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  1. Marriage Isn’t For You

    Having been married only a year and a half, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that marriage isn’t for me.

    Now …

    Seth Adam Smith

  2. Porque os jovens profissionais da geração Y estão infelizes

    Esta é a Ana.

    Ana é parte da Geração Y, a geração de jovens nascidos entre o fim da década de 1970 e a …

    Demografia Unicamp

  3. NJ Governor Screams at Teacher: ‘Do Your Job!’

    The New Jersey teacher in the photo below had just asked Chris Christie the following question:

    Why do you continue …


  4. Après 7 ans, Ariel Sharon sort enfin du coma!

    Jerusalem, Israël

    Le Samedi 2 Novembre 2013, juste après Chabat, Ariel Sharon s’est réveillé de son coma. C’est …


  5. Dear daughter, you’re beautiful, regardless of what the media tells you

    Dear daughter, You’re far too young to be aware of this, but, in the last few days, many people have watched a …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  6. iPad Air の LTE を調査した : これは 実質的に SIM フリー だ!

    iPad Air with LTE tip: You can switch carrier SIMs at will By Kevin C. Tofel …

    Agile Cat — in the cloud

  7. 3 Kasım 2013, Akrep Burcu’nda Yeniay ve Güneş Tutulması – Boğa’nın Ataleti, Akrep’in Korkusu ve Kartal’ın […]

    3 Kasım 2013 günü Istanbul saati ile 14:50’de Yeniay Akrep Burcunun 11 derecesinde gerçekleşecek ve eş zamanlı …

    Bir Yol Haritası Olarak Astroloji

  8. När det oförklarliga händer

    Ibland inträffar saker som man bara tror kan hända på film. Hemska, horribla saker som känns alldeles för …

    MMAfarsans Blogg

  9. PREDIKSI & SYAIR SGP SENIN 04/11/2013


    SGP : 0373 SHIO 01



  10. Тиктакащата бомба на българския фашизъм…

    В една вечер две млади момичета са наръгани с нож. Едното в …

    Леви мисли за десни дни

  11. The Voice 3 พฤศจิกายน 2556 เดอะวอยซ์ไทยแลนด์ 2013

    The Voice Thailand ออกอากาศ 3 พฤศจิกายน 2556 …

    ดูทีวีออนไลน์ ช่อง3 5 7 9 ย้อนหลัง

  12. Analis a Syair Sgp Senin –04/11/ 2013


    Ekor kepala ingin sembilan,,,
    Lapan berdua mendahului,,,
    Ditangan mujur tuan …

    Badarfadli blog BFB

  13. Miller et al.’s “Unprecedented Recent Summer Warmth in Arctic Canada”: Bad assumptions, poor logic, and contrary […]

    Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

    Miller et al. radiocarbon dated 145 rooted …

    Watts Up With That?

  14. [HQ FANCAMS] 131102 Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Asia Tour Concert in Seoul (Day 1)

    “9+1#” NEW!!!

    Change of clothes on the stage! NEW!!!

    “Let The Rhythm Flow”


  15. Three in a row, bitchez!

    For those of you frustrated by the second half, realize that’s a game they lose five or ten years ago. I’d like to …

    Get The Picture

  16. No paws for thought for Richard Littlejohn: The Independent on Sunday, 3 Nov 2013.


    Richard Littlejohn is a journalist and occasional writer of fiction, apparently spends quite a lot of …


  17. The wait is Homer. I mean over. Congratulations everyone for we now have the final Community Prize.

    Hi guys.

