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  1. Korean News Station Pokes Fun at KTVU with Fake American Pilot Names After Southwest Airlines Landing Gear Failure

    You probably remember KTVU’s royal eff up with reading obviously fake Asian names for the pilots of the Asiana crash. …


  2. امه واخته

    [تابعني على تويتر Rocketeer010@]

    كنت دائما أشتهي أمي لأن أبي كان …


  3. Ouders in snikhete auto achtergelaten

    OUDDORP – Twee ouders zijn zaterdag uit een snikhete auto gehaald, die op de Brouwersdam bij Ouddorp stond geparkeerd. …

    Stukkie lezen?

  4. Publish, Promote, Repeat: Dashboard Tools to Share Your Stuff with the World

    You’ve worked hard all day drafting a post, then click Publish to send it out into the world. Then, you crash for the … News

  5. Ui, quebraram a santa

    Geralmente, em virtude do papel que assume a religião na vida das mulheres, a menina, mais dominada pela mãe do que o …

    Revista Wireshoes

  6. On the 97 percenters: ‘You Must Admit, They Were Careful’

    Guest essay by Brandon Shollenberger

    It’s nothing but laundering lies. The authors don’t come out and directly …

    Watts Up With That?

  7. Oletko hyvässä kondiksessa? Kuka on kovin? Lihastohtorin haaste

    Mitä tarkoittaa, että urheilija on kovassa kunnossa? Yleisurheilun tilaa arvostellaan ja toki varmasti välillä …


  8. GRAN SEXTIL CÓSMICO ~ 29 de julio de 2013

    Este Gran Sextil Cósmico lo formarán siete planetas dispuestos en el cielo de tal modo que harán un gran hexagrama, …

    Noticiario del Nuevo Mundo

  9. Saksı Kebabı Tarifi

    ’’Müslüman müslümanın kardeşidir. Ona zulmetmez, onu (düşmanına) teslim etmez. Kim, (mümin) kardeşinin …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  10. [PICS] Preview of “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 2


  11. Do you want a perfect hair?

    Good morning girls! Today I want to share with you some pics and videos (sorry they are only in spanish) of my …

    Trendy Taste

  12. Jalur Pantura kini bak neraka…!!

    Emboh…apa yang salah dengan negeri ini. Apakah karena ketidak becusan pemerintah menahan pertambahan laju kendaraan …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  13. Rex Murphy writes the worst anti-atheist column ever; Graham Templeton takes him apart

    UPDATE: Over at Choice in Dying, Eric MacDonald, an ex Anglican priest, weighs in. His verdict has special weight since …

    Why Evolution Is True

  14. Napoles Daughter Celebrates 21st Birthday!

    The rich are different.

    No birthday parties at Jollibee or McDo.

    Watch and… enjoy… and learn how to party …


  15. Biến yêu thành cưới (Lục Xu) – Chương 75

    Chương 75: Cha con ăn ý
    Edit: 4ever13lue
    Beta: Lee, Sahara Xe của Cố Thừa Đông đã vòng vo …

    Sahara ~ Mong bình yên trở về…

  16. Hunger Games themed semi-iterated prisoner’s dilemma tournament

    With all the talk surrounding it, crowdsourcing science might seem like a new concept and it might be true for citizen …

    Theory, Evolution, and Games Group

  17. Analisa Syair Sgp SENIN,29/07/2013



    Cerita lama dua menyilang
    Sembilan satu duduk bersama
    Uluran tangan …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  18. Le inutilizó hermano pierna de un batazo

    Se liaron a golpes ayer en la tarde

    La Paz, B.C.S.- Vía radio, se dio aviso a elementos de la Policía Municipal de …

    Colectivo Pericú

  19. Sgp Senin, 29/07/2013


    ADHI LUWUK Blog's™

  20. The Crash Landing of Southwest 345

    Last week the plane my family and I were traveling on crash landed.

