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  1. Tin thứ Năm, 21-02-2013


    – “Phượt” ở quê hương Hải đội Hoàng Sa (TN). “Nhóm làm phim” …

    BA SÀM

  2. Monsanto Slapped With A $7.7 Billion Lawsuit By 5 Million Farmers

    WorldTruth.TV Launching a lawsuit against the very company that is responsible for a farmer suicide every 30 minutes, …

    Prince Vega

  3. Now what is ‘death train’ Hansen going to do? Clean coal process developed to extract energy without burning or CO2

    From James Hansen’s, Bill McKibben’s and Joe Romm’s worst nightmare department, comes this uplifting science story from …

    Watts Up With That?

  4. El país que se perdió el respeto a sí mismo

    Escuchando el debate sobre la decadencia de España podría llegarse a la conclusión de que ocurrió por accidente, …


  5. 76 Ways to Tell You’re from Detroit (and by Detroit We Really Mean the Suburbs)

    1. Put your hand down. This isn’t a high five – this is Detroit.

    2. OK, OK, not literally Detroit but you do …


  6. Tips mencegah fairing Ninja 250FI leleh akibat hawa panas engine….

    Awal mendapatkan informasi ini…IWB lumayan terdiam sebentar. Sebuah fakta yang cukup membuat IWB rada tidak percaya. …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  7. Prediksi dan syair SGP, Kamis,21/02/2013

    SYDNEY : 7047 SHIO 11
    HOKKIAN : 6486 SHIO 02
    SGP : 1386 SHIO 02

    KALIKOA Blog's

  8. Napi kérdés

    Vajon ki van a képen? …

    Üllői út 129

  9. Create an A+ Site with Classrooms

    WordPress is an elegant solution for education professionals looking to create a website for their class, and today … News

  10. Wat u nog niet wist over Zalando

    Eindelijk heb ik op internet een reportage over de praktijken van internetshop Zalando ontdekt en wel van de Duitse …

    Allard van Gent

  11. Can you figure this photo out?

    @jbrownridge sent me this great image recently….

    Can you figure out what is going on?

    Richard Wiseman

  12. Test Konsumsi BBM Yamaha MioGT . . . 72,89 km/liter Premium Oktan 88 !!

    Bro Sekalian, nahhh . . . kalo ada poto motor lagi narsis di spbu artinyaaa??? Setelah Artikel Tentang test ride yang …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  13. Bayat Ekmek Omleti

    Rabbinizden size muhakkak ki deliller gelmiştir. Artık kim gözünü açar görürse kendi lehine, kim de hakkı …

    Cahide Sultan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  14. Próxima parada en el sinsentido: el mundo del agua mineral

    Tras unas semanas de calma, hace unos días la Unión Europea emitió un nuevo informe sobre las supuestas propiedades …


  15. Bella and the Refrigerator

    Bella has recently discover the wonders of the fridge!!
    Here’s how she uses the refrigerator..
    1) When she feels …

    Barely Supermommy

  16. Jack Swagger es detenido por conducir bajo los efectos de alcohol y posesión de Marihuana

    Según reporta, la superestrella de la WWE, Jack Swagger fue arrestado el día de ayer por la noche en …

  17. Πρωτοφανές κλίμα τρομοκρατίας στην Ιερισσό – ΔΙΑΔΩΣΤΕ!

    Είναι πραγματικά αδιανόητα αυτά που συμβαίνουν στην …


  18. SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Lisa Hochstein’s Star Island House “What A Dump”!… Will There Be A Tamballs Wedding?? […]

    In an interview given to the MiamiHerald, Fembot and Miami Housewife, Lisa Hochstein tells why her Star Island house …


  19. Quan điểm triệt hạ đất nước Israel của một đại biểu QH Việt Nam

    Cầu Nhật Tân
    Nhiều câu hỏi được đặt ra. Đảng Cộng sản, Quốc hội Việt Nam có phản …

  20. We Make Millions From Forcing Sick and Disabled to Work Unpaid Boast Sue Ryder

    An astonishing statement has been produced by so called charity Sue Ryder in which they boast of making millions from …

    the void

  21. kMS ver. 1.2.189 – Cygnus Returns: Wind Archer!