    On day 32 and with just over 4 and a half days to go, the wait for the final community prize is finally …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

  18. [Drama News] Extended Preview Trailer for The Heirs Episode 9

    The extended preview trailer for episode 9 and perhaps 10 is out after a re-run of …

    A Dramatic Life

  19. Eclipse Solar total ocorrerá no dia 03 de Novembro de 2013

    O fenômeno irá ocorrer em 3 de novembro de 2013. Será visível com totalidade no norte do Oceano Atlântico a …

    G. D. News

  20. El balazo en la cara que le dieron al pistolero del aeropuerto

  21. Quantum deal is completed

    The Quantum deal to take over a percentage of the Lotus F1 has been completed – and the team has secured not only the …


  22. Rosenthal et al 2013

    There has been considerable recent attention to Rosenthal et al 2013: WUWT here, Judy Curry here, Andy Revkin …

    Climate Audit

  23. There Is A Krrish Inside You, So Call A Doctor

    I watched Krrish 3 in a theatre packed with whatever you call those little humans that are composed entirely of Happy …

    Ashish Shakya

  24. Zwarte Piet

    Daar staat ze dan. Een kleine zwarte vrouw in een grote witte sweater.  Alleen op een rustig stukje Malieveld. Trots …

    Gerrit de Heus

  25. KL Bird Park

    On Deepavali Day, both me and my husband were free and jobless for a day.. So, my husband decided to bring the children …

    Barely Supermommy

  26. Necesitamos Tu Ayuda, Wert Nos Ha Condenado a Los Erasmus

    Este año 2013-2014 miles de estudiantes hemos salido del país con la beca de movilidad Erasmus. Cuando ya llevamos …

    Mente Insomne

  27. Mexico, New Jersey both off 2014 F1 schedule

    The Mexican and New Jersey races that currently figure on the 2014 F1 World Championship calendar will both be absent …

    Adam Cooper's F1 Blog

  28. Printilan komponen yang disinyalir sebagai Catalic Converter Yamaha 250…. – Banyaknya vendor yang digandeng pabrikan untuk membangun sebuah motor menjadikan celah empuk bagi …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  29. Network Downtime

    Please note due to a network switch hardware failure, we are experiencing some inaccessible areas throughout the site. …

    FictionPress & FanFiction Blog

  30. ¿Habría Hulk Hogan firmado un acuerdo a corto plazo con la WWE?

    Hulk Hogan presuntamente ha acordado trabajar con la World Wrestling Entertainment de nuevo con una carrera a corto …

  31. Tebak Angka Senin 4 Novemper 2013

    Haimoso News

  32. Via ALLEGRI.

    0-2. Basta il risultato per commentare questa partita. Non c’è nient’altro da dire, da aggiungere. Era una partita che …


  33. Pikachu existe y puedo demostrarlo

    Cualquiera que haya jugado a los Pokemon sabe que todos le asignamos todas las propiedades “buenas” al …

    Cuentos Cuánticos

  34. Lou Reed, quella conversione che nessuno ha voluto raccontare

    di Pepe Ramone     Papalepapale

    Non c’è media piccolo o grande (e non c’è profilo di Facebook) che non …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  35. Modifikasi Honda CB150R di ajang Honda Otocontest 2013 Surabaya

    kemarin mendapat email dari gan weknow RC dan gan loh wino, dan ternyata isinya sama ( curiga, kalau mereka itu 1 orang … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  36. Tavada Çökelekli Kapalı Pide

    Rasulullah (sav) buyurdular ki:
    “Nefsimi elinde tutana kasem olsun, ya ma’rufu emreder ve münkerden de …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  37. Pronóstico de la DEPRESIÓN TROPICAL

    Modelos de probabilidad presentados hoy sábado por la tarde, por el Servicio Meteorológico Nacional.

    Colectivo Pericú

  38. Turns out VICE made a video about that Men’s Rights rally in Toronto. GO WATCH IT.

    I don’t know how I missed it, but a couple of weeks back Vice posted a short video about that EARTH-SHATTERINGLY …

    man boobz

  39. Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Injuries, Suits, Loic Remy & More

    Aaron Ramsey

    I am getting fed up of speaking about the Welshman. I have been one of his biggest supporters for some …

    She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

  40. De sekte van Wim

    Het is een ordinaire maandag als een groep mensen zich verzamelt in de rechtbank in Groningen.

