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  1. Tin thứ Bảy, 26-11-2011

    Tin thứ Bảy, 26-11-2011
    NÓNG! 19h25′:   T.S Nguyễn Xuân Diện, Phạm Văn Chính bị câu lưu tại C.A – …

    BA SÀM

  2. Two separate examples show 2007 NRC review panel was stacked, except for a “token” skeptic and worked to supress […]

    This is pretty ugly. In 2007 the NRC was setup to review the state of climate science. The usual players were involved. …

    Watts Up With That?

  3. Vídeo: Ronaldinho Gaúcho se masturbando na web-cam

    A temporada de famosos nus na internet está de volta. Depois de Romulo Arantes Neto, agora é a vez do craque do …

    Telinha da TV – Notícias, Curiosidades, Real Times, Audiência Minuto a Minuto, Música, Cinema, Esportes e muito mais!

  4. الكشف عن قائمة المرشحين لجوائز غولدن ديسك 2011 ..!!!!!

    ¯`•.ღ Sм FάмίĻү ώόяĻđ

  5. ¿Quién seguirá los pasos de The Undertaker y Kane?

    Como sabemos The Undertaker, aparte de ser buen luchador tiene uno de los gimmicks (personajes) más emblemáticos en … Lucha Libre, WWE, UFC, AAA, CMLL, TNA

  6. Nikon COOLPIX L105 Review and User Manual

    Nikon Coolpix L105 is one mysterious camera at the moment. It is available in stores but there is no mention of this …

    Eyes Of Calvin

  7. Behind Closed Doors: “Perpetuating Rubbish”

    The Yang Chinese composite, after the Mann PC1 and Yamal, had the third-largest hockey stick shape of the proxies …

    Climate Audit

  8. Falsafah Syair Minggu 27/11/11

    TANGGAL, 27/11/2011:


    Suara Nisan ;
    NENEK …

    Adhi Luwuk's Blog™

  9. Kawasaki ER6N dibandrol 99 Juta, Ninja 650R 104 Juta rupiah . . . Value banget cyiin !!

    Bro sekalian, akhirnya teka teki berapa bandrol kawasaki ER6n jelas sudah dengan terang benderang . .  Kawasaki Motor …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  10. Syair Dan Result Sgp Minggu, 27 Nov 2011

    Sabtu, 26 – 11 – 2011

    Shio 04

    0204 Sah 100%


  11. saOjakkyo Brothers E33 quick recap

    This is how I felt after the episode aired. Our prayers have been answered. This show is back to its old self – no …


  12. Is Margaret Thatcher dead? Yes, but not THAT Margaret Thatcher…

    Rumours have been spreading overnight that Margaret Thatcher has died. And the rumours are kind of half true, because a …

    100gf | Politics and Computers

  13. Secret Code

    1. Author :  littleangelofhae

    2. Judul : Secret Code

    3. Kategori: NC 21, Yadong, Oneshoot

    4. Cast:

    – Park …

    Korean NC's

  14. [PICS] 111125 JYJ at Incheon Airport – Part 2


  15. 111126 Nominees announced for the ’26th Golden Disk Awards’

    The Golden Disk Awards (better known as the Korean equivalent of the Grammys) will soon be entering its 26th year, …

    Super Junior | EV3RLA5TING

  16. Der scheinheilige Herr Schuhbeck

    Manche meiner Blog-Beiträge haben eher eruptiven Charakter. Dieser hier zum Beispiel. Ich habe heute ein …

    Christian Buggischs Blog

  17. Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Want The Next Zelda To Be Completed In A Three Year Time Span

    During the latest Iwata Asks segment Nintendo president Satoru Iwata asked Aonuma-san and Fujibayashi-san whether it …

    My Nintendo News

  18. Sài Gòn đẹp lắm! Sài Gòn ơi! Sài Gòn ơi![*]

    Đỗ  Trung Quân
    Muốn sống, định cư, tìm cơ hội làm việc, kinh doanh thì vào Sài Gòn .
    Muốn …

