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June 6, 2013: Top Posts

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  1. How I Know My Wife Married the “Wrong” Person

    Today my wife Lindsay and I celebrate our two year anniversary. Two years ago, we tied the knot and took the plunge. …


  2. Mis alumnos y sus extraños métodos de estudio: el escándalo “De Memory”

    3.4; 2.6; 4.9; 1.1; 0.7… Las notas de mis alumnos en el primero de los exámenes que han hecho este mes de junio son …


  3. How about a little teaser?

    I’ve been getting a ton of requests for a Losing Hope teaser, and who am I to deprive y’all?  It is SO hard to pick a …

    Colleen Hoover

  4. On “Geek” Versus “Nerd”

    To many people, “geek” and “nerd” are synonyms, but in fact they are a little different. Consider the phrase “sports …


  5. WWE SmackDown (Cobertura y resultados 7 de junio de 2013) – ¿CM Punk está de regreso?

    WWE, Inc. presenta: WWE SmackDown, desde el  Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum en Uniondale, New York, USA. Show …

  6. Color Power

    The way you play with colors can make you look stylish or just the opposite. It´s important to use they with care 😉 …

    Trendy Taste

  7. Andrew’s Story

    My nine-year old son Andrew drowned.

    It’s still hard for me to say this out loud, so that is why I put it first. …


  8. The future of Adrian Newey

    From time to time Adrian Newey goes through phases when he thinks that he might like to stop motor racing and do …


  9. Global Temperature Report: May 2013

    by Philip Gentry, UAH and Dr. Roy Spencer Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.14 C per decadeMay temperatures …

    Watts Up With That?

  10. Penyebaran accessories Honda CB150R sudah mencapai 30% dari jumlah populasi…

    Bro dan sis sekalian…banyak email mampir keIWB mengeluhkan susahnya mendapatkan part accessories sang teralis. Suku …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  11. Prediksi dan syair sgp, Rabu, 05/06/2013


    SYDNEY : 1339 SHIO 03
    HOKKIAN : 7016 SHIO 04 SGP : 4419 shio 07
    MALAYSIA : …

    KALIKOA Blog's

  12. Muhallebili İncirli Tatlı

    İbn-i Abbas’ın rivayetiyle Rasulullah Aleyhisselat-u vesselam buyurdular ki:“Ahir zamanda öyle milletler …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  13. Time is money: How Clash of Clans earns $500,000 a day with in-app purchases

    Confession time: While I like to rationalize my blog’s recent silence with changing jobs and moving to a new city, the …


  14. My Best Theory on Mystery Radar Blob

    After hours of radar analysis, I’m still not 100% sure what this mystery blob on radar Tuesday afternoon in West …

    WAAY 31 Weather Blog –

  15. Kroki: Gezi Parkı’nda Ne Nerede? İhtiyaçlar Neler?


  16. Analisa Syair Sgp KAMIS,06/06/2013

    Bermain tali Empat sembilan…
    Dua pasangan bermata Satu;
    Lingkaran utuh di kiri …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  17. 演唱會上搖滾明星10種討人厭的行為

    幾個月前我們看了演唱會上10種樂迷最討厭的行為,而這次滾石雜誌將目標放在台上演出的 …


  18. (Tuto Nailart) Moon Manucure de printemps

    Bonjour bonjour ! Aujourd’hui je vous propose de revisiter un grand classique du nail art à la sauce printemps, …


  19. Syair Sgp Kamis 06/06/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  20. the beloved bow tie.

    A framed quote on the wall of Dr. E. Gordon Gee’s office in Bricker Hall reads:

    “If you don’t like change, …

    thirty-seven seconds

  21. FMI: România in faliment

    Nici o reacție a guvernului! Ponta e nebun?

