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  1. Let Me Be Clear About This

    Hey there. How’s it goin’? Me? Oh, I’m fine, thanks.


    There’s some misinformation that’s been …


  2. Con una coleta voy la mar de coqueta

    Que levante la mano quien se hace una coleta como último recurso para salir a la calle con un mínimo de decencia. …


  3. How I Know My Wife Married the “Wrong” Person

    Today my wife Lindsay and I celebrate our two year anniversary. Two years ago, we tied the knot and took the plunge. …


  4. Humor: U.N. Climate delegates unaware of ‘the pause’ in global warming

    Craig Rucker of CFACT writes:

    You’d be surprised at what they don’t know at the UN climate conference in …

    Watts Up With That?

  5. Prediksi dan syair sgp, Sabtu, 08/06/2013


    SYDNEY : 2814 SHIO 02
    HOKKIAN : 6924 SHIO 12
    SGP : 0248 SHIO 12
    MALAYSIA : 9476 …

    KALIKOA Blog's

  6. Sexuality, reported actions, and the body: A refutation

    [The following is a guest post by Clinton McGruff, written in response to recent events.]

    What do you call a man who …


  7. Kamiya Tells Smash Bros Fans To “F**k Off”

    Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya is apparently sick and tired of Smash Bros fans contacting him via Twitter encouraging him …

    My Nintendo News

  8. Saray Sarması/ Padişah Lokumu

    Rahman Rahim Allah’ın adıyla
    Muhakkak ki inkâr edenler ve kâfir oldukları halde de ölenler, yeryüzü dolusu …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  9. Andrew’s Story

    My nine-year old son Andrew drowned.

    It’s still hard for me to say this out loud, so that is why I put it first. …


  10. Woow…ada new Vixion livery Motogp di PRJ mzbro!!

    Seperti yang kita tahu, hari ini tanggal 7 PRJ resmi dibuka. Yup…Pekan Raya Jakarta 2013 tempat berkumpulnya segala …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  11. How the ‘Forbes India’ editors were forced out

    SHARANYA KANVILKAR writes from Bombay: The abrupt exit last week of the top four editorial heads of the business …

    sans serif

  12. Triangulating On Truth – The Totalitarian State

    The Guardian breaks a big story yesterday – a court document authorizing the FBI and NSA to secretly collect customer …


  13. [WEIBO] 130607 JYJ Weibo Update: Good Luck on Your Exams! + Hi China^^ + Yoochun’s Distress!

    听说6月7日有重要的考试~!我们的粉丝朋友们都要尽全力哦,我们会加油的!fighting~~~~~!!!!! …


  14. 130607

    >Daniel Tyminski, international exercise apparel marketing celebrity. You know why he gets the big bucks for …

    The Outlaw Way

  15. 너희들이 야동 라이브 방송의 수아를 아느냐!

    야동 -성인을 위한 섹스 포르노

  16. A Place to Get Lost

    Good morning! Do you remember the place I talked you about in Instagram to enjoy the sunset? Well, this pictures were …

    Trendy Taste

  17. Snapchat, You’ve Made a Huge Mistake

    Recently, Snapchat, a picture/video messaging service, silently released an update to its popular iPhone app.  Along …

    Etan Zapinsky

  18. CONFIRMED HOAX: Raoul Bova dies following Jet-Ski crash in Turks and Caicos Islands

    Actor Raoul Bova died while on a personal vacation in Turks and Caicos early this morning from …

    Andrew Azzopardi | 'Ghandi x' Nghid'

  19. Mensonges, amalgames et récupérations : affaire Clément Méric, autopsie d’un fils-de-putisme ordinaire

    Clément Méric, jeune homme de 18 ans, est mort (il a été déclaré mort pendant que je rédigeais cet article) à …

    Le blog de Fikmonskov

  20. How likely is the NSA PRISM program to catch a terrorist?

    Recent revelations about PRISM, the NSA’s massive program of surveillance of civilian communications have caused quite …



