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  1. Steve Carell finishes filming on ‘The Office’ today

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Trae […]


  2. Rep. Rangel Causes Stir In Courtroom, Gets Reprimanded By Judge

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Congressman Charles Rangel caused a stir in court Friday while trying to lend his support for […]

    CBS New York

  3. 20 lies (and counting) told by Gov. Walker

    We’re used to politicians stretching the truth, but the level of deception and dishonesty Wisconsin’s governor has […]

    Russ' Filtered News

  4. ‘Saturday Night Live’ review: Miley Cyrus and a show better than ‘pretty cool’: It was pretty funny

    Miley Cyrus’ distinctive speech pattern — a Nashville twang bouncing against glottal stops — is both distracting and […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  5. Phil Collins Apologizes for Success as He Quits Music

    Is it something in the air or does Collins hold quite a bit of resentment toward his haters? […]


  6. Huckabee clarifies Portman criticism

    (CNN) — Mike Huckabee is explaining comments he made earlier this week criticizing Oscar winner Natalie Portman for […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  7. Lost Sign of the Day

    Lost Sign of the Day: I truly have an endless love for this sign that’s louder than words.
    Make your own!
    [fcoti / […]

    The Daily What

  8. Steve Jobs’ reality distortion takes its toll on truth

    Apple twisted facts and used an erroneous quotation to try to convince crowds that all other tablets had no shot at […]

    Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  9. Florida mom arrested in death of daughter found in pest control truck

    Police in Florida have arrested Carmen Barahona on a murder charge in the death of Nubia Barahona, her adoptive […]

    This Just In

  10. OMG/JK: A Kiss For iPad 2, A Slap For Xoom

    [tc_ooyala code=”RuODFiMjoG5c6Kb1Rrz1KTAd76IUEzba”]

    It’s war!

    This week, I went to the unveiling of the iPad 2 […]


  11. 『非モテタイムズ』の配信停止要望を大手メディアに送った報告とその全文


    主婦兼ライターをさ […]

    MagicGunner Press

  12. ‘Captain America’: First look at Red Skull! Plus, director Joe Johnston on why he prefers Cap to a certain man of steel […]

    Most superheroes are only as good as their villains are bad. In this summer’s Captain America: The First Avenger, […]

    Inside Movies

  13. WordPress Takes SXSW

    Next week a bunch of us from Automattic, the makers of, will be attending South by Southwest […] News

  14. Mike Huckabee criticizes Natalie Portman for being pregnant and unwed

    One person not cheering recent Oscar winner Natalie Portman? Mike Huckabee.

    The Fox News Channel host has criticized […]

    The Marquee Blog

  15. Lady Gaga performs with 10-year-old YouTube sensation Maria Aragon–VIDEO

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Stephen Fernandez/Splash […]

    The Music Mix

  16. Friends Say Relationship Between Murdered Skinhead And ‘Person of Interest’ Had Been Deteriorating

    [worldnow id=5626592 width=385 height=288 type=video]

    CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. (CBS13) —Friends and family are now […]

    CBS Sacramento

  17. The Sixteen States That are Killing Their Pensions

    For decades, public employees have had pension plans identical to those provided by most large American companies. […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  18. Bill Would Ban Photos At Accident Scenes

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WBBM) — A state lawmaker doesn’t want drivers to stop and take pictures or videos of vehicle […]

    CBS Chicago

  19. Huge ‘Game of Thrones’ news: ‘Dance With Dragons’ publication date revealed! — EXCLUSIVE

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”” align=”right”]Are […]

    Shelf Life

  20. iPad May Be Magical. Apps Aren’t. Here’s Why.

    It has been nearly a year since I first came in close contact with the original iPad. It blew my mind, and since then, […]


  21. TechCrunch: Apple iPad 2: Good; Motorola Xoom: Bad

    [cfsp key=”google_adsense_300x250″]”This week, I went to the unveiling of the iPad 2 and got some hands-on time with […]


  22. Kid Crazy: Why We Exaggerate the Joys of Parenthood

    All parents know that having kids is a blessing — except when it’s a nightmare of screaming fits, diapers, runny […]

    TIME Healthland

  23. How Apple and Google Became the Two Most Admired Companies in the World

    Early in my reporting for Fortune’s annual survey of the World’s Most Admired Companies, it became apparent that […]


  24. More than just winning: Why Charlie Sheen is news, like it or not

    In the tiger blood-fueled media blitz of the last week, which has seen Charlie Sheen show up everywhere from TMZ to […]

    Piers Morgan

  25. SPOILER: WWE está molesta por Tweet

    Por favor, si no quieres enterarte, no des click en Leer Más/Continue Reading/Continuar Leyendo.
    […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  26. Abused stray dog put to sleep due to injuries

    Wander is put to sleep some four months after it was first hit with a metal chain. (Photo: Mdm Wong’s Shelter)

    A […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Singapore's blog

  27. The Empire Strikes Out

    Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

    I guess having electricity when you need it is sooooo last century … UK families […]

    Watts Up With That?

