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  1. How Woolworths really operates!

    Fair warning: This isn’t going to be a happy post, because what’s happened has left me very, very sad.It’s not …

    Touchee Feelee

  2. Opinión de un extranjero (un chileno) sobre la selección Peruana

    En lo que respecta a Perú me voy a explayar un poco más. Su selección, en las Eliminatorias pasadas, quedó última, …

    En Pared

  3. Soft&Sound

    Morning guys! Today I´m wearing one od my favourites color combination: pink and grey. I do love how they look …

    Trendy Taste

  4. Preview: The 2013 Fujifilm X-E2

    The Fujifilm X-E2 is a welcome update to last year’s popular X-E1. The camera takes the innards of the X100s and puts …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  5. The Button Collector or When does trend predict future values?

    Guest essay By Kip Hansen

    INTRO: Statistical trends never determine future values in a data set. Trends do not and …

    Watts Up With That?

  6. Sgp Sabtu, 19/10/2013


    ADHI LUWUK Blog's™

  7. ¡AERONAVE desvió la ruta normal!

    Alcalde de Loreto no se explica la razón

    La Paz, B.C.S.- Para el alcalde de Loreto Jorge Avilés Pérez, no existe …

    Colectivo Pericú

  8. Analisa Syair Sgp SABTU,19/10/2013


    Tiga Puluh bermain bola,,,
    Dua Lawan Satu katanya,.
    Ditangan mujur lingkar kepala
    Peluru …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  9. And the new Lapeer High School mascot is….

    A message from LCS Superintendent Matt Wandrie:

    I am pleased to announce that the LCS Board of Education has …


  10. Karakuş Tatlısı / Kravat Tatlısı

    “Allah’ım! Bedenime sağlık ver, gözüme sağlık ver, sağlığı benim varisim kıl. Halîm ve kerîm olan …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  11. Desain Next CBR 250R nanti Disinyalir Kuat akan Mirip New CBR 300R !!

    Bro sekalian, heboh kemarin tentang penampakan dan world premiere Honda CBR300R di Gelaran the 12th China International …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  12. Honda CBR300R 2014 sudah ada ditanah air??….

    Bro dan sis sekalian….IWB rada tertegun saat menerima foto CBR300 dari beberapa pengunjung warung. Yup…secara …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  13. Syair Sgp Sabtu 19/10/2013

    SIPONDULUNG 19/10/2013

    Satu dua mata memandang
    Lepas pandang diangan-angan
    Ujung menghadap dapat …

    Maradindo's Blog

  14. “I’m not sure why the other kids don’t like me. Maybe there is something wrong with me.”

    I get a high volume of email on a daily basis. Generally I’ll only post the negative ones on this blog. There’s two …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  15. Bỏ rơi ma vương tổng tài – Chương 358

     Muốn mang bài đi đâu xin nói trước với mình một tiếng, ghi rõ editor, dẫn link về nguồn và …


  16. This is the Parent Who Broke Up John King’s Meeting

    Dear Diane,

    I’m the parent in the video who raised the point about Montessori …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  17. Missing Teen. Last Seen Walking Down #BeaverBank Road.

    FOUND!! Thanks for sharing If you see this person or know where he is, please contact the police.


  18. The One Picture

    I’ll be quick. In Denmark we have a huge horse show this week, and last week.

    I just felt like showing you the one …


  19. Can a game teach kids quantum mechanics?

    Five months ago, I received an email and then a phone call from Google’s Creative Lab Executive Producer, Lorraine …

    Quantum Frontiers

  20. Mamá, tú también eres una artista.

    Una de las mejores cosas que me ha dado Mr Wonderful es la oportunidad de conocer gente maravillosa que hace cosas …


  21. Mies van der Rohe era catalán

    La Vanguardia publica hoy esta foto del acto de los empresarios catalanes que fue boicoteado por Artur Mas, que no …

    El blog de Santiago González

  22. Pullmantur: despido colectivo

    Me llamo Alicia Pérez Gil y en este momento aún trabajo en Pullmantur. Me han recomendado que no haga esto, que no …


  23. In Defense of Fandom In which I respond to the concerns of an anonymous …


  24. Halloween Just Got Easier: Nextdoor Debuts Halloween Treat Map

    Halloween is the quintessential neighborhood holiday – it is the perfect time to connect with your neighbors while …


  25. Πενήντα ελληνικές λέξεις αλβανικής προέλευσης

    Το σημερινό είναι το τρίτο άρθρο του ιστολογίου που είναι …

    Οι λέξεις έχουν τη δική τους ιστορία

  26. Tite foi traído por jogadores e dirigentes e não continuará no Corinthians em 2014. Mano Menezes estaria contratado

    Importante jogador do Corinthians, com bom transito entre empresários, e abertamente contra a permanência de Tite no …

