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  1. Oh, UN itu Begini?

    Tahun ini pertama kali saya memperoleh kehormatan sebagai pengawas Ujian Nasional! Wow. Saya menyebut kehormatan karena …

    Ninok Eyiz's Journey

  2. Tin thứ Sáu, 19-4-2013



    BA SÀM

  3. 5 tips para parecer un verdadero limeño en Lima

    Somos 9 millones.  Se dice rápido.  Algunos nacimos acá, otros vinimos de pequeños, otros llegamos de …

    Lima es Linda

  4. Jenny Makes a Great Accidental Prosecutor

    -Bazzaro Arizona

    Sophomore debate club captain and Homecoming Queen contender Jenny Wilmott inadvertently turned …

    EggTreeNews Blog

  5. The ultimate dumb atheist-bashing article

    As you know if you’ve followed this site for the past two months or so, the media have taken it upon themselves to …

    Why Evolution Is True

  6. Declaracion De La Union De Partidos Latinoamericanos Frente a La Incertiduble En Los Resultado De Las Recientes […]

    La Unión de Partidos Latinoamericanos (UPLA) ante los cuestionamientos a la legitimidad de los resultados de las …

    Henrique Capriles Radonski

  7. Jim Dowd responds to the attack on the Boston Marathon

    [Two products of our fair city. Both will kick your ass.]

    Oh man, you screwed up, didn’t you?

    Yes, your …


  8. Vaccines and autism – an update

    Vaccines and autism: the history and an update[1]

    In 1998, a doctor in England named Andrew Wakefield[2] (in …

    Angels in the Architecture

  9. Austerity programme proved to be ‘nonsense’ based on a spreadsheet mistake

    The government’s principle justification for pursuing austerity lay in tatters today, after it was revealed that the …

    Vox Political

  10. ► SCANDALE – Un Rom vivant en France touche 75€ net par jour sans travailler !

    La logique de nos gouvernants est décidément imparable !

    En août 2012, Manuel Valls impose les démantèlements …

    Media Presse 75

  11. Massive hot water geyser erupts in parking lot in Russia

    April 19, 2013 – RUSSIA – Cameras in Russia seem to capture everything from fiery meteors to crazy crashes. The …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  12. The Unraveling of Global Warming is Accelerating

    Uh oh, somebody in Germany in a position to influence others in the Green movement has started thinking for himself, …

    Watts Up With That?

  13. Yamaha 250cc dirumorkan menganut forged piston dan diasil silinder….

    Bro dan sis sekalian……walau belum bisa diverifikasi kebenarannya mengingat semua masih berstatus bisik-bisik …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  14. Hvem stjal kvinnekroppen?

    (NB! Kan trigge spiseforstyrrelse)
    Hvorfor tenker en åtte år gammel jente over at hun ser feit ut? Hvorfor kjenner …


  15. Preview the Future Design of the WordPress Dashboard

    Though nothing stays still for long with WordPress, the design of your blog’s dashboard hasn’t changed much lately. … News

  16. Analisa Syair Sgp SABTU,20/04/2013


    Jalan pintas enam pasangan
    Sejajar lima jalur pilihan
    Dua duanya kabar …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  17. Tôi không thích đi học. Và tôi không phải người duy nhất.

    Một học sinh lớp 12
    Giới thiệu của Phạm Xuân Nguyên: Xem clip “Sự trăn trở của một kẻ …

  18. 130419

    >On my way south to hang out with this guy for a bit, at MDUSA…

    Then on to the final “Doomsday” camp at CrossFit …

    The Outlaw Way

  19. kMSt ver. 1.2.476 – Anniversary Events and New Areas!

