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  1. Saint-Pol-sur-Mer – Pris d’hallucinations, il confond sa femme avec un américain-merguez et tente de la manger.

    L’alerte a été donnée peu après 22 heures hier soir par les voisins encore sous le choc. “Vers 22 heures on a …

    Le Sprat Enchaîné

  2. Ejecutaron a ex vocero de Narciso Agúndez

    Fue ultimado a balazos en su domicilio
    Su hermano Leobardo herido de muerte
    Sigue movilización de …

    Colectivo Pericú

  3. Je ne trouve pas les mots. There are no words.

    Trois fois j’ai commencé à rédiger ce message et trois fois je l’ai changé. Je n’arrive presque pas à …


  4. Riverside Giveaway!

    Good morning! Today I want to show you an unrban chic look. Confy and flattering, this look is perfect for fall. A cool …

    Trendy Taste

  5. Защо бежанците изхвърлят дрехи?

    Тези дни сигурно сте чули, че бежанците изхвърлят дрехи от …

    полетът на костенурката

  6. One Rangers Director Resigns … And Then There Were Four

    This morning’s news from Ibrox, announced to the Stock Exchange, is that Ian Hart has resigned as a Director of Rangers …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  7. *contains offensive language

    (I am in no way an official member of any reigning body having anything to do with the USAP, and in that respect I ask …

    Ice White & Blue

  8. Kurban Bayramı İçin Tatlı Tarifleri 2013

    Kurban Bayramı için şerbetli tatlı yapmak isteyenlere tatlı tariflerimizden derledim. Şimdiden kolay …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  9. LA SCIENZA. Ma a fumetti.

    E’ in arrivo la rivista COMICS & SCIENCE!

    Come Non Detto

  10. New paper from Dr. Judith Curry could explain ‘the pause’

    From the Georgia Institute of Technology

    ‘Stadium waves’ could explain lull in global warming

    One of the most …

    Watts Up With That?

  11. Una professione inspiegabile: l’archeologo

    Nella vita di un laureato in archeologia arriva sempre un preciso momento in cui si riesce a capire davvero in che …

    Le parole in Archeologia

  12. 100’s of Patterns and Photos Stolen by

    In the world of patterns, has been accused of stealing patterns and photographs from websites such as …

    Knot Just Yarn: The Crochet Crowd Blog

  13. 8: Stop talking trash about your body

    It’s okay to be fat. There are a lot of people who will find you sexy and who will want to love you for forever, “even …

    Becoming Something

  14. Ζεια, το “υπερδημητριακό” των αρχαίων Ελλήνων… που το έδιναν στα […]

    Πήρα ένα απελπισμένο ηλεμήνυμα από μια φίλη μου, μαθηματικό, …

    Οι λέξεις έχουν τη δική τους ιστορία

  15. Why Malala Yousafzai Should Not Win the Nobel Prize

    Because we won’t be able to take it. We can barely take the nomination; if she were to actually be awarded the prize, …

    How Not to be Pakistani

  16. National Porridge Day: Here’s my Express Porridge at 10p a portion!

    I was quite excited to read that today is National Porridge Day, because yesterday I popped a 1kg bag of porridge oats …


  17. What beat up?

    Andrew Bolt is not happy.

    Not only is social media attacking his pin-up boy, the newly elected Prime Minister (over …

    The Australian Independent Media Network

  18. Russian F1 engines

    There is one reason why people do not build their own F1 engines. Money. It takes horse-choking wedges of wonga to …


  19. “Brand Malala”: Western exploitation of a schoolgirl

    “Brand Malala”:  Western exploitation of a schoolgirl

    As Malala Yousafzai has told the media, that second when …

    Carol Anne Grayson blog

  20. It’s not the school’s fault if your kid is a lazy wuss

    The halls of your local middle school are likely riddled with posters, banners and bulletin boards, all containing …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  21. KENYAN make fun about SHEBESH’S moments with SONKO

    For the fourth time in just one month, Nairobi Women representative is in the news for all the wrong reasons. First a …

  22. Tebak Angka Sabtu 12 Oktober 2013

    POSO Blog

  23. Video uji kekuatan casing TVS Dazz….

    Berawal dari obrolan dengan kolega IWB yang meyakini kekuatan casing TVS diatas rata-rata, akhirnya IWB beranikan diri …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  24. Recap: The Heirs Episode 2

    It’s that moment when you feel the butterflies in your stomach, the stirrings of your heart, and the chimes in the …

    Scattered Joonni

  25. Adakah Hidden Agenda dibalik naiknya Harga Honda CBR 150R?

    Bro sekalian, Seperti kita ketahui dua hari yang lalu AHM secara resmi memperkenalkan varian CBR150R baru mereka dengan …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  26. Shame on your Dad!!!

