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  1. Élő közvetítés a Derbiről (2-1)

    Kezdés fél ötkor, mi már itt vagyunk te pedig úgy érezheted magad, mintha mellettünk ülnél!…

    Üllői út 129

  2. Tin Chủ Nhật, 10-03-2013


    – Bi hùng hải chiến Trường Sa (NLĐ).  – Đời đời khắc ghi (NLĐ).  – …

    BA SÀM

  3. A Day in the Life of a Freelance Journalist—2013

    A Day in the Life of a Freelance Journalist—2013

    Here is an exchange between the Global Editor of the Atlantic …


  4. Gubbslem och genusjox

    Decenniets debatt har precis ägt rum på Gräv 2013 (Föreningen Grävande journalisters årliga seminarie). Under …

    Joakim Lamotte

  5. Pre-Surgical Goal: 446×1 Deadlift

    Had my pre-surgical consult yesterday. Everything is on track for the circumferential lower body lift on the 22nd of …

    Beards Over Barbells

  6. So What Happens Now?

    The tragic events of this Thursday have reverberated around the country: a young woman with her life ahead of her, …


  7. Il coinquilino di merda, al culmine di una serata alcolica, decide di friggere in padella il criceto di proprietà […]

    Sorpreso dalla polizia, attratta dall’incredibile odore che la frittura aveva diffuso per il condominio, il cdm afferma …

    Il Coinquilino di Merda

  8. Super Junior dan SHINee Berbagi ‘Selca’ dari Indonesia

    Pada tanggal 9 Maret, Yesung mengunggah rangkaian selca yang ia ambil bersama sesama member Super Junior dan hoobae …


  9. Cáo bạch của trang Bauxite Việt Nam về bài báo ngày 9 tháng 3 năm 2013 của báo Đại Đoàn Kết

    Theo Bauxite VN
    Đây là bản cáo bạch ngắn của trang Bauxite Việt Nam nhằm trả lời bài viết …

  10. The calm before the solar storm? NASA warns ‘something unexpected is happening on the Sun’

    The year 2013 was supposed to be the year of the solar maximum, but the sun has grown strangely quiet.
    March 9, 2013 …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  11. A bridge in the climate debate – How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change

    This is one of the most important posts ever on WUWT, it will be a top “sticky” post for a few days, and new posts will …

    Watts Up With That?

  12. [TWITTER] 130310 Jaejoong Twitter Update

    [TRANS] Wow..Bernard Werber~~~”Laughter”
    Source: @bornfreeonekiss
    Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
    Shared by: …


  13. (Tuto) Le lapin de pâques prend de l’avance !

    Bonjour à toutes ! Les dimanche de mars, quand il y a du soleil, pour moi, ca sent Pâques. Ca sent la chasse aux …


  14. O înghețată de pepene…

    E genul de baiat brunet, inalt, frumos de te uiti dupa el p e strada ca nu ai cum sa nu o faci. cu un profil perfect si …


  15. Analisa Syair Sgp MINGGU,10/03/2013

    TIGA SEMBILAN mendapat malu..
    Pendekar sakti sikawan lama.
    Setuju awalnya bila …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  16. Syair Sgp Minggu 10/03/13

    MINGGU   10/03/2013 SHIO MAIN: @ JALUR 1. =  1   10    @ JALUR 2. =  2   5  …

    sio tempur

  17. Prediksi dan Syair SGP, MINGGU, 10/03/2013


    SYDENEY : 9407 SHIO 07
    HOKKIAN : 4064 SHIO 04
    SGP : 9336 SHIO 12

    KALIKOA Blog's

  18. Yoğurtlu Mayonez Tarifi

    Ey iman edenler! Sabrederek ve namaz kılarak Allah’tan yardım dileyin. Şüphe yok ki, Allah sabredenlerle …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  19. Pachter: Wii U ‘Too Similar’ To Current-Gen Consoles, Could Sell As Few As 30 Million Units Lifetime

    Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter delivered a presentation during this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW), …

    My Nintendo News

  20. #459: Do I have to destroy my health to be in grad school?

