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  1. PlayStation Network Down for Fifth Day as Sony ‘Rebuilds’ from ‘Intrusion’ (Updated)

    A holiday weekend without Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat matchups, a five-day grand total of uninterrupted void, and yes, […]


  2. ‘Celebrity Apprentice’: And the fired celebrity is…

    In an episode that saw Donald Trump promoting both his possible presidential run and his line of luxury hotels, […]


  3. Plane lands safely in Rome after attack on flight attendant

    An apparently agitated passenger attacked a flight attendant on Alitalia Flight 329 from Paris to Rome late Sunday and […]

    This Just In

  4. Jelena EXPOSED: The Timeline

    We all have our own opinions. If you’re a huge Jelena supporter it’s YOUR choice to read or not to read. We’re not […]


  5. Feuding Females

    For four seasons now, people have scoffed at me when I proclaimed Celebrity Apprentice to be the most entertaining show […]

    TV Recaps

  6. Victim In McDonald’s Attack Speaks Out

    ROSEDALE, Md. (WJZ) — The viral video has shocked tens of thousands of people.  It shows a transgender woman beaten […]

    CBS Baltimore

  7. UPDATED: Simon Cowell says Paula Abdul, Cheryl Cole will join ‘The X Factor’

    Simon Cowell has chosen his judging panel for this fall’s The X Factor on Fox. According to Deadline’s Nikki Finke, […]

    Inside TV

  8. Playstation Network Still Down as Sony Rebuilds

    The Playstation Network outage that began last Wednesday has continued through the weekend, as Sony rebuilds the […]


  9. Trump to De Niro: You talkin’ to me?

    (CNN) – Donald Trump – who has a habit of picking personal fights with anyone who publicly challenges him – is now […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  10. 5 Common Medical Errors in Movies

    I like being a volunteer paramedic but one rather small side effect is that I always notice how horribly wrong most […]


  11. Gasoline Prices In Chicago Are Highest In Nation

    UPDATED 04/25/11 9:14 a.m.

    CHICAGO (CBS) — The price for a gallon of gasoline in Chicago is now the highest in the […]

    CBS Chicago

  12. PSN PlayStation Network will be back up Monday in Japan, Tuesday in US and Europe

    As the PlayStation Network (PSN) outage enters its fourth day, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. […]

    100gf | Politics and Computers

  13. Pujols pulled — UPDATED

    Albert Pujols has been removed from tonight’s game due to what the Cardinals are calling “mild tightness in his left […]

    Obviously, You're Not a Golfer

  14. Emma Watson transferring from Brown University

    Actress Emma Watson, 21, will be transferring from Brown University to another university this fall, according to the […]

    News Briefs

  15. LAPD Helicopter Forced To Land By Gunfire

    [worldnow id=5785180 width=385 height=255 type=video]

    VAN NUYS (CBS) — A teenager is in custody for allegedly […]

    CBS Los Angeles

  16. ‘The Hobbit’: Actor Rob Kazinsky, cast as dwarf Fili, drops out of movie

    The Hobbit director Peter Jackson announced on his Facebook page Sunday that British actor Rob Kazinsky […]

    Inside Movies

  17. How SmugMug survived the Amazonpocalypse

    tl;dr: Amazon had a major outage last week, which took down some popular websites. Despite using a lot of Amazon […]

    SmugMug's Don MacAskill

  18. Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″ Announce EP

    Welcome to the best of both worlds. Now that Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″ are back on the same page, the pair are set […]

    Rap Radar

  19. Big Truck to DL

    The Phillies found themselves in a save situation today at PETCO Park, but Jose Contreras never picked up a […]

    The Zo Zone

  20. Busch Beer Talk with Tony LaRussa – Sunday, April 24th

    The Cardinals will look to win their fourth consecutive series when they face the Cincinnati Reds on Sunday night. Tony […]

    CBS St. Louis

  21. Secret Guantanamo Files, New Insights: Hundreds Held ‘Just in Case.’

    Guantanamo files revealed by Wikileaks shed light on 780 people who passed through the facility in Cuba, of which only […]


  22. WWE Draft 2011 (Cobertura y Resultados 25 de abril de 2011) – ¡Hoy es el Draft 2011 de WWE!

    WWE, Inc. Y Kmart presentan: WWE Draft 2011, desde la Arena RBC Center en Raleigh, North Carolina; show transmitido […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  23. Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 25th April

    This week’s challenge is below, click Read More to view the commentary:

    Endure: The Return – Complete four sets on […]

    Halo Reach Daily Challenges

  24. رامي الصياد الصغير حقيقه ليست خيال !!!

