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  1. Willie ’embarrassed,’ wants out of ABS-CBN

    Showbiz Eye by Gerry Plaza
    Special to Yahoo! Southeast Asia
    Barely a week after Willie Revillame publicly declared his […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Philippines News

  2. Arsenal make a shock bid for Messi and Iniesta.

    What a headline! And maybe it will happen, if the management of Arsenal read this post, I am confident it will.
    So Black […]

    Le Grove

  3. Countdown to ‘Lost’: What is the Sideways world? What kind of ‘mystery’ is ‘Lost’? PLUS: What ‘Lost’ means to me

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Mario Perez/ABC” […]


  4. Google’s Gift Already On Resale: Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G Pops Up On eBay, Craigslist

    Google had another Oprah moment this past Thursday at the Google I/O conference, giving all 4,000 plus attendees the […]


  5. New Theme: Notepad

    Today’s new theme is Notepad. A richly styled and beautiful, personal theme inspired by iPhone’s Notes […] News

  6. Lost Producers: The Island Is No ‘Alien Spacecraft’

    The bad news first: Sawyer (Josh Holloway) will not be shirtless for one moment of Lost’s feverishly anticipated […]

    PEOPLE TV Watch

  7. iPad でこんなことがデキル!

    [iPad + Velcro by Jesse Rosten on Vimeo]
    [The iPad and Velcro, a Match Made in Heaven – […]


  8. The Road To Economic Serfdom

    By Peter Boone and Simon Johnson
    According to Friedrich von Hayek, the development of welfare socialism after World War […]

    The Baseline Scenario

  9. On Being the Wrong Size

    Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach
    This topic is a particular peeve of mine, so I hope I will be forgiven if I wax […]

    Watts Up With That?

  10. ‘Shrek’ bows to $20 million Friday; ‘MacGruber’ fizzles

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Dreamworks” align=”left”]Is it […]

    Hollywood Insider

  11. Pronósticos para WWE Over the Limit 2010 – ¿El homenaje no-oficial a Owen Hart?

    Por Hugo Mata
    El prximo domingo 23 de Mayo (da del estudiante en Mxico) se llevar a cabo un nuevo concepto de Pago P […] Lucha Libre, MMA y Wrestling

  12. Exclusive: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ boss answers your burning season finale questions

    [tiImage url=”” credit=”Scott […]

    The Ausiello Files

  13. The Sunday’s Give Their Take On Cesc

    Well, what did you expect the Sunday’s to batter on about? Not Reading, Writing and Arithmetic? You might have hop […]

    A Cultured Left Foot

  14. 13-year-old becomes youngest Mt. Everest climber

    A 13-year-old American on Saturday became the youngest climber to ever summit Mount Everest.

    This Just In

  15. The Great Lost Finale: Will It Let Everyone Down?

    We are only hours away from the Lost finale – the moment long awaited by fans who have followed every twist and […]


  16. Bendtner doubtful for World cup and blames Arsenal

    Reports in the Danish Press [Link]claim that Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner is a major doubt for the World Cup and bl […]

    Arsenal Action Blog

  17. Top 10 Greatest Firearms Designers

    Despite the fact that we don’t all live in a nation where guns are freely available to all and sundry, most of us […]


  18. Leeteuk with the SMTown family backstage

    Empat grup K-pop dari perusahaan SM Entertainment malam tadi manggung di 2010 Dream Concert.
    Pada tanggal 22 Mei, […]


  19. 사요나라 아이폰-내가 안드로이드로 옮기는 이유(Newsweek칼럼에서)

    평소 독설로 유명한 Newsweek의 테크칼럼&#45 […]

    에스티마의 인터넷이야기

  20. There Is a Deportation Strategy I Can Support [WIN]

    Submitted by: Rachel via Submission Page

    Failbook – Funny Facebook Status Messages ( Failbooking )

  21. Do these kids taking “oxys” know their Facebook updates are public?

    do these 14 to 24 year olds know they are talking publicly about what is clearly recreationaloxycontinuse? http://your […]

    The Jason Calacanis Weblog

  22. Lil Kim Reportedly Signs To Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Label

    In the midst of trying to revive her career Lil Kim is reportedly making a monumental move and signing to Jay-Z’s […]

    Hip-Hop Wired

  23. Arsene: Chamakh Is More Central Player

    Ever since there was talk of signing Chamakh, many of us have been wondering whether he will play through the middle or […]

    Desi Gunner

  24. [230510] SJ Fanmeet – Kangin

    Youngwoon appeared in the middle of the fanmeet, during Marry You. Then he left again, and the whole crowd started […]


  25. Atualização Azbox 23/05/2010

    Atualizaes do dia 22/05/2010 ou 23/05/2010, estamos aguardando at o presente momento.
    Anciosos aguardamos uma soluo […]

    ST Informática

  26. How to Toilet Train Your Puppy

    Correct method:

    Incorrect method:

    Credit: Jenna B. (top), Olaf (bottom), via Urlesque.

