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  1. Bank of America Bot Cares About You

    I’ll let the horror of automation speak for itself. Not that you need further reassurance that there are no “souls” …

    This page intentionally left ugly

  2. “Bochorno” y “ridículo” entre alumnos y profesores por la clase de Jorge Javier Vázquez en la URJC

    “Un motivo de bochorno más… basta ya”, “somos el hazmerreir de España una vez más”, “su única aportación es …


  3. حازم و نادية

    [تابعني على تويتر Rocketeer010@]
    كتبنا هذه القصة انا وزوجتي بعد ان …


  4. Tragedia en La Paz hoy en la madrugada

    Motociclista perdió la vida luego de ser embestido
    Una mujer lo arrolló para luego darse a la fuga
    El choque …

    Colectivo Pericú

  5. NASA Finds Message From God on Mars

    NASA announced today that its Curiosity Rover has found an unambiguous message from God written on tablets in a Martian …


  6. How to Talk to Artists at Art Festivals- The Do’s and Don’ts (Warning: You’ve probably been guilty of at least one of […]

    How to Talk to Artists – the Do’s & Don’ts (Warning: You’ve probably been guilty of at least one of the …

    the Year of Living Fabulously

  7. [PRESS PICS] 130707 JYJ at Incheon Airport Heading to France

    Note: The news are saying that they will be shooting a CF in France and that they will stay there for 1 week. (Cr. …


  8. Analisa Syair Sgp MINGGU,07/07/2013

    3S IRCHE.H

    3S RIZAL.H

    PUE BARAKA SEPULUH DUA dengar cerita… SEMBILAN teriak memanggil…
    di …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  9. Canadian Tragedy

    Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

    I was saddened to read this morning that a train with a load of crude oil derailed …

    Watts Up With That?

  10. Berikut simulasi kredit Kawasaki-Bajaj Pulsar 200NS….

    Bro dan sis sekalian…..secara resmi dealer Kawasaki sudah merilis simulasi kredit untuk sang triple spark. Tanda …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  11. To Being Doctors-to-be

    We who were always overachievers. Who missed the dusk of our adolescence solving multiple-choice questions.

    We who …

    Mrigank Warrier's Blog

  12. Sgp Minggu, 07/07/2013


    Adhi Luwuk's El Shaarawy Blog™

  13. Indiana hospital chain fires 865 employees because of Obamacare

    More job losses because of Obamacare.

    J.K.Wall reports for Independent Business Journal, June 28, 2013, that St. …

    Fellowship of the Minds

  14. In Memory Of Jim Geiermann

    It’s a sad day here at CC At The Movies as we learned that our much beloved contributor and friend Jim Geiermann passed …

    CC At The Movies

  15. Brilliant Egyptian Kid

    This video has gone viral on Arab social media and no question as to why. It shows a street interview with a kid who …

    Hummus For Thought

  16. UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman – Cobertura en vivo, apuestas, noticias y resultados – Weidman derrota a Anderson Silva, […]

    Ultimate Fighting Championship presenta UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman desde el MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, …

  17. Contra as tramóias da direita: sustentar a Dilma Roussef

    É notório que a direita brasileira especialmente aquela articulação de forças que sempre ocupou o poder de Estado …

    Leonardo Boff

  18. Review: The Sigma DP3 Merrill

    You’re probably wondering why this DP3M doesn’t look anything like the press release photos – my friend attached a RRS …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  19. Economic Committee Member calls for CBI to set a new IQD exchange rate; A real market price

    Member of the Economic Committee: the Central Bank set a new rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar
    07-07-2013 …

    The Currency Newshound

  20. Prediksi dan syair sgp, Senin, 08/07/2013


    SYDNEY : 9472 SHIO 12
    HOKKIAN : 6525 SHIO 01
    SGP : 6035 shio 11
    MALAYSIA : 6804 …

    KALIKOA Blog's

  21. Quan chức Tây Hồ ăn phải một lãnh đạo cơ quan báo chí Trung ương

    Đã ăn thoát vài trăm trường hợp của nông dân với tổng số tiền lên tới hàng nghìn tỉ. Nay, …


