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  1. Horse meat – the hardest thing to digest is that it’s your fault.

    No doubt you are outraged about the horse meat scandal. You have every right to be – criminality, profiteering, …

    The Making Progress Blues

  2. Meteorite fireballs streak across skies over Cuba and San Francisco

    February 16, 2013 – HAVANA — An object fell from the sky over central Cuba on Thursday night and turned into a …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  3. No, Your PS3 Is Not Making You Crazy

    by J. Andrew Zalucky

    I’ve argued a couple of times, once in my rant against censorship, and again in my article …

    For the Sake of Argument

  4. Diam-diam Honda rilis CS-1 injeksi??…..

    IWB langsung mengernyitkan dahi….mencoba berpikir serta menyambungkan beberapa analisa setelah membaca private …

    Iwanbanaran – All about Motorcycle

  5. Bella, the elder sister..

    Bella LOVES her sister sooo much!!
    Too much sometimes!
    She keeps wanting to kiss Tasha over and over again..
    She …

    Barely Supermommy

  6. Tin thứ Bảy, 16-02-2013


    BA SÀM

  7. I just got banned from Facebook for thirty days for this little picture.

    I just got banned from Facebook for thirty days for this little picture. Really? The reason is “photo”… …

    Sussex County Angel

  8. Let it all be a reminder of how surely David Draiman rocks — Device’s self-titled debut delivers, “Vilify” leading the […]

    There’s something about David Draiman’s inspired take on hard rock, tinged with all which is both invigorating and …

    Hear! Hear!

  9. Prediksi dan syair SGP, Minggu,17/02/2013

    All syair

    KALIKOA Blog's

  10. Aborah-ról, s az átigazolási politikánkról általában

    Mint kommentekben többen jelezték Aborah távozott a csapatunktól, hogy másutt próbázzon. Jelenti-e ez azt, hogy …

    Üllői út 129


    Това е откъс от интервю, което е публикувано въпреки забраната на …


  12. Kenapa Area Mesin Kawasaki Z250 Gak Diekspose?

    Bro sekalian, Saat pertama kali ada kabar berita bahwa kawasaki akan merilis Z250 . . . gambar sinyalemen sketsa …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  13. Explosion d’une météorite dans le ciel de Cuba

    Quelques heures après la pluie de météorites en Russie, c’est au tour des habitants de l’île de Cuba de faire état …

    Le Journal du Siècle

  14. Đạ̣i biểu Quốc hội Dương Trung Quốc nói về việc bị Nghị Phước công kích

    Trong một hành động chưa có tiền lệ, Đại biểu Quốc hội Hoàng Hữu Phước viết …

  15. Que Papa esperar que não seja um Bento XVII?

    Dei generosamente uma entrevista à Folha de São Paulo que quase não aproveitou nada do que disse e escrevi.Então …

    Leonardo Boff

  16. Analisa Syair Sgp SABTU,16/02/2013

    Senandung cinta LIMA EMPAT
    SATU2nya siap menjadi
    Kawan sejati mencari …

    Badarfadli's Blog

  17. Ally McCoist Still Thinks Rangers Were Victims of a Crime …

    I posted last about Gordon Smith’s BBC interview where he seemed, undoubtedly by accident, to have re-written the …

    Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  18. Foto Terbaru Yoon Eun Hye yang Diupload di Facebook Membuat Fans Khawatir

    Pada tanggal 15 Februari, Yoon Eun Hye, mengupload sebuah foto baru dirinya di Facebook. Dia menulis, “Foto paparazzi …


  19. WWE dará un importante anuncio el lunes al medio día

    El sitio web oficial de World Wrestling Entertainment,, ha anunciado que este lunes 18 de febrero, el día …

  20. Tory MP tweets joke about Reeva Steenkamp’s death. Then desperately tries to delete it.

    (not satire – it’s Jesse Norman MP!)
    Tory MP Jesse Norman – author of Cameron’s favourite book The Big Society – …

    Pride's Purge

  21. [PICS] 130216 Kim Jaejoong at Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport in Thailand


  22. Large meteor in Russia caught on tape – building hit

    VIDEO: Large meteorite caught on dash cameras in Russia

    Image from RT video, see below.