    Quê choa

  19. Jo Ann Newman: Far From Dead, Far From Gone

    This work is protected by United States Copyright Law. PLEASE REFER TO THE REPRINT/QUOTATION POLICY LINK ABOVE
    Last …

    Terrible Truth

  20. DT 26720 (Hints)

    Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26720 (Hints)
    The Saturday Crossword Club
    + – + – + – + – + – + – + – +
    Big …

    Big Dave's Crossword Blog

  21. Menu Coffee Minggu 27/11/2011



  22. Nominasi untuk ’26th Golden Disk Awards’

    Penghargaan Golden Disk akan segera memasuki tahun ke-26, dan penyelenggara baru …


  23. Soi cau xo so mien bac 26/11/2011

    soi cau xo so, soi cau xo so mien bac, soi cau xo so mien phi, soi cau xo so hang ngay

    Ngày …

    soi cau xo so, soi cau lo, tinh cau de

  24. Fulham Preview: All Round Improvement Targetted

    Fulham arrive at The Emirates today, facing an Arsenal side bouyed by their European adventures. Not that you would …

    A Cultured Left Foot

  25. Making Sense of the Chaos: A BCS Prediction Model

    By John Ezekowitz and Chris Bruce

    Over the past few weeks, we have been predicting the college football polls. We …

    Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective

  26. Guia das Quests,

    Das locations banquet, grams e artixhome!

    Boa noite pessoal! Thanksgiving de 2011 do ar, vamos ao guia das quests …

    AQWorlds Brasil

  27. I feel melty.

    Here’s our contribution to the melted crayon craze on Pinterest. My original inspiration was this one, though original …


  28. Twilight 4 – Révélation (ou Roupillon, on hésite encore) – 1ère partie

    Quelle invention du diable.
    Un immense portique, constitué d’hideuses figures de carton aux tons sombres et aux …

    Le blog d'un odieux connard

  29. Thoughts On Tactics And Starting Eleven Against Fulham

    There are stats that could make Fulham’s visit to the Emirates look like a walk in the park for Arsenal. The …

    Desi Gunner

  30. Prediksi Togel Sabtu 26 November 2011


  31. Bevezetik a járdaadót Budapesten

    Februári hatállyal bevezetik a fővárosban a járdaadót, melynek keretében minden nagykorú budapesti lakosnak …

    HÍRtelen online

  32. Emails

    by Judith Curry

    Two years ago on Thanksgiving, I was working on my Climategate essay An open letter to graduate …

    Climate Etc.

  33. The Curious Case of United Airlines Flight 23 on 9/11

    Brian Romanoff     Nor Cal Truth   Nov 21, 2011

    Perhaps it is nothing.

    The 9/11 Commission Final Report did …

  34. An Early Gift For SONEs This Christmas

    That’s right, the season of Christmas is almost upon us and Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals, one of the biggest commercial …

    SNSD Korean

  35. The Never Completed Game

    So, I recently discovered “The Never Completed Game”. It’s simply a puzzle game, I guess you could say. Your goal is to …

    Professor Turtal's University

  36. عکسی از خامنه ای که دیدن واقعیش آرزوی هر ایرانی آزادیخواه اس […]


  37. علیا المهدی و کاریکاتورهای ایرانی‌اش

    کارل مارکس کتاب «هیجدهم برومر لویی بناپارت» را با این عبارت آغاز …

    غوزک پلاتینی

  38. MLG Providence Story Time

    It’s been about a month since the last time I made a blog post about a competitive event and you can read about my last …

  39. Libye – Même mort, Mouammar Kadhafi fait peur à Nicolas Sarkozy

    Toute honte bue, après avoir fait le bien aux Libyens pensent-ils, le président français vient une nouvelle fois de …

    Allain Jules

  40. afternoon all

    President Obama walks to the motorcade on the South Lawn at the White House, Nov. 25, before heading to Andrews Air …

    The Obama Diary

  41. Prediksi Togel Singapore Sabtu 26-11-2011



  42. LSU beats Arkansas, Petrino very angry

    Alright. So, LSU just beat Arkansas 41-17, pissing Bobby Petrino off in a major way:

    And really, who can …

    Year of the Dawg

  43. Ex Spurs man is definitely on his way to The Emirates……

    Ok, it’s Friday and after our fantastic victory on Wednesday night, I thought just a bit of  fun today.