       Oh dear Malala , oh poor baby what happened to you. You were such a bright shining star. You were destined to …

    The Last Blog

  27. La Hoguera de las Sanidades (© Luigi)

    Diario de Mallorca publicó ayer una información interesante y muy satisfactoria para el colectivo que anima esta …

    El blog de Santiago González

  28. 鈴木沙彩最新情報【期間限定】鈴木沙彩xvideosプライベート流出動画

    鈴木沙彩最新情報【期間限定】鈴 …


  29. Happy 7,000,000,000! We’re under par!

    Hi guys.

    So, we have now hit the 7 billion mark and its getting quicker and quicker. So, why , you may be asking, have …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

  30. Syair Sgp Kamis 10/10/2013

    SIPONDULUNG 10/10/2013

    Menyapa langit lima delapan
    Enam melangkah putar sekali
    Menuntut bulan buka …

    Maradindo's Blog

  31. Arsenal fan unfairly banned from attending games impacts local Charity

    Fan X (as we will call him) pleaded guilty to a public order offence (threatening words & behaviour) mainly due to …

    She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

  32. Sgp Sabtu, 12/10/2013


    ADHI LUWUK Blog's™

  33. “NO enseñar a los clientes” Cómo se ejecutó la estafa de las preferentes.

    Para nosotros hoy, termina una fase en #QuerellaPaRato.Una de las vías que conseguimos abrir en este proceso fue la de …


  34. New Theme: Collections

    We are extremely proud and excited today to announce the availability of our newest theme on … News

  35. The Nine Worst Things to Do When Coming Out of the Closet

    National Coming Out Day is this week.  This is an important day not only for those who make the move and come out, but …

    evoL =

  36. UPDATED WITH CLOSED COMMENTS: This is my blog . . . and I will not be intimidated by anyone as to what I can and cannot […]

    Last night almost out-of-the-blue Drake Bailey emailed me and what followed was a brief series of email exchanges in …

    2012: What's the 'real' truth?

  37. Thursday on Top: Skillet Mac N Cheese

    Skillet Mac N Cheese is one of Taste of Home’s “Top 10 Mac and Cheese” recipes. This creamy, cheesy, and rich recipe is …

    Taste of Home Cooking School Blog

  38. Fotos – Rapero Tempo liberado tras cumplir 8 años de prisión

    Tempo ya está en Puerto Rico…ver videos y fotos…

  39. Đâu là nơi duy nhất người Việt Nam không bị kinh bỉ.

    Khánh Hưng
    Nhân đọc bài viết của một người Nhật nhận xét về người Trung Quốc mà phần …

    Bà Đầm Xòe

  40. Day 5: A Horse Story….2013 Quarter Horse Congress-from a horse’s view

    Dear Mom,

    I missed you today….. I hope it wasn’t the thing about the dogs. I’m really OK with being ridden …

    Stacy Westfall Horseblog

  41. Analisa Syair Sgp SABTU,12/10/2013





    Badarfadli's Blog

  42. 8 People You Need to be Warned About Before You Go To Church

    If you are thinking about attending a Baptist church, this is an article you need to read. There are some folks you are …

    The Unappreciated Pastor

  43. Catfish: The Little Bow Wow Version

    Okay, so I usually watch Catfish on Saturday. I have lots of weekend shows, like Teen Mom 3 and Hotel Impossible and a …

    Tamara Tattles No Tea, No Shade

  44. Living with Hipstergirl and Gamergirl


  45. Exclusive: Exciting new Cafe bar to open in the town centre with something for everyone

    Café INDIEpendent has long been an idea of local entrepreneur and charity worker David Plumtree, and today it took a …

    Scunthorpe Independent News

  46. Hey Left Leg… we need to talk

    Hey Left Leg… we need to talk

    Hi mate. Hey buddy.. Gosh, this isn’t easy for me to say. Leg, I need to let you go. …

    Hey… We Need To Talk

  47. a river in africa

    Last night, a reader wrote the following on Diary’s Facebook page:I am recently new to following you and you are so …

    a diary of a mom

  48. Les 10 phrases à ne JAMAIS dire à son enfant ( #humour )

    Ahhh, la communication, c’est parfois difficile mais indispensable dans une famille!

