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  1. Quên đi chuỗi ngày cực nhọc đắng cay!

    Em viết ra nhưng dòng này ko có ý trách số phận mình hẩm hiu mà chỉ muốn trả lại những gì …

    Trúc Mai Xinh

  2. Analisa Syair Sgp RABU,12/06/2013




    Hari-harinya tuan pikirkan,
    Kesana kemari disiang …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  3. Avoin kirje Kaitaan vammaisten asumisyksikköä – ja muutakin – vastustaville

    Olipa kerran keskituloinen, korkeasti koulutettu perhe, jonka molemmat vanhemmat kävivät töissä, olivat terveitä …

    Leijonaemojen blogi

  4. This is What is Happening to Honest Hard Working Legal Aid Lawyers, and WHY.

    We received this yesterday, 11th June, before the Justice Select Committee hearing, and before Lord McNally’s …


  5. Hazır Yufkadan Sulu Börek

    “Haberiniz olsun ki, bedende bir et parçası vardır. O iyi olursa bütün beden iyi olur; o bozuk olursa bütün …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  6. 130612

    >On Sunday night I got a few messages from people asking me if I was “bummed” that Ger Sasser didn’t qualify. I …

    The Outlaw Way

  7. Syair Sgp Rabu 12/06/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  8. Confessions of a Married Man- My Top 5 Ways to a Happy Wife

    This year, I celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary. For 18 years, people have looked at me, then they look at my wife, …

    5 minutes of your life, you'll never get back

  9. Esperanza: Encontrar a desaparecidos

    Semanario ZETA documentó 11 hasta marzo de 2013
    Algunos relacionados con narcomenudeo
    Otros llevaban vida normal y …

    Colectivo Pericú

  10. Sermonner quelqu’un de décédé !

    Il y a beaucoup de tata dans notre monde… Des imbéciles il y en aura toujours mais quand c’est rendu que tu vas sur …


  11. Confirmed….Yamaha Force dibanderol 13,3 OTR Jakarta!!

    Melaporkan langsung dari Segarra Ancol…..YIMM secara resmi telah mengumumkan jagoan bebek baru mereka….Force!. …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  12. Massive waterspout off the southern coast of France shocks residents

    June 11, 2013 – FRANCE – A natural phenomenon more common for America, a tornado, has hit the South of France …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  13. Miinto Shooting

    Before my travel to Ibiza (you can notice in my no-tan ;)) I made a shooting with Miinto, a market place that has just …

    Trendy Taste

  14. Nattens tyver

    Jeg vet ikke hva som opprører meg mest – at vi behandler barn forskjellige utifra oppfatningen om de er “våre” eller …


  15. The warming ‘plateau’ may extend back even further

    Despite recent claims by Justin Gillis in this NYT piece that the plateau in surface temperatures is misunderstood by …

    Watts Up With That?

  16. Nắng gắt (Cố Mạn) – Chương 26

    Chuyển ngữ: Sahara
    Có phải nếu tôi vẫn tiếp tục “thiếu i ốt” như thế thì Lâm …

    Sahara ~ Mong bình yên trở về…

  17. Η Ιφιγένεια της Αγίας Παρασκευής

    Καθώς γράφονται οι γραμμές αυτές, έχουν αρχίσει να πέφτουν ο ένας …

    Οι λέξεις έχουν τη δική τους ιστορία

  18. Is Communion in the Hand a Sin?

    In order to be a faithful Catholic one must not only submit to the teachings of the Church, but also, not demand …

    matt fradd

  19. Arte en el sandwich.

    Hoy os quiero enseñar lo que se lo curra un padre con sus hijos. David LaFerriere, es un diseñador gráfico de …


  20. I nostri pulpiti devono rimanere nostri

    di Costanza Miriano

    Vedo una certa fretta, da parte di alcuni cattolici (non saprei dire se siano pochi o molti, di …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  21. [TWITTER] 130612 Jaejoong Twitter Update: Ahjusshi + New DP

