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  1. Formspring is shutting down

    Formspring launched in November 2009 as a unique way for people to have engaging conversations about anything. …


  2. The NYPD Declares Martial Law in Brooklyn, Mainstream Media Silent (VIDEO)

    Click here to read the article

    Live Stream here

    Video: Mainstream media ignores protests

    Visit our Home …


  3. Cyprus: A Brutal Lesson in RealPolitik

    So it turns out that those who noted that the Cyprus bailout took place ahead of a local bank holiday on Monday were …

    Some of it was true…

  4. Tin ThỨ BẢy, 16-3-2013

    Đôi lời: Một ngày MỆT mà MỪNG! Trước hết là mừng với con số hơn MỘT VẠN người dân …

    BA SÀM

  5. Book of Kells Now Free to View Online

    As part of the general celebration of St Patrick’s Day at Trinity, we would like to announce that the Book of Kells in …

    Trinity College Library Dublin

  6. Más fotos de la vida socialista de las hijas de Chávez

    Después de las escandalosas fotografías donde se podía ver el estilo de vida por socialista y revolucionario de las …


  7. Five Vehicle One Fatality Accident in Dodge County

    On Friday, March 15, 2013 at 4:40pm there was a five vehicle accident involving three cars, a tractor-trailer, and a …

    Jimmy's Pics and Events

  8. Mes premiers pas en One Stroke

    Qu’on se le dise. Je ne me considère pas comme une “nail artist”, une vraie, une dure. Non je dirai plutôt de moi que …


  9. Bisküvili Tavuk Göğsü / Elma Şekeri

    Rahman Rahim Allah’ın adıyla 
    Üstlerindeki göğe hiç bakmadılar mı? Biz, onu nasıl bina ettik (kurduk) ve …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  10. Prediksi dan syair sgp, Minggu,17/03/2013

    SYDNEY : 6757 SHIO 09
    HOKKIAN : 4821 SHIO 09
    SGP : 7921 SHIO 09

    KALIKOA Blog's

  11. AHM diam-diam rilis CB150R versi sasis kelir merah??….

    Pasca IWB brojolin artikel tentang modifikasi ringan penampakan sasis CB150R yang dibalut dengan stiker warna merah, …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  12. Pope Francis explains his choice of name

    VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis said that “as things got dangerous” in the conclave voting, he was sitting next to his …

    CNS Blog

  13. Hannah’s Story

    About 2 years ago, we heard a word from the Holy Spirit through our oldest son, Noah, who was then 5 years old. Out of …

    Mom on a Mission

  14. When nothing else will work, accuse a Catholic prelate of NSO

    The mainstream media is in panic over Pope Francis. The new pope is solidly opposed to everything big media wants …

    In the Light of the Law

  15. Det skitne olympiske spillet!

    Olympiske leker 2018. Tromsøs kamp mot falske byråkrater i Oslo. Slik er det jeg husker kampen for snart fire år …

    Sandra Borchs blogg

  16. G-Dragon Dilatih Oleh SM Ent. Selama 5 Tahun Sebelum Akhirnya Pindah ke YG Ent.

    Bisakah kalian membayangkan G-Dragon menjadi salah satu member TVXQ atau mungkin Super Junior?

    Telah banyak yang …


  17. 6:40 Bomba πριν από λίγο! Μπλόκαραν όλους τους λογαριασμούς […]

    “Διάσωση” με έκτακτη εισφορά στις καταθέσεις!

    Οι καταθέτες σε …

  18. Quote of the Week – Dear Paul Krugman: ‘I’ll see you in hell’

    Krugman as usual, considers himself to be a judge of other people’s views, morals, and conscience.

    I find the column …

    Watts Up With That?

  19. #460: Boundaries are good, even if other people don’t enjoy it when you set them.

    This is a very smart post on moving on and setting boundaries with an ex from Jenn Vicious at In Our Words:
    “There’s …

  20. Away For A While..

    We are leaving to Bali tomorrow morning to shoot for our Romantika episode in Astro Ria.
    We will try to be as romantic …

    Barely Supermommy

  21. [TWITTER] 130316 Jaejoong Twitter Update 2: Good Morning!