    اترك التعليق لكم …

    Bacosh's Blog

  25. Magical Block Store: When Abstractions Fail Us

    Like anyone who has anything to do with the business of running applications attached to the Internet, I can’t help […]


  26. Marlon Brando’s Grandson Tuki Brando in Striking Campaign for TechnoMarine Watches

    Courtesy Technomarine

    Marlon Brando’s grandson, the son of his daughter Cheyenne Jackson, is showing off an […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  27. The Point of Laziness

    As I’ve discussed previously, there are a number of good reasons why Haskell is not suitable for teaching introductory […]

    Existential Type

  28. Six Easy Pieces For a Figure-Flattering Wardrobe

    [tiImage width=”400″ height=”400″ url=”” […] What's Right Now

  29. 비행기가 추락할 때 배운 3가지 인생의 교훈

    죽음의 문턱까지 다녀온 사람의 이야기에는 울림이 있다. 지난 금요일에 공개된 TED […]

    에스티마의 인터넷이야기

  30. Steve Jobs on iOS location tracking: We don’t track anyone, but Droid does

    [cfsp key=”google_adsense_300x250″]”There has obviously been a lot of discussion about last week’s disclosure that iOS […]


  31. Update on the CU sea level page status

    Things are changing with global sea level data reporting. As I mentioned in my post April 6th:

    What’s delaying UC […]

    Watts Up With That?

  32. Free REVOK1

    Revok, one of Los Angeles’ best known graffiti writers, was arrested as he prepared to board a plane to Ireland at […]

  33. f(x) menyebutkan nama Heechul dan Kyuhyun saat diwawancarai?

    Super Junior Kyuhyun adalah sahabat baik Victoria. Ketika Victoria pertama kali datang ke Korea dari China, ia […]


  34. A beautiful bauble for Mom

    Trend Reporter Liz Money has the skinny on one of our favorite (and exclusive!) gifts for Mother’s Day. These […]

    Inside Stitch: The Official Vera Bradley Blog

  35. Gas Pump Activism

    Do you have to take these gas prices in silence? I don’t think so.

    All you have to do is download this pdf, print […]

    Disrupt the Narrative

  36. Email From Jobs: Apple Doesn’t Track; Google Does

    Steve Jobs has reportedly issued one of his typically terse email replies regarding the location tracking database that […]


  37. Young Brain Cancer Patient Loses Custody Of Helper Dog After Attack

    RIVER VALE, N.J. (CBS 2) — A young girl lost custody of her German Shepherd after it bit another child in the face, […]

    CBS New York

  38. Accounting for Middle-Earth

    Failbook – Funny Facebook Status Messages ( Failbooking )

  39. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are married

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have made it official: Two years after they made headlines for having an affair while […]

    The Marquee Blog

  40. Bolton flatline an Arsenal season on life support. Project Youth fails again…

    So there we have it. The 5 year plan is up. Arsene Wenger’s team of expensively assembled children flunked out of […]

    Le Grove – Arsenal blog featuring Arsenal news

  41. Sathya Sai Baba’s death – no miracles

    The death of Sathya Sai Baba was wrongly predicted by him, he did not live into his 90s as he prophesies on numerous […]

    Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed

  42. A Spurs fan just emailed me this…..

    Can’t believe I would ever stick up for Wenger but some of you lot should be ashamed of yourself. You would think you […]


  43. What’s A Good Way To Sneak Into VIP At Coachella? In A Backpack Of Course!

    Last week when we were recapping Coachella, I told the story that our Marketing Director Aissawitnessed.

    A person wa […]


  44. Sounds about right: SIGNS (35 photos)

    [chivegallery size=”full” columns=”1″]

    Click HERE for more fun!


  45. Nintendo Wii 2: Nintendo Confirms Wii 2 (Project Cafe) Will Launch 2012 Playable At E3

    Nintendo have officially confirmed that its successor to the immensely popular Nintendo Wii will launch during […]

    My Nintendo News

  46. This Shouldn’t Happen

    Hey, Listen! We now have a site for all you prolific storytellers out there. All Rage Comics, all the time!

    Memebase: Rage Comics, Forever Alone, Y U No Guy, Troll Face, Foul Bachelor Frog

  47. please, mr president, step inside

    Photo from the
    While the “Event for Autism Awareness Month,” as it’s being billed, is taking […]

    a diary of a mom

  48. Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and coded racism

    A number of you have been asking me on Facebook, Twitter and iReport what I think about Donald Trump, the […]

    Global Public Square

  49. Bodies Of Missing Skiers Recovered In Grand Teton

    [worldnow id=5785353 width=450 height=375 type=video]

    JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — Two skiers swept up in a massive […]

    CBS Minnesota

  50. Tin thứ Hai, 25-4-2011

    Tin thứ Hai, 25-4-2011

    21h – Nga hạ thủy tàu tuần tra thứ ba của Việt […]

    BA SÀM

  51. A Riddle For Deprived S♥NES

    Q: What do owls and an SBS’ Inkigayo audience have in common?


