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  1. ‘American Idol’: Was Casey Abrams the right use of the judges’ save? Poll!

    [ew_image url=”” credit=”Michael Becker/Fox” […]


  2. ‘Black Swan’ double claims Natalie Portman only did ‘5 percent’ of full-body dance shots in the movie

    [ew_image url=”” credit=”Niko Tavernise; […]

    Inside Movies

  3. Another poll shows Palin’s support dropping

    (CNN) – Sarah Palin’s support among likely Republican primary voters is fading according to a newly-released Gallup […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  4. Japan live blog: Radiation burns may be like ‘sunburn,’ expert says

    A magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit northern Japan on March 11, triggering tsunamis that caused widespread devastation and […]

    This Just In

  5. ‘Fringe,’ ‘Bones,’ ‘Parenthood,’ ‘NCIS: LA’: Find out what’s next in the Spoiler Room

    [ew_image url=”” credit=”Liane […]

    Inside TV

  6. New Theme: Rusty Grunge

    It is time to introduce a new free theme which goes by the appropriately evocative name of Rusty Grunge. It goes […] News

  7. FAA Suspends Sleeping Supervisor: Is Air Traffic Control Out of Control?

    Falling asleep on the job? Drug tests? What is going on in those towers? […]


  8. Top 10 Worst Blockbusters In Recent History

    [WARNING: potential spoilers] This isn’t necessarily a list of the worst movies of all time, although a lot of […]


  9. Drug-Resistant ‘Super Bug’ Hits LA County Hospitals, Nursing Homes

    [worldnow id=5693401 width=420 height=315 type=video]

    LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A deadly drug-resistant bacteria is […]

    CBS Los Angeles

  10. Constantine Maroulis Introduces Daughter Malena James

    Like father, like daughter? Not so for Constantine Maroulis and his 3-month-old daughter Malena James […]

    Moms & Babies –

  11. Facebook May Be Reading Your Words for Real-Time Ads

    Facebook just cranked up the creepiness factor for a small percentage of users.

    According to Ad Age, the social […]


  12. My Take: A concerned evangelical’s open letter to Charlie Sheen

    Editor’s Note: Margaret Feinberg is an international speaker and author of “Scouting the Divine” and “The Organic God.” […]

    CNN Belief Blog

  13. Sul sito del governo è apparso questo comunicato (non è uno scherzo) – La foto

    Sul sito del governo italiano è apparso, ieri, questo comunicato: precisano, in particolare, che nel corso della […]

    Il Post Viola

  14. Saving Casey on ‘Idol’ sends shock waves


    That’s what Casey Abrams was Thursday night on “American Idol” when the judges used their one and only save […]

    The Marquee Blog

  15. The Freight Train That Is Android

    [Follow Me on Twitter]

    “People get ready, there’s a train a comin’”
    – The Impressions

    From Zacks via Yahoo: […]

  16. Lindsay Lohan facing jury trial: Legal experts weigh in on her possible fate

    [ew_image url=”” credit=”David McNew-Pool/Getty […]

    News Briefs

  17. Shock and Awwww

    Big surprise on last night’s American Idol: ALL of the Top 11 will go on the summer tour, and two singers will be […]

    TV Recaps

  18. New Music: B.o.B. “No Future” (Odd Future Diss)

    “Keep fuckin’ with me, you ain’t gon’ have no future.”
    Ruh Oh! Looks like Bobby Ray let the wolf out of […]

    Rap Radar

  19. The ‘Fringe’ fourth-season renewal: ‘It has begun,’ and what ‘it’ means

    The news that Fringe has been renewed for a fourth season came as a shock: When was the last time a network saved a […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  20. Chris Brown and publicist part ways

    [ew_image url=”” credit=”Johnny Nunez/WireImage” […]

    The Music Mix

  21. Brooklyn Couple Diagnosed With Cancer 9 Days Apart

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – This is a story about the power of love, the strength of community, and the indomitable will […]

    CBS New York

  22. Rusty Grunge

    This theme, which goes by the appropriately evocative name of Rusty Grunge, has all the rusty and grungy elements […]

    Theme Showcase

  23. Que sigue para The Undertaker?

    Según informes The Undertaker no esta pactado para ningún evento después de Wrestlemania, ni house shows, […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  24. Andrew Bolt scores the Quote of the Millennium

    This is from MTR 1377 radio today. Our regular feature, “Quote of the Week” just doesn’t work here. Neither does decade […]

    Watts Up With That?

