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  1. An Open Letter to Ang Lee

    Reposted with permission:

    Dear Mr. Lee,

    When asked about the bankruptcy of Rhythm + Hues, the visual effects …

    VFX Soldier

  2. 1645. Vài lời với TBT ĐCS VN Nguyễn Phú Trọng

    NÓNG! 19h5′, 26/2/2013: – Anh Nguyễn Đắc Kiên không còn tư cách là phóng viên Báo Gia đình & Xã …

    BA SÀM

  3. Teltház lesz az Újpest ellen!

    Minden jegy elfogyott a sokak által nagyon várt találkozóra. …

    Üllői út 129

  4. Dear Lance Armstrong,

    Dear Lance,
    I don’t know if this will reach you, but I hope it will somehow. I wanted to let you know I’ve been …

    the beautiful due

  5. Sisterhood 🙂

    Natasha + Isabella

    equals to
    (almost like this one!)

    Barely Supermommy

  6. Ocean Temperature And Heat Content

    Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

    Anthony has an interesting post up discussing the latest findings regarding the heat …

    Watts Up With That?

  7. Prediksi dan syair sgp, Rabu,27/02/2013

    All syair

    SYDNEY : 9182 SHIO 10
    HOKKIAN : 2397 SHIO 01
    SGP : 6769 SHIO 09

    KALIKOA Blog's

  8. “Tus faltas de ortografía me impiden unirme a tu grupo, en serio”.

    Desde la aparición de internet, el universo 2.0 y sobre todo de los blogs, hemos asistido a una democratización del …

    El Turismo es un Gran Invento

  9. The 25 Worst Things About Living in Tel Aviv


    My Tel Aviv

  10. 130226

    A Beast in the South East: Caleb Williams

    Chad Melton – 350# Clean:

    WOD …

    The Outlaw Way

  11. A Summer with Stanley Kubrick

    Stanley Kubrick was missing. The office he was using at MGM’s West 55th Street world headquarters in New York to …

    Unframed The LACMA Blog

  12. Netizens Menggali Lebih Banyak “Bukti” Terkait Dugaan Hubungan Percintaan Changmin TVXQ dan Victoria f(x)

    Seperti halnya dengan skandal kencan selebriti lainnya, netizens, yang tak yakin dengan apa yang telah dilakukan SM …


  13. Why I Cannot Support the Common Core Standards

    I have thought long and hard about the Common Core standards.

    I have decided that I cannot support them. In this …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  14. Vài lời với TBT ĐCS VN Nguyễn Phú Trọng

    Nguyễn Đắc Kiên – Nhà báo, báo Gia Đình & Xã Hội
    Lời bình của nhà báo Huy Đức: Tôi …

  15. Kahvaltılık Ispanaklı Ekmek Pizzası

    Selamun aleykum kardeşlerim,
    Selam olsun sayfamızı yorumlarıyla veya uzaktan bakmalarıyla güzelleştirenlere, …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  16. New Stuff in!

    I was eager to show you two of my b’day presents and make a look with them. Yesterday was a perfect day for doing it, …

    Trendy Taste

  17. Arret Du Blog De Liesi

    Madame, Monsieur,

    Depuis mars 2011, nous avons essayé de vous informer.

    Désormais, pour diverses raisons nous …


  18. Nuevo caso de Efecto Streissand en la política española. Algunos no se enteran.

    Para quien no lo conozca, Café amb Llet es un semanario Online independiente que causó furor en Cataluña y en toda …

    Yoryoterapia, tirando a dar….

  19. Les ongles de fée. Oui madame.

    Je sais pas vous, mais dans mon imaginaire à moi il y a des idées bien arrêtées. Des trucs que tu décolles pas …


  20. PHPness Gate – raising interesting issues

    This past weekend has seen this magazine, and its staff, embroiled in a situation described as everything from a …

    Web & PHP Magazine

  21. Gambar Patent Skutik Honda Dual Helmet-In

    Bro Sekalian, lama Nggak nampilin gambar gambar patent maka kali ini tmcblog akan mencoba lagi memperlihatkan beberapa …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  22. Nuevos kits edición limitada para el día del padre y nuestro nuevo organizador semanal que es la pera.

