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  1. Lindsay Lohan accuser fired

    Dawn Holland, the Betty Ford Center employee who filed a criminal complaint against Lindsay Lohan after an alleged […]

    News Briefs

  2. TRENDING: Huckabee takes Michelle Obama’s side over Palin

    (CNN) – Mike Huckabee is weighing in on the Sarah Palin v. Michelle Obama face-off when it comes to suggesting […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  3. The Best TV Character Deaths of 2010

    [tiImage url=”” credit=” Michael Courtney/Fox” […]


  4. Two firefighters dead, 14 injured after roof collapse

    [Updated at 11:27 a.m. ET] Two firefighters were killed and 14 others were injured after a building that was on fire […]

    This Just In

  5. What Would Sachin Tendulkar’s CV Look Like?

    Ever wondered what the CVs of famous people would look like? No doubt, these would be extremely impressive and hard to […]

    Fit to Post: Yahoo! India News

  6. Natalie Portman’s bottom gets digitally de-thonged in new ‘Your Highness’ trailer

    Here at EW, we watch trailers to anticipate the drama, intrigue, and artistic vision of upcoming films. Especially if […]

    Inside Movies

  7. “Christian famous” pastor quits his church, moves to Asia

    By, Eric Marrapodi, CNN

    He pastored a 4,000-member church in California. He was a sought-after speaker at major […]

    CNN Belief Blog

  8. Not Just A Contact Form

    The short version of this story is that the contact form on has been upgraded. But that leaves out so […] News

  9. Lady Gaga: Pantless in Paris

    Marc Piasecki/WireImage
    Quite obviously, Lady Gaga simply didn’t have a thing to wear in Paris. Before the second of […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  10. 15 Extremely Embarrassing Science Predictions

    In a previous list (top 30 failed technology predictions) we gave a series of quotes which all turned out to be […]


  11. Paris Hilton’s flight evacuated after knife found on board

    Travel safety waits for no celeb: Paris Hilton was among the passengers asked to deplane from a Delta flight headed to […]

    The Marquee Blog

  12. Introducing Eden – III

    Hello All,

    Here we are with your 3rd video. We will cover Sniffer here and show how it handles files. It’s a simple […]

    Notion Ink

  13. Rex On Foot-Fetish Videos: It’s A Personal Matter

    NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — New York Jets coach Rex Ryan says it’s a “personal matter” and declined to talk about a […]

    CBS New York – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY

  14. Was It Google And Verizon Or The FCC That Just Screwed Us On Mobile Net Neutrality?

    We’ve already covered the FCC Net Neutrality vote earlier today, but something new has come to light. Something that’s […]


  15. WWE Smackdown! (Cobertura y resultados 21 de Diciembre del 2010) – John Cena venció a Dolph Ziggler y a Vickie […]

    World Wrestling Entertainment presenta: WWE Smackdown! desde el AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.
    LUCHAS […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  16. Smokers Need Not Apply

    NEWBURYPORT (CBS) — If you smoke, don’t bother applying for a job at Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport.

    The […]

    CBS Boston – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and Boston's Best

  17. Josh Farro on Paramore departure: ‘We’ve always been treated as less important than Hayley.’

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”RD/Kirkland/Retna Ltd” […]

    The Music Mix

  18. Quote of the Week – Total Ecplise of the Moonbat

    Dr. Richard North of the EU Referendum has few words for George Monbiot regarding his recent claim that cold […]

    Watts Up With That?

  19. Godless stuff and rude illusion

    Two things today.  First, here is a short video of me backstage at the Godless shows (there are others at the New […]

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  20. Budget Cuts To Darken SoCal City Street Lights

    VISTA (AP) — To trim $9 million from their budget, Vista officials say they will shut off half of the city’s […]

    CBS Los Angeles- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of LA

  21. An Interview With the Nativity Innkeeper

    Your name, please.

    Ben Cohen.


    Retired. I was an innkeeper.

    In Bethlehem.