    [TRANS] Good morning~ now, let’s prepare for departure!

    Source: @bornfreeonekiss
    Translated …


  22. 130316

    >Absolutely great article on one of my favorites, Becky Conzelman: Conzelman Spreading Gospel Through …

    The Outlaw Way

  23. Analisa Syair Sgp MINGGU,17/03/2013

    Jari manis menuju telunjuk..
    Setengahnya hitungan terjadi;
    Delapan Dua Ani …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  24. FanFiction Story Character Limit Increased: Part 1 of 2

    For FanFiction:

    The number of characters a writer can assign to each story is now 4 and up from the previous 2 …

    FictionPress & FanFiction Blog

  25. How Marcottian Upticks Arise

    I’m working towards a post on the effect of Marcott re-dating, but first I want to document some points on the …

    Climate Audit

  26. Harper Government Pressures Poorest Community To Sign Agreement Despite Court Injunction

    March 15, 2013

    Burnt Church First Nation, New Brunswick, Canada

    It was just another day at the band office on …

    Wabanaki Press

  27. Import-ant News for Google Reader Users

    The big news on the internet the last couple of days has been that seminal RSS reader Google Reader will be shutting … News

  28. Kibeszélő a Zvenyigorod elleni BL mérkőzésre

    Kettőkor kezdünk, stream lehetőségeket is találtok (remélhetőleg), ha nincs Digisportotok.…

    Üllői út 129

  29. S.S. El Papa Francisco Ordena Al Cardenal Bernard Law, Que Abandone En Menos De 24 Horas Su Puesto Y Sus Aposentos En […]

    El Cardenal Bernard Law deberá de abandonaren menos de 24 horas su cargo y aposentos enSanta María Maggiori, Roma, …


  30. Syair Sgp Minggu 17/03/2013

    Syair di atas adalah milik pribadi. By Echonx

    Maradindo's Blog

  31. Trust me, I’m an engineer!

    Wonderful set of pictures, courtesy of Bob Derham.


    Learning from Dogs

  32. Tin thứ Bảy, 16-03-2013

    Đôi lời: Một ngày MỆT mà MỪNG! Trước hết là mừng với con số hơn MỘT VẠN người dân …

    Ba Sàm

  33. REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Season Eight Premiere… Tamballs and Ellie Shack Up… Slimey Gets a JOB… VickiG […]

    RHOC Season Eight Synopsis from Bravo…

    Reeling from the repercussions of last season’s epic clashes, the series …


  34. Tips for Google Reader users migrating to feedly

    Welcome to all the new Google Reader users migrating to feedly. Here are some tips on how to adapt to the feedly …

    Building Feedly

  35. Sting revela por qué se mantiene unido a TNA Wrestling

    Recientemente el legendario Sting habló para el programa de radio de Brandon Baxter y se refirió a iMPACT! Wrestling …

  36. Bog nam pomagaj!

    To je edini komentar, ki mi je prišel na misel ob nadaljevankah koalicijskih usklajevanj in predstavitvi ministrskih …

    damijan blog

  37. Asperger Syndrome in Girls and Women: Keeping Up Appearances and Missed Diagnosis

    ASPERGER SYNDROME/HFA IN GIRLS AND WOMENThe female profile of Asperger Syndrome has largely been ignored in research …


  38. (AUDIO) LA BICHA y LA CUAIMA, programa de hoy 15/3/2013, con Berenice y Erendira Gomez, Virginia Escobar, Merediht […]

    (AUDIO) LA BICHA y LA CUAIMA, programa de hoy 15/3/2013, con Berenice y Erendira Gomez, Virginia Escobar, Merediht …


  39. Five players Chelsea should sign this summer

    Chelsea’s recent strategy has been very clear; sign young players from overseas and older, ready made players …


  40. El Papa Francisco,llamado a restaurar la Iglesia

    En las redes sociales había anunciado que el futuro Papa se llamaría Francisco. Y no me equivoqué. ¿Por qué …

