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  1. Megan Fox Debuts Her Wedding Bling

    While her June 24th wedding to Brian Austin Green may have been a low-key affair, or as low-key as you can be in an […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  2. The Secret Behind Octopus Paul

    Before footie fever gripped the world, a brush with an octopus would be the exotic gourmet kinds, forking Htapothi […]

    Fit to Post: Yahoo! India News

  3. Love machine!!!!


    .one too many.

  4. ‘SYTYCD’ favorite Alex Wong talks injury and early exit: ‘I just feel like my journey — I wasn’t really finished.’

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Mathieu Young/Fox” […]


  5. ‘Vampire Diaries’ scoop: Former ‘Trauma’ hottie Taylor Kinney cast as [spoiler alert]

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Jason LaVeris/” […]

    The Ausiello Files

  6. Jay-Z Puts Illuminati And Devil Worshiping Talk To Rest On New Rick Ross Track “Free Mason” [Audio]

    Jay-Z lets it be known that he hears all the talk about him being part of  the Illuminati and worshiping the devil and […]

    Hip-Hop Wired

  7. 10 Most Annoying Time-Wasters

    There are all sorts of annoying things in life – people who cut in line, aggressive drivers, people talking on cell […]


  8. Caso Bruno:Eliza Samudio era atriz pornô das Brasileirinhas

    Atenção nota atualizada:
    Bruno: irmão confirma que a mãe é lésbica
    BRUNO estava na casa e tomando cerveja na hora […]

    @ N I L N E W S

  9. New Music: Rick Ross x Jay-Z “Free Mason”

    What a tease. Here is a sample of Teflon Don‘s second track with only Ross’ verse. Hopefully the full […]

    Rap Radar

  10. Entrepreneur: You’re No Steve Jobs, So Look Before You Leap

    I doubt that Steve Jobs has ever asked Apple customers what type of products they want, or that he cares about what […]


  11. Jennylyn: Happy seeing Patrick, son together

    Showbiz Eye
    by Gerry Plaza, Special to Yahoo! Southeast Asia

    It was a touching moment.
    Patrick Garcia is all smiles as […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News

  12. Prediksi ramalan gurita paul jerman vs uruguay | jadwal paul meramal

    Ramalan prediksi paul gurita uruguay vs jerman dalam semi final world cup south africa 2010 | perebutan juara ke 3 fifa […]

    tips n trick blog facebook | review hp

  13. PHOTO: Idol’s Crystal Bowersox Gets Her Teeth Fixed

    The American Idol Live! Tour is off and running around the country, so all 10 performers — and season 9 finalists […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  14. Two JC girls in suicide tragedy

    In what a state coroner describes as a “sad coincidence”, two Pioneer Junior College (PJC) classmates died […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Singapore News

  15. Crazy Owners and Second Bananas

    So here it is, the next day, and, yes, the LeBron emotions out there are still a bit raw. Cleveland people are hurting […]

    Joe Posnanski

  16. Larry Page: Jobs is rewriting history

    According to the Google founder, Steve Jobs’ assessment of Google’s Android entering into the […]

    Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  17. Let Jack go…

    So, Geoff is away for the weekend so I have a free reign of Le Grove!
    I’ll start the post with the news that Owen […]

    Le Grove – Arsenal Blog and Arsenal News

  18. ‘American Idol’ season 9 Top 10 perform on ‘GMA’: Perhaps not the best tour advertisement ever

    You know when you’re cooking, and you need a pot or pan that’s in the back of the cupboard, and you know […]

    The Music Mix

  19. Death star

    Submitted by: tarkovsky via deMotivational Builder
    View All Captions

    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  20. ‘Friday Night Lights’ recap: New, Emmy-nominated, and more mature than ever

    Those Emmy nominations for Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton could not have come at a better time. This week’s […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  21. Raising Arizona

    By Steve Goddard and Anthony Watts

    Wikipedia Image
    NCDC has done an first rate job raising Arizona summer […]

    Watts Up With That?

