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  1. Riots in Enfield, Edmonton, Brixton and Walthamstow

    Editor’s note 2: We have opened a fresh liveblog page to cover any potential rioting tonight, and it looks like the …

    The West Londoner

  2. Tottenham, Enfield, Brixton. Polcing and Public (dis)order.

    “Look out it’s the TSG”, this screamed by a youth clad head to toe in black, while wearing his face mask.
    So I quickly …

    Insp Winter

  3. Jim Ross comenta sobre los recientes despidos en WWE, sobre Jeff Hardy y sobre DVD de WWE de Kurt Angle

    El WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, en una actualización de su blog, publicó un artículo en donde comenta sobre los … Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  4. Westfield Shopping Centre in West London Under Attack

    Early reports – westfield shopping centre in shepherds Bush under attack from stone throwing mobs – what a loot that …

    Ian Bone

  5. The unlikely social network fuelling the Tottenham riots

    Saturday the 6 August 2011 and the streets of Tottenham are set ablaze by rioting.

    As many people will recall, it …

    The Urban Mashup Blog

  6. Silvina Luna Video Porno

    Hola amigos espero que estén muy bien, el día de hoy les presento un Polemico Video de Silvina Luna donde aparece …


  7. كيف تبرد سيارتك من الداخل بعد وقوفها في الشمس خلال نص دقيقة […]

    السلام عليكم
    موضوع شفته في موقع امريكي وحبيت اشارككم فيه …


  8. Tottenham Riots – A warning for the future….

    Monday Morning

    So much for Diversity Training, Positive Discrimination, Neighbourhood Policing and Community …


  9. なぜ iOS を選んだか

    インディーデベロッパ Chris Eidhof の発言がおもしろい。

    Chris Eidhof: “Why I develop for iOS” …


  10. It’s time for someone at Arsenal to stand up to Wenger

    I was staggered to read that Steve Rowley (our chief scout) was sent to watch Scott Dann and Gary Cahill, the latter …

    Le Grove – Arsenal blog featuring Arsenal news

  11. Biểu tình sáng nay ở Hà Nội, bốn thú vị và một câu hỏi.

    Biểu tình sáng nay ở Hà Nội diễn ra rất thuận lợi, không có bất kì một hành động cản …

    Quê choa

  12. Enfield riots spread to Ponders End, reports of possible Oxford Circus trouble

    Tonight’s Enfield riots have spread to Ponders End, and there are unconfirmed reports that Oxford Circus in central …

    100gf | Politics and Computers

  13. Worldwide CO2 emissions and the futility of any action in the West

    Guest post by Ed Hoskins

    Prof Richard Muller in a presentation made last October [1] made the dilemma facing the …

    Watts Up With That?

  14. 230. Bản khai gửi Tòa án của Hồ Lê Như Quỳnh-vụ án Cù Huy Hà Vũ

    Anh Ba kính mến, Tôi là Hồ Lê Như Quỳnh, người bị Công an bắt cùng với TS Cù Huy Hà Vũ. …

    BA SÀM

  15. آينهيوك يتحدث عن تصرفات دونغهي الطفولية ..!!

    ¯`•.ღ Sм FάмίĻү ώόяĻđ.

  16. ANDREA GARCIA en H EXTREMO (agosto 2011)

  17. OH SLIP! Nicki Minaj’s Wardrobe Malfunction On GMA (PHOTOS)

    Nicki Minaj had a major wardrobe malfunction on Good Morning America this morning when she had a nip slip while …

    GetWrite Mixtapes And R.E.A.L. Music LLC. Official Blog Site

  18. Affaire DSK : et voici Samira B.

    Diantre !
    Ne va-t-on pas assister bientôt, à la naissance, après la sortie médiatique de Marie-Victorine MBissa la …

    Allain Jules

  19. Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Explain Why They Called Their Next Home Console Wii U

    Katsuya Eguchi, one of Nintendo’s famed designers has explained to Edge why the company decided to call its successor …

