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  1. Long Island Man Arrested For Defending Home With AK-47

    UNIONDALE, N.Y. (CBS 2) — He was arrested for protecting his property and family.
    But it’s how the Long […]

    CBS New York- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY

  2. First Look: ‘House’ unveils cheeky Huddy retrospective

    Quick, somebody put on Streisand singing “The Way We Were.” Fox has just given me—and, in turn, I’m […]

    The Ausiello Files

  3. Marian in hot water over Bela ‘incident’

    Showbiz Eye by Gerry Plaza, Special to Yahoo! Southeast Asia
    If all the allegations are true, this is one of the rarest […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News

  4. Ellen grills Lady Gaga about VMAs meat dress

    Today’s season premiere of Ellen features a post-VMAs interview between vegan DeGeneres and carnivore-couture […]


  5. Cập nhật tin mới hôm nay

        khách online            (24/7)

    Lưu ý: * Khi bạn click vào đường link của bài cần […]

    Tin tức hàng ngày online

  6. Crystal Renn on Walking for Zac Posen: ‘I’m Freaking Out!’

    Frazer Harrison/Getty Crystal Renn is breaking another barrier for plus-size models and meeting her own personal goals […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  7. New information emerges on hunt for bin Laden

    Western intelligence agencies were able to form a detailed picture of Osama bin Laden’s movements in the years after […]

    This Just In

  8. It’s 2am, Where Are Your Posts?

    Have you ever read one of your old posts and thought something was different? Maybe a few words were changed, the […] News

  9. Kanye West admits he’s a douchebag, debuts ‘Runaway’ to close VMAs: Watch here

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Vince […]

    The Music Mix

  10. 10 Creepy Mysteries You Haven’t Heard Of

    We have had numerous mystery lists in the past, but, due to a recent question I asked on the Listverse fanpage on […]


  11. How Apple could ship 48 million FaceTime devices this calendar year

    Critics scoffed when Steve Jobs said he would ship “tens of millions” by Dec. 31
    This was a busy week for […]

    Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  12. The “Verizon iPhone” Versus “The iPhone On Verizon’s Network”

    If you think back to 2005, you’ll remember that the Motorola RAZR phone was all the rage. Not entirely unlike the […]


  13. Dabangg: Y! Meta Review

    Salman Khan’s Dabangg belongs to a genre where the hero takes precedence over logic, rationale and narrative. Abhinav […]

    Fit to Post: Yahoo! India News

  14. Keeping the Temple of the Holy Spirit in order

    Run from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin […]

    Journey Deeper Into God's Word

  15. Palin, Schwarzenegger in tweet tiff

    (CNN) – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin shot back at California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday, after the […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  16. ‘True Blood’ season finale review: ‘Evil Is Going On,’ and on, and on…

    True Blood closed out its season on Sunday night with a series of double- and triple-crosses. The series didn’t […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  17. We All Married the Wrong Person

    Couples in crisis often reach the point where they decide they are just two poorly matched people. This precedes the […]

    Marriage Gems

  18. Man Blames Cat for Child Porn on His Computer

    Is this the criminal version of “my dog ate my homework?” (via The Smoking Gun)


  19. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

    Submitted by: JoshD

    Failbook – Funny Facebook Status Messages ( Failbooking )

  20. Kanye West x Pusha T Debut “Runaway” At VMAs

    The censors are gon’ love this. For the second time, Kanye West closed the MTV Video Music Awards. But he […]

    Rap Radar

  21. Dự đoán sập cầu Bãi Cháy, cầu Thăng Long là tin đồn

    Thực hư chuyện mẹ đánh chết con 13 tuổi Bee 13/09/2010 20:40:42

    Mấy ngày qua, trên địa bàn […]


  22. Taylor Swift, “Innocent” (Lyrics + Live MP3)

    This is a really pretty song. But, of course, it’s Taylor Swift. It should be. I really would like to hear this […]

    The Rockabye Review

  23. Tonight on Larry King Live!

    Exclusive:  Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf ! The man behind the plans to build an
    Islamic center and mosque near Ground […]

    Larry King Live

  24. UbicaciÓn De Mesa De Sufragio Para Elecciones Al Colegio De Profesores del peru

    Ante la imposibilidad de ubicar las mesas de sufragio vía  web, desde el día de ayer , hacemos la siguiente […]

    Manuel Grados Blog

  25. Steve Jobs “never had any designs. He has not designed a single project”

    Back when I reviewed Peter Siebel’s fascinating book of programmer interviews, Coders at Work, Erik Anderson […]

    The Reinvigorated Programmer

  26. Danielle Staub: ‘There’s a Lot More of Me to Come’

    Don’t worry, Real Housewives of New Jersey fans: Danielle Staub may have bid that show farewell, but she’s not […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  27. Wife’s illness harder than stress faced during years in politics: MM Lee