    I’m in grad school for creative writing. It’s hard. Right now, I’m taking three classes, which means that I’m reading …

  21. How my faith has shaped my response to the conversation about Bill 18.

    I am a pastor in Steinbach.  Steinbach made headlines about Bill 18 recently.  My letter to the editor of the …

    The Canoe

  22. Back to the Dark Ages as the Tories plan to scrap your Human Rights

    Tory plans to take away your human rights are moving ahead with Theresa May announcing that they would scrap the Human …

    Vox Political

  23. online ψηφοφορία για τις Σκουριές – μέχρι σήμερα το βράδυ, 10/03/2013

    Πάρτε μέρος στην ψηφοφορία και διαδώστε!
    Η σελίδα της …


  24. Let’s Move! Disaster

    I need to preface this by saying I’ve always liked the First Lady.  From the “Secret Whitey Tape” to flat out racist …


  25. Loan report- Ryo’s return cut short, whilst Campbell assists

    Ryo Miyaichi’s long-awaited return to action for Wigan Athletic was cut painfully short this afternoon as the Japanese …

    Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth

  26. Kawasaki Ninja 300 akan dirilis diIndia sekitar Juni 2013….

    Tidak seperti ditanah air……biker India kudu bersyukur sebab pihak Bajaj berniat mendatangkan Ninja 300 menggantikan …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  27. +++Aktuell, Leichenfund zwischen Lößnitz und Aue

    Zwischen Lößnitz uns Aue, wurde vor ca. 60 Minuten eine Leiche im Bachlauf gefunden. Die Ermittlungen der …

    Medienservice Erzgebirge – News

  28. The Hype And The Tripe

    Yesterday I blogged on the concerted media campaign against Charles Green, the Rangers CEO.

    I am aware such a …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  29. Syair Sgp Senin 11/03/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  30. Viva Las Vegas! Jensen Ackles at VegasCon

    “Having fun?” Jensen Ackles asked the small group of gathered fans at his meet and greet at Vegas Con. Obviously …


  31. Hollywood’s Hypocritical Stance On Women And Guns

    There’s no shortage of leftists in Hollywood. Ask one of them how they feel about women and guns and they’ll …

    American Glob

  32. Shetland

    Recognise the hat?

    Yes! Its my Peerie Flooers!

    This hat, along with a couple of my other designs, will be …

    Kate Davies Designs

  33. Duarrrrr…. Gosipppp…. Next Tiger Pakai Mesin CBR250… Teralis….???

    Walahhhh…. pagi-pagi sudah dibikin mikir beratttt…. begitu buka email, ehhhh…. ada gosip maut dari pabrik motor …

    Proud2ride Independent Blogger

  34. Oh My God … not another Kikuyu president!

    Hon Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta was NOT my prefered choice for the presidency. In fact my preferred candidate performed …


  35. UGLIEST Tweeps

    LOOOL I am back again with

    the ugliest creatures on earth.. sema Blogger Y….. To start us off is one Calabash headed …

    carelesstweep's Blog

  36. El diario “The Guardian” publica fuerte y claro: CÁNCER, EL ARMA SECRETA

    Senadores de EE.UU. Frank Church and Tower John examinaron el arma de la Agencia Central de Inteligencia (CIA) del …


  37. Gương mặt thân quen Tập 9 ngày 9/3/2013 | FULL

    [Guong mat tham quen – Guong mat than quen Tap 9 – Guong mat than quen ngày 9/3/2013 Xem video clip liveshow Guong …


  38. Suzuki Shooter Bakal lebih Murah dari Titan ?

    Bro Sekalian, Rumor baru April 2013 dirilis, TPT belum selesai, akan tetapi notifikasi Nilai jual kendaraan bermotor …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  39. Why the Teachers in Strongsville, Ohio, Are Striking