    Adana’da şehit olan Komiser Mustafa Sarı hakkında konuşma ihtiyacı hissediyorum çünkü ciğerim yanıyor. Herkes …


  22. Analisa Syair Sgp SABTU,08/06/2013

    Hamil muda tiga enam…
    Saran Dokter istirahat cukup;
    Cerita lama flu demam…
    Nomor …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  23. Syair Sgp Sabtu 08/06/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  24. about Thira

    A couple of months back, I was narrating Thira to one of my fav actress in malayalam cinema.. In the middle of my …

    vineeth sreenivasan's Blog

  25. One Week With GNOME 3 Classic: Prologue

    Over the next week, I’m going to be experimenting with the new GNOME Classic desktop in Fedora 19 beta. I will be …

    Stephen Gallagher's Open-Source Blog

  26. Why Was Charles Green’s Share Sale Not Mentioned in Rangers Prospectus?

    On 19th October 2012 Charles Green, at that stage Chief Executive of The Rangers Football Club Ltd, agreed to transfer …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  27. Geïnfecteerde advertenties op

    Fox-IT houdt voor haar klanten de netwerkbeveiliging in de gaten. Hierbij zijn op 5 juni tussen 10:42 en 15:34 …

    Fox-IT International blog

  28. An open letter to all camera companies (or, if I were CEO, part one)

    Gratuitous image: any given camera company in a nutshell: ducks not lined up in a row, and not entirely clear what …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  29. Aos Meus Amigos que Não Vivem na Turquia:

    [Invadiu as redes sociais, chegou na grande mídia. Era para ficar silenciado, pacificado, silenciosamente ocultado e …

    Revista Pittacos


    “Fate testamento per noi”: quelle lettere di Radio Maria agli ascoltatori più anziani Campagna dell’emittente: …

    JACK'S BLOG – Il blog di Giacomo Salerno

  31. “Silke Stotzka” – oder: wie man seine 15 Minuten Popularität besser nicht nutzen sollte

    Dramatische Bilder von den Hochwassergebieten in Bayern und in Ostdeutschland erreichen uns. Und wieder einmal beweisen …

    Meyer´s Meinung

  32. Ongles Ethniques -version 9087042-

    Ouiiiiii je sais ! Encore un enième nail art ethnique sur le blog ! Mais qu’est ce que vous voulez que je vous dise, …


  33. 5 Realizations You Need to Make About Dance Teachers

    Unless you learnt to dance under a rock in your parents’ basement, you’re bound to encounter international dance …

    The Jazz Monkey

  34. Record Signing in 48 Hours?- Fellaini Could Be Joining

    Yesterday, Gazidis said that the club is now one of the big boys in the Premier League and can now afford to sign top …

    The Gooner Monkey

  35. Post Para Actualização Permanente…

    … do estado da coisa, leia-se, da greve às reuniões de avaliação.

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  36. I 10 tipi di studenti universitari

    Segui Buulb su Facebook e su Twitter!

    1. IL FOTOFINISH – Ama le grandi sfide. Pretende di scalare l’Everest in …


  37. Răscoala gazelor in Vaslui

    Statul amenința: in genunchi sau va belim!

    Zeci de comune din Vaslui au INTERZIS exploatarea gazelor de șist pe …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  38. BOCA NO MUNDO: Querem Criminalizar a Liberdade Total

    Pois é. Acabo de receber esta intimação policial como “Ilmo. Sr. Diretor da Associação Teat(r)o Oficina Uzyna …

    Blog do Zé Celso

  39. Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes

    For 75 years, Finland’s expectant mothers have been given a box by the state. It’s like a starter kit of clothes, …


  40. Rudi Cerne: Maria wirklich in allergrösster Gefahr

    EK: Liebe Freunde,

    Das ZDF hat in Aktenzeichen XY Ungelöst im Auftrag der KRIPO Freiburg nach Maria …

