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  1. I Am Canadian, A Reply to Bell’s Open Letter

    Dear Mr. Cope,

    Amongst your many traits as CEO of Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), tenacity, enthusiasm for your …

    Angelus Novus

  2. “Los científicos descubren lo que está matando a las abejas, y es peor de lo que se pensaba”

     Inicio esté blog en este caluroso mes de agosto con esta noticia que recibí por mail hace un par de días. Muchos …


  3. Gezi Parkı Olayları

    “Mesele”yi Anlama Kılavuzu! Ya da Gezi’deki Çevreci Gençlere Yapılanlar!

    Gezi Parkı Olayları, Gezi Direnişi …

    deniz atam®'s Blog

  4. Three Reasons to Get Upset About CrossFit

    About 13 months ago, I arrived home for lunch and found that all three elevators were out in my building.

    I was …

    Awkward Athlete

  5. Repost Alert: The Hideousness of Janet Lim Napoles and Some Public Servants

    I stumbled over this shocking revelation on a blog. Read on and contemplate.
    Janet Lim Napoles has strong ties before …

    Bespectacled Freak

  6. Defective Heat Sinks Causing Garbage Gaming

    Sometimes being hot is not cool. When Valve’s customers have performance problems in our games we sometimes ask them …

    Random ASCII

  7. Deal for Cuban Might Not Happen At All

    Everybody waiting for the Phillies to officially announce an agreement with Cuban right-hander Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez …

    The Zo Zone

  8. WWE SmackDown (Cobertura y resultados 9 de agosto de 2013)

  9. ¡Incesto!: abusó de su hermanita de 8 años

    Los hechos fueron denunciados por la mamá
    Ocurrió en un domicilio de Lomas del Sol

    Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.- …

    Colectivo Pericú

  10. kMSt ver. 1.2.487 – Dual Blade and Cannon Shooter Changes!

    A Tespia patch has been released, containing the Dual Blade and Cannon Shooter changes which we were hinted towards …

    Orange Mushroom's Blog

  11. NASA confirms sun’s magnetic field is about to flip

    August 6, 2013 – SPACE – Something big is about to happen on the sun. According to measurements from NASA-supported …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  12. When basics turn into musts

    Hi there guys! First of all, I´m sorry about some pics quality! We took these photos when the night had almost came …

    Trendy Taste

  13. Muffin Kalıbında Tel Kadayıf

    Allah, mümin erkeklere ve mümin kadınlara, içinde ebedî kalmak üzere altından ırmaklar akan cennetler ve Adn …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  14. Analisa Syair Sgp RABU,07/08/2013



    Kembang kempisx jadi suara,
    Hampa terasa enam satu sanggar pelangi,
    Laju indahx …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  15. The International #3 Days 4-6 Group Stage.

    I know I know, we’re really late with a blog post. Days 4 and 5 were about 12-14 hours long for both the players as …

    Team zEn|†h

  16. Part 2, Sinyalemen Bocor Aluus 6 Kode New Produk Honda . . . Honda K45

    Bro sekalian, Setelah Honda K03S, Pecahan Puzzle kedua dari total 6 yang akan tmcblog ceritakan secara berseri dan …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  17. Janet Napoles’ Pork Barrel Scam: Theft from a Nation?

    Update as of Aug 4, 2013: Overwhelmed by the interest in the blog generated a comment written by “Mr. Anonymous …

    mom and pop moments

  18. Pinker debones the “scientism” canard

    I’ve written about scientism for several years, and have highlighted the many people, including Philip Kitcher, Massimo …

    Why Evolution Is True

  19. JB: Konsten att sätta sprätt på en miljard

    JB-koncernen gick i konkurs i våras. Nu visar det sig att mer än en miljard kronor fattas i …


  20. [PICS] 130807 Jaejoong at a Ddeokbokki Place

    Note: These pictures were taken at Yo Run Ddeokbokki (their homepage). The guy with Jaejoong is Stanley Hawi, a Kenyan …


  21. Climate Changers Endorse Nuclear Power – Why Now?

    Guest essay by Joseph Somsel

    Go back and re-watch Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth from 2006 and you’ll find that he …

    Watts Up With That?

