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  1. 3 New Ways to Attract More Twitter Followers from

    We love to create new features on, but we also like to make it easier for you to connect your site with […] News

  2. Un punto de inflexión en mi vida

    Llevo desde los 17 años dedicándome a crecer y mejorar como dibujante. Con 22 años me fuí a vivir en una […]

    Aleix Saló

  3. Fabregas’ Message For The Fans, Nasri Contract, Wenger Wants Height

    I am covering some relatively old news in this post as I didn’t have time to jot down my views earlier.

    First I […]

    Desi Gunner

  4. Otro video porno de Chyna

    […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  5. Yesung sebut ‘Indonesia’ untuk SS3 ?

    Ini ada kejadian lucu, dimana Yesung secara enggak sengaja, menyebut nama Indonesia untuk SS3.

    Begini […]


  6. Tin thứ Năm, 2-6-2011

     Độc giả thông báo từ nửa đêm là trang web của Chính phủ Trung Quốc có địa chỉ  […]

    BA SÀM

  7. That Bible You Keep Using…



  8. Website của doanh nghiệp nhà nước Trung Quốc bị Hacker Việt Nam tấn công?

    Tin tặc đột nhập nhiều trang web Trung Quốc để khẳng định chủ quyền của Việt Nam tại […]

    Vụ Án Cù Huy Hà Vũ | CHHV.TK

  9. “Earth itself is telling us there’s nothing to worry about in doubled, or even quadrupled, atmospheric CO2”

    Readers may recall Pat Franks’s excellent essay on uncertainty in the temperature record.  He emailed me about this […]

    Watts Up With That?



    Παραδόθηκε η επιστολή από 16 […]

  11. FOTOS ANDR COWBOY EX BBB QUE MORREU- (BBB9) | Andr Cowboy, foi assasinado em SP

    Morre ex-BBB André Cowboy, assassinado no interior de São Paulo

    Fotos do velório do ator e ex bbb, André […]

    Super Canal – Ao vivo | Audiências | Futebol Ao vivo | Assistir | Telivisão | TUDO!

  12. Battleships: a ridiculous but awesome idea

    The Battleship is one of the most glorious, evocative and ultimately useless machines ever created by human […]

    Locklin on science

  13. Whatever happened to a boy called Wellington?

    Written by WiganGooner

    As with all Football Clubs, Arsenal send their scouts all over the world looking for top, top […]

    Arsenal Arsenal

  14. Luc Ferry et le ministre pédophile au Maroc

    Luc Ferry est philosophe et accessoirement a été un plus ou moins bon ministre de l’éducation nationale entre 2002 […]

    Le blog de Ramzi

  15. Best Love: Episode 10

    (By Softy)

    Okay, ‘fess up. How many of you floated out of your skin watching Episode 9? I know I did. Wasn’t […]

    thundie's prattle

  16. شناسایی عاملین قتل هاله سحابی – محمد معتقد لاریجانی فرماندار […]

    صبح امروز در مراسم تشییع پیکر مرحوم عزت الله سحابی،که هاله سحابی […]

    بد حجاب

  17. The Ugly Truth About Drugs

    It’s all very well for the well-healed to call for the legalisation of all drugs. There are some good points on both […]


  18. *VIDEO* Preview of the Breaking Dawn Trailer + Rob to present Full Clip at MTV Movie Awards

    Here’s the preview of the Breaking Dawn trailer posted by MTV

    Here’s a download link for the video thnx […]

    Thinking of Rob

  19. 6月1日 Iaeaの本当の意図 小出裕章 (mbs)

    2011年6月1日(水)、MBS(毎日放送)ラジオの番組「たね蒔きジャーナル」に、小出裕章氏(京 […]

    小出裕章 (京大助教) 非公式まとめ

  20. Mỹ xúi Trung Quốc đánh Việt Nam?

    Mỹ – Trung Quốc
    Trần Khải

    Vấn đề chúng ta muốn khảo sát nơi đây là có phải Hoa Kỳ […]


  21. Nintendo: New Zelda Game To Be Showcased At E3 Next Week

    Eiji Aonuma, Japanese designer and director of video games for Nintendo has hinted that Nintendo are preparing to […]