  22. Of Course Perry’s Got a Dog in this Fight

    I am not the first person to call attention to this, but I consider myself to be fairly up on the situation around …


  23. Syair Sgp Minggu 07/07/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  24. Jag sitter med under asylutredningar på Migrationsverket där personen jag företräder ställs frågor som ”Hur […]

    Det har gått ett år sedan jag skrev min examensuppsats Asylprövningen vid flyktingskap på grund av sexuell …


  25. Whatever happened to #8… Randall, Harper, Clohessy, Murphy, Nicolau


    Signed scholarship: 2006. Arsenal apps: 10. Subsequent career: Chesterfield.

    A former England …

    Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth

  26. Freak hailstorms dump tons of ice on New Mexico and Alberta, Canada

    July 6, 2013 – NEW MEXICO – A storm dumped inches of hail on Santa Rosa Wednesday evening leaving a lot of ice and …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  27. Bengt Göransson förklarar skillnaden mellan att säga medborgare & skattebetalare

    När Jonas Sjöstedt höll sitt tal i Almedalen i förrgår talade han flera gånger om skattebetalarna, att det var …

  28. If You Don’t Work, You Die

    I was reading a Nero Wolfe book the other day and there is a man we’re obviously supposed to dislike going on about …

    According To Hoyt

  29. Nuestra independencia

    Algunos siguen creyendo que tener patria es organizar viajar por el mundo, hacer que una pequeña parte del país se …

    Henrique Capriles Radonski

  30. Brunch

    – Miguel Lopes emprestado ao Lyon, com opção de compra de 10 milhões. Que o homem se lesione metade das vezes que se …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  31. Wenger v Ferguson: Who Was Greater? (And How To Talk To Extremists)

    So I was talking about Extremists. (If you didn’t read the last post, you might want to catch up. I can’t guarantee …


  32. A defense of evolutionary psychology (mostly by Steve Pinker)

    I’ve been known for a while as a critic of evolutionary psychology, particularly when it first began as “sociobiology” …

    Why Evolution Is True

  33. Whatever Happened to the Rangers EGM To Appoint Easdale and Sack Murray? Now Green Wants One!

    In May the “opposition” to Malcolm Murray as chairman of Rangers requisitioned an EGM. The purpose of this was to …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  34. Little things that people say that totally shift your perspective.

    When you’re depressed, stuff piles up. Mail goes unopened. Paperwork goes un-handled. Clean laundry lives in piles. …

  35. Evolution d’un nail art suivant votre degré de patience…

    Bonjour les filles ! Aujourd’hui je vous propose un nail art “Step by Step” qui va pouvoir être réalisé par …


  36. Nắng gắt (Cố Mạn) – Chương 31

    Chương 31
    Dịch: Sahara
    Bữa sáng ở khách sạn năm sao thực ra cũng rất bình thường, …

    Sahara ~ Mong bình yên trở về…

  37. A, asta nu-ți mai place, popor român?

    Cutremurul prețurilor strivește 10.000.000 de români!

    Scumpirile sunt imense, sunt multe si se produc toate …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  38. Άλλος για το Νόμπελ;

    Η είδηση κυκλοφορεί εδώ και καμιά δεκαριά μέρες στο ελληνικό …

    Οι λέξεις έχουν τη δική τους ιστορία

  39. Εγώ θα είμαι εκεί

    «Ονομάζομαι Στέλιος Κυμπουρόπουλος και έχω την ηλικία των 28 …

    Ελεύθερη Λαική Αντιστασιακή Συσπείρωση ( ΕΛ.Λ.Α.Σ)

  40. Iain Duncan Smith – not just a liar; also a coward

    We were all so thrilled at the time. After being outed as a liar by some of our favourite blogs, and after more than …

    Vox Political

  41. Sociale medier – når de går amok.

    Med hovedet under armen..

