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  1. AAA TripleManía XIX (Cobertura y resultados 18 de junio de 2011) – Mesias pierde la cabellera, Jeff Jarrett nuevo […]

    PAPSA presenta: AAA TripleManía XIX, desde el Palacio de los Deportes en Ciudad de México, México; show […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  2. Pacheco Canyon Fire Update 6/19/2011 11:00 AM

    Fire Name:  Pacheco Canyon Wildfire        

    Time/Date Started:  1:28 p.m. on Saturday, June 18, 2011 […]

    NM Fire Info

  3. Camille Cacnio Please Wipe That Smile Off Your Face

    UBC student Camille Cacnio can be seen in this Youtube video at the 1:30-1:33 mark.  She is an example of a privileged […]


  4. Tin Chủ nhật, 19-6-2011

    Tin nhanh trực tiếp từ Hà Nội, 6h35′ ..

    6h15′ – trước Vườn hoa Lenin, và góc Hoàng Diệu/Điện […]

    BA SÀM

  5. Diễn biến cuộc biểu tình sáng ngày Chủ Nhật 19/6/2011 (cập nhật thường xuyên)

    Đoàn tuần hành kết thúc trước tư gia TS Cù Huy Hà Vũ

    Vụ Án Cù Huy Hà Vũ | CHHV.TK

  6. (TWITTER) Percakapan Siwon dan Heechul berlanjut…..

    Setelah percakapan tengah malam tentang “underwear” yang cukup ‘menghibur’ fansnya, baru saja terjadi lagi […]


  7. Whyte gets ever more mysterious

    Yesterday, Darrell King published his much “Heralded” interview with Rangers’ owner, Craig Whyte. Strangely devoid of […]

    Rangers Tax Case

  8. Greenpeace in our time

    Josh from has been extra busy this week. He writes of the latest IPCC debacle:
    Christopher Booker […]

    Watts Up With That?

  9. Enrique, Samba and Parker hotting up, but still no takers for our talented kids, surely not?

    Jose Enrique Sanchez Diaz, the Spanish left back is being suggested as a replacement to Gael Clichy, I don’t know too […]

    Le Grove – Arsenal blog featuring Arsenal news

  10. Ezért már érdemes leigazolni (videó)

    Lisztes Krisztiánt világsztárokhoz méltó ünneplés fogadta a gyepen a meccs után – ő tényleg A FRADI. […]

    Üllői út 129

  11. عااااجل .. ليتوك يعلن عن أحتمال زيارة سوبر جونيور للبلدان العربية […]


    ¯`•.ღ Sм FάмίĻү ώόяĻđ.

  12. Tường thuật trực tiếp Cuộc Biểu tình chống Trung Quốc ở Việt nam hôm nay 19/06/2011

    6h15′ – trước Vườn hoa Lenin, và góc Hoàng Diệu/Điện Biên Phủ, kế bên cổng Công […]


  13. Jennifer Lopez Nipple Makes TV Debut (Photo Links)

    Written By: De De Tillman

    Source: TMZ – Paparazzi Photo – Zimbio

    Posted: Saturday June 18, 2011 @ 5:37pm […]


  14. [PIC] Jaejoong Curious in Vietnam >_<

    What cuteness is this T__T



  15. God Love You, God Bless You, and Good-Bye.

    This Sunday, June 19, 2011, is both Trinity Sunday on the Catholic liturgical calendar and Fathers’ Day on the […]

    The Black SheepDog

  16. New Theme: Delicious Magazine

    If you’ve wanted a magazine theme for your blog but haven’t found just the right one today’s new theme might just do it […] News

  17. USA vs. Jamaica: Live Commentary

    Happy Father’s Day and apologies no Orange Slices today.

    Update: Wow! More surprises from Coach […]

    The Shin Guardian

  18. [Quinn + Hường] Thông báo set pass! (Update- 22h)

    Do tình hình in lậu lan tràn + bị post tr lên wattpad (chap nào bọn mình làm pic thì họ không post và […]

    Phù Dung Gia

  19. 「ホンモノはクラウドにある」とジョブズがいったわけ


    「ホンモノはクラウドにある」(The Truth is […]


  20. Video En Directo De La ManifestaciÓn Pacifica Del 19J Hacia El Congreso De Los Diputados

    Álava Albacete Alicante Almería Asturias Avila Badajoz Barcelona Burgos Cáceres Cádiz Cantabria Castellón Ceuta […]

    Conspiración en la Red

  21. Trên bàn nhậu tuần qua- số 17

    1. Báo điện tử Chính phủ hân hoan thông báo: Cả nước tiết kiệm hơn 3.800 tỷ đồng chi […]

    Welcome to Bọ Lập's blog!

