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  1. Scandale: la FIFA qualifierait la Croatie plutôt que la Belgique

    Les Diables rouges risquent de perdre leur billet pour le Brésil. Réunie actuellement en comité de crise, la …


  2. Because it needs to be said

    This is not the first blog post I wanted to write. Disclaimer: this will not be written well as I’m hastily trying to …

    Hello, this is Justine

  3. An Open Letter to Scientific American and Why You’ve Lost a Reader: #BoycottSciAm

    Dear Fine Network Editors,

    Yesterday early in the day, I saw some tweets from my friend DNLee about an interaction …

  4. انا و مفيد الجزء الاول

    [تابعني على تويتر Rocketeer010@]

    اسمي خالد عمري 16 سنه . واسكن في مدينة …


  5. Hai quốc tang cứu sống nhiều mạng người

    Ngay ngày đầu tiên quốc tang Chủ tịch nước Tôn Đức Thắng (3/1980) hàng trăm mạng dân và cán …


  6. My Obamacare experience

    First, apologies to my readers for the diversion from the usual fare, but I’ll point out that this entry is covered …

    Watts Up With That?

  7. אז את בעד או נגד רבין?

    בשנת 2006 הגעתי לעצרת הזכרון ליצחק רבין עם השלט הזה:

    בכיכר נכחו …

    אחת העם – נועה אסטרייכר

  8. Papa Francisco e a despaganização do papado

    As inovações nos hábitos e nos discursos do Papa Francisco, abriram aguda crise nos araiais dos conservadores que …

    Leonardo Boff

  9. Julian Draxler wants Arsenal move. Arsenal to bid £50 million for striker in January. Bobby wants more spending and […]

    Morning all.

    Don’t get too excited, he’s also said that he’d be prepared to move to Manchester United or Chelsea, in …

    Highbury House

  10. How camera choices influence your image

    A little while back, I made an offhand comment about a certain camera being my choice for ‘serious’ work which spurred …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  11. Sgp Senin, 14/10/2013



    ADHI LUWUK Blog's™

  12. I Married The Bad Boy [Part 10]

    Tittle : I Married The Bad Boy Part 10
    Author : Dha Khanzaki a.k.a Shin Jeyoung
    Genre : Romance, Married Life, NC …

    Dha Khanzaki's Fanfiction

  13. The Pink List 2013

    From today’s Independent on Sunday:

    “When the first Pink List was published in 2000, it was essentially a list of 50 …


  14. A Healthy Diet – According to the Internet

    There’s an abundant amount of information out there regarding making healthy food choices.  I have decided to compile …

    This is Not a Diet

  15. Prediksi dan syair SGP SENIN, 14/10/2013


    SYDNEY : 8211 SHIO 11
    HOKKIAN : 3285 SHIO 01
    SGP : 2185 SHIO 01
    MALAYSIA : 6064 …

    KALIKOA Blog's

  16. Pulsar 200NS ternyata sudah ada diSingapura…..

    Bro dan sis sekalian…….menemani para konsumen, komunitas YRFI, mekanik atau dealer Yamaha Indonesia diSingapura, …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  17. How to behave in someone’s living room: do not threaten the host

    I’ve always said that anybody posting here will enjoy complete anonymity—unless they say something that I perceive as …

    Why Evolution Is True

  18. Trực tiếp Lễ truy điệu Đại tướng Võ Nguyên Giáp tại Quảng Bình

    Xem phần 1

    Vậy là Đại tướng Võ Nguyên Giáp đã yên nghỉ vĩnh hằng trong lòng đất mẹ …

    Hãy dành thời gian

  19. 10/12/2013 — They offered me the world…

    Video here:


    Please help get the word out!  Share , OR …

  20. The Nation did not want to know about Laxmanpur Bathe and that is why Sachin Tendulkar is ‘God’

    In a country where the bloodthirsty rhetoric of ‘hang them, shoot them’, an ‘eye for an eye’ and ‘their heads for our …