    A Tespia patch including the 10th anniversary events, some Soul Master skill changes, as well as two new (well actually …

    Orange Mushroom's Blog

  20. Moniz: nem akarok egy embertől függni

    A DVTK elleni meccsel kapcsolatos várakozásait mondta el csapatunk edzője. …

    Üllői út 129

  21. A middle school student’s version of a New York State Assessment

    From Sophia in Upstate New York:

    * for those who may not be aware, the young lady who created this excellent …

    @ the chalk face

  22. #CispaBlackout – Anonymous call for an Internet Black Out on Monday April 22nd

    Greetings United States gov,

    We are the Internet. Again, you are trying to pass this ridiculous CISPA law in order …

    Anon Insiders

  23. This is only a drill…

    Update on the drill (posted 4/18): Due to the events in West, Texas last night, North Hills Hospital and the NCTTRAC …

  24. Brasil visto por um francês… E não é que ele tem razão em muita coisa?

    Chorei de rir! Não que eu concorde com todos os argumentos. É muito óbvio que a única experiência desse francês …

    Sonhos em Mosaico

  25. Prediksi dan syair sgp, Sabtu,20/04/2013


    SYDNEY : 8404 SHIO 04
    HOKKIAN : 6421 shio 09
    SGP :4098 shio 02

    KALIKOA Blog's

  26. Nuestro último proyecto “Con Smint, te arreo un morreo”.

    Últimamente no ganamos para emociones fuertes. Que si el bebé, el libro, productos de la shop arriba y abajo, ideas y …


  27. Syair Sgp Sabtu 20/04/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  28. BSA membership policy resolution released, will be voted on in May

    The Boy Scouts of America’s Executive Committee today released its membership policy resolution, which proposes …

    Bryan on Scouting

  29. What happens in the Whacking Day quests (parts 12-13)?

    With level 28 here and new quests and tasks already begun – as well as those still to come for the Whacking Day event – …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Tips

  30. Review: The Fuji FinePix X20

    I picked up my review sample from B&H on my first day in New York; I spent several days solidly shooting it …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  31. Marriage Equality

    Dear ___________,

    Last night the Marriage Equality Bill passed into law. I know you’re pretty excited about …

    Rhett Snell

  32. 7 Tips for building rapport in an interview

    By Jez Styles, AdMore Recruitment- Specialists in Retail and Hospitality Recruitment, Search & Selection, Talent …

    AdMore Recruitment

  33. Phaedra Parks Has A New Frenemy Coming Out of the Woodwork

    There is a new woman claiming to have all sorts of dirt on Phaedra Parks. She seems to be the newest version of Angela …

    Tamara Tattles

  34. Tu l’allaites encore ?

    Ma petite dernière aura bientôt 19 mois et oui, je l’allaite encore. Si on m’avait dit ça il y a quelques mois …

    Je suis une Seinte

  35. Trish Stratus explica lo que significó el ser humillada en medio del ring por Vince McMahon y más

    Muchos reconocemos que la carrera de la Diva Trish Stratus es más que memorable y prueba de ello es su reciente …

  36. Jogador do São Paulo manda Neto “chupar” em rede nacional

    O comentarista Neto, da BAND, tem o hábito, péssimos para jornalistas, de quase obrigar seus convidados a lhe …

    Blog do Paulinho

  37. Putting the “present” in Representative.

    So you know I think Capriles’s strategy is not only dead on, but being handled with sublime political finesse. Where I …

    Caracas Chronicles

  38. #473: A gentle breakup is still a breakup.

    Dear Captain Awkward, A few months ago I started seeing a kind, wonderful man who I fell hard for, quickly. We had …

  39. Obnoxious Breaking News! Juanita Bynum Arrested In Dallas! Mugshot Inside!

    It is with great sadness that Mr. Obnoxious has to report that a friend of ours has been arrested. Details are still …

    Obnoxioustv's Blog

  40. Committee members differ on dropping zeros from IQD; Khalil notes by dropping zeros, IQD will be equal to USD

    Economic Parliamentary: Delete the three zeroes from the currency will not see the light after the dismissal of …

    The Currency Newshound

  41. Listen to Lieutenant Colonel Potter Please
    Published on Apr 17, 2013

    Listen UP
    Mirroring him –
    Boston Black Ops …

    2012: What's the 'real' truth?

