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  1. White Women’s Rage: 5 Thoughts on Why Jan Brewer Should Keep Her Fingers to Herself

    What is wrong with this picture?

    1.)   He is the President. She is being disrespectful. As hell.  Period. …

    The Crunk Feminist Collective

  2. Why Wedding Photographers Prices are “Wack” | Erie PA Wedding Photographer Response

    Earlier today my friend and fellow photographer posted a link to a craigslist ad from a woman in Seattle looking for a …

  3. Sixteen prominent scientists publish a letter in WSJ saying there’s “No Need to Panic About Global Warming”

    This is quite something. Sixteen scientists, including such names as Richard Lindzen, William Kininmonth, Wil Happer, …

    Watts Up With That?

  4. Sizce bu fotoğrafta bir gariplik yok mu?

    Dikkat Troll

  5. Ketua KPK Ngamuk, Meja Kursi Hancur Berantakan

    Jakarta – KabarNet: Ketua Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK), Abraham Samad, naik pitam sampai membanting meja kursi …


  6. Three faces of feminism: Louise Mensch, Laurie Penny, and Jodie Marsh

    Last night, two white middle-class women – Conservative MP Louise Mensch, and left-wing activist Laurie Penny – sat on …

    Libertarian Lou's Blog

  7. How Reddit Saved an Orphanage

    Whoever said “it can’t be done overnight” has apparently never met the users of the popular social news website …

    Alexandra Pusateri

  8. Ett stort jävla tack för att NI förstörde…..

    NI är i det här fallet POLISEN! NI förstörde vår fest. NI förstörde något som hade kunnat bli en otrolig …

    Black Indeed

  9. Serious Jack Wilshere News – Arsenal are looking to buy – Players back in contention

    Good morning Grover’s, last night was awash with rumour and counter rumour regarding the fitness of Jack Wilshere. Well …

    Le Grove – Arsenal blog featuring Arsenal news

  10. Cars Kill Cities

    OK, I’m finally getting a chance to make another post.  I have temporarily relocated to Mountain View, CA and have …

    Progressive Transit

  11. Your Stats Have a New Home

    Are you addicted to checking your site stats? You are not alone. The stats dashboard has always been one of the most … News

  12. Solid-color standouts: New Vera Vera is here!

    Showing up in eight sharp new styles, our latest microfiber release is rich in sophistication and class. Whether you’re …

    Inside Stitch: The Official Vera Bradley Blog

  13. La masa enfurecida, ahora contra Twitter

    Hace un año explicaban en el blog de Twiter que ellos sí eliminan tweets de spam o ilegales [sic]. No explican muy …

    Ricardo Galli, de software libre

  14. Cho mình tự hoài nghi mình cái nào !

    Đầu năm mới ngồi lẩn thẩn nghĩ về …cái tên của mình. [ Rõ là lẩn thẩn ]. …

    Quê choa

  15. [TWITTER] Jaejoong’s friends and fans wish him a happy birthday via SNS (Update!)

    Jeri Slaughter, director & choreographer of JYJ Worldwide Tour

    Makoto Koshinaka, singer of J-rock band …


  16. Tupac Shakur’s rap group smoked his ashes

    Members of the Outlawz, the hip hop collective and group founded by the late Tupac Shakur, have confirmed that they did …


  17. Planes hasta el momento para Wrestlemania 28 – Posible ganador del Royal Rumble.

  18. [MUST READ] 120127 Super Junior’s interview with IlganSports


    After the 26th Golden Disk Awards that were held in Osaka, Japan earlier in the …

    Super Junior | EV3RLA5TING

  19. Syair Dan Result Sgp Sabtu, 28 Jan 2012

    Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

    Shio 02

    0098 Sah 100%


  20. Rule: flatter shoes can be as chic as towering torture chambers

    I’ve never thought of Dita von Teese as a bastion of women’s rights. In fact I’m proudly old school feminist …