  21. An interview with Rafael Nadal (October 12, 2013)

    Juan Martin del Potro def. R. Nadal 6-2, 6-4

    THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

    Q.  Have you ever faced such a …

    Rafael Nadal Fans

  22. UFC 166: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos 3 – Cobertura en vivo, apuestas y resultados – El clímax de la mayor rivalidad de […]

    UFC 166: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos 3 desde el Toyota Center en Houston, Texas.
    Esta es la pelea más importante para …

  23. MotoGP Sepang 2013 .. Pedrosa Juara

    Bro sekalian, Race MotoGP Sepang 2013 dimulai dengan Marquez start di posisi pertama setelah mencetak Pole Possition …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  24. Analisa Sysair Sgp SENIN,,14/10/2013


    PUEBARAKA Marah2 tatap matanya…. Ingin TIGA SEPULUH raih;  Kesal berlari lapor padanya …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  25. The Benefit Cap Would Not Be Popular If People Knew The Truth About The So-Called Safety Net

    “Another characteristic of support for the Benefit Cap was that many who knew little or nothing about the policy before …

    the void

  26. Academic Whores

    When Does an Academic Become a Whore?
    That’s a question weighing heavily on me today after biologist Danielle Lee …


  27. Dear Rachel Reeves….

    Dear Rachel Reeves

    Having read the interview with you in the Guardian, I find myself compelled to write a response. …

    Paul Bernal's Blog

  28. Who Killed JFK?

    (Excerpted from Chapter 9: The Texas Oil Mafia: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

    Texaco insider Clint Murchison had …

    LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson

  29. Hôm nay, ở đâu cần có Quốc tang?

    Sáng nay nước Việt nam minh chính thức cử hành trọng thể Quốc tang Đại tướng.

    Nhạc quốc …

    Bà Đầm Xòe

  30. The Second Community Prize Has Been Unlocked!

    Good news, everyone! The Clawing Zombie has been unlocked as the second community prize. Why is it good news that a …


  31. 売れない iPhone 5C と、思惑どおりの Apple とは?

    The Most Trustworthy Apple Analyst Out There Just Slashed His Estimates For iPhone 5C Sales Jay …

    Agile Cat — in the cloud

  32. Final Day: A Horse Story….2013 Quarter Horse Congress-from a horse’s view

    Dear Mom,

    Breakfast at 5:30 am was good. Bed time at 1:00 am was not.

    You have more friends than I thought you …

    Stacy Westfall Horseblog

  33. Is Michael Gove Lying to Us All?

    There is no doubt about it: I have spent long enough ranting about both the internal and external inspection systems in …


  34. ***FREE STUFF*** Like that word? Come here, then.

    Welcome to my blog.  If you’re a first-timer, it’s your lucky day because we don’t sacrifice first-timers on Columbus …

    Colleen Hoover

  35. Tebak Angka Senin 14 Oktober 2013

    POSO Blog

  36. Meall nan Tarmachan

    Yesterday was a grand day to be out and about.

    The hills were in their best Autumn colours . . . and Loch …

    Kate Davies Designs

  37. ¿Ya hay nuevo Chistian Grey?

    Después de la sorprendente noticia publicada ayer del abandono de Charlie Hunnam de la película 50 Sombras de Grey, …

    50 Sombras de Grey

  38. COMMENTS NOW CLOSED: 10/12/2013 — They offered me the world… from Dutchsinse . . . WOWOWOW!!! ~Jean

    It’s getting very slick right now, and I’m grateful to Dutchsinse for exposing this! …

    2012: What's the 'real' truth?

  39. The Melbourne Connection

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Comcar records on 21/04/12 show that from 17.57pm til 19.12pm he was driven from …

    Frances Jones

  40. Parecidos razonables: Cicciolara/Laraciccios

    Escribe hoy mi director que las chicas del comando tetalaire que irrumpió en la sesión parlamentaria del miércoles …

    El blog de Santiago González

  41. New York Chai Cheesecake

    Dear New York – Du verrückte Stadt, die niemals schläft. Liegt der Ursprung Deiner Schlaflosigkeit vielleicht darin, …

    Zucker, Zimt und Liebe

  42. ¿Escándalo?