  22. 22 Signs You’re An Ex-Convent School Girl

    1. You’re cool with doing the heavy lifting – as long as it’s manageable. What? Wait for the guys to come help out? …

    natalie kay-es-el

  23. Punya Honda Vario 125??. Hati-hati sisi satu ini….

    Bro dan sis sekalian….tidak satupun menyangkal desain matic Honda satu ini memang aduhai. Lekuk-lekuk tajam dengan …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  24. Edisi Special Lebaran

    Kami selaku Pimpinan KALIKOA BLOGS dan keluarga besar admin KALIKOA blogs, Mengucapkan.., Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri …

    KALIKOA Blog's

  25. காம உலா : 25 வயது வாலிபனோடு இரயிலில் ஓர் இரவு

    காம உலா : 25 வயது வாலிபனோடு இரயிலில் ஓர் இரவு …

    தேவடியாள் காமக்கதைகள்

  26. tuesday update

    SHORT TERM: market drops more than expected, DOW -93

    Overnight the Asian markets lost 0.9%. Europe opened lower and …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  27. RHOC: The Finale… Ryan v Lydia’s FairyDustin’ Mother… Ryan Says Bravo Edited The “Sofa Segment”… Says He Has […]

    On last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County, the main story line was that of Vicki Gunvalson’s son-in-law, Ryan …


  28. Bỏ rơi ma vương tổng tài – Chương 292

    Muốn mang bài đi đâu xin nói trước với mình một tiếng, ghi rõ editor, dẫn link về nguồn và …


  29. Go Miller Go!

    It’s been exactly 1 week and 1 day since we found out our sweet, handsome, curious and daring son has a terrible …

    Go Miller Go's Blog

  30. Syair Sgp Rabu 07/08/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  31. Written Interview With Lemonnation

    So recently I got the chance to ask Lemonnation a couple questions. I would just like to first thank him for taking …

    An Analysis of LoL Esports

  32. Yo sobreviví al casting de ‘Exodus’ en Pechina. Almería no está a la altura a la hora de la verdad.

    Yo sobreviví al casting de Exodus en Pechina, que no es poco. Por la mañana nada indicaba que la jornada de iba a …

    Perdida en mi realidad…

  33. Du cannabis pour décontaminer les terres de Fukushima ?

    Des expériences réalisées sur les sols de Tchernobyl démontreraient que la culture de Marijuana permet de purifier …


  34. Major fire reported from JKIA in Nairobi


    (Posted 07th August 2013 05.55 …

    Wolfganghthome's Blog

  35. La vérité très indésirable sur la chimiothérapie

    Cela fait des années que la chimiothérapie est dénigrée par de très nombreux cancérologues, français et …

    Réseau International

  36. Economic Committee Member: Iraqi dinar will see an improvement in price against the US dollar during the coming period

    07-08-2013 07:48 AM

    Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Committee said economic and investment Deputy of the …

    The Currency Newshound

  37. Another Country

    In my blog yesterday I gave my honest answer as to why I opposed Jim McColl’s attempted no dough takeover of …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  38. Jaymes Diaz “Probably Gave Too Much Away”: Abbott

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott conceded that the Liberal candidate for the seat of Greenway, Jaymes Diaz, overstepped …

    The Shovel

  39. SFA Confirms Mr Mather Got It Wrong About Rangers and the Administration Penalties

     The SFA has responded to the demands by Mr Mather and Mr McCoist for an explanation of the “anomalies” regarding …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  40. Ogłoszenia o pracy z 1988

    To z pisma muzycznego NonStop 11/145 z 1988 czy 89

    ochotniczy hufiec blogowania

  41. Why I spent $300 to go to a Neil Gaiman book signing and didn’t get anything signed

    On Tuesday night, I spent $300 to go to the Neil Gaiman book signing at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. I left …


  42. حسين طائب، روحانی که به انقلاب تجاوز کرد

    “حسین طائب به شنود مکالمات مقامات ارشد ایران متهم شد”

    حسین …

    نامه های بی پاسخ

  43. [VIDEO] Young teen beaten on school bus: Does this victim look like your son, Mr. President?

