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  1. Republicans Jump Out To Historic Lead In Gallup Generic Ballot

    Gallup’s generic polling shows the number of voters saying that they would vote for Republicans rising three […]

    Real Clear Politics –

  2. We All Like to Reblog

    Have you ever come across a blog post that you enjoyed so much you wanted to easily share it with the readers of your […] News

  3. Sentence first — verdict afterwards

    UPDATE 2 Jun 2010: Seems while Australia was sleeping a gazillion people read our little post, so allow me to clarify a […]

    Shifty Jelly’s blog of mystery

  4. ‘Glee’ instant reaction: New Directions bring the funk

    I’m a little torn when thinking about Glee: there were some music numbers that were fab (“Give Up the […]


  5. Scoop: Liz Vassey exits ‘CSI’

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Frederick M. Brown/Getty […]

    The Ausiello Files

  6. Peru cops: Holloway suspect van der Sloot wanted for murder again

    Joran van der Sloot, the Dutch man once considered a suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Alabama teenager […]

    This Just In

  7. What now for City Harvest?

    First NKF, then Ren Ci, then Youth Challenge. And now City Harvest Church.
    The reaction online to our Yahoo! […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Singapore News

  8. Yang perlu kita ketahui Ttg peristiwa GaZa

    Saya rasa penting kita mendengar ke 2 sisi dari peristiwa yg saat ini terjadi. Demo mengutuki Israel byk terjadi di […]

    Share it Through your Blackberry

  9. The IBM Muppet Show

    IBM. The Muppets. Two venerable institutions-but not ones we tend to associate with each other. Yet in the late 1960s, […]


  10. Kane encontró al Undertaker en estado de coma

    Notas de las grabaciones de Smackdown en proceso:
    El programa lo abre “Playa” Teddy Long, que dice que no […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  11. Kim Cattrall’s New Blunt Bob: Love It Or Hate It?

    Shizuo Kambayashi/AP
    Sex and the City 2 may be all about the designer clothes, but on the red carpet, all eyes are on […]

    Style News – StyleWatch –

  12. 10 Bizarre and Tragic Celebrity Suicides

    I have had three friends commit suicide in the past 5 years, the most recent dying only a few months ago, so this list […]


  13. BP tells cleanup workers no photos of dead, oil-covered marine life

    Oh boy.
    “When we found this dolphin it was filled with oil. Oil was just pouring out of it. It was the saddest […]

    Allison Kilkenny: Unreported

  14. The chasm between Apollo and the Gulf

    There is no valid analogy between the Gulf spill and Apollo 13 I am honored to present this guest post by Apollo 17 […]

    Watts Up With That?

  15. Top 10 Satirical Twitter Feeds

    Verified accounts are no fun. The real Twitter winners are the satirical rip-offs, lambasting everyone from Israel to […]


  16. cells. A massively multi-agent Python programming game.

    This article describes a project of mine that has been laying around my harddrive in a rough draft for a couple of […]


  17. Weatherman Raps Forecast Over Young Money’s “Roger That” [Video]

    A weatherman in Texas decided to spice up the normal weather delivery method.
    Weatherman Nick Kosir of FOX news […]

    Hip-Hop Wired

  18. Has Joe Cole “already agreed a deal with someone…”?

    Harry Redknapp is under the impression that Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole has already made his mind up about who he wants […]

    Arsenal Opinion

  19. [Reports] Joe Cole Signs for Arsenal in 3 year deal?

    Reported in todays “Metro“

    Joe Cole ‘to join Arsenal on free transfer after signing three-year […]

    Arsenal Action Blog

  20. Team YouTube Gets More Support: Creators File Amicus Brief

    UPDATED: A group of YouTube (s GOOG) creators filed an amicus brief in the ongoing legal battle between Google and […]


  21. Wie ich auf twitter mit einer Falschmeldung fr Verwirrung sorgte

    Ah so, mal wieder eine Bombe in Göttingen gefunden. Nachdem ja letzte Woche schon relativ spontan Freunde bei uns […]


  22. Privileged Life: You Haz One

    Submitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

    Failbook – Funny Facebook Status Messages ( Failbooking )

  23. Palin targets NBC over McGinniss interview

    (CNN) – Sarah Palin is taking aim at NBC over the network’s interview Tuesday with Joe McGinniss, the […]

    CNN Political Ticker

  24. Arsenal are so naive and completely stupid / How about that little snippet?

    Aaron Ramsey signs new deal with Arsenal – Gunners secure future of 19 year old Welsh midfielder. […]

    Le Grove

  25. A masterpiece in minutes

    It took six days for a group of Buddhist monks to create an extravagant sand mandala at Emory University in Atlanta, […]


  26. Wil Wheaton/John Scalzi Fan Fiction Contest to Benefit the Lupus Alliance of America

    To begin, behold this exquisite illustration, created by request by artist Jeff Zugale:

    Yes, yes, I know. Hold on a […]


  27. Ali’s Bachelorette Blog: My Best First Date Ever

    Ali Fedotowsky, the 25-year-old advertising account manager from San Francisco and former contestant on The Bachelor is […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  28. Gaza flotilla: How Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs fakes photos of seized weapons

    On the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs’ Flickr page, the pictures of the so-called weapons seized on the […]

    Ibn Kafka's obiter dicta – divagations d'un juriste marocain en liberté surveillée

  29. Behind the Mariel-Zanjoe break-up

    Showbiz Eye
    by Gerry Plaza, Special to Yahoo! Southeast Asia

    Now that Mariel Rodriguez and Zanjoe Marudo have both […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News

  30. Steve Jobs on Foxconn suicides

    Apple’s CEO personally promises action in a bizarre e-mail exchange with a customer

    Adding his own voice to […]

    Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  31. Super Junior Kyuhyun ‘this is 3rd time for me to vote’

    bagi Super Junior Kyuhyun, ini adalah untuk ketiga kali nya dia memilih, pertama pada tahun 2007 dan 2008, Cho Kyuhyun […]


  32. Twitter Files: Fabolous Sets The Record Straight On Kat Stacks

    New York rapper Fabolous has stepped forward to clear the air on his alleged recent involvement with groupie Kat […]


  33. #133 The World Cup

    Every four years the planet comes together to celebrate the World Cup and since white people make up a portion the […]

    Stuff White People Like

  34. Giant sinkhole in Guatemala looks as if it goes to centre of the Earth

    Boing Boing pointed out this frightening-looking sinkhole in Guatemala City Guatemala.
    The sinkhole is a result of […]

    National Post | News

  35. Fun in the Sun: How the Stars Spent Memorial Day

    For some stars and their families, this Memorial Day weekend was filled with surf, sand, and plenty of sun! For others, […]

    Moms & Babies –

  36. AT&T Announces iPhone Tethering, Cuts Price and Quality of 3G Service

    It’s easy to make a claim that AT&T (s att) is effectively cutting the quality of its 3G service, but […]


  37. Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry cover Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’: An ‘Idol’-ic duet

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Janet […]

    The Music Mix

  38. Worst “Idol” performance ever?

    Here’s a sneak peek from tonight’s interview with singer Clay Aiken. In this clip, he responds to criticism […]

    The Joy Behar Show

  39. Berlusconi in diretta telefonica a Ballarò attacca Giannini e Pagnoncelli – Il video

    Questo l’intervento in diretta a Ballarò in cui Berlusconi attacca, tra gli altri, il giornalista de “La […]

    Il Post Viola

  40. Prukner: régi értelemben vett sportember vagyok

    Prukner László rövid, exkluzív interjút adott honlapunknak. […]

    Üllői út 129

  41. How Much Data Are You Really Using On Your iPhone/iPad?

    It seems the whole of the Internet was up in arms this morning after AT&T announced new data plans for smartphone […]


  42. Who has Bricks for Paws and is More Awkward than a Baby Elephant?

    Mr. Nimble, of course.
    Even the simplest Maru clips contain some serious gems – say around the 1:27 mark, for […]

    Cute Overload

  43. Keeping Up With Technology

    Now Guido knows that former MP Siôn Simon, who is now editing the Labour leadership tracking website Labour-Uncut, […]

    Guy Fawkes' blog

  44. Agujero en la zona 2 de Guatemala

    Hundimiento Zona 2 (1), originally uploaded by Gobierno de Guatemala.

    El edificio que aquí se encontraba era el […]

    ¡Vivo en Guatemala!

  45. Julia Allison, The Bastion Of Health, Is Unhilariously Smug

    Shut up.

    Reblogging NonSociety

  46. Los Once Tipos de Tuiteros

    Aceptando, de entrada, que mi identidad en Twitter es tan maleable que en algún momento he sido uno de estos tuiteros […]

    La Oveja Perdida

  47. Es ist Mitternacht

    Es ist Mitternacht. Ich bin gerade auf facebook unterwegs und habe Angst. Vor einer Woche wurde eine Synagoge in Worms […]

    Tapfer im Nirgendwo

  48. Motorboat Miss Cleo, Our Favorite New Game

    The games started years ago as Lick Lisa where Lisa was asked a question with a numerical answer. The listener […]

    KROQ FM – The World Famous KROQ

  49. Product Fail

    Picture by: dunno source Submitted by: dunno source via Fail Uploader

    FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Funny Pictures and Funny Videos of Owned, Pwned and Fail Moments

  50. Spam Post

    ourWorld should update soon. While waiting for it you can talk here. […]

    Last Cookie's Codes

  51. D8でのジョブズのインタビューです(速報)

    All Things DigitalのD8イベントにジョブズが登場しました。
    以下、Kara SwisherとWalt […]

    田園 Mac 〜Mac Pastorale〜

  52. John Cazale tonight: Was he one of the best, most neglected, modern actors?

    John Cazale possessed a soulfulness and vulnerability that few actors are able to tap into; in the first two Godfather […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  53. J.J. Abrams’ new NBC drama ‘Undercovers’: Italians are intrigued!