    Blog do Paulinho

  27. [FULL Chung kết] Cuộc đua kỳ thú 2013 Tập 12 ngày 18/10/2013 – Video clip

    [Cuoc dua ky thu 2013 Tap 12 ngay 18/10/2013 – The amazing race Vietnam 2013 – Chung ket Cuoc dua ky thu 2013 tap …


  28. RHOOC Laura Waring-Peterson’s Son Charged With Felony Grand Theft Auto

    Remember when Laura Waring-Peterson was sitting on the reunion sofa with Andy showing pictures of Josh and the baby?  …

    Tamara Tattles No Tea, No Shade

  29. Video- Tremendo pique el que cogió comunicador [RD]

    Vean lo que pasó…

  30. New Theme: Massive Press

    Happy Thursday! I’m pleased to announce our newest theme, Massive Press. Designed by Press75, it’s a great choice for … News

  31. Statement from Charles Morgan

    October 18 2013 – Statement from Charles Morgan 
    As has been widely reported, I have been asked to leave the Morgan …


  32. [INFO] 131018 Important Information regarding Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Album: Genres, Tracklist and Collaborations


    Post grunge
    New metal
    Free folk

    WWW Track …


  33. VIDEO. Lilian Thuram balance tout au Grand Journal. A sa place, qu’alliez-vous faire ?

    Accusé de violence par son ex compagne la présentatrice télé Karine Le Marchand, l’ancien footballeur Lilian Thuram …

    Allain Jules

  34. My Response to the Babysitter Post, Or: In Defense of Jan

    Holy Moses.  That was an unexpected hornet’s nest of hate.I’d just like to thank those who were so encouraging and …

    In Defense of Women

  35. Trust, and don’t bother to verify

    by Judith Curry

    There is no cost to getting things wrong. The cost is not getting them published. – Brian Nosek, as …

    Climate Etc.

  36. Room Sahabat Sabtu 19-10-2013

    RESULT SGP 4100 SHIO 04 SAHsyair,

    Kilolima Blog's™

  37. IGN Awards Sonic Lost World On Wii U, 5.8/10

    Popular online gaming publication IGN has slammed the latest Sonic game which is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii …

    My Nintendo News

  38. Para quem tinha curiosidade em saber o que eram as prendas…

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  39. Story Behind My Fanfiction

    Story Behind My Fanfiction

    Warning : Ini bukan FF. Tulisan ini diposting tidak dengan maksud apa-apa. Just …

    Dha Khanzaki's Fanfiction

  40. Amanda Marcotte takes down Sunshine Mary; Mary digs her hole deeper

    So Amanda Marcotte has some thoughts on Sunshine Mary’s post about feminism allegedly reducing women to nothing more …

    man boobz

  41. Shambhala 2014 Tickets on Sale Oct 25TH!

    Everything you need to know about Shambhala 2014 tickets!

    When can I buy a ticket?
    Where to Buy
    Festival Age …

    The ShambhaBlog

  42. This will seriously mess with your head, man!

    by Matthew Cobb

    h/t Crystal Ernst aka @GeekInQuestion on Tw*tter.

    Why Evolution Is True

  43. Hopi Elders’ Statement . . . thanks to J 🙂

    “You have been telling people
    that this is the eleventh hour.
    Now you must go back and tell people
    that this is …

    2012: What's the 'real' truth?

  44. [蘇活札記]尊重專業,尊重自己。

    2013/10/18 …

    An interpreter, going SOHO / 蘇活札記

  45. 32 de lectii invatate pana la 32 de ani

    Inspirata de aceasta postare a unui blog amic, m-am gandit sa-mi chinui si eu creierul si sa alcatuiesc lista mea de 32 …

    Alo… BEBE!

  46. Crimes e Contravenções de cada signo

    A postagem a seguir foi sugestão de um leitor e já apresentamos na Astrologia da Depressão do Facebook há alguns …

    Astrologia da Depressão

  47. Want to SHRED BODY FAT?! Follow These 4 Steps

    If you are frustrated with your body fat, don’t worry. You just need to alter your approach, and combine these 4 …

    LA Fitness | Official Blog | Living Healthy

  48. พนักงานแบบไหนที่บริษัทควรจะเก็บรักษาไว้ใ […]

    เรื่องของการเก็บรักษาพนักงานให้ทำงานกับอ …

    Prakal's Blog

  49. NU masina ministrului trebuia lovita cu pietre. Ci ministrul!

    “Solidaritate cu Daniel Barbu”? solidaritate cu un bandit?

    Ce mare lucru s-a intamplat de fapt?

    ministrul …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  50. Lịch sử sẽ nói gì về đám tang tướng Võ Nguyên Giáp?

    Lịch sử sẽ nói gì về đám tang tướng Võ Nguyên Giáp?