    My Nintendo News

  22. Dress Code

    Fellas, a few thoughts about attire.
    1) The man makes the suit, not the other way around.  If you have $500 to spend […]

    Tips for Young Lawyers

  23. Seohyun In A Love Triangle ?

    I don’t know about you, but it looks like someone’s getting a little possessive of our maknae… […]

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

  24. Mpemba’s baffling discovery: can hot water freeze before cold? (1969)

    “My name is Erasto B Mpemba, and I am going to tell you about my discovery, which was due to misusing a […]

    Skulls in the Stars

  25. Elmo decides that he has enough…..

    I know it is childish, but this makes me laugh every time I watch it….

    Oh, and @MrAshRhodes sent me this […]

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  26. Take A Look At The Very First Deathbat News Tattoo!

    I was so blown away this morning when I received the following email from Deathbat News reader Michael:
    Just wanted to […]

  27. Ngoan – Chương 37

    Chương 37: Lăng Khiên bị ngược đãi

    Ve's blog

  28. Người vợ thay thế – Chương 051

    Edit: HoangShin
    Beta: Q vs Phu Dung

    Chương 051– Tình nghĩa bạn bè.

    Phù Dung Gia

  29. CPS Took My Kids Because I Don’t Hover

    Hi Readers — A long, sad and infuriating story. Here goes:

    Dear Free-Range Kids:  I noticed you sometimes talk […]


  30. Morre ex-BBB André Cowboy, assassinado no interior de São Paulo

    André participou da 9° edição do programa

    Veja informação sobre a morte do Ex-BBB…. Clique Aqui

    TV Telinha | Tudo sobre os bastidores do mundo da TV

  31. Osha Fire/Evacuation Information – 6/2/2011 – 8:30 pm

    8:00 a.m. June 2, 2011

    Start: June 1, 2011 at 12:30 p.m.
    Total Size: estimated 1200 acres
    Location: US Highway […]

    NM Fire Info

  32. Hero Development: Amun-Ra

    Hero Spotlight:

    Thought I’d get a head start this time around and not […]

  33. What’s the Move for Victorino?

    Shane Victorino has completed his rehab assignment and will not play today in Double A Reading. He will be activated […]

    The Zo Zone

  34. Project Youth has backed Wenger into a ‘must buy’ corner

    ‘For our fans the frustration was that we were so close to convincing everybody of how football can be great, but in […]

    Le Grove – Arsenal blog featuring Arsenal news

  35. 3 nuevas formas de atraer más seguidores en Twitter desde

    Nos encanta crear nuevas funcionalidades para, pero también nos gusta hacer más fácil que puedas […] en Español

  36. Mióta az Újpest nyert…

    Zseniális oldalra akadtunk az interneten. Mi történt veled, mióta az Újpest utoljára nyert valamit? […]

    Üllői út 129

  37. [Trans] 110601 Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

    This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ.
    A time will be added with each tweet as our […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  38. جرقه ای که نمی خورد

    یک آزمایش علمی : دانشمندان آزمایش ساده ای انجام دادند. قورباغه ها […]

    نسوان مطلقه معلقه

  39. Next Ducati Superbike Versi Jalanan . . . Foto Lebih jelas

    Bro sekalian, kalau kemarin foto spyshot next Superbike Ducati terlihat motor masih kurang jelas, mungkin karena […]

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  40. Adam and Eve: the ultimate standoff between science and faith (and a contest!)

    We can all argue about whether Jesus was a parthenogenetic being produced without physical insemination, and whether he […]

    Why Evolution Is True

  41. generosity

    I have had more than one occasion to thank my lucky stars for knitters and blog readers over the past year. It […]


  42. 47. Pick Up Lines

    As a betch, there will inevitably be a wide array of guys who will hit on you. The good, the bad, and the really […]

    Betches Love This Site

  43. Resumen reunión de comisiones (miércoles 1 de junio) + incidente con la policía nacional

    Incidencia con la policía nacional en Torrejón de Ardoz:

    Nos disponíamos a reunirnos como en otras ocasiones, al […]


  44. Thông Điệp “Bình Minh II”

    Huy Đức
    Cho dù điều gì thực sự diễn ra ở hậu trường, người dân cũng nhận thấy thông […]

    Welcome to Bọ Lập's blog!