    My Nintendo News

  20. Sunita Williams Masuk Islam Kabar Bohong

    Pagi tadi sekitar pukul 10.00 WIB, masuk pesan BlackBerry Massenger (BBM) yang dibroadcast oleh seorang teman, …


  21. Người đẹp và dã thú 2.1

    Phù Dung Gia

  22. Sin conectividad en Amazon Irlanda

    Desde las 17:30 GMT el web no funciona. El motivo és un problema de conectividad en Amazon Irlanda debido a un …


  23. Murió Antonio Ceseña Urías y su esposa

    Accidente automovilístico
    Conocido político de Guerrero Negro
    Dirigencia del PRI en Los Cabos lamenta su …

    Colectivo Pericú

  24. Ejecutados jóvenes, mujeres y niños. #Veracruz vive el fin de semana más sangrieto. #Verfollow

    Corrían las 10 pm. La música pasaba desapercibida para un par de hombres que llegó al bar para buscar …

    La Chingada News

  25. Answer to the Friday Puzzle…..

    On Friday I posted this puzzle.  You have a straight-sided glass of orange juice that is filled to the brim like …

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  26. Dein Dashing Blade Leaps To Arsene’s Defence

    Ordinarily the complaints would begin that international week is disrupting the season. Treading the turbulent path of …

    A Cultured Left Foot

  27. *HQ PICS* Robert Pattinson at the Teen Choice Awards 2011

    Here are the HQ pics of Rob at the Teen Choice Awards 2011

    Click for HQ

    See the rest after the …

    Thinking of Rob

  28. 40 Minutes of Skyrim Gameplay. Thank Us Later.

    10:42- Nirnroot Confirmed
    11:00- Dark Brotherhood Confirmed
    24:20- Gandalf Confirmed


  29. To Be Fair, Obama’s Responsibility for the Downgrade Is only 15 Percent

    It was a strange experience to read the comments and emails generated by yesterday’s post on the “Obama …

    International Liberty

  30. “Krwawy poniedziałek” – informacje nie tylko giełdowe

    Krwawy poniedziałek – podsumowanie
    Nie zapowiadał się na “krwawy”, ale wieczorem, o godz. 23 sytuacja wygląda …

    Monitorpolski's Blog

  31. به این تابلو نگاه کنید مشکل کجاست!

    مردمی که این تابلو را بر سر در مسجد ایرانمهر می بینند، چه تفسیری …


  32. How To: Pretend You Care What Anyone’s Saying When It’s Not About You

    Ugh, betches hate when they’re expected to participate in conversation that’s not completely centered around them. It’s …

    Betches Love This Site

  33. Casualty List Afghanistan Chopper Crash 8/5/2011

    We are updating as the families release their names
    Click on each name to read their story

    Aaron Carson …

    Overseas Civilian Contractors

  34. Matt Damon’s Speech to Teachers at SOS Rally

    I love this speech! I wonder how many politicians heard or read it?

    I  flew overnight from Vancouver to be with …

    Diary of a Public School Teacher!

  35. USA vs. Mexico Preview: Will The Kaiser Roll?

    Slapped on the schedule right after the Gold Cup, the US-Mexico clash looked like nothing more than a money grab by US …

    The Shin Guardian

  36. Sica’s in Thailand, whilst Yoong heads to Los Angeles!

    Double the dose of Soshi traveling adventures today!

    First up, Jessica touched down at Suvarnabhumi Airport, …

    SNSD Korean

  37. (News) Protes Anti Hallyu Terjadi Di Jepang!

    Lebih dari 2.000 orang Jepang melakukan protes Anti- Hallyu di Tokyo pada tanggal 7 Agustus, media setempat melaporkan …

    Yeppopo 한국 POP 좋아요

  38. Walmart Employee Fired Because of His Beliefs

    July 16, 2011 was Roger Barr’s 60th birthday. It was also the day he found out that his employer — Walmart — has a …

    Shaking The Tree

  39. kMS ver. 1.2.138 – My Experiences!