    The second patch in the Cygnus Returns update has been released, including a newly reorganized Wind Breaker, the …

    Orange Mushroom's Blog

  22. BB Creams War

    Good morning everybody! Today I’m coming with a different kind of post, hope you enjoy it! The people from Beautips (a …

    Trendy Taste

  23. Hugo Nonato, suspeito pela morte do garoto boliviano, é amigo de Andres Sanches e Neto

    O comentarista Neto, da BAND, evitou comentar com maior profundidade a tragédia ocorrida ontem, na Bolívia, que …

    Blog do Paulinho

  24. Cohabitation Situations: Ambivalence Deliverance (#451) & Eviction Prescription (#452)

    Before we jump into sad, serious things, Gollum dreamed a dream (of coming to your party?) Courtesy of my friend …

  25. Charles Green, Lenders’ Options, Craig Whyte and Lessons For Rangers From Sheffield United

    One of the issues which has exercised minds regarding the Rangers asset purchase by the consortium of millionaires led …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  26. Why Android first?

    A few people were bemused by our decision to release Pocket Casts 4 first on Android. I suspect a few of them even …

    Shifty Jelly’s blog of mystery

  27. Syair Sgp Kamis 21/02/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  28. Special E-book Offer! Today through March 11th, select titles from bestselling authors such as C. S. Lewis and Eric […]

    A Year with Aslan, by C. S. Lewis

    Book Description:

    For more than fifty years, the world C. S. …


  29. Intentaron abusar de niñas de 13 años

    Rápida movilización de la estatal preventiva
    Fue asegurado uno de los perpetradores
    Las adolescentes lograron …

    Colectivo Pericú

  30. Bagaimana Perasaan Dara 2NE1 dengan Pernikahan Sunye Wonder Girls?

    Sebagai idola pertama dari generasi ini yang menikah, saat ini semakin banyak idola lainnya yang berbagi pemikiran …


  31. Symbols on Linux Part Three: Linux versus Windows

    After many years programming solely on Windows I have recently started working on Linux. This is the third post in a …

    Random ASCII

  32. The Best Beer Names Revisited

    The craft beer marketplace has become rather crowded these days. One way to stand out from the field is with a killer …


  33. hacked, serving up Citadel malware

    A few hours ago Ronald Prins of Fox-IT (@cryptoron) was tweeting about infecting its visitors with malicious …

  34. [PICS] 130221 New Photos of JYJ for NII Spring 2013


  35. 2 Policiers de la BAC morts ; 1 grièvement blessé (Condoléances dans lescommentaires)

    Communiqué du syndicat des Commissaires :

    courrier décès BAC 75 21-02-2013

    Policiers tués : le 4×4 a …

  36. Puerto Rico, ¿se levanta?

    Esto lo escribimos como ministros de Dios que aman la Iglesia y que estamos activos en ella. También escribimos esto …

    Jump In!

  37. Design Wars II – REVEAL & VOTE!

    Here they are; the long awaited, anticipated garments from our Design Wars II Challengers! Please review each of the …

    Baca Creations – Crochet By Salena

  38. Where is the happiest city in the USA?

    Is Disneyland really the happiest place on Earth?* How happy is the city you live in? We have already seen how the …

    Computational Story Lab

  39. De la légèreté s’il vous plait !

    On m’a conseillé de commencer par ça quand j’ai fait part à twitter de mon angoisse de la page html …


  40. My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 46

    A wooonderful episode full of tears, laughter, and lots of love.  Can we please pretty please finish strong?

    Side …

    Carrotblossom Patch

  41. Grumpy Cat Responds to the Medieval Cat-Print Manuscript

    Erik Kwakkel recently popularized an image of a medieval manuscript discovered by Emir O. Filipovic of the University …

    Shaping Sense: The Paramaterial Phantasy

  42. 130221

    Today, after using my minimal brain power to deduce that my TOW email hasn’t worked for weeks, I opened my inbox to a …

    The Outlaw Way

  43. How The Government and Media Cheated Ron Paul (VIDEO)


  44. ANALISA. Syair Sgp KAMIS,21/02/2013

    Pembela Hormat di depannya
    Seminggu lalu hati merana
    Kini …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  45. ALLERTA! Eruzione del Vesuvio e i segnali di risveglio. Lo Stato italiano informa la popolazione?

    A rischio quasi due milioni di persone, considerate “carne da macello” da chi detiene il potere.

    (TRATTO DA …

  46. Vengeance for Brandon! Racist Violence in Terre Haute

    In the early hours of Feb 17, a typical house party ensued. A little too much alcohol had been drank. Brandon Pettiford …

    Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement (HARM)

  47. Soi cau xo so Mien Bac ngay 21/02/2013

    soi cau lo to xo so, soi cau xo so mien bac, soi cau xo so mien phi, soi cau xo so hang ngay

    Ngày 21/02/2013 …

    soi cau xo so, soi cau lo, tinh cau de

  48. Chalkboard

    Chalkboard is a playful theme that looks exactly like its namesake, complete with bottom-resting eraser and chalk. It’s …