  45. There Will Be No Cure for Cancer (At Least Not Soon)

    Spent the last week in Boston.

    Toured everywhere, including the Freedom Trail, the Sam Adams’ Brewery, Fenway Park, […]

    Pearls Before Swine

  46. Enhances liberados!

    Sim! É isso mesmo!

    Parece que o shutdown acidental que aconteceu hoje mais cedo também fez que liberassem […]

    AQWorlds Brasil

  47. Acta de la Asamblea General del 1 de junio del 2011

    Nota Informativa AcampadaBCN 1 de Juny

    Conexión con […]


  48. Địa ngục – Chap 55

    Thông báo chính thức: Địa ngục có tất cả 62 chương, sắp hết, và sắp hot rồi mọi người […]

    Nhà của Zessian

  49. Prince William Divorces Kate Middleton After 5 Weeks

    Prince William Divorces Kate Middleton After 5 Weeks: Prince William Divorces Kate Middleton After 5 weeks, Prince […]


  50. TSG’s Official US vs. Spain Preview

    See this: “*”

    That asterisk is a huge disclaimer on this match.

    You have a Spain team with many players […]

    The Shin Guardian

  51. A log-jam at Renault F1

    Dany Bahar has knocked a few noses out of joint in Malaysia by suggesting in recent days that Group Lotus should tie up […]

  52. Arsène Acknowledges The Problem, Now For The Solutions

    Arsène showed a turn of phrase that Leonard Cohen would have been proud of when he spoke to ATVO about last season. […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  53. Breaking News: Prince William Divorces Kate Middleton After 5 Weeks

    LONDON—Barely a month after marrying 29-year-old Kate Middleton in a royal wedding ceremony watched by an […]

    a little bit of this, a lttle bit of that, a little more of …

  54. SKY Italia – Ancelotti refuses Villa & SSN – Villa not considering Hughes

    I give up ! […]

    Aston Villa News and Views

  55. [INFO] CEO of SM Entertainment, Youngmin Kim, Charged by the Prosecutor’s Office

    SM엔터 김영민 대표 기소의견 검찰송치

    CEO of SM Entertainment, Youngmin Kim, Charged by the […]


  56. [VIDEOS] G-Dragon, Seungri & TOP “Power Time” Radio Show English Subbed!

    (source: 21bangstv2@yt)

    iBigBang Fansite

  57. Man Down: On Rihanna, Rape, and Violence

    Earlier this week, Rihanna released the video for her song “Man Down” in which her character struggles with the […]

    The Crunk Feminist Collective

  58. “Siz öldürmeyi çok iyi bilirsiniz”

    Bu sözleri hatırlayan var mı? Siz öldürmeyi çok iyi bilirsiniz!! Kim söylemiş olabilir? AKP Genel Başkanı […]

    Koray Doğan Urbarlı

  59. Dt 26568

    Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26568
    Hints and tips by Big Dave
    + – + – + – + – + – + – + – +
    BD Rating […]

    Big Dave's Crossword Blog

  60. Fighting Revamp Rolls out Tonight !!!

    MW Live 3 aired today and had a very nice turn out to watch them. They even threw in a opening song where they […]

    The Facebook & Zynga Blog

  61. Cinta Segitiga Antara Jung Yonghwa CNBlue, SNSD Seohyun dan TRAX Jungmo?

    Pada episode MBC “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” kemarin,  member band rock TRAX, Jungmo mengaku bahwa […]


  62. Cymothoa exigua, un parásito con don de lenguas

    Veamos hoy a uno de esos curiosos bichitos que tanto nos gustan. Se trata de un pequeño crustáceo isópodo la […]

    Tejiendo el mundo

  63. I’ve Gone and Done It Now: What It’s Like Without the Muslim Headscarf

    I have a secret. Not a dirty little secret. I’m not going to tell you those. A normal, short-lived secret as you soon […]