    I really like this patch, a lot of good things happened to me! I got many new chairs, including the one I’ve wanted for …

    Orange Mushroom's Blog

  40. حماة تهزم النظام بالضربة القاضية

    رسائل الثورة السورية المباركة (29)
    الأحد 7 آب 2011

    حماة تهزم النظام …

    الزلزال السوري

  41. Un video del combate entre Batman y Bane en The Dark Knight Rises

    Sumándose a las fotos que aparecieron desde el set de filmación, durante estos días se filtraron un par de videos de …

  42. 100 voices of disbelief

    Neurosurgeon Jonathan T. Pararajasingham has put up a great resource:  two videos of 100 renowned academics explaining …

    Why Evolution Is True

  43. Dt 26625

    Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26625
    Hints and tips by Libellule
    + – + – + – + – + – + – + – +
    BD Rating …

    Big Dave's Crossword Blog

  44. Kampus Rabu, 10/08/11

    TANGGAL, 10/08/2011:

    3 …

    Adhi Luwuk's Blog™

  45. Now Publicize to Facebook Pages

    Since we launched Publicize for Facebook, which automatically shares a link to new posts to your Facebook account, one … News

  46. The riot on our doorstep

    6.35pm. Lee High Road. Lewisham: 15 policemen are lined up on the south side of the street dressed in riot gear – …


  47. Say Whaat! Kelly Rowland’s “nipples” Pops out During Wardrobe Malfunction! (nsfw Photos)

    *warning: this photo is NSFW*

    Kelly Rowland experienced a slight wardrobe malfunction over the weekend while on the …

  48. A nap kérdése: Mi kell ahhoz, hogy elinduljunk felfelé?

    Azt hogy lent vagyunk sajnos a tabella is mutatja, szerinted mekkora a baj? És mi a véleményed, milyen …

    Üllői út 129

  49. Carta de un lector (astrónomo amateur) a StarViewerTeam. No cuadran las posiciones del Satélite Stereo.

    Recientemente hemos recibido varias decenas de cartas en el marco de nuestra información sobre la investigación de …

    Misterios de la Astrofísica.

  50. Côte d’Ivoire : Des milliers de manifestants à Paris, pour la libération du Président Gbagbo

    Des milliers de manifestants, en majorité d’origine africaine, ont réclamé, dimanche, à Paris, la libération du …

  51. دست از سر شوشول این بچه بر دارید!

    در راستای فراگیر شدن پدیده شوشول فرنود. واکنشهای زیر می تواند به …

    نسوان مطلقه معلقه

  52. Darren Criss Wins TV Breakout Star at Teen Choice Awards 2011

    Many Congratulations Darren Criss and the Cast of Glee! If you’ve missed it, watch the full awards show …

    Darren Criss Fansite

  53. The Peter Crouch Myth

    It seems to be widely accepted as fact that Peter Crouch only scores goals for England when faced with weak opposition. …

    On Goals Scored

  54. Best Georgia preview you’ll read.

    Paul Myerberg starts out with a photo of Erk (“It’s unfortunate that Russell isn’t more popular on a national …

    Get The Picture

  55. iPhone/iPad “Ellie: Help me out… Please” Game Walkthrough

    I found out a new game for my iPhone called “Ellie – Help me out… Please” today and decided to try it out. It’s a …


  56. Video Sng bừng sức sống 2011 | Tuần 9 – C tnh Yo

    Tập 9 Sáng bừng sức sống – phát sóng vào 21h chủ nhật ngày 7/8 trên VTV6.