  42. Yoo Jae Suk Ungkap Kesan Pertama Ace ‘Running Man’ Song Ji Hyo

    The ‘Nation MC’ Yoo Jae Suk membuka tentang kesan pertamanya Ace ‘Running Man’ dan aktris Song Ji Hyo.

    Pada April 18 …


  43. Riding Jacket Respiro TMC-Flow Sudah Bisa dipesan

    Bro Sekalian, sudah hampir setahun lamanya tmcblog dan respiro menjalin hubungan komunikasi riset mengenai satu produk …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  44. იანუშ კორჩაკის 10 მცნება მშობელთათვის

    1. ნუ ელოდები, რომ შენი შვილი იქნება შენნაირი …

    ვერტიკალური ჰორიზონტი

  45. On Not Having Children

    “So, when is there going to be a little one running around?”
    There are a million variations on the most annoying …

    Fact and Fiction


    El valenciano siempre ha sido un pueblo laborioso y constante. Nuestros antepasados consiguieron alterar el tamaño del …

    Ultramarinos Alemany

  47. gosip Honda mau komplain Yamaha di Indoprix perihal yamaha jupiter Z1, kenapa honda nggak bikin bebek prototipe juga?

    pagi gan dariapada nampilin foto yang tidak ane kenal, lampirin ini aja 😀 ( kaburrrrrr naik er6, lah kuncine endi>? …

    PERTAMAX GAN_tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  48. Collection Repstyle // Les vernis magnétiques par Essie

    Ça y’est, enfin, j’ai pu mettre la main sur ces tant attendus Repstyle, les vernis magnetiques signés Essie ! Après …


  49. [HD PICS] JYJ for NII 2013 Summer! – Part 2

    Part 1


  50. Querido alcalde de Nueva York

    Estimado Michael,

    Tranquilo. Sé que cuando hayas visitado Scientia esta mañana, tal y como haces todos los días a …


  51. Ảnh những kẻ bị tình nghi đánh bom ở Boston

    Chiều nay vào 5 giờ chiều FBI đã họp báo và công bố ảnh hai kẻ bị tình nghi đánh bom ở …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  52. Fitness – kehonhallintaa ja urheilullisuutta parhaimmillaan – Tistelgren

    Arvostan suuresti urheilulliselta näyttävää kroppaa ja omalla keholla tehtäviä vaativia liikkeitä. Missä …


  53. Lettre à la jeune fille qui a perdu sa ballerine

    Ou Madame, excusez moi je ne vous connais pas,

    Je sais juste de vous que hier soir, vous avez perdu …

    Puisque c'est la guerre

  54. thursday update

    SHORT TERM: declines continues, DOW -81

    Overnight the Asian markets finished mixed. Europe opened higher but lost …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  55. A Concerned Fan Speaks Out

    My blog today is given over to the thoughts of a concerned fan, who wishes to be known as I M Not So Jolly.

    Whether …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  56. Eu îmi apar CFR-ul si nevoile si șpaga

    30 de milioane de euro, pentru gura lui Relu Fenechiu.

    Doar 3 luni a rezistat managementul privat la CFR. După 3 …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  57. The file the DWP doesn’t want you to see

    Over the last couple of days I’ve uncovered how the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is conducting trials that …

    The SKWAWKBOX Blog

  58. Bulan jatuh ke riba, DAP dapat undi percuma Melayu

    Perkembangan terkini yang berikut adalah pada tahap ledakan bom nuklear.…

    Helen Ang

  59. La diputada 351

    Bueno, pues esta señora aquí donde la ven es una líder de la nueva España. Se llama Ada Colau y preside la …

    El blog de Santiago González

  60. FBI tells America: believe us and no one else

    FBI tells America: believe us and no one else

    by Jon Rappoport

    April 19, 2013

    The …

    Jon Rappoport's Blog

  61. גיבורים נולדים במותם 2013: מדינה שלא סופרת חלליה

    שנה חלפה מאז שכתבתי את תחקיר חללי ישראל של 2012 – “גיבורים נולדים …


  62. Reporter Asks White House if U.S. Airstrikes That Kill Afghan Civilians Qualify as ‘Terrorism’

    UPDATE: The reporter who asked the question is Amina Ismail, a journalist at McClatchy. I urge you to thank her for …