    Weinig aan de hand. …


  41. Quick! Get the CVs in to Ibrox for CEO and Communications Director Jobs!

    And so James Traynor sails off into the sunset…

    As reported on the official Rangers website:-
    RANGERS today …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  42. “Randy Moss Ain’t Shit”

    “Randy Moss ain’t shit!” That’s what my son’s father said to me when I was six months pregnant.
    Actually he …

    Crystal Good

  43. Feminism

    Dear kids,

    One of you is a girl, one is a boy. That simple fact will lead people to make all sorts of wild …

    This is what I think, kids.

  44. Governor Christie Berates a Teacher, Again

    Governor Chris Christie has made clear that he doesn’t like the public schools in his state. He calls them “failure …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  45. Vikumatseðill

    Þessi vika hefur verið ein sú rólegasta í langan tíma og ég hef notið þess að fara beint heim eftir vinnu og …

    Ljúfmeti og lekkerheit

  46. Migrationsverket varnar för konsekvenserna av regeringens förslag

    Är det verkligen ingen som förstår att det här inte går längre? Att det inte har gått på länge. Som miggorna …

  47. Can Rafael Nadal finish the year as No. 1?

    Q: Many of you would like to know what Rafael Nadal needs to do to secure the Year End No. 1 ranking. Has Rafa lost …

    Rafael Nadal Fans

  48. Mistery Sgp SENIN,04_NOVEMBER_2013





    ★★SGP MINGGU RESULT SHIO 01 : 0373 SAH★★


  49. Christmas wishlist ❆

    Le mois de Décembre, le calendrier de l’Avent, Noël, le nouvel an. J’affectionne tout particulièrement cette …


  50. Los perros son personas también

    Hoy hemos traducido este texto publicado en el New York Times porque es muy interesante y os va a gustar a muchos …


  51. Lava pool beneath Yellowstone supervolcano twice as big as previously thought

    November 2, 2013 – WYOMING – Yellowstone National park is the largest super-volcano on the continent and possibly the …

    The Extinction Protocol

  52. Islam, media ja Suomi


    Vakoiluskandaalista ja muista uutisista huolimatta on Ajankohtaisen kakkosen viikolla järjestämä …

    Historiantutkijan näkötorni

  53. Antza y Anboto, los amos de las llaves

    Es lo que  asa tras una temporada de inactividad, que ya no te acuerdas de dónde guardaste la herramienta. LRA …

    El blog de Santiago González

  54. Family says body of missing Saint John teen found

    SAINT JOHN, N.B. — The family of a Saint John teen missing for more than a month says her body has been found.
    In a …

    Brad Perry

  55. Xbox One Hands On | Preview | Gaming

    There’s only weeks to go before the biggest head-to-head of the year as Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4 …

    This Is Entertainment

  56. Sample New Helgas Wraps

    Helga’s bakers have now perfected the wrap and they want you to taste it. We are giving 50 of our lucky Facebook and …

    Coles Blog

  57. Pra EICMA 2013 . . . Harley Davidson Akan Kenalkan 2 Varian Medium 500 dan 750 cc

    Bro Sekalian, Via ditahui juga bahwa Pabrikan sepeda motor asal Amerika serikat juga telah …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  58. And The Shortening Begins

    Shortening. (n) The process undertaken by Australian media outlets and political opponents whereby they seek to …


  59. Bảy ngày đêm nóng bỏng và kinh hoàng ở Hawaii

    Bài của bạn đọc Xang Hứng

    Xang Hứng tôi viết những dòng này để chia sẻ cùng các cụ …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  60. LM: Motorradfahrer bei Verkehrsunfall tödlich verletzt Limburg-Staffel Nacht zum Sonntag, 03.11.2013 – ZEUGEN GESUCHT!

