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  1. Feliciano é a Ponta de Lança da Ameaça de Um Golpe de Estado

    Todos que trabalham com a Arte
    ou mesmo com seres humanos 
    e os que se sentem mortais, humanos,
    estão putos com …

    Blog do Zé Celso

  2. 2 Letters from Steve

    During the 12+ years I worked at Apple I never met with Steve Jobs for work purposes. Of course like all Apple …

    David Gelphman's Blog

  3. Easter Is Not Named After Ishtar, And Other Truths I Have To Tell You

    If there is one thing that drives me absolutely bananas, it’s people spreading misinformation via social media under …

    The Belle Jar

  4. Városszéli dilemma

    Melyik ujjunkat harapják a lilák? …

    Üllői út 129

  5. TED revokes license for TEDx West Hollywood event!

    Oh boy, get ready for an explosion of wrath from Sheldrake-ians, woomeisters, and other pseudoscience boosters who are …

    Why Evolution Is True

  6. ジョブズからの2文字

    [Steve Jobs with …


  7. “Global warming predictions prove accurate”– Guardian

    Guest post by Paul …

    Watts Up With That?

  8. Inden Honda CB150R mengular. Ada apa gerangan??…

    Bro dan sis sekalian….banyak email dikirim ke IWB mengeluhkan lamanya inden CB150R. Motor DOHC 150cc ini dibeberapa …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  9. [Intermezzo] 10 SMA Paling Mengerikan di Korea!

    SMA di Korea di kenal dengan sistem pengajarannya yang paling lama, mereka belajar dari pukul 8 pagi hingga 10 malam …


  10. [PRESS PICS] 130331 JYJ’s Rehearsal for Tokyo Dome Concerts: D-2

    The Return of the JYJ

    Credits: Asia Today + SBS
    Shared by: JYJ3


  11. WhatsApp gesprek tussen mevrouw Schrijvers politie en leeftijdsgenote Anass

    In navolging van het vorige artikel vindt u hier het WhatsApp gesprek tussen de jongedame die mij benaderde en de …

  12. Quan chức của chúng ta thật là… vui tính

    Đào Tuấn- Blog ĐT
    Đổng lý văn phòng thì trát quân đi xem “cuộc thi đá bóng”. “Sổ đỏ” …

  13. Hero Tier List – March 2013

    This list is based on games played from February 1st to March 15th. On each tier, there are a few remarks on the heroes …


  14. Good Grief! Teachers Get High Marks on New Evaluations

    This is an unintentionally hilarious story in the New York Times.

    Reformers are upset to discover that an …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  15. CM Punk revela su oponente de ensueño para un combate en Wrestlemania

    La superestrella de la WWE, CM Punk, recientemente habló con IGN, en la esntrevista se refirió a su oponente de …

  16. איימי שלי

    איימי שלי נולדה לפני 5 שנים [מחר] אחרי הריון אינסטנסיבי ולידה …

    Mommy Pooh

  17. Det kom ett mail om sportslig rättvisa

    Det kom ett mail till Black Indeed från Martin Johansson, som – på ett nyanserat sätt – skrivit ner sina tankar om …

    Black Indeed

  18. Put a light in your face

    Today I’m coming with a daily look with rocky smell, perfect for those days when you’re not sure about how the weather …

    Trendy Taste

  19. What new buildings are being planned for the game?

    Almost any building is possible – if it has appeared in the series even once, then it’s a candidate for the game. And …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Tips

  20. Honda CBR 250R merajai Kejurnas 250cc , IRS Seri 1 Sentul 2013

    Bro sekalian, Lumayan Semakin Gila nih Team Astra Racing Motor (ART) di kelas 250 cc . . . Tahun lalu (2012) mereka …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  21. Compare and Contrast – Administration for Dunfermline ’13 and Rangers ’12 + A Quick Solution?

    Dunfermline Athletic Football Club Limited has entered administration. Facing a winding-up petition from HMRC, and …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville



  23. Prediksi dan syair sgp, Senin,01/04/2013


    SYDNEY : 1323 SHIO 11
    HOKKIAN : 3186 SHIO 02
    SGP : 8568 SHIO 08

    KALIKOA Blog's

  24. Paremos la destrucción del país

    Hoy es Domingo de Resurrección y los venezolanos tenemos que analizar muy bien lo que significa esta celebración …

    Henrique Capriles Radonski

  25. Analisa Syair Sgp SENIN,01/04/2013

    Genggam SEPULUH LIMA
    Kaki melingkar tuan saksikan;
    DiperEMPATan hadir …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  26. #BloggerY_Exposed2

    A Blogger Y comeback with a damn motto #NaHakunaKituUtafanya  3 exposed seasons one after the other.. i.e 3 blogs …

    carelesstweep's Blog

  27. 130401

    Congratulations to BP and Jess on the completion and opening of CrossFit Bound. We are beyond proud of you guys, …

