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  1. An Open Letter to Paula Deen

    An Open Letter to Paula Deen:

    Photo Courtesy of: Johnathan M. Lewis

    Dear Paula Deen,

    So it’s been a …


  2. An Open Letter to Big Brother’s Production Team

    I just read Andrea Reiher’s Zap2It article in which she documents racism, misogyny, and homophobia that’s already …

    Dr. Ragan Fox

  3. Du dør bare èn gang!

    Moren min og jeg var erteris. Vi var på mange måter veldig like. Vi hadde den samme humoren og vi hadde et ganske …


  4. Walter Joshua Fretz – The story of our son who is impacting so many even though he was on this earth for only a few […]

    Thank you to everyone who has written and messages me. I was trying my best to respond to everyone but I just can’t …


  5. 130701

    >Here’s the registration and info links for the first 2014 date of the Para Bellum Series at CrossFit Inland …

    The Outlaw Way

  6. Never, EVER, Trust Facebook

    I stopped using Facebook a long time ago, but I didn’t want to remove my account and have no visibility on how or what …

    The well-prepared mind

  7. Kropp er oppskrytt

    Fra vi er små blir vi fra media og omverdenen lært opp til at det finnes et skjønnhetsideal. Modeller, skuespillere …

    Et meningsfylt liv!

  8. 100 things Ireland could have got for the price of one Anglo Irish Bank…

    With the #anglotapes this week it seemed to me a good time to recall those heady days of August 2010 when we had spent …

    Brian M. Lucey

  9. Wendy Davis: Surgically Constructed “Human Barbie Doll”?

    Most people — at least those without a plastic surgeon on retainer — do not become more good looking as they age from …

    The Real Wendy Davis

  10. Hasil uji racelogic P200NS…akselerasi kalahkan Suzuki Inazuma 250??

    Bro dan sis sekalian…..rasa penasaran para biker terhadap hasil uji tes para rekan jurnalis media Otomotif terhadap …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  11. مغامرات نوف

    [تابعني على تويتر Rocketeer010@]
    أول مغامرة لي كانت لما كان عمري 16 سنة .. …


  12. El clítoris, ¡cuánto que aprender aún!

    Alejandro Jodorowsky en Twitter, Alejodorowsky

    El clítoris de la mujer es mucho más grande y parecido al …


  13. DIY Temporary Tattoo For Kid Safety

    Alright, so it’s summer time and summer time means lots of fun. Whether it’s going to amusement parks, the zoo, on …

    At Home with Cherise

  14. It Shoes Giveaway!

    ¡Buenos días chicas! Hoy tengo otra sorpresita para vosotras…ya sabéis que los botines camperos son una de mis …

    Trendy Taste

  15. An Open Letter to Wendy Davis

    Dear Senator Wendy Davis, Congrats! I know this is a bit belated, but I wanted to write a message of salutations …


  16. Nail Update !

    Bonjour les filles ! J’ai plusieurs petites choses à vous montrer aujourd’hui, des choses que j’ai portées, des tests …


  17. Which mercury reading in Mercury is the right one?

    How can two stations less than 1/2 mile apart be so different? How can one set a new record and best it by two degrees …

    Watts Up With That?

  18. As a result of Chapter VII exit expect direct impact on dinar exchange rate, says Iraq Ministry of Planning

    Planning expects the dinar improved
    June 30, 2013

    Minister of planning and development cooperation Minister of …

    The Currency Newshound

  19. Analisa Syair Sgp SENIN,01/07/2013



    Dua tiga jalur penggoda
    Dua lima bangkit berdiri
    Enam …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  20. Fırında Kabak Patlıcan Dolması

    ‘Her kim benim adıma yalan söylerse cehennemdeki yerine hazırlansın” (Buharî, İlm 38)
    Selamun aleykum …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  21. Syair Sgp Senin 01/07/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  22. RIP Grandmaster Jim Kelly..One of the Martial Arts Iconic Figures Has Passed