    I read somewhere that technically what we …

    Nick Bradbury

  21. Mio Fino akan 125 cc ?

    Bo sekalian, sungguh sebuah kejutan membaca tulisan blog aripitstop yang menemukan beberapa sinyalemen data bahwa Next …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  22. Area Man Not Sure He Wants Holy Ghost Coming Around Anymore

    Jason Nielson said he was uncomfortable inviting the Holy Ghost into his home after the Spirit commented on the …

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  23. Meet our friend from Africa!

    După duminică plină nu îmi doream decât să ajung acasă, să vină și Raul de la salon și să lenevim în pat …


  24. CM Punk habla acerca de su mala actitud y su relación con Brock Lesnar y Vince McMahon

    El autoproclamado “mejor en el mundo” CM Punk fue entrevistado por CBS Chicago radio affiliate, donde respondió varias …

  25. Fans Eat Free for All August Games at Miller Park

    Fans should plan to bring their appetite for baseball, food and drinks to upcoming games at Miller Park because for the …

    John & Cait…Plus Nine

  26. English Football’s Biggest Clubs : REVEALED!

    It’s probably the biggest argument among football fans today; who is bigger than who? Rival clubs across the country …

    The Chris Whiting Show

  27. Civil War Unavoidable As Tyrone Lay Claim To Ballinderry Outright

    Tensions are running high tonight in Ballinderry after a leaked document from the ‘maps department’ at Stormont …

    Tyrone Tribulations

  28. #495: Snarky Comebacks for Sexists in Academia

    Dear Captain Awkward:

    Do you have any snappy comebacks for when someone says “You only got into <insert institute …

  29. La OCU rectifica: el valor de la divulgación científica

    Contento, muy contento. Así estoy por la decisión que ha tomado la Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios (OCU) …


  30. Ferește…cade FRANTA!

    Uniunea Europeana se pregătește de falimentul Franței.

    Si n-o mai zic doar eu, Mihai Giurgea. Acum o zic si …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  31. Gary Menggoda CL 2NE1 Di ‘Running Man’

    Pada tanggal 28 Juli, 2NE1 menjadi tamu istimewa untuk bergabung dengan anggota “Running Man”.

    Untuk episode ini, …


  32. To Think Again

    An emphatic win  over Albion Rovers in the Ramsden Cup was a great way for Rangers to begin the season in earnest …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  33. O raio da galinha da vizinha e uma implacável cultura de exigência que nasceu há quatro meses

    Época 2011-2012. Leonardo Jardim era, então, treinador do Braga. Em Alvalade, 50 mil enchiam as bancadas, …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  34. The Return of Mubarak’s Children

    The children of Mubarak have returned.

    It would be foolish to believe that Mubarak spent 30 years of ruling without …

    Abdullah al Andalusi

  35. Ruins of forgotten empires: APL languages

    One of the problems with modern computer technology: programmers don’t learn from the great masters. There is such a …

    Locklin on science

  36. Jornada Internacional da juventude: celebração e compromisso

     No pensamento social e filosófico a questão da  fé não está em alta. Antes pelo contrário, a maioria dos …

    Leonardo Boff

  37. ISDs – know the signs

    Ed note: The following is a spoof based on the DSM’s diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The American …

    a diary of a mom

  38. Prediksi dan syair sgp, Rabu, 31/07/2013

    SYDNEY : …

    KALIKOA Blog's

  39. 7/28/13-Something Current-LAD-1,CIN-0 by Jon SooHoo/©LA Dodgers,LLC 2013

    Dodgers Photog Blog

  40. A Good Day

    The fever came last night, 102.8 and her cheeks flushed. We called Oncology, the usual procedure, and it hurt just a …

    An Atypical Miracle

  41. So this is what everyone’s been laughing about

    The social media has been going viral about “80 years in Tasmania according to Abbott” and I had no idea what anybody …