  22. On Behalf of the Cho Family

    As you are aware, we have suffered a great and tragic loss.  Dan Cho passed away suddenly in an accident while on […]

    For the Cho Family

  23. Sad for fans, bring back Setanta and Cesc speaks..

    For those who haven’t seen and the new reserves format, this was released on the website […]

    Avenell Road

  24. WAR on The World: Rothschild League’s 30 Facts Evidencing Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned‏

    Tetrahedron, LLC
    Health Science Communication for People Around the World
    BREAKING NEWS FEATURE Contact: Rhonda […]

    Web of Evidence: What They Don't Want You To Know

  25. Library Book Fail

    Vancouver Public Library.
    Submitted by: Connelly via Fail Uploader

    FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Funny Pictures and Funny Videos of Owned, Pwned and Fail Moments

  26. WWE Smackdown! (Cobertura y resultados para el 9 de julio 2010) – Team RAW vs “Nexus” como Dark Main Event Match

    Este 6 de julio, WWE realizará las grabaciones de NXT y del Smackdown del próximo 9 de julio, desde Atlanta, […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  27. Bethenny Frankel’s Blog: All the Clichés Are True!

    PEOPLE covergirl Bethenny Frankel is adding one more item to her long and impressive resume: Moms & Babies blogger! The […]

    Moms & Babies –

  28. Eliza Samudio era atriz pornô das Brasileirinhas


    Eliza Samudio que está desaparecida trabalhava como atriz em […]

    O CANALTV .::. Audiencia da TV

  29. اخر أخبار محمود شكري بعد وفاة رامي الشمالي

    ان محمود شكري الأن بمستشفي — السلام الدولي بالمهندسين — […]

    أكثر من عنوان

  30. Police To Blame For Moat’s Death SHOCK!

    Now that the incident in Northumbria is over, it is time to blame the police for everything to do with Moat. His […]


  31. vídeo porno Eliza Samudio ex namorada de Bruno goleiro do flamengo

    A ex-amante, ou ex-namorado ..sei lá.. do goleiro Bruno do flamengo, Eliza Samudio já foi atriz porno, veja e baixe o […]

    Besteironas-Melhores Besteiras e Humor dá Net

  32. An Open Letter to Blizzard

    Dear Blizzard;
    I’ve been enjoying your game for quite some time now — nearly six years in fact. […]

    Shades of Grey

  33. Dan Gilbert’s Rage, Chapter 2: Slashing LeBron’s Fathead Value

    LeBron James’ decision to join the Miami Heat did little to improve his market worth in one wacky sports product. […]


  34. MBC Music Core 100710 Performance

    pada MBC Music Core kali ini adalah edisi musim panas, banyak sekali penampilan, dan karena bertepatan dengan ulang […]


  35. Carrie Underwood’s Getting Married This Weekend!

    [tiImage width=”300″ height=”400″ url=”” […] What's Right Now

  36. Get started with speech recognition

    Speech recognition makes it easier for us to be lazy with our devices – or perhaps set up the coolest […]

    Hack a Day

  37. Now It Is The Rich Who Abandon Their Homes

    The rich are not selling their homes because they cannot find buyers. So like the rest of the 11 million US mortgage […]

    24/7 Wall St.

  38. 100709 Music Bank

    [HQ] Music Bank (2010-07-09).avi [1078 MB]
    Super Junior, Taeyang ft. G-Dragon, CN Blue, Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Son […]

    Cashewmania Kpop

  39. Why Macs Will Never Get Blu-ray

    Ever since 2008 when Blu-ray and HD-DVD were battling for consumer mind share, Mac users have been speculating about […]


  40. Homeboy or Not, Lebron James Is All Business

    by De’Juan Galloway
    In an ESPN prime-time presentation, King James announced that he would be joining the Miami […]

    The Atlanta Post

  41. Cesc Talks World Cup While Others Talk His Future

    Cesc has resisted the temptation to discuss his future preferring to hope that he is involved in tomorrow’s World […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  42. Palin 2012 : Mama Grizzlie is Coming for Obama