    In der Nacht zum Sonntag ist am Ortseingang von Staffel aus Richtung Görgeshausen ein Motorradfahrer bei einem … by

  61. Τις Κυριακές τα μαγαζιά θα μένουν ανοιχτά

    Το καλοκαίρι προεκτείνεται αλλόκοτα μες στον Νοέμβριο. Στους …


  62. Gyere ki a térre! Ma!

    Emberek, kedves Emberek!

    ne beszéljünk már ennyit róla! csináljuk! gyertek ki a Deákra! ma!

    aki csak tud …

    Mert nem mindegy!

  63. Sunday Mirror Front Page: 3 November

    That says it all, doesn’t it, readers? When rising energy prices have such serious potential circumstances for so many.

    Same Difference

  64. Forum Angka Senin, 04 November 2013

    Bukan Tempat Judi dan Seks

    Welcome to the
    Playground figures and numbers as well as a place to …

    Mharx05's Blog

  65. OM slaaf Chris Klomp speelt de sekte-kaart

    Het was te verwachten. Als ze geen argumenten meer over hebben, dan spelen de broodjournalisten de sekte-kaart. Zo ook …

    Recht is krom

  66. Rencong, MB blacktail balak enam milik Om Benny

    Sepeninggal Natalia, komunitas murai batu ekor hitam (blacktail) seperti menunggu munculnya sang penerus dari jenis …


  67. Call Us. Let Us Know What Is Going On.

    I lived in Savannah when my mother died very unexpectedly.  ALL of my siblings lived much closer. When I arrived to …

    Tamara Tattles


    Ενας υπέροχος άνθρωπος… Ένας γλυκύτατος …

  69. TomaŠica: StraviČne Slike Iz NajveĆe Grobnice U Bih

    Pretpostavlja se da će biti pronađeno blizu 1.000 tijela iz do sad najvećepronađene masovne grobnice u …


  70. Hawk’s 2013 Melbourne Cup Complete Guide – Who Will Win?

    It’s here – the race that stops the nation for three minutes on the first Tuesday in November every year. It’s …

    Andrew Hawkins Racing

  71. Messaggio di Medjugorje a Mirjana del 2 Novembre 2013

    Cari figli,

    vi invito di nuovo maternamente ad amare, a pregare senza sosta per il dono dell’amore, ad amare il …


  72. Aloísio e suas comemorações

    Tudo bem, Aloisio é um jogador dedicado e tem sido decisivo na arrancada do São Paulo, tanto no Brasileirão, quanto …

    Blog do Paulinho

  73. 40 Must-See Historical Photos

    There are photos that contain plenty of things and you don’t even know what to say about them. Otherwise, there are …

    Cat in water

  74. Islamic Cleric Rapes 4-Year-old Girl on Her First Day at Qur’an School

    by, Our Correspondent | The Express Tribune – Pakistan
    MULTAN, Pakistan:  A four-year-old girl was taken to a …

    sharia unveiled

  75. Why to mourn dead Taliban if we are Pakistanis?

    I also want to Protest. I also want to go out on the street and protest. Really, I want to and I want my countrymen to …

    Straight from Danish Kazi

  76. Meg lettem tolvajkergetve

    abszolút vegyes a hozzáállásom a tolvajkergetőkhöz. Az egyik, hogy a pacifista beszél belőlem és nem …

    Galád és a blog (rémdráma)

  77. Loan report- Lipman scores on senior debut; Coquelin assists

    Austin Lipman enjoyed a senior debut to remember as the striker scored one goal and set up another during Boreham …

    Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth

  78. Was he AWOL?? So easy as Santi plays the perfect one-two & Ramsey grabs another scorcher…

    Morning all.

    So where was Hanson last night on Match of The Day?? After all his knocking of us this season, did he …

    Highbury House

  79. Descubren cementerio indígena en Avenida Pedro de Valdivia

    En un pique de la futura Línea 6 del Metro se hallaron esqueletos y ofrendas de hace más de mil años.