    Acordul cu FMI se termina pe 30 iunie. Iar FMI a anunțat oficial …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  22. Nine Things You Should Stop Posting on Facebook

    By Patsy Terrell

    Facebook is wonderful for staying in touch with people from all stages of our lives. It’s also easy …

    Uniquely Basil

  23. How a Waka Flocka Flame Concert Ended My Marriage and Saved My Life

    Going to see Waka Flocka Flame in concert was the final nail in the coffin of my marriage. Let me explain.

    In …

    Deep Commotion

  24. Feedly is listening: the roadmap you helped us shape

    Our focus over the last 60 days has been to add new hardware and release weekly incremental updates to make the …

    Building Feedly

  25. Aos Meus Amigos que Não Vivem na Turquia:

    [Invadiu as redes sociais, chegou na grande mídia. Era para ficar silenciado, pacificado, silenciosamente ocultado e …

    Revista Pittacos

  26. Nintendo Is Apparently Dropping The Wii U Basic Model

    Square Triangle, a member of the Neogaf forum, says that he has received an email from where he works informing him …

    My Nintendo News

  27. Defining cinematic

    Over the last couple of posts, we’ve looked at the qualities of bokeh, and some examples of cinematic photography in …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  28. VIDEO. Syrie: journal de Syrie du mardi 04 mai 2013 et quelques dépêches du jour

    Alléluia ! Les Occidentaux s’accrochent à tout. Ils sont heureux de l’annonce du président Poutine qui indique …

    Allain Jules

  29. Boardroom Battle Enters Next Phase

    Anxious shareholders are seeking to remove Malcolm Murray and Philip Cartmell from the Rangers board, replacing them …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  30. Ravitsemusterapeutit – mihin v***uun niitä tarvitaan?

    VAROITUS: Seuraava teksti tulee sisältämään kirosanoja. Isä, älä lue. Toinen varoitus: voin olla lauhkea ja …

    Se erilainen fitness-blogi

  31. Warner Bros is not only hoping you notice the Superman comparisons to Christ: they’re counting on it

    Behold the man! Superman bears many similarities to Christ, from the scarlet robe and arrest versus the scarlet …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  32. DWP Plots Workfare For Part Time Workers

    Mark Hoban’s speech to the Policy Exchange today, which was thankfully interrupted by campaigners from Boycott Workfare …

    the void

  33. tuesday update

    SHORT TERM: correction/pullback resumes, DOW -76

    Overnight the Asian markets gained 0.6%. Europe opened higher and …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  34. Atheism among Anglophone scientists. II. The UK

    So how religious are scientists in the UK compared to those in the US? I would have thought “a lot less”. A recent …

    Why Evolution Is True

  35. Top 10 things you will do as a parent that you will not like.

    Like Katie Price flashing a nipple on her wedding day some things in life are destined to happen.

    Once you have …

    eeh bah mum

  36. Deep

    In many ways I don’t know where to start this post, even though I know right where to end it.

    Last Monday- Memorial …

    Cullen's Blessings

  37. RESPECT!!! (há quanto tempo eu sonhava com este momento)

    A Direcção do Sporting Clube de Portugal e a Administração da Sporting SAD sempre afirmaram que no âmbito dos …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  38. NhÀ BÁo XuÂn Ba KỂ ChuyỆn HỒ ĐỨc ViỆt


    Tất cả các Tổng Biên tập (TBT) được triệu tập. Không hiểu sao một phóng viên …

    Nhà thơ Nguyễn Trọng Tạo

  39. 한국야동 일본야동 야동사이트 섹시한사진 섹시노출 무료야동 노모야동 망가 일본노모 […]

    한국야동 일본야동 야동사이트 섹시한사진 섹시노출 무료야동 노모야동 망가 일본노모 …


  40. klaim kawasaki ninja 650 sebulan tidak ditangani kabid propam polisikan direktur dealer

    pagi gan dapat berita buat warning para pemilik bengkel resmi untuk memperhatikan pelangganya ^ ilustrasi kawaski ER6N … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  41. [NEWS] 130604 JYJ member’s birthday creates Twitter buzz