    [TRANS] It looks like I’m also getting old.. hehe


  22. اگر به تو تجاوز شد و توانِ دفاع نداشتی، تجاوز را بپذیر و لذتش را […]

    این سیاستِ اصلاح طلبانِ امروز ماست و حقیقتِ تلخِ جامعه‌ی امروز …

    زمزمه های یک شب سی ساله

  23. Disagree With An Atos Decision? Then Starve Says DWP

    The DWP have laid a vicious benefit trap which will mean severely sick and disabled people will have no legal …

    the void

  24. Paper Dolls anew

    When I first published this design a few years ago, I used a lovely British yarn that is sadly no longer available — …

    Kate Davies Designs

  25. The Woodland Park Massacre

    Update 6/12 @ 9:15 a.m. Just got a call from a staff member in Councilman Gonzalez’s office, and he is on it. This …


  26. Hợp đồng hôn nhân 100 ngày [Hồi 5 – Ch.211: Anh ghen!]

    Hồi 5 – Chương 211: Anh ghen!”Bởi vì anh ghen!”Quả thực lúc đó Nam Cung Nghiêu bị cô ép, gấp quá …

    Thanh Dạ

  27. Prediksi dan syair sgp, KAMIS, 13/06/2013


    SYDNEY : 0578 shio 06
    HOKKIAN : 2620 Shio 08
    SGP : 2328 shio 04
    MALAYSIA : 0170 …

    KALIKOA Blog's

  28. Facebook chat: Tennis players react to Nadal winning the French Open

    **click to enlarge segments**

    The Grandstand

  29. WWE SmackDown (Cobertura y resultados 14 de junio de 2013) – ¡Ultimo programa antes de Payback 2013!

    WWE, Inc. presenta: WWE SmackDown, desde el  Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum en Uniondale, New York, USA. Show …

  30. The problem with GNOME 3

    Since I started using Linux I used GNOME, v1.2 in those times. It has always done what I needed, maybe not perfectly, …

    Felipe Contreras

  31. How about a little teaser?

    I’ve been getting a ton of requests for a Losing Hope teaser, and who am I to deprive y’all?  It is SO hard to pick a …

    Colleen Hoover

  32. Germania: România sa dea faliment

    Nu mai creștem pensiile si nu mai scădem nici TVA-ul…

    Victor Ponta:
    “momentan pensiile şi salariile nu pot fi …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  33. a morte é a flor vista de baixo

    Oi pai.

    resolvi te escrever. tenho pensado que toda essa virtualidade pode ser positiva no que se refere a minha …


  34. Cabal End-Game Almost Complete

    I see that the spirit of the inquisition has not been purged from the SFA after yesterday’s dismal attempt to increase …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  35. tuesday update

    SHORT TERM: gap down opening, rebound, then DOW -117

    Overnight the Asian markets lost 1.4%. European opened lower …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  36. Jaroso Fire Update – June 12, 2013, 10:30 a.m.

    Jaroso Fire Info, Maps and Photos also available at

     Fire Name: Jaroso …

    NM Fire Info

  37. 6 common mistakes freelance writers commit sabotage their careers

    Being a freelance writer for many years, I have experienced the ups and downs of this profession. And I know it very …

    Vandana Singhal

  38. A arrogância segundo os medíocres.

    “Adorei o seu sapato”, disse uma amiga para mim certa vez.

    “Legal, né? Eu comprei em uma feira de artesanato …

    Vagabundo Profissional

  39. Δεν πάει στο διάολο και η ΕΡΤ;

    του Γιώργου Φρατζεσκάκη
    αλιεύει η Κροτ από εδώ

    Ναι, αυτή …


  40. But What About Alex?

    Another Autistic child has died… stabbed… multiple times, in the chest, by his mother. Alex Spourdalakis was 14 …

    Emma's Hope Book

  41. ጋዜጠኛ አለምነ ዋሴ ስለ ቤቲ አስተያየት ሲሰጥ ያዳምጡት

    posted by Aseged Tamene


  42. iOS 7 は決してフラットではなかった!

