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  1. This Trendy “Strong is the New Skinny” Thing (and what it could mean for the next generation of girls)

    First of all, hi everyone. It feels like I haven’t blogged about anything sociologically substantial in a while, and I …


  2. det kan hända vem som helst

    Jag som många andra har med bestörtning läst nyheten om barnet som glömdes i bilen och dog. Med tanke på de …

    sofia mirjamsdotter

  3. Police Outlaw East Tyrone ‘How’s She Cuttin’ In-Car Hand Gesture

    The PSNI today announced that, from June 1st 2013, anyone seen spreading their fingers out wide up against their …

    Tyrone Tribulations

  4. Tin thứ Tư, 8-5-2013


    – Trường Sa – những ngày hào hùng (CATP).  – ‘Đi về phía Ban …

    BA SÀM

  5. Why I Don’t Diet – An Ode to My Father

    My father died three weeks ago. He was in hospice, with all the pharmacological and technological assistance available …

    More Cabaret

  6. Lo Scandalo Povia

    In questi giorni fa molto scalpore leggere le dichiarazioni di Giuseppe Povia riguardo il ministro Cecile Kyenge . Su …


  7. What 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere looks like

    The results are in, and it looks like this.

    Watts Up With That?

  8. Imran Khan – An emotionally compromised view.

    Let me state this for the record that I have never met Imran Khan. The closest I have ever come to him is at a Jalsa …

    Pakistani Society

  9. Rangers Declare On Official Website that the Company = The Club!

    A short post – yes I know, I have promised that before, but this is!

    In the continuing saga of whether or not …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  10. Project: Blooming Monogram

    I wanted our Mother’s Day window at Urbanic to be extra special this year since my mom is flying in from Philadelphia …

    Parcel Post

  11. ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ: Ένα ασήμαντο γεγονός !!!

    Από το il trovatore
    Λίγη ώρα μετά την Ανάσταση….

    …Συνέβη ένα …


  12. Anh ơi tha cho em… em là đảng viên!

    Cánh Cò

    Cái clip đang lưu hành trên mạng cho thấy sự thật bẽ bàng của một thằng đảng …

  13. 50 Slices Of Movie Trivia You May Not Know

    So to prepare you for your destiny on daytime TV, here’s 50 facts to build up your useless bank of knowledge.
    1) …

    One Room With A View

  14. NASA to migrate ISS computers from Windows to Linux

    Citing stability issues NASA has announced they will be migrating the ISS laptops and PCs from Windows to Linux. Being …

    The Rocketry Blog

  15. Foto – Policia buscan a esta mujer “Increible” [noticia pendeja]

  16. A quick reminder on the end of Whacking Day…

    Just a quick reminder that Whacking Day is still scheduled to end on May 9. And that it could end at any time that day. …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Tips

  17. [LINE] 130508 JYJ Naver Line Update: JYJ’s Audio Messages for Parents’ Day

    [TRANS] Here are the relay-messages~ BByong!


  18. 130508

    >Kevin Ogar – 3-pos Snatch @ 250# (technically yes, he does the first rep wrong, but I’m still …

    The Outlaw Way

  19. The Universal Language

    A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.
    – William Arthur Ward
    A smile is …

    Steve McCurry's Blog

  20. Hoy una de collares DIY veraniegos que os van a chiflar.

    Hoy vengo preparada para entreteneros un buen rato, vamos que tengo rollete para rato. He encontrado el complemento …


  21. ميناس ماتت! ماااتت


  22. Paradise no more

    For all those living in Hyderabad, India, Paradise hotel is synonymous to biryani and is one of the most visited …

    Reporting Live

  23. キャリアがアンドロイドより iPhone を売りたいワケ


    少し前になるが、iPhone …


  24. Nyugaton már megoldották… – szurkolói videó mutat rá az MLSZ tévedésére

    Régóta beszéltünk már róla, végre valakik meg is csinálták, máshol sem Kazinczy-díjra törekszenek a …

    Üllői út 129

  25. Doğal Kaymaklı Dondurma Tarifi

    Ey iman edenler! Allah’a karşı gelmekten sakının ve doğrularla beraber olun.(Tevbe:119)Vaktiniz hayr olsun …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  26. WWE SmackDown (Cobertura y resultados 10 de mayo de 2013) – El “Highlight Reel” de Chris Jericho con Ryback

    WWE, Inc. presenta: WWE SmackDown, desde el  O2 Arena en London, England. Show grabado para ser transmitido el …

  27. Syair Sgp Rabu 08/05/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  28. In Bad Taste Aamna Aqeel

    This is possibly one of the most racist ad campaigns we have seen!Everyone needs to act more responsible, this is just …