     (Artículo publicado en diario “Información” el 13 de octubre de 2013)Son poco más de las once de la mañana del …

    Hora de levantarse

  43. About the defense…

    I’m back.  I’ve showered.  I’m out of the frickin’ traffic jam on 129 (where my previous post originated from).  So …

    Get The Picture

  44. Nene Leakes and Marlo Hampton Fight on RHOA Set

    Okay, that’s headline is pretty much all I have for right now. Nene tweeted just before 11 pm that the cops from the …

    Tamara Tattles No Tea, No Shade

  45. Dlaczego wierzę w Ostrzeżenie

    List czytelnika

    Czytam orędzia przeszło 2 lata (od początku 2011r.). Natrafiłem na nie właśnie na blogu …

    Dziecko Królowej Pokoju

  46. ¡Sorprende TORNADO en Cabo San Lucas!

    Maravilloso espectáculo de la naturaleza

    Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.- Dadas las condiciones atomosféricas particulares …

    Colectivo Pericú

  47. Para matar o vício

    Às 16h, em Alvalade, a equipa B defronta o Moreirense.
    Vinda da sua primeira vitória fora de portas, a equipa …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  48. Fukushima advertencia: actualización importante … La humanidad en peligro inminente de muerte

    El momento más peligroso de la humanidad : Fukushima piscina de combustible de la unidad 4 . …


  49. Tiễn đưa tướng Giáp trên sân bay Nội Bài

    Tôi đi Singapore đúng vào lúc sân bay Nội Bài đưa linh cữu tướng Giáp về Quảng Bình. Đi từ 7 …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  50. Koningin Maxima laat zien wat het plan is *Update*

    Vergist u niet, we hebben een koningin. Terwijl Willem Alexander zich bekommert om het water (een niet onbelangrijke …

    Martin Vrijland

  51. What does it really mean to be ‘Outstanding’?

    The big O- the holy grail of teaching performance. Or is it?Yesterday I was graded Outstanding in an observation, in …

    Confessions Of A Primary School Teacher

  52. Syair Sgp Senin 14/10/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  53. :::boxING@LiVe==>>:::: Marquez vs Bradley Live on HD Live Streaming HBO Pay Per View October 12, 2013 On Your Pc, […]

    Get live fight coverage right here of Bradley vs Marquez as Juan Manuel Marquez faces Timothy Bradley live on HBO …

    Marquez vs Bradley

  54. አቦይ ስብሓት ነጋ እና ‹ኩሩው አሜሪካዊ› በዋሽንግተን

    (Daniel Berhane)
    ከትላንት ወዲያ ነው ዕለተዓርብ፤ አንጋፋው የኢሕአዴግ ታጋይ …

    Danielberhane's Blog

  55. Lista tradatorilor. Cu poze.

    Sunt absolut din TOATE partidele: si PNL si PSD si PDL!

    E toata clasa politica. Si iliescieni si basisti, toti la …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  56. تعالوا إلى كلمة سواء (1 من 2)

    دولة العراق والشام: تعالوا إلى كلمة سواء
    (1 من 2)
    مجاهد …

    الزلزال السوري

  57. West Bromwich Albion 1 Arsenal 1 – Late Thoughts

    West Bromwich Albion 1 (Yacob 42) – Arsenal 1 (Wilshere 63)

    Man of the Match – Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)

    Yeah, I …

    Blazing Cannons

  58. Nuria enfrenta militar [VIDEO]

  59. Heartbroken

    I’m not sure I’m ready to make this post but here I am, anyway.

    About three weeks ago I, my son and my Dad drove to …

    Where the Heart Is

  60. Don’t worry, be happy!

    Multi dintre voi credeti ca eu am o viata perfecta, credeti ca faptul ca locuiesc in Azerbaijan, intr-un hotel de lux, …


  61. (Gosip) Rashid Tunangan Wawa Zainal?

