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  1. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Kirstie Alley: ‘We’ve become the freak show’

    [ew_image url=”” credit=”Bob […]

    Inside TV

  2. Thermal Cameras Show Too Much?

    BOSTON (CBS) – A thermal imaging project in the city of Boston has been put on hold because of privacy […]

    CBS Boston

  3. Taxiing jet clips smaller plane at JFK airport

    An Airbus 380 clipped a smaller plane while taxiing to the runway for takeoff from New York’s John F. Kennedy […]

    This Just In

  4. Peter Thiel: We’re in a Bubble and It’s Not the Internet. It’s Higher Education.

    Fair warning: This article will piss off a lot of you.

    I can say that with confidence because it’s about Peter […]


  5. Gas Prices Climbing Toward $5 Per Gallon

    UPDATED 04/11/11 10:57 a.m.

    CHICAGO (CBS) — At one time, $5 per gallon gas seemed like a far-fetched idea, but […]

    CBS Chicago

  6. Cops Confirm New Remains Human; Skull Also Found Along Ocean Parkway

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police have confirmed that the latest set of bones found Monday morning at Jones Beach State […]

    CBS New York

  7. D.C. mayor released early Tuesday

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Washington Mayor Vincent Gray was released early Tuesday after being arrested while protesting […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  8. WWE RAW (Cobertura y resultados 11 de abril de 2011) -¡Edge se retira! ¡Sín Cara venció a Primo!

    WWE, Inc. Y Kmart presentan: WWE RAW, desde la Arena Webster Bank en Bridgeport, Connecticut; show transmitido a […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  9. Mortal Kombat Knows Its Audience

    The Mortal Kombat marketing team knows their audience is full of pervy kids. I’m no different. I mean half the reason I […]


  10. Jerry Brown: California, Country Facing ‘Regime Crisis’ Similar To The Civil War

    PART 1 
    [worldnow id=5741946 width=385 height=255 type=video]

    PART 2
     [worldnow id=5743385 width=385 height=255 […]

    CBS Los Angeles

  11. What Does Fukushima’s Level 7 Status Mean?

    (UPDATED) Japanese officials announced on Tuesday morning that they were planning to raise the event level at the […]


  12. 10 Great People You Should Know But Don’t

    As a child the things that most interested me were things little known by others. I am not sure what drew me to love […]


  13. ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Who else treasured the men’s concept?

    [ew_image url=”” credit=”NBC” align=”right”]I […]


  14. Взрыв в автобусе в Минске

    Только что стало известно что произошел взрыв в автобусе […]


  15. Homestead Man Accused Of Hanging Dogs From Tree

    HOMESTEAD – (CBS4) – A Homestead man faces two counts of cruelty to animal charges after police say he tied two dogs to […]

    CBS Miami

  16. Have you seen ‘Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes’?

    Hollywood’s all about having a look, and “Boardwalk Empire’s” Steve Buscemi’s got a unique one – at least […]

    The Marquee Blog

  17. Sky-High Rage: The Meanest Airlines in America

    You know the airline industry is in dire straits when even flight attendants are bailing on their flights. But which […]


  18. Tori Spelling Expecting Third Child

    Jeff Vespa/WireImage

    It’s time for Tori Spelling to stock up on onesies again!

    The actress and husband […]

    Moms & Babies –

  19. Cisco Kills Flip Camcorder Line, 550 Jobs to Be Eliminated

    [timecom-gdgt url=”” style=”full” float=”right”]Flip! Dead! The […]


  20. You Miss Jayson Werth

    Charlie Manuel is looking forward to trash-talking Jayson Werth today at Nationals Park. I’m sure a few Phillies […]

    The Zo Zone

  21. Girl Band baru Indonesia, 7 (Seven) Icons

    Tau 7 Icons kan??

    Nah bagi yang belum tau, 7 Icons itu salah satu girlband Indonesia yang sekarang lagi […]


  22. A Scientist Catches a Mosquito-Borne Virus and Gives It to Wife as STD

    Unless you are a disease-vector biologist studying in the field in West Africa, don’t attempt this explanation at home. […]

    TIME Healthland

  23. Ashley Judd attacks hip-hop; hip-hop fights back

    [ew_image url=”–Ashley-Judd_320.jpg” credit=”Gilbert […]

    The Music Mix

  24. The mystery of the ball and the glass….

    Over the weekend I made this new illusion video….

    Can you solve the mystery of the ball and the glass?