  28. Rosa Acosta Stretches…Oh Lawd… Who Knew She Was Double Jointed???

    Rosa Acosta shows her Twitter followers how to stretch and bend.  Booti-Ful…

    Peep More Bangin’ Candy Here […]

    Hip-Hop Wired: Keeping You Informed With The Latest on Hip-Hop Culture, Rappers, Hip Hop News, Rap and Entertainment News, Black Politics, Video Vixens, Music Reviews and Urban Lifestyle…

  29. Sunderland are owed some Arsenal payback + Hazard deal update

    So, today the Blackcats come to town. We owe them a spanking after a few naughty results we’ve had against them over […]

    Le Grove – Arsenal blog featuring Arsenal news

  30. I-95 Re-Opened After Crash Kills 4

    MIAMI ( – What started as an early morning 3 car chain-reaction crash on I-95 that left people shaken up […]

    CBS Miami

  31. Get The Snow Shovels And Scrapers Ready

    [worldnow id= 5632270 width=420 height=278 type=video]

    DENVER – Just when you thought spring was around the […]

    CBS Denver

  32. Meet Zac Hanson’s Baby Girl, Junia Rosa Ruth!

    World, meet Junia Rosa Ruth!

    The 11-week-old daughter of Zac Hanson and his wife Kate arrived just before Christmas, […]

    Moms & Babies –

  33. Step 1: Befriend Several Randon LaShondas. Step 2…

    *begins slow clap*

    Failbook – Funny Facebook Status Messages ( Failbooking )

  34. Three Wild Ones

    It’s not a Top 12 — it’s a Top 13, America! So one more child gets to live, and the promo introducing last night’s […]

    TV Recaps

  35. Police: Baby Thrown In Snow Bank

    [worldnow id=5632622 width=450 height=375 type=video]

    By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV


    CBS Minnesota

  36. MTV Bans Kanye West “Monster” Video

    Kanye West’s “Monster” was no match for the suits at MTV. The network responded to feminine activists Sharon Haywood […]

    Rap Radar

  37. Win All 3 of the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection!!!

    Hi Guys and Dolls!

    If you follow me on twitter you’re probably expecting a MAC Haul video this weekend, but I want […]

    Vintage or Tacky

  38. Miranda Kerr Hits the Catwalk Two Months After Baby

    Chris Moore/Getty
    Hot mama alert! Miranda Kerr surprised the audience at Thursday’s Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  39. [Picture] Konser Terakhir U-Kiss Bersama Alexander di Medan

    Konser terakhir U-KISS bersama Alexander di Medan, telah berakhir. KOnser berakhir dengan pidato terima kasih dari […]


  40. Top five teams of the future

    By Mark Haubner

    While Zach Lowe hobnobs with NBA royalty and stats geeks at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics […]

    The Point Forward

  41. Prediksi Senin

    MINGGU 06-03-2011


    CB=3 7

    WJB HADIR DI […]


  42. And where the hell were we?

    Hello there!

    Long time since we last spoke! Quick updates:

    Support team strength = developer team strength. As […]

    Notion Ink

  43. [NEWS] G-Dragon saves a mother and her son at Big Show Concert!

    I am someone who went to Big Show.

    I went to the first concert(Day 1) with my family and we were on the 3rd floor. […]

    iBigBang Fansite

  44. Late Night Homely Guess Who!

    Listen…I love the guy to death and I think his music is amazing, but he is one of the most unfortunate looking […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  45. Alternative Premier League Table

    60 – Man Utd (29)
    57 – Arsenal (28)
    53 – Man City (29)
    48 – Chelsea […]

    The First Eleven

  46. Quiapo among the world’s ‘most notorious’ places for piracy

    By Alexander Villafania,
    For Yahoo! Southeast Asia

    QUIAPO CITY, METRO MANILA – The Manila district of […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News

  47. And now for no apparent reason… Kittens… in… Bowls!

    For no apparent reason!

    God Bless the Japanese.

    Lindsey B. couldn’t believe we hadn’t posted this yet. ME TOO.