    Style On Paper

  29. Excuse me, mata-mata, I am here to be arrested

    Moderator’s clarification at 3.29pm : It’s still Kelana Jaya stadium tonight, folks. Singa’s suggestion here was to …

    The People's Parliament

  30. Rumblings of WWIII: Iran speaks of Resistant Axis against West, Israel on ‘war-alert,’ 41 nations Gulf military […]

    May 7, 2013 – IRAN – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  31. Allison on the move

    I am hearing whispers from Enstone that there are changes afoot in the technical department of Lotus F1 Team, with the …


  32. Prediksi dan syair sgp, Kamis, 09/05/2013


    SYDNEY : 1282 SHIO 10
    HOKKIAN : 3450 SHIO 02
    SGP : 6803 shio 03

    KALIKOA Blog's

  33. 搶人才,新加坡憑什麼?─地緣價值、國家資本,與階級化的社會結構

    曾柏文 …


  34. It’ll never happen. Again.

    Update: The CBS interview has been delayed to later this morning due to breaking news.  It will more than likely be …

    Colleen Hoover

  35. Analisa Syair Sgp RABU,08 Mei 2013

    Dua Dua Lapan Sembilan…
    Setengah2 Tuan Pisahkan;
    Pojanjita Jangan Ragukan…
    Satu …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  36. [EXCLUSIF] Syrie (Incroyable mais vrai): Israël et le…Hamas combattent le Gouvernement syrien

    J’essaie de me pincer pour ne pas croire à cette information. Je refuse même de croire à celle-ci mais, c’est …

    Allain Jules

  37. Butuh 7 botol oli ukuran 150cc untuk mengganti oli shock depan Byson…..

    Bro dan sis sekalian….dari pengalaman ketika nunggang Megapro 4 tahun lalu, IWB mendapati oli shockbraker menjadi …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  38. My Take on Northland

    NOTE: Anybody can read this. Only those really interested in Northland should, although everybody’s welcome. But this …


  39. An Open Letter to Charles Ramsey

    An open letter to Charles Ramsey

    By: Eris Zion Venia Dyson

    May 7th 2013

    Dear Mr. Charles Ramsey,
    First and foremost …

    an ezv truth

  40. TÔi ĐÃ Nghe Cd “thẰng MÕ” CỦa NgỌc ĐẠi


    Lâu lắm chỉ gặp Ngọc Đại qua điện thoại. Anh hẹn tặng tôi CD …

    Nhà thơ Nguyễn Trọng Tạo

  41. Marjorie Barretto photo scandal?

    She may not be running for any political post in this year’s elections, but actress-turned-public servant Marjorie …

    The Filipino Scribe

  42. [1] 인터넷, 모바일 벤처 누가누가 많이 샀나?

    인터넷, 모바일 벤처 누가누가 많이 샀나?

    최근 정부의 창조경제 열풍과 함께 …

    Under the Radar

  43. Is this perfect?

    This is a wonderful video sent to me by @MarkIAllison.

    It is a perfect combination of science and the arts, and the …

    Richard Wiseman

  44. “people aren’t ready to hear this” … but they need to

    Guest post by Amber Whiteley
    I’ve been a victim of sexual abuse three times.
    Once, when I was sexually molested by …

    Young Mormon Feminists

  45. 12 year old kid confronts cop breaking the law (VIDEO)

    Click here to read the article

    Visit our home page for more anti-establishment news


  46. Latest: Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson to retire

    By Paul Mallon | Premier League
    Twitter: @paulmallon1
    Sir Alex Ferguson will step down as manager of …

    Paddy Power Betting Blog

  47. இது எப்படி இருக்கு: ஆசாத் சாலியின் மகள் […]

    பயங்கரவாத தடைச் சட்டத்தின் கீழ் கைது …


  48. Avalanche Studios Says Wii U Dev Kits Are Collecting Dust

    Avalanche Studios, the development team behind the popular Just Cause franchise, has told Norwegian site Press Fire …

    My Nintendo News

  49. Maduro y los Castro mataron a Chávez. (vía investigación de la Casablanca)

    La información que a continuación se expondrá es resultado de una investigación seria y sin ánimos políticos de …


  50. The Queen’s Speech (translated) – brief words signifying so much harm

    Today the Queen made her speech at the official opening of Parliament. Her words were, as always, written by the …

    Vox Political

  51. Restituite L’ape!

    La legge è legge, anche quando la amministrano i vigili urbani, ma a volte è più utile il buon senso. Quindi …