    Minister Mentor (MM) Lee Kuan Yew says the stress of his wife’s illness is harder on him than the stress he faced […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Singapore's blog

  28. Box office report: ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ devours fall’s first weekend with $27.7 million

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Rafy” […]

    Hollywood Insider

  29. MPU/2010 Gabarito extra-oficial de Direito Administrativo – Analista de Orçamento

    Primeiramente quero agradecer a professora Elisa Faria que me enviou como muita rapidez os comentários de […]


  30. Urgente – Agora SÓ Faltam 5 FORAGIDOS

    Em Santa Rita do Sapucaí, por volta das 21h desta segunda-feira(30) ocorreu uma fuga em massa no Presídio […]


  31. Arshavin: I was too hasty

    Andrey Arshavin is the worst critic of himself.
    Despite being renowned for some memorable strikes in his time at […]

    Red London | by Randy Osae

  32. Job Titles That Can Sink Your Startup

    I had coffee with an ex student earlier in the week that reminded me yet again why startups burn through so many early […]

    Steve Blank

  33. Korea’s Most Handsome Artists Rankings 2010

    Berikut adalah polling dengan pertanyaan ‘Idola Kpop paling ganteng di tahun 2010′ ditempat pertama ada […]


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    Referandum, Anket Sonuçları, Anayasa Değişikliği Haberleri

  35. “A Thousand Suns” Album Review: Shocking

    Linkin Park album reviews aren’t something I spend a lot of time on.  Years of work have gone into our last two […]

    Mike Shinoda's Blog

  36. Kiên Giang : Dùng tiền thuế dân, in 122 nghìn tờ rơi “khiêu dâm” phát cho học sinh

    Dân Làm Báo – Chuyện tưởng như đùa mà có thật, tuần qua,  Sở GTVT và Ban An toàn Giao […]

    Dân Làm Báo |

  37. [Photo] Onew Practicing Rock of Age Musical

    [Photo] Onew Practicing Rock of Age Musical {updated}


    .::We aRe Shining::.

  38. Why We Don’t Need More Women In Tech… Yet

    Written pre-Arrington by a month or more. In fact, researching this is what inspired me to go back to school for […]

  39. Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp’s Wife Dies Of Colon Cancer


    Hip-Hop Wired

  40. Florida pastor calls off Quran burning

    (CNN) — The pastor of a Florida church says his congregation has decided to call off the burning of the Quran […]

    CNN Belief Blog

  41. Sea Ice News #22 – melt season may have turned the corner

    UPDATE: 8AM PST 9/13/10 JAXA has updated with their final Sept 12th data, up for the second straight day there’s […]

    Watts Up With That?

  42. Arsenal destroy Bolton the only way they know how!

    Arsenal set out today without a slightly weakened first team. Diaby was relegated to the bench, Squillaci and Kozzer […]

    Le Grove – Arsenal Blog and Arsenal News

  43. Comedian Robert Schimmel dead

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Chad Buchanan/Getty […]

    News Briefs

  44. The Long Goodbye: Halo: Reach Review

    Halo: Reach
    Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
    Developer: Bungie
    Systems it’s available on: Xbox 360
    ESRB rating: […]


  45. Astute purchases pay dividends – Koscielny and Squillaci tested by Bolton

    In seasons past Arsenal have been stereotyped, not without reason, as defensively fragile and naive. Arsene Wenger has […]


  46. Lily Allen’s Health Scares Left Her ‘Living In Fear’

    Mike Marsland/WireImage

    After suffering a miscarriage with her first pregnancy, Lily Allen‘s experience the […]

    Moms & Babies –

  47. Search of Burned-Out Homes Continues

    SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KCBS/AP) – All that was left of some houses Friday were chimneys, rising from still smoldering […]

    KCBS All News 740AM & FM106.9

  48. Watermelon Launch FAIL

    Watermelon Launch FAIL – watch more funny videos
    Submitted […]

    FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Funny Pictures and Funny Videos of Owned, Pwned and Fail Moments

  49. Mega Sena 1211 – Lotomania 1068 – Quina 2390

    Loterias do fim de semana sábado 04/09 – Resultados
    Resultado das Loterias Mega Sena 1211 – Lotomania 1068 […]

    Resultado MEGA SENA 1213 – 1212 | Lotomania 1070 | Quina 2395

  50. The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy

    The Misconception: You take randomness into account when determining cause and effect.
    The Truth: You tend to ignore […]

    You Are Not So Smart

  51. Alisa – Segui il tuo cuore – Puntate dal 6 al 10 settembre – Video ed anticipazioni

    Roventi intrecci passionali e prosaiche […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  52. Home made T.E.A. lasers

    [Nyle] was interested in building lasers at home but felt that the exotic parts list was just too daunting. That was, […]

    Hack a Day

  53. Nadal vs. Djokovic: What you need to know

    Rafael Nadal faces Novak Djokovic in Sunday’s Monday’s U.S. Open men’s final. Here are 10 things you […]

    Open Source – US Open Tennis 2010 –

  54. Opinión: El camino del Straightedge – ¿Que le queda al CM Punk en Smackdown?

    Mucho tiempo pasó desde que CM Punk fue Campeón de ECW . Tanto, que ya es un múltiple campeón de peso pesado en la […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  55. Nintendo 3DS: Japanese Retailer Accidentally Gives Away Nintendo 3DS Release Date?