  22. BBC to drop F1?

    The Sunday Times in England is claiming that the BBC has decided to drop its Formula 1 coverage after the 2013 season. […]

  23. Players Out Of Time: No.1 Anders Limpar

    A break this morning from the unrelenting transfer gossip; nothing is going to happen today on that score. Even Mr20%s […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  24. Brothers now, rivals later

    By Justin Young
    National Hoops Report Follow @JustinDYoung

    Spiece Indy Heat made it look easy on the first night […]

  25. Thư Cao Bồi gửi em Việt

    Dear em Việt yêu

    Đọc thư em Việt gửi anh Trung mà anh ngứa ngáy trên lưng ngựa, chỉ muốn […]

    Hiệu Minh Blog

  26. Anti-cephalopod post

    The only good squid.  . .

    Why Evolution Is True

  27. 6月17日 汚染除去装置が動いても課題は残る 小出裕章

    2011年6月17日のテレビ朝日「報道ステーション」に小出裕章氏(京都大学原子炉実験所助 […]

    小出裕章 (京大助教) 非公式まとめ

  28. New Yamaha YZF R15 . . . Biru Livery Superbike

    bro sekalian, welah dalah . . . deras banget informasi bocoran gambar YZF R15 di India sana . . . Perhari ini […]

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  29. (Nerws) Leeteuk Ucapkan Terima Kasih Pada Semua fans Di Dunia & Secara Khusus Indonesia!

    Leader Kharismatik Super Junior, Leeteuk, baru2 ini berterima kasih pada fans Internasionalnya melalui  Twitter. […]

    Yeppopo 한국 POP 좋아요

  30. Random Items – New kit, Cowans and Julian Draxler

    A few things today have come up. […]

    Aston Villa News and Views

  31. Public Sector Pensions SHOCK!

    There is one thing about the current debate about cuts to public sector pensions which really annoys me.

    The […]


  32. 2011 16U Championships West Schedule/Results

    Here is the updated SCHEDULE WITH RESULTS for the 16U Championships West through the 8AM games on Day 2, Sunday, June […]

    The USA Baseball 16U Blog

  33. The Incredible Idiocy Of Chetan Bhagat

    Even though this topic has been done to death a million times over, I will write it since this man has been ticking me […]

    Narratively Yours

  34. L&L Announcement: Level 7

    This one is short and sweet, but packs one hell of a lot of excitement in a single sentence:

    Summer of next year, the […]


  35. It’s My Self

    1. Author : BeeNim 2. Judul : It’s My Self-side story

    3. Kategori : NC21, Yadong, Oneshoot

    4. Cast […]

    Korean NC's

  36. Wydarzenia i komentarze, 18 czerwca 2011r (cz. 2)

    Amerykański sąd orzekł, że rząd Federalny zapłaci za szkody w Zatoce Meksykańskiej.
    To znaczy podatnicy […]

    Monitorpolski's Blog

  37. Pachauri: No Conflict of Interest Policy for AR5

    Yesterday, IPCC chairman Pachauri told Oliver Morton of The Economist at an IPCC event in Brussels that conflict of […]

    Climate Audit

  38. 19J – Manifestació Internacional – El carrer és nostre, no pagarem la seva crisi


    – Qualsevol acte/moment de violència a d’anar seguit de ” Cul al terra” i mans aixecades.
    – Porteu crema […]


  39. Syair Sgp Senin 20/06/2011

    Maradindo's Blog

  40. [Trans] 110613 Idol Fans, “The War To Find Fanclub Colors”

    -Groups keep debuting but colors are limited
    -Fan fights lead to alternatives like glow-sticks

    Idol groups keeps […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  41. Hermon Raju, Too Educated to be Thrown Off a Train!

