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  1. Tin ChỦ NhẬt, 17-3-2013

    Kính cáo: Như chúng tôi đã thông báo 3 ngày trước về  tình trạng trang …

    BA SÀM

  2. Let’s hear it for North Dakota!

    On Friday the North Dakota Senate passed two bills:

    The first forbids abortion after a baby’s heartbeat is …

    The Works of God

  3. Racismo y xenofobia en un hotel de Madrid

    Hoy he vivido un caso flagrante de racismo y xenofobia en un hotel de lujo de Madrid. Los hechos sucedieron en …

    Saviano Abreu

  4. The Marcott-Shakun Dating Service

    Marcott, Shakun, Clark and Mix did not use the published dates for ocean cores, instead substituting their own dates. …

    Climate Audit

  5. Det skitne olympiske spillet!

    Olympiske leker 2018. Tromsøs kamp mot falske byråkrater i Oslo. Slik er det jeg husker kampen for snart fire år …

    Sandra Borchs blogg

  6. Cyprus: A Brutal Lesson in RealPolitik

    So it turns out that those who noted that the Cyprus bailout took place ahead of a local bank holiday on Monday were …

    Some of it was true…

  7. Potensi asli Honda CB150R belum terlihat??…..

    Sejak dirilis akhir silam tahun….motor berlabel Street fire diprediksi akan mampu menggoyang eksistensi Vixion …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  8. Grillo e il problema della complessità del reale

    Seguo le vicissitudini del M5S con particolare attenzione, in questi giorni, perché le dinamiche che si stanno …

    Il nuovo mondo di Galatea

  9. Western New York State residents baffled by mysterious ‘boom noises’

    March 17, 2013 – NEW YORK – It was about midnight on a night last week when Randy Smith took his dog outside and for …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  10. How a factory mistake made McLaren unrealistically fast in Jerez test

    McLaren’s impressive pace on the first day of testing in Jerez in February was generated by a mistake when the car …

    Adam Cooper's F1 Blog

  11. Edzőmeccs a bajnoki helyett

    Az NBI-es gárda az NBII-essel csapott össze.…

    Üllői út 129

  12. Is Labour planning to betray its core supporters by siding with Iain Duncan Smith?

    Last night I read a news report that, if true, shocked me to my core.

    Headlined DWP seeks law change to avoid …

    Vox Political

  13. Pope Francis explains his choice of name

    VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis said that “as things got dangerous” in the conclave voting, he was sitting next to his …

    CNS Blog

  14. Voci su internet: Berlusconi sta scappando in Russia

    for english …

    il social space più letto d'Italia

  15. Review: The Panasonic Lumix GH3

    I was recently loaned this camera for testing by one of my students. Due to some oddities in the distribution channel, …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  16. The NYPD Declares Martial Law in Brooklyn, Mainstream Media Silent (VIDEO)

    Click here to read the article

    Live Stream here

    Video: Mainstream media ignores protests

    Visit our Home …


  17. Things I Wish I Had Been Told in Theatre School

    Theatre school was great. It is great. But it can omit some of the more fundamental and important career lessons. …

    Callam Rodya / Creative Work + Commentary

  18. [LINE] 130317 JYJ Naver LINE Update: Soccer Player Junsu & Jaejoong in Shanghai

    [TRANS] Taking a profile photo of this year!


  19. #Exposed1

    Welcome back !! Today got
    tweet lifters & SeriaL prostitutes.. I will not call any tweep Ugly coz The last time I …

    carelesstweep's Blog

  20. Statul confisca banii din bănci!

    Economiile oamenilor sunt naționalizate!

    Cei care au decis sa confiște banii depuși in bănci sunt chiar …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  21. Vad är dagis?

    Anitha Schulman bloggade häromdagen att hon tränar på gymmet efter att hon lämnat dottern på förskolan och det …

    Mama's got the magic

  22. Selca Terbaru Junhyung BEAST Semakin Menguatkan Rumor Putusnya dengan Hara KARA

    Meski DSP dan Cube telah membantah rumor putusnya Junhyung dan Hara, update-an selca terbaru Junhyung melalui Twitter …


  23. Away For A While..

    We are leaving to Bali tomorrow morning to shoot for our Romantika episode in Astro Ria.
    We will try to be as romantic …

    Barely Supermommy

  24. Fried Eggs

    Cake, mayonnaise, meringue, hollandaise, battered chicken, omelettes and many other varieties of food will not be a …


  25. The Best Kind Of Cancer

    Hi, remember me? It’s been a while since I’ve been here but I’m hoping to be here more. Writing has always been …

    Jessica Sanchez: Let's Be Honest…

  26. ¡Venezuela somos todos!