    I dag har jeg modtaget en pressemeddelelse fra politiets presseafdeling. Den fortæller en …


  42. Buharda Rulo Manti

    Rahman Rahim Allah’ın adıyla“Ey Meryem! Rabbine (ibadet için) dîvan dur, secde et, (O’nun huzurunda) rükû …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  43. Raul Castro aconselha Lula a tomar a presidência do Brasil de volta

    O presidente cubano convocou toda a imprensa da ilha, ou seja, chamou o jornal Granma e o Juventud Rebelde, para …

    joselito muller

  44. Ketiga Pasangan “We Got Married” Bersaing untuk Pemotretan Terbaik

    Saat ini ketiga pasangan “We Got Married”  yaitu musisi Jo Jung Chi dan Jung In, Jinwoon 2AM dan aktris Go Joon Hee, …


  45. 130708

    >Due to some technical difficulties, registration for the San Antonio date of the Para Bellum Series will be up …

    The Outlaw Way

  46. Will the defendant testify or not testify?

    Saturday, July 6, 2013

    Good afternoon:

    I write regarding whether the defendant should testify.

    I advised my …

    Frederick Leatherman Law Blog

  47. Ei pikavoittoja tai dieettejä, vaan urheilullinen elämäntapa

    Juhani Pitkänen postasi hauskasti Facebookissa: “Nykyään fitness tarkoittaa sitä, että sulla blogi missä on kuvia …


  48. Cheaters Never Prosper, Unless They’re Really Good

    I’ve always held doctors in high regard, simply because of the sheer effort it takes to spend about eighty years in …

    Ashish Shakya

  49. ‘After falling in love, I saw the reality of caste’: E. Ilavarasan

    Dalit youth E. ILAVARASAN, whose marriage to a Vanniyar girl had resulted in caste violence in Tamil Nadu last year, …


  50. Saint Germain ~ The Vortex of the Merkabah formation and the integration of your Divine Consciousness ~ As channeled […]

    Channeler Méline Lafont
    Greetings my dearest ones. From the bottom of my heart I embrace you all …

    Méline Lafont

  51. Σκότωσαν τον σκύλο της Πόπης Σουφλή.

    Ο ΡΕΧ, πλήρωσε για μένα… Τον δολοφόνησαν για να με …

  52. OAB denuncia Marco Feliciano e Jair Bolsonaro por campanha de ódio.

              Liderando um grupo de mais de vinte entidades ligadas aos direitos humanos, a Ordem dos Advogados do …


  53. ‹አዲስ አበባ ውስጥ ግብረ ሰዶማዊነት ተስፋፍቷል፡፡ reporter

    ‹‹አዲስ አበባ ውስጥ ግብረ ሰዶማዊነት ተስፋፍቷል፡፡ በአንዳንድ …


  54. “Murray in some trouble… flushed. Look at that!”

    My favorite offensive play from last season was the perfectly called, perfectly executed screen pass in the Cap One …

    Get The Picture

  55. Entendendo a falácia da falta de engenheiros no mercado

    O mercado aquecido sente falta de profissionais

    As principais revistas e jornais vem anunciando incessantemente a …


  56. Kevin Rudd and Love Letters from the Bar Table. The unanswered questions.

    There is a picture of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on the front cover of my book Love Letters from the Bar …

    Kangaroo Court of Australia

  57. Happy Birthday Maria Francisca Perello!

    On behalf of, we’d like to wish Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend, Maria Francisca Perello, a very …

    Rafael Nadal Fans

  58. Bỏ rơi ma vương tổng tài – Chương 273: Càng thêm có lỗi

    Muốn mang bài đi đâu xin nói trước với mình một tiếng, ghi rõ editor, dẫn link về nguồn và …


  59. Modesty Misunderstood

    I went to the beach today with my wife and daughters. I’m happy to report that Jessica Rey’s viral marketing video …

    Earth Tourist

  60. VIDEO. Le “printemps arabe” est une escroquerie et Bachar al-Assad gagnera

    Comme nous l’avons dit et redit, le soi-disant “printemps arabe” est une vaste fumisterie. Les faits sont entrain de …