    Maggie Alderson – Style Notes

  21. Naughty Japanese Student Used His Nintendo DSi To Grab A Load Of Upskirt Shots

    According to Japanese tabloid Spa! a student was previously busted by a teacher for taking some rather …

    My Nintendo News

  22. Beszámoló az Admira elleni edzőmeccsről 2-5 – vége

    Ma az osztrák bajnokság ötödik helyezetjével csaptunk össze, sajnos nem sikerült a győzelem.…

    Üllői út 129

  23. Heroine: 16 year-old student battles school district officials and wins

    16 year-old Jessica Ahlquist is making headlines around the world after she successfully sued her school district to …

    charles clymer

  24. Chip Kelly speaks with SportsTalk host Steve Tannen

    Oregon head coach Chip Kelly spoke at length with 95.3 FM The Score host Steve Tannen. Chip talked about the Bucs job …

    KUGN Sports

  25. Dziękuję Ci, Premierze!

    Witam Panie Premierze,

    piszę do Pana ten list, bo mam po prostu serdecznie Pana dość. I nie chodzi o jakąś tam …

    Idę po zapałki

  26. Another IPCC Demand for Secrecy

    Unfortunately, IPCC seems far more concerned about secrecy than in requiring its contributors to archive data. I …

    Climate Audit

  27. Siapakah idola yang memiliki mobil tercepat?

    Berkat gelombang Hallyu yang semakin mendunia, tidak heran kini banyak idola yang membeli mobil mewah. Tapi siapakah …


  28. This cartoon knows winter is coming

    Can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones…

    See Mike Draw

  29. That Kodak Moment

    Started in 1889, the Eastman Kodak Company has been part of all our lives. Much like today’s generation where terms …

  30. Georgia eligibility judge will rule against Obama!

    The establishment media are not reporting this. Help make this news go viral!
    Something extraordinary and historic …

    Fellowship of the Minds

  31. Dt 26773

    Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26773
    Hints and tips by Gazza
    + – + – + – + – + – + – + – +
    BD Rating – …

    Big Dave's Crossword Blog

  32. Beat Your Rage: The science behind the losing streak.

    Here at Serious SC, we love science. So, if we can use science to stop ourselves from breaking our keyboards over our …

    Serious Starcraft

  33. How to Talk To Your Children About Gay Parents, By a Gay Parent

    Imagine you’re at the train station, taking your kids into the city to see the Lion King.  A man steps off the 6:16 …

    Where Do Gaybies Come From?

  34. Wew, Dari TPT terlihat Benelli Indonesia Beneran Niat Masukin varian Motor 250-100 cc

    Bro sekalian, jika pada artikel yang lalu tmcblog mendapat penjelasan dari Bro Zoel dari Benelli Indonesia yang …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  35. Obama Puts Anti-gay Republicans In Their Place

    I don’t know how I missed this back in October but it is pretty great. Watch Obama serve these republican’s asses to …


  36. Tin ĐẶc BiỆt: Con Trai Anh VƯƠn GẶp NẠn

    Như chúng tôi đã thông tin, hôm qua, ngày mồng 4 Tết, các chị vợ và con anh Vươn, anh Quý lên Hà …


  37. Serious questions behind the F1 glitter

    The last few weeks have seen several long-running F1-related sagas slipping out of the spotlight, but that does not …

  38. Menu Coffee Sabtu 28/01/2012



  39. dHaw to pass Twitter : Country Withheld Content

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    اكتب مقالتي اليوم على عجاله …

    Yahya Cyberidea's

  40. Brand wars – The Times Of India vs The Hindu

    And they hit back and how! not one but 3 full frontal attacks.  The Times Of India(TOI) had recently, around …

    What a World… Again!!