    En más de una ocasión he dicho que la política es un oficio que debe ejercerse para servir a los demás y no para …

    Henrique Capriles Radonski

  27. Ma découverte des vernis à ongles Avril

    Bonjour les filles ! Aujourd’hui c’est un billet découverte que je vous propose, au sujet d’une petite marque …


  28. Prediksi dan syair sgp, Senin,18/03/2013



    SYDNEY : 0739 SHIO 03
    HOKKIAN : 9937 SHIO 01
    SGP : 9522 SHIO 10

    KALIKOA Blog's

  29. Beth Phoenix explica por qué se retiró de la WWE

    La ex WWE Diva, Beth Phoenix , fue la invitada en la edición de esta semana de Monday Night Mayhem. En la entrevista …

  30. ¡Ordenó asesinato de su padrastro!

     Una jovencita ya está en problemas
    Están detenidos: se entregaron
    Lo atacaron con un cuchillo
    Puñaladas en …

    Colectivo Pericú

  31. The Forgotten Tyrant: Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Author Will Shanahan Committing Deicide The Disillusioning of a Progressive God
                The world …

    the Humane Condition

  32. Analisa Syair Sgp MINGGU,17/03/2013

    Jari manis menuju telunjuk..
    Setengahnya hitungan terjadi;
    Delapan Dua Ani …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  33. Brief aan Erdogan

    Het verhaal begint zo: “Het jongetje schommelde zachtjes heen en weer. Hij zat op zijn hurken. De vloerbedekking …

    Stories of a global villager

  34. 130318

    Well, it took all of a week to eliminate any discussions as to who the king of the Snatch is. Isn’t it amazing what a …

    The Outlaw Way

  35. Más fotos de la vida socialista de las hijas de Chávez

    Después de las escandalosas fotografías donde se podía ver el estilo de vida por socialista y revolucionario de las …


  36. Hannah’s Story

    About 2 years ago, we heard a word from the Holy Spirit through our oldest son, Noah, who was then 5 years old. Out of …

    Mom on a Mission

  37. EXCLUSIVE: DWP shock tactics against problem familes revealed

    In-the-know whistle-blower gives The Slog some grisly details

    IDS….”there are two chances of this scheme …

    The Slog. 3-D bollocks deconstruction

  38. Dear Kelsey Weaver and Gianna Anile,

    [Trigger Warning]

    Your former best friend is the victim in the Steubenville, Ohio rape trial. She was very drunk …

    Caroline Heldman's Blog

  39. Αιφνιδιαστική συνάντηση ισχυρών παραγόντων σε οικία του Παλαιού […]

    Από την Ιόλη Πιερίδη

    Έκτακτη συνάντηση μεγαλοεπιχειρηματιών, …

  40. Yes, we are ready for BN. Bring it on, Jibby

    Early last month, I bumped into Din Merican outside Maybank in TTDI.

    It had been quite a while since we last met and …

    The People's Parliament

  41. SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Adrienne Maloof “What She’s Missin’!!!”… Tamballs “Wants To Be Friends With… […]

    Poor Adrienne!!  Look what da Magoof has been missin’!!!  

    Obviously, Rod’s kid had to tattoo his own name on his …


  42. Syair Sgp Minggu 17/03/2013

    Syair di atas adalah milik pribadi. By Echonx

    Maradindo's Blog

  43. Rebellion, Relegation And Resignation

    Decent-minded fans should support the police against any form of thuggery around the football in this country.

    There …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  44. پاسخ سیدمحمد خاتمی به سیدابراهیم نبوی

    بازی مدتی است به هم خورده است و مهره‌ها بر روی زمین پخش اند و دیگر …

    غوزک پلاتینی

  45. Three First Round Curveballs the Dolphins Could Throw

    We are of course in the middle of free agency. A lot can and will happen between now and the draft. But just for kicks, …

  46. How crossfit athletes should do a calorie deficit

    This is part of the information I teach in the seminars that back up your purchase of carb back loading.  Click the …

    Eat To Perform

  47. TEDx: “Del plátano de Bilbao a la naranja de Murcia” [Conferencia]

    El pasado 16 de Febrero tuve la oportunidad de participar en el evento TEDx Murcia que, bajo el lema “El desafío de …


  48. Priorities: Keeping the site up, listening and adding new features.

    More than 500,000 Google Reader users have joined the feedly community over the last 48 hours. We love passionate …

    Building Feedly

  49. Özel Çocuklara Özel Kurabiye

    Alan da veren de Allah’tır. O’nun katında her şeyin belli bir vakti vardır.
    (Buhârî, Cenâiz ,33)
    Bizim …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  50. What Hinton’s Google Move Says About the Future of Machine Learning

    Earlier this week TechCrunch broke the news that Google had acquired Geoff Hinton’s recently founded deep learning …