    Dispatches from the Underclass

  63. Φράουλες με αίμα

    Παραδέχομαι πως δεν επιδίωξα την πρωτοτυπία. Παρόμοιο τίτλο …

    Οι λέξεις έχουν τη δική τους ιστορία

  64. Die Rote Kurve ist tot! Lang lebe die Rote Kurve! – Ein Appell an die aktive Fanszene Hannover

    Auf der Mitgliederversammlung des Rote Kurve e.V. am 17.04.13 stimmten die anwesenden Mitglieder mit großer Mehrheit …

    Brief an Kind

  65. 【パズドラ】神羅万象チョココラボ、上級でサイガドロップしたの巻


    パズドラはビックリマンチョコの …

    Woishin Journal

  66. Boston Bombing: Third Man with Craft International Ops Carrying TWO Bags / Others quickly Leave

    by Scott Creighton
    (Help keep independent journalism alive. Please consider DONATING to American Everyman BY USING THE …

    American Everyman

  67. Estudios sobre hijos de padres del mismo sexo, enterate de lo que revelan

    Como psicóloga he observado bastante ignorancia en cuanto a la homosexualidad, prejuicios y creencias que no tienen …

    Guerrilla Comunicacional México

  68. Economies of Scala

    As a consultancy, we’re always on watch to see what might be the next step forward in the field of software …

  69. The Hockey Team and Reinhart-Rogoff

    As some readers have observed, there is a lively controversy regarding an influential recent paper by Reinhart and …

    Climate Audit

  70. Allegria!

    di Costanza Miriano   da Credere

    Una delle mie tecniche preferite, quando qualche paura minaccia il sonno dei …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  71. MIANHAE……!!!

    Author : Secret_Girls
    Genre : Romance and other
    Cast : Cho Kyuhyun, Seo Joohyun and Other (temukan sendiri aja …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  72. Obama Clinton and Bush Indicted For War Crimes While Media Exploits Boston False Flag

    By Dr. Steve Pieczenik – Former Naval Captain and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
     Call to Action by all Military …

    GeoEngineering Exposed

  73. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: The two missing tweets

    When it became clear late on Friday that  @J_tsar (Jahar) was the real twitter account of Dzokhar Tsarnaev (Boston …


  74. A John Nyen Exclusive: April 14, 2013

    This article contains objectionable language and verbal depictions of violence. “Most people are …

    the axe

  75. Get Lucky (Radio Edit) [feat. Pharrell Williams] – Single

    La espera termino y es que después de mucho tiempo de que daft punk estuvo inactivo ahora regresa con su nuevo disco …

    Daft Punk Latino America

  76. Emergency Declared At US Nuclear Plant In Illinois 4/18/13; TMI Conducts Emergency Drill

     MissingSky101Published on 18 Apr 2013 Emergency declared at U.S. nuclear plant after lightning strike — “Venting of …


  77. 1970 – When Gold Fell BELOW $35

    There are gold promoters who made outrageously false advertisements on TV that are just astonishing. They primary theme …

    Armstrong Economics

  78. Behind the Chechen Islamic Terrorist Bombing in Boston

    Now we know that American, homegrown, Chechen nationals, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were behind the Boston …

    Doug Wead The Blog

  79. Lazy Libel: A Voice for Men “doxes” an alleged misandrist blogger — and ID’s the wrong woman [UPDATED w/ Georgetown […]

    As I finished up my last post about Men’s Rights Redditors attempting to dox a so-called “conservative feminist” …

    man boobz

  80. “당신은 당신이 생각하는 것보다 더 아름답습니다.”

    뉴욕타임즈의 기사를 통해 방금 알게 …

    에스티마의 인터넷이야기

  81. Please stop embarrassing us, Canisius

    We’re begging you.