    Travyon Martin’s hoodie defines race in America today. Don’t believe me?

    Ask an impeachable authority—none …

    Flyover Culture

  44. Hợp đồng hôn nhân 100 ngày [Hồi 6 – Ch.260: Dây dưa – P2]

    Hồi 6 – Chương 260: Dây dưa – P2Nam Cung Nghiêu nhéo cái mũi nhỏ của con gái. “Sao nào? Không thích …

    Thanh Dạ

  45. Chito Miranda Neri Naig scandal video?

    Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda and his girlfriend, actress Neri Naig, is currently in hot water after a …

    The Filipino Scribe

  46. FOR WHITES (LIKE ME): on white kids

    Dear parents of white children,

    I vote that we strike the following from our parental lexicon:

    “Everybody is …

    formations. // living at the intersections of self, social, spirit.

  47. IIM Ahmedabad revises selection criteria for batch of 2014-16

    Note: The following post is based on the IIM A PGP 2014-16 admission criteria released by the IIM Ahmedabad Admission …

    The IIM Ahmedabad Blog

  48. End Game update: Mounting evidence suggests Israeli strike on Iran approaching.

    (Denver, Colorado) — Evidence is mounting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is increasingly prepared to …

    Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

  49. Sgp Kamis, 08/08/2013

    ADHI LUWUK Blog's™

  50. The Megatooth Shark: Megalodon

    I’m at the Ecological Society of America meetings this week, so invited grad students Meghan Balk and Catalina Pimiento …

    The Contemplative Mammoth

  51. Chateau Sheree Update!

    While I have been offline the people who actually live in the neighborhood  of Chateau Sheree have  been furiously …

    Tamara Tattles No Tea, No Shade

  52. 極抵!即搶!ANA飛東京大阪$1,900,大時大節連明年暑假都有!

    7/8 15:21 Updated:原來係漏洞價!ANA已經下咗架,訂唔到鳥~

    7/8 01:56 Updated:呢隻fare連Open …


  53. US – Navy abandons plan to fix nuclear sub burned in Maine

    The repairs were expected to cost $450 million, after a man set fire to it at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in …

    Submarine Diary

  54. „Nu vă trataţi copilul ca pe un prieten”. Riscurile sunt colosale

    O întreagă generaţie creşte cu un comportament deviant pentru că părinţii se tem să îşi disciplineze copiii, …

    Nelu Sabău's Weblog

  55. PhD lifestyle guilt

    This post was written by Paula Hanasz who is currently writing a thesis on the geopolitics of water security in South …

    The Thesis Whisperer

  56. 4 Reasons Christians Need to Quit Sharing Hoaxes

    From Christians to atheists and beyond, my Facebook friends run the ideological gamut. I’m blessed to have thoughtful …

    Reason for Change

  57. After jamboree, Connecticut Scouter returned to his car to find this…

    Connecticut Scouter Gary had just finished a “wonderful week serving on the national jamboree staff” when he returned …

    Bryan on Scouting

  58. Share Readmill Highlights to Your WordPress Site

    At, we love to read. We’re delighted to announce that our partner Readmill has implemented sharing to … News

  59. Este homem que se chama Eduardo Miranda (Dudu), pode ser um próximo Amarildo. O Brasil precisa salvá-lo.

    Este homem pode ser o próximo Amarildo!
    Este homem se chama Eduardo Miranda (Dudu). Ele está preso em Mato Grosso do …


  60. Guy has his Amazon package stolen and goes on the most hilarious crusade ever to catch the thief

    A man in Arizona who had his Amazon deliver of K-cups and ice cube trays stolen from his front porch is not taking it …