    Allain Jules

  61. ~The GRAND EVENT ~ Purging – Cleaning – Another Planet – Mother Ship – Galactic Federation

    ~The GRAND EVENT ~ The grand event is upon you dear children of light, we are preparing each and everyone of you …

    Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe

  62. Truk pengangkut motor yamaha masuk jurang, truk rusak, 32 motor rusak sopir meninggal dunia di Boyolali

    berita duka ini ane baca kemaren pas pemirsa pada galau blog artikelnya nggak muncul, lah malah ada yang ngirimin foto … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  63. Ebook Liên Minh Phe Thất Tình

    Có bạn nào thích Liên Minh Phe Thất Tình không nhỉ?
    Vẫn như trước, Ebook sẽ được public nếu …


  64. Tebak Angka Minggu 7 Juli 2013

    Haimoso Blog

  65. Viva San Fermín, no digo más

    El chupinazo es desde tiempos remotos, aunque después de la invención de la pólvora, ojo, el acto con el que …

    El blog de Santiago González

  66. Yamaha Leaning-Multi Wheel (LMW). . . Motor Roda Tiga Yamaha

    Bro sekalian, Via beberapa informasi dari media di jepang ternyata diam diam yamaha juga memiliki konsep motor roda …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  67. Dallas Stars statement on Tyler Seguin

    Here’s the Stars’ release:
    The Dallas Stars organization has released the following statement:

    “In no way, shape or …

    Dallas Stars Inside Edge

  68. Lee Seung Gi “Ideal type? It’ll be a little difficult if she’s 10 years older?”

    Everything Lee Seung Gi

  69. Poss. Drowning/Search (PK Lake)

    Possible Drowning / Search (Possum Kingdom Lake) Tonight’s fireworks display at Possum Kingdom Lake was canceled after …

    DFW Scanner

  70. Serambi Mekah: Tanpa jangkrik pun tetap oye

    Serambi Mekah merupakan murai batu ekor hitam (black tail) yang setiap pekan turun di even lomba atau latber, dan …


  71. To fight religious monuments Atheists will erect their own symbols

    Atheists unveiled the nation’s first public monument to secularism outside a county courthouse in Florida last week …


  72. ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES’ at London Film and Comic Con

    The Mortal Instruments was present at London Film and Comic Con on July 6. Cassandra Clare and Jamie Campbell Bower …

    TMI Source


    Σαρώνει η Χρυσή Αυγή κι έχουν χάσει τ’ αυγά και τα πασχάλια στα …

  74. Rapidinhas do mercado (06-07) – Parte II

    Devin Harris perto de retornar ao Mavericks De acordo com Marc Stein, jornalista da ESPN, o Dallas Mavericks está …

    Jumper Brasil

  75. 8 Management Lessons From A Great Boss

    On Wednesday this week we will gather to mark the retirement of Jack Klues from the Publicis Groupe.

    In a 35 plus …

    Re-inventing by @rishad

  76. The Superintendent of a High-Performing District Speaks Out

    An earlier post linked to an article by Scott Waldman in the Albany Times-Union, in which Waldman pointed out that …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  77. Liverpool : Luis Suarez, le départ confirmé

    L’attaquant uruguayen de 26 ans auteur de 23 buts en 33 matchs de Premier League va quitter les Reds.…

    Coup du Chapeau

  78. Psycho Pass – Second Season Confirmed

    During the panel discussion at the Anime Expo 2013, Production IG President and CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa has confirmed …

    animePH project

  79. Box Score Recap – 7/6/2013

    Darin Ruf got the call to the bigs today when Ryan Howard went on the DL. Back on the farm, Maikel Franco goes deep …

    Phuture Phillies

  80. Chelsea Transfer Rumours Update – 7 July 2013

    1) Arsenal and Chelsea remain confident they can sign Wayne Rooney:

    Chelsea are poised to make an inquiry about …

    Chelsea FC 360

  81. Baby, I’m a Firework

    We will let @KariPizza, a Milwaukee native and a bartender at Summerfest, narrate this road journal:

    Not every …

    Guster Road Journal

  82. Obama como lo describió Credo Mutwa en 2009

    Credo Mutwa escribió esto en 2008, y lo publicó en 2009.