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Chris Haston/NBC” […]

    Hollywood Insider

  54. It’s Time to Lose ‘I Didn’t Choose’ (to be Transgender)

    I’m pro-choice, but in this case, I’m not talking about a woman’s right to choose. I’m talking […]

    Matt Kailey

  55. Welcome to My Empire!

    Friends, Romans and citizens. The time has come to make your marks on history with Playfish’s latest release: My […]

    Life at Playfish

  56. Agatha abre agujero al ‘centro de la Tierra’ en Guatemala

    También recibimos sugerencias vía: 
    Un agujero kárstico de 150 metros de […]

    Félix Victorino

  57. Por qué el “pan de pueblo” tradicional no se pone duro en una semana y el pan poco o mal cocido se pone duro en un […]

    El pan se vende al peso. Los panaderos modernos cuecen poco el pan para que quede un exceso de agua y lograr el mismo […]

    Francis (th)E mule Science's News

  58. Vélo électrique: le dopage mécanique de Cancellara ?

    C’est la Rai qui met à nu le cycliste et champion suisse, Cancellara. Elle l’accuse […]

    Allain Jules

  59. Val Kilmer to explain his derogatory comments about New Mexico

    According to the AP, Val Kilmer is set to appear before a board of county commissioners in New Mexico on June 23 to […]

    News Briefs

  60. Day 6 Of The A7X Nightmare.

    Avenged Sevenfold have posted the 6th piece in the puzzle.

  61. MISTERO – Puntata dell’ 1/06/2010 – Con Raz Degan – I video

    … non esiste pazzia senza giustificazione e ogni gesto che dalla gente comune e sobria viene considerato pazzo […]

    Un Due Tre Blog

  62. Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Package hits June 3rd!

    Good bye Double XP weekend…..
    HELLO! Double XP week!
    We just flipped the switch to disable Double XP for PS3 and […]

    fourzerotwo. GAMER. GEEK.

  63. New Music: Kanye West “Power”

    “You got the power to let power go?”
    Guess who’s bizack. Good mornian! Shots fired at SNL. Produced […]

    Rap Radar

  64. SO~Hee-Chul

    Nonton video Family Outing ini kita bakal dibuat senyam – senyum sendiri melihat tingkah laku Heechul yang terkesan […]

    Starjunior's 13town 2009

  65. A Raw Milk Deal: Farmer Faces 180 Days Jail and Could Lose the Farm and Family Food Ministry

    Fundraiser Announced
    A family who owns and operates a small farm and natural food ministry offers farm, fresh milk […]

    Journal of Natural Food and Healing

  66. Smart designer exports dumb pictures of text

    It isn’t in dispute that Wired (U.S.) is the best-designed consumer magazine. Possibly just the best-designed […]

    Daring Fawnyball

  67. Red Bull Racing: the official story analysed

    Red Bull Racing has issued a statement with team principal Christian Horner talking (in a carefully-worded way) about […]

    Joe Saward's Grand Prix Blog

  68. Suzuki Daftarkan TPT Suzuki EN125-HAK . . . . . Thunder 125 Face lift??

    Bro sekalian, Di tengah tekanan motor batangan value for the money (menurut banyak puhak) kayak Pulsar 135 LS, Kayaknya […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle™

  69. 100601 Strong Heart

    [HQ] Strong Heart (2010-06-01).avi [700.48 MB]
    Nichkhun & Junsu (2PM), Leeteuk & Eunhyuk & Shindong (Super Junior), […]

    Cashewmania Kpop

  70. Al and Tipper Gore’s grey divorce

    Looking back, there were signs that Al and Tipper Gores’ marriage wasn’t as picture perfect as it seemed. Exhibit […]

  71. Unto Us A Child Is Born

    At 7:20am this morning I sat down at my computer………in my underpants………..and read my […]

    John Heald's Blog

  72. Introducing Planning Center LIVE 2.0

    Note: This feature is only available to organizations on our Plus ($49) plan and higher.
    Before I tell you what’s […]

    Ministry Centered Technologies

  73. New bird-rabbit illusion and ipad magic

    Two lovely things came across my desk today.  First, @esperto123 sent me a ‘genuine’ version of the old […]

    Richard Wiseman's Blog

  74. More Robowski Pix!!!

    Via Radar On-Line, we are happy to bring you new pictures of Rob looking smokin’ on the set of Water For […]

    Water for Elephants – The Movie – Starring Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz

  75. Ai sẽ trả nợ cho chúng ta?

    Khi nói về dự án tàu cao tốc, nhiều người kêu về khoản nợ quốc gia khó trả, Chủ nhiệm UB […]

    Quê choa

  76. KARA members reveal their passport photos

    Revealed through an online community website, KARA’s passport pictures are up, and if you didn’t hate them […]


  77. Upskirting at Courthouse Metro

    Yesterday this happened:
    Today, as I was emerging from the Court House Metro Station, a man got uncomfortably close […]

    Holla Back DC!