    Today, Yahoo! News decided to post a wonderful link for me to see about a woman who causes a disruption on a Metro […]

    Myrkr's Blog

  42. [PHOTOS] G-Dragon “Infinity Challenge” Screen Caps!

    i know you can just watch the videos and see all these pictures but i think some moments are so cute that they should […]

    iBigBang Fansite

  43. Guessing game: Sun’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic and unpredicatable

       HOW’S THE WEATHER? “Lately, the Sun has been behaving a bit strangely,” declare Lika Guhathakurtha (NASA) and […]

    The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

  44. عکس های از مایو زنانه از نوع اسلامی

    این مایو ها که بورکینی نام داره توسط یک کمپانی استرالیایی به نام […]


  45. Το χρονικό της προβοκάτσιας: Η ταυτότητα του ασφαλίτη, οι […]

    Όπως αποκαλύψαμε χθες, δύο Βρετανοί πράκτορες βρισκόντουσαν […]

  46. Lauren Spierer Was Thrown Out Of Bar — Alone — Not With Friend

    BLOOMINGTON, Indiana – Lauren Spierer was thrown out of Kilroy’s Sports Bar on the morning the Indiana University […]

    Tony Gatto

  47. So Who Wants To Travel With The 9 Angels In Korea ?

    K-Pop is all the rage now, and travelling with your favourite K-Pop idols is a fantasy (? reality) most fans […]

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

  48. Signing a Goalkeeper is a must and this player linked to us is a bit of a shock!

    Big Sol has been talking about who he thinks Arsene Wenger needs to sign he said:
    He’s definitely got to get a […]

    Highbury House

  49. Father’s Day With Joy Graysen

    This has been a long time coming. A lonnnnnng time coming. I have been heartily “out of the closet” since […]

    Moving On Up a Little Higher

  50. Skyguard saga.

    Aquilo que não foi postado.

    Pois é galera, eu de novo para postar aquilo que não foi postado no release de […]

    AQWorlds Brasil

  51. ♥♥Ngạo khí hoàng phi [chương 66]♥♥

    ♥Edit: Diệp Thiên Điểm♥
    ♥Beta: Viochan♥

    Vio & Bino – Vi ừn Bi ^^

  52. Nintendo Wii U: Grand Theft Auto And Red Dead Redemption Publisher And Developer Is Looking At Wii U Support

    Karl Slatoff, Take-Two Interactive’s COO, has told Venture Beat that the publisher and developer behind […]

    My Nintendo News

  53. 2011 14U Championships West Schedule/Results

    Here is the updated SCHEDULE WITH RESULTS for the 14U Championships West through the 8AM games on Day 2, Sunday, June […]

    The USA Baseball 14U Blog

  54. باور می کنید این تصاویر واقعی ست ؟

    برای دریافت عکس های دیدنی و باور نکردنی کلیک کنید […]

    روباه::خواندنی های وب

  55. Updated** 110619 Leeteuk Twitter Update: How do I register on Facebook..?

    Related Post: 110619 Leeteuk Twitter Update: Thankful
    110619 Leeteuk’s twitter video

    How do I register on […]

    Super Junior | Easy Simple SUJU News

  56. Por primera vez imponen a un periódico (ABC) la retirada de un nombre en internet.- SALIRDEINTERNET.COM

    Una persona acudió al periódico ABC solicitando la eliminación de sus datos personales de su versión digital. Al no […]

    fundamentos de derecho

  57. Wenger spends £50 million!

    Manchester United and Liverpool have already made a big start to their summer spending with the signings of Phil Jones […]

    Arsenal News News News

  58. Sarah Engels und Pietro Lombardi – Auftritt bei Wetten dass …? – “I Miss You” (Video)

    18.6.2011 – von Thomas Lachetta

    Soeben trat Sarah Engels zusammen mit ihrem Freund Pietro Lombardi bei Wetten dass […]

    Thomas Lachetta's Politik- und Boulevard-Blog

  59. No mirés atrás

    Pie de foto.-Carlos García sale del Ayuntamiento de Elorrio. A su derecha, un niño le grita ‘¡ornitorrinko!’ Es una […]

    El blog de Santiago González

  60. Im Focus: Fabiennes egoistisches Verhalten bei Lebensmitteln

    Als Fabienne und Lisa gestern von Florian Kritik wegen der Lebensmittel einstecken mussten, kam es zum großen […]