    Sau đêm diễn party …


  57. طفل يقول لابوه يبي يتزوج

    اريد اززززوج 
    على بختك

    مدونة عديل الروح 

  58. Analysis: McLarens Rear Wing Vapour Trails

    A feature of F1 for many years were the vapour trails spiralling off the rear wing tips. This phenomenon largely …

    Scarbsf1's Blog

  59. Anh, em sai rồi – Chương 30

    tớ nhầm, là ông nội Trình bị ốm, chữ không phải là bác Trình 😀
    Chương 30
    Tiệc tối …

    Thần Lạc

  60. Chipper Hasn’t Seen A Team This Good Since …

    The Phillies woke up this morning with a 9 1/2 game lead over the Braves in the National League East, despite the …

    The Zo Zone

  61. ‘we’ve always been and always will be a triple-a country’

    President Obama delivers remarks at the White House, July 8

    The Obama Diary (Photos, Videos, Words)

  62. TOTTENHAM RIOTS: The connection between looting and tooting

    Be it black rioters or white powder, the blind eye simply won’t do
    Having lived in Brixton for seven years ( an …

    The Slog

  63. [Trans] 110803 [Interview #2] Kim Jaejoong, “What Do Junsu-Yoochun Mean To Me? They Are The Reason I Live”

    Kim Jaejoong is cold? Prim? Quiet? If that’s what you thought of him, we ask you to forget that Kim Jaejoong, trapped …

    fashion follows yoochun

  64. (INFO) Message from G-Dragon to VIPs!

    Hello VIP .. ^^
    it’s been so long .. have you been well?
    I should’ve written you letters often and stuff but …

    iBigBang Fansite

  65. Do Black People Discriminate Against Dark Skin and Natural Hair?

    by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action

    I spent time watching a trailer for the film …

    Black Women Today

  66. מיסמוס המאבק: מהומות בגדר, ועדות בירושלים

    1. תשמעו בדיחה. אחד, לא חשוב מאיזה מפלגה, בחר לגור במקום שאין בו לא …

    לא למות טיפש

  67. Scientology Espionage Exposed – Meet Bert Leahy

    Background reference:

    Moving On Up a Little Higher

  68. 8月3日 […]

    2011年8月3日、日刊ゲンダイ「作業員が近づけない!「即死」する10シーベルトの衝撃」 …

    小出裕章 (京大助教) 非公式まとめ

  69. Φωτογραφία από το “γιαούρτωμα” Πρετεντέρη στην Αντίπαρο!

    Το είχαμε πει και στο παρελθόν. Από την οργή του κόσμου δεν θα …

  70. ANA Boeing 787 Configurations

    ANA has unveiled its planned Boeing 787 Configuration, which includes the following:


  71. Gratulerer med orgasmedagen!

    Den internasjonale orgasmedagen feires i dag 8. august og er til for å feire energi, ekstase, begjær, behag, …


  72. 2012 Toyota Yaris di Lollapalooza . . . Spedometernya Pindah ke Belakang Setir

    Bro Sekalian, Toyota Yaris versi 2012 secara sengaja dihadirkan oleh toyota di gelaran the Lollapalooza Music …

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  73. Syair Sgp Rabu 10/08/2011

    Maradindo's Blog

  74. Update: Police on standby for copycat “riots” in Croydon

    Monday 7pm update: West Croydon station closed with dozens of passengers locked in for their own protection as …

    Inside Croydon

  75. Editorial: Cancel the zeros on dinar is a step in the right direction


    There is no doubt that we are on the verge of cancellation three zeros from Iraqi dinar .. The central …

    The Currency Newshound

  76. All quiet on the south-eastern front

    A time-lapse video shot over Tottenham in the early hours of Sunday. Thankfully, despite trouble in Brixton last night, …


  77. L’Allemagne renvoie les Français dans les cordes !

    Ce qui était évoqué dans le numéro 235 de LIESI, comme l’analyse de ce matin de Trader Noé, se confirme. …


  78. Lady biker penjinak jalanan ibu kota. Rossi aja putus mzbro!!…

    Selama terjun didunia permotoran baru kali ini IWB dibuat nyerah tak berkutik dengan salah satu biker. Seorang hawa …

    Iwanbanaran's Blog

  79. Brighter Week ahead? Three New Signings on the Cards?

    Reports suggest we could sign the following three players this week….