    Just got word, one of the greatest and most influential martial artists Jim Kelly aka Blackbelt Jones has passed away.. …

    Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

  23. New Chronicle Story on McGinn is out

    The many who will be interviewed at length will be surprised by how short the article is… …

    Feminist Philosophers

  24. Mentira da grossa ou então alguém se passou da cabeça

    É o escândalo do fim de semana. Alguém está a mentir e a mentira é da grossa. Então os contratos swaps estavam …


  25. A Teoria Senna-Santana de inversão da polaridade do futebol mundial

    Esse é um daqueles textos que revelam a verdade histórica sobre o futebol mundial. Preste atenção em todas as …

    Aleatório, Eventual & Livre

  26. An Open Letter to New Teach for America Recruits

    Dear New TFA Recruits,

    It is summertime, which for those of you newly accepted into Teach for America, means you are …


  27. Pescato cinghiale in mare a Pse

    Oggi, domenica 30 giugno 2013, intorno alle 16:00 nei pressi dello chalet Moby Dick, è stato avvistato da due bagnini …

    Post it pse

  28. Dear Melinda: I resigned because of your edreform. I hope that as a woman and as a mother, you will hear what I am […]

    A teacher’s appeal to Melinda Gates…

    Dear Melinda,

    I’ve decided to go against the grain here and write to …

    Teachers' Letters to Bill Gates

  29. To Being Doctors-to-be

    We who were always overachievers. Who missed the dusk of our adolescence solving multiple-choice questions.

    We who …

    Mrigank Warrier's Blog

  30. Toutes mes excuses à mes élèves de troisième

    A mes élèves de Troisième,

    Toute l’année, j’ai suivi le programme avec ses fourchettes horaires. Toutes mes …

    Peut mieux faire !

  31. Biến yêu thành cưới (Lục Xu) – Chương 55.2

    Chương 55: Em khóc cái gì? – P2
    Dịch: Cà Chua Ép
    Chỉnh dịch: Sahara
    Sau khi trở về biệt …

    Sahara ~ Mong bình yên trở về…



  33. Quand c’est Papa…

    Oh, un Papa qui accompagne son fils au manège, c’est IN-CROY-ABLE !
    Ah, la parité. L’égalité entre l’homme et la …

    Maxi best of McMaman

  34. My Kindness Is Bigger Than Your Kindness

    The Uttarakhand floods are one of the biggest tragedies to have ever hit India. The losses are staggering, almost …

    Ashish Shakya

  35. Simio Logra Conversar con Científicos: Pide Ser Tratada Como Humano

    Usando Software Chimpancé Expresa Su Desprecio por La Vida Salvaje

    Leipzig, Alemania, 28 de Julio. De momento …

    Ciencia Seminal

  36. ستّون سببًا يمنعني من الزواج.


    كنتُ أنويها 100 سبب تجعلني أرفض الزواج أو مجرد التفكير به, لكن …


  37. Így maradtak ott a drogos cigányok a Gyömrői úton

    170-nel csapódott fának az A8 – as Audi, öten utaztak benne, hárman meghaltak. Bandázzatok, narkózzatok, …

    Napi Halál

  38. CM Punk opina cuál luchador de TNA es “grandioso”

    La superestrella de WWE; CM Punk el pasado sábado 29 de Junio inició una sesión de preguntas y respuestas con sus …

  39. The BB15 Mean Girls Club

    Some of the things these girls say and let roll of their tongues, even when a bit intoxicated.  Last night was a hum …

    Slop du Jour

  40. Sgp Senin, 01/07/2013


    ADHI LUWUK Blog's™

  41. Manifestações dia primeiro de julho 2013 (01/07/2013) – Não funcionamento dos ônibus

    As informações que temos é que os motoristas não uniram-se oficialmente  à causa. É possível que esta madrugada …

    bola no queixo

  42. CrossFit, Your Pelvic Floor and Peeing During Workouts

    This post is inspired by the video that CrossFit HQ put out, presumably with good intentions, due to an “event” …