    And […]


  22. Best Santa Pic Ever

  23. So ya think your Call of Duty game is intense, here’s the real thing (Video)

    theTHROTTLE wants to show off your unique Photos
    Submit your Photos here


  24. Honest taxi driver asks people to ‘be fair’

    By Marjorie Gorospe,
    For Yahoo! Southeast Asia

    QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA — Although recognized for his […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News

  25. La autopista de seis carriles que termina en mitad del campo

    The road to nowhere. La auténtica y genuína (clic para ampliar)
    Sí, amigos, una superautopista de seis carriles, […]


  26. Working on the Lungs

    Walking into his room, amidst only a handful of staff and a few other babies in the NICU seemed somewhat surreal this […]


  27. MTV to air special report tackling abortion Dec. 28 (Exclusive)

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”MTV” align=”left”]After […]

    Inside TV

  28. Skype Goes Down. Millions Impacted. Skype responds

    Updated with response from Skype: If you are one of Skype’s many users who use the service to make a living or to talk […]


  29. Police: Man On Facebook Is Not The ‘Kensington Strangler’

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police say someone posted false information on Facebook identifying a city man as the […]

    CBS Philly – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Philadelphia

  30. How #MooreandMe Worked

    I’ve been riveted by the #MooreandMe campaign (for the uninitiated, #MooreandMe is a Twitter-based campaign initiated […]

    Millicent and Carla Fran

  31. John Galt Tells Oregon Politicians to Screw Off

    The Oregon Ducks will compete for the national championship early next month, so they’ve had a good season. […]

    International Liberty

  32. ‘I hope ardent fans can help pay fine’

    Tampines Rovers vice-captain Aliff Shafaein (in yellow), has been jailed for three weeks and fined S$10,500. (Photo […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Singapore's blog

  33. Cipha Sounds Suspended From Hot 97

    Rap Radar

  34. Foto masa lalu Song Hye Kyo dipuji netizen

    Foto2 masa lalu Song Hye-kyo menjadi pembicaraan panas.

    Baru-baru ini, dalam satu website komunitas internet, […]


  35. Da Bondi a Capezzone, ecco i dieci berlusconiani più repellenti dell’anno – La classifica

    Fine anno. Tempo di bilanci. Un po’ ovunque, su web e giornali, fanno capolino classifiche di ogni tipo: dalle cento […]

    Il Post Viola

  36. ¡Tracker de Rockhopper!

    Aviso: Este post está fijo, revisa más abajo para ver las noticias más nuevas de Club Penguin.

    ¡Hola pingüinos! […]

    Trucos de Club Penguin

  37. Here We Go Again

    Look at that, haters! She’s in a relationship!!

    Reblogging NonSociety

  38. Symbian Foundation is completing its transition to a licensing body

    In 2009, we established the Symbian Foundation to make the Symbian platform available open source and royalty-free. In […]

    Symbian Blog

  39. Don’t Ask, Don’t Snorgle

    [whispering Sir Richard Attenborough voice]

    Rarely seen in the wild*, a Mali monkeh snorgles a Dachshund puppeh… […]

    Cute Overload

  40. Chris Epting, Deathbat News And Fans Remember Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan One Year Later.

    Towards the end of last month I told you guys that Deathbat News and Chris Epting had something special up our sleeves […]

  41. I am LOUD and I am not okay with Etsy supporting RAPE.

    Wanna know what I’m talking about? What do I not approve of? I sent off this email this morning to Etsy: Hi, […]

    Hungry at the Speed of Life

  42. [Pic] JYJ Calendar (Limited Edition)

    yoochun so cute


    fashion follows yoochun

  43. Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 14 Recap

    Sorry to have to do this to all the M3-fans, but I’ve got more bad news. The news is not that I’m jumping ship […]

    A Koala's Playground

  44. “When You Grow a Pear…”

    Pic related.

    Failbook – Funny Facebook Status Messages ( Failbooking )

  45. 2 Firefighters Die In South Side Blaze

    UPDATED 12/22/10 4:27 p.m.

    CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM) — Two firefighters are dead, and 19 more were injured, in an […]

    CBS Chicago – Breaking News, Sports, Weather, Traffic, and the Best of Chicago

  46. Electronics: Why Your Mac May Not Be as Clean As You Think

    If, like me, you’ve contracted an unbreakable addiction to Apple products, then this really is the most wonderful time […]


  47. Julianna Margulies: Son’s Childhood Won’t Mirror My Own

    Dave Allocca/Startraks

    For Julianna Margulies, history won’t be repeating itself when it comes to raising […]

    Moms & Babies –

  48. Hasil Test Dyno On Wheel New Honda CBR 250R

    Bro sekalian, jam 22.30 malem saya memperoleh surel dari Bro Alvin Sebastian, pengunjung setia yang […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle™

  49. TuttiPazziPerLaFiction : I CESARONI 4 – ULTIMA puntata del 21/12/2010 – Anticipazioni.

    5 milioni 181 mila telespettori, e uno share del 19,33%. E’ questa la media di questa quarta serie de I […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  50. Nene Leakes Denies Pregnancy Rumors


    Hip-Hop Wired

  51. Wilshere Makes A Telling Comment

    The other day I read this article about Wilshere that had a few quotes. A couple of lines stood out.
    You never get […]

    Desi Gunner

  52. [Sập bẫy rồi!] Chương 17 (p.1)

    [Chết, sập bẫy rồi!]