    Leonardo Boff

  41. An Emotional Meeting of the Board of Trustees

    For more than two and a half hours, everyone fidgeted in their seats, and the tension built. The Board of Trustees …

    The Penn Stater Magazine

  42. Google Reader is dead, so we rebuilt it for you in Zite (in six hours)

    We at Zite were sad to hear about Google Reader’s impending demise.  Google Reader and Zite have always been …

    Zite's blog

  43. Love Has not A Reason Part 8

    Judul : Love Has not A Reason part 8
    Author : Rara Ralisa
    Cast : Seo Joo Hyun ‘SNSD’, Cho Kyu Hyun …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  44. Vídeo de Rumores Al Galope: María Gabriela Chávez evade saludo de Nicolás Maduro

    Por Germán G. Carías
    A Ganador: María Gabriela la hija del fallecido mandatario, Hugo Chávez, luego de pronunciar …

    Miami Al Día

  45. Ducati In Painting

    Bro sekalian, Clive bell mengatakan bahwa “The starting point for all systems of aesthetics must be the personal …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  46. Diaby and Gervinho to start? Szczesny and TV5 on bench? Never change a winning defence! Swansea pre-match.

    Tomorrow’s game against The Jacks – the first of ten consecutive Cup Finals – at the beautifully named Liberty …


  47. The disaster of manufactured consent in the Matrix

    The disaster of manufacturing consent in the Matrix

    by Jon Rappoport March 15, …

    Jon Rappoport's Blog

  48. Jego tron został skradziony. Jego moc, nie

    „Synod zalecił «pomaganie wiernym we właściwym rozróżnianiu słowa Bożego i objawień prywatnych», których …

    Dziecko Królowej Pokoju

  49. SHINee on YIN’s Volume Up

    [Trans Note: SHINee were all very playful making jokes and laughing a lot. Enjoy it as such!]

    # White Day …

    Subbing SHINee

  50. Orwellianismo Endógeno

    Yesterday afternoon was spent watching the procession to take Chávez’s mortal remains to what’s now known as the …

    Caracas Chronicles

  51. Bao giờ có cải cách tư pháp?

    Theo blog Thùy Linh
    Bao giờ Việt Nam có nền Tư pháp thật sự? Ai trả lời được câu hỏi này? …

  52. Sexisme chez les geeks : Pourquoi notre communauté est malade, et comment y remédier

    J’aimerais préciser quelque chose. Quand Mar_Lard a publié son article sur Joystick en août dernier sur ce blog, …


  53. “Aquela roupa vista o senhor, Monsenhor, o tempo do carnaval acabou”. Nosso muito obrigado pelo seu precioso trabalho, […]

    Por Fratres in – De acordo com a agência Imedia, “o Papa Francisco solicitou aos franciscanos do santuário …

    Fratres in

  54. Back 8

    Back / Back 2 / Back 3 / Back 4 / Back 5 / Back 6 / Back 7

    Note: I don’t think anyone can say that this …

    Excess Baggage

  55. ALERTE INFO – NUCLÉAIRE. Corée du Nord : panique à bord aux Etats-Unis

    Les Etats-Unis viennent d’être mis en alerte maximale. Ils prennent au sérieux les déclarations du jeune leader nord …

    Allain Jules

  56. Manifestul Antitaxe

    CE vrem?

    Nu ne mai jupuiți cu taxele!
    Nu ne mai furați!

    CUM facem asta?

    Scăderea taxelor la 10% din …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  57. kawasaki tinggalkan motor bebek, gandeng bajaj, jadi importir resmi pabrikan

    pagi gan, , selamat berakhir pekan sebagimana kita ketahui bersama, kawasaki ahlinya motor sport kencangg…

    PERTAMAX GAN_tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  58. S.O.S. Andy!