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  43. Awkward Prom Photo

    (OMG why is he wearing that suit I told him to rent a white tuxedo and now we’re going to look mismatched on […]

    Cute Overload

  44. Naruto Shippuden 168 Vostfr | Naruto episode 168

    Je suis fatigué. Mon neveu est fan de ce blog mais, ne supporte pas que je ne sois pas porté vers les dessins […]

    Allain Jules

  45. Duel duo street fighter, … Honda new Megapro vs Yamaha Byson… siapa yang menaaang …???

    Well,… memang cepat atau lambat… akumulasi persaingan akan semakin ‘panas’ …!!! Apalagi […]

    Rudi Triatmono Personal Blogs

  46. Olivia Munn Hits the Road: Pretty? Funny? Or Pretty Funny?

    Caught in the crossfire over whether The Daily Show has a problem with women or not has been Olivia Munn, the […]

    Tuned In

  47. [100710] Boys’ Twitter Update

    * ONLY for 090710 *
    – The others including Heechul’s birthday tweets will be compiled TOMORROW-
    Via […]


  48. Going Nuclear: Romney vs. Obama (and Kerry)

    Yesterday Mitt Romney blasted Barack Obama via a Washington Post op-ed denouncing Obama’s nuclear Strategic Arms […]


  49. K&B Recap Friday July 9th: Blink 182

    On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Jason Segel talks about his new movie Despicable Me, Movie Beat, Paul the […]

    KROQ FM – The World Famous KROQ

  50. Avenged Sevenfold Take Over WBR Building!

    An amazing 4243 display created by Rafa at TwentyFourCore featuring Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare” a […]

  51. [Photo] SHINee Onew Teaser Pic 100710

    source news nate
    credit weareshining (WRS)

    .::We aRe Shining::.

  52. LMGTFY: Shooting Star

    Submitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

    Failbook – Funny Facebook Status Messages ( Failbooking )

  53. I have CDO

    I have CDO
    it’s like OCD but all the letters in alphabetical order
    via The Daily What

    Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  54. Próbajátékosok érkeznek

    A Nemzeti Sport írása. […]

    Üllői út 129

  55. Ramalan Dan Prediksi Pertandingan Jerman Vs Uruguay

    Pertandingan sepak bola piala dunia (PD) yang sudah berada diambang pintu adalah perebutan juara 3 FIFA World Cup. […]

    Ashartanjung's Blog

  56. (Interview③)There’s always ‘that girl’ with Taeyang

    We’ll have Interview 2 up when it’s translated~

    There’s ‘that girl’ who’s always with Taeyang, who […]

    Always Tae Yang

  57. وفاة رامي نجم ستار اكاديمي 7 و محمود شكري يصارع الموت !!

    وفاة نجم ستار اكادمي 7 رامي الشامي ومحمود شكري يصارع الموت حيث […]

    مدونة حركات

  58. The Botched Examination of the Back-Up Server

    The more one reads the documents of the Muir “Holyrood” Russell, the more it is a litany of incompetence, […]

    Climate Audit

  59. Dan Gilbert’s choice of Comic Sans in LeBron letter was not accidental

    Oh Comic Sans, you are generally reserved for older ladies sending out chain emails about kittens or preteens flirting […]

    National Post | Sports

  60. Piadas infames sobre o caso Bruno que você ainda vai ouvir por aí

    Qual a única vez que jogador não quer sair de casa com o resultado positivo? Em exame de teste de paternidade.
    O que […]

    Tio Dino

  61. Decision must be made over long-term futures of Barazite and Randall

    Sooner rather than later Arsenal are going to encounter a problem of their own-making. With a first-team squad that has […]

    Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth

  62. Red Bull Map-Q: The secret to the teams Q3 pace

    As explained in my post on ‘EBD’s’ – Exhaust blown […]