    The Physio Detective

  43. Mnet Rilis Pernyataan Resmi: ‘M COUNTDOWN Halo-Indonesia’ Dibatalkan

    Mnet telah mengeluarkan pernyataan resmi mengenai pemberitaan bahwa  M COUNTDOWN Halo-Indonesia, yang dijadwalkan …


  44. Важно. Eвропейската комисия нанесе неочакван удар върху банките.

    Европейската комисия нанесе неочакван удар върху банките. След …


  45. Signed paperback and free pig giveaway!

    Early reviews are beginning to trickle in for Losing Hope and I’ve never wanted to smile and nervous-barf at the same …

    Colleen Hoover

  46. VIDEO. Syrie: journal de Syrie du 30-06-2013 et les dépêches de la journée.

     ~ Rétablissement de la sécurité dans la zone de Ein Essa à al-Raqqah,…Tués et blessés dans des accrochages …

    Allain Jules

  47. [HQ PICS] 2013 Membership Week – Japanese Fanmeeting by Reico


  48. Riddles And Fiddles

    News that David Longmuir, the Scottish Football League CEO, is due a bonus that even board members of the SFL were …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  49. Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Too Much Rosie

    After working out at the Gym, Joe Gorga is still cussing the whole way home. Apparently you can say pussy-whipped on …

    Tamara Tattles

  50. Earthbound 0 has arrived!

    For our second series of reproduction games we chose the eve-so-popular Earthbound 0 for the NES.  We’re obviously …

    Rose Colored Gaming

  51. The New Preacher’s Wife

    Sometimes I struggle with my new role as a First Lady of the church. I have tattoos, one of a naked Josephine Baker …

    Christina Wrote That

  52. Baldız otobüste dayadım evde karımın yanında siktim

    Merhaba size anlatacağım bu olay gerçek ve doğrudur,ben sizlerın hikayesını okuyunca bende yazmak istedım,adım …

    Erotik Hikayeler

  53. O Ceci Criminale

    Svetlana Veličković, udata Ražnatović, naširoko poznata kao Ceca, napravila koncert za više od 100.000 (pominje …


  54. Police investigate after High Street brawl

    Police are tonight investigating after a brawl broke out on the High Street at around 4.30pm this afternoon. Its …

    Live Edinburgh News

  55. Today I Am A Good Dad-

    –And it didn’t even hurt. Experiment # 2 is crazy for the whole My Little Pony thing. To such an extent that I have …

    Girl Genius Adventures

  56. Imaginary protests in Downtown Cairo and the streets of Giza

    Imaginary protests in Downtown Cairo and the streets of Giza30/6/2013Reda Abdel-WodoudIn an attempt to persuade …


  57. Kode TPT Motor TVS N100 dan U233 . . . Satu Dazz, Satu lagi Apa Ya ?

    Bro sekalian, di lantai situs TPT terlihat ada dua kode baru TVS N100 dan TVS U223 . . . seperti Kita ketahui bahwa di …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  58. GirlWritesWhat’s delusional defenses of MGTOW misogyny. Also: Mary Daly, and why the moon is not a potato.

    So yesterday I had a strange conversation, of sorts, with blabby FeMRA videoblogger Karen Straughan, aka …

    man boobz

  59. Ichigo’s Evolution – Fullbring to Two Zangetsu’s

    Ichigo Kurosaki has gone through a number of amazing changes, from his normal Zangetsu way at the start during his …

    Daily Anime Art

  60. Transfer Window Officially Open & Medical scheduled for today…..

    Morning all…

    Sadly, that medical is reported to be for the departing Johan Djourou. He’s not gone forever though, …

    Highbury House

  61. Resultados del melate sorteo 2668


    Resultados del sorteo melate 2668 (30 de Junio):
    12 25 30 35 43 45 ( Adicional 21 )

    Resultados del …


  62. ‘Avukatlar yolda, yanına gelmemi ister misin, ihtiyacın var mı?’