    [iOS 7 画面の奥行き:2分12秒ごろ]

    Jony Ive が登場する iOS 7 …


  43. Nail art, la création au bout des doigts

    A moins de vivre au fin fond de l’Amazonie, vous n’êtes pas censées ignorer la sortie d’un bouquin révolutionnaire. …


  44. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Washington Park Ward

    This morning was one of those typical Seattle mornings.  It was kind of dark and very overcast and cool.  Not cold, …

    Doubting Mark

  45. Ο Παπανδρέου έβγαλε ανακοίνωση για το κλείσιμο της ΕΡΤ

    Σχετικά με το κλείσιμο της δημόσιας ραδιοτηλεόρασης, από το …

  46. Letter to Mr Gove re Teaching Assistants. Please RT.

    Mr Gove and his DfE are considering phasing out Teaching Assistants in a bid to save £4 Billion a year. Here’s my …


  47. You know you are an Ultra Runner when… ?

    I asked the question on Facebook and I got an incredible response. In actual fact, the answers keep coming in, so, I …

    Ian Corless host of Talk Ultra podcast

  48. Uusi kaupunginosa-T-paita: Kaitaa


    Kuten moni saattaa jo tietääkin, vuoden graafikko Kasper Strömman on jo pidemmän aikaa suunnitellut …

    Kasper Diem

  49. Produk Yamaha yang punya ‘karakter’,… yang diminati Konsumen …!!!

    Well,… kesimpulan ini yang juragan tarik… setelah memperhatikan angka-angka penjualan product Yamaha selama 5 bulan …

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  50. Belangen

    SUV-ouders van het Sint-Barbaracollege zijn een online petitie gestart tegen de afschaffing van de doorgang voor auto’s …


  51. Yamaha Rilis MotoGP edition dari New Vixion, Jupiter MX, Xeon RC, Mio GT dan Jupiter Z1

    Bro sekalian, bertempat di booth yamaha PRJ 2013 yamaha indonesia merilis versi update dari  beberapa motor bertemakan …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  52. Bears Necessity: Panini America to Produce First-Ever ‘Bad News Bears’ Trading Cards

    It’s hard to believe almost 40 years have passed since the seminal spring/summer blockbuster “The Bad News Bears” first …

    The Official Panini America Blog

  53. Xavi Pascual, Pablo Laso y la comunicación en los tiempos muertos

    Mismo escenario, mismas situaciones pero con distintos protagonistas y resultado. El Barça recuperó el factor cancha …

    El contraataque

  54. 13.06.11 Gu Family Book Ep 20 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

    *updated – 5 clips so far + full episode in HD*

    KangChi stabbed during training by Master …

    Everything Lee Seung Gi

  55. A tribute to the unsung heroes of motorsport.

    Caution: Some images in this article might be disturbing.

    Motor racing is a risky sport, no one needs to be …

    the random palette

  56. Vandalismo por direito

    Quando o Movimento Passe Livre, recentemente, organizou os protestos contra o aumento da passagem em São Paulo, assim …


  57. 2013 RANKINGS – Best Engineering Schools in the Philippines – CIVIL ENGINEERING

    2013 Rankings – CE RANK

    UPLB, University of the Philippines-Los Baños …


  58. Üvey Annemi Öyle Bir Siktimki

    Annemle İlkler Adlı Hikayeyi okuyorsunuz…
    Selamlar Ben cem 22 yasındayım olanlar sıkıcı bir günün ardından …

    Seks Hikayeleri, erotik hikayeler, porno hikaye

  59. BREAKING NEWS! BLM Releasing Wild Horses from Diamond Complex Back to the Wild!

    6/11/2013 BREAKING NEWS! BLM Releasing Wild Hoses from Diamond Complex Back to the Wild!
    (WHE-Reno, NV)  Thirty wild …