    Bitte Findet Maria

  41. 10 friends you meet during swotvac

    1. The friend that goes missing until exams are done

    2. The friend who doesn’t care about exams

    Unimelb Adventures

  42. Mulheres Sangradas

    Foi aprovado nessa quarta-feira, 5 de junho, na Comissão de Finanças e Tributação da Câmara dos Deputados, o …

    Jornal Tabaré

  43. Morgan Out Of Running In Board Battles

    The latest I am hearing on the boardroom shenanigans at Ibrox is that James Easdale may be appointed to the board but …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  44. Ufficiale dal City: Carlito’s way to Juventus….

    Siamo arrivati per primi sulla notizia, vera e certa, senza se e senza ma. Praticamente fatta, accordo raggiunto, Tevez …

    Paddy Power Italy Blog

  45. ¿Sting buscando un combate contra The Undertaker en Wrestlemania?

    El TNA Hall of Famer, Sting se unió a VOC …

  46. 일본야동best

    [일본야동best] 보러가기 ◀ 눌러주세요

    미래를 보아 부인은 법이다. …


  47. Great Neck, NY, School Board Passes Anti-High-Stakes Testing Resolution

    Great Neck, New York, is a suburban community outside New York City that has long been renowned for its excellent …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  48. Top 10 things you will do as a parent that you will not like.

    Like Katie Price flashing a nipple on her wedding day some things in life are destined to happen.

    Once you have …

    eeh bah mum

  49. ĐÁm Tang TÔn Vinh HỒ ĐỨc ViỆt

    NGUYỄN TRỌNG TẠO: Chiều qua, 6.6.2013, PV BBC gọi điện muốn trò chuyện với tôi về anh Hồ …

    Nhà thơ Nguyễn Trọng Tạo

  50. Gu Family Book Ep 19 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

    Everything Lee Seung Gi

  51. بخش عمده ای از پناهجویان مبارزات سیاسی را لوث کرده اند.

    نکته در مورد نوشتار: اینجانب امید دانا به مدت 4 ماه پناهجو بوده ام …

    وب سایت رسمی امید دانا

  52. Biến yêu thành cưới (Lục Xu) – Chương 40

    Chương 40: Cô không muốn anh chết
    Edit: Chilli Mai
    Chỉnh dịch: Sahara

    Dương Cẩm Ngưng cảm …

    Sahara ~ Mong bình yên trở về…

  53. Mac Pro はまるで違ったものになるというウワサ

    [Mac Pro:image]

    Haswell プロセッサの登場によって、WWDC での MacBook Air …


  54. Siapakah Selebriti Wanita yang Paling “Glamor”?

    Siapakah selebriti yang paling “glamor”?

    Tak mengejutkan, aktris …


  55. Art Theft

    By David Palacios
    Tattooing is spreading like a wild-fire! I’m not sure if it’s because all the tattoo shows out …

    TAM Blog

  56. Video of Muslims driving through #Woolwich laughing at the killing of Lee Rigby #Nwi #Casualsunited #Edl

    Below is video of muslims driving past the place where Lee Rigby was brutally murdered by Islamic extremists. The sick …

    nwifightback's Blog

  57. honda CB150R dibungkus plastik agar air nggak masuk ke tangki

      pagi gan dapet email dari om noble nih, sebuah honda CB150R yang diparkir ditutupin eh di krekepin ( boso ngendi … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  58. O Estatuto do Nascituro como ele é

    Por Samantha Pistor(Este texto é meramente informativo. É claro que eu acho que o estatuto deve ser combatido, mas …


  59. Kawasaki Rilis Pulsar 200NS seharga 23,3 juta

    Bro sekalian , sesuai dengan invitation resmi yang dikirim Kawasaki Motor Indonesia Ke tmcblog akhirnya sore ini …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  60. Cercasi suggerimenti.

    Capo: Dobbiamo assolutamente fare un faial sul sito web!