    ‘Andy blijft onze kapitein en we gaan er alles aan doen opdat hij de ploeg kan leiden in de klassiekers en de Tour.’ …

    Karl Vannieuwkerke

  59. Maestros Ciruela

    Con el comentario de ayer había dado por zanjada la cuestión de las oposiciones  para maestros de la enseñanza …

    El blog de Santiago González

  60. Nostradamus su Francesco I, la sorte della Chiesa e dell’Umanità

    di Luciano Sampietro
    Era con grande timore che attendevo l’elezione del nuovo Papa, perché mi tormentava non solo …


  61. Pedofilen Ahmad Qasim Hafi Gislaved (medborgare i Afghanistan)

    Pedofilen Ahmad Qasim Hafi


    Gislaved (medborgare i Afghanistan)
    Pappa stoppade in snoppen i hennes …


  62. LEGO City Undercover Requires 22GB To Download From The Wii U eShop

    The digital version of LEGO City Undercover requires a whopping 22GB of space, according to reports. Of course, if you …

    My Nintendo News

  63. Sport Batangan Murah Suzuki “Satria” GS 150R … seharga bebek…? Jangan Menggarami Lautan yaa.. 😀

    Seakan gerah dengan hadirnya Verza yang meng”obok-obok” kelas entry level sport, Suzuki rupanya sedang menyiapkan juga …

    ridertua – Motorcycle Blog

  64. 7 Amazing Photos of Pope Francis

    matt fradd

  65. Saco de vómito (16/03/13)

    Para quem não conseguir deixar de falar das eleições. Ou para quem levar o dia a vomitar depois disto: “O presidente …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  66. Rain, rain, go away…

    With sunset at 18.37 and rain having currently stopped play at Albert Park, the next attempt to start Q2 will be at …

  67. Quand la peur prend le dessus

    Aujourd’hui je suis allée à l’Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont à Montréal pour ma première consultation concernant la …


  68. Open letter to the BBC and Comic Relief!

    Dear Comic Relief,

    You let me down tonight! Why?! Because I have dwarfism!

    It might surprise you to know but I …

    Kiruna Stamell

  69. 2013 NFL Mock Draft take 1.

    I decided since it is a slow start to the day that I would do my first mock draft for the 2013 NFL draft.  Not gonna …


  70. நாவலயில் பிக்குகள் குழு பெண் உட்பட பலர்மீது […]

    நாவல, வலாஉவத்த பகுதியில் உள்ள வீடு …


  71. PREDIKSI & SYAIR SGP SABTU 16-03-2013



    KILOLIMA Blog's Part II

  72. DWP Trying to Hide Crisis Loan Replacement

    The DWP are attempting to hush up the existence of the scant support available for those left without any money at all …

    the void

  73. 내가 생각하는 전자책의 장점과 단점

    이제 한국은 전세계 어느 곳보다도 스마트폰과 타블렛컴퓨터가 빠르게 보급되고 있는 …

    에스티마의 인터넷이야기

  74. Học như thế nào?

    Bài đã đăng trên Tia Sáng.


    Tôi rất hay được các em học …

    Thích Học Toán

  75. How a factory mistake made McLaren unrealistically fast in Jerez test

    McLaren’s impressive pace on the first day of testing in Jerez in February was generated by a mistake when the car …

    Adam Cooper's F1 Blog

  76. Pre-Wod motivational speech mix

    “First step, you just need to make a decision”

    “believe enough in the process and success will come to you”

    “once …

    Eat To Perform

  77. Test Your Intuition (17): What does it Take to Win Tic-Tac-Toe

    (A few more quantum posts are coming. But let’s have a quick break for games.)

    Tic Tac Toe is played since anciant …

    Combinatorics and more

  78. Lời xin lỗi của những con vẹt

    Có những lời xin lỗi nói ra như thể một con vẹt, nói mà không biết mình đang nói gì

    Đào Tuấn

  79. Five Years Ago: Dein Tells Usmanov To Back Off!

    Just came across this Evening Standard cutting from 29 February 2008. Much has changed behind the scenes at Arsenal …


  80. 15 เหตุผลที่ทำไม iPhone 5 ถึงเจ๋งกว่า Galaxy S4

    วันนี้ตอนเช้าๆ Samsung ก็ได้ประกาศเปิดตัว Galaxy S4 …

    Blog It Together

  81. 1,46% de ganho real para professores até 2015! É pouco!