    Je t’ai déjà parlé

    des 10 …

    Allo Maman Dodo

  49. My reaction to Zulily’s IPO filing and Flash Sales explained

    This week Zulily, the ecommerce flash-sale site targeting moms with products for their kids and themselves, filed …


  50. Cozy Coupe Project: Part 3

    Wow, it’s been nearly an entire month since our last build update. I wish that I could say that I spent the past month …

    Damon's 240SX

  51. Prediksi dan syair SGP SABTU, 12/10/2013

    ==================== …

    KALIKOA Blog's

  52. Daniel Bryan comenta sobre si se afeitara la barba para su boda con Brie Bella

    La superestrella de la WWE, Daniel Bryan, habló recientemente con para The Pitch para promover las grabaciones de …

  53. [NEWS] 131010 Yoon Do Hyun to Feature in JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s New Album

    It wouldn’t be rock without Yoon Do Hyun.
    On October 8, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong uploaded a video on his Instagram, …


  54. Sound Horizon – 星の綺麗な夜 歌詞

    Artist : Sound Horizon
    Title : ハロウィンと夜の物語
    Release date : 2013.10.09

    Kanpeki Music

  55. Butterflies

    Last spring, Emilie was given a live butterfly garden kit for free at a yard sale.  She lovingly stared at the box the …

  56. Interview on the Great Western Inland Sea

    LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson

  57. The stadium wave

    by Judith Curry

    This paper will change the way you think about natural internal variability.

    Climate Etc.

  58. What happened when the Guardian asked me for an interview

     You guys know the Guardian, right? The ones so fearlessly reporting on the personal sports teams, lives, sexuality …


  59. Table For 2

    The other day, we had a shoot for a programme called “Table For 2” with Chef Anis Nabilah..
    It’s about fine dining in …

    Barely Supermommy

  60. Emily Lund: Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Having Children (Now Leave Me Alone)!

    10) A tearing vagina – nope!  I don’t think I need to write any more than that.
    9) Pee, poop, and vomit that is not …

    Drinkers with Writing Problems

  61. AriZona Iced Tea’s Open Letter to Miley Cyrus

    The following epic beyond epic letter posed from the perspective of Jim Sterch, of AriZona IcedTea’s …

  62. Ailaic, un espacio vivo que inspira creatividad + Sorteo de una plaza para su taller de sushi

    Hoy os quiero hablar de un espacio que he descubierto hace poco en Barcelona y que me encanta por la creatividad que …


  63. I am inconvenienced, but I am ALIVE…

    Before I had even reached the station, I knew today’s journey to Birmingham would be sluggish at best. A  kindly …

    Robinince's Blog

  64. Dwarf Fortress: A Marxist Analysis

    One of the centerpieces of Marxist theorizing about history, that philosophy of history generally known as ‘historical …

    Notes & Commentaries

  65. De methoden van de AIVD in beeld

    Waarschijnlijk herinnert u zich deze dame nog wel. Op een dag verscheen zij spontaan bij het Beatrix Theater in Utrecht …

    Martin Vrijland

  66. As forças de segurança e as 40 horas

    No Diário de Notícias de hoje saíram hoje dois artigos, um da autoria de Bartolomeu da Costa Cabral [1]   (membro …

    Segurança e Ciências Forenses

  67. Malala Yousafzai and the White Saviour Complex

    by Assed Baig

    An edit of this article was first published on the Huffington Post website

    When Malala Yusufzai …

    Media Diversity UK

  68. LE GAG DU JOUR. Libye: le Premier ministre libyen Ali Zeidan a été kidnappé dans la capitale Tripoli

    TRIPOLI, Libye – Après la tentative d’enlèvement d’Abdel-Hakim Badran, tête du conseil local de la Mizdah dans ses …

    Allain Jules

  69. Os tenebrosos efeitos do tabaco

    O mundo está cada vez mais tecnológico, algo que, sabemos, não é sempre uma vantagem. Não é o caso. A mais …

    Umbigo Púdico

  70. I will see you again baby sooner than later

    Cancer Kickin' Girl

  71. Not Quite Done Yet?

    Interesting take from TSN’s Bob McKenzie last night during the Insider Trading segment of TSN’s intermission report …

    The Oilers Rig

  72. อัตราแรกจ้างพนักงานจบใหม่ตามวุฒิการศึกษา […]

    และแล้วผลการสำรวจค่าจ้างเงินเดือนของ PMAT …

    Prakal's Blog

  73. Time to check all of your books!

    @Beathhigh brought my attention to this great video showing a secret fore edge …

    Richard Wiseman

  74. Gamecube Saw More Support Between August And December Than Wii U

    NeoGaf user Aquamarine has complied a list showing the amount of Wii U games from August to December and has compared …

    My Nintendo News

  75. El novio (I)

    “Y bueh, un polvo de despedida no se le niega a nadie”, me dijo Danilo. Toda una invitación a la resignación. …

    No me quieren ni para dejarme

  76. Manhosices

    A campanha iniciada pelo Record, e que hoje ganha proporções épicas, no sentido de passar a ideia de que o Sporting …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  77. คนอวดผี 9 ตุลาคม 2556 ล่าสุด

    รายการ คนอวดผี 9 ตุลาคม 2556 ล่าสุด

    คนอวดผี …

    ดูทีวีออนไลน์ ช่อง3 5 7 9 ย้อนหลัง

  78. Što zapravo radi Linić?