    Inner Workings of My Mind

  64. De rumores y campañas virales en The Dark Knight Rises [ACTUALIZADO]

    El secretismo en torno a The Dark Knight Rises se elevará probablemente a un punto en donde no sabremos qué es […]

  65. Esa mano, Dominique

    Esa mano, Dominique, que te veo de venir, parece decirle Barack Obama a Dominique Strauss Khan en esa foto de hace […]

    El blog de Santiago González

  66. Wydarzenia i komentarze, 2 czerwca 2011r

    Naoto Kan może być zmuszony do rezygnacji z powodu Fukushimy.
    Wynik niekorzystnego głosowania w japońskim […]

    Monitorpolski's Blog

  67. Time

    The time was going so slow. I just wanted this to be over. I was almost looking forward to sharing Owen’s story. Who […]

    Three Times the Fun

  68. Statement about Oracle’s move to donate assets to the Apache Foundation

    The Internet, June 1st, 2011 – The Document Foundation constitutes a global team of hundreds of developers working […]

    The Document Foundation Blog

  69. Hump Day Links of the Week

    Blake Lively: Naked pictures from two years ago were released yesterday.  Two words: Holy shit.  Her publicist […]

    National Skirt Day

  70. Trung Quốc với Biển Đng: “Lng giềng hữu nghị” hay “Chủ quyền thuộc ng”

    Đinh Kim Phúc “Nước Mỹ xâm phạm Việt Nam là xâm phạm Trung Quốc” ( […]

    Bauxite Việt Nam

  71. Côte d’Ivoire : Ouattara forme son gouvernement sans le parti du Président Gbagbo

    ABIDJAN – Ouattara Alassane a formé mercredi soir son gouvernement à l’exclusion du parti du Président Laurent […]

  72. Chẳng phải trộm của ngươi một chiếc cốc?! – Chương 23.2

    Chẳng phải trộm của ngươi một chiếc cốc?!

    Tác giả: Phong Lâm Nhi
    Edit: ss Ngọc Anh
    Beta: […]

    Kim Long Phi Các

  73. Yesung Menghilangkan Kebiasaan Gigit Jarinya Berkat Kyuhyun??

    Pada 1 Juni 2011 lalu di siaran KTR, Yesung membicarakan mengenai bagaimana Kyuhyun membantunya keluar dari […]

    Yeppopo 한국 POP 좋아요

  74. I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef Masters / Housewives News

    Top Chef Masters by Quincy IL Blinded Me with Science

    Quick Fire

    The five remaining chefs are in their […]

    Lynnnchicago101's Blog

  75. The Welfare Economics of Elevator Travel

    Do you get annoyed when someone boards the elevator with you only to ride up one floor? The stairs are right there, […]

    Cheap Talk

  76. Brand New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots – New Playable Characters: Noel and Serah

    In these screenshots you can see “new” battle system and two new playable characters, Noel and Serah. It also looks […]

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

  77. Paul Jon Williams aka child murderer Jon Venables, pictured partying on Jamie Bulger’s 16th birthday anniversary

    Child murderer and paedophile Paul Jon Williams (right) pictured partying with pal on the anniversary of James […]

    Exposing myth, distortion, corruption and truth

  78. Making the lukewarmer case

    by Judith Curry

    Many skeptics have attempted to lay out their arguments in a broad sense for the broader public, […]

    Climate Etc.

  79. Stopp mal!

    Bevor ich heute etwas Inhaltliches zum Thema Schule blogge, möchte ich etwas klarstellen:

    Meine Schüler sind […]

    frl. krise interveniert

  80. هيتشول يعشق نفسه و شركة JYP و لكنه لا يحصل على مجاملة من Woori ..!!!


    ¯`•.ღ Sм FάмίĻү ώόяĻđ.