    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

  52. The 2011 Hugo Nominees

    For your edification, this year’s nominees:

    Best Novel
    Blackout/All Clear by Connie Willis (Ballantine […]


  53. Zach Myers And M Shadows Play A Game Of Golf.

    Zach Myers from Shinedown just put up a video of he, M Shadows and Morgan Rose (Sevendust) enjoying their down-time […]

  54. Rich & Mark’s Monday Morning View

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  55. Probationer Training – Another Fine Mess

    I would like to wish 3 Commando Brigade the best of luck with their six-month deployment in Afghanistan, which […]


  56. Hughes has setback in recovery

    Phil Hughes cut his bullpen short today after about 20 pitches, complaining that he felt like there was nothing coming […]

    Bombers Beat

  57. Prediksi Rabu





  58. NH Police Find Baby In Vehicle, Now Searching For Missing Mom

    CONWAY, N.H. (CBS/AP) – A Maine woman whose car and infant daughter were abandoned in a New Hampshire parking lot […]

    CBS Boston

  59. Monday morning memory

    There are a lot of moments in Dodger history that stand out for people, apart from what takes place when the ball is […]

    Inside the Dodgers

  60. (News) Agnes Monica Menang 7 Penghargaan di JPop Asia Award mengalahkan Super Junior, dll!

    Agnes Monica sekali lagi berhasil membuat Indonesia bangga dengan prestasinya. Setelah menjadi International Host di […]

    Yeppopo 한국 POP 좋아요

  61. Vô diệm vương phi 70

    Chương 70 Ý nghĩ không an phận

    Edit Phu Dung


    Phù Dung Gia

  62. ¡Tracker de Rockhopper!

    ¡Rockhopper está apareciendo muchísimas veces! El tracker ha sido actualizado con la úbicación de Rockhopper cada […]

    Trucos de Club Penguin

  63. Tornado Goes Postal in an Airport


  64. Prithviraj marriage with supriya menon photos and news

    Prithviraj marriage with supriya menon photos and news, prithviraj got married to supriya menon today in a private […]

    Bollywood Cinema Gallery

  65. Côte d’Ivoire : Soro Guillaume veut encore rester Premier Ministre

    ABIDJAN – Alain Lobognon, proche collaborateur de Soro Guillaume, chef du gouvernement Ouattara, a rejeté samedi, […]

  66. [Full Interview] JYJ recommends “albums ideal for travel and driving” & talks about their mindset

    JYJ’s performance on May 2nd~3rd in Thailand which opened their World Tour was somehow different. It was not like […]


  67. Bocor Aluuus . . . Disinyalir TVS Tormax akan Pakai Spedometer Digital

    Bro Sekalian, Akhirnya sedikit demi sedikit Misteri bebek super TVS TORMAX 150 cc semakin terang . ..  Setelah […]

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  68. Local Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

    JAMESTOWN (KDKA) — Residents of Jamestown in Mercer County are in mourning after one of their own was killed by a […]

    CBS Pittsburgh

  69. OMG

    full tier 7!

    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  70. Elizabeth Emanuel on Kate Middleton’s dress: “It’s not going to look anything like Diana’s”

    Piers Morgan sits down with designer Elizabeth Emanuel tonight to talk Kate Middleton, Princess Diana and dresses. […]

    Piers Morgan

  71. The Vibrotron

    Behold the Vibrotron! Constructed by the Carnegie Melon University robotics club, the vibrotron is a piece of a […]

    Hack a Day

  72. Answer to the Friday Puzzle!

    First, if you enjoy the Friday Puzzle, I have just posted 101 of them here.

    OK, to this week’s puzzle.  On […]

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  73. این تصاویر فقط در پرو دیده می شوند !

    برای دریافت عکس های دیدنی کلیک کنید برای […]

    پیـــــــــک پرشــــــــیا

  74. Tongue Twister of the Day

    Tongue Twister of the Day: Screw using your tongue to tie a cherry stem in a knot — Charles Trippy’s friend Datev can […]

    The Daily What

  75. Game of Thrones Watch: Meet the Parents

    Before you read this post, make sure the kids aren’t getting up to any mischief, get a plate of horse jerky, then […]

    Tuned In

  76. GiỎi LẮm, LÀo Ơi

    Ngô Minh
    ‘Cả tháng nay, báo chí Việt Nam lùm sùm về đập thủy điện Xayaburi ở hạ lưu sông Mê […]

    Welcome to Bọ Lập's blog!