    1. Za početak, znam da će me mnogi kolege poduzetnici i investitori kritizirati, ali molim da pročitaju bez …


  79. Dead but Won’t Admit It

    Dead teams are dead and buried long before they admit it. They yearn for life. But, in the end, they just suck air …

    Leadership Freak

  80. Not at New York Comic-Con Sweepstakes

    Tor Books is heading to New York Comic-Con!
    We hope to see many of you there. Stop by Booth #2223 to say hi or to …

    Tor/Forge's Blog

  81. Rigipsar român din Italia către cei care conduc România

    Nu vreau să îmi înființez firmă offshore, nu vreau să îmi înmatriculez mașina în Bulgaria, nu vreau să …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  82. Ne tyhmät kysyjät

    Jo ensimmäisenä opiskeluvuotenani silloisessa Teknillisessä Korkeakoulussa muistan erään fysiikan kurssin …


  83. 14 ใบปิดตัวละครร้อนเร่าจาก Nymphomaniac […]

    ยกนิ้วให้ทีมการตลาดและประชาสัมพันธ์ของหน …


  84. Luthfi: Bunda Putri Dekat dengan SBY

    Kualitas Pemimpin PKS ya seperti ini.. Sudah jelas salah, korup dan mesum masih coba bawa orang lain. Wajar akhirnya …

    Indonesian Companies News

  85. 一番カッコ悪い言い訳




  86. Is It Time For It To Snow This Winter?

    I show this chart every time I visit a school:

    It shows the past 14 winter’s worth of snow in Portland. …

    FOX 12 Weather Blog

  87. Minh chủ không tự nhiên sinh ra

    Diễn đàn Thế kỷ

    Lê Diễn Đức


    Lộ trình dân chủ cho Việt Nam đang ở trong …


  88. University of Iowa chemist decries evolution in school magazine; colleagues object but Discovery Institute applauds

    Dr. Ned Bowden, an associate professor of chemistry at the University of Iowa, has written a piece for a university …

    Why Evolution Is True

  89. Special edition CEO Message: Physician employment study paints a troubling picture

    Dear Colleagues,

    Last November I sent you a message to express my concern about the growing problem of physician …

    Message from the CEO

  90. REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Reunion Show Part II Preview… FEBUSzoid Goes Berserk On Teresa Giudice!

    More of the same on the next RHONJ Reunion show… ‘cept FEBUSzoid gets louder!   Perhaps she looked in the mirror and …


  91. Un giorno ti sparano contro, e cambia la tua vita

    Riceviamo e volentieri pubblichiamo dal collega che ha vissuto sulla sua pelle quanto descrive. L’anonimato è dovuto …

    Il Calendario della Vigilanza Privata

  92. #bakfasaden?

    Det er mye snakk om at vi bruker sosiale medier til å gi omverdenen inntrykk at vi er mer vellykkede enn vi egentlig …

    Henriette Høyer

  93. Biodiversity Offsetting – the consultation and what needs to be said

    Biodiversity offsets ‘are conservation activities designed to deliver biodiversity benefits in compensation for losses …

    Woodland Matters

  94. Update on Lauren Kay Johnson, AF veteran

    A few days ago I published a post about Lauren Kay Johnson, an Air Force veteran of Afghanistan …


  95. মা বোনকে বউ বানিয়ে

    মা বোনকে বউ বানিয়ে

    সকাল দশটা। সবিতার …

    Bour er sathe Sohag Rat..Pase Sasuri…moja na!!!!!!!

  96. PHOTO: Princeton to Wear Hobey Baker-Era Throwback Jerseys

    The Princeton hockey program is one steeped in tradition. The school’s hockey team was established in 1900, making …

    The United States of Hockey

  97. Obamacare Premium Rates As Low As $1

    At the very same moment the government shutdown its “non-essential’ activities, Obamacare’s insurance exchange …

    Young Progressive Voices

  98. First Sight Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar200NS, besar nan gagah

    pertama kali ketemu kawasaki bajaj pulsar 200ns itu……
    besar nan gagah

    dengan tinggi 160 cm ( tanpa sepatu ), … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  99. Mariam Mokhtar on the Imbecilic Home Affairs Minister

    October 10, 2013
    Mariam Mokhtar on the Imbecilic Home Affairs Minister
    Home Minister Ahmad …

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  100. 3 More new photos of Shebesh and Sonko holding each other- Romantically



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