    Café Whispers

  42. Ben Laden – Les habitants d’Abbottabad: “Tout est faux, rien ne s’est passé”

    Oussama Ben Laden est officiellement mort le 2 mai 2011 dans une opération des forces spéciales américaines à …


  43. … Green For The Anti-Pineapple

    Following on from the previous Post (Blue for the Pineapple…). I now want to introduce the …

    Pentura Labs's Blog

  44. Georgia/Clemson, a Steele-y comparison

    The season opener is about a month away, so maybe it’s time to get the ball rolling, discussion-wise.  Thought it …

    Get The Picture

  45. The No Plan Plan

    Remember when you were in high school and you thought you had your whole life planned out? Maybe you didn’t exactly …

    So I Married A Baseball Player…

  46. አዲስ አበባ ውስት ወሲብ መኪና ውስጥ የፈጽሙ ፍቅረኛሞች ተያዙ

    couples caught for having sex in the car in Addis
     posted by Aseged Tamene


  47. Белое мясо для секс-джихада


    Отцы-основатели …


  48. FD Shooting with the legends: The Hasselblad 903 SWC

    All of Hasselblad’s SWC (originally ‘Supreme Wide Angle, then Super Wide Angle, then abbreviated from ‘Super Wide …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  49. Pope’s parting gift to journalists: an 80-min. unscripted Q&A

    ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM BRAZIL — Although he had told reporters on the way to Brazil that he did not like giving …

    CNS Blog

  50. David Cameron starts his own inquisition against magic

    If UK Prime minister David Cameron gets his way, esoteric sites such as this one will be banned in the UK.

    In a move …

    Watcher of the Dawn

  51. A ruína dos Franciscanos da Imaculada.

    Uma das ordens religiosas mais florescentes do mundo. Proibidos de celebrar a Missa Tradicional – uma manobra Aviz e …

    Fratres in

  52. Vụ án Tiên Lãng: Quan trên thề nuốt…kê cân

    Hôm nay, 29/7/2013, phiên tòa phúc thẩm liên quan đến gia đình anh Đoàn Văn Vươn diễn ra tại trụ …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  53. Syair Sgp Rabu 31/07/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  54. Tebak Angka Rabu 31Juli 2013

    Haimoso Blog

  55. تاثیرات مستقیم مستند «رضا شاه» در رسانه های اینترنتی و تلویزیونی

    مستند بسیار زیبای «رضا شـــــــاه بـــــــزرگ» که دیشب در شبکه …

    وب سایت رسمی امید دانا

  56. Woman suffers knife injury in Wester Hailes

    Police in Edinburgh are investigating following an incident in the Hailes Park area of the city.

    A woman in her 30s …

    Live Edinburgh News

  57. Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap

    I am sorry this will be a late recap because I am still without INTERNET! And it is driving me crazy. It is an issue …

    Tamara Tattles No Tea, No Shade

  58. El desenlace del Caso Ayón, la historia de una repatriación abortada

    Se disputó la primera jornada de la liga ACB. El Barça perdió contra el CB Valladolid, Xavi Pascual exigía …

    El contraataque


    In light of Melissa Gorga’s most recent PR interview, in which she states that her “fans” don’t remember the …


  60. Universitário desaparecido na PUC é encontrado em São Paulo

    Foi encontrado na noite deste sábado em São Paulo o estudante de Engenharia Civil Luiz Fernando Souza Demario, de 17 …

    BandNews FM Curitiba

  61. Knicks Rumor Rundown: Delonte, Carmelo, Johnson, Tyler, and More

    Tommy RothmanHere are the latest updates in the world of Knicks Rumors The Knicks are pursuing PG Delonte West. West …

    New York Knicks Memes

  62. Cristina E’ Morta

    Domenica 28 luglio 2013. Marina di Massa. Ero contenta perché c’era il sole, ero contenta perché pensavo di …