  41. Prediksi Togel Singapore Sabtu 28-01-2012

    KLIK DI SINI Untuk berbagi atau melihat


  42. Primeira liminar de mandado de segurança individual foi deferida

    Medida se aplica ao mandado de segurança que impetrei contra a SEE
    A justiça deferiu pedido de liminar em mandado de …

  43. Craziness Insane Test Answers

    Craziness is a brain-teaser game and iPhone/iPad/iTouch application where you need to figure out your way through …


  44. Attacker who stabbed PC four times has sentence reduced!

    After PC Nigel Albuery was stabbed four times during a stop-check in Croydon last May, I asked the power elites to: …


  45. 10 Signs You Might Be A Bad Photographer

    (With a hat tip to Jeff Foxworthy!)

    You might be a bad photographer if:

    1. You think that merely owning a Leica …


  46. Βόμβα μεγατόνων Καμμένου!!!

    Έχετε ήδη υπογράψει σε Αγγλικό δίκαιο…όπως τα έχει αναρτήσει ο …

  47. Çek yasası görüşmeleri Salı gününe kaldı

    Çek yasası görüşmeleri Salı gününe kaldı
    Tasarıya eklenen maddelerden dolandırıcılıkla ilgili olanı …

    karşılıksız çek ve yasal düzenlemeler.

  48. Ban Elsevier

    Please take the pledge not to do business with Elsevier. 404 scientists have done it so far:

    • The cost of …


  49. Canada’s Stark Options: Recovery or Regress?

    [Here is the speech I intend to give later today at the CCPA workshop on ‘Canada: How can we avoid a lost decade?’ …

    Yanis Varoufakis

  50. Зашто сам спреман другачије да сагледам нападе “хулигана”?

    Прексиноћ су почели инциденти између хрватских и српских …


  51. Militärpolizei hat Haftbefehl erlassen gegen Staatsanwalt und Gerichtsvollzieher

    Kategorie DEUTSCHLAND …

    S I R I U S N E T W O R K

  52. Sibirya Genişliyor: Kış Yeniden Sertleşecek

    Ankara’da ya da Gaziantep’te oturuyorsanız, “ne zaman yumuşamıştı ki zaten” diye sormanız normal, çünkü …

    Hava Delisinin Not Defteri

  53. DISKUSI PREDIKSI SHIO/CK sabtu 28/01/2012


    PUTRI …


  54. Next generasi Pulsar akan diluncurkan tanggal 30 Januari 2012….

    Setelah menunggu kejelasan akan waktu peluncuran Pulsar gen anyar, kini diperoleh konfirmasi bahwa motor tersebut hanya …

    Iwanbanaran's Blog

  55. Luxury Comedy: How Was It For You?

    After months of eager anticipation, Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy has just aired on E4. If you’ve seen it, we’d love to …

    The Velvet Onion

  56. Full Video – 2012 CNN Republican Presidential Debate Jacksonville, Florida 1-26-12

    Mitt Romney has been feisty the last two debates and Newt Gingrich has not capitalized on his South Carolina primary …

    The Constitution Club

  57. NIE DLA ACTA – wolna dyskusja, 27 stycznia 2012r.


    Ostatnie szokujące nagranie Rafała Gawrońskiego przed aresztowaniem – SATANIŚCI?!!

    Rozmowa z …

    Monitorpolski's Blog

  58. DIY Project Links

    Here are some projects I plan on trying at some point. Thought I’d share the links.
    (click on image to get …


  59. 50 razones para no salir con un diseñador gráfico

    Son personas muy extrañas
    Hay millones de ellos por todo el mundo, como colores en tu monitor.
    Analizan las …

    Pixel & Pilcrow

  60. Syair Sgp Sabtu 28/01/2012

    Maradindo's Blog

  61. Prince Sultan θεέ παρ’ τους την ΠΑΕ!

    Έχουν συμβεί πάρα πολλά στον Παναθηναϊκό τις τελευταίες 130 …

    μάτι Γαρρή(δα)