    Io: Un faial?!? Intende un file… per il …

    amo il web, non ricambiato

  61. በአባይ ጉዳይ ሱዳን ከግብፅ የተለየ አቋም አሳየች

    ሱዳን ከግብፅ የተለየ አቋም መያዟን የሱዳኑ ማስታወቂያ ሚኒስትር እና …


  62. How to score RED PILL ALPHA DOG points by harassing your waitress

    Now, some WEAK ASS BETA MANGINAS think that you shouldn’t deliberately annoy waitstaff  because, you know, they’re …

    man boobz

  63. The Lying Pyne

    Did anybody watch the 7:30 Report last night? If not, you wouldn’t have known that Christopher Pyne told a bold-faced …

    The Australian Independent Media Network

  64. Maybe My Fourth Best Day

    I can understand why some people don’t entirely accept this, but Crystal Palace’s win over Watford at Wembley was …

    Mark Steel's Blog

  65. Polygon is Silencing the PlayStation Community

    I’ve always taken democracy for granted, never truly knowing how bad it feels to have your voice stripped from you – at …

  66. Chamada para Liverpool

    Ian Ayre?
    Ouvi dizer que querem contratar o Tiago Ilori. É verdade?
    Oh, sim! Absolutamente! É um enorme …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  67. How to run a really bad infowar campaign.

    It’s perhaps a debatable opinion, but I think the main way that a lot people found out there actually was such a thing …


  68. Hợp đồng hôn nhân 100 ngày [Hồi 5 – Ch.204: Đành để cô chịu uất ức]

    Hồi 5 – Chương 204: Đành để cô chịu uất ức
    “Dọn ra ngoài?” Nam Cung Vũ nhi kinh ngạc khẽ la …

    Thanh Dạ

  69. VIDEO. Syrie: journal de Syrie du 06-06-2013. L’Iran participera à Genève2, n’en déplaise aux…

    …Esprits chagrins.
    Le président syrien Bachar al-Assad, lors d’une rencontre avec une délégation de militants et …

    Allain Jules

  70. the silence of our friends

    There will always be those who are unable to see beyond their own limited parameters of what qualifies as …

    a diary of a mom

  71. Snickers Peanut Butter Brownie Ice Cream Cake

    Just looking at these pictures makes my mouth water. Imagine what it’s like in person. As I was making it, the hubs …

  72. Per Chi lo fai?

    di Costanza Miriano

    Vorrei tanto che noi cattolici fossimo più visibili, dichiaratamente presenti, in politica, …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  73. Hawaii’s gentle breezes are disappearing, and scientists don’t know why

    June 6, 2013 – HONOLULU — Part of what makes living in Hawaii so pleasant is the gentle breeze. Arriving from the …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  74. It’s the Friday Puzzle!

    Please do NOT post your answer, but do say if you think you have solved the puzzle and how long it took. Solution on …

    Richard Wiseman

  75. Dang it, I’m going to miss the circus

    Suddenly called out of town this evening and won’t get back before 10:00. Walt, I deputize you to report on the scene. …

    For What It's Worth

  76. Tiến sĩ Alan Phan: “IT và Nông nghiệp là tương lai của kinh tế VN”

    Bài trên blog của bác Alan Phan. Tôi thực sự tâm đắc với ý kiến chiến lược này của bác …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  77. Кой и защо крие, че ракът се лекува успешно още от 1969 година?

    Осем милиона души по света всяка година умират от рак. Само в САЩ …


  78. Dengan model baru,… Kawasaki merangsek teruuus …!!!

    Well,… segment motor sportz memang beda dibandingkan segment skutik misalnya … soalnya pemain nya banyak … hampir …

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  79. kMSt ver. 1.2.479 – Archer Reorganization and Other Skill Changes!