    Cute Overload

  27. The Swinger

    One of my favorite hacks at last weekend’s Music Hack Day is Tristan’s Swinger. The Swinger is a bit of py […]

    Music Machinery

  28. Aparece foto de Diego Fernández de Cevallos

    Anoche empez a circular por las redes sociales una foto en la que supuestamente aparece Diego Fernndez de Cevallos.
    L […]

    El Blog de los Anti-heroes

  29. 究極のモノとしてのMac

    ご無沙汰しております。少々立て […]

    田園 Mac 〜Mac Pastorale〜

  30. Killzone 3 – Environment completely destructible


    Killzone 2 which just had destructible environments, the environments in Killzone 3 “fully […]

    PlayStation Informer

  31. Rebecca Romijn Tries to Teach Twins Tag

    Jim Spellman/WireImage

    At only 16 months old, Rebecca Romijn‘s twin daughters’ “completely […]

    Moms & Babies –

  32. We Never Forget You~~

    Foto-foto ini ditemukan kemarin, di kala Dream Concert tengah berlangsung. Sedikit memilukan melihat nya, namun hal […]

    Starjunior's 13town 2009

  33. Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Speaks Ahead Of Wembley Battle With Three Lions

    21 years old Gunners hitman Carlos Vela has spoken on Thursday afternoon to the Mexican press ahead of the big battle wi […]

    Carlos Vela News

  34. Review of tonight’s ‘Breaking Bad’: I know it’s ‘Lost’ Night, but watch or record this episode, please

    I’m breaking (as it were) with precedent and offering a preview-review of tonight’s Breaking Bad, because […]

    Ken Tucker's TV

  35. Steve Ballmer’s claim: Android isn’t really free

    The Microsoft (MSFT) CEO says that Google’s (GOOG) mobile OS isn’t without a cost in an interview with Jon […]

    Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

  36. Prediksi Umum SENIN 24/05/2010

  37. Open Source STM

    We hope you paid attention in advanced theoretical and quantum physics classes, or making your own Open Source […]

    Hack a Day

  38. [PHOTOS] G-Dragon HQ BIG SHOW 2010 Concert Photo Scans!

    Sexy sexy back!!! DD I want his yellow sweater with the little heads with the mickey mouse ears on! LOL!! XDD but it […]

    iBigbang Fansite

  39. Julia, Offline For “Several Weeks,” Friending People From The Ashram

    She’s making friends at the ashram, apparently, and spending time on Facebook.


    Julia and Andrew […]

    Reblogging NonSociety

  40. Stats applications in the App Garden

    Woo! Pro members have options for watching their view counts and stats with three applications we’ve noticed in […]

    Flickr Blog

  41. Chàng thủ môn tội nghiệp

    Bọ thấy chiếu rượu Qu choa c nhiều fan bng đ. Nhi&# […]

    Quê choa

  42. In the Hot Seat – Daedalus in Exile & I Know You

    By FicH00rExtraordinaire LARAC
    Happy Sinday!! This week was another crazy RL whirlwind with family stuff and lots of dea […]

    Random Acts of Rob™

  43. What’s the difference between Cardiff, Blackpool and Arsenal??

    Bit of a fun one, but of course the answer is easy isn’t it, we haven’t played (in a worthwhile game)at the […]

    Avenell Road

  44. 3

    بارسلونا بالاترین

  45. I Hate Jill Zarin Kelly’s Meltdown May 22 2010

    I Hate Jill Zarin Kelly is a 13-year old girl May 22, 2010
    Well we’ve had a few days to diges […]

    Lynnnchicago101's Blog

  46. UPDATED!! — ELF 2nd Fanmeeting ~ Heechul is CRYING ! T^T

    …………………….. Kangin said…. “I’m sorry and I’ll […]

    Super Junior

  47. Canada’s smartest cities 2010: overall rankings

    Is your city one of Canada’s smartest, a place that has what it takes to help you get ahead? Or is it falling […]

  48. Gia đình xin không tổ chức đêm tưởng nhớ Hữu Lộc

    Gia đnh nghệ sĩ hi qu cố khng muốn thực hiện đm tưởng ni&#7 […]


  49. Resultado Mega Sena 1181

    Mega Sena 1181 – Ser realizado neste sbado 22/05 o sorteio da Mega sena 1181. O prmio para este concurso de R […]

    Resultado Mega Sena 1181 / Lotomania 1038

  50. [Pic] 100523 Lotte Ad

    more info later
    credit: baidu
    shared by:

    fashion follows yoochun

  51. Superman Alliance Fail

    nobody can stop them!!!
    Submitted by: leojas via Fail Uploader

    FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Funny Pictures and Funny Videos of Owned, Pwned and Fail Moments