    Theme Showcase

  49. Your NHS will die on April 1 unless YOU act now

    Blame it on the norovirus that’s clawing it’s way through my body if you like, but I think I’m getting cold sweats at …

    Vox Political

  50. Second ‘Officer Down’ in four days – Met Police

    I find it hard to believe that for the second time in less than five days, another police colleague has been discovered …


  51. Twenty beer quotes that deserve to be better known

    There are plenty enough well-known quotes about beer. Some of the best-known, unfortunately, are made up. However, it’s …


  52. Springing forward

    Its all change round here! Tom is about to start a new job. He has worked at the University of Edinburgh for the past …

    Kate Davies Designs


    Μια συγκλονιστική καταγγελία, που δείχνει το περιβόητο «ήθος» …

  54. NCAA’s Sham Investigation, Morally Corrupt Culture Finally Pushes Miami Over the Edge

    Vishnu Parasuraman (aka 2003alumgocanes) Follow on Twitter and Facebook

    A crazy afternoon ended with Miami’s …

    Sebastian's Pub

  55. Good News: Indiana Senate Panel Scraps School Grading System

    The Republican controlled Senate Education Committee voted unanimously to abandon Tony Bennett’s prized A-F grading …

    Diane Ravitch's blog

  56. Coronas de flores para novias romanticonas.

    Lo confieso, me gustan, me chiflan las coronas de flores. Ya hace un tiempo que pienso en ellas y por fin me he …


  57. This is why charismatics are simply not Reformed

    One way to summarize the doctrine of divine sovereignty is this: It is God who acts, not man.  How will the lost be …

    Reformed Baptist Fellowship

  58. Mechel vinde tot in România

    Autor: Mircea-Daniel Constantinescu

    Si nu oricum, ci unei firme specializata pe “comerțul cu mașini si …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  59. Panini America Releases Final SP, Variation Quantities for 2012 Contenders Football

    To date, Panini America officials have released two different lists sharing some of the Rookie Ticket SP and Rookie …

    The Official Panini America Blog

  60. Watch Dogs Now Confirmed For Wii U

    Ubisoft has issued a press release which states that Watch Dogs will officially be coming to Wii U when the game …

    My Nintendo News

  61. Supreme Court justices deny and trash the very US Constitution which gives them their lifetime appointment livelihoods

    Please note  the growing number of comments to this article. Click on “comments,”  on the upper right found under …

  62. Fuori gli ex pro e dilettanti dalle gare amatoriali, la decisione shock della Consulta

    Gli ex pro e gli ex dilettanti non potranno più rientrare nelle classifiche delle gare amatoriali ciclistiche per …

  63. Blue de Baroc

    Una dintre zilele cu soare, la Cluj. Noi – în căutare de apartamente, la cumpărături, la curier!

    Cămașă …


  64. ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΗ: Η σύμβαση – μαμούθ του κυρίου Μέργου με την ΔΕΗ.

    Ο κύριος Μέργος είναι ο άνθρωπος που έκανε την ανεκδιήγητη …

  65. ハッカー攻撃を受けたアップル


    [ハッカー攻撃を受けた …


  66. Quando Dio è contento

    di Costanza Miriano

    Quando leggendo un libro ti viene voglia di scolartelo tutto di un fiato per poter subito …

    Il blog di Costanza Miriano

  67. Исландската революция – и защо я няма в новините

    Една история за несекващата революция в Исландия, разказана по …

    Светът днес

  68. WE deserve it, do YOU?

    (Important note for this post- This is written from a collegiate runners POV, but many of my experiences are the same …


  69. Dear Sisters (and brothers?) at Harvard

    Letter from some Indian feminists to their siblings at Harvard
    We’re a group of Indian feminists and we are …


  70. wednesday update

    SHORT TERM: market pulls back, DOW -108

    Overnight the Asian markets gained 0.5%. Europe opened lower and lost 0.2%. …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  71. Love And Marriage(s)

    In response to a recent blog discussion about plural marriage, several long-time bloggernacle participants and I got …

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  72. The 10 Best Kitchen Tools You Don’t Have

    A funny thing happens when you write a food blog: people get the impression that you know how to cook. Because, like so …

    local kitchen

  73. Don’t use Git

    Everybody keeps telling you that Git is better than Subversion. You keep hearing Git has better workflows, offline …

  74. Glass Houses, or: Insulting A Drowned Community

    As most of you know by now, I come from Breezy Point, NY. Up until several months ago and Superstorm Sandy, no one had …

    teig 2.0

  75. El mundo bajo las aguas

    En 1995 se estrenó Waterworld, una película de ciencia ficción protagonizada por Kevin Costner, y recordada por ser …


  76. Governo apresenta proposta de estrutura de tabela salarial para a categoria

    Em reunião realizada na tarde desta quarta-feira (20) entre a comissão de negociação do Sinpro e os …