  52. Þroskahefti síamstvíburinn og vanskapaða Barbie dúkkan

    Evrópuþingið lagði fram tillögu árið 1997 þar sem  skilgreining á hatursorðræðu kemur fram en hugtakið er …


  53. Leite com substância cancerígena é enviado do RS para o PR. Veja as marcas

    A Polícia e o Ministério Público realizam a Operação Leite Compensado em três regiões do Rio Grande do Sul. O …

    BandNews FM Curitiba

  54. D.C. Police Chief: Constitution Does Not Apply Here

    An Internet talk show host is trying to gather protesters to march into the District on July 4 carrying loaded rifles, …

    The Firewall

  55. Една справка в подземието

    По книгите на Атанас Панайотов “Кокаин”

    Имайте в предвид, че …


  56. Malta – Gianluca takes to the stage – a little early

    Gianluca from  Malta is on the Eurovision Stage as I type and my fingers cannot keep up with my thoughts. This has to …


  57. Mencoba Memprediksi Kapan Suzuki Satria FU Injeksi hadir

    Bro sekalian, menilik apa yang diucapkan oleh Presiden Direktur PT PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) Akira Utsumi yang …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  58. Kumpulan Foto Majalah Popular Vitalia Sesha Yang Membuat Anda Puas

    Foto yang saya dapatkan dari majalah popular edisi februari 2013 yang berisi pose hot model vitalia yang terkenal …


  59. Wait For It…Wait For It…

    -AreWeThereYet, Arizona

    Here’s the official verdict watch thread for the Arias trial. Discuss away as the clock …

    EggTreeNews Blog

  60. Anh Nguyễn Tử Quảng BKAV từ làng Thư Điền

    Dân Tin học ĐHBK và cả nước đều biết hai thầy trò Quách Tuấn Ngọc và Nguyễn Tử …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  61. Asegurados con droga y rifle R-15

    Detenidos en la colonia Las Garzas

    La Paz, B.C.S.- Agentes de la PEP detuvieron a tres personas, quienes dijeron …

    Colectivo Pericú

  62. tuesday update

    SHORT TERM: another day another record high, DOW +87

    Overnight the Asian markets gained 1.8% – mostly Japan. Europe …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  63. Matura z języka polskiego do powtórki. Centralna Komisja Egzaminacyjna zgubiła klucz z odpowiedziami


  64. news | news | news

    Bună dimneața fetelor, azi vorbim despre termenul de outlet, despre Kate Moss & boho chic, despre o filmare de …


  65. ‘CITY OF ASHES’ to go into production in the fall, Harald Zwart to direct

    The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones doesn’t hit theaters until Aug. 23, but  executive producer Martin Moszkowicz …

    TMI Source

  66. “The United States of TransCanada” 2013-Oklahoma

    I can not explain in great detail how exactly I ended up in this “predicament” other than the fact that I was filming …

    JNL Radikal Media

  67. TheDesignAir Top 10 Liveries Of 2013

    Here at TheDesignAir, our team of expert judges have looked at the liveries around the world this year and have come …


  68. Nehanda Radio – Chiwenga seizes power from Mugabe

    Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) commander, General Constantine Chiwenga is now all but de facto Head of State, after …

  69. Guvernul apocalipsului

    Se închid robinetele cu bani!

    BERD (Banca Europeana de Reconstrucție si Dezvoltare) a anunțat ca va bloca …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  70. Ο θάνατος του George Kant

    Ο Γιώργος πέθανε, σήμερα Τρίτη το πρωί στις 7 η ώρα. Θα ταφεί αύριο …

    Ο Άπατρις της Πάτρας

  71. Comment j’ai eu l’envie d’arrêter l’architecture…

    Profitant de congés bien mérités, je souhaitais revenir sur une séquence récente de ma vie professionnelle qui …

    L'Abeille et l'Architecte

  72. Porque a piriguete não mexe comigo

    Adoro mulher linda e gostosa. Mesmo. Mas para esse texto se aplica aquele bordão: ‘uma coisa é uma coisa, outra …

    Fábio Chap

  73. Why It Will Be A Long Time Before We See Other New Species in SWTOR

    Wow.  That headline is one helluva mouthful.  I could have made it shorter, but since I like to grab you guys by …

  74. How To Make A Glowstick Alarm

    I learned to make something similar to this back when I was still in the Marine Corps and was reminded of it after …

    Survivor Medic

  75. Mystic Glacier par Ninja Polish : encore un pipi de licorne !

    Pile au moment où je disais à mes copines “J’ai pas très envie de blogger en ce moment” le soleil (le vrai de vrai …


  76. GE13 proves that BN don’t need Chinese to form govt

    From Syed Akbar Ali’s blog — ‘Ponder an Umno PAS unity government’.