    Nguyễn Tường Thụy's Blog

  51. Blind ITEM… Guess the Hooker Housewife!

    From CDAN…

    WHO could this possibly be????
    “This Real Housewife is named as a hooker in the new book about Alex …


  52. அமைச்சர் ஹிஸ்புல்லாஹ்வின் மகன் ஹிராஸ் […]

    இங்கையின் பொருளாதார அபிவிருத்தி பிரதி …


  53. 2013 Siemens Competition Regional & Semifinalists

    Congratulations to the 2013 Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology Regional and Semifinalists!

    2013 …


  54. GLOBAL LOOTING: Why we are very close to Guns & Hoses

    I felt both vindicated and depressed yesterday when an American Slogger sent me this piece from Pater Tenebrarum, …

    The Slog.

  55. “Que bonitinho… mas tá errado!”

    Nos últimos anos temos visto o surgimento de ministérios dedicados a promover entre os jovens a valorização da …

    Conexão Eclésia

  56. Driving through Minden & Gardnerville, circa 1972

    Nevada State Senator James Settelmeyer, a lifelong Carson Valley resident, uploaded a pair of videos to YouTube of the …

    Minden-Gardnerville Carson Valley Nevada News, Sports and Entertainment | The Carson Valley Times


    ΠΟΛΥ ΚΑΚΟ ΣΗΜΑΔΙ. ΜΑ ΠΟΛΥ ΚΑΚΟ ΣΗΜΑΔΙ… Και δεν κανουμε καθόλου …

  58. Quando resistir ao Papa é um dever.

    O caso singular do bispo Robert Grossateste.

    Por Cristiana de Magistris | Tradução: Fratres in * – O …

    Fratres in

  59. Info harga burung Jabodetabek – Oktober 2013

    Banyak hal yang mempengaruhi harga burung di berbagai daerah saat ini, mulai dari kenaikan harga BBM, kenaikan tarif …


  60. 感激

    抹茶糰子 Machadango

  61. Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

    Earlier this week, Ming Gullo at A View with Ming walked us through the fundamentals of shooting in color. She …

    The Daily Post

  62. 스마트폰야동 국산여친

    스마트폰야동 국산여친←←클릭 콤파운드로 지우면 될것을 한 …


  63. Un crâne remet en question l’histoire de l’évolution de l’homme

    NDLR : Après la découverte d’un poisson remettant en cause “de vieilles idées sur l’évolution des vertébrés”, une …


  64. It’s the Friday Puzzle!

    Please do NOT post your answer, but do say if you think you have solved the puzzle and how long it took. Solution on …

    Richard Wiseman

  65. [Freelance] Night Incident (END)

    Night Incident (1) Cast : As always.. Seokyu!
    Genre : find out yourself!
    Type : twoshoot
    Author: …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  66. HONDA CBR300R ABS Resmi Hadir Di china dengan Cylinder tunggal 300 cc dan berheadlamp ganda, bagaimana kalau CBR250R […]

    judule dowo yo ben 😀 Resmi meluncur gan….. asli ga pake SOTO sebelum dibahas lebih lanjut, kita baca dulu pernyataan … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  67. Optics Options for the Fighting Rifle

    “I’m old school, I still like to run my irons!” “Optics break too often, I’ll stick with iron sights like …


  68. Tragique et magique en meme temps… Tragic and magic at the same time…

    Scroll down for English…
    Depuis l’annonce de l’échec des traitements de Zoé, l’annonce du voyage pour …


  69. Multitudinario abrazo de Cartagena al hospital del Rosell en defensa de la Sanidad Pública

    En una de as mayores manifestaciones de los últimos años, la ciudadanía de Cartagena respondió de foma masiva al …

  70. 6 Razones para fingir un orgasmo

    Mucho hombre terriblemente ofendido con la interpretación memorable de un orgasmo que hizo la actriz Mónica Godoy en …

    el blog de bernardita ruffinelli

  71. L’amore all’improvviso

     di Paolo Pugni

    Ci son cose che ti sbilanciano, ti ribaltano. Come se all’improvviso una parola, un’immagine, …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  72. Rangers hot after Abreu

    The Rangers are definitely making a push for Cuban first baseman Jose Abreu. The are indications that Abreu is close to …

    Postcards From Elysian Fields

  73. Da lesbica a etero: “Vi racconto l’inganno del femminismo”

    Testimonianza di Francesca

    Ho scoperto di essere lesbica quando lavoravo negli ambienti universitari. Mi occupavo di …

    Il blog di Annalisa Colzi

  74. My Sweater Weather Notebook

    When our stamping friends arrived at the Regional event that Pam, Katy and I planned on October 5, we had nametags …

  75. Ceased Menstruation for 12 Years Miraculously Restored!

    When you acknowledge God as your Healer, Deliverer and Redeemer, He will do it again and again. Be inspired in your …

    Distance is not a barrier

  76. Matt Bomer Picks His Favorite TV Duos

    by Matt Bomer

    On his hit USA drama White Collar, the actor plays con man Neal Caffrey, who is serving out his prison …

  77. Mon-Thurs: 17 Horses Down

    The following horses broke down this week on American racetracks. Training and harness breakdowns are not …

    Horseracing Wrongs

  78. The #GuiltyTeacher. Guilty as charged! by @TeacherToolkit

    Last week on Educating Yorkshire, we watched Deputy Headteacher Michael Steer develop a serious skin condition whilst …

    @ TeacherToolkit

  79. A picture that’s worth a thousand words

    Trying to assess how Georgia’s 4-2 right now?