    Blog do Washington Dourado

  77. Barcelona Play Messy And Leggo Blasts Wacko Jacko

    The Champions League is beginning to get exciting after last night’s 2-0 first leg win for the  Rossoneri over the …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  78. The Experiment

    Infant monkeys
    are removed from their mothers immediately after birth and kept in total isolation. Deprived of their …


  79. La película 50 Sombras para verano 2014

    Tenemos NOTICIAS OFICIALES sobre la fecha de estreno de la película 50 Sombras de Grey. Adam Fogelson, Presidente de …

    50 Sombras de Grey

  80. Divinity’s Reach- Epitome of Power

    As part of my “Architecture in Gaming” series here is another one of my favourite in-game architectural locations: …

    H does Heritage

  81. HONDA CB250R bakal single cylinder atau double cylinder ya

    pagi gan dahulu kala ane mengandai ngandai kalau honda CB500 ada, CB150R ada, bukan tidak mungkin honda CB250R juga ada …

    PERTAMAX GAN_tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  82. Europe & Japan Going Down the Toilet

    Question: “Europe along with Japan look like they are preparing to be flushed down the toilet,” would you …

    Armstrong Economics

  83. Näthataren – Marcus Arnesson

    I media har man de senaste veckorna odlat myten om ”näthataren” som en ung arg vit högerextremist och …

    Petterssons gör skillnad

  84. Blog of the Week: 14 Things that Husbands should know

    This weeks Blog of the Week is a tongue in cheek look at the men in our lives and the things they really should know by …

    Netmums Blog

  85. La resistible ascensión de Txeroki y sus secuaces (¿o se dice compañeros de armas?)

    El Correo abría su edición del pasado lunes, 18, con este titular:

    El mismo día 18, en la página 18:

    El …

    El blog de Santiago González

  86. Carta abierta a Candela Peña

    Estimada Candela Peña,
    Ante todo mis condolencias por el fallecimiento de su padre. A lo que añado mis …

    El Mundano

  87. Caso Giannino, ecco il miglior post scritto sull’argomento. Da leggere.

    Post di Umberto Morgagni, aderente di Fare. E’ il più bel messaggio che leggo da un pezzo. Dopo mi sono sentito come …


  88. Italy’s Mount Etna volcano rattled by explosive eruption

    February 20, 2013 – ITALY – Italy’s Mount Etna sent lava and gas shooting toward the stars early this morning (Feb. …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  89. FFP: What Does It Really Mean For Arsenal & Their English Rivals?

    A guest post today from Simon Hill, one of the AST’s football finance experts. FFP is coming – the Premier League …


  90. I See Your Kobe and LeBron and I Raise You MJ

    Yesterday I linked to an image of the warmups for Kobe and LeBron. These warmups had the accolades for both players. …


  91. Trade Deadline – Ao vivo

    Jumper Brasil

  92. All of your UPB concert questions answered

    My name is Liz Rea and I am the PR Director for UPB. I have heard a lot of questions and some complaints about UPB’s …

    University Program Board

  93. Questions, anyone? Preguntas?

    Do you have questions regarding upcoming releases?  Past books?  Characters?  Free pigs?  Nothing is off-limits …

    Colleen Hoover

  94. پریود مغزی

    شاید اکثر ما این خاطره مشترک را داشته باشیم که مخفیانه برای خرید …

    روشنای کاریز

  95. Vitamina B – os protagonistas

    Nota de abertura: este post dá continuidade a este.

    Bruma: Tem ginga, tem técnica, tem pinta de pequeno Amunike. …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  96. SPCO Violinist Wins Job with the New York Philharmonic

    SPCO Principal Second Violinist Kyu-Young Kim won a position with the New York Philharmonic in their most recent …

    Musicians of the SPCO

  97. Lombardo Not Drumming For Slayer Until The Band Can Make It Rain…And Not Just Blood

    History does indeed repeat itself because Slayer is at an impasse again with drummer Dave Lombardo.  He had been …

  98. B1G Dirty South Expansion

    Conference realignment observers have been chatting about the Big Ten raiding the ACC for awhile, but there were two …


  99. Rossi : tips rahasiaku… senang dengan tantangan dalam hidup …!!!

    Well,.. Valentino Rossi yang merupakan the legend of MotoGP… mengungkapkan rahasia hidupnya… sehingga ia bisa …

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  100. Ini dia MB Seruling Raja: Kualitas di atas rata-rata, layak dimahar tinggi

    Bagi sebagian besar kicaumania, even prestisius seperti Valentine PBI memang bisa menjadi ajang pembuktian siapa juara …


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