    Belumpun reda isu pernikahan rahsia dan melahirkan anak yang menghimpit pelakon Wawa Zainal dan Aeril Zafrel, kini …

  62. CHEATING Lovers Forced To Walk NAKEDIn BEUNE STATE

    This woman, a mother of four and wife to a Late Major (rtd), and Proprietor of a popular school in Orokam, Ogbadibo …

  63. Spinning the climate model-observations comparison. Part III

    Several new analyses of relevance to interpreting the comparison of climate models with observations.

    Climate Etc.

  64. Mock Drafts – NBA Edition

    Boring As Heck

  65. Կներես, Երևան…

    Կներես, Երևան, ծնունդիդ չեմ եկել: Տասնհինգ անգամ կներես, որովհետև …

    Վիկա Մարկոսյան

  66. Top Coach Needed

    Hello everybody fans,

    As you may have heard, Paul Anaconda and Me are no longer together. I’d like to say it was …

  67. The View from Behind the Locked Gate: The Government Shutdown and the National Parks

    It’s day twelve of the government shutdown, and the country has settled into a tired routine.  Much of the shutdown …


  68. La fête à Pizz ! Les photos de l’avant-match !

    Finalement même le soleil s’est associé au gala d’adieu du grand capitaine grenat. Lionel Pizzinat s’est lui …

    Les Enfants du Servette

  69. Anthony Cody Explains Why New York Parents Booed Commissioner John King

    Few people have been more enthusiastic about the Common Core as StateCommissioner John King. King brooks no …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  70. [ Mẹ độc thân tuổi 18 – Quyển 9 ] Chương 39

    Edit: Trần Quyên
    Beta: Meimoko
    Chương 39
    ​Vốn cho là đây một nhiệm vụ vô cùng khó …

    »»»-(¯`v´¯)-»Lạc Thủy Linh Động«-(¯`v´¯)-«««

  71. This one matters to me

    Twitter is a great medium for people to communicate, but it’s short character limit, the sheer volume of tweets and …

    The Drew Lab at Columbia University

  72. Ετσι έκαψαν την Μαρφίν – Το παρακρατικο χτύπημα απο τους κόνδορες […]

    Τρία χρόνια έχουν περάσει από την δολοφονική επίθεση στο …

  73. Saint Germain – Part 2 – What You Need To Do To Teleport

    Hi everyone, here is the second part of the channeling with Saint Germain.  Click HERE to view the first part of the …

    Awakening to Higher Love – Channelings, Readings and Healings

  74. La Nasa le pone fecha al choque de un asteroide con la Tierra

    Después de haber ‘sobrevivido’ al fin del mundo pronosticado por los mayas y a la predicción de Rasputín, la vida en …


  75. Room Sahabat Senin 14-10-2013

    RESULT SGP 2185 SHIO 01 SAHsyair,

    Kilolima Blog's™

  76. Cassandra Clare sheds light upon the special edition of ‘The Shadowhunter’s Codex’

    Cassandra Clare’s The Shadowhunter Codex, which is a collaboration with her husband Joshua Lewis, will be released in …

    TMI Source

  77. AN1MO USTe!

    IT WAS ONE of those classics you’ll remember for a long time. Both sides refused to yield. Both sides believed they …

    The Professional Heckler

  78. Suomen Jääkiekkoliitto yhteistyöhön ravitsemusasiantuntijoiden kanssa

    Hienoa, …

    Sami Sundvik

  79. Skrytykował bufet na weselu. PKW sprawdza, czy nie złamał ciszy wyborczej

    Grozi mu wysoka grzywna.…


  80. 鈴木沙彩さんの画像が動画サイトに流出される。 suzuki saaya

    Buffalohair Gazette International

  81. I Need To Stop Reading Ali Abunimah’s Twitter Feed

    I stopped reading racist, homophobic, and anti-Muslim twitter feeds a long time ago and my life is so much better for …