    Periodismo Alternativo

  83. The Mind of a Biker

    The more I think about it, the more I’ve become convinced that there is really, seriously, truly something wrong with …

    Dodge City Cycleworks

  84. Filtra ‘Anonymous’ contrato del ‘Dragon Mart Cancún’ y difunden video donde exhiben complicidad de Félix y Borge

    CANCÚN, MX.- El colectivo de hackers Anonymous dio a conocer este fin de semana el contrato original que firmó el …


  85. Don’t tell me this isn’t newsworthy!

    From EXCLUSIVE: Abbott forced to repay $9,400 he charged taxpayers to promote his book by Margo Kingston:
    The …

    Café Whispers

  86. Judith Collins’ staff censoring wikipedia articles on justice issues in NZ?

    Earlier this year, I was interviewed by Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon. This was in response to revelations in the NZ …


  87. “A little fishy just told me, just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” Talia Joy Castellano

    Ronan. I got though the 4th of July alright. Mostly just by being distracted which is the only thing that ever seems to …


  88. How to make a simple Arduino wireless shield

    There’s always the need for cheaper Arduino equipment and there’s always the need for wireless activities in your …

    Hack-Wiki | Hard- und Softwarehacks

  89. Hợp đồng hôn nhân 100 ngày [Hồi 5 – Ch.234: Ngũ Liên thổ lộ]

    Hồi 5 – Chương 234: Ngũ Liên thổ lộ
    Bắt đầu từ ngày hôm đó, Ngũ Liên không đến tìm Uất …

    Thanh Dạ

  90. Cúria dividida: Francisco contra o partido romano.

    IHU – Quatro meses na história bimilenar da Igreja não são um giro de ponteiros. No entanto, para o imutável …

    Fratres in

  91. Fueling the Wanderlust: A Look at Travel Blogs on

    We hope Vagabond, the travel theme launched yesterday, inspires the nomad in you. To fuel the wanderlust even more, get … News

  92. 19 años: la herida sigue abierta

    Para una materia de la facultad, Mijal Tenenbaum debió elegir una foto que tuviera que ver con su historia y escribir …

    El orgullo de ser parte

  93. UPDATED – This is satire -sorry, I was taken in on this one. . . ~J: Venezuelan Asylum Achieved, Snowden reveals UFO […]

    Source: Internet Chronicle
    Thanks to M.

    According to bombshell documents …

    2012: What's the 'real' truth?

  94. Ne çektin be sosyoloji!

    20. yüzyılın (şükür ki bu yüzyılda da hayatta) en sıkı sosyologları arasında saydığım  Herb Gans …

    Emrah Göker'in İstifhanesi

  95. Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton Gives Up Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship To A Man Accused Of Being A Pulpit Freak-A-Leak […]

    Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……I do not have a great deal of time to deal with the matter right now …

    Obnoxioustv's Blog

  96. Big Rich Texas Meets Jodi Arias?

    So I am checking in with the gossip sites before shutting done (ha! that always takes forever) and over on RadarOnline …

    Tamara Tattles

  97. Petite enquête de terrain

    Que font les veilleurs le reste du temps ?
     Par Camille
    Quand on n’est pas habitué à voir un peu d’effort et …

    La Table Ronde

  98. No. 46: Nasty spreads (broodbeleg)

    If you’ve ever worked in a Dutch workplace, you’ve probably been tricked convinced at least once to chip in a few euros …

    Stuff Dutch People Like

  99. Meant to Be – part 8

    Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Fanfic_Newbie. This is a continuation to Meant to …

    Excess Baggage

  100. Release Celebration and Giveaway! And a free pig!

    At midnight tonight, Losing Hope will officially be released!  Not sure if it’ll release until the 9th in the UK, but …

    Colleen Hoover

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