  61. Erkek Kardeşim Büyümüşte Beni Sikiyor

    Öncelikle bu sitedeki hikyelerin tamamına yakınını okudum ve sonra bu küçük sırrımızı sizlerle paylaşmaya …

    Erotik Hikayeler,Sex Hikayeleri,Ensest Hikayeler,Gerçek Sex Hikayeleri,Porno Hikayeleri

  62. በፒያሳ መሃል አስገራሚ ነገር ተከሰተ

    posted by Aseged Tamene


  63. Dear NYS, What to Do When Your Scores Come Out Tomorrow

    Schools have started hearing preliminary score reporting today and tomorrow is the official release of the results of …

    Christopher Lehman

  64. Public Assistance in Identifying People in Pictures

    The Rayne Police Department is attempting to identify the people in the following pictures. If you can identify anyone …

    City of Rayne Police Department

  65. Flitting

    In Scots, “to flit” means to move house. Scots is full of great words that were once common in many English dialects, …

    Kate Davies Designs

  66. Look at this and then blink….

    @JohnnyMcQuade sent me this great illusion yesterday – basically, look at this and then blink – what did you see?  It …

    Richard Wiseman

  67. DESCOPERIRE DE SENZATIE FACUTA DE ARHEOLOGII ROMANI – un oraș imens, cel mai vechi din Transilvania, și chiar mai […]

    DESCOPERIRE FABULOASĂ, la Hundeoara!Ce s-a găsit sub …


  68. Hoje joga o Sporting!

    E eu quero voltar a divertir-me!

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  69. Fun, love for football, Mullen’s messages in fall camp

    “No juice points,” Dan Mullen yelled at a walking defensive lineman. “Zero juice points!”
    Walking around the …


  70. Here is How the UK Govt Hid 1 million Jobless From Official Unemployment Figures

    One of the purported achievements of the Coalition government’s disastrous economic policy of austerity, has been the …

    Scriptonite Daily

  71. Assis, irmão de Ronaldinho Gaúcho, é acusado de mandar matar ex-presidente do Porto Alegre F.C

    Antonio Raul Fraga, primeiro presidente do Porto Alegre Futebol Clube, fundado pelo próprio, em 2006, acusa o …

    Blog do Paulinho

  72. Ryan Culberson Attacks Judy Stirling & More From RHOC Season 8 Finale

    Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County ended with the ladies gathered around discussing their …

    Friendly Dish

  73. ‘CITY OF ASHES’ Casting Rumor: Is Lily Cole the Seelie Queen?

    According to, Constantin Film is holding a casting call for The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes in …

    TMI Source

  74. Le nuove frontiere del dolore e dell’inganno

    di Costanza Miriano

    Caro bambino che per nove mesi hai ascoltato una voce che non sentirai mai più, che hai …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  75. A história minimalista do Galo na Libertadores 2013

  76. Prediksi & Syair SGP Rabu 07-08-2013


    Kilolima Blog's™

  77. [30] 뒷골목 유흥문화, 인터넷과 만나다?

    뒷골목 유흥문화, 인터넷과 만나다?
    유흥산업은 지하경제 가장 큰 축을 담당하고 …

    Under the Radar

  78. The Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Apple

    Blame Mike Daisey. He drew me into this mess of a research project with his appearance on This American Life in …


  79. Woodstock – najpierw idea, potem muzyka

    Wbrew tytułowi, zacznę od muzyki. Nie dlatego, że Jurek Owsiak we krwi ma utyskiwanie na  brak zainteresowania …

    Artur Rawicz

  80. Why I Called Out Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer

    I have been preaching for 20 years.  Yesterday I did something that I have never done before in a sermon.  I publicly …

    Church Is Messy (and that's a good thing)

  81. #500: Online Dating for Scaredy-Cats, or, Why The “Overthinking It” Tag Was Created

    Dear Captain Awkward,

    I’m in my late twenties. I have extremely minimal experience in forging or seeking …