    Ex …

    Highbury House

  44. Climategate 2.0: Shocker — 2007 NRC review of hokey stick rigged by alarmists

    Note to alarmists: Keep Michael Mann away from sending e-mail.…

  45. Black Friday sale: free Custom Design with any Premium theme

    It’s that time of the year again, and we decided to take care of all our users whether they feel like lining up in the … News

  46. Talent and Puppies

    Talent is innate.

    In dogs, we increase the odds of having talents through selective breeding.  If two dogs show …

    Denise Fenzi

  47. Some thoughts and some questions about the Climategate 2.0 release.

    Two years ago, I did what can only be described as a highly speculative profile of the climategate leaker. You can find …


  48. kMSt ver. 1.2.409 – Thief and Pirate Reorganization!

    Almost immediately after the new entry in Inkwell’s Secret Diary yesterday, the new skills for the Thief and Pirate …

    Orange Mushroom's Blog

  49. 1 MUHARRAM (SURO) 2011 : Bahaya Nuansa Syirik Tradisi Malam 1 Suro,Sadranan,Jamasan Keris Pusaka Keraton,Kirab Budaya […]

    Bulan Muharram Dalam Islam

    Oleh: Redaksi Buletin Istiqomah


    1.         …

    ‎ ‎طبيب الطب النبوي | Dokter Pengobatan Nabawi |

  50. Echoes of the Great Depression: Dow has worst Thanksgiving week since 1932

    November 25, 2011 – NEW YORK – Stocks closed in negative territory in thin, shortened trading Friday as investors …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  51. Menina morre ao ter orgasmo ininterrupto de 12 minutos com uma amiga

    Um caso raro resultou na morte da estudante Bianca Bezerra Borges, 21 anos, de Belém (PA), que entrou em transe, ao …


  52. Musa Hassan Kahwin dengan Syella Kamaruddin ?

    Biar betul bro..

    Kang ada pihak saman blogger pulak bro…hahaha hahahaha

    Janga main main bro…aku sekadar nak …

    Pena Kusisip Blog

  53. La historia detrás de la cola de Jessica Cediel este fin de semana en Especiales Pirry

    Este fin de semana en “Especiales Pirry” estará la presentadora de Nuestra Semana y Estilo RCN del canal RCN, Jessica …

    Colombiatv Blog

  54. Hangin´tough through day 1

    I´m in bed with my Recovery Pump boots on. Just had an awesome massage by Julie, who is one of the therapists working …

    Jonas Colting – Hälsokonnässör

  55. Tories make a compelling argument… For supporting the strike.

    Louise Mensch; A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, to paraphrase Churchill.

    Sometimes, she appears …


  56. Mostly wet with few signs of dryness

    Most of the rain from the new system is over, but an odd shower or two cannot be ruled out.

    KEA Weather Blog

  57. Photofocus’ 2011 Camera of the Year

    It’s that time again. I always pick a camera or cameras of the year. Last year it was the amazing Nikon D7000. The …


  58. لتقرير البسيوني مدة صلاحية محدودة

    في خطبة اليوم الجمعة 24/11 علق الشيخ عادل الحمد خطيب جامع النصف في …


  59. Banderol Kawasaki ER6N membuat bule Bali pada ngiler!!

    Kawasaki emang edan!! Setelah berhasil mengejutkan semua orang atas kesuksesan sales Ninja 250r…kini mereka …

    Iwanbanaran's Blog

  60. Two Black Eyes for A-G Gani Patail and MACC!

    November 25, 2011
    Two Black Eyes for A-G Gani Patail and MACC!
    by Din Merican
    Today is a big day for Dato’ …

    Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

  61. ¡teenangels Llega a PerÚ!