    Dịch: Lucy

    Chương 17: Bước ngoặt (p.1) […]

    Lục Hoa

  53. Usmanov to up Arsenal stake, What the hell is the Golden boy award? And no go Bendtner.

    Usmanov has said he may increase his share to rival reclusive American Stanley Kroenke, shares are now valued at […]

    Le Grove – Arsenal blog featuring Arsenal news

  54. Total lunar eclipse

    See thousands more amazing photos from last nights lunar eclipse.

    Photos from byronjyu, bkushner, Sam […]

    Flickr Blog

  55. When Viral Goes Creepy: Children’s Choir Sings “Trololo”

    And the audience sings along. There’s something disconcerting about this… […]


  56. The most dangerous accessory of all

    In many areas, gloves are necessary this time of year, but these innocent-looking accessories are mischief-makers in […]

    Jewelers Mutual Blog

  57. The first of our Christmas double bill – what did you think?

    So there you have it. Top Gear is finally back on the nation’s screens: three undeniably great cars, two new […]

    Transmission – BBC Top Gear

  58. One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

    Hi Readers! In case you have some friends who still think you are IMAGINING a huge sea-change in our culture, a […]


  59. New contraceptive method to move forward in development!

    Contraception in development is probably my biggest pet project; I’ve given a couple presentations on the one-time […]


  60. Ông chủ kiêu ngạo – chương 2.2 (warning 20+)

    Phần 2:

    Edit: Yuyu (nếu Yuyu có muốn đổi tên khác thì liên hệ với BB nha)
    Beta: Bé […]

    Vườn hoa của bé bự…

  61. Contest: Win “Dead Money,” the First DLC for Fallout: New Vegas

    The blockbuster action-RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks gets its first […]


  62. The Food Safety Bill Finally Passes, But It’s Just the First Step

    Well, it only took three votes in the House of Representatives and two votes in the Senate, plus a little back and […]

    TIME Healthland

  63. Political Panto Season

    Get her!

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  64. DIY: Home Dent Repair

    Submitted by: Unknown

    Science, how does it work?

    There, I Fixed It – Redneck Repairs

  65. アップルのカレンダーは 2011 年もメジロ押し

    Computerworld がオモシロいカレンダーを載せている。来年のアップル製品発表予想だ。 […]


  66. Did Jon Stewart Turn the Tide on the 911 First Responders Bill?

    In his last show of the year, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart took Congress and the media to task for not making the […]


  67. Vacation Robo-Post: The 2010 Cincy Awards

    Last year around this time, I invented a new kind of TV award, or perhaps “award.” Like a lot of critics, I always list […]

    Tuned In

  68. Emotional Hester pays tribute to teammates

    [nfl-video id=”09000d5d81d16a15″ contentid=”09000d5d81d16a15″ ads=”2″ related=”home” size=”large” […] Blogs

  69. Puisi Hari Ibu; Bunda

    Bunda Kau kuat menanggung beban kandungan Sembilan bulan . Bunda Kau sabar membiarkanku berada di sana Hingga proses […]

    Catatan Cinta Sahaja

  70. Adventures In Clay: The Creation of Snowman Senor Chang

    Note: We have a rule in the Holmes household that any gift that is meant to be enjoyed during Christmas should be given […]

    More Whatnot

  71. Invincible Youth Ep 55 [English Subtitle]

    Guest : Taemin (SHINee)

    Comment, thank (Next time, if it still has less comments like IY 54, i will post it even […]

    Pikeyenny's Blog

  72. Hot girl thời bao cấp

    Thời bao cấp trai gái thời thượng không ai gọi là hot boy, hot girl. Không biết miền Nam gọi là […]

    Welcome to Bọ Lập's blog!

  73. VIDEO: Big Cats Open Christmas Presents

    Teh big kittehz celebrayted Catmas last yeer, 2!

    Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  74. Gouden Bikini: eerste stemronde

    Wie wint de Gouden Bikini 2010? De stemming vindt plaats in twee rondes. In de eerste ronde die loopt tot en met zondag […]

  75. Report: Harmful chemical found in tap water of 31 U.S. cities

    Millions of Americans in at least 31 U.S. cities could be drinking tap water contaminated with the harmful chemical […]

    The Chart

  76. No use in hiding it… let your inner NERD shine (22 photos)

    [chivegallery size=”full” columns=”1″]

    Click HERE for more dorky pics!