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  25. Benicio del Toro expecting baby with Kimberly Stewart

    And now for an unexpected piece of news: The Wolfman star Benicio del Toro is expecting a baby with Kimberly Stewart, […]

    News Briefs

  26. Best Buy forces customer to buy service plan to get an iPad 2 out of storage

    [cfsp key=”google_adsense_300x250″]”We’re hearing a few interesting things about Best Buy these days, especially when […]


  27. « Je souhaite qu’on arrête les armes » (Laurent Gbagbo)

    Le président ivoirien Laurent Gbagbo, reconnu par la constitution, et capturé par des légionnaires français puis […]

  28. No LOVE!

    My friend, who got married towards the end of last year, told me a SHOCKING story!! The story began when he went to one […]


  29. Ladies Love La Flare: A History Of Women Linked To Gucci Mane


    Hip-Hop Wired: Keeping You Informed With The Latest on Hip-Hop Culture, Rappers, Hip Hop News, Rap and Entertainment News, Black Politics, Video Vixens, Music Reviews and Urban Lifestyle…

  30. New Video: Rick Ross x Drake “Made Men”

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but thanks to Spiff TV and Dre Films, we get the visual aid for Rozay and […]

    Rap Radar

  31. Vazou a Lista dos Participantes de “A Fazenda 4”

    Apesar da direção da TV Record tratar o reality show ‘A Fazenda’ como assunto super confidencial, os […]

    AJ Comenta

  32. A headline I thought I’d never see

    It seems that the media down under is turning on newly appointed climate change commissioner Tim Flannery and his […]

    Watts Up With That?

  33. BBC News/Dad walks in on daughter Facebook scams

    Criminals and scammers on Facebook aren’t resting on their laurels… in fact, they are branching out and using […]

    Naked Security

  34. The Taming of the Shoe

    Oh, DANCMSTRs! I want it to be Classical Night every week on Dancing With the Stars. Every week until that bizarre, […]

    TV Recaps

  35. Waiting on the iPhone 5

    Rumors have it coming any time between late June and early 2012. Does it matter? Um, yes.

    In early spring the […]

    Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  36. 12th April – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

    What are the chances we’re going to get some random and/or difficult daily challenges this week after the very easy […]

    Halo Reach Daily Challenges

  37. AST AGM – Stan Kroenke vs Usmanov + some very interesting stuff

    Geoff normally lets me go to full-blown club AGM on his behalf, they’re pretty boring so I wasn’t really sure what to […]

    Le Grove – Arsenal blog featuring Arsenal news

  38. La denuncia shock: “Cibo surgelato radioattivo in arrivo dal Giappone tramite la camorra”

    Sarebbero in arrivo nel Porto di Napoli cibi radioattivi surgelati provenienti dal Giappone e introdotti nel mercato […]

    Il Post Viola

  39. 「福島、罪深き沈黙」ル・モンド誌3月26日付全訳

    出典記事: […]


  40. Missoula Firefighters Save Kitten

    On March 17th, a fire broke out at a home in lower Rattlesnake Valley in Montana. Firefighters found a a striped […]

    Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  41. Two Die While Scuba Diving In Jamestown Mine

    [worldnow id=5745697 width=385 height=288 type=video]

    JAMESTOWN, Calif. (CBS13) — A scuba diving trip to an old […]

    CBS Sacramento

  42. Leading atheist publishes secular Bible

    By Jessica Ravitz, CNN

    The question arose early in British academic A.C. Grayling’s career: What if those ancient […]

    CNN Belief Blog

  43. Seven lost ‘Dr. Seuss’ stories uncovered for September book debut

    [ew_image url=”” credit=”Gene Lester/Getty […]

    Shelf Life

  44. Boris Ally Sir Simon Milton Dies

    One of the key players in Team Boris has died. Sir Simon Milton, 49, was not just a Deputy Mayor, but Boris’s most […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  45. American Geographic Stereotypes WIN


  46. The End: Cisco Shuts Down Flip, a $590 Million Mistake

    Cisco (s csco) is giving up on its barely two-year-old $590 million purchase of Pure Digital Technologies, announcing […]


  47. Top Secret Ramen


  48. Tin thứ Ba, 12-4-2011

    Tin thứ Ba, 12-4-2011

    – Thông Cáo Báo Chí của Văn phòng Dân Biểu […]

    BA SÀM

  49. First Person: Pakistan’s Flood Lands Overrun by Thousands of Spiders

    A few weeks after water from the devastating floods in Pakistan began to recede, photographer Russell Watkins traveled […]


  50. A World First – Live Broadcasting a Village Cricket Match

    Don’t you just love it when an idea comes together?