    A recent Twitter update from a third-party accessories maker for the Nintendo 3DS could have accidentally let slip the […]

    My Nintendo News

  56. K&M Fun Pics

    [photogallerylink id=15368 align=left]

    100.7 WZLX – Boston's Classic Rock

  57. Gempa Jogja 12 September 2010 jam 23.38

    Saat tertidur pulas malam ini, aku terkejut karena mendengar suara gemuruh. Setelah itu samar-samar terdengar ledakan […]

    Yudhi Pri

  58. Worst Case of the Mondays — Ever

    If you need to slap the snooze bar a couple extra times, that’s normal. But if you actually find yourself oozing […]

    Cute Overload


    Hà Đình Sơn
    Thông tư 04/2010/TT-TTCP ban hành ngày 26/8/2010 của Thanh tra Chính phủ về việc […]

    Bauxite Việt Nam

  60. Pool Report Regarding Johnson Incompletion

    Lions at Bears Pool Report: Referee Gene Steratore
    Q. What is the rule used on the near Detroit touchdown at the end of […] Blog

  61. Julia Allison Turns on the Fashionistas Because They Won’t Give Her The Attention She Wants

    Can someone please explain why Bravo’s Andy Cohen was front row at DvF b/t SJP & Anderson Cooper?? 3 very […]

    Reblogging NonSociety

  62. Arsenal Rise Above The Rough And Tumble Bolton To Defeat

    Arsenal 4 – 1 Bolton Wanderers
    1 – 0 Koscielny (23)
    1 – 1 Elmander (43)
    2 – 1 Chamakh (60)
    3 […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  63. Postmodernism in Fantasy: An Essay by Brandon Sanderson

    Today is my last day as site manager here at the Whatever.  As I prepare to hand the blog back to John, I thought […]


  64. The importance of Cesc Fabregas, Cahill should’ve been shown a red, and what must Rafael van der Vaart be thinking!

    Arsenal destroyed Bolton 4-1 at The Emirates, thanks to goals from Laurent Koscielny, Marouane Chamakh, Alex Song and […]

    Arsenal Opinion

  65. Imágenes del funeral del gobernador Willian Lara (fotos y video)

    El presidente Hugo Chávez otorgó este sábado, mediante decreto leído por el gobernador de Aragua, Rafael Isea, la […]

    Magica 106.3 FM

  66. [Trans] 100913 Why Cant We Listen To The TVXQ Trio’s Songs?

    Raemong Raein, the production company of KBS drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, has stated that it will file a […]

    fashion follows yoochun

  67. Drunken Monkeys!

    Good morning, sunshine. Or is it afternoon already? Did you have fun last night? How’s your head? Yep, you know […]

    The Quantum Biologist

  68. En ocasiones veo huertos

    Hace unos meses, volviendo de un viaje a Murcia paramos en una vía de servicio a comer, y un hombre de la zona vendía […]

    Olmo González

  69. UPDATE penampakan 2011 Yamaha Scorpio Z 225 CC Facelift

    Bro sekalian, saya baru memperoleh Update Gambar dari salah satu pengunjung blog yakni Bro Yudha, mengenai penampakan […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle™

  70. Religion

    Treat it like your penis.
    Dont show it off in public and don’t shove it down your children’s […]

    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  71. Who Recommended Oxburgh?

    Who recommended Oxburgh to chair the Science Appraisal Panel? Who indeed?
    In their press statement announcing the […]

    Climate Audit

  72. Good Luck Avenged Sevenfold!

    I always love seeing Avenged Sevenfold on TV, even if it’s their posters hanging on walls like in […]

  73. VIDEOS: 2NE1’s Comeback Performances @ SBS Inkigayo

    EDIT: I updated the post with UNBLOCKED videos. HURRY and watch it while it’s still up!!! Credit: LP21the2nd […]

  74. Ảnh nóng: Sao lộ hàng – Bebe Phạm lộ trên, Hà Anh lộ dưới

    On the net
    Bebe Phạm và Hà Anh thi nhau “show hàng nóng”
    Hôm qua đi coi Diamond night, các em thi […]


  75. Danny Boyle & Darren Aronofsky: Toronto Déjà Vu

    At the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival, most of the Oscar talk surrounded the latest films by acclaimed […]