  77. In The Face FAIL

    Submitted through the FAIL Uploader

    Epic Fail Funny Videos and Funny Pictures

  78. .: {KyuNara Scene} Listen Girls, My First Kiss Story :.

    “Mwoya?!  Kissing scene?!”, teriak Ryeowook, Sungmin, Eunhyuk dan Yesung bersamaan.
    Kyuhyun mengangguk sambil […]

    Superjunior Fanfiction

  79. Series of storms hits Southern California

    Southern California has been hit by a string of heavy rains, with the latest storm causing flooding,  road closures […]


  80. Vì sao Hội nghị Trung ương 14 chưa bế mạc theo đúng lịch trình?

    Hai Xe Ôm
    Theo: Blog Phạm Viết Đào

    Theo tin các báo đã đưa: Hội nghị Trung ương lần thứ […]


  81. iBigBang Christmas Giveaway!!!


    It’s the holidays season!! Which means Giveaway time~!!!! ^^ […]

    iBigBang Fansite

  82. Tình cờ – c43.3

    Chương 43.3

    =)), chap này đồng đồng quá hay


    Ve's blog

  83. High School Guess Who!

    Too easy? Unclear, but the pencil-thin porn ‘stache is pretty sweet wouldn’t ya say?

    Via izismile

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  84. Chương 11: Vẻ đẹp khiến người ta ưu phiền (3)

    Phong Bình cùng Đường Ca Nam vào nhà, bác Lăng chạy từ trên tầng xuống, nói là hành lý đã […]

    Quangvan's Blog

  85. Worst Dishes 2010

    The saddest part of the worst dishes of 2010 is that 2 restaurants we have gone to almost since the beginning are no […]

    Refined Palate

  86. Pabrikan kecil,… mesti ngambil jalan ‘muteeer’ …!!!

    Well,… dalam persaingan motor di Indonesia yang sangat ketat ini… kadang cara yang dilakukan pabrikan kecil… […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs



  88. ‘Perfect Couples’ review: Imperfect humor

    Starring talented actors in a sitcom that’s stylized to the point of airlessness, Perfect Couples made an early […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  89. Best Office Ever!!!


    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  90. Pit Bulls Could Be Put Down For Second Attack

    By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two Minneapolis pit bull sisters are locked up after a man was bit […]

    CBS Minnesota – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic, and the Best of Minnesota

  91. Wanted

    Here are two photographs of the police officer I believe to have assaulted me. I have been told he has badge number […]

    Life on Wheels

  92. Family Survives After Car Plunges Into Yolo County Slough

    WOODLAND, Calif. (CBS13) — Two deputies helped a quick-thinking teen save her family after their car swerved into a […]

    CBS Sacramento – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Sacramento

  93. It’s official: Time to blow up Bobcats roster

    If it wasn’t official already, Monday’s 33-point loss to a Wizards team missing John Wall made it official: The […]

    The Point Forward

  94. Địa ngục sâu thẳm – 08 [2] (18+)

    Edit: Pu Pé Beta: T.B.Van charon “Hắn đã từng chạm vào ngươi?” Ca ca nói, giọng khàn […]


  95. Silver price estimates upped through 2013: Raymond James

    If the past year has been a good one for gold, then it’s been a great one for silver.

    Since August alone, silver […]

    Financial Post | Business

  96. Blackhawks Notebook: Stalberg Close To Returning [UPDATED]

    Sooner rather than later, reinforcements will be on their way, Blackhawks fans.

    Short of any setbacks at […]

    Chicago Blackhawks Blog

  97. ¿Podemos llevar a ET a casa?. SciLeaks publica la Patente Europea del Motor de Antimateria.

    Las evidencias científicas y documentadas, son públicas y notorias. Recuerden que ese es el espíritu de SciLeaks. […]

    Misterios de la Astrofísica.

  98. Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades (ABB, AKAM, AMGN, CCL, GOL, RHT, SUN, SVU, THC, TIBX, TSL, UNH, YGE, YRCW)

    These are some of this Wednesday’s key analyst upgrades, downgrades, and initiations seen in Wall Street research […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  99. Another genius SMT idea goes horribly bent.

    A burglar who fronted a Greater Manchester Police campaign urging offenders to stay out of prison this Christmas has […]


  100. MDAS_C70: Tuyết thượng gia sương (Đủ)

    【 dây dưa cuốn 】: chương thứ bảy mươi tuyết thượng gia sương
    “Nương nương, […]

    Ladybjrd's Blog

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