    TEENANGELS se presentará el martes 13 de diciembre en el local de Scencia en La Molina dentro del marco del …

    Yups TV

  62. Os Megabogas

    Ultimamente, após a aquisição do ótimo livro do Tom Richmond, venho treinando a arte da caricatura.
    Decidi entre …

  63. Ronaldinho mostra tudo na web-cam


    AETV – Televisão, Audiência, Notícias da TV

  64. Honey Laundering

    You might have seen some news coverage recently that claimed much of the honey sold in the US isn’t actually… honey. …

    Bug Girl’s Blog

  65. Píkur og typpi

    Þetta er Buck Angel. Hann er með píku.

    Hann er líka klámmyndaleikari og fyrirsæta – og framleiðir að auki …


  66. A Obama nadie le pide explicaciones

    Los jueces, quién nos lo iba a decir, piden explicaciones al Gobierno por su decisión de indultar al banquero Alfredo …

    El blog de Santiago González

  67. Allons-nous vers un transfert de souveraineté des Etats au FMI ?

    “Les marchés obligataires se ferment les uns après les autres aux émetteurs souverains des pays de la zone euro, ou …


  68. Elhunyt Gajda István

    Életének 31. évében elhunyt Gajda István, a Ferencváros, a Budapest Honvéd, a Diósgyőr, a Szigetszentmiklós, …

    Üllői út 129

  69. End the European Blame Game! Keynote at the British Foreign Press Association’s 2011 Awards Night

    The Foreign Press Association, London, paid me the compliment of inviting me to deliver a keynote speech at its 2011 …

    Yanis Varoufakis

  70. Novas quests! #ATUALIZADO 100%

    Harvest continua.

    Hoje é um dia muito especial no AQW, como vimos os novos itens do J6 que foram para o shop de …

    Cangaceiros do AQW.

  71. [Pic] 111125 JYJ at Incheon Airport Part 3


    fashion follows yoochun

  72. Sebuah Kisah Nyata : Salam Maria adalah Doa yang Hebat

    Salam Maria dari seorang Protestan sangat hebat! – (Sebuah Kisah Nyata)

    Anak laki-laki, protestan, berusia 6 …

    Lux Veritatis | Cahaya Kebenaran

  73. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi Glanville.. Brandi Told Bravo LIES To Get On The Show???



  74. Mr. Congeniality

    Bobby Petrino didn’t think much of Les Miles’ decision to kick a field goal to go up 41-17.

    Last week, Miles got …

    Get The Picture

  75. TASER – The reality (not the hysteria)

    There has been a lot of hysteria recently about TASER.

    As usual, I’m not sure whether those who are against TASER …


  76. Xôn xao việc phiên âm trên báo chí gây cười trong ngoại giao

    Theo: Báo mới

    Cư dân đang xôn xao về cách phiên âm tên riêng của một số báo. Có những tên …

    TIN TỨC HÀNG NGÀY – Online

  77. Paleoclimate – Rotten to the core

    There is a lot to be said about Climategate 2 emails. Since I’ve focused so much of my time on dendroclimatology, much …

    the Air Vent

  78. Sky Pyramid, Minecraft Sky Survival Map (Download + Review)

    These sky survival islands are starting to remind me of a Dr Suess rhyme:

    I could survive upon a train,

    I could …

    Surviving Minecraft

  79. دانلود کتاب “حاجی آقا” نوشتۀ صادق هدایت

    حاجی آقا نام داستانی از صادق هدایت است. این داستان در زمان جنگ …



    Γνωρίζονται τυχαία σε ένα πάρτυ και ο Γιάννης ζητά από την Ελένη …

  81. Zum Affen machen

    ecos blog

  82. Triathlon Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    I wanted to start a list of good Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for everyone to check out!  Please ping me if you …