    Some Thoughts on a Mysterious Universe

  51. Harus Salto Dulu… Baru AHM bikin tutup tangki motor Sportnya rata… 😀

    Kalau CBR dan motor CBU Honda sudah menganut tutup tangki rata..memang rata-rata komentar yang masuk di beberapa blog …

    ridertua – Motorcycle Blog

  52. Wasted – part 5

    Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to spicyjjamppong. This is a continuation of Wasted – …

    Excess Baggage

  53. “Fielzão”: no desespero das contas a verdade começa a aparecer

    O desespero dos dirigentes corinthianos nos últimos dias, que os levaram a pressionar publicamente os Governos Federal …

    Blog do Paulinho

  54. Staten diskriminerer oss sexarbeidere

    Sexkjøploven og hallikparagrafen signaliserer til sexarbeidere at de er annenrangs borgere som ikke fortjener retten …

  55. The Liberal-Left goes berserk

    We are in the middle of a liberal berserker, one of those demented moments when “progressives” run riot and smash the …

    Nick Cohen: Writing from London

  56. 博士該賣雞排嗎? 一個值得想想的「物理遇見咖啡」的故事

    (photo via wallcoo)

    郭董一句話,讓最近的議題沸沸揚揚。 …

    WO! 世界需要一個驚嘆!


    Sua Santità Papa FRANCESCO ha compiuto oggi, 16 marzo 2013, un piccolo gesto che è passato quasi inosservato, ma che …

    Ciaglia's Blog

  58. American Shepherd’s Pie

    This Shepherd’s Pie is a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  It is made with hamburger but you could use lamb …

    The Southern Lady Cooks

  59. Sui primi due giorni del M5S in Parlamento

    Quando la senatrice Paola Taverna scrive su Facebook che «sì, siamo il Movimento della Rete (…) ma in quella sala …


  60. NhỮng TẬp TỤc PhÒng the QuÁi DỊ NhẤt ThẾ GiỚi

    LÊ VĂN

    VietNamNet: Trên thế giới vẫn còn tồn tại rất nhiều tập tục quái lạ về …

    Nhà thơ Nguyễn Trọng Tạo

  61. Francisco: um Papa que presidirá na caridade

    A grave crise moral que atravessa todo o corpo institucional da Igreja fez com que  o Conclave elegesse alguém que …

    Leonardo Boff

  62. UT Master’s Candidate adds Business Analytics to her Financial Sleuthing Toolkit

    If you ever lose an aircraft, you might call master’s of business analytics student Haley Hubbard. Before she …

    College of Business Administration News

  63. Descalzos o con medias de seda

    No creo que los cardenales de la Iglesia Católica (o el Espíritu Santo que les susurra el nombre en el Pentecostés …

    El blog de Santiago González

  64. Hank Williams – “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”

    “The silence of a falling star lights up a purple sky. And as I wonder where you are, I’m so lonesome I could cry.”

    Tuned In, Turned Up

  65. When nothing else will work, accuse a Catholic prelate of NSO

    The mainstream media is in panic over Pope Francis. The new pope is solidly opposed to everything big media wants …

    In the Light of the Law

  66. Til konsertgjengere i Trondheim (2013)

    Til konsertgjengere i Trondheim

    Parallelt med den irritasjonen jeg kjenner, kombinert med frykten for å fremstå …


  67. #460: Boundaries are good, even if other people don’t enjoy it when you set them.

    This is a very smart post on moving on and setting boundaries with an ex from Jenn Vicious at In Our Words:
    “There’s …

  68. Rise and Shine: Happy St Patrick’s Day from Henry and Stephen

    Henry Healy greets his eighth cousin, President Barack Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama, after their arrival in …

    The Obama Diary

  69. What does the Fruit-Bat-Signal actually do?

    Just like the Duff Racer that was given away free to launch the season, the Fruit-Bat-Signal in today’s update is just …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Tips

  70. Obama By-Passes Gas

    Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

    President Obama continues his Global War on Cheap Energy™, this time under the …

    Watts Up With That?

  71. Baby is Everything part 4

    Author : Hyemi

    Genre : Romance, School life, Pre-Wedding (?), angst

    Cast : Same with before chapter.

    Annyeong, …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  72. Swansea 0 – 2 Arsenal: Match Thoughts And Individual Analysis

    Wenger made three changes to the starting line-up from the Bayern win. Monreal came in for Gibbs, Diaby for Ramsey, and …

    Desi Gunner

  73. Ce înseamnă POHUI?

    Alături de alţi oameni din România, fredonez şi eu în minte melodia Pohui (de fapt, P.O.H.U.I.) realizată de …

    Gabriel Ursan

  74. Forced Loans They Can Take Your Money Giving Gov’t Bonds

    One of the most critical aspects of why it is so important to understand history is because it is both a catalogue of …

    Armstrong Economics

  75. Santi drives, Diaby & Ox are improving, Nacho & Gerv coolest: report and ratings

    Facing the Jacks without Jack?  Who really gives a Jack?!
    It turns out, the almost-miracle in and against Munich, may …