    Dave Karger's OscarWatch

  76. Meghan McCain slams Bristol Palin on ‘Daily Show’

    The business of politics got a little dirty on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” Thursday night.
    Meghan […]

    The Marquee Blog


    Haejin berdiri di depan kalender sambil memberi lingkaran merah di tanggal-tanggal yang sudah […]

  78. Commissioner Darwin Dottin Seeks To Reassure The Public

    Suspects alleged to have committed the heinous act at Campus Trendz location are in police custody. NOW Confirmed! […]

  79. Live Game Blog: 49ers vs. Seahawks

    The 2010 season is here as the 49ers face their NFC West rivals in Week 1.  It’s on overcast day at Qwest field […]

    Goal Posts

  80. Chino Hills Brush Fire Contained At 65 Acres

    CHINO HILLS (AP) — Firefighters have surrounded a wildfire that forced the closure of Highway 71 and charred some 65 […]

    CBS Los Angeles- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of LA

  81. Classic Wenger: “It Was A Dark Orange, Maybe A Light Red”

    In his post match interview with BBC, Arsene was asked whether he thought the sending off was fair or not. We got a […]

    Desi Gunner

  82. The RPK File: The Badawi connection

    RPK’s article Now let’s see how else MAS was plundered published on 27 August 2010 tells of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi […]

    malaysian media & other matters

  83. Playbook picks: Texans over Colts in Week 1?

    Are the Texans finally ready to overtake the Colts in the AFC South this season? Time will tell, but two of our three […] Blogs

  84. Sosilawati Lawiya brutally murdered?

    Bakri Zinin confirms deaths. Update from […]

    Euphoria in Misery

  85. Quê choa chí dị

    1. Đài thôn thông báo
     A lô a lô… chiều ngày 16 tháng 5 năm 1965 em Ngô Thị Lý học sinh lớp 10 […]

    Quê choa

  86. More extras from Series 15: Wasp attack!

    We have declared the TG ‘sofa area’ a No Fly Zone.

    Transmission – BBC Top Gear

  87. Pope Seeks to Re-Unify Christendom

    The re-Catholicisation of England remains Guido’s long-term objective, so it is a pleasure to welcome to England […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  88. COMPIZ Showcase: What’s coming up in 0.9.2

    Development of course is progressing nicely, now as much to the point where we can do blog posts about progress, like I […]

    SmSpillaz’ Blog

  89. Paul Russell: Proposed burning of holy books ignites a firestorm of debate

    Few people knew anything about Terry Jones a week ago. But thanks to the Florida pastor’s (“suspended”) plan to […]

    National Post | Full Comment

  90. 9/12 STL Ongoing Coverage

    I’ll be updating continuously throughout the day with photos, etc.
    The Sounding Fathers:

    You  can also follow […]

  91. Wenger applauds new Reserve League system and predicts big future for talented trio

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has shown his support for the newly-restructured Reserve League system and has indicated […]

    Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth

  92. Sarrazin-Fan wird von Teenagern vorgefhrt

    Kopie vom Politblogger:
    Michael Stürzenberger alias byzanz, publizistisch irrelevanter (PI) Mikrofonhalter, wurde beim […]


  93. Le Jailbreak 4.1 fonctionne sur tous les appareils !

    Via Twitter MuscleNerd (membre de la Dev-Team) nous annonce aujourd’hui,  la faille que Pod2g exploite […]


  94. نشر صور لأبنة البرادعي بالبكيني !!!!!

    معركة شرسه تلك التي تشهدها ساحة الانتخابات الرئاسيه المصرية . […]

    RAGADMOH Blogs

  95. كارت بسيج سر دسته حمله كنندگان به خانه كروبى

    نامبرده تحت تعقيب براى محاكمه در پيشگاه يك ملت است


  96. Thirty-Two Fast Pitchers

    OK, having riffed on the topic of fast pitchers, now it’s time for my list of the 32 fastest pitchers in baseball […]

    Joe Posnanski

  97. Columbia post-mortem

    Let’s get the easiest thing out of the way first:  the better team won yesterday, no question about it.
    The […]

    Get The Picture

  98. Journalism Fail: Why the Portland Press Herald’s apology for covering Ramadan is wrong

    How exactly did “A show of faith and forgiveness” turn into an apology? Gutlessness.
    Readers of the […]

    The Meat Raffle

  99. Dabangg : Saturday Circuit Breakup

    Sr No.
    Name of Distributor
    Collections (Approx)

    1 .
    M/s. Mukta Movies Distributors
    Delhi & UP
    3.54 […]

    Bollybusiness : Bollywood boxoffice

  100. Victoria Beckham Designs Herself a New Everyday Bag—and a Travel Tote for David!

    [tiImage width=”300″ height=”400″ url=”” […] What's Right Now

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