  78. I Hate Jill Zarin No Really, I Do! June 1, 2010

    I did have a “moment” tonight on Twitter, feel free to read my ranting and laugh at me!  I read the article of […]

    Lynnnchicago101's Blog

  79. Eugene Fama: “Too Big To Fail” Perverts Activities and Incentives

    By Simon Johnson, co-author of 13 Bankers
    In our continuing financial debate, one of the central myths – put […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  80. Breaking News: Joe Cole is a Gooner

    This morning, The Metro newspaper reported that Joe Cole has signed a 3-year deal with The Gunners, on a free transfer […]

    Chat Arsenal

  81. Photos of the Mavi Marmara’s Equipment and Weapons, 1 June 2010

    On Monday, May, 31, 2009, IDF soldiers attempted to board the Mavi Marmara ship in order to redirect it to the Port of […]

    Israel Defense Force Spokesperson

  82. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away

    See Mike Draw

  83. Black Dianetics at the top of the Bridge – more on IAS

    If anyone has any doubt that DM has constructed a bridge to nowhere, he or she might want to spend a bit of time […]

    Moving On Up a Little Higher

  84. [Pic] 100106 Stalking DBSK part 12



    fashion follows yoochun

  85. Congressional ‘No’ for ‘Gitmo North’

    From TIME’s Pentagon Correspondent Mark Thompson:
    It seems BP’s oil well isn’t the only extended […]


  86. Onew said “Assalamualaikum” ???

    Pertamanya gue kaget,, Omo.. beneran Onew bilang ‘assalamualaikum’ dan ketika gue liat,, emang bener kalo […]


  87. Imagen de las consecuencias de enseñar pseudociencia en lugar de geología

    Parece que ser que estos días se está cumpliendo el millón de visitas en esa parodia llamada Museo de la Creación. […]

    La Ciencia y sus Demonios

  88. SNSD makes voting fun!

    Edit : zheming here,added the election song performance under the cut. dreadtech: added a crapload more sunny […]

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite

  89. Mr. Choice watches New Moon

    Dear Unicorns, LTTers & those who care about a man’s opinion of New Moon,
    Today is my 4 year wedding anniversary […]

    Letters to Twilight

  90. #145 – Hot Asian Chicks

    There are hundreds of thousands of white bogan males in Australia, and they know many things. They know that Australia […]

    Things Bogans Like

  91. Glenn Beck Mocks Malia Obama

    NEW YORK, NY – A popular TV host has gotten into some hot water with his comments towards the presidential […]

    Weekly World News

  92. Irish Rachel Corrie still on course for Gaza

    Irish Rachel Corrie headed for Gaza

    Rachel Corrie, an Irish-American girl murdered by Jews
    The Irish-flagged ship MV […]

    What Do You Believe?

  93. Where are the Oil Cleanup Crews?: Join the Live Chat

    Tonight on 360°, we’re keeping them honest along the Gulf coast. Last week, Pres. Obama promised to triple the […]

    Anderson Cooper 360

  94. Here we go again

    Like most of you, I awoke this morning to the disturbing news that Israeli commandos had raided a flotilla of […]

    Brog's Blog

  95. 艾米:一路逆风(36)

    虽然已经过去三、四年了,但A市到B县城的班车和道路并没多大改观,班车还是破破烂烂的 […]


  96. Video: Dara on Next Week’s Win Win With Hye Sun

    Credit: ohdara2

  97. Tiến sĩ Luật C Huy H Vũ tố co v đề nghị khởi tố, truy tố Trung tướng Cng an Vũ Hải Triều

    Ảnh chụp Tiến sĩ Cù Huy Hà Vũ đứng trước cửa Bộ Công an

    BVN vừa nhận được lá đơn dư […]

    Bauxite Việt Nam

  98. Pronger steals game puck from Blackhawks

    Chris Pronger doesn’t want you to be happy.
    After losing consecutive one-goal games to the Chicago Blackhawks in […]


  99. Depression

    I had a lot of friends on that Death Star…
    Submitted by: dunno source via deMotivational Builder
    » […]

    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  100. Burke outlines Maple Leafs’ summer plans

    Brian Burke appeared on Sportsnet’s Hockey Central at Noon on Tuesday. And the bombastic Toronto Maple Leafs general […]

    National Post | Sports

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