    Big Brother 11

  61. John Corapi: The Black Sheep Dog

    Fr John Corapi has announced that he is no longer “Father John Corapi” but is now just “John Corapi, the Black Sheep […]

    Caelum Et Terra

  62. Persoalan baut,… Yamaha tidak beroperasi 2 hari… bisa dilihat dari berbagai sisi …!!!

    Well,…. sebagaimana dikabarkan pada,… gara-gara persoalan baut yang tidak standard… pabrikan […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  63. [Photo] Daily Pics Part 7

    [Photo] Daily Pics Part 7{updated}


    .::We aRe Shining::.

  64. و این حفره های خالی

    حفره های خالی درد دارند.بیشتر آدمها  این درد را در قلبشان احساس می […]

    نسوان مطلقه معلقه

  65. I’m in the wrong occupation

    This morning Jaymo went golfing with a buddy, and he left a small parting gift on my computer. I think he’s sublimina […]


  66. Can You Hear My Heart E24

    After tonight, I think we are going to have another SG ending where the mom refuses to accept who her son chose to […]


  67. 警長同請願者根本唔喺同一條橋

    小弟真係對香港傳媒,包括唔少記者私下表現有啲飽,小弟又係出動Google […]

    MO's notebook 3 to 4

  68. Revolving Doors at the Emirates…………??

    Written by Harry

    Well, as the summer transfer window widens and the pace hots up with Arsenal supposedly just […]

    Arsenal Arsenal

  69. 9 tuổi tiểu yêu hậu – Chương 101

    Chương 101: Màn đêm chết chóc Con người có hai tay, thứ nhất, cụt một tay khó làm việc; thứ […]

    Mãn Nguyệt Yên Lâu

  70. Is Nanas, the Little Prince, The Man To Fill The Void?

    Following the irreplaceable Paul Scholes’ retirement this summer, there has been plenty of speculation as to who will […]

    Can They Score – Manchester United Blog | Manchester United News

  71. Sunday 19th June 2011: Today’s Sermon

    Good morning, and Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, God bless him, who I miss so much.

    I’m sat here at Gaborone […]

    Martin Allen's Sunday Sermon

  72. One Piece 503 Sub Español HD

    Holas amigos de InkAnime en esta oportunidad se encuentra disponible el anime semanal ONE PIECE CAPITULO 503 […]


  73. Ragazza scomparsa: Alessandra Falco

    Dal 17 giugno è sparita da Campiglia dei Foci, frazione del comune di Colle di Val d’Elsa, provincia di Siena, […]

    Il Calabrescia pensiero

  74. Understanding(?) the conflict

    by Judith Curry

    The events of the past week have provided some potential insights into the conflict over the climate […]

    Climate Etc.

  75. Kenapa Honda NSR menjadi legenda dunia balap??…

    Seichiro Honda adalah sebuah nama yang fenomenal. Torehan prestasinya akan selalu masuk dalam sejarah sebagai pendiri […]

    Iwanbanaran's Blog

  76. Fake Dates?

    Yay, another blog about everyone’s favorite teen couple! After a month of being attached at the hip like Siamese […]


  77. Taliban

    Foi a forma mimosa como Daniel Oliveira designou, ao início da madrugada, no Eixo do Mal, o indigitado ministro da […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  78. Video liveshow Cầm tay ma h 2011 | Thanh Lam & Uyn Linh

    Đây là một show diễn đặc biệt, bởi nó đánh dấu sự kết hợp trở lại của cặp đôi Thanh […]


  79. Độc ái sát thủ phu quân chương 97

    [Thiên Giang hồ chương 97: Đại hội võ lâm 5]
    Nhìn hướng bay của nhúm tóc từ phía hắn mà […]

    Miên Quỳnh Các

  80. In the SmutLight: Nooners, Balls and Giggles

    Hi my lovely friends! Another Sinday is upon us and I’ve got some great recs to share. I feel like these should be […]

    Random Acts of Rob™

  81. Watch US Open Live – Final Round – Leaderboard Details

    Three golfing days and three rounds have gone by. Rory McIlroy is on top of the chart and is heading towards winning […]

    US Open Golf Live Stream | 2011 Watch US Open Golf Online Streaming

  82. I Am Not the Father

    Lately, it’s become fashionable to wish single mothers Happy Father’s Day.