  63. Public Enemy :「Jay Z跟Snoop Dogg 做的不是嘻哈音樂。」

    Public Enemy 的 Flavor Flav 跟 Chuck D 宣稱 Jay-Z、Snoop Dogg 及 Kendrick Lamar …

    搖滾客 roxyrocker

  64. GUERRE EN SYRIE. Victoire (officiel): après Homs, cap sur la ville d’Alep la capitale économique ?

    HOMS, Syrie – La presse tente en vain de s’accrocher à quelque chose pour parler de la Syrie victorieuse de Bachar …

    Allain Jules

  65. VEJA RÁPIDO! Trailer do novo Homem-Aranha

    Aí nerdaiada maldita, algum gaiato filmou durante a Comic-Con, Então rápida e rasteiramente, sem mimimi, assista …

  66. Os bos e xenerosos de Angrois

    Creo que extraín varias leccións da traxedia do Alvia en Santiago, a primeira delas é o aprezo súbito que lle vén …

    Un país en lata

  67. Guest Post By JP – On Football, Bigotry and the Way Ahead

    I herald from a rather notorious area of religious divide, an area which even by your west of Scotland standards is …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  68. Usilnie próbuję zrozumieć zachowanie faceta

    W starciu kobiety z mężczyzną ktoś musi się podporządkować. Ktoś musi być silniejszy. I oczywiście strona …

    Pokolenie Ikea

  69. Les Miserables Taught Me How to Hate Again

    ***Repost from December 28, 2012. I’ll be back to posting new blogs on Tuesday, August 6.

    Last night I went to a …

    The Matt Walsh Blog

  70. Letter to the NC General Assembly: I Can No Longer Afford to Teach

    Dear members of the North Carolina General Assembly,The language in this letter is blunt because the facts are not …

    making our way

  71. Giọng hát Việt The voice Vietnam Tập 9 ngày 28/7/2013 – Full video

    [Giong hat Viet 2013 – The voice Viet nam tap 9 – Vong Doi dau The voice Vietnam 2013 – The voice Vietnam tap 9 …


  72. Portal – 7-29-13 – Manifest what you want NOW – AA Metatron

    And so it begins the first stepping stone into the golden age has been built. We congratulate you children of light, we …

    Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe

  73. Quebrar santos: liberdade religiosa e outros elefantes brancos

    Linguagem é poder. Não agora no sentido de que palavras ofensivas podem ser usadas como forma de violência, ataque e …


  74. Some Food for Thought on this Jay Z/ Harry Belafonte Thang

    About this Jay Z / Harry Belafonte thing..One of the ways people look at this scenario is by noting that if the …

    Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

  75. Answer to the Friday Puzzle…..

    In case you haven’t heard, Rip It Up has just come out in paperback.  Just thought I would mention it.  No …

    Richard Wiseman

  76. Preserved loaf of bread discovered at Pompeii

    This is the ultimate piece of toast: a loaf of bread made in the first century AD, which was discovered at Pompeii, …

    The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things

  77. Se privatiza el Sol en España.”si te pillan recogiendo fotónes de luz solar para tu propio consumo te puede caer una […]

    Con el  terror que tienen las eléctricas a que se “desestabilice” el consumo eléctrico (por no decir desaparecer), a …

    La mentira del sistema

  78. Is Mark Minter, Misogynistic Marriage Mocker, Really Getting Married?

    Mark Minter, a bitter, angry, divorced man in his late fifties, made a name for himself over the last year or so in the …

    man boobz

  79. The F1 calendar for 2014

    It looks like the Formula 1 calendar in 2014 will have 19 or 20 races, depending on various financial and political …


  80. After-Match : Il faudra du temps!

    Photo EdS: Les Servettiens auraient pu perdre ce match et il aura fallu une défense et un Barroca sûrs d’eux pour …

    Les Enfants du Servette

  81. Michelin ready to bid for 2014 tyre deal

    Michelin’s interest in returning to F1 is genuine, sources close to the FIA have confirmed to this writer.