    MJ Rosenberg

  82. Presidente del Banco Mundial advierte que EEUU está a “sólo días” de causar un desastre económico global

    Jim Yong Kim señaló que “estamos a cinco días de un momento muy peligroso” si las autoridades estadounidenses no …

    Periodismo Alternativo

  83. Jullie moeten stoppen met reanimeren……

    Het was een hele rustige nachtdienst geweest, weinig bijzonderheden en het wachten was op de vroege dienst welke ons …

    Verhalen van de straat

  84. ስብሃት ነጋ ወንጀል ፈፀሙ፤ በአሁን ሰአት በፖሊስ እየታደኑ ነው […]

    ስብሃት ነጋ ወንጀል ፈፀሙ፤ በአሁን ሰአት በፖሊስ እየታደኑ …


  85. Time’s Up Devan

    Tonight was the most frustrating Edmonton Oilers loss in a long, long time. It’s arguably the one that has gotten me …

    The Oilers Rig

  86. EGYPTE. La suspension de l’aide américaine renforce le nouveau Gouvernement

    La décision américaine de suspendre la livraison des chars, des hélicoptères et des avions de chasse à l’Egypte …

    Allain Jules

  87. A New Video by John: “prison Arabic in 50 Days”

    During their 50-day detention, John created these flash cards as a diary of their experiences.  This video is …

    Free Tarek Loubani & John Greyson

  88. Omelia di papa Francesco e atto di affidamento a Maria

    Roma, Piazza San Pietro  –  Domenica, 13 ottobre 2013

    Nel Salmo abbiamo recitato: “Cantate al Signore un canto …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  89. NASA Alert: America Blackout & Grid Shutdown 2013 and What This Means

    by, Schuyler Montague | sharia unveiled
    NASA just recently issued an alert stating that an eventual collapse in the …

    sharia unveiled

  90. [FAN ACCOUNT] ‘Sea Fog’ team in Masan restaurant

    Note: This is an update on what happened the day they uploaded the pics on Line [13.10.06] ^^
    “At first, I didn’t …


  91. Kesämaan poika, Olavi

    Kirjoittaja: Emma Koivisto Neljä vuotta sitten perheemme esikoinen oli eskarissa ja toinen niin sanotussa viskarissa …

    Leijonaemojen blogi

  92. Front-line stories. My darkest school days.

    Over the years, working in a range of contexts, I’ve encountered some extraordinary scenarios that have challenged me …


  93. V-ledningens strategi – lättnad eller bekymmer för S?

    I fredags ”läckte” Vänsterpartiledningens långsiktiga strategi ut i en artikel i Expressen. En tolkning som …

  94. Sort out the tax dodgers, Labour, then the benefit bill won’t be a problem

    A lot of people have been getting their knickers in a knot about Rachel Reeves’ interview in today’s Observer – and …

    Vox Political

  95. Pensamentos sobre a traição

    (Paulo Jacob)

    Olá, como vão?

    Há algumas semanas, recebi via o formulário da página “Consultório” do …

    Fãs da Psicanálise

  96. Back To You

    Title: Back To You
    Cast: Lee Donghae, Choi Hyunri
    Author: Sparyeulhye (@sparyeulhye)
    Rate: NC-21

    Yadong Fanfic Indo

  97. Love the one you’re with

    Tony Abbott is your friend.

    In fact, he’s everyone’s friend. He’s so inoffensive to anyone that why there should be …

    The Australian Independent Media Network

  98. Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes, Ohhh Yeah!

    1 15 oz can pumpkin puree 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 cup brown sugar 2 large eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3/4 cup …

    58 Day Dreams

  99. Nintendo Characters Now Flooding Windows App Store

    A significant number of key Nintendo franchises have found their way on to the struggling Windows 8 App Store. These …

    My Nintendo News

  100. Why the Rangers Rebels Will Win Monday’s Court Hearing Against the Board

    Monday 14th October sees a second “First Hearing” in what is prosaically listed on the court sheets as “P996/13 …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

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