  25. Johnny Jolly Charged With Possession Again

    Trouble brews for Houston native Johnny Jolly once again. The defensive end, who was suspended from the Green Bay […]

    CBS Houston

  26. Why Going to Church Can Make You Fat

    Maybe it’s all the church socials, but a new study finds that those who attend religious activities are more likely […]

    TIME Healthland

  27. Psycho Mike Readies Part 2 Of His Diabolical Plan For Dancing With the Stars

    It only took Psycho Mike one week on Dancing With the Stars to turn the entire country against him. Last week, his partn […]


  28. Here’s Why Google Is Holding Honeycomb Back

    Google’s Honeycomb version of Android (s goog) may have left the hive for a few tablets, but don’t expect to see any […]


  29. K-Pop Dibilang Alay, Indra Herlambang Tak Terima

    Kecintaan terhadap K-Pop yang menghinggapi presenter Indra Herlambang. Akibatnya, Indra harus menerima ledekan dari […]


  30. Groupon’s “Real” U.S. Revenue Numbers For February

    Two days ago, I published the chart below with monthly estimates of Groupon’s U.S. revenues. The chart shows a […]


  31. First Names

    Failbook – Funny Facebook Status Messages ( Failbooking )

  32. The Craziest Guy in the Room: A Portrait of Gaddafi by Platon

    Three inches from one of the most notorious dictators in history, the photographer Platon focused tightly on the black […]


  33. SECUESTRAN y MATAN a “La Gata”, conductor de Televisa: NUEVO LEN, Mxico

    Monterrey, NL.- Aproximadamente a las 20 horas del jueves, tres sujetos armados que se cubrían el rostro con […]


  34. Kibeszélő a válogatott meccsre

    Esélyek, élmények, hangulatok. Hajrá Magyarok! […]

    Üllői út 129

  35. Conductor de Televisa ”La Gata” fue secuestrado con otras dos personas reportan

    STAFF:MTXnoticias/KuazarFM/por: Redacción Monterrey – El conductor de Televisa Monterrey José Luis Cerda […]

    KUAZAR FM canal 14Mexico

  36. Center City Store Brawl Caught On Tape

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A brawl involving a number of young people, mostly girls, resulted in several arrests and charges […]

    CBS Philly

  37. Samsung Apps marketplace hits 100 million downloads

    [cfsp key=”google_adsense_300x250″]”Over 100 million apps have been downloaded from Samsung Electronics’ mobile and TV […]


  38. Is Samsung’s New Galaxy Tab Fibbing About Its Figure? And About Those Galaxy Tab Fans…

    At CTIA Wireless earlier this week, Samsung announced a new 10.1″ Galaxy Tab tablet–one with specs that made it […]


  39. Worst Person Ever of the Day

    Worst Person Ever of the Day: 6-year-old Enzo, who was diagnosed with life-threatening Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at […]

    The Daily What

  40. ‘Worthless Coward’ Gribble Guilty In NH Home Invasion Murder

    NASHUA, N.H. (CBS) – A jury quickly found 21-year-old Christopher Gribble guilty of murder Friday in the Mont Vernon […]

    CBS Boston

  41. O noes! Atheists ignore history!

    If you can stomach more Gnu Atheist-bashing from fellow atheists, there are two new pieces.  Both were inspired by […]

    Why Evolution Is True

  42. Sources: Port Authority Union Plan Rejected

    PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Emotions are running high as the transit union and the Port Authority try to negotiate a deal that […]

    CBS Pittsburgh

  43. Syair Sgp Sabtu 26/03/2011

    Suara Nisan: NENEK KRAMAT 26-03-2011

    Rere waunya empatblas mata… Ipitulempa rirante padoma; Epentotonya moje […]

    Echonx's Blog

  44. Body Found In Car Pulled From Water At Discovery Park

    [worldnow id=5693210 width=385 height=288 type=video]

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A body has been found inside a car […]

    CBS Sacramento

  45. Rob Halford

    Detail of a kick ass coat I did for Rob’s last tour.  I’ll dig up some video if it’s out there (here it is, see […]


  46. Comentando um pouco,

    Sobre o release de hoje!
    Mais tarde teremos o release da semana que será sobre o Lord do Caos, de Sandsea. Talvez […]

    AQWorlds Brasil

  47. Good Lord, Kwame Geathers.

    I can’t say what the new S & C program has done for other players, but Geathers looks impressive.