  62. Công an Bắc Giang lại vô cớ đánh chết người (cập nhật TIN MỚI nhất)

    Tin khẩn vừa nhận được từ Bắc Giang và đang cập nhật
    Công an vừa đánh chết một …

    TIN TỨC HÀNG NGÀY – Online

  63. ACTA podpisano !!! – ANONYMUS do rządu ZOSTANIECIE ODSUNIECI OD WŁADZY. ZOSTAŃ ANONYMUSEM -potrzebujemy cie !!!

    Ambasador Polski w Japonii Jadwiga Rodowicz podpisała w …

    Miziaforum's Blog

  64. Jo també sóc un nou pobre (1)

    Vaig educar-me pensant que vivíem en una democràcia exemplar i que tots érem iguals i teníem els mateixos drets. …

    Els Nous Pobres

  65. Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA: White House bypasses Senate to ink agreement that could allow […]

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Thursday, January 26, 2012
    Months before the debate about Internet censorship …

    The Destructionist

  66. Najświętsza Maria Panna: Potajemnie planowana jest wojna atomowa obejmująca Iran

    Orędzie nr 324 z serii Ostrzeżenie

    Otrzymano środa, 25 styczeń 2012, godz.13.50

    Moje dziecko, wiele dzieje …

    Krolowa Pokoju's Blog

  67. It’s the Friday Puzzle!

    A nice easy one this week….

    A bottle and a cork together cost $1.10. The bottle costs $1.00 more than the cork. How …

    Richard Wiseman

  68. David Beckham gives good hair

    As someone who sported his own quiff many years ago (yes, there was a time when I had hair) I’m insanely jealous of the …

    The Grooming Guru

  69. JSE Mechanic Mark “Tex” Adams Killed

    We have just learned that 28 year old mechanic Mark Adams was killed earlier today while trying to help a woman who had …

    Relentless MX

  70. there’s something in the air – four more years?


    President Obama arrives on a rainy and foggy night in Romulus, Michigan, January 26
    9:45 ET  …

    The Obama Diary

  71. The Destruction of Our Old Studio

    As a service to humans, I swung by our old home to take pictures of the sad destruction. I felt like a World War II …


  72. Upon a fold, una de esas tiendas online llenas de cosas bonitas.

    Hoy os presento una tienda online que os va a chiflar, de esas tiendas llenas de joyas que os enseño yo. Esta vez la …


  73. Judge Michael Malihi ruling, Obama GA ballot challenges, January 26, 2012, Summary judgement entered?, Brian P. Kemp […]

    Judge Michael Malihi ruling, Obama GA ballot challenges, January 26, 2012, Summary judgement entered?, Brian P. Kemp …

    Citizen WElls

  74. Video Gặp nhau cuối năm: Táo Quân 2012

    [Tao quan 2012 – Gap nhau cuoi nam 2012 – Xem Gap nhau cuoi nam 2012 – Xem full video Tao quan 2012 – Clip Tao quan …


  75. Libye – Bani Walid : les déclarations controversées et tarabiscotées des renégats

    Comme moi, vous avez sans doute remarqué l’embarras des médias à parler de ce qui s’est passé lundi 23 janvier à …

    Allain Jules

  76. Question #179: “I’m in love with someone who hates himself.”

    Hi Captain Awkward! 

    So I’ve been a reader since the blog started, and now it is my turn to seek your …

  77. Who would want to be an Arsenal fan right now?

    I hate saying it, but you should hear them in the confessional. You would never imagine. Did you know that they…I’ll …

    A Cultured Left Foot

  78. Things not to say to a twin Mum…

    So, you see some cute twin babies in the street/shop/supermarket… how lovely! Their mum probably looks a bit tired …


  79. Maria Verônica: Mulher que inventou gravidez de quadrigêmeos deve ir à polícia nesta quinta

    A pedagoga Maria Verônica Vieira, de 25 anos, que inventou uma gravidez de quadrigêmeas em Taubaté, no interior de …

    Diálogos Políticos

  80. Morons of the month

    There’s a tie, folks.  Two politicians have made unbelievably stupid assertions, and I can’t decide which is dumber. …

    Why Evolution Is True

  81. Eu abracei um homem de cueca

    Agora a noite surgiu na minha timeline essa foto:

    e a legenda: Grupo de cristãos foi à parada gay com …

    Garagem 720

  82. How Hindu aimed at The Times but shot DNA

    It is never a pretty sight when a giant wakes up after a nice, long slumber.