  82. La rue des rosiers ? Adjugée vendue !

    On le sait, cette rue mythique du judaïsme parisien, et français dans son ensemble,  en a vu passer de toute …

    Actualités Feuj

  83. Scuf Gaming Partner With Avenged Sevenfold To Release The Avenged Hybrid Controller.

    Scuf Gaming has partnered with Avenged Sevenfold to release the ‘SCUF Avenged’ Hybrid controller. With a reprinting of …

  84. Ενας τρελός, τρελός, τρελός διάλογος

    (Συνέβη στη θαλάσσια περιοχή της ΒΔ Ισπανίας). Ο παρακάτω …

  85. Debasing the Dovetails

    The real challenge in teaching a class on “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” is this: How can I make woodworkers cut …

    Lost Art Press

  86. 7 Ağustos 2013, YENİAY ASLAN BURCU’nda … VOLTRAN’daki Yerimizi Bulma Zamanı

    6 Ağustos’u 7 Ağustos’a bağlayan gece, saat 01:00’e doğru YENİAY, Aslan Burcu’nun 14.34 derecesinde …

    Bir Yol Haritası Olarak Astroloji

  87. Is This Play Okay?

    A woman asked me recently whether I thought the play happening between her own dogs was worrisome. She was concerned …

    Wilde About Dogs

  88. Pickup Artist: Marrying a woman over 25 is like paying double for nearly expired milk

    Red Pill ideology isn’t just hateful and misogynistic; it’s also a remarkably bleak way to look at the world, even …

    man boobz

  89. Naming names

    I have decided to name some names of people involved in this …

    Ema Teapot

  90. Job Interview

    Hey – Stefan, right? Come on in. Take a seat. Coffee? Tea? Oh, “you’re good?” Haha, let’s hold off on saying that until …

    Boring As Heck

  91. Jak po imieniu poznać czy kobieta jest łatwa?

    Wiecie co to jest 10 facetów po 30 – tce w spa nad Bugiem? Wieczór kawalerski.

    Tak, wiem upadliśmy nisko. …

    Pokolenie Ikea

  92. Is this Ivorian Winger The Final Piece in the Jigsaw?

    Joe Kinnear revealed earlier this week that Newcastle were hopeful of signing not only the two striker targets of Loic …

    The Spectator's View

  93. Is it all starting to unravel for the owners of Coventry City Football Club?

    SISU and the SISU nominated administrator are now under serious pressure.  The administration process of CCFC Ltd is …

    A Prison of Measured Time

  94. Ten Tips for Overcoming Discouragement

    I hate bubbly people. They’re out of touch with themselves, others, and the world. Leaders who never feel discouraged …

    Leadership Freak

  95. Email của bộ trưởng, cái lắc đầu của thứ trưởng

    Một thứ trưởng đã từ chối trả lời những thắc mắc của báo chí. Một cơ quan chính phủ …

    Đào Tuấn

  96. Er det verdt det?

    Dette var en Facebook oppdatering som endte som en tekst. Jo mer jeg stilte meg spørsmålet og funderte over utsagn …


  97. Inversione Campo Magnetico SOLARE… Ci Siamo Quasi!

    In base ai dati pervenuti dai vari osservatori solari e in accordo con i rilevamenti del satellite HINODE, il campo …


  98. Arne Duncan: We Lied to Our Children and Now We Tell the Truth: “You Failed!”

    The scores are out for New York, and they are devastating.

    The story in the New York Times reports:
    Across the …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  99. In Loving Memory of Matt Ryd, Musician & Eating Disorder Activist

    Last year at the end of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I stumbled on another guy named Matt, a musician from Chicago …

    …Until Eating Disorders Are No More

  100. Asutteko te täällä?

    Mikä meitä suomalaisia vaivaa? Missä muualla ihmiset varjelevat taloyhtiön hiekkalaatikkoa vielä 60-vuotiainakin? …

    Puuroa lattialla

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