    The Outlaw Way

  28. The Truth About The Butt Fumble

    – By Steve Bateman –
    If one play is going to haunt Mark Sanchez throughout the remainder of his career, it will be the …

    The Jet Set

  29. is clever in its use of tracking and follow-up e-mails

    I’ve been thinking about selling my camera and buying a smaller one, so I’ve been reading about the various choices …

    The Story's Story

  30. Anti-Rangers Cabal Getting More Desperate

    BBC Sportsound Extra last night gave the keen observer an insight into the desperation the Celtic-led SPL cartel are …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  31. Raushet på facebook

    Facebook er blitt en naturlig del av hverdagen. Jeg tenker ofte på hvordan hverdagen var før facebook kom til verden. …


  32. বোনের সাথে ইয়ে

    মলি একটা পেয়ারা হাতে নিয়ে দাদা শ্যমলের …


  33. The Knight’s Lance Easter Egg Hunt: Locate Five Panini America Eggs & You Could Win!

    Whether it’s tracking down eggs or tracking down those last few Panini America cards to finish your set, collectors and …

    The Official Panini America Blog

  34. The Pokémon Company: Big Pokémon X And Pokémon Y News Coming Later This Week

    The Pokémon Company has just announced, via Twitter, that it will soon share news on Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. On …

    My Nintendo News

  35. Ατρόμητη ΕΣΗΕΑ

    To δευτεροβάθμιο Πειθαρχικό Συμβούλιο της ΕΣΗΕΑ επέβαλε ομόφωνα …

    Liberal Sociability

  36. PREDIKSI & SYAIR SGP SENIN 01-04-2013



    KILOLIMA Blog's Part II

  37. Lettre Ouverte a Monsieur Le Ministre Marocain De L’education Nationale

    Paris le 28 Mars 2013 Mehdi BOUSSAID56, Boulevard Victor HugoChambre 2892 200, Neuilly-sur-SeineFrance Mail : …


  38. Satoshi Nakamoto explains the blockchain

    One of Bitcoin’s strengths is the brilliant solution to the Byzantine Generals’ Problem as rendered by Satoshi …


  39. El chocolate infinito

    En esta época del año son típicos en muchos lugares los dulces a base de chocolate. ¿No sería estupendo poder …


  40. 5000 People With Cancer Declared Fit For Work Boasts Grant Shapps

    Internet con-man Grant Shapps has been crawling all over the papers today as the Government used Easter Sunday to …

    the void

  41. Silent anger among Malays is growing

    By Ayah
    Helen, the speeches by DAP leaders to mainly Chinese audiences during the campaign leading up to the 2008 GE …

    Helen Ang

  42. VIDEO – SCANDALO Vargas, il cileno si fotografa totalmente nudo con la sua amata in una posizione hot!

    Il cileno Eduardo Vargas è solito far parlare di sé per le vicende lontano dal campo, e il fantasista del Grêmio non …

  43. Doctor Who Summer Falls by Amelia Williams

    Doctor Who: Summer Falls

    This book features in The Bells Of Saint John

    In the seaside village of Watchcombe, …

    The Consulting Detective

  44. ‘There’s Only Two Michael Grays!’

    Update: A recording of the interview is available ‘here’ from 6:00.

    I had quite a Kafkaesque transformation tonight. …

    thoughts from the kelvin

  45. The swerve of Gerv, rhythm of Ramsey & Rosicky, coolness of Cazorla, and Mikel’s Mastery

    Well that was a fine and much-needed win today. It is only fair to say that Reading were easy prey this afternoon, and …


  46. Honey Baked Ham

    I’ll be the first to admit that our family isn’t usually crazy over ham.  During the holidays, we opt for turkey over …

    chew out loud

  47. First day gross income of the movie ‘It Takes A Man and A Woman’ (Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz)

    Hit this link and click the word subscribe under my name to get instant updates.

    Fans are excited to watch the …

    Filipino Movie

  48. Google Reader alternative for Emacs Ninjas

    With Google Reader being discontinued and everyone looking for alternatives I’ve decided to look for a little less …

    I do robots

  49. BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!!… Who Is This “Beverly Hills Couple”????

    From CDAN…

    “I don’t usually revisit blind items, but in this case I thought I would make an exception since I …


  50. Quan chức của chúng ta thật là… vui tính

    Đổng lý văn phòng thì trát quân đi xem “cuộc thi đá bóng”. “Sổ đỏ” vườn quốc gia Phong …

    Đào Tuấn

  51. Why Academics Remain Hopeless

    I have always been a logical thinker. The teacher got very angry when I was in 4th grade and connected the dots …