    People are a little jumpy …

    Watts Up With That?

  23. 130216

    I guess I didn’t really even know this was possible. Looks like the Powerlifters might stop laughing at us someday (at …

    The Outlaw Way

  24. Save Valentina : Chained to Death on Valentine’s

    There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’ No matter what sort of …

    He'Art of Rescue

  25. Why I Don’t Watch Downton Abbey

    Just so you know, I want to watch Downton Abbey. There are a lot of reasons to. One, it’s pretty. I love pretty things, …


  26. Blackburn preview + predicted line-up: Miguel and Yennaris to start, Diaby and Coquelin our ‘DMs’, and will Rosicky […]

    A lot has been said about needing to focus just on the game in hand, rather than getting distracted by our Champions …


  27. Degrassi Promo: Bitter Sweet Symphony Part 2 (TeenNick & MuchMusic)

    TeenNick’s Promo

    MuchMusic’s Promo

    ……………………………… (that’s all I have to say about …

    Kary's Degrassi Blog

  28. Big Chuck Keeping Busy

    I said yesterday there would be good news for Rangers fans and now the club have confirmed that Charles Green has been …

    Bill McMurdo's Weblog

  29. Shocking undercover dairy video hits home.

    Today a new undercover video of a dairy farm was released and it really hit home for me… Shocking what goes on …

    The Adventures of Dairy Carrie… I think I Need a Drink!

  30. Buurtgetuige Anass

    Hier een reactie te vinden op van ‘Wandeltje’. Wandeltje reageerde ook al op mijn blog en komt met zeer …

  31. “I’m not trying to be that diesel”

    There’s this insidious thing that won’t seem to go away, and it is the incessant chatter about athletic women’s …

    Elisabeth Akinwale

  32. Daripada ngikutin main entry level,… mending pabrikan Yamaha buruan masukin R15 …!!!

    Well,… membaca berita bahwa kemungkinan pabrikan Yamaha akan bermain juga di segment motor sportz entry level… …

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  33. Here’s The Beautiful Box Art For Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct online presentations, Animal Crossing: New Leaf was finally given release dates for …

    My Nintendo News

  34. Two months of Hopeless, a one-of-a-kind giveaway and a free pig.

    It’s been two months since HOPELESS was released.  When I wrote the book, I was




    I …

    Colleen Hoover

  35. Se mató al estrellar su automóvil

    Hoy muy temprano en Cabo San Lucas

    ¡El Parte Oficial!
    Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.- Agentes de Investigaciones de la …

    Colectivo Pericú

  36. Freshly Pressed: Friday Faves

    As usual, we were impressed by the fresh perspectives, different voices, and mix of topics in the … News

  37. Por QuÉ Voto Por Lasso


    Exactamente un año atrás, el 15 de Febrero de 2012, acudí a la Corte Suprema de Justicia porque quería …


  38. Uncensored Manifesto from Retired LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner

    From: Christopher Jordan Dorner /7648

    To: America

    Subj: Last resort

    Regarding CF# 07-004281

    I know …

    Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

  39. Full forvirring? Om debatten rundt tidlig ultralyd og Down syndrom

    av John Reiersølmoen

    Jeg er far til en gutt som har Down syndrom (DS). Det å få et barn med DS viste seg å være …


  40. “מתחברת לדבריך, ח”כ בנט” – קריאה בדרשה של ח”כ קלדרון

    כשנודעו תוצאות הבחירות, והתברר ש”יש עתיד” זכתה ל-19 מנדטים, הסתמנה …

    ארץ האמורי

  41. Jon Venables #casualsunited #edl #nwi #jamesbulger #jonvenables

    They want to protect this EVIL excuse for a human’s …


  42. Harvard to the rescue!

    Some good news for embattled and weary Indian feminists. All those endless submissions to the Verma Committee prepared …