    En …

  80. Because Your Voice

    Cast: Seohyun, Cho Kyuhyun
    Other Cast: tentukan sendiri….^^
    Genre: Romance, etc……

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  81. Jajka

    Krzysztof wyciągnął z dumną miną z reklamówki 10 jaj kupionych od baby pod blokiem. Nie byle jakiej …

    Pokolenie Ikea

  82. HO HO HO for Freshly Made Sketches

    I have been playing along with Freshly Made Sketches every week for quite some time.  Most times an idea for the …

  83. DNA wijken gerealiseerd, fascistische praktijken in Nederland? *Update3*

    Door een lezeres van mijn website werd ik gewezen op onderstaand filmpje. Ik ken de maker van het filmpje niet …

  84. Syair Sgp Senin 04/11/2013


  85. birthday suit

    tj was studying the lingerie section of the kohls ad this morning. again. for someone who goes to bed every night with …

    i have a tramp stamp

  86. The PS4 is hot (literally?)

    For several days now there’s been a fairly pervasive rumor that I can’t even figure out where it started but has been …

  87. After-match: Servette ne perd plus!!!

    Les Grenat ramènent encore un point de leur déplacement chez un des leaders du championnat. L’équipe a su répondre …

    Les Enfants du Servette

  88. AUDIO(IRIB) . Table ronde Bassam Tahhan & Allain Jules. Genève2: une simple formalité ?

    Nous étions, ce matin, Bassam Tahhan et moi, sur la radio iranienne francophone (IRIB). Il s’agissait de donner notre …

    Allain Jules

  89. Ankieta w sprawie nauczania Kościoła powoduje zamieszanie!

    Watykan konsultuje się z biskupami ws. rozwiedzionych i wolnych związków. Watykan rozesłał do biskupów dokument …

    Dziecko Królowej Pokoju

  90. Diga não ao trem da alegria! Diga não à PEC 51!


  91. Isolation Cannot Heal Isolation: One Survivors Response to Sexual Assault

    As a survivor I’m told that prisons are there to protect me. Keep me safe. My deepest desire is supposed to be …

    Everyday Abolition/Abolition Every Day

  92. 2014: happy Halloween economic, Romania!

    Datele economice din Europa indica un 2014 ingrozitor.

    Potrivit Eurostat, octombrie:

    CPI (consumer price …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  93. Seksuolog prowokuje wymioty

    Kariera Krzysztofa Boćkowskiego, seksuologa i ginekologa, który zabłysnął na łamach najpierw Czasu Białegostoku, …


  94. When a pufferfish explodes: Chris Christie’s very bad day

    As if it weren’t enough that the image of Chris Christie screaming at a New Jersey public school teacher went viral …


  95. አርቲስት ደበበ እሸቱ ባለው የፖለቲካ ተሳትፎ ምክንየት ብሔራዊ ትያትር […]

    አርቲስት ማለት በተፈጥሮ ያገኘውን ጸጋ ተጠቅሞ መልእቱን ማስተላለፍ …


  96. Carter-Williams tem boa atuação e Sixers bate Bulls em casa; Pelicans, Mavs e Pacers também vencem

    Chicago Bulls 104×107 Philadelphia 76ers

    O Philadelphia 76ers continua …


  97. Rutas de lectura. Guía para trabajar la comunicación en el aula.

    Lara Meana, Beatriz Sanjuán y Olalla Hernández, han puesto en marcha un precioso e intenso proyecto que merece la …


  98. Eclipse Solar en Escorpio – 2 y 3 de Noviembre

    A unos seis días antes de que Mercurio se estacione directo (el 10 de Noviembre) y tres días después de que la …

    Astrología Arquetípica

  99. When I Was Your Man -part 3

    Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to KD. This is  a continuation to When I was your Man …

    Excess Baggage

  100. Den Stora LiggundersÖkningen 2013.

    Nu tänkte vi kolla hur ofta ni kommer till skott. Hur ofta har folk sex? Är det beroende av vilken livssituation ni …


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