    Miss me with that.

    I am a single […]

    Carolyn A. Edgar

  83. شناسایی شد : سرهنگ پرویز علی پور مزدور رژیم در مراغه

    همه مزدوران مراغه

    همه مزدوران آذربایجان شرقی

    همه مزدوران […]

    شكار بسيجي

  84. CERITA LUCU & SYAIR SGP MINGGU, 19/06/2011

    “ayam & sapi perah ”

    suatu hr terjadilah percakapan antara si sapi dan si ayam.. Di tempat perternakan milik dari si […]

    Mharx's Blog

  85. AMR[original most wanted] KEREJEKIAN

    assalamu’alaikum…. Wr…wb..
    Salim sungkem untk
    semuanya…mbah2 kangmas2 dn
    Ini adlh asma’mahkota […]

    SONGGOBUMI™@SBM||Thank's BING….. lewat kau kita jalin persaudaraan _TETAP FOKUS

  86. Men’s Rights Classix: The Age of Consent is Misandry

    Today, a trip down memory lane to revisit an until-recently lost classic of modern misogyny: Jay Hammers’ “The […]

    man boobz

  87. France completely paralysed by almost 100,000 bikers !

    France has today seen the largest motorcycle protest ever seen before with almost 100,000 bikers paralysing the whole […]

    UK France

  88. Natural Selection, Shea Moisture, and Mahogany Hair Revolution are Winning.

    Yesterday, I was faced with a dilemma…should I get off my lazy ass and go to the Natural Selection meet up (sponsored […]

    Quest for the Perfect Curl

  89. ‘obama impersonator makes racial, gay jokes at gop gathering’ (updated with reply from that idiot’s agent)

    Washington Post: A President Obama impersonator brought down the house Saturday at the Republican Leadership […]

    The Obama Diary (Photos, Videos, Words)

  90. 3,000 kisses!

    Hi guys, interrupting my break to open a new thread, and especially to thank you for this. You are all heroes. *
    I […]

    The only adult in the room

  91. (Fakta Yang Miris)Luthfi “Big Brother” Ditangkap Secara Live

    Inilah salah satu potret perilaku kurang terpuji yang dilakukan oleh banyak masyarakat Indonesia, penipuan berkedok […]

    "say no to politic"

  92. Hipsteru joki? Kur?

    Vakar aizdomājos par to, kāpēc neviens vēl nav sācis mētāt hipsteru jokus.

    Nu, piemēram:

    – Uz Miitu […]


  93. Marijo de Disney Club Descuidos en Minifalda Morada Enseñando Calzoncitos Blancos HD1080

  94. Candidatas Miss Rio de Janeiro 2011 Universo

    O concurso Miss Rio de Janeiro 2011 Universo será ralizado dia 18 de junho, a partir das 22h 15 no HSBC Arena, com […]

    Misses Estaduais

  95. El misterio de la radiación Cherenkov. Hitos de proyectos y lógica de los osciladores armónicos.

    I. Planteamiento.

    El telescopio pionero fue el telescopio de 10 metros de la Observatorio Whipple que detectó por […]

    Misterios de la Astrofísica.

  96. I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey Preview / Housewives News

    I Hate Jill Zarin – Real Housewives of New Jersey Preview

    Tonight Bravo will air another episode of The Real […]

    Lynnnchicago101's Blog

  97. 19th June – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

    Today’s challenges are listed below, click Read More for the commentary:

    One Spartan Army – Kill 250 enemies in […]

    Halo Reach Daily Challenges

  98. הרב יצחק גינזבורג ממליץ לכפר על אוננות על ידי הפיכה פוליטית

    מצוות “שמירת הברית” היא אחת המצוות היהודיות שהפער בין האידיאל שהן […]

    לולאת האל – תומר פרסיקו

  99. TT skapar ny feministisk myt idag

    Statistiska Centralbyrån (SCB) har gjort en undersökning av i vilken utsträckning barn hjälper till hemma. De […]


  100. Woof!

    Good morning!

    I am here now. I wasn’t before.  Before I was someplace else.

    I am a rescued dog.

    I had […]

    Through The Eyes Of A Quilter

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