    No podíamos esperar al viernes para enseñaros las novedades de la semana y es que ésta es muy muy especial.

    Se …


  23. Hasil non ecoriding test komsumsi bahan bakar Mio GT….seliter Premium tembus 49,58km!!

    Bro dan sis sekalian…..IWB memasukkan variabel komsumsi bahan bakar sebagai salah satu komponen lain yang kudu dites. …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  24. Revealed! The media conspiracy against the Government

    If you think there’s been a media campaign to discredit the Gillard Government, then you’re on the mark. It has not …

    Café Whispers

  25. The Department Of Homeland Security Stole My Boat Today


    I live a fairly simple life and that …


  26. [LYRICS] Kim Jaejoong – “Kiss B”

     “KISS B”
    Lyrics & Composition: Jaejoong, LeeU
    I want to give you
    Your favorite ice-cream
    White vanilla …


  27. Analisa Syair Sgp RABU,27/02/2013

    Enam Sembilan bermain tali…
    Berhadapan pandang2an;
    Putaran terjadi Lima …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  28. Syair Sgp Rabu 27/02/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  29. Suomalaisten huippu-urheilijoiden ravintovalmennuksesta

    Tämän voisi tiivistää seuraavasti : sitä ei ole.

    Se että norjalaiset hiihtäjät vaikuttavat taas MM-kisoissa …

    Sami Sundvik

  30. Recap: Vanderpump Rules All Style No Substance

    Time for Vanderpump Rules. I had forgotten I had seen the “First Look” and was freaking out that this was last weeks …

    Tamara Tattles

  31. Delegada confirma que “organizado” Hugo Nonato é suspeito de matar garoto boliviano

    Logo após a prisão dos 12 “organizados” suspeitos de assassinar o garoto boliviano de 14 anos, durante a partida …

    Blog do Paulinho

  32. Vài lời với TBT ĐCS VN Nguyễn Phú Trọng

    Chương trình Thời sự VTV1, 19h, ngày 25/2 đưa phát biểu tại Vĩnh Phúc của TBT ĐCS Việt Nam …

    ba Cừu

  33. Google Glass Will Not Publish Your Social Security Number

    Like many, I plan on purchasing Google Glass the moment it becomes available. I have a feeling the novelty will only …

    James Watt

  34. ‘Thoughts on a funeral.’

    My friend Clare had a vision she was going to die young. Three weeks ago, she went suddenly to be with Jesus.

    It …

    Grace for the road

  35. code white

    Jodi and I are preparing to leave on a trip, something to get us away from our lives and home, to give us some quiet …

    C is for Crocodile

  36. The reality of police cuts in London.

    The claim

    “We are recruiting 5,000 constables over the next three years and we want Londoners of every background …


  37. Comuniștii români cad ca bulgarii

    Bulgarii au dărâmat mafia comunista in 3 zile!

    Nici n-a fost greu sa dărâme guvernul!

    Problema lor, acum, e …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  38. Uno di noi

    di Costanza Miriano

    Ce l’ho. Ho la soluzione a tutti i problemi europei. Politici, economici, culturali. L’ho …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  39. When Racism is a University Tradition: An Open Letter to the UIUC Community

    This is a conversation I really didn’t want to be having. I didn’t think I would have to still be having this …

    I'll get there. It'll be worth the trip.