    SAA wrote:
    “At the end of the day it may come …

    Helen Ang

  77. Time To Step Down, Malcolm

    The Ibrox Civil War has no doubt provided much happiness to enemies of Rangers Football Club, while bluenoses have …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  78. Madara Versus Former Hokage’s and Naruto – Naruto 629

    Naruto 629 Tobi should’ve been anyone else other than Obito. I’d took Izuna found Obitos body, had madara use the Pain …

    Naruto 629 – based – Hokage's on battlefield

  79. Google Street View discovers new cat species!

    It’s Felis bipedus, spotted on Google Street View and posted here.

    I have no idea how this happened, but I’m …

    Why Evolution Is True

  80. The Best Kind of Rorqual

    We had a nullsec into Malpais, and had gone around for a little roam. Just a couple jumps out though, our scout saw a …


  81. Rafa Fans and Novak Djokovic: Why do we care so much?

    So Rafa fans, when someone other than Rafa is playing Novak Djokovic, whom do you cheer for? If you are like many fans, …

    Rafael Nadal Fans

  82. Kim Hyun Joong dan Yoon Shi Yoon Melakukan ‘Dance Battle’ SNSD di Indonesia

    Kim Hyun Joong dan Yoon Shi Yoon melakukan tarian Girls ‘Generation di Indonesia

    Dalam rekaman terbaru dari SBS …


  83. 5 Reasons Why This Picture Isn’t Funny

    I’ve seen this picture too many times to count. Let me share with you why I don’t think it’s funny:

    #1 It suggests …


  84. National Institute of Mental Health abandoning the DSM

    In a potentially seismic move, the National Institute of Mental Health – the world’s biggest mental health research …

    Mind Hacks

  85. Open Thread: New parents, how’s it going?

    I didn’t get this posted in time for National Poetry Month, but my friend Rachel wrote a poem every week during the …

  86. honda cb150r velg jari-jari BUKAN ban cacing alay

    pagi gan, bahas modifikasi honda cb150r dengan velg SW jari jari, tapi kali ini lain, biasanya pasang velg jari2 di … tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  87. Update: Missing Girls Safe Return May 7, 2013 8:00pm

    The Cleveland Division of Police is committed to providing up to date information regarding the safe return of Michelle …

    Cleveland Division of Police

  88. সাহস থাকলে চুদে দে

    জয়া ভাবী কাপড় তুলে পাছা দেখিয়ে বললেন, সাহস …


  89. Top 60 lights for commuting 2013

    Too bright or not bright enough – how do you choose the best bike lights for riding in the dark? Simon Vincett takes …

    Ride On

  90. הפוסט האחרון באישתון?

    הנתונים מתעדכנים לפחות פעם ביום. הפרויקט נסגר ב-29 למאי בשעה …


  91. Ngọc Đại phóng tinh, Ba Đình thất thủ

    +18 và khuyến cáo cần cân nhắc đối với com lê, cà vạt

    Đào Tuấn

  92. Ticking Away…

    Avenged Sevenfold have shared an image of their song board and the progress they have made while in the studio:

  93. DEA to DUD In Five Seconds Flat


    Do you like my title? Do you see how I did that? The final book in Ms.Harris’s …


  94. Sneak preview: Syncing fonts to your desktop

    Great typography is critical to great design, so great typefaces should be easily accessible everywhere they’re needed. …

    The Typekit Blog

  95. “I’m sick to death of seeing posts about benefit scroungers. Do you know the figures?” How one man’s viral post got […]

    Last month, Jon Leighton posted a pie chart on Facebook accompanied by, in his own words, a ‘slapdash, hastily …

  96. Jeg Kjenner Ikke Landet Mitt Igjen

    JEG KJENNER IKKE LANDET MITT IGJENDet har skjedd noe med oss. Vi, som var et nøysomt folk, som hjalp hverandre, som …


  97. Battle of the 28mm compacts: Ricoh GR vs Nikon Coolpix A

    Following on from yesterday’s review of the Ricoh GR (Digital V) can only be one thing: the comparison shootout between …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  98. Refoveilingen

    Mijn column in het RD van 7 mei.

    Op worden vakanties geveild. Duidelijk. Onder het motto …

    Dr. A. (Arnold) Huijgen

  99. Northbound Mahasen unlikely to affect Chennai

    The system is taking time to develop due to unfavorable factors. But it is expected to form in another 2-3 days.

    KeaWeather Bloggers

  100. Paul Roos; a Demon???

    Paul Roos could be coaching the Melbourne Football Club by season’s end, if not sooner.

    The former Sydney Swans …


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