    You want to be in the NE corner of this chart. Teams with good …

    Get The Picture

  80. Que coisa em!

    Cacetada, quanta polêmica em cima do assunto do policial que enfiou bala no motoqueiro ladrão em!!! Mas também, …


  81. Shayok commits to Marquette, bigs still on the radar

    On the same day Buzz Williams and the Golden Eagles received a crushing blow, they also received some good news when …

    Paint Touches

  82. ህጹጽ ሓቤሬታ ንኣብ ደገን ዉሽጢ ትነብሩ ስድራቤት ኤርትራዉያን ግዳያት […]

    ሕጽረታት ሓቤሬታ ንጉዳያት ይሓላልኽ ምህላዉ ፍሉጥ እዩ። ነዚ ሕጽረታት …


  83. It’s Different for Girls…Body Image and Riding.

    What do you think when you see this photo?
    Do you notice that sweet S-curve in his tail? It’s the sure sign of a …

    Horses |AnnaBlakeBlog | Equestrian

  84. Why We Won’t Wear A Poppy

    By Jim Slaven

    I won’t be wearing a poppy this year. Of course this revelation is some considerable way short of a …


  85. The Scheming of Leuke (No. Lokis Renkespill) I

    Magyar. Serbian.

    Let us first of all make a few things clear:

    I. The French secret police’s investigation has …

    Thulean Perspective

  86. Accidente de la avioneta: menospreciaron a una Tormenta tropical

    falló la Prevención
    La aerolínea no quiso suspender el vuelo y las autoridades de la Torre de Control …


  87. “Trời” sinh Võ Nguyên Giáp để làm gì?



    Thuận Văn

    Võ Nguyên Giáp đã về với đất giữa những tiếng tung …


  88. P-value fallacy alive and well: Latest case in Scientific Reports

    Erratum (10/17/13): The paper was published in Scientific Reports, an OA journal from the publishers of Nature, and not …


  89. Quyền được có thần tượng

    Hoa Kỳ nổi tiếng là đất nước tự do, tự do ngôn luận, tự do lập hội, tự do tín ngưỡng …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  90. Jag saknar ord

    Jag har skrivit många inlägg i den här bloggen om spårspring. Bland annat det här …

    I huvudet på en lokförare

  91. Street Snap Taipei

    2013 10/18 地點:中山北路


    Z Fashion

  92. Guest post: Of Maria Kang, motherhood, and fitspiration

    This guest post is written by my dear friend Suzanne Best, whose passionate reaction to this story provoked a lot of …

    Fit and Feminist

  93. A u međuvremenu …

    + Najava rezultata turističkih dionica

    + + + 1. Jučer je S&P 500 završio rekordno, svih vremena. DAX je …


  94. Cansei de ser princesa: 25 fantasias que vão deixar as meninas ainda mais poderosas

    Cabelos perfeitos, maquiagem, castelo, um drama e um príncipe encantado. Os contos de fadas fizeram parte da nossa …


  95. You’re Mine

    Tittle                       :  YOU’RE MINE.  – ( PART 1 …

    Yadong Fanfic Indo

  96. Daleks Masterplan Rumoured Found [Updated]

    The William Hartnell 12 part epic The Dalek’s Masterplan is the latest name to be thrown into the ring as having been …

    Doctor Who Archive

  97. Photo-grabbing Rappler takes on the world

    There’s a reason why Maria Ressa towers over everyone else in Philippine media, why she is, hands down, God’s Gift to …

    The Spin Busters

  98. Już po nas idą

    Jeśli sprawy wciąż będą szły w kierunku radykalnego ograniczania wolności słowa w imię absurdalnej politycznej …

    Dziecko Królowej Pokoju

  99. Quick Thought: My Response to Mark Driscoll on Cessationism and the Trinity

    The Strange Fire conference is in full swing, and clips are being unloaded all over the blogosphere.  The Charismatic …

    Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely…

  100. Raspuns la declaratiile Presedintelui Traian Basescu

    Am aflat cu surprindere si dezamagire despre declaratiile Presedintelui Traian Basescu, fata de care formulez urmatorul …

    Cătălin Predoiu

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