  43. Syair Sgp Minggu 17/02/2013

    Maradindo's Blog

  44. 12 Crazy Things You Can Buy in a Japanese Convenience Store: Part 1

    By Cal Widdall

    Even a simple trip to the convenience store can become a confusing journey to a strange, mystical …

    Tokyo Desu

  45. Top 10 Reasons our Kids Leave Church

    We all know them, the kids who were raised in church. They were stars of the youth group. They maybe even sang in the …


  46. ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΗ: Προεδρικές εκλογές Κύπρου. ΕΤΟΙΜΑΖΟΥΝ ΝΟΘΕΙΑ ΜΕ ΑΡΩΜΑ […]


  47. Cuentas Banco Bicentenario

    La Oficina de Talento Humanos del MPPS, informa a todos los Médicos Integrales de la I Cohorte, quienes cobraban sus …

    Informador M.I.C.

  48. [ONESHOT] Fantastic Baby!

    Main Cast: Cho Kyuhyun Super Junior as Himself Seo Joohyun SNSD as Lee Seohyun
    Other Cast: Lee Hyukjae Super …

    Maknae Couple Love Story

  49. Soi cau xo so Mien Bac ngay 16/02/2013

    soi cau lo to xo so, soi cau xo so mien bac, soi cau xo so mien phi, soi cau xo so hang ngay

    Ngày 16/02/2013 …

    soi cau xo so, soi cau lo, tinh cau de

  50. Para putos de barba rija

    Peço desculpa aos cacifeiros, mas o momento impede-me de escrever um bloco de notas como também eu gostaria. Fazer …

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  51. Beckham caught by wife

    Things Could Be Worse

  52. “If You’re Looking For The Next Russell Wilson…”

    WARNING: This is a post is about to engage in a severe form of nitpicking of two quality analysts of football – one …

    The Rookie Scouting Portfolio

  53. REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Kim Throws a Par-Tay… Kim Gets a Phone Call… Kim Blabs The Phone Call At Her […]

    From Bravo… 

    Kim Richards’ nose is still healing… so what better time to throw a “nose reveal” …


  54. Identity Thief is awful, inexcusable, insulting

    Here’s my review of the “comedy” Identity Thief starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy: It’s a shit pile …


  55. What Gillard is up against

    If I were the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, I’d get to the point quite often where I would feel the need to vent …

    The Australian Independent Media Network

  56. Las respuestas a nuestras preguntas sobre Hermano Mayor.

    1. ¿Existen algún trabajo previo al primer momento de la grabación de las imágenes? Sí.

    ¿Hay algún …

    Educador de menores

  57. How an Event Loop works

    Getting into coding in Node.js came very naturally to me. Prior to this I had written a fair bit of Danga::Socket in …

    Matt's Hacking Blog

  58. Keith Vaz and the Mystery of Barnes Common

    In 1982, early in his political career and before he was an MP, Keith Vaz was Labour’s prospective parliamentary …


  59. New study: are we all living in the future now?

    New study: are we all living in the future now?

    By Jon Rappoport

    February 14, 2013

    A …

    Jon Rappoport's Blog

  60. Sanremo 2013/Quarta serata: bene l’evento “storico”, Antonio Maggio vince i Giovani

    Antonio Maggio con “Mi servirebbe sapere”  vince la sezione Giovani del Festival di Sanremo. Che dunque si conferma …

    Dove c'è musica

  61. Arco do Futuro: começando mal?

    Na semana passada, a imprensa paulistana noticiou que a prefeitura de São Paulo deu início ao processo de …

  62. Sulla fragilità dell’onestà (dedicato ai troppi amici che voteranno M5S)

    “Sono bravi ragazzi” “Gente con la faccia pulita”

    Beh, sapete una cosa? Io non ce la faccio più.
    In …

    Il blog di Sara R

  63. Russia, Iran sign agreements to form “strategic partnership” as Russia sends warships to Iranian port.

    Regulars readers of this blog — and books like The Ezekiel Option and Epicenter — know that I’ve been writing about a …

    Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

  64. Suzuki Satria F buat jualan SIOMAY, biasa aja SIOMAY BALAP

    pagi gan telat update, lha wong nonton x factor sampe jam 1 malem 😀 dapett foto dari pemirsa pertamax7 melalui email …

    PERTAMAX GAN_tapi belinya cukup premium ^_^

  65. Rise and Shine

    The President will remain in Palm City, Florida through Monday, Feb 18. No public events are …

    The Obama Diary

  66. Doug TenNapel – Spider Boy

    This is a commission of my favorite web-slinger. I don’t usually draw other people’s characters, but in this case, I’d …

    TenNapel's Weblog

  67. (AUDIO) LA BICHA y LA CUAIMA, programa de hoy 15/2/2013, con Berenice y Erendira Gomez, Virginia Escobar, Merediht […]

    (AUDIO) LA BICHA y LA CUAIMA, programa de hoy 15/2/2013, con Berenice y Erendira Gomez, Virginia Escobar, Merediht …


  68. SEDF divulga comunicado aos professores substitutos

    Vejam só! Parece que as reclamações registradas neste blog pelos professores substitutos já surtiram algum efeito. …

    Blog do Washington Dourado

  69. 13.02.16 Lee Seung Gi Guesting at Baek Ji Young’s Concert

    My Ear’s Candy!

    Everything Lee Seung Gi

  70. The Final Blog Post


    When I started my professional career, one of my first bosses gave me some good advice – to summarize it, …

    eBooks for a Buck (or Less)

  71. Sitting In Judgment

    In December 2012 I posted an essay on this blog suggesting that  judgmentalism is a negative  trait that …

    Moving On Up a Little Higher

  72. What OFSTED Actually Want

    My most popular blogpost ever (in terms of hits) wasn’t really written by me. Entitled “What OFSTED say they …

    Scenes From The Battleground

  73. Tidbits From Brandi Glanville’s Book Tour

    Brandi Glanville has been on a whirlwind book tour in NYC this week promoting Drinking and Tweeting. It seems that …

    Tamara Tattles

  74. Top Gear S19E03 – Toyota GT86 x Subaru BRZ / De Wembley a Milão / Amy Macdonald (Online e Legenda PT-BR)

    Originalmente exibido em 11 de Fevereiro de 2013
    – Clarkson testa o Carro do Ano da Top Gear Magazine, o Toyota GT86, …

    Top Gear Brasil | Top Gear legendado é aqui…

  75. Friday Fodder: Happy Birthday C.J.’s Dad Edition

    Happy Birthday to C.J.’s Dad — the most kick-ass husband and father ever.  C.J.’s Dad doesn’t get nearly …

    Raising My Rainbow

  76. Where in the World is Loren Nancarrow?

    Turns out I have been unclear. In my attempts to be artistic and profound, I have been vague. I haven’t really told you …

    Loren Nancarrow

  77. El papa Benedicto dimitió para evitar el arresto y confiscación de la riqueza de la Iglesia en Semana Santa, se […]

    El nuevo Papa y el clero católico se enfrentan a la detención y acusación mientras sigue el plan de “Recuperación …

    Periodismo Alternativo

  78. Everything You Wanted to Know About Machine Learning, But Were Too Afraid To Ask (Part One)

    Recently, Professor Pedro Domingos, one of the top machine learning researchers in the world, wrote a great article in …

    The Official Blog of

  79. Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

    Kiss. There are a lot of ways to capture a kiss, between two people – lovers, family, friends; two animals, or even …

    The Daily Post

  80. 130215 OFFICIAL, Super Junior-M Fan Party ‘BREAK DOWN’ in Bangkok [64P]

    Compilation: 130215~? Super Junior-M Fan Party ‘BREAK DOWN’ in Bangkok
    Reupload and Posted …