    Bazen olur ya insan kuyruğuna basıldığını hisseder, acır içi. İşte dün akşam aldığım bir haberle ben de …

    Geziden Öğrendiklerimiz

  63. BB15: Racist/Homophoic houseguest?

    Aaryn: Shut up, go make some rice – Towards Helen.
    Aaryn: Andy will probably get MVP because everybody always “likes …

    Big Brother & Survivor!

  64. SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Porsha Stewart “Git Outta The House”!!… Brandi Glanville Gets Lisa Vanderpump’s Old Job…

    Porsha Stewart said all she wanted was her name… ’cause it ain’t about no money!  We all knew when Porshee said that …



    I am sorry but I am stopping reader comments for a few days, in order to have a serious think about whether I really …


  66. Vertailussa top 3 hellejuomat

    Vuoden kuumimmat päivät on nyt käsillä, ja on muistettava juoda paljon. Onneksi me täällä Kasper Diem -blogissa …

    Kasper Diem

  67. Penampakan Aneh di Swing Arm Bagian Kanan Pulsar 200NS, Apakah Gerangan…???

    Waktu melihat-lihat sosok Kawasaki Pulsar 200NS, mata P2R tak sengaja melihat penampakan aneh di bagian kanan roda …

    Proud2ride Independent Blogger

  68. Training Advice: Is running with a hand-held bottle slowing you down?

    One of the aspects you’ll notice about the Western States 100 just gone and indeed running in the US in general …



    So, all day today there’s been an epic twitter storm regarding sexual harassment in the science fiction and fantasy …


  70. Prediksi dan syair sgp, RABU, 03/07/2013

    SYDNEY : …

    KALIKOA Blog's

  71. Game Review – Cthulhu Wars (Pre-Production)

    I’m going to warn you right now, this post contains a lot of me bragging about how I got to spend yesterday playing …

    Fugitive Prose

  72. USL legalizează spaga

    Se apropie sfârșitul: furați cat mai puteți!

    Pragul pentru contracte de stat fara licitație s-a …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  73. የቤቲ ጏዋደኛ Bolt ከBig brother ተሰናበተ (out of The Chase)

    Bolt and Maria were the weakest link this week, they are out of The Chase and heading home. Bolt followed shortly …


  74. Jet stream shift to bring summer weather

    It’s usually true to say that confidence in a weather forecast decreases the further out you look.

    However, we …

    Met Office News Blog

  75. Iwata Fed Up With Inaccurate Reports In The Media

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors and analysts that he is fed up with inaccurate reports spread by …

    My Nintendo News

  76. Repost: What influences your photography?

    Hanoi. Nikon D700, 85/1.4GWhat follows is a repost of an original article from early 2012: it’s a necessary prelude to …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  77. Homosexual Behavior and Fornication: Intimate Bedfellows

    A former student recently asked me why so much of the Christian community has gone silent in face of the growing …

    School of Christian Thought

  78. Quali donne vogliono le quote rosa?

    di Costanza Miriano

    Il problema delle quote rosa riguarda solo poche donne privilegiate. Così le femministe si sono …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  79. The Space Upgrade: Get Extra Storage and Upload Audio

    Your blog on comes with 3,000 megabytes (3 GBs) of free space, so you can store all those gorgeous images … News

  80. Bạo loạn ở trại giam Xuân Lộc

    Bạo loạn ở trại giam Xuân Lộc
    Tin từ Dân Luận và một số trang mạng cho biết tù  lúc 7h …

    Nguyễn Tường Thụy's Blog

  81. Answer to the Friday Puzzle…..

    On Friday I set this puzzle.  If you haven’t tried to solve it, have a go now.  For everyone else, the answer is …