    JYJ’s Park Yoo-chun has made it to the top of Twitter’s trending topics — thanks to his birthday that fell on …


  42. Sgp Rabu 05-06-2013

    pangeran27 reviews


    Sanggayu Blog's Prediction's™


    Αγία Παρασκευή, απόγευμα Παρασκευής. Πολίτης που περπατά σε …

  44. Karen Hudes Responds to Ben Fulford’s Most Recent Post, June 4m 2013

    Karen, I’m taking the liberty of moving your statement from the Comment section and putting it front-and-center. Since …

    2012: What's the 'real' truth?

  45. Impossible cat in frame thing

    Chris M sent me this wonderful animated gif of a cat doing an impossible thing in a frame…..enjoy!

    Any idea how …

    Richard Wiseman

  46. Tebak Angka Kam!s 06 JuN! 2013

    SYAIR SGP KAMIS 06/06/2013
    PUE BARAKA Kamis
    Bermain tali empat sembilan, Dua …

    Haimoso Blog

  47. Zionism – The Worst Plague In The History Of Mankind

    Zionism – The Worst Plague In The History Of Mankind

    By Ed Ward, MD
    11-20-9 – Updated 6-4-13

    Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason

  48. June Designer of the Month Wencke Wolff Hatling

    Hi I’m Pat Sloan the Aurifil Designer of the Month coordinator. June’s Designer of the month is the ultra talented …


  49. Is Kenya Moore Getting Evicted?

    Well according to Reality Tea’s exclusive sources, yes, yes, she is. Why can’t these RHOA renters learn to pay their …

    Tamara Tattles

  50. After School Nana ‘Buka-Bukaan’ di Foto Teaser Terbaru

    Dimulai dari apa yang kelihatannya rangkaian foto teaser lainnya, Pledis Entertainment merilis foto teaser Nana yang …


  51. Naruto 633 Manga | Read Naruto Chapter 633

    Watch out for the forthcoming naruto 633 manga. Join our discussion in naruto 633 spoiler if you are a real naruto …

    Naruto 633 – based – Juubi Vs Team 7!

  52. Yamaha X-Ride bisa Jalan 52,1 km hanya dengan 1 Liter bensin . . Proven !!

    Bro sekalian, malanjutkan artikel sebelumnya tentang metode pengukuran konsumsi bahan bakar unit test ride sepeda motor …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  53. Кой и защо крие, че ракът се лекува успешно още от 1969 година?

    Осем милиона души по света всяка година умират от рак. Само в САЩ …


  54. Confrontation

    I just arrived back in Singapore this morning.  She came and picked me up.  While we were in the car, she told me …

    My Cheating Wife

  55. Philosophy in Gezi Park: Jesse Prinz (CUNY) on “Passionate Politics: Emotions, Morality, and Social Identity” 05/06/2013

    Due to the event’s in Turkey Jesse Prinz’ talk that was planned to take place at Bogazici University has been …

    Hesperus is Bosphorus

  56. BBC utterly misleads on the NHS – yet again

    I just witnessed a subtle but shockingly lamentable piece of craven journalism on BBC News. The BBC has an …

    The SKWAWKBOX Blog

  57. Un transfert au SFC

    Non, HQ n’a pas encore signé de nouveaux sponsors. Non, Messi n’a pas été prêté au SFC. Qu’à cela ne tienne, …

    Les Enfants du Servette

  58. Какво става в Истанбул?

    До приятелите ми, които живеят извън Турция

    Пиша ви за да …

    Светът днес

  59. Quê Choa thứ tư ngày 05/06/2013

    Cập nhật liên tục trong ngày
    +Tin tặc Trung Quốc tấn công 40 quốc gia: Hãng an ninh mạng Nga …

  60. Online reading seminar for Zhang’s “bounded gaps between primes”

    In a recent paper, Yitang Zhang has proven the following theorem:

    Theorem 1 (Bounded gaps between primes) There …

    What’s new

  61. Processing 2.0 is out! Processing 2.0 is in!

    Yesterday was a very important day for the Processing project, as a new stable version, “the 2.0”, has been released. …


  62. No More Flowers – What YOU can do.

    In June of 2012 I wrote this 

    It was called No More Flowers, and its purpose was a simple one.