  40. PREDIKSI & SYAIR SGP RABU 27-02-2013

    Syair STMD Rabu Tgl 27/02/2013
    Lima Dua Geleng Kepala
    Baru Mati Hidup Kembali
    Halima …


  41. Lettera aperta a un Parlamentare del #M5S

    Ciao, scusami se ti do del tu, ma le statistiche dicono che sei giovane e quindi mi permetto questa confidenza, così, …

  42. When Racism is a University Tradition: An Open Letter to the UIUC Community

    Dear University of Illinois,

    In 6 years, much can be accomplished. Lincoln Hall and the ARC have been renovated, the …

    Critical Spontaneity

  43. Minding Our Own Reproductive Business

    A couple weeks ago I talked with some young mothers about inappropriate questions that they have had to answer. I’ve …


  44. An unusual economic impact study

    For those who argue that F1 races do not have major economic impact on the cities involved, it is worth noting that the …

  45. Opinión: ¿Por qué la WWE está apostando por talentos que no han tenido un buen papel previamente?

    Por Luis Alberto Lino Reyna

    Esta nota está enfocada para aquellos lectores que se hacen llamar conocedores y que …

  46. The Resignation of Cardinal Keith O’Brien – A Sad Day

    Cardinal Keith O’Brien has resigned. The only Scottish Cardinal was due to step down shortly anyway because of the …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  47. استراتيجية الحرب الطائفية في الخليج وجزيرة العرب

    بعث أحد الجنود الفرنسيين برسالة إلى ابنه قبيل الحرب العالمية …

    شؤون استراتيجية

  48. yamaha new vixion berheadlamp honda CB150R editan pak RT di brosur yamaha

    pagi gan ( maaf baru update, dosen keluar, ane nebeng temen update bentar 😀 ) nggak lucu dapet email dari gan irawan …

    PERTAMAX GAN_tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  49. Driven by Bigotry?

    Rangers disappointed? They should be seething with their supporters.

    By Andy Muirhead

    Saturday’s game against …

  50. Butter Dips

    These Butter Dips are small, flaky, buttery biscuits.  They are great as an appetizer served with preserves, honey, …

    The Southern Lady Cooks

  51. My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 48

    The Seo-young Train of Good Times has come to a screeching halt.  I think we need to send them some happy pills.  …

    Carrotblossom Patch

  52. monday update

    SHORT TERM: gap up opening sold off, DOW -216

    Overnight the Asian markets gained 0.9%: mostly Japan. European …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  53. Að hafa húmor fyrir dónaskap

    Hulda skrifar:

    Afhending Óskarsverðlaunanna er ein virtasta hátíð í heimi. Á hverju ári í lok febrúar …


  54. Guido Fawkes exclusive: Eastleigh by-election a two-horse race (but my money is on the Lib Dems)

    Political firestarter Guido Fawkes gives his opinion on the Eastleigh by-election for the Paddy Power Blog
    When …

    Paddy Power Betting Blog

  55. Open Letter to Jamal Harrison-bryant from William G. Mccray, Iii

    Isaiah 58:1
    Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the …

    Obnoxioustv's Blog

  56. Elezioni 2013: Perché il centrosinistra ha perso voti a favore di M5S

    Le ragioni sono tante e se ne parlerà per giorni. Propongo una prima lista di perché:
    1. Bersani e i suoi hanno …

    D I S . A M B . I G U A N D O

  57. OT VIII – Hallucinatory Cause?

    Here is a reality check on where the Scientology Bridge leads, at least within corporate Scientology.   The following …

    Moving On Up a Little Higher

  58. Lo cho cụ Tổng nghẹn ngào lần nữa…

    Sáng nay, tôi đọc tờ Jakarta Post thấy hai tin đáng lưu ý. Bà Bộ trưởng Thương mại Indonesia …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  59. YOLANDA FOSTER: Yolanda’s BravoBlog…


    Hello Bravo lovers! Sorry I missed you last week but I had just started my 30-day program at a …


  60. Trecutul

               Părea că noi o să fim altfel… aşa credeam, aşa simţeam. Inima mea asta-mi spunea (pe vremea …

    Jurnalul Evei

  61. Soi cau xo so Mien Bac ngay 26/02/2013

    soi cau lo to xo so, soi cau xo so mien bac, soi cau xo so mien phi, soi cau xo so hang ngay