    This is a project which went from a spark inspired by a […]

    John Popham's Random Musings

  51. Thank You Edge!

    Courtesy of On Monday Night, almost out of nowhere, Edge (Adam Copeland) announced his retirement from pro […]

  52. Woman Describes Confrontation With Neighbor After Webcam Discovery

    [worldnow id=5743302 width=420 height=278 type=video]

    ERIE, Colo. (CBS4) – Formal charges may be filed this week […]

    CBS Denver

  53. Sinde y el 2% del PIB de la industria editorial

    Acabo de ver a la Sinde en la malísima entrevista en Buenafuente. Buenafuente no sólo no le hizo preguntas […]

    Ricardo Galli, de software libre

  54. Watch A Man Get Hit Where His Hair Used To Be. With Bonus Tasing!

    I love the Pirates. And I love people getting tased. So this is a total chocolate in my peanut butter moment. This […]


  55. La Salle U. Probing Business Ethics Seminar Featuring Lap-Dancing Strippers

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – La Salle University is investigating a business school seminar last month during which strippers […]

    CBS Philly

  56. Syair Sgp Rabu 13/04/2011

    SIPONDULUNG 13-04-2011

    Sekali hitung dua-dua empat mata Minggu berlalu berbulan madu Lima melompat […]

    Echonx's Blog

  57. Tonight’s Lineup: Who’s Your Reds Pick-to-click?

    Better Off Red

  58. U.S. Debt: The Biggest Trouble Is Yet To Come

    Last week’s budget wrangles in Washington remind me of reality TV. You watch it like you watch a train wreck. […]

    The Curious Capitalist

  59. L’Oreal Lash Serum

    Ho messo alla prova il siero per le ciglia de L’Oreal! Ho iniziato ad usarlo circa tre mesi fa e proprio ieri […]

    Il Blog Di Giuliana

  60. Celebrity Abs Guess Who!

    This actor was a model from ages 10 to 13 and didn’t decide to go into acting until 17. His first starring role was […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  61. Re-enroll in COLLEGE (27 photos)

    [chivegallery size=”full” columns=”1″]

    Click HERE for more crazy pics!


  62. What’s In A Name of the Day

    What’s In A Name of the Day: But those unfortunate given name + surname combos wilt in comparison to Mr. No, […]

    The Daily What

  63. New Theme: The Morning After

    Say hello to The Morning After, a classic and popular magazine-style theme that has withstood the test of time. Based […] News

  64. عاصفة ترابية بسرعة ٩٠ كيلومتر ستضرب الكويت خلال ساعات

    مدير ادارة الارصاد الجوية في الادارة العامة للطيران المدني […]

    مدونة زهقان

  65. Yeah, It’s the Test’s Fault…

    Failbook – Funny Facebook Status Messages ( Failbooking )

  66. Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Dina Manzo Got Her Own Show!

    [tiImage width=”300″ height=”450″ url=”” […] What's Right Now

  67. Prediksi Rabu 13/04/2011

    kebersama’an keakraban
    saling menghargai menghormati
    memberi dukungan semangat
    adalah […]

    Kang Andhika63

  68. La photo qui fait polémique

    Quand le point de vue d’une photo pose une question éthique

    Fabienne Cherisma est une adolescente haitienne de 15 […]

    BNWZ – Blog-note ou WebZine ?

  69. Vietnam Rilis Facelift Honda Air Blade 110 cc . . . Mantebb nih kalo dirilis juga di sini

    Bro sekalian, ternyata gambar spyshot Honda Air Blade Vietnam Yang lalu tidak menyertakan upgrade kapasitas mesin […]

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  70. Controlling weapons with Kinect

    It was only a matter of time before someone would figure out how to weaponize their Kinect. Hacker [Jonas Wagner] […]

    Hack a Day

  71. Firefighter Gives Oxygen to Kitten!!!



    Cute Overload

  72. Ngô Bảo Châu và “sự sợ hãi”

    Tôi ngạc nhiên khi thấy giáo sư Ngô Bảo Châu viết về Cù Huy Hà Vũ, cũng như […]

    Welcome to Bọ Lập's blog!

  73. Your Laptop is NOT Private or Secure at US Customs

    The Ninth Circuit has held that it is the right of the United States government to seize a digital device at a border […]

    An Associate's Mind

  74. Probably Bad News: Restaurant FAIL

    Epic Fail Funny Videos and Funny Pictures

  75. Bibit bebet bobot nya bagus,… Yamaha YZF-R15 punya peluang cerah …!!!

    Well,… sebagaimana Sun Tzu katakan… “Sebaiknya menyerang musuh… selagi musuh itu belum siap” …!!! Selain […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  76. Diaby had his best ever game in an Arsenal shirt, but he’s still not good enough!