    For far too long …

    John Mellis

  63. Man Tasered while attempting to save infant son from a house fire

    Click here to watch the video


  64. Breaking News: Armoured Vehicles Surround Ethiopian Embassy In Cairo

    Awramba Times – The Ethiopian embassy in Cairo is surrounded by heavily armed personnel and armoured vehicles. …


  65. SUPER SECRET!!!: Lauri Peterson Tells All About Vicki Gunvalson’s EX-Loves!

    WATCH OUT, VICKI!!!  Lauri Knows ALL!!


  66. Hợp đồng hôn nhân 100 ngày [Hồi 5 – Ch.202: Để cô ấy dọn ra ngoài!]

    Hồi 5 – Chương 202: Để cô ấy dọn ra ngoài!
    Nam Cung Vũ Nhi chen vào giữa hai người. “Xin lỗi, …

    Thanh Dạ

  67. أخبار متنوعة # 42

    Korean Drama ~ ♥

  68. The start

    After debating for quite a while, I’ve finally started to start a blog.

    I feel like people don’t know me very well, …


  69. Buat Baik Selama-lamanya

    “Dulu ustaz kata jika kita buat baik pasti dibalas baik, tetapi dalam realitinya kenapa tidak? “

    Saya …

    Genta Rasa

  70. This is the Exact Workout I did Today!

    New Method: High-Intensity Interval Strength Training

    Exercise is the most incredible medicine that I know of. It …

    Bill Phillips Fitness News

  71. rethinking functional behavior — and the tyranny of made-up deadlines


    Yesterday, I wrote a post about teaching Katie to respect other people’s need for downtime. I talked about how I …

    a diary of a mom

  72. Cafea la Bucuresti | All White Outfits Issue

    Mai mult decat ceea ce ne dicteaza trendurile coborate de pe podiumuri, ne dorim vara asta o tinuta all white care sa …


  73. Chelsea Transfer News/Rumours Update- 5 June 2013

    1. Mourinho’s first job at Chelsea – to keep Lukaku :

    José Mourinho faces a fight to persuade Romelu Lukaku to stay …

    Chelsea FC 360

  74. A peculiar people

    Guest post from Hannah J. Welcome, Hannah!

    In my first year of university I took a color film photography class …

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  75. Biến yêu thành cưới (Lục Xu) – Chương 37

    Chương 37: Ngẫu nhiên như vậy
    Edit: Chilli Mai
    Chỉnh dịch: Sahara
    Thế giới này vốn dĩ không …

    Sahara ~ Mong bình yên trở về…

  76. 6/5/2013 — Huntsville RADAR mystery SOLVED = BAE Systems, Raytheon, and DECIBEL RESEARCH Inc.

    video explanation here:


    I highly recommend that you …

  77. The Roller Coaster Continues- 6/4/13

    Hey, guys. We’ve had some recent news that I want to share with you all. Over the past few weeks I’ve had a series of …

    Team Hayden

  78. Clima, intervista all’esperto: “sì, sta arrivando una nuova era glaciale ma non ve lo dicono per le lobby del […]

    L’articolo pubblicato il 4 giugno con le dichiarazioni del Colonnello Paolo Ernani, noto meteorologo italiano, ha …


  79. Ripple In Still Water

    We have been pretty much closed to folk visiting Casablanca over the past few months while I wrapped up Memoirs of a …

    Moving On Up a Little Higher

  80. Hizbullah Celebrates the Fall of al-Qusayr

    I was about to publish a post this morning about the different scenarios of a post-conflict Syria and their …