    While …

    Adam Cooper's F1 Blog

  82. EXCLUSIVE: The Navy wife behind “I Support the OLF” tells all!!

    It’s the story the Canadian-funded papers tried to get, but couldn’t. So I did.

    I know people. People who know …

    Coupeville Sports

  83. صور حديثة / تجهيز وجبة الإفطار في مضيف حرم الإمام الرضا عليه […]

    باقة الولاية ١١٠

  84. ADHS eine fabrizierte Erkrankung die es gar nicht gibt

    “ADHS ist ein Paradebeispiel für eine fabrizierte Erkrankung”, sagt nicht etwa ein Wirrkopf, sondern der “Erfinder …


  85. Article: Lia Marie Johnson Lovely As She Attends Variety’s Power Of Youth Event 7/27/13! (@LiaMarieJohnson)

    Actress / singer Lia Marie Johnson looked lovely as she attended Variety’s 7th Annual Power of Youth Event presented …





    Sinolo Maths

  87. CBI: dropping zeros, currency exchange will reduce the risk of errors accounting system


    Central Bank of Iraq confirmed that the process of printing a new currency with the deletion of three …

    The Currency Newshound

  88. Perfect lines (i know u want it) 〓

    Il y a quelques temps, en me baladant sur le net, je suis par hasard tombée sur des nail patch carrément trop canon. …


  89. Otras naves, otros naufragios/¡Schettino, vuelva a bordo, coño!

    1/ El capitán Schettino y el Costa Concordia
    Fernando Navarro/Navarth
    Así hablaba el 13 de enero de 2012 a las …

    El blog de Santiago González

  90. Fun|هناك 6 انواع من الراقصين في EXO….!!

    αяαв єxσтɪc ♥ ‘

  91. Mystery Science Cat Theater 2013

    Just how engaging is Walter Lewin?

    For more Walter Lewin fun, check out the upcoming MITx MOOC 8.01x Classical …

    Open Matters

  92. España: Una Ley contra los pueblos

    El Gobierno ha aprobado corriendo y sin consenso  un proyecto de ley llamado de Racionalización y Sostenibilidad de …

    Periodismo Alternativo

  93. If George Zimmerman Had Wings…

    ..and hellfire missiles, he’d be the current foreign policy of the United States.

    I know, criticizing/debating …


  94. Photos: ‘The Mortal Instruments’ cast at Mall of America

    Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers attended a Mortal Instruments mall tour event at the Mall of …

    TMI Source

  95. Furto con esplosione al Centro Commerciale

    I ladri fuggono col bottino
    Ammonterebbe all’incirca a 100 mila euro il bottino portato via questa notte dal Conad del …

    Cronache Nuoresi

  96. A girl set her boyfriend’s Car ablaze in Benin City

    Wonders shall never end! Yesterday in Benin City, Nigeria, a girl set her boyfriend’s “Range Rover Sport …

    Diamond Celebrities

  97. ضربت خوردن امام نقی!

    امام نقی (ع) در خوابی عمیق و سنگین بعد از جماع با سوسن (رض) بود که …


  98. La fille qui n’aimait pas les festivals : les Vieilles Charrues

    On m’avait dit que les Vieilles Charrues c’était dément.

    On m’avait dit que c’était le meilleur festival de …

    Rocknfool : It's Only Rock and Folk (but we like it)

  99. Hợp đồng hôn nhân 100 ngày [Hồi 5 – Ch.250: Chú à, chú rất giống cháu]

    Hồi 5 – Chương 250: Chú à, chú rất giống cháu
    Nam Cung Nghiêu sững người, dở khóc dở cười. …

    Thanh Dạ

  100. Era uma vez em Belo Horizonte (crônica sobre a história do futebol na capital mineira)

    Por Otávio OgandoEra uma vez, uma mãe bem gorda e carinhosa. Ela tinha dois filhos e os tratava com o mesmo amor. …

    Mesa Quadrada

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