    Sure, Abou Diaby had his best ever game in an Arsenal shirt in the 3-1 victory away to Blackpool, but he’s just such a […]

    Arsenal Opinion

  77. 2011年4月10日 今起こっていること 小出裕章

    ジャーナリストの岩上安身氏(が2011年4月10日午後に小出裕章氏にイ […]

    小出裕章 (京大助教) 非公式まとめ

  78. Côte d’Ivoire – Photos: Simone & Laurent Gbagbo humiliés

    Certains jugent logique que ces […]

    Allain Jules

  79. SM Entertainment Mengungkapkan Hasil Lengkap Pemeriksaan Kyuhyun

    Membuat khawatir para penggemarnya setelah terluka dalam kecelakaan mobil pekan lalu, SM Entertainment akhirnya […]


  80. Obama’s sister call’s Trump’s birther rant “a shame”

    President Barack Obama’s sister Maya Soetoro-Ng sat down with Piers Morgan this afternoon for an interview that will […]

    Piers Morgan

  81. IF only this was TRUE – Moyes – Remember the Handshake

    On VT Arkvillan posted this. […]

    Aston Villa News and Views

  82. Ad in Washington Times asks whose SS# is Obama using?

    . . . . .

    UPDATE: Scroll for newer posts.

    There is a tremendous interest in this issue, as evidenced by thousands […]

    The Radio Patriot

  83. Deconstructing the Mayo Myth

    When you create a huge, open tent a lot of wonderful things occur – many of which we have been sharing on a […]

    Moving On Up a Little Higher

  84. [CVBT] – Chương 146: Lạnh nhạt

    Chương 146:  Lạnh nhạt


    Phiêu Du

  85. Sampe Kapanpun CBR250R nggak bakal Bisa ngalahin Ninja250R

    Pembicaran menarik antara TMC blog dan Nico Julian
    Disela sela sela acara makan siang, terbesit pembahasan […]


  86. Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Announces Wii Play Motion For The Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo have revealed that they’re working on another Wii Play title for the Nintendo Wii titled Wii Play […]

    My Nintendo News

  87. Wydarzenia i komentarze 12 kwietnia 2011 r

    Fukushima gorsza niż Czarnobyl – to jest już oficjalne
    Zamach w mińskim metrze na Białorusi
    Islandia […]

    Monitorpolski's Blog

  88. 100k to £1Million challenge update

    Lot of investors asking for an update here as to the present profit or loss situation.

    So here we go.

    The 70,00 […]

    Brokermandaniels' Blog

  89. No more No. 44 for Isringhausen

    Before flying to New York to join the Mets, Jason Isringhausen went to dinner in Port St. Lucie, Fla. on Sunday night […]

    Mets Cetera

  90. (PICS) Heart-touching Gifts for Jaejoong from China’s Hero JJ Bar T__T

    The fans of China’s Hero JJ Bar recently gave Jaejoong beautiful gifts. It is just amazing to see and our hearts are […]


  91. The Point Forward’s 2011 awards ballot

    We selected our All-NBA teams over the weekend.’s Ian Thomsen and Chris Mannix revealed their official awards […]

    The Point Forward

  92. Sniper Rabu 13/04/2011




    TEMBUS […]


  93. Whose Human-Rights Record is Worse? The U.S. or China?

    It’s a spring ritual. Each year, the U.S. publishes its report on China’s human-rights record the previous […]

    Global Spin

  94. Turtles Are Reptiles

    you dumb ho-bag

    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  95. 10%-nál tartunk

    Bele kell húzni. […]

    Üllői út 129

  96. Fukushima rated at INES Level 7 – what does this mean?

    Hot in the news is that the Fukushima Nuclear crisis has been upgraded from INES 5 to INES 7. Note that this is not due […]


  97. The RidicuList: Presidential scar-gazers

    Editor’s note: Anderson Cooper explains why the people behind conspiracy theories about a possible presidential scar […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  98. Outreach, ur doing it wrong

    Yesterday I attended a meeting at which Gary Lawrence spoke about the research he conducted which forms the foundation […]

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  99. Dt 26524

    Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26524
    Hints and tips by Gnomethang
    + – + – + – + – + – + – + – +
    BD Rating – Difficulty […]

    Big Dave's Crossword Blog

  100. 2 Stabbed In Apparent Gas Station Fight

    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police are investigating a pair of overnight stabbings after an apparent fight at a Minneapolis […]

    CBS Minnesota

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