    Scarbsf1's Blog

  63. [Ufo Reply] Sungmin “Ya,aku punya pacar.. pacarku adalah…”

    Fan : Kya ~ Kita dapat peringkat No.1 !!! Oppa ♥ Selamat ! Kami akan berusaha tetap mempertahankan di nomor 1 sampai […]


  64. Hoa Kỳ gửi đi thông điệp khi triển khai tên lửa gần Trung Quốc

    Mark Thompson/ Time
    Nếu vệ tinh và gián điệp Trung Quốc làm việc hữu hiệu, [có lẽ đã nhận] […]

    Bauxite Việt Nam

  65. [Pic] POPEYE Magazine Aug Issue part 2

    Don’t miss YOOSU Desktop wallies below


    fashion follows yoochun

  66. Prediksi Jerman vs Uruguay. Dengan Sisa Tenaga Jerman Juara Ke Tiga ?

    Prediksi Jerman vs Uruguay. Dengan Sisa Tenaga Jerman Juara Ke Tiga ?

    Jerman akhirnya gagal melangkahkan kakinya ke […]


  67. Super Junior learned their No other dance through a video clip?

    Just a share some info, kita semua tahu bahwa Rino Nakasonea adalah pencipta  koreografi ‘Super Junior No Other […]

  68. Cougar convention comes to Toronto

    All my older single ladies, put your hands up.
    Tonight, Toronto women will enjoy the first-ever cougar convention on […]

    National Post | News

  69. Girl meets Joe, Overhears his conversation about getting laid.

    Just random ontd commenter gossip. I know…no credibility blah blah blah. Not saying it’s legit or not, just […]

    Surfme’s Weblog

  70. Android This Week: Big Revenue; Free Apps; Droid X Here

    Android is gaining new users in staggering numbers. Google’s (s goog) most recent activation numbers from June: […]


  71. [PHOTOS] G-Dragon 18+ “I Need A Girl” HD Screen Caps!

    G-Dragon is unconditionally HOT! Whether I was happy or not about the ending scenes I can’t deny the fact that […]

    iBigbang Fansite

  72. Massinha de Modelar Magnética, ou é o Venom?

    Esta é com certeza a massinha de modelar mais diferente que você já viu! Strange Attractor Magnetic Thinking Putty […]

    Gerente Bem Informado

  73. Fotos de Corpo de Mércia Nakashima

    Pessoas sem escrúpulos estão colocando em um site da internet fotos do corpo de Mércia veja:
    Veja as fotos […]

    AETV -Audiência da TV

  74. Wirbel um Klaus-Porno mit Kind im Hintergrund

    Wie der Express aktuell berichtet, haben sich Fans über einen Pornofilm von Klaus empört und versuchen sogar […]

    BigBrother 10

  75. Firefly Meets Airwolf

    via The Daily What
    I know we have some Firefly fans ’round these parts. You all may enjoy this reworking of the […]

    Celebrity Pictures, Lol Celebs and Funny Actor and Actress Photos – ROFLrazzi

  76. The Interpretive Value of Different Perspectives

    From John Hennessy, NPS (check out our other blog, Mysteries and Conundrums, focused on unraveling the Civil War-era […]

    Fredericksburg Remembered

  77. Why never to ask favours from the designers

    Shannon (the secretary) has lost her cat and has asked David (the graphic designer) to help with a lost poster. This is […]

    Buttonz & Bear World

  78. Điệu valse giã từ cho người Đức

    1. Cho đến trước trận bán kết, Đức là đội tuyển có lối chơi bùng nổ nhất […]

    Quê choa

  79. Xà vương tuyển hậu [chương 40]

    Chương 105: Xà màu tím!
    Lời nàng vừa nói ra, sắc mặt Mã Giai Tuệ Nhàn lập tức biến đổi, […]

    Th0xjnh's Blog

  80. Everything You Need To Know About Eureka Before Tonight’s Premiere

    By now, you’ve seen our exclusive clip from tonight’s premiere of the new season of Syfy’s Eureka, […]


  81. ‘Eclipse’: Shrewdly retro or just backward? You decide!