    Super Junior | EV3RLA5TING

  81. Wow! Shocker! “I am personally happy Goldie Died” – @Miss_Nkem

    Wow! This is what a certain lady called Nkem wrote on twitter. How callous can we be? No respect for the dead because …

    The Nigeria voice

  82. Senior Allstar Teams

    Senior Coed Large 3
    Senior Coed Large 4
    Senior Coed Small 3
    Senior Coed Small 4
    Senior Large 1
    Senior Large …

    CHEERSPORT Nationals Results 2013

  83. VIDÉO-PHOTOS. Russie: Une météorite crée la panique dans l’Oural (500 blessés, 6 villes atteintes)

    Une série d’explosions ont eu lieu dans le ciel de la région russe de l’Oural, causée par une pluie de météorites. …

    Allain Jules

  84. Christopher Dorner Manifesto (Uncensored)

    Dorner vs. LAPD (If you have trouble accessing site, the document is viewable at the end of  the manifesto)
    From: …

  85. Cuba: Residents Report Large Meteorite Explosion Over Central Cuba, Houses Shaken

    There hasn’t been any mention of this yet in Western MSM. All the attention seems to be focused on today’s massive …

    MidnightWatcher's Blogspot

  86. Haniebna profanacja w Patriotycznym Parku Jordana

    Haniebna profanacja w Patriotycznym Parku Jordana
    (tekst i zdjęcia – Józef Wieczorek)
    W Patriotycznym Parku Jordana …

    W Krakowie (i nie tylko) – rok 2012/2013

  87. Why Everyone Hates Couples

    Dear Couples,
    The other day I looked at my boyfriend and asked him what he wanted to do for Valentines Day. “Nothing, …


  88. An IIPM Student’s Perspective

    Whatever little I have written on this blog so far has never deviated from my passion or interest. But today I will be …

    Vishal Mehra & Co.

  89. Najib’s Credibility is at stake

    February 16, 2013
    Najib’s Credibility is at stake
    by Josh Hong (02-15-13)
    From day one, Najib …

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  90. Giang Lê – Về Thống Đốc Ngân Hàng Nhà Nước Nguyễn Văn Bình

    Mấy hôm trước nhân đọc một bài phỏng vấn thống đốc NHNN Nguyễn Văn Bình tôi thắc mắc …


  91. Terremoto in provincia di Frosinone, M4.8, 16 febbraio ore 22.16

    Un terremoto di magnitudo 4.8 è avvenuto alle ore 22:16:09 italiane del giorno 16 febbraio 2013 (21:16:09 …


  92. Scandal 215 “Boom Goes the Dynamite” 2/21/13 Promo Pics


  93. Review: The Ricoh GR1v

    Earlier at the start of this year, I was lucky enough to have not one, but two of the cameras I lusted earlier in my …

    Ming Thein | Photographer

  94. Georgie Thompson leaves Sky’s F1 team

    The F1 Show has just gone to air, however, the big news off-screen is that The F1 Broadcasting Blog can tonight confirm …

    The F1 Broadcasting Blog

  95. Enough arsing about, let’s sort out the world.

    Right, that’s enough, now what are we going to do about it?

    I genuinely hope that George Osborne does it on purpose. …

    Mark Steel's Blog

  96. Slight chance of some wet weather this week

    There is a 50% chance of light rain on Wednesday. Accumulation will be around 2-3 mm

    KeaWeather Bloggers

  97. Warkop Padaidi Sabtu 16-02-2013


  98. Azi s-a născut Mișcarea Antitaxe

    A fost semnata Carta Libertății Fiscale!

    Pe 16 februarie 2013, la ora 16:00, la hotelul Howard Johnson din …

    Capitalism pe pâine

  99. Yesterday, I ended Valentine’s Day just as I should have. By barfing all over myself in the car.

    Ronan. I am a high functioning sad person. At least that is what I told my agent, Nena today when she texted me to ask …


  100. Back 5

    After that night when words finally sealed what they knew deep inside, they tried to keep the relationship under …

    Excess Baggage

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