    Richard Wiseman

  82. Bounded gaps between primes (Polymath8) – a progress report

    For any {H \geq 2}, let {B[H]} denote the assertion that there are …

    What’s new

  83. Welcome to liveblogging day 6 Zimmerman trial

    Monday, July 1, 2013

    Good morning:

    Judge Nelson scheduled a matter to be heard at 8:30 am. Do not know if it will …

    Frederick Leatherman Law Blog

  84. El Barça ya tiene un principio de acuerdo con Nemanja Bjelica. Querejeta espera la oferta azulgrana.

    Negociaciones paralelas, varios frentes abiertos.  Días intensos en las oficinas del Barça. Pocas renovaciones …

    El contraataque

  85. Още 10 мита за протестите

    Освен всички останали прийоми, пропагандната машина на властта …

    Блогът на нервната акула

  86. Câu chuyện nước Mỹ: Chó Hoa Kỳ

    Hồi mới sang Mỹ (2004), Bin và Luck tới nhà anh Lê Vũ và chị Thanh Hà chơi, thấy chú chó cún …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  87. Una Valoració Crítica del Concert per la Llibertat

    Davant el dilema de convèncer als dubtosos o cohesionar als convençuts les diverses entitats sobiranistes catalanes …

    Reflexions d'un arqueòleg glamurós

  88. Bloggers, Beware!

    When I started WaywardWomen in April 2012, I wanted to create a space where I could explore the themes and points of …


  89. SPESIFIKASI SUZUKI SATRIA F 2013 berat jadi 107 kg?

    nyambungin artikel Suzuki satria Fu 2013 facelift Karbu Rp. 19 jutaan versi injeksi kapan kapan terntyata, selain body … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  90. CHEMTRAILS: Has Nanobot Mind Control Already Begun?

    Comment:  This is an interesting post that reveals another dark agenda of this massive chemtrail operation inspired by …

    GeoEngineering Exposed

  91. Chelsea Transfer News/Rumours Update – 1 July 2013

    1. Arsenal to make a move for Fernando Torres:
    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wants to bring Fernando Torres to the …

    Chelsea FC 360

  92. Anon of Holland interviews Chris Avellone

    As some of you who follow this blog might know, through the magic of the internet and Kickstarter I managed to meet, in …

    Anonymous of Holland – Gaming, Movies and Complaints

  93. A Second Chance: Re-migrate your Google Reader

    We want everyone’s migration from Google Reader to Feedly to be perfect. Some people have been asking us an option to …

    Building Feedly

  94. Racists dump rotting pig heads in Bradford garden: As told by Sophia Ditta

    As a 34 year old British Asian woman from a Muslim household in Bradford, I am sad to report on the first ever race …

    Music, Life, Human Rights

  95. Tebak Angka Rabu 3 Juli 2013

    Haimoso Blog

  96. பௌத்த பயங்கரவாதத்தின் முகம் – Time சஞ்சிகை […]

    – மூலக்கட்டுரை: TIME சஞ்சிகை / தமிழாக்கம்: …


  97. Frissítés: Kamionsztrájk? – Egy óra alatt lebénult az útdíj rendszer – megtámadták

    2013. július 1. 10:35
    Nem is kell ide sztrájk. Az események önmagukat generálják.
    A Bal-Rad írja: …

    Szabad Riport

  98. En el día de la boda de mi hija

    Arcu acierta al definir el complejo estado sentimental del soberanismo catalán. España, arrollada, titula La …

    El blog de Santiago González

  99. Lee Seung Gi “Was my chemistry with Suzy good?”

    Everything Lee Seung Gi

  100. Rapidinhas do mercado (30-06) – Parte II

    Nate Robinson não vai renovar com o Bulls
    O Chicago Bulls não vai ter o armador Nate Robinson na próxima temporada. …

    Jumper Brasil

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