  81. Syair Sgp Sabtu 04/06/2011

    Maradindo's Blog

  82. [Cuốn TÌNH QUY] Chương 159 – MỘT PHEN TRĂN TRỞ

    Tuyết rơi trên Thiên Sơn, đẹp như tiên cảnh. […]

    Mê trai đẹp Group

  83. تصویری از جنتی فوتبال

    75 سالشه باورتون میشه

    فردای ایرانمان

  84. Palin Bus Tour Stops in Cromwell

    The Sarah Palin bus tour came through Connecticut today, but didn’t attract much media attention.  Why? At the […]

    Channel 3's Dennis House Blogs

  85. “Ed ora che si fa?”. Per costruire tutti assieme la Cagliari del futuro, arriva un “Ideario” on line per Massimo Zedda. […]

    “Ed ora che si fa? Dopo i festeggiamenti, l’euforia, l’entusiasmo, come riuscire a non disperdere questa energia […]


  86. Hospitality

    Adam Bennett reports:
    Shouting Paula Bennett and Gerry Brownlee tickets to a Bon Jovi concert is business as usual for […]

    The Dim-Post

  87. Feature: [Manila Bulletin] Christian Bautista anticipates boos when he front acts for 2NE1


  88. Descubren un barco romano piscifactoría alimentado con oxígeno mediante tubos de plomo.

    Los arqueólogos quedaron desconcertados al descubrir un barco romano atravesado por el casco con un tubo de plomo. […]

    Paleorama en Red

  89. Sonar Seçim Anketi 2011 12 haziran, sonar seçim anketleri 2011 sonuçları

    Marmara Sosyal Araştırmalar ve Danışmanlık
    Genel Seçim Anketi – Nisan 2011


    12 Haziran 2011 genel seçimleri sonuçları ve anketleri

  90. Gregg Braden nos explica la Ciencia de los Milagros.

    Seguidamente ofrecemos aquí la visión de Gregg Braden sobre nuestro Universo y la Ciencia de la Conciencia. Como […]

    Misterios de la Astrofísica.

  91. Polling : Honda CBR150r vs new Yamaha R15. Pilih mana??

    Walau masih gelap didepan mata, tidak menyurutkan keingin tahuan IWB akan kans motorsport fairing besutan Yamaha […]

    Iwanbanaran's Blog

  92. Carta abierta a Arturo Fernández

    Llevo todo el día escuchando sus declaraciones a los medios y he de declararle que me muestro muy orgullosa de ser una […]

    ::::: LA ESCRITURA AUSENTE ::::::

  93. En #acampadasol Se Necesitan Guionistas

    por Sergio Barrejón. Si yo fuera lector de guiones en una productora, y el Movimiento 15-M fuese un proyecto […]


  94. Affaire DSK – Mort de Fatoumata Diallo

    Une onde de choc a envahi, hier, tout le quartier du Bronx et toute la communauté guinéenne de New York. Comme une […]

    Allain Jules

  95. Nado Saranghaeyo~ (part. 2 of 2)

    1. Author: Kim Sungmi (Ah Rin Kim)

    2. Judul : Nado Saranghaeyo~ (part. 2 – End)

    3. Kategori: NC 21, Yadong, […]

    Korean NC's

  96. Everything’s not lost, but really it is

    Ronan. You were everywhere today. I had to stop and catch my breath a few times just so I wouldn’t throw up. I am […]


  97. Mindset Konsumen Indonesia,… seneng motor “rasa-rasa” …!!!

    Well,… inget dengan iklan salah satu minuman energi… “Laki kok minum rasa-rasa ….???” … Bhuuuaaaagh… […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  98. Nasri stalls, Nigeria wins and FIFA’s corruption timeline

    This post was meant for yesterday but it has to come this early because I wasn’t chanced to feed my esteemed readers […]

    Gooner Daily

  99. Comentariul zilei (02.06.2011): Mesaj interesant in piesa „PLOAIA CARE VA VENI” a formatiei Pasarea Colibri […]

    Iata comentariul cititorului rustic postat la articolul VIDEO (reclama): Mecanismul merge perfect. Banii cash il […]

    Saccsiv's Weblog


    Η Ισλανδία γελά, η Ιρλανδία κλαίει

    Θεαματική είναι η […]

    ΑΛΗΘΙΝΑ ΨΕΜΑΤΑ – εδώ το ψέμα αληθεύει…

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