    Como a Comissão de Negociação achou melhor divulgar a proposta do Governo nas Assembleias Regionais, achei …

    Blog do Washington Dourado

  82. Lei Geral da Polícia Civil pode ser votada na próxima semana

    Da Agência Câmara Notícias

    O Plenário pode votar na próxima semana projetos relacionados a segurança pública …


  83. Americk responds to RPK: The Deepak-Bala Marriage

    March 16, 2013
    Americk responds to RPK: The Deepak-Bala Marriage
    Here is the article by RPK  in …

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  84. انتقادات حادة تواجه الممثلة Lee Yeon Hee ووكالتها ترد على الانتقادات

    Korean Drama ~ ♥

  85. Weyhe – türkisches Kopftreter-Rudel tötet Daniel Siefert – Bürgermeister verbietet Gedenken

    Weyhe-Kirchweyhe, Bahnhofsvorplatz
    10.03.2013 um 04.00 Uhr
    Eine Gruppe Deutscher mietet nachts einen Bus mit 30 …


  86. R E S P E C T

    Like many of my predecessors of the past century, I use models for all of my paintings with human figures and, in all …

    Lee Moyer

  87. Degrassi Promo: Karma Police Pt. 2 (TeenNick and MuchMusic)

    TeenNick Promo

    MuchMusic Promo

    Kary's Degrassi Blog

  88. Syair Togel Minggu 17-03-2013


    ================ …

    M2m Togel Blog Part II

  89. New Study Names Hippest City in America

    The hippest city in America?It’s Somerville, Massachusetts.  Sorry San Franciscans.  You’ve gone yuppy gourmet …

    Carrie Russell

  90. Chilling report: 10,000+ could die in major Northwest U.S. earthquake

      March 16, 2013 – PORTLAND – Coastal towns would be inundated. Schools, buildings and bridges would collapse, and …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  91. Alfred v2.0.1: Importing Settings from Alfred v1

    Update: V2.0.1 is now available from the website or as in-app upgrade, and includes migration tools to import almost …

    Alfred App – Mac OS X Quicklaunch Application

  92. kMSt ver. 1.2.473 – Boss, Party Quest, Mercedes and Phantom Changes, Soul Weapons!

    Finally, a week before the update, a patch has been released to Tespia! However, if this is all for the ‘season 1 job …

    Orange Mushroom's Blog

  93. No More Cloaks Of Secrecy

    I was unaware when I blogged on the Babies For Sale story in Spain yesterday that incoming Pope Francis has also been …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  94. Un par de bellezas de algoritmos distribuidos que deberías implementar tú mismo

    Antes de irme a acostar pensé: “En vez de escribir quejas o de temas políticos-sociales, ¿qué tweet puedo dejar …

    Ricardo Galli, de software libre

  95. Maskulinitetsnormer är ett samhällsproblem

    Foton från Army of Lovers uppträdande. Källa: Aftonbladet.

    Under Melodifestivalens efterdyningar har Army …


  96. So, who rounds out the Angels’ bullpen? …

    Remember all that talk about the Angels’ bullpen being deeper, better heading into 2013? Well, that’ll probably be the …

    Gonzo and 'The Show'

  97. Ya no te lloro

    Ya no te lloro. Ayer me descubrí cantando contigo, sonriendo con tus cosas. Ya no te lloro. Las lágrimas me pesan, me …

    Como te iba contando

  98. At 38 years old, Mirko Cro Cop Wins the 2013 K-1 WGP in Zagreb, Croatia

    Wow. Let me re-iterate that: Wow.

    Tonight in Zagreb, Croatia, Mirko “Cro Cop” defied all the odds possible to …

    FSA – FightSport Asia

  99. Happy Resist Tyranny Day!

    What?  What do you mean that should be every day in America?  Well, of course it should, but that’s besides the …

    According To Hoyt

  100. Brogan Rogan’s Brief History of the Jesuits

    Now isn’t this a turn up for the books. A Jesuit Pope who takes the name of Francis?

    Rome and St Peter’s is THE …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

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