    My-Tri Blog

  83. GODSGARDEN x TwitchTV Says Goodbye to Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition as We Know It

    On November 27, GODSGARDEN, Japan’s most revered fighting game community, joins forces with TwitchTV, the world’s …

    TwitchTV Official Blog

  84. Ingen sure miner, bare masse klementiner – Klementin- og vaniljekake

    Jeg har allerede klart å spise flere kilo av sesongens deilige, søte klementiner. Det er jo en av de store gledene i …


  85. Wydarzenia i komentarze, 25 listopada 2011r.

    Oglądaj na żywo Monitorpolski TV:
    Dzisiaj nowe materiały, …

    Monitorpolski's Blog

  86. Vértigos

    Tito LOYA H.
    Cóctel de Venenos

    Chato Covarrubias VS Víctor Liceaga, una Historia
    ¿Quién es el Responsable de …

    Colectivo Pericú

  87. Verdades Incondicionais

    Essa vai gerar polêmicas…

    Tá de Zuera!

  88. Please Help Find My Little Sister!

    UPDATED 11/26/2011 1:34am

    i am happy to report that my sister was found and brought home by Lakewood PD about an …


  89. குட்வின் சந்தி – மத்திய வீதியிலுள்ள […]

    – Exclusive –
    (01:20 pm)குட்வின் சந்தி மத்திய …


  90. Has the Guardian published fauxtography?

    Sometimes reality is revealed in unintended ways.  Has it been again?  Here’s Rubbisher of the Graun praising the …

    Autonomous Mind

  91. Video De Campagne Du President Etienne Tshisekedi Au Bandundu


    DC-NEWS – Vérité et Justice pour la R.D. Congo

  92. “Българите са неспособни да създадат работеща държава.” – едно […]

    Интервюто е дадено за Българското Национално Радио, коментарите …

    Бъзикилийкс – Истината такава, каквато можеше да бъде!?

  93. Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2011

    Dear Family,

    We lost your Grandpa this year and suddenly everyone wants to be together for the holidays.   Well …

    Margaret and Helen

  94. Playing career woman

    When Atlas set down the apples and took the heavens upon his shoulders again, Heracles took the apples and ran …


  95. در حمایت از وبلاگ نویس برهنه مصری و فرهنگ آزادی بدن

    عکس های برهنه  زیبا ناوک در مناطق لختی های هامبورگ 2007

    زیبا ناوک Ziba Nawak

  96. Big East tiebreaker situation… Updated 11/25/11 at 11 p.m. ET

    If you want to see the tiebreaker rules, then they can be found a few posts back. Otherwise, here is simply what has to …

    Big East Excess

  97. Caí na net suposto vídeo pornô de Ronaldinho Gaucho, Ronaldinho gaúcho video porno, Ronaldinho Gaúcho ,Suposto […]

    Um vídeo vazado na internet mostraria um jogador homem, supostamente o craque de futebol Ronaldinho Gaúcho, em uma …

    SCT – Notícias da TV | , Audiência da TV, SCT TV, Real Time, Consolidados, Prévias, Notícias das Emissoras, Notícias dos Famosos, A Fazenda 4

  98. Doa akhir dan awal tahun Hijriyah

    Beberapa hari lagi kita akan memasuki tahun baru Islam, yaitu tahun 1433 Hijriyah. Meskipun banyak dari sebagian kita …

    Naneyan's Blog

  99. Hole lotta hate

    Though Thanksgiving is over, I’m still thinking about all the things I’m thankful for. I’m thankful that so many …

    man boobz

  100. What should the Cubs’ do at third base?

    It’s been very clear since before the end of the 2011 season that the Cubs are lacking in a variety of departments at …

    Rooftop View

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