    If his game […]

    Get The Picture

  48. The Art of Riding the Bubble

    People are increasingly asking whether there is a Bubble underway in the tech business.  The answer is that by the […]

    SmoothSpan Blog

  49. Bubble Display

    As hackers we have come up with some pretty wild and unique ways to display data, but that never stops us from […]

    Hack a Day

  50. Probably Bad News: A Delicious Texican Stand Off

    Epic Fail Funny Videos and Funny Pictures

  51. How To: Fabric Headboard

    My apartment has two bedrooms: a large one with no discernible closet, and a small one with a glorious amount of closet […]

  52. Iggy’s coalition problem

    The day-after-the-budget press conference was going rather well for Michael Ignatieff, until the predictable, […]

  53. Pug 4 Life

    Yo, when you pick a pooch, ya just gotta pick a pug
    ‘Cause a pug gives a hug that’s as sweet as a love drug
    Ain’t no […]

    Cute Overload

  54. Exclusive: The Answer to THE Question – Did Tai Remember Rob and Reese?

    After reading the Entertainment Weekly article yesterday, no doubt everyone was wanting to know the answer to the […]

    Water for Elephants – The Movie Fan Site Starring Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon & Christoph Waltz

  55. UPDATE: Hazelwood Crackdown on Girl Scout Cookies

    HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KMOX/AP) – The city of Hazelwood says they do support the Girl Scouts but not when they are violating […]

    CBS St. Louis

  56. Target Sues San Diego Gay Rights Group

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — A judge said Friday he would issue a ruling next week in a lawsuit filed by Target Corp. against a […]

    CBS Minnesota

  57. A Votação

    O Pacheco Pereira… enfim… não há pachorra para este tipo de ressabiamento! Quanto às senhoras, escuso-me a ser […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  58. Singapore Sabtu 26/03/2011

    # # # # # # # # #
    SELAMAT […]

    Blognya Pecinta Togel Singapore

  59. A mass of imbecile enthusiasms.

    It’s been yet another mental week in policing. Literally.

    Wiltshire: the first documented hounding to death of a […]


  60. Army accused of covering up mistakes in Afghan battle

    Editor’s note: For more on this story, watch Drew Griffin’s report on CNN’s “In the Arena,” tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

    By […]

    Afghanistan Crossroads

  61. Today Is Molly and McGee Day

    Let’s Celebrate and Reminisce.  Get out your Molly mugs, put on your favorite Cafepress T-shirt, […]

    Molly's Box

  62. Look What Happened To Jeff 3 Minutes After We Talked To Him On The Air Friday Morning…And Then A Few Minutes After […]

    Jeff was on his way to meet his friendfor lunch in Wooster Ohio got a ticket from the SAME OFFICER a few minutes after […]

    KyXy 96.5

  63. Villa to launch ‘Bells are Ringing’ as official anthem – DETAILS added

    Not sure I agree with the premise the club should do this. I firmly believe any anthem should be started from the […]

    Aston Villa News and Views

  64. Unpaid jobs: The new normal?

    While businesses are generally wary of the risks of using unpaid labor, companies that have used free workers say it […]

    Management and Career

  65. Is this Bigfoot?

    You need to see this video and decide. Is this Bigfoot?

    Did you hear that snarl? A man says he was able to film […]

    Morning Express

  66. Friday Caption Competition

    We have a copy of Heather Brooke’s The Silent State: Secrets, Surveillance and the Myth of British Democracy to […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  67. Hipster Crayolas

    Been Done Black

    Ironic Orange

    Pabst Ribbon Blue

    Jaded Green

    Pink? Please.

    Saffron, Before It Was […]


  68. CEO Friday: Why we don’t hire .NET programmers

    As you might know, we’re hiring the best programmers in the world.  Sure, everyone says that.  But my coders will […]

    Expensify Blog

  69. Dt 26509

    Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26509
    Hints and tips by Gazza
    + – + – + – + – + – + – + – +
    BD Rating – […]

    Big Dave's Crossword Blog

  70. Friday Show Blog (3/25/2011)


    If you want a NINJA sticker don’t forget to […]

  71. Highlight desta Eleição!

    Ao menos há circo para o povo.