    Make this stop. It can’t go on any longer. We have worked too hard and given too much of …

    The Griffin | Canisius College

  82. Trust me, your muscles Won’t Fall Off

    Paul Nobles runs the Eat To Perform Science Lab and Private Forum.  For more information on how to join, click …

    Eat To Perform

  83. OH NO!!!… RHONY PT HOUSEWIFE … Movin’… But Still Gettin’ Da Boot!… Ramona Singer Wanted A Raise… Didn’t Get […]

    From PageSix:

    Poor PT Housewife!!

    PT HW has been gettin’ all kindsa stuff done to her face… so she’ll look …


  84. Aunt of accused Boston bombers says they are being set up, possible false flag (VIDEO)

    Calls out the mainstream media, “Why don’t you do the math”

    Visit our home page for more breaking anti-establishment …


  85. Rodotà: “Col pareggio di bilancio, Keynes è stato reso incostituzionale”

    Nel silenzio generale abbiamo assistito alla manomissione di alcuni importantissimi articoli della Costituzione, in …

    Keynes blog

  86. Të shohësh vdekjen me sy…

    Lajmi që tronditi të gjithë audiencën sportive, por jo vetëm… Nuk dua ta them se çfarë kanë shkruar sepse do …


  87. גזענות ומיזוגניות לא בבית ספרנו!

    בדרום תל אביב יש חבית חומר נפץ, עליה ממש יושבים ילידים, מתישבים …

    ביקורת – ולא בהכרח בונה

  88. 只能憤怒的”佈道會”?!


    今天在facebook看到一個消息,是大埔浸信會(埔浸)的一張poster …

    Truth Beggar

  89. (AUDIO) LA BICHA y LA CUAIMA, programa de hoy 19/4/2013, con Berenice y Erendira Gomez, Virginia Escobar, Merediht […]

    (AUDIO) LA BICHA y LA CUAIMA, programa de hoy 19/4/2013, con Berenice y Erendira Gomez, Virginia Escobar, Merediht …


  90. Merrow: Who Created Michelle Rhee?

    John Merrow asks the question: How did this woman with little experience and meager accomplishment and a penchant for …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  91. MANUAL DO RAPARIGUEIRO POBRE EM NATAL-RN (Uma réplica sincera ao texto da Playboy).

    Foi grande a repercussão do texto publicado na Playboy, no qual o autor, Márcio Nazianzeno, descreve as natalenses …

    joselito muller

  92. Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

    Up. Up can be a direction, an orientation, or even a movement. In this photo, I was laying down and looking up at two …

    The Daily Post

  93. Why Golfers Don’t Understand Equestrianism

    My boyfriend is a golfer. I bounce home regularly from the yard with announcements telling him the likes of  ‘oh my …

    Equestrian Reality

  94. Until next spring …

    A special thank you to everyone who made the 2013 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale one of the best to date. It was an amazing …

    Inside Stitch: The Official Vera Bradley Blog

  95. Javna ponuda za TISK, sjajna vijest za tržište kapitala

    Sjajna vijest za tržište kapitala hrvatske dionice

    Javne ponude se nastavljaju, evo sada i za TISK, nastajanje …


  96. CPS Letter – a barrister responds

    Monday 22nd April 2013 will see a significant event on the Northern Circuit. It is not a strike (despite what the Law …

    Dan Bunting – A Life in the Bus Lane

  97. Cassandra Clare releases spoilery art for City of Heavenly Fire

    Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices series is over but there still are The Mortal Instruments — City of Heavenly …

    TMI Source

  98. ناصر شرارة يصف في الاخبار اللبنانية كيف حصن الجيش السوري دمشق […]

     ظلّت دمشق، طوال الشهرين الماضيين، تنتظر المعركة الكبرى …

  99. Bon Vivant

    Bon Vivant is a quirky, illustrated theme with special features for restaurants and cafés. With a unique custom header …

    Theme Showcase

  100. Σκλαβενίτης

    Από: <>
    Ημερομηνία: 19 Απριλίου 2013 – 11:55 …


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