  76. Box Skipping – How to Score Better on 13.2

    M.F. Step Ups aka “ground to box” aka “box skipping” 

    I am not “Annie T. good” at doing pogo box jumps.  I am …

    life & training

  77. ኢትዮጵያዊቷ በሶርያ ያሳለፈችውን ስቃይ *የወንድ ልጅ ብልት ቆርጠው […]

    *የወንድ ልጅ ብልት ቆርጠው “ተጫወችበት” ይላሉ— *ቦንብ ታጥቀሽ ራስሽን …


  78. Body Language – Cheat Sheet

    Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa. To find out about Writers Write – How to write a …

    Writers Write

  79. 14 marzo 2013 – Questo gesto nefando, durante la Settimana Santa, sarà visto da coloro che tengono gli occhi aperti

    Mia amata Figlia prediletta, che sofferenza viene vissuta dai Miei amati servitori sacri, vicini al Mio Cuore, che …

    Messaggi da Gesù Cristo

  80. Our Misandrist Future?

    Over on Comics Should Be Good, glimpses of a terrifying misandrist future — and the man who set out to make things …

    man boobz

  81. After-match: La déprime en prime!

    Les Enfants du Servette

  82. DWP Trying to Hide Crisis Loan Replacement

    The DWP are attempting to hush up the existence of the scant support available for those left without any money at all …

    the void

  83. Indoprix 125 Seri 1 Sentul Karting Circuit . . . Jupiter Z Injeksi dan Karburator Juga berbagi Gelar

    Race Satu

    Race 1 IP 125 sirkuit Karting Sentul di awali oleh aksi widlcard rider Harlan versus anggi Permana . . …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  84. FanFiction Story Character Limit Increased: Part 1 of 2

    For FanFiction:

    The number of characters a writer can assign to each story is now 4 and up from the previous 2 …

    FictionPress & FanFiction Blog

  85. Grillo e Casaleggio sono una truffa

    Uno vale uno, onestà, trasparenza. Sono solo l’ipocrisia dietro la quale si nascondono le due Wanna Marchi della …


  86. 60 minutos para matar saudades do Sporting

    Não sei se terá sido o melhor Sporting da época. Mas sei que, durante uma hora, mais coisa menos coisa, vi onze …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  87. Dave Allen on Catholicism

    Reader Aidan Karley called my attention to the Irish comedian Dave Allen (1936-2005; real name David Tynan O’Mahoney). …

    Why Evolution Is True

  88. Final Cut Pro X versus Premiere Pro CS6

    The struggle within most shops that invested in Apple’s Final Cut Pro is whether to stay put a while longer, adopt …


  89. PREDIKSI & SYAIR SGP SENIN 18-03-2013



    KILOLIMA Blog's Part II

  90. Laura Boldrini, lingua biforcuta e volto ‘umano’ della NATO

    “A tutte quelle donne che, pur nascondendo i loro volti con una sciarpa perché temono ritorsioni, non rinunciano a …


  91. In Spanien steigt die Nervosität der Bankkunden

    Wie nicht anders zu erwarten, wächst die Nervosität heute in Spanien deutlich. Und die Regierung verteilt halbherzige …


  92. Before 1.21

    Comments on the horses post have literally exploded! I am really glad that you like the idea 🙂 Don’t worry, there …


  93. Five players Liverpool should sign this summer

    Liverpool have lurched around aimlessly in the transfer market for a few years now. They have swung from the La Liga …


  94. Test Your Intuition (17): What does it Take to Win Tic-Tac-Toe

    (A few more quantum posts are coming. But let’s have a quick break for games.)

    Tic Tac Toe is played since anciant …

    Combinatorics and more

  95. the future

    This post was written sporadically over the course of about 18 hours.

    As I write this post I’m experiencing the …

    life as a widower

  96. Nghe Bộ trưởng trả lời, thảo dân chịu không nổi!

    Nguyễn Trung Thành-BVN
    Chiều tối chủ nhật, vợ chồng người bạn từ thuở thiếu thời mời …

  97. weekend update


    Another week another bull market high, and the entire range for the week was only about 1%: (SPX 1547-1564). …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  98. 15 เหตุผลที่ทำไม iPhone 5 ถึงเจ๋งกว่า Galaxy S4

    วันนี้ตอนเช้าๆ Samsung ก็ได้ประกาศเปิดตัว Galaxy S4 …

    Blog It Together

  99. Eternal Darkness Fifth Extension Trademark Granted

    Eternal Darkness, the survival horror video game released for the Nintendo GameCube, has had its fifth extension …

    My Nintendo News

  100. A major breakthrough in awareness is occurring right across the planet

    Humanity is on the verge of a major breakthrough in its awareness of energy. Apart from the relatively small percentage …

    Johnsmallman's Blog

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