  77. รายการทีวีย้อนหลัง ไทยแลนด์ก็อตทาเลนต์ […]

    ไทยแลนด์ก็อตทาเลนต์ (Thailand’s Got Talent) […]

    ดูซีรีย์ แหล่งรวมซีรีย์ทุกหมวดหมู่

  78. Kubatov: hosszú távra kell igazolnunk

    Klubelnökünk nemcsak a meccsről beszélt. […]

    Üllői út 129

  79. Updated Reds At-bat Music List


    Above is an updated list of Reds at-bat music, courtesy of my colleagues Zach Bonkowski […]

    Better Off Red

  80. 4月23日 東電は生データ開示を 小出裕章

    先日東京電力が塩素38(クロル38)の測定値を訂正したことに関して、Peace Philosophy […]

    小出裕章 (京大助教) 非公式まとめ

  81. Espectacular llamarada solar el día 24 de abril. Las emisiones del sol pueden cambiar los estados de la materia.

    La espectacular llamarada solar ocurrida hoy 24 de abril, vuelve a poner en actualidad el artículo que redactamos el […]

    Misterios de la Astrofísica.

  82. Comment cartonner sur Facebook en 10 leçons.

    Je sais, c’est dur.
    Vous ne rêvez que d’une chose -avoir du succès sur Facebook- mais vous ne savez pas comment […]

    C'est La Gêne

  83. Kulturbereicherung zu Ostersonntag…

    …in Wiener Neustadt!
    Folgendes Video mit einem Kommentar hat uns soeben ein SOS-Leser aus Wr. Neustadt […]


  84. Royal wedding fever hits the candy store

    Think royal wedding mania has escaped the bubble gum and baseball card set?

    Well, think again.

    Bazooka Candy […]

    The Royal Wedding: Unveiled

  85. Is It over!?

    Are those God-forsaken kids gone!?

    Yes, I think it’s finally over Gabriele B.

    Cute Overload

  86. Villa NOT looking to replace Gerard – The SUN

    It is inevitable I guess a lot of discussion centres around possible replacements for the stricken Houllier. […]

    Aston Villa News and Views

  87. Sniper Rabu 27/04/2011

    Wellcome to ITC blog

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  88. The Maiden’s Guide To Older Men

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  89. Shooting Triggers Standoff At Possible Brothel

    [worldnow id=5785747 width=385 height=288 type=video]

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Heavily armed law enforcement officers […]

    CBS Sacramento

  90. Amazon EC2 outage: summary and lessons learned

    Last Thursday’s Amazon EC2 outage was the worst in cloud computing’s history. It made the front page of many news […]

    RightScale Blog

  91. Missing Irving Woman’s Body Found In Trinity River

    DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – A body was found wrapped in a tarp in the Trinity River in southeast Dallas County early […]

    CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

  92. Chương 114 Nữ trang.

    Trước mắt hàn quang chợt lóe, vật kia chợt vút qua bên nàng, toàn thân thấy căng thẳng, nàng […]

    Mê trai đẹp Group

  93. Buca Spor – Fenerbahçe 3-5 / Maçın Geniş Özeti-Video


  94. That’s rich: Woodward bemoans celebrity journalism

    The country’s foremost celebrity journalist, Bob Woodward of the Washington Post and Watergate fame, has deplored what […]

    Media Myth Alert

  95. Must read articles on WikiLeaks.

    WikiLeaks, the First Amendment and the Press – Jonathan Peters, Harvard Law & Policy Review
    President Obama speaks […]


  96. 4/21/11 at Citi Field

    You’d think that a Thursday night game on a freezing day in April between two of the worst teams in baseball wouldn’t […]

    The Baseball Collector

  97. Le mystère de Pâques

    Jeunes gens, aujourd’hui, c’est un peu glandouille d’un point de vue blog : étant actuellement pris par moult autres […]

    Le blog d'un odieux connard

  98. New Theme: Mystique

    I think you’ll agree this theme has a certain mystique to it. This fun, colorful theme is flexible enough to fit […] News

  99. Amazon, Sony, Apple: Three Stories to Follow

    Amazon’s EC2 Troubles is Giving Cloud Skeptics Plenty of Ammunition

    “It seems to me the outage of Amazon’s cloud […]

    Dice Blog Network

  100. Probably Bad News: Law Enforcement FAIL

    Epic Fail Funny Videos and Funny Pictures

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