    A new patch has been released to Tespia, this time with the Archer reorganization (finally!)! It also includes some …

    Orange Mushroom's Blog

  80. ONU abre inscrição para Programa de Jovens Profissionais 2013

    As Nações Unidas abriram inscrições para seu Programa de Jovens Profissionais (YPP, na sigla inglês), cujo …

    Blog da ONU Brasil

  81. “Arranged” Marriage

    I am madly in love with a good man.

    Next week, I am going to marry another.

    I have cried more tears this year …

    Love, InshAllah

  82. Не закачай бебето!

    В определени аспекти българите биваме отглеждани по ужасен …

    Патиланско царство

  83. Grillo “contestato” a Pomezia. “Se questa è la concorrenza prendiamo il 99%”

    Grillo contestato da una decina di persone, fa salire sul palco un loro portavoce e gli dà il microfono.  Il …

    Mondo 5 Stelle

  84. Our Superhero

    Today at around 5am, although his spirit was still strong David’s body decided that it couldn’t cope with the pain and …

    Keep Calm And Chemo On

  85. Phillies Select Andrew Knapp in the 2nd Round and thoughts on JP Crawford

    Knapp is an incredibly unsexy, 2nd round pick.  He is a college catcher with kind of all around tools.  The defense …

    Phuture Phillies

  86. 6 Examples of Hard to Test JavaScript

    The following content comes from the second module of my Pluralsight course entitled: Front-End First: Testing and …

    the pluralsight blog

  87. Linić je privremeno odustao od poreza na nekretnine jer je uglavnom već postigao cilj

    Plus: Kako vlasništvo nekretnina usporava ekonomski rast i zapošljavanje

    1. Nedavno smo mogli vidjeti kako SDP-OV …


  88. Let’s Talk About Lauri Waring Peterson’s Blog

    Most of the time I forget all about the official Bravo cast blogs. Generally they are just more of the same storyline. …

    Tamara Tattles

  89. Le mercato servettien sous la loupe : après Crettenand, Sauthier est officiellement grenat !

    La nouvelle n’est pas encore confirmée par le club, ni par les médias officiels, mais nous pouvons annoncer avec …

    Les Enfants du Servette

  90. Nợ xấu, nợ công: Đuờng cùng của kinh tế Việt Nam

    Phạm Chí Dũng & Mặc Lâm
    Nợ xấu bao phủ cùng với sự thiếu minh bạch trong con số của nợ …

  91. The Most Underrated Division 1 College in the Nation

    When you think of top Division 1 schools what names come to mind? Most likely schools like Ohio State, Florida, LSU, …

    The Dirty Mint

  92. Ficlet “Fashion”

    Title                 :           Fashion

    Author             …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  93. Benihana, Roller Coasters and The Bachelorette – Brandon Belt

    We’re flying to Arizona this afternoon for the start of a long road trip. Haylee’s flying out today, too, but …

    Brandon and Brandon

  94. 6 traitements de radiothérapie en 3 jours : CHECK!

    Mon initiation à l’Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont pour la greffe se déroule plutôt bien jusqu’à présent. À vrai …


  95. ตัวอย่างใหม่บู๊แหลกของ Man of Steel

    อีกเพียงสัปดาห์เดียวที่ Man of Steel จะออกฉาย …


  96. Se veía de venir

    Así está el tema, según el sondeo que hoy publica ‘El Periódico’ en su portada. La brillante estrategia de Moi Mas …

    El blog de Santiago González

  97. I am back

    …and working on the new feature, as promised in the last post. Today I added a new tool that goes with it, was quite …


  98. De “mujeres, Hombres Y Viceversa” a La CÁRCEL.

    Enviada a prisión la hermana de Adriana Barbosa pretendienta de " Mujeres, hombres y viceversa". Tras su …

    Isabel Rábago

  99. Philadelphia is Closing 23 Schools While Building A $400 Million Prison

    The Philadelphia School District’s (PSD) state-run School Reform Commission voted in March to close 23 public schools, …

    Dispatches from the Underclass

  100. Chance of more TS today

    More showers are possible today late afternoon/evening.

    KeaWeather Bloggers

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