    Wild Horse Education

  60. SNSD Seohyun Berfoto Bersama ’91-Line’

    Baru-baru ini SNSD Seohyun mengunggah sebuah foto dirinya bersama teman-teman ’91-line’ (artis yang lahir di tahun …


  61. Kết quả bỏ phiếu tín nhiệm

    Tưởng bà con chẳng ai xem kết quả kiểm phiếu tín nhiệm tại QH, hóa ra cả nước ngó vào màn …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  62. How I Know My Wife Married the Wrong Person (Part 3)

    Photo Credit: Suni Danielle Photography

    On June 4th, my wife Lindsay and I celebrated the best two years of our lives …


  63. A memorable evening with Vidya Charan Shukla

    By SOHAIL HASHMI: Though the East and the West have great differences in issues cultural, in one matter they are like …


  64. GrÅt, Elskede Mann


    Jeg husker de lilla damene i huset ved elven.

    De som gikk uten bh, drakk vin til alle …


  65. Spurrier may have to come up with a new UT spelling joke.

    I guess this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, given SOD’s need to attend to proper shower etiquette, but …

    Get The Picture

  66. Is Kenyan Morals Decaying Day by Day: Unveiling Demarco’s Concert Satanism

    First came  the RDX crew of the popular and dirty BENDOVER” tune. They left the town in mess as dirty dancing styles …


  67. Oğlum gece Beni sikti

    merhabalar ben istanbuldan tülay 35 yaşında evli 2 çocuk annesiyim bir oğlum ve bir kızım var oğlum 19 …


  68. Servette reprend l’entraînement demain. Avec quelle équipe? (TDG, mercredi 12 juin 2013)

    Les Grenat retrouvent les Evaux pour se préparer à la saison en Challenge League. Il y a encore plusieurs …

    Les Enfants du Servette

  69. NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained Through Sungazing

    Ever wanted to be in more than one place at a time?  That’s right, I’m talking about the super-human abilities …

    An Enlightened Perspective

  70. سخنی با تحریم کنندگان

    باور بفرمایید ما –  که در بیست و چهار خرداد رای خواهیم داد- هم شعور …

    سیب و سرگشتگی

  71. Quel copione usa e getta che non insegna nulla

    Il copione è sempre lo stesso: lo sconcerto quando irrompe la breaking news, il rincorrersi dei dettagli, dinamica, …


  72. recap: Jang Ok Jung, Live in love Episode 20

    And it’s the end of the happy times of LS and OJ. DY is OJ 2.0…doing exactly what she did to IH and the dowager. …


  73. Why the Menu Matters

    By now, pretty much everyone’s seen, or at least heard about, that menu, produced for a fundraising dinner held for …

    The Conscience Vote

  74. 安室奈美恵 – Contrail 歌詞 PV Namie Amuro Lyrics and video

    Artist : 安室奈美恵
    Title (Single) : Contrail
    Release Date : 2013.05.19

    Kanpeki Music

  75. Bolehkah Pakai Handphone di Pesawat?

    Tadi pagi saya diwawancara via telepon oleh sebuah radio swasta di Jakarta. Pertanyaannya adalah seputar pemakaian …

    Padepokan Budi Rahardjo

  76. “ቤቲ አዋረደችን!” ከያሬድ አይቼህ

    ኢትዮጵያዊቷ ቤቲና ፥ ቢግ ብራዘር አፍሪካ 2013 (Big Brother Africa 2013) በሚባለው …

    Time for change

  77. ตัวอย่างหนัง The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug ออกผจญภัย

    วอร์เนอร์ บราเธอร์ส …


  78. What Kind Of Coward Is Edward Snowden?

    Let’s get right into the meat of the massive, still developing, scandal that is the revelation of the …


  79. ENTER TO WIN: Talbots Rose Silhouette Dress

    **in accordance with the new 2013 FTC Blogger Guidelines**

    By Christabelle…  @CBellesCloset

    I have always …

    Christabelle's Closet – The Blog

  80. Nintendo Considered Showing Zelda Wii U At E3

    The Legend of Zelda franchise had two titles on show today – The Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds – but what we …