    O Cacifo do Paulinho

  72. Reese Witherspoon Introduces “Moody” New Scents for Avon

    Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty; Inset: Courtesy Avon
    Reese Witherspoon is a woman of many moods — at least, when it […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  73. Horario España República Checa

    Horarios partidos España


    Jueves 24 Marzo

    Amistoso Sub-21  

    Noticias de Futbol

  74. SNS… Dior

    Check out these HQ Cosmo pictures of the “Dior” line after the jump, and bask in their natural radiance and […]

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

  75. Bernstein: Last Night’s NCAA Games Worth Our Time

    By Dan Bernstein–

    I will be the first person to agree that the NCAA tournament isn’t what it used to be, with […]

    CBS Chicago

  76. عكس از مزدوران مشهد :شركت كنند در تجمع مقابل دفترسازمان ملل

    {{{ اطلاعات رسيده توسط سپاه ابومسلم تيپ 4 }}}}
    (توضیح اینکه عکسها […]

    شكار بسيجي

  77. RIM’s BlackBerry a ‘broken brand’: Analyst

    Shares of beleaguered BlackBerry maker Research in Motion Ltd. were down $6.41 or -10.26% to $56.08 on the Toronto […]

    Financial Post | Business

  78. VIDEO NORA PENTRU MAMA 5′ – Emisiune inregistrata din 25.03.2011


  79. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! Arsenal’s on pitch dilemma.

    That was a piece stolen from a book written by Paul Mariner, ex Gooner.

    Let’s all count the international captains […]

    Le Grove – Arsenal blog featuring Arsenal news

  80. Is This Reese Witherspoon’s Wedding Dress?

    [tiImage width=”340″ height=”450″ url=”” […] What's Right Now

  81. Bad to the (iced) bone

    Happy Friday! I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and icing like the bad self that I am. I’ve got stuff to take […]


  82. So Does Everyone… – Forever Alone, Pedobear, Y U No, and Troll Face

  83. Đừng yêu em 10.4


    Phù Dung Gia

  84. Gov. Brown Signs $8B In Cuts, Urges Unions For Concessions

    SACRAMENTO (CBS / AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown signed bills Thursday that cut $8.2 billion from the state’s $26.6 billion […]

    CBS San Francisco

  85. Celebrity Abs Guess Who!

    This actor moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Carnegie Mellon and had his first semi-successful audition […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  86. The Y and Z Axes

    It’s tempting to think of Johannesburg ’03. Australia v India. The grandest stage. Australia, the favorites,  bat […]


  87. Butler, Not Duke, Is On Brink of Final Four

    NEW ORLEANS — Duke and Butler, linked by a 2010 national championship game that was as much about the loser as it […]

    NCAA Tournament – Luke Winn –

  88. Prediksi Sabtu


  89. Hjemmelaget potetchips

    Chips blir mye bedre om du lager det selv!



  90. It’s the Friday Puzzle!

    Hope you have had a good week.  Imagine arranging 6 glasses in a row and filling three of them with water like […]

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  91. [Photo] SHINee for Auction Photoshoot

    [Photo] SHINee for Auction Photoshoot


    .::We aRe Shining::.

  92. Die RAF ist zurück!

    Die Terrororganisation RAF ist zurück!

    Nach eigenen Angaben hat die RAF  ihren “Widerstandskampf” gegen den […]

    Tapfer im Nirgendwo

  93. Burning Tree Fire 100% Contained

    FRANKTOWN, Colo. (CBS4)- Firefighters have been fighting a fire burning east of Franktown. All 8,500 people evacuated […]

    CBS Denver

  94. Friday Firepower: Strike like a Cobra in High-Res (21 HQ Photos)

    [chivegallery size=”full” columns=”1″]
    theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures for Friday Firepower
    Submit your […]


  95. The Little Black Dress Contest: Vote For Your Favorite!

    Here are the contestants for The Little Black Dress Contest!

    The contestant with the most votes between NOW and […]

    WTIC FM 965 TIC

  96. Morning coffee (32 HQ photos)

    [chivegallery size=”full” columns=”1″]

    Thanks for submitting original awesome/hilarious photos! Click HERE to upload […]


  97. Top Analyst Upgrades & Downgrades (ALTR, MT, ADM, BRCM, HOC, JBLU, MD, NVTL, ORCL, RIMM, SAI, SUP, UTHR)

    These are some of the top analyst upgrades, downgrades, and initiations seen from Wall Street research calls this […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  98. Doggie Style

    Um, welcome to Japan I guess.

    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  99. I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of New York Review/Preview LuAnn de Lesseps

    IHJZ  Real Housewives of New York Review/Preview Luann de Lesseps and A Bethenny Sighting.

    Real Housewives of New […]

    Lynnnchicago101's Blog

  100. Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Launch Madness Descends On The United Kingdom

    The Nintendo 3DS officially launched in the United Kingdom today with hefty queues and predicted stock […]

    My Nintendo News

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