    When I heard about Strongsville, I thought I was reading a children’s storybook about a wonderful, all-American city, a …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  40. Haul: Etude House’s Sweet Recipe Ice Cream nails and some odds and ends

    Aren’t these just adorable? I ordered these four from Etude House’s Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails line both for their …


  41. The First Rule of Circumcision Deaths Is: Don’t Talk About Circumcision Deaths

    So let’s see:

    A baby with a serious heart condition is circumcised, bleeds profusely, and dies. But we’re not …


  42. Otros Lópeces

    El País se repite. La información de ayer terminaba así:

    ” Tampoco él (Rafael Hernando, del PP) reparó en que …

    El blog de Santiago González

  43. I’m alive, well, and kicking UMNO where it hurts most, folks!

    “Bro, no new postings. You makan angin ah? Election soon n u holidaying ah? Hope all is well with ABU n you” – email …

    The People's Parliament

  44. O repórter, o perito, a Globo, o menor dos Gaviões, o Corinthians e a escola Base

    É de impressionar a força-tarefa, que inclui dirigentes do Corinthians, torcedores “organizados”, PCC, Rede Globo …

    Blog do Paulinho

  45. Superhero

    Give your blog a clean look with bright pops of color. Superhero features a heroic full-bleed Featured Content area, …

    Theme Showcase

  46. Chronicles of Lazy Journalism (or, Attn: @ReutersVzla )

    Let us unpack this bit from Reuters’ Simon Gardner and Terry Wade (with an assist from commenter Lucía.)
    “At one …

    Caracas Chronicles

  47. John Cena envia un mensaje en Twitter a The Rock

    La superestrella de la WWE, John Cena, le envio un mensaje en Twitter , a The Rock, mientras se encontraba entrenando …

  48. RuntimeExceptions – To try-catch or not to catch?

    The general consensus in the Java community seems to be that RuntimeExceptions should not be caught. Before …


  49. Why I Lose My Mind Every Time We Have the Name Conversation

    I hope to hell this is the last I have to say on this subject.

    Let’s start with three facts.

    1) Heterosexual …

    Kate Harding

  50. I’ll be on Fox News on Sunday to discuss tensions between Israel, Iran & Syria.

    UPDATED: The host is Shannon Bream. The time is expected to be around 1:15pm eastern. The topic will be Damascus …

    Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

  51. There’s a Baby on the way!

    Vera Bradley Baby arrives Thursday, March 14

    Inside Stitch: The Official Vera Bradley Blog

  52. Urheiluravinteiden ja anabolisten aineiden käyttö kehonrakennuksessa

    Mitä urheiluravinteita ja anabolisia aineita kehonrakentajat käyttävät? Ensimmäisessä osassa kerroin …


  53. honda CB150R, udah AHO kenapa masih pakai lampu senja

    pagi gan, sebenarnya hal tersebut udah dibahas bang haji tmcblog, namun masih juga ditanyakan oleh pengguna honda …

    PERTAMAX GAN_tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  54. Saranghae Mrs.Pabo [Chapter 6]

    Author :Chokyunie
    Cast      :Kyuhyun,Seohyun
    Genre  :Comedy,Romance,Family
    Type    :Chapter
    Rating : Entah …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  55. ΡΑΤΣΙΣΤΙΚΟ ΟΛΟΚΑΥΤΩΜΑ! Χριστιανικός όχλος καίει σπίτια αθώων […]

    Έντρομες οι οικογένειες εγκαταλείπουν τις εστίες τους ενώ το …

  56. Desperate European ‘Union’ deploys Blackwater mercenaries as revolution in Greece draws closer

    Europe on the brink of revolution says RT News in €urozone meltdown

    The Greek Army has told the EU puppet regime …

    The Daily Agenda

  57. Stupendous 13th century illustrated manuscript

    by Matthew Cobb

    There is a community of medievalists on Twitter who re-tweet their latest finds in their studies of …

    Why Evolution Is True

  58. Se la diagnosi clinica svela l’ultimo inganno (Francesco Merlo)



  59. Gräv 2013 – Så var sagoberättaren Maria Sveland igång igen…

    Som en av de medverkande vid jämställdisternas pubkväll känner jag väl till Svelands stil.