    Ngày 26/02/2013 …

    soi cau xo so, soi cau lo, tinh cau de

  62. Graham Spiers, God, and Dermo67’s Corner Kick

    Good Morning,

    At around half past ten or so on Sunday night, Mr Graham Spiers,who is best known as a Journalist, …


  63. Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken- SRC

    Every month there I have Pricer pick out a recipe he would want me to make for my Secret Recipe Club post. Sometimes I …

    I am a Honey Bee

  64. El Síndrome del “sácamelo más pa adentro”

    Hombres sorprendidos con la reacción de las mujeres frente a Romeo Santos, el príncipe de la bachata en Viña 2013. …

    el blog de bernardita ruffinelli

  65. Ohio State Quarterback Braxton Miller on Regional Cover of This Week’s Sports Illustrated

    Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller, a likely 2013 Heisman Trophy candidate who last year led the Buckeyes to a …

    Inside Sports Illustrated

  66. Flower Boy Next Door E16

    Every word of translation felt like a reward. Not just for choosing such a wonderful drama, but for all the hours I …


  67. Getting benefit and have a Facebook account? Oh dear!

    Dear Reader,

    Below is a guest post from Paul Smyth which I feel is worthy of being read in relation to Universal …


  68. Look into my cat eyes……

    I have no idea who sent me this cat-based illusion, but I rather like it…..

    and in other news, ‏@NicolasBT …

    Richard Wiseman

  69. Earth to New York Times: Please Show Us these “Deep Spending Cuts” You Keep Writing About

    Sigh. I feel like a modern-day Sisyphus. Except I’m not pushing a rock up a hill, only to then watch it roll back …

    International Liberty

  70. Yamaha akan keluarkan 9 model baru,… mbok digenepin 12 motor …!!!

    Well,… membaca artikel di detikoto,… dikabarkan pabrikan Yamaha akan menggelontorkan 9 model baru di Indonesia …

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  71. Barbosu are o nouă biserică

    Avem in sfarsit o locatie stabila a bisericii ! Suprinzatoare? Prea putin spus. Adevarul este, ca toti am ramas …

    paşi spre lumină

  72. [완료] 일부 기종 중 약관 동의 버튼 뜨지 않는 현상 외

    안녕하세요. 헤어샵프렌즈 운영팀입니다.

    현재 일부 기종에서 게임 이용약관의 동의 …

  73. L’amico del giaguaro (Marco Travaglio).

    La domanda era: riusciranno i nostri eroi a non vincere le elezioni nemmeno contro un Caimano fallito e bollito? La …


  74. Dejan Kamenjasevic, el águila que puede alterar el gallinero de Josean Querejeta

    Ayer por la tarde se hizo oficial por parte del Baskonia el despido de Carlos Cabezas. La decisión tomada por el club …

    El contraataque

  75. Gears Of War Creator Says Nintendo Could Well Become A Software Only Company In Near Future

    Cliff Bleszinski, the former Epic Games design director and creator of the Gears of War franchise, believes that …

    My Nintendo News

  76. Things I didn’t know before I got pregnant

    When you tell people you’re pregnant, the ones who are already mothers immediately take you aside and tell you horrific …

    Matriarchal Utopia

  77. Exploring the Reader: Find Your Fans and Follow Your Faves

    When you become a part of, you’re actually getting two awesome services for the price of none: your … News

  78. Vanderpump Rules: Who is Laura-Leigh?

    Laura-Leigh graduated from Juilliard School, is a REAL actress, a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and is probably …


  79. Bald kein ESPN America mehr in Deutschland?

    Das war eine kleine Schreckensnachricht, die ich heute bei gelesen habe! Die Überschrift lautet: “ESPN Sendern …

    Football in Deutschland

  80. The blog post I didn’t want to write…

    Today is Sarah’s birthday.  She would have been 12 years old today.

