권 권역별로 많이 …

    Under the Radar

  75. The Groom Surprises His Bride With a Creative Video

    You may have noticed that this blog post has a different focus than my usual posts, but I just had to share this …

    Exclusively Weddings Blog | Wedding Planning Tips and More

  76. “The Event” ~ From Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head of Speaking with Self

    From Suzanne & Ron: We want to share with you something that happened this week in our 9th session for our Speaking …

    TAUK Messages

  77. Como um anfitrião educado reage na presença de um vegetariano

    Demorou um tempinho. Mas aos poucos os amigos do marido, que nos convidam para jantar ou para o tal do aperitivo em …

    Miscelânea Milanesa

  78. Proud to be Dutch

    Gisteren reed ik achter een busje met een sticker. Het was geen visje, geen driehoekje met ‘baby on board’ en ook geen …

    Stukkie lezen?

  79. 90-car oil transport train derails and explodes in Alabama

    By Edward McAllister / Reuters
    A 90-car train carrying North Dakota crude derailed and exploded in a rural area of …

    Deep Green Resistance News Service

  80. THE SATURDAY ESSAY: the role of conservative madness in the markets

    Don’t tell the boffins, but matter can be created after all. What’s more, doing so ensures that confidence will not …

    The Slog.

  81. Return of Gen Pervaiz Musharraf needed for a balanced Pakistan

    Pakistan is going through a critical juncture in its history. Not the first one maybe. We have seen making choices in …

    Straight from Danish Kazi

  82. Wyznania suki 2

    Okej. Pamiętasz Jakuba? Tego, co miał być zajebisty urodzinowy seks, który skończył się jakże haniebnym …

    Pokolenie Ikea

  83. {مناقشة } الممثلة الصغيرة Kim So Hyun تنشر صور طفولتها .

    KDrama ☆ Stars

  84. Teologia feita por mulheres a partir da feminilidade

    O Papa Francisco tem dito que precisamos de uma teologia mais profunda acerca da mulher e de sua missão no mundo e na …

    Leonardo Boff

  85. Secretly of Love

    Secretly of Love
    Kim Soo Ra Storyline

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  86. Rafa Nadal “The number one in excellence” English & Spanish (El mundo Orbyt 7/11/2013)

      Once again, I’m here trying to tell you something about Rafa that you don’t know. His match wins this week in …

    EmilioSanchezVicario's Blog

  87. Rossi : Jeremy Burgess itu bagian keluargaku dan ayahku dalam balap, Rossi putuskan lanjut atau tidak di Motogp pasca […]

    jerry burgess, pak tua kata mbah mateo 😀 jeery burgess dan rossi, seperti yamaha M1 dan racing fuel……… kabar … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  88. Gubuk Misteri Sgp Minggu 10 November 2013

    DATA RESULT SGP SABTU 09-11-2013
    SAHH 100%


  89. Inside Immaculate: Panini America Readies 2012-13 Immaculate Basketball for Release

    Really, it’s hard to fathom — given the extraordinary success and mainstream media coverage of Panini America’s …

    The Official Panini America Blog

  90. Forum Angka Minggu, 10 November 2013

    Bukan Tempat Judi dan Seks

    Welcome to the
    Playground figures and numbers as well as a place to …

    Mharx05's Blog

  91. Loujain Al Hathloul

    In a country where you get an eight years prison term for torturing your daughter to death while another gets a ten …

    Saudiwoman's Weblog

  92. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad e muito mais: a fotografia das séries americanas

    O recente “boom” de produção das séries americanas, com transferência de talento do cinema, tornou obrigatório …


  93. ALERTE – VIDEO. Fukushima: le Japon pourrait être rayé de la carte en cas de tremblement de terre

    David Suzuki a dressé un portrait effrayant de l’avenir du Japon si celui-ci devait à nouveau être touché par un …

    Allain Jules

  94. shaikhrashed and veena malik

    SGD TV Network

  95. We can see the finish line…

    And all of you are pushing us towards it…

    We hit the one month mark since Joe’s surgery on Thursday. We are now …

    Cocktails and Chemo

  96. Ghana Teens Doggy Style Yawa



  97. Del suicidio al troleo

    Por Alejandra del Palacio

    Yo se que los he tenido abandonados últimamente, pero no quería dejar pasar un caso que …

    La del Palacio

  98. Marking and Workload

    I’ve written before  about the ridiculous size of the teacher’s workload and my views on workload will colour …

    Scenes From The Battleground

  99. Cher explica porque acha Burlesque um filme horrível

    Há algumas semanas, Cher deu uma entrevista dizendo que Burlesque não é um bom filme. Agora, ela foi além: disse …


  100. More False Claims from Lewandowsky

    Another bogus claim from Lewandowsky would hardly seem to warrant a blog post, let alone a bogus claim about people …

    Climate Audit

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