    Maria Sveland …


  60. Taxa pe șmecherie

    Guvernanții ii spun elegant, taxa de timbru, taxa de mediu, taxa de poluare.

    Si zâmbesc pe ecran, fericiți ca …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  61. Man Boobz Contest: Find the Whiniest, Most Entitled Response to Anita Sarkeesian

    So Anita Sarkeesian, who apparently didn’t run off with all her Kickstarter money to found a Misandist Gynarchy in the …

    man boobz

  62. Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

    These rules were originally tweeted by Emma Coates, Pixar’s Story Artist. Number 9 on the list – When you’re …

    Aerogramme Writers' Studio

  63. 130309

    Somehow we got our entire camp template in, PLUS an Open WOD that took us at least four hours to analyze, practice, …

    The Outlaw Way

  64. KBS Music Bank Jakarta – Super Junior | Part 2 [20P] – From 130309

    Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”
    Compilation: 130308~? KBS Music Bank in …

    Super Junior | EV3RLA5TING

  65. Syrie: Le Qatar a le blues et ne sait plus comment faire pour installer le salafisme en Syrie

    Alors que ses protégés ont finalement rendu aux autorités jordaniennes les otages de l’ONU, le Qatar a menacé ces …

    Allain Jules

  66. Roster Moves; Asche and Joseph Impressed

    The Phillies made eight roster moves today:

    They reassigned left-hander Adam Morgan; right-handers J.C. Ramirez and …

    The Zo Zone

  67. Bộ trưởng Đinh La Thăng và những cái tin nhắn

    Chưa đầy 12 tiếng sau vụ tai nạn thảm khốc ở Cam Ranh khiến 11 người chết, Bộ trưởng Bộ …

    Đào Tuấn

  68. Miss Taylor, how I love you so.

    I wish this is what the media would focus on. Thanks to one of my little Tweethearts for sending this to me.

    I love …


  69. Chelsea’s returning starlets will form the nucleus of an exceptional team

    With all the hysteria surrounding Chelsea this season it is easy to forget that they have the core of a young and …


  70. Trans woman ordered out of court house restroom by sheriff deputy wins legal ruling

    THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Trans woman Jodie Jones told Deputy Susan Henderson who had followed Jones into the …


  71. Protecting Mozilla Firefox users on the web

    I have followed Pwn2Own ever since its inception in 2007. For those of you who do not know what Pwn2Own is, it is a …

    It's a Wonderful Life

  72. FC Luzern-Servette FC : 1-1 (1-1) – Un bon point!

    Le SFC ramène un bon point de Lucerne après une très bonne fin de première mi-temps. Barroca aura sauvé les …

    Les Enfants du Servette

  73. It’s Science: Rafael Mendes

    Welcome to another episode of “It’s Science”. We  continue our 2013 season with a quick look at Rafael Mendes …

  74. [업데이트] 3월 8일 업데이트

    안녕하세요. 헤어샵프렌즈 운영팀입니다.