    I started this blog the day Sarah was …

    Matttapley's Blog

  81. ¡Desapareció una joven en La Paz! – AYUDA

    Dulce Alejandra Sifuentes Espinoza, joven que es reportada desparecida en la ciudad de La Paz. Sus familiares pien …

    Colectivo Pericú

  82. Bleach back on the 22nd of March 2013?!

    Has there already been news of Bleach’s come back? Well yes and no, Bleach Anime was cancelled after 366 episodes when …

    Daily Anime Art

  83. Monday: A Video and Image or Two

    President Obama takes questions during a meeting with the National Governors Association


    President …

    The Obama Diary

  84. הותר להביע: נתבררה אשמתו של האסיר איקס

    בשנת 2008 הוזמן יום אחד בנימין אלון לברית מילה בישראל. הוא נכח בה, …

    רשימות מן התיבה הלבנה

  85. MEC e CAPES lançam Programa de Inglês online e gratuito para capacitar estudantes

    O Programa My English Online (MEO) é um curso de inglês online do Programa Inglês sem Fronteiras. Essa iniciativa do …

    Programa de Pós-Graduação em Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente

  86. Naruto 622 – Revelation

    The other reason naruto 622 might be that the world was devastated because of the Jyubi’s rampage (it’s quite likely …

    Naruto Chapter 622 Scans

  87. PGM FI Gak Akan Diproduksi Lagi…!!

    Hal ini terjadi di India dimana atas dasar tidak lakunya varian PGMFI pada CBF Stunner 125, maka pabrikan Honda disana …

    ridertua – Motorcycle Blog

  88. 限りなく目減りするプリンターインクの世界

    [HP300 のインクカートリッジ — 2002年(左)対 2010 …


  89. The 2013 Leica M Typ 240

    Previously in October 2012, I had a chance to handle the M Typ 240 (I’m going to call it the M 240 from hereon in) back …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  90. I Stand with Landen Gambill


    Three days ago, my good friend Landen Gambill received an email from the UNC-Chapel Hill …

    Campus BluePrint

  91. خطاب مفتوح من أهالي المعتقلين

    خطاب مفتوح من أهالي المعتقلين لملك البلاد للمطالبة بإنصافنا …

    خطاب اهالي المعتقلين

  92. Superman’s Identity Revealed

    Gareth Bale is a freak.

    He doesn’t even look much like a football player but his performances of late have rocketed …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  93. ARNAQUE BOKO HARAM. Otages français: La mise en scène était trop belle pour être vraie. Boko Haram dément.

    A quoi joue la France ? S’amuse-t-elle avec la vie d’une famille en incriminant de façon aussi cavalière la secte …

    Allain Jules

  94. Abc

    Arrancou oficialmente a campanha eleitoral para a presidência do Sporting. Falta cerca de um mês para tentarmos …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  95. Wait.

    On June 10th, 2012, I married my best friend.  It sounds so typical, but really, he is.  Nobody else knows me on a …

    Cloud Thoughts

  96. VFX Solidarity / Insult at the Oscars 2013

    Facebook has been turning chroma-key green to raise awareness for how VFX artists were snubbed at the Oscars last …


  97. Post-It Poems: Falling Star

    Now we’ll see
    if “I love you’s”
    fell too swiftly.
    Waiting in the quiet hours
    I remember –
    This is …


  98. Χάρης Οικονομόπουλος: Αυτός είναι ο “νεόκοπος εκδότης” της […]

    …εδώ και χρόνια. Όχι σήμερα. Δείτε την εισήγηση – κόλαφο μπροστά …

  99. Ang Lee: A Never-Ending Dream

    Following Ang Lee’s second Best Directing win at the Academy Awards last night, this beautiful essay resurfaced. Here …

    What Shih Said

  100. محامية Park Shi Hoo تنسحب من القضية + صديقة المتدربة A تروي ماحدث !

    Korean Drama ~ ♥

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