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Kimberley French” […]

    The Movie Critics

  82. How to Cut a Perfect Watermelon

    One of my very favorite things about summertime is watermelon.  There isn’t a single bad thing about it, […]


  83. Hur mår Evin Khaffaf och Emma Littorin idag?

    Nu granskar vi aftonbladet-journalisten Mattias Carlsson(Han som granskade Littorin) Flashback
    Har Sven Otto Littorin […]

    Gotiska Klubben

  84. In Their Own Words – The Lonely and Disregarded

    Robin Bailey e-mailed us this poem written by her 16-year-old son, Blake, who has autism. Both his local and school […]

    Autism Speaks Official Blog

  85. Ramalan PIALA DUNIA Deddy Corbuzier terungkap

    Analisa tepat Kode NC1253HZ6-nya Deddy Corbuzier? Dedy corbuzeR

    Di awal pembukaan sepakbola ter gress di […]

    Waroeng Download

  86. Behind the Scenes on ‘Showbiz Tonight’: Mel Gibson’s bitter custody battle

    Today in the morning meeting, the “Showbiz Tonight” staff was fascinated by a brand new report that says […]

    The Marquee Blog

  87. Its not over, its just begun ……..

    As the World Cup draws to a close I find myself thinking how much of a disappointment its been as a competition. It […]

    Arsenal Arsenal

  88. God’s place in Charter challenged

    When a judge last month ruled that a Catholic high school in Montreal could choose its own religious curriculum, in […]

    National Post | Life

  89. Musa Aman’s Tunship

    Well, it looks like a done deal. In a deal struck between Premier Najib Tun Razak and Musa Aman during his recent […]

    Selvarajasomiah's Weblog

  90. YG Family: YG is Brewing Something for 2NE1′s Comeback

    WHOLE Article posted by: QUEENUNNI of  YG United: United BlackJacks and V.I.Ps on JULY 10, 2010 AT 1:22 PM
    YG always […]

  91. Take this gif and never look back (10 Gifs)

    This baby is heavy, so give it a few seconds to load
    [chivegallery size=”full” columns=”1″]
    theBRIGADE is always in […]


  92. Provence, Aix, accident RD9, circulation, 3 morts

    Provence, Aix, accident RD9, circulation, 3 morts – Aix : deux voitures broyées par un camion, trois morts […]

    TRITZ du Monde 1

  93. SHINee’s Onew is the third member to release a comeback teaser photo

    The group’s leader is one tough workout king!


  94. Ride With Rickey Gadson To The V103 Car Bike Show This Saturday

    Attention All Bikers! 9 Time AMA Pro Champion Rickey Gadson will be RIDING TO THE  V103 Car & Bike Show @ The GWCC […]

    V103 The People's Station

  95. Theme Day Poll

    Hey Hotdogs,
    We want to try something new here on IHAH and we’re looking for your input.
    Starting next week, […]

    Loldogs, Dogs 'n' Puppy Dog Pictures – I Has A Hotdog!

  96. New Gulf Model

    Comic by: camaz via Comix Builder
    View All Captions

    Comixed – 4 panel comic strip (yonkoma or 4koma)

  97. Pilih Paul Sang Gurita atau Mani si Burung Parkit dari Singapura, Prediksi Final Piala Dunia 2010 Spannyol Vs Belanda […]

    Paul si gurita peramal akhirnya mau menebak hasil pertandingan final Piala Dunia, 12 Juli mendatang . Hanya dalam waktu […]

    Udinmduro's PMKS

  98. Prediksi Umum Minggu 11/07/2010

  99. Something seems rank

    Rankings are all subjective. That’s why there are playoffs at the end of the NFL season, because certainly the […]

    Word From the Birds Blog

  100. Samsung Back With More Goodies!

    As you can recall,our girls endorses for Samsung China a while back. And now a behind-the-scenes video,as well as a […]

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

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