    예고한 대로 오늘 대규모? 업데이트가 …

  75. أخبار متتنوعة # 30

    Korean Drama ~ ♥

  76. Wszystkim wam będą dane znaki i będą miały miejsce cuda

    „Synod zalecił «pomaganie wiernym we właściwym rozróżnianiu słowa Bożego i objawień prywatnych», których …

    Dziecko Królowej Pokoju

  77. Chat Away

    President Obama walks with Chief of Staff Denis McDonough as they leave the Gridiron Dinner at a hotel in Washington, …

    The Obama Diary

  78. Een dodelijke waarheid

    Sommige mensen houden hun hele leven vast aan een waarheid. Ook al is die dogmatisch en schadelijk voor zichzelf. Dat …


  79. The Best (and Least Best) Brewery Names

    At some point this year, there will be over 3,000 breweries either operating or in development in the US (the most our …


  80. Gái tuổi Tỵ sợ…Tý

    Theo thuật tử vi, nữ giới tuổi Tỵ thường xinh đẹp, quyến rũ, luôn thành công trong sự …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  81. dear mummy

    This is a letter written on behalf of my son, Jackson, to mark his first Mother’s Day without his mum. I plan to write …

    life as a widower

  82. Can you confirm anything about an upcoming level 27 update?

    Ever since Lisa got her mysterious new task to meditate at the Springfield Buddhist Temple, there have been lots of …

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Tips

  83. Eso Que Tiene En El Hall De La Academia Militar Es Un Artificio Es Un MuÑeco De Cera



  84. A Bit of Insight Into the Jodi Arias Jury

    There are a several faceboook pages dedicated to the Jodi Arias trial. Deb, one of out commenters on the case, sent me …

    Tamara Tattles

  85. First impression of the new Leica M, by Damian Heinisch

    I grew up with a tradition that there were two days in a year when you could expect gifts; at Christmas and on your …


  86. Ice Cover is Not “Stabilizing”

    NOTE: for a brief, non-technical summary of this post see the UPDATE at the end. To get there, go to the full post (not …

    Open Mind

  87. Moving Out [updated]

    Admin Note: *Contributed Scenario* Please give credit and thanks to ChaTo.

    Author: ChaTo


    “No. Stop, …

    Excess Baggage

  88. Flash De L’aereoport De Ndjili : Malgre La Dispersion Une Maree Humaine Accompagne Tshisekedi Sur Le Boulevard Lumumba

    MISE A JOUR A 15H52:

    Démocratie Chrétienne, D.C.

  89. Are we orthorexic?


    Noun |or·tho·rex·i·a|
    Orthorexia nervosa, also known as orthorexia, is not mentioned in the …

    Nourishing Our Children

  90. Чтобы розы дольше стояли.

    Чтобы розы дольше стояли или как сделать подкормку для цветов в …


  91. Tomb Puzzle Guide: Hall of Ascension in Mountain Village, Tomb Raider 2013

    Hello and welcome to the puzzle guide for the hall of ascension in tomb raider.

    Watch on …

  92. השפה המזוינת פוגעת ברגשות הציבור

     על צנזורה של השירה
     תהל פרוש
    השתתפה במחשבות ובניסוח: לין …

    ארץ האמורי

  93. How filibusters work and why they are so rare

    Last night Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky led a 13-hour filibuster of the nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA. …

    Keith Hennessey

  94. Entre melões apepinados e reguadas injustas

    «Para ganhar jogos em qualquer Liga, tem de se ter atitude cem por cento em todos os momentos. Na primeira parte não …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  95. Tilting at Windmills – Brandon Belt

    Some of you might have seen an unusual tweet from me two days ago.

    “I want to compliment you @channingtatum, you …

    Brandon and Brandon

  96. PREDIKSI & SYAIR SGP MINGGU 10-03-2013

    syair RESULT HARI INI :
    TAIPEI : 5663 SAH SIO …

    KILOLIMA Blog's Part II

  97. Warkop Padaidi Minggu 10-03-2013


  98. Rand Paul Scrambles Right/Left Paradigm

    I’m no fan of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). So far, he has exhibited none of the courage of his father, but all of his …

    LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson

  99. A word on the state of this subreddit by people you may or may not know

    Nocticate  Here’s what gets under my skin about this sub in the last several months and what I think is one of the …


  100. Toeing the Line

    It is a matter of undisputed fact that breaking a toe is the most painful thing a mortal can experience in this life. …

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

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