    Armstrong Economics

  52. How “kill the pigs” became “only the police should have guns”

    How “kill the pigs” became “only the police should have guns”

    by Jon Rappoport

    March 30, …

    Jon Rappoport's Blog

  53. The Marcott Filibuster

    Marcott et al have posted their long-promised FAQ at realclimate here. Without providing any links to or citation of …

    Climate Audit

  54. Skutik baru kok CVT nya poll berasap …???

    Well,… persis banget di emperan toko / warung makanan di jalan tajur ini… sebelumnya terdapat skutik yang terpaksa …

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  55. أخبار متنوعة # 33

    Korean Drama ~ ♥

  56. Elite Eight, Round 3


  57. That Kiss – part 3

    Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to darkmoon. This is a continuation of That Kiss – …

    Excess Baggage

  58. Jacqueline Fehr – Eine Linke verrät die Aufklärung!

    SP-Nationalrätin Jacqueline Fehr verlinkt auf ihrer FB-Pinnwand eine antisemitische Hetzseite, die dem …


  59. What is Biblical Marriage?

    I feel compelled to defend the traditional biblical position on marriage; a position that even those who call …

    Fistful of Rain

  60. Video: MORTAL INSTRUMENTS panel at WonderCon

    The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hit WonderCon on Saturday where hundreds of fans made the trip to see the debut …

    TMI Source

  61. Semana Santa, Politics, and a side of Pescao Frito

    Semana Santa, along with Carnavales, Christmas vacation, Indigenous Resistance Day and any other holiday that does not …

    Caracas Chronicles

  62. Tour de Flandes en TV & on-line

    Preparados para las emociones fuertes porque, tras el “calentamiento” de Los Tres Días de La Panne, el domingo 31 de …

    Gijón en Bicicleta

  63. The New Canon: 15 Modern Classics You Should Read Right Now

    People may tell you that literature is dying, but plenty of authors are hard at work redefining the book world with …

  64. Ljudsko tkivo pronađeno u mesu i mesnim prerađevinama

    Autor: Ljubica Šaran

    Matrix World

    Nakon skandala s prodajom konjskog i magarećeg mesa – deklariranog kao …

    Matrix World

  65. you’re her

    Many years ago my maternal grandmother explained to me how she saw life and death. I was probably no more than ten when …

    life as a widower

  66. Has Trenberth found the ‘missing’ heat?

    by Judith Curry

    Kevin Trenberth famously stated in the CRU emails:
    The fact is that we can’t account for the lack …

    Climate Etc.

  67. Der (neue) evangelische Propst in Jerusalem schießt scharf – daneben

    Die Evangelische Nachrichtenagentur idea veröffentlichte auf ihrer Internetseite die Zusammenfassung eines Interviews …

    abseits vom mainstream – heplev

  68. Exclusive photos: Mariam Tareen and Haroon Sethi’s engagement

    Style On Paper

  69. Hoy se celebra el Día del País (Aberri Eguna)

    Si ni siquiera el futuro es ya lo que era, por qué no iba a pasar otro tanto con las tradiciones. Un suponer, el …

    El blog de Santiago González

  70. GE-13: Pakatan will take Putrajaya, 8 states

    March 31, 2013
    Pakatan will take Putrajaya, 8 states, says DAP’s Karpal
    by Athi Shankar …

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  71. Thoughts on the Apple iPhone 5 camera

    Don’t worry, I’m not about to start claiming the various image-processing apps are the best thing since sliced bread; …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  72. MAUVAISE NOUVELLE. Syrie: Une partie du quartier Sheikh Maqsoud entre les mains terroristes

    Le quartier du nord d’Alep Sheikh Maqsoud, du moins une partie, a été prise par des terroristes hyper armés et hyper …

    Allain Jules

  73. Addio a Peppe ‘a Caciotta, La “stella” Piu’ Luminosa Da Oggi Brilla in Cielo

    Uno sguardo alla Bandiera, nel suo letto, prima di chiudere gli occhi per sempre. Ed oggi, cullato a spalla dai suoi …


  74. Sunburn Arena: Tiesto Live in Mumbai – Track List

    We waited for 5 years to see Tiesto. We waited patiently. Last night the legend himself, played in Mumbai and thrilled …

    The Bangin Beats

  75. دعوت دختران به فاحشگی حلال

    دعوت دختران به فاحشگی حلال

    دعوت دختران به فاحشگی حلال

    عرب های …

    گل آقا بدون سانسور

  76. Friedmanite capitalism has aimed low and missed. We need a new Higher Aim.

    At Easter, it’s worth pondering where real opposition would be without Jesus of Nazareth
    For once, I remembered to put …

    The Slog. 3-D bollocks deconstruction


    They battled valiantly to 10th and 11th places at the 2012 Women’s Olympic Marathon in London last summer, finishing …