    Cute Overload

  48. Cops Chase Alleged DUI Suspect In Burbank, And Stolen Car Suspect Downtown

    BURBANK (CBS) — Police chased a DUI suspect in Burbank Friday evening and less than an hour later chased a stolen car […]

    CBS Los Angeles

  49. The Joy of Rooting Against LeBron

    The bitterness, if it ever was really bitterness, has subsided for me now. I know it hasn’t for everyone. I know that […]

    Joe Posnanski

  50. ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’ hit with federal fines

    The makers of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark were fined $12,600 today for workplace safety violations issued by the U.S. […]

    News Briefs

  51. Arsenal will win the Premiership.

    The last four games have been a real test for Man United, and they have failed miserably. Let’s face it, United have […]

    Arsenal Opinion

  52. Dear Writer: I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have Time to CRUSH YOU

    Holly Black — who is awesome — has a post on her LiveJournal concerning a recent shibboleth floating about regarding […]


  53. Verizon iPhone 4 Camera – Mini Review

    I just switched to Verizon’s iPhone. I love it. One of the things that I was most interested in was camera […]


  54. Why Data Structures Matter

    Our experience on Day 0 of JPR11 yielded a nice example of the need to choose an appropriate implementation of an […]

    Sliding up the banister

  55. Pedobear

    Yes, he’s in this picture.

    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  56. SS3 Shanghai, CHINA – 2011 | Heechul got hurt by a fanboard

    [PIC] 110305 #SS3Shanghai – Heechul is not feeling well cuz someone hit things on the stage ( […]

    Super Junior

  57. ‘New signing’ to make his debut today against Sunderland?

    Yep, it’s true, Aaron Ramsey, who’s return will be classed as being ‘like a new signing’, could make his return […]

    Highbury House

  58. Guy who took a picture of his face for 8 years FouTube Facebook scam

    Facebook scammers have been at this game for a while now. They take an interesting YouTube clip that is gaining […]

    Naked Security

  59. ‘Rango,’ ‘Cowboys & Aliens,’ Red Dead Redemption search for new Old West

    The great American western rode off into the sunset decades ago but Hollywood is saddling up with cowboy mythology […]

    Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times

  60. FINALA SAPTAMANII NORA PENTRU MAMA 5′- Emisiune inregistrata din 05.03.2011


  61. Josh Peck – Forever Alone, Pedobear, Y U No, and Troll Face

  62. [Trans] 110306 JYJ Twitter Update


    Another j.y self-composed song is born today, it feels great to compose new music

    With all his […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  63. Győzelem a Honvéd ellen

    Három pontot szereztünk, ez a legjobb, amit a meccsről el lehet mondani. […]

    Üllői út 129

  64. (INFO) 3hree Voices’s Japanese Staff deletes his entry for calling Jaejoong “The Leader”

    The 3hree voices japanese staff deleted his entry titled ‘Jaejoong is so responsible’, apparently some people attacked […]


  65. DSDS 2011 – 2. Mottoshow (5.3.2011) – Alle Videos und Infos – von Thomas Lachetta

    Nina Richel brach zusammen ! Gemeiner Zickenkrieg zwischen Anna-Carina […]

    Thomas Lachetta's Politik- und Boulevard-Blog

  66. [Fan Photo] Onew at KBS Founding Anniversary Special 110303

    [Fan Photo] Onew at KBS Founding Anniversary Special 110303 {updated}


    .::We aRe Shining::.

  67. End of US Tour

    End of the US tour.  It was a fun and memorable one.  Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, and sent the band […]

    Mike Shinoda's Blog

  68. Lighting, Flashes, Flash Busses

    It seems like these days if you’re a photographer and you’re not either blogging about lighting, writing a book […]

    Fake Chuck Westfall

  69. Dirty Afternoon Randomness (27 HQ Photos)

    [chivegallery size=”full” columns=”1″]
    theTHROTTLE wants to show off your random pictures
    Submit your Photos here


  70. WIN: Lost? More Like AWESOME!

    See more epic wins on FAILBlog’s silver lining, WIN!

    Epic Fail Funny Videos and Funny Pictures

  71. DT 26492 (Hints)

    Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26492 (Hints)
    Big Dave’s Saturday Crossword Club
    + – + – + – + – + – + – + – […]

    Big Dave's Crossword Blog

  72. iPad 2 キーノートの何が大切だったか


    John Gruber […]


  73. Suspect Held In Connection With Murder Of Arlington Pastor

    updated 3/5/11 – 7:15 p.m.

    ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – Police are holding Steven Lawayne Nelson, 24, on a pending […]

    CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

  74. Teens Arrested After Flash Mob Incident At Liberty Place

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police say five teenagers are in custody after a flash mob gathered at Liberty Place in Center […]

    CBS Philly

  75. Por qué les odian

    El director de cine Borja Cobeaga escribe en El País “Nos odian” y se pregunta al final:
    Un momento, los que leéis […]

    Ricardo Galli, de software libre

  76. Prediksi Shio,AI,2D Edisi Minggu,06/03/2011



    Jalur 1 = 30%

    4 – 10

    Jalur 2 =15%

    8 – […]


  77. Điểm tin mới (cập nhật liên tuc)

    Trang chính của TTHN hiện đang bị phá hoại, do vậy mời bạn đọc truy cập tại địa […]


  78. Commitment to Open

    I joined Red Hat in 2001, naive yet undaunted about the potential to transform the IT industry through open source. Our […]

    Red Hat News

  79. E-motional affairs: How Facebook leads to infidelity

    Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor and New York Times best-selling author, blogs about sex on Thursdays on The Chart. […]

    The Chart

  80. ICE uses wide set of tools to hunt for media pirates

    If you’re rebroadcasting copyrighted video streams how will the authorities ever track you down? Well it looks like […]

    Hack a Day

  81. Nintendo: Michael Pachter Believes “Long-Term, Nintendo Is Doomed”

    Outspoken games industry analyst Michael Pachter has hit back at Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s keynote at the […]

    My Nintendo News

  82. Daniel Montalvo v. Church of Scientology, et al

    “You have seen how a man was made a slave; you shall see how a slave was made a man.”

    – Frederick Douglass, […]

    Moving On Up a Little Higher

  83. تفاوت تلخی و شیرینی عکسها

    عکسهای جهان پهلوان تختی یکی در شروع زندگی دوباره  و دیگری در  […]

    وبلاگی مخصوص شیطون ها

  84. Black R15 Wannabe . . . dari Bogor Juga Euuy

    Bro sekalian, beberapa Pekan yang Lalu Bro Moonsight Abe japri saya Via fb, menanyakan tempat memasang Fairing R15 […]

    TMCBlog – Motorcycle News

  85. Jennifer Lopez’s Lipstick on American Idol

    [tiImage width=”340″ height=”450″ url=”” […] What's Right Now

  86. Child Dies In Fayette Co. Fire

    GEORGES TOWNSHIP (KDKA) –- A baby boy lost his life when a massive fire erupted at a home in Fayette County early […]

    CBS Pittsburgh

  87. Strong… but not today. {Happy Anniversary}

    For all the people who say I am “STRONG”, that they could NEVER go through something like this: I didn’t have a […]

    When I Count My Blessings…

  88. Cats Quote Charlie Sheen

    All quotes taken verbatim from Charlie Sheen’s recent radio interview on The Alex Jones Show.

    NEW: Cats Quote […]

    Medium Large

  89. Brilliant New ‘Patrol Hub’ System SHOCK!

    This weekend we start the new Patrol Hub deployments.

    This is a brilliant new idea from the men who gave us, well, […]


  90. 3rd Cop Jailed For Alleged Role In CoCo County Drug Ring

    DANVILLE  (CBS/BCN) —  A deputy sheriff with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office was arrested Friday on […]

    CBS San Francisco

  91. Kyuhyun dan Sungmin bertengkar ???

    Fakta Kyumin : Mengapa Sungmin marah ? Cerita ini tentang Kyumin. Eunhyuk dan Leeteuk membicarakan ini di […]

    Yeppopo 한국 POP 좋아요

  92. .: {KyuNara Scene} We Got Married (3rd Story) :.

    picture credit : owner @ tumblr
    edit by : icha_kyura


    …MBC’s We Got Married Recording Studio…
    “Ah, […]

    Superjunior Fanfiction

  93. SOCA Monarch 2011 results


    Machel Montano HD – Advantage [view on youtube]
    Neil Iwer George aka The Boss – Come To Me [view on […]


  94. Updated: Allegation of Mass Shooting of Shelter Dogs in SC

    The so-called animal shelter in Chesterfield Co, SC was, until late last year, a gassing facility.  Some of you […]


  95. Vô diệm vương phi 54

    Edit: Phu Dung

    Graphic: qoop!!


    Phù Dung Gia

  96. Introducing the Leveraxe

    There, I Fixed It – Redneck Repairs

  97. Japanese Magazine Predicts The End Of Girls’ Generation?

    The fall of an era? or just harmless gossip?



  98. Đánh cắp tình yêu [Chương 11.1]

    Chương 11.1: Gặp tại tiệc cưới
    Edit + Beta: ss Phương Mai + bichan

    Giản Tình cảm thấy so bì […]

    Vio & Bino – Vi ừn Bi ^^

  99. Retirement Plan: Prison

    Pension gone?  Retirement fund stolen?  Cost of health benefits unaffordable?  Consider the retirement plan I’ve […]

    Aging and Other Inconveniences

  100. One American city and a topic: beautiful women from Seattle (41 Photos)

    Find photos of unknown models in Seattle here
    If you have a city that needs to be shown-off, send […]


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