    Scott Dann

    Alex …

    Highbury House

  80. Sepertinya Baik Honda maupun Yamaha,… saling intip strategy lawan …!!!

    Well,… kadang geli juga juragan memperhatikan strategy maupun contra strategy baik dari sisi pabrikan Honda ataupun …

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  81. Os grandes vencedores,

    Do Lore’s Adventure 2!
    No dia 23 de abril, após conversar com o Pakuuto, pude por em prática algo que eu queria …

    AQWorlds Brasil

  82. She Got A Big Ego?: Thoughts on Dating with a Doctorate

    Recently, my romantic interested accused me of throwing my Ph.D. in his face. Most Black women with Ph.D.’s will know …

    The Crunk Feminist Collective

  83. نمودار مقایسه سن محمد با 10تن از همسرانش

    نمودار زیر به نیکی نشان میدهد که آیا پیامبر اسلام جهت به کمک به …


  84. What’s REALLY going on in Enfield (and now Brixton)

    EDIT: It’s kicking off in Hackney now. By the looks of the lack of the news coverage, there seems to be a bit of a …

    Andy Valentine Says…

  85. 18 Indonesian volcanoes on alert status

    August 7, 2011 – INDONESIA – Eighteen Indonesian volcanoes are on “alert” status, two of which are at Alert Level …

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  86. [محدث] عاجل: مقتل مواطن إماراتي في أمريكا رمياً بالرصاص

    [تعليق شخصية فتاكة]: وردت إلينا أنباء عن مقتل المواطن الإماراتي …

    مدونة شخصية فتاكة

  87. Traore switches to Senegal as Arsenal add to depths of young talent

    With the signing of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from Southampton dominating the Arsenal agenda today, another facet of …

    Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth

  88. The Mark Duggan shooting, the police, and the media

    It is said the first casualty of war is truth.  Sadly in this country, it seems the first casualty of press coverage …

    Autonomous Mind

  89. It’s Pet Society’s Third Birthday!!!

    It’s Pet Society’s Third Birthday!!!
    Join us for a week of celebration
    and some incredible coin items!
    FREE coins …

    Pet Society’s Blog

  90. Arctic Driftwood Re-Visited

    Both Anthony Watts and Judy Curry have covered a new Science article by Svend Funder et al entitled “10,000-Year Record …

    Climate Audit

  91. Wenger on Transfers

    One of the fuels that has fed the fire of discontent among Arsenal supporters this summer is the sense that we are …

    Arsenal Arsenal

  92. 6 Plot-Points Possibly Included in the Dark Knight Rises From On-Set Extras!

    Being a Pittsburgh resident, the Steel City has certainly been swept up in bat-mania. With batmobiles roaming the …

    International House of Geek

  93. Ainda Bem Que Esclarecemos Isto

    É período de férias, mas mesmo colocada só às 9 da noite de ontem, até ao início desta manhã a sondagem de …

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  94. An Invitation for Kids to Learn Programming

    I wrote in my last entry about the class I’m teaching this school year for kids learning programming in the Haskell …

    Sententia cdsmithus

  95. Update 2011.08.07

    From Dan:

    Status Update: Bruce did his magic and switched us to Amazon SES and it looks like our email worries are …

    I am so There

  96. The Monsanto Anschluss: Long Laid Plans to Undo the Rule of Law

    By William Clover

    To begin to appreciate the scope of Monsanto’s attack on the American people, one can look in …

    Food Freedom

  97. Five Reasons You Think You Don’t Like Karaoke.

    My friends and I do karaoke fairly regularly, usually at least once a week. I find hanging out in bars incredibly …

    Awe Chasm

  98. When Will the Pottermore Owls Arrive?

    You’ve stalked the site. You’ve multiplied random numerical clues by 49, 42, 35, 28, 21, 14, and 7. …

    The Last Muggle to Read Harry Potter

  99. Es el momento colegas: convocatoria a paro nacional martes 9 de agosto

    Como muestran las imágenes del siguiente video, varios docentes estuvimos en la Pza. Italia el día jueves 4 de agosto …

    Súmate al Comunal Ñuñoa

  100. PhYsiCaL GrAffiTi




    Slim Paley Photo
    Sunlight catching the coloured pencils on my desk.
    Whatever possessed me I don’t …

    Slim Paley

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