    Qifa Nabki

  81. 10 years worth the wait for Mississippi State baseball

    In few places are the lives of fans and a team so intertwined as Mississippi State and its faithful baseball …


  82. Más predicar que dar trigo

    La foto del diario ABC da cuenta del estado actual de la revolución bolivariana en lo que respecta a la satisfacción …

    El blog de Santiago González

  83. Novela da Vida versus novela das nove!

    Fiquei sabendo que alguns pais estão “decepcionados” com a LINDA, personagem autista da nova novela das 21h da Globo. …

    poder dos pais

  84. Résistance

    di Ludovine de La Rochére, presidente della Manif pour tous

    Le Figaro, 31 maggio 2013
    Signor Presidente della …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  85. 8 Ball Pool on iOS & Android updated!

    Today we’re very excited to announce the release of a long-awaited update to 8 Ball Pool on iOS and Android, which …

    Miniclip Games

  86. Braun: ‘The truth has not changed’

    A smiling Ryan Braun faced reporters Tuesday night and remained defiant in his innocence, a few hours after an ESPN …

    Brew Beat

  87. Nae Maeum (My Feeling)

    Tittle : Nae Maeum (My Feeling)

    Type : Molla(?)

    Author : @Jeniffer_Hwang

    Cast :
    Seo Joo Hyun as Seohyun
    Cho Kyu Hyun …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  88. Gu Family Book Ep 18 BTS Video – Lee Seung Gi

    KangChi’s perfect impersonation of Lieutenant Seo

    source: imbc

    Everything Lee Seung Gi

  89. la página más solicitada este lunes


    El portal web  sin duda debió convertirse este lunes en …


  90. Στην φωτιά της Πόλης

    ή της İstanbul, καμία σημασία δεν έχει. Σημασία έχει οτι εκεί ο κόσμος …


  91. Bỏ rơi ma vương tổng tài – Chương 262: Cả đời

    Muốn mang bài đi đâu xin nói trước với mình một tiếng, ghi rõ editor, dẫn link về nguồn và …


  92. በአርቲስት ሰራዊት ፍቅሬ የሚመራ የአርቲስቶች እና ጋዜጠኞች ቡድን አዲስ […]

    -የፌደሬሽን ምክር ቤት በአርቲስት ሰራዊት ፍቅሬ የሚመራ  የአርቲስቶች …


  93. This Letter About Corporate Involvement in Education Policy Should Go Viral

    Paul Horton, a history teacher at the University of Chicago Lab School, wrote a letter to Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  94. Fury as elementary school lowers American flag and replaces it with Saudi Arabian one

    Note: This is a slightly older article, but worth the attention for those of us who never saw it before.  I sure …

  95. McGinn leaving Miami due to improper emails

    NewAPPS writes:
    The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Colin McGinn is leaving Miami “amid allegations that he …

    Feminist Philosophers

  96. 130606

    >As promised, the final Para Bellum Series date of 2013 is now live for registration.
    Click here to register for …

    The Outlaw Way

  97. Vol.#28: The Blame Game

    Attention: Rant about the current critical period for the teachers in my state of North Carolina forthcoming. You’ve …

    Teaching Speaks Volumes

  98. Kaskus:Kejar-Kejaran Tiga Motor vs Yaris Di Lenteng Agung

    Sebuah share di kaskus menceritakan tentang mobil yaris yang bertabrakan dengan sebuah sepeda motor dengan cukup parah, …

    Bonsai Biker

  99. Good Men Are Doing Nothing – Homeschooling Threatened in Texas – Urgent Action Required

    My name is Andrew Koch and I am 17 years old. I have been homeschooled all my life.  I have lived in five states and …

    An Idealist in a Pragmatic World

  100. Arsenal Poised to Sign Alexsandar Mitrovic?

    It appears that Wenger’s interest in signing promising youth players is not coming to an end anytime soon, as reports …

    The Gooner Monkey

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