    After snoring through the thinly veiled …

    sans serif

  83. Vie de papa: appréhension

    Je vais être franc. La journée de demain me fait un peu peur. Je vous dirais même que j’ai passé une des journées …

  84. Bisogna insegnare alla bambina a pensare sempre

    La casa dei miei nonni è immersa nella nebbia di questo pomeriggio di fine gennaio. Mi infilo il piumino, scendo dalla …

    Diario di una bibliomane

  85. Ojo clínico (en sentido estricto)

    Escribió Ambrose Bierce en su ‘Diccionario del Diablo’ que “Citar es repetir erróneamente las palabras de otro”. La …

    El blog de Santiago González

  86. Hàn lâm…liệt truyện

    Nói đến Viện Khoa học Việt Nam (VKHVN) trên Nghĩa Đô (Hà Nội), ai cũng biết đó là cái nôi …

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  87. Jota Mario se burla de Jessica Cediel en Muy Buenos Días. En noticias relacionadas, aumenta el colesterol

    Parece ser que la televisión además de una forma de “entretenimiento”, se ha convertido también en herramienta de …


  88. Is this Mercedes’ secret Reactive Ride Height (RRH) stability system?

    For a long time there have been rumours that Mercedes are about to run an innovative ride height stability system. A …


  89. The cost of knowledge

    A few days ago, inspired by this recent post of Tim Gowers, a web page entitled “the cost of knowledge” has been set up …

    What’s new

  90. Papa Bento XVI, na juventude. Para pensar…

    Para os analfabetos funcionais: Coloquei a foto, que está rolando no Facebook, para que seja discutida. Para saber as …

    Blog do Paulinho

  91. Съпругата на президента даде първото си откровено интервю за […]

    Предизвикана от коментарите по неин адрес г-жа Юлиана …

    Бъзикилийкс – Истината такава, каквато можеше да бъде!?

  92. Hongkong Pools Predictions 27-01-2012





    BBS78 PREDICTIONS – Tempat Kumpul Prediktor Togel

  93. Mankiw is right. Buffet is wrong.

    Welcome to this blog. Well, let’s hit the ground running because there are things to be said.

    Unless you have been …

    PrometheeFeu's Blog

  94. Fake Predictions for Fake Skeptics

    Let’s make a fake prediction.

    Open Mind

  95. thursday update

    SHORT TERM: new uptrend high then pullback, DOW -22

    Overnight the Asian markets were mixed, gaining 0.2%. European …

    the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on

  96. How many girls do you see? 😛


  97. 15 Ways to Show Disrespect to Your Husband…

    Tears clouded my eyes as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling.

    I wondered if this was all there was to marriage. To …

    the respect dare … by nina roesner

  98. LBL’s Eggner’s Ferry Bridge Collapse Updates

    Last Update: 12:30 p.m. Friday, January 27, 2012 – Parks Remain Open
    See photos and more on our Facebook …

    The Front Blog

  99. N8 and other S^3 devices with Symbian belle firmware shipping now!!

    Symbian Belle is major software update for all Symbian anna devices viz (N8, E7, C7, E6, X7, C6-01, 500) which brings …


  100. Pray for Ian

    (Current updates moved to top of post.)

    Update:7:30 am, Friday: From Amy Halvorson, family friend: I stayed at the …

    Sozo: To be made whole. The blog of Bre'anna Emmitt

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