    Toni Reavis

  78. The manuscript of survival – part 293

    As many of you have already ascertained, this being tossed to and fro in these undulating waves of energy is by no …

    aisha north

  79. Hustle and bustle in Brazil

    Since 2005 the Autódromo José Carlos Pace at Interlagos has been under the control of São Paulo Turismo, the events …


  80. Mending Next Tiger, Ketimbang Buru-Buru Luncurkan Zoomer!!!

    Nih, menjawab permintaan dari kolom komentar. “Gimana khabar new Tiger?,” tulis bro SoadID. Baiklahhh…. akan P2R …

    Proud2ride Independent Blogger

  81. Penangkaran lovebird Iwan Cisadane BF: Dari kandang multifungsi hingga sangkar gantung

    Popularitas lovebird sampai saat ini terus merangkak naik, seiring dengan permintaan konsumen yang dari hari ke hari …


  82. Tatal meu – Marin Nastase

    Zilele trecute, la o televiziune, un fel de boschetar in jurnalism, a spus tot felul de minciuni despre tatal meu, …

    ministru >> prim-ministru >> blogger

  83. Aik Chirrya Nay “N” League Ko Chit Ker Dia by Ansar Abbasi


    Pak Alerts

  84. BioShock Infinite’s Ending, Explained – What It All Means


    One of the best, most …

    At the Buzzer

  85. Rise and Shine…Baracktastic and Michelleicious Easter!

    Have A Happy Easter!

    The Obama Diary

  86. Why the Manosphere Exists in One Post (For Beginners)

    Reader Audrey makes a wonderful comment, one which I think embodies quite well how the average person reacts when they …

    Young Man Red Pill

  87. Ausstiegsklausel bei Marc-Andre ter Stegen?

    Nach der Niederlage am Samstag gegen Freiburg (0:2), dreht sich alles um Max Kruse. Kruse besiegte Gladbach mit seinen …

    Ich bin Borusse

  88. Wisuda Akbar Indonesia Menghafal 4


    Assalamu’alaikum! Gimana kabarnya? Long weekend kali ini gimana?Ayasha mau cerita!

    Hari ini, di …

    Ai a Cha

  89. C’è il nuovo premier: Draghi

    Non c’è un nuovo governo, ma c’è un nuovo premier: Mario Draghi. L’orrendo pasticcio messo in piedi da Napolitano, il …

  90. Govt & Torygraph distorting again – this time disability claims

    Last year, I caught the Telegraph red-handed in a politically-driven smear campaign on the NHS, as it slipped up and …

    The SKWAWKBOX Blog

  91. MRA Comics Cavalcade: “All Male Opinions” Silenced by “Lace Curtain Dominated Media.”

    This completely reasonable and not-at-all hysterical cartoon apparently ran on a site called, which …

    man boobz

  92. Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 18 Review: “Till death do us part…” – A Forever Promise!

    A classic example of a perfect episode – simple, straight forward, and honest to heart entertaining; more than half …

    Talk Soap

  93. Kết quả khảo sát, tổng hợp ý kiến và phân tích số liệu – CVHP

    CVHP chân thành cảm ơn bạn đọc đã dành thời gian trả lời Khảo sát ý kiến về Dự thảo …

    Cùng Viết Hiến Pháp

  94. Arsenal finish fourth in NextGen despite Eisfeld strike

    NextGen Series- 3rd/4th place play-off
    Arsenal 1 (Eisfeld) Sporting Lisbon 3
    Arsenal finished fourth in the NextGen …

    Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth

  95. RI Starts Home Economics Institute to Arrest Declining Marriage Rates

    by Chua Jun Yan (13A01A)

    This morning, Principal Mrs. Lim Lai Cheng announced at a media conference that RI will get …

    Raffles Press

  96. Ministry of Justice confirms Gazette is available which includes the 2013 Budget

    17:26 2013-03-31
    Justice confirms the issuance of the official Iraqi Gazette and including the current year’s budget …

    The Currency Newshound

  97. North Korea puts rockets on standby to ‘mercilessly strike’ the U.S.

      March 29, 2013 – NORTH KOREA – North Korea’s leader approved a plan to prepare standby rockets to hit U.S. …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  98. Schützenfest bei der Hamas

    Wenn es eine Tradition gibt, die ich mit meiner Heimat verbinde, dann ist es Schützenfest. Was kann ich zu …

    Tapfer im Nirgendwo

  99. In The Deep Forest

    In the deep forest

    Author: Ria89ciripi
    Cast: – Kyuhyun – Seohyun …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  100. Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies

    With Easter fast approaching, this recipe has been causing quite a storm on Facebook and Twitter the past couple of …

    Cookie's cakes and bakes

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