    My Nintendo News

  81. Movie Review: “Man of Steel,” script of rust

    This Superman settles scores. And takes his shirt off.
    This “Man of Steel” flies up, up and away, with his teeth bared …

    Movie Nation

  82. Ivan Gazidis Q&A Pt 2: “My Laser Focus Will Be On Arsenal’s Dead Wood!”

    Here’s part two of my review of Monday night’s Supporters’ Q&A with Ivan Gazidis. We rejoin the action at …


  83. El buen pie

    Entrar con buen pie

    Urkullu trabaja para que los miedos del PP y la izquierda ‘abertzale’ no se …

    El blog de Santiago González

  84. Redes

    Para o Marcelo, toda a sorte do mundo. Para o Rui, o mesmo desejo (e que não vá enfiar-se num qualquer Zenit da …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  85. بين رواتب الممثلين والعاملين خلف الكاميرا ..

    Korean Drama ~ ♥

  86. ALERTE INFO – VIDEO. Syrie: nouvel exploit macabre revendiqué par les amis de François Hollande

    Les membres du Front al-Nusra ont encore revendiqué un massacre mais, personne ne dira rien. En effet, après avoir …

    Allain Jules

  87. “Agent Orange” Addresses the Men’s Rights Movement in Possibly the Most Unintentionally Hilarious Video Ever

    I know. It’s an MRA. It’s nine minutes long. But seriously, just watch it. You won’t regret it.

    And, no, it’s not a …

    man boobz

  88. درباره قاليباف مدير

    سال 84 كه قاليباف شهردار تهران شد، تعدادي از مديران مياني و نيتا …

    ساز مخالف

  89. Finance Committee Member: Gradual rise of the dinar against the dollar expected in the coming days

    POST 11 JUNE / JUNE 2013 14:30

    BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN) – The parliamentary Finance …

    The Currency Newshound

  90. Som man frågar får man svar!

    I dag kan man på DN Stockholmsdebatt läsa att stockholmarna, enligt en opinionsundersökning som Slussenbevararna med …

    Från huvudstad till världsstad

  91. Tebak Angka Kamis 13 Juni 2013


    Haimoso Blog

  92. GREEK ERT SHUTDOWN: There was no good reason to do this, and six damning reasons suggesting it had nothing to do with […]

    Mainstream news blackout blacked out
    Mick McManus throttles Greek shutdown news
    There are three observations I have …

    The Slog. 3-D bollocks deconstruction

  93. Spurs massacra Heat, quebra recorde e retoma liderança da final

    Miami Heat 77 X 113 San Antonio Spurs
    Cidade nova, jogo novo. O San Antonio Spurs voltou para casa e se recuperou da …

    Jumper Brasil

  94. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (June 11 – June 25)

    Very Active June in Pak and India

    Heavy pre-monsoon expected!

    Rains in Sindh, Punjab, Khyber, …

    Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)

  95. How to Update to iOS 7 or Restore back to iOS 6

    Please use the Links to the left of this Article for DIRECT LINKS for all Beta Software INCLUDING Mac OS X 10.9 …


  96. The Woman Who Tamed the Tiger – part 11

    Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to blossom. This is a continuation to The Woman Who …

    Excess Baggage

  97. Breaking news: Isabel Marant pour H&M

    Închideți restul linkurilor, închideți facebook-ul și mailurile & faceți click pe video! ”Sunt …


  98. Phó Chủ tịch Hà Nội rửa ghế bị Bộ Công an vồ hụt

    Gần chục năm sau ngày đồng chí Phó Chủ tịch Hà Nội (Nguyễn Triệu Hải) phụ trách công tác …


  99. En Sonunda Annem Kendine Kökletti

    Sizden Gelenler: Mert

    Merhaba arkadaşlar ben İstanbul’da yaşıyorum. Adım Mert. 19 yaşındayım. …

    Erotik Hikayecim

  100. A Tareia O Vídeo

    Agradecimentos ao Calimero Sousa.

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

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