  52. The 11 Things You Do In Your 20’s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40

    Let’s face it: we all make stupid decisions. Like choosing a fifth over a review session, or bringing that guy […]

    College Candy

  53. Ashes To Ashes: The End

    DIXON Of Dock Green provided the black and white postscript to the last ever episode of Ashes To Ashes.
    “So it […]

    Life of Wylie

  54. 艾米:一路逆风(31)

    丁乙自己对夫妻分房而卧没什么意 […]


  55. شرافت بچه هاي جنوب تهران ، آن فيلم بيشرمانه و حالا طرح دفاع از […]

    حتما بسياري از دوست&#157 […]


  56. Kedvező fordulat?

    gy tűnik Kulcsr Dvid gyben hamarosan megegyezs szlethet. […]

    Üllői út 129

  57. …in which McNutt celebrates the journey and the destination of Lost

    The first time I wrote about Lost, it was during the show’s darkest days: a lengthy hiatus following the first […]

    McNutt Against the Music

  58. All that glitters is not gold

    I intercepted this comment from Sarge today. It is too important not to be it’s own post in my view. Here it is:
    M […]

    Moving On Up a Little Higher

  59. Last Breath..

    PG: 15 to 17, maybe?
    Sudah genap satu bulan statusku berubah. Sekarang aku menjadi Cho Sooran bukan lagi Shin Sooran. […]

    Looking for superfiction ?

  60. Vengeance University Wants You To Show Your “Guts.”

    Vengeance University has released their brand news “Guts” t-shirt that comes in three different color-ways. […]

  61. New Art: Ties That Bind: Declan and Sean

    Declan and Sean are pretty much the first OCs that I conceived for my Stargate fic. Where ever I stick them in– I […]

  62. Nguyễn Bá Thanh Phản Đảng?

    Trong khi Đảng v chnh phủ đang ra sức vun đắp tnh hửu nghị Vi&#787 […]

    1 người Việt

  63. Não Haveria Redimento De Reinserção Que Aguentasse…

    .. se esta regra fosse aplicada aos alunos, no tendo eu pejo em declarar desde j que a muitos dos meus alunos de evide […]

    A Educação do meu Umbigo

  64. LOTO, Resultats du dernier tirage du samedi 22 mai 2010

    TRITZ du Monde 1

  65. Israel Begins Five Day Nationwide Drill to Prepare for War

    “Israel’s annual national home front exercise begins onSunday, as Hezbollah plays up fears in Lebanon that […]

    Joel Rosenberg’s Weblog

  66. Floyd was all set for

    Floyd was all set for the lap dance, then he remembered what the vet removed on his last visit.
    i can has major life cha […]

    Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

  67. 100522 Music Core

    [HQ] Music Core (2010-05-22).avi [700.54 MB]
    Comeback: Wonder Girls, C.N Blue, MBLAQ, 4Minute | Rain, Hyori, Super […]

    Cashewmania Kpop

  68. The lies of Texas are upon you

    Yesterday the Texas School Board passed its new, conservatized social studies curriculum by a vote of 10-5. These chang […]

    Why Evolution Is True

  69. Transfer speculation – Keane for £15m, Ireland, Miguel, Zigic, Steven Taylor & Onuoha

    Bumper Speculation tonight !!!
    As usual the NOTW are off the blocks first with the weekends transfer speculation and we […]

    Aston Villa News and Views

  70. Ние отдавна приключихме със Слави Трифонов и то демократично!

    Нашият екип за разл&#108 […]

    Истината такава, каквато можеше да бъде!?

  71. Prediksi Shio Sgp, SENIN-23-05-2010

    Baca Aturan Main di Blog Raja Shio-The Doctor Shi0 SEBELUM ANDA […]

    Prediksi Shio Jitu

  72. Vatican on synthetic cell creation: ‘interesting’

    Rome, Italy (CNN) — The Vatican had praise Saturday for this week’s announcement that scientists had […]


  73. TF110 — O carro com o qual a Toyota competiria em 2010 (fotos)

    Como era comum desde que iniciou sua fragorosa trajetria na F1, a Toyota deve ter gastado alguns “meio bilho&#82 […]

    F1 Around

  74. เรื่องย่อละคร หวานใจกับนายจอมหยิ่ง

    หวานใจกับนายจอมหย& […]

    TNNW Blog

  75. Insändare: Åtala JK

    [INSNDARE] Det r gldjande att se att allt fler tidningar m.fl. frdmer den muslimska drgg som inte tl att profeten […]

    Fria Nyheter

  76. U Podgorici do 21:00h izašlo 69,28 odsto upisanih birača

    Izvor: Bolja Crna Gora, Analitika
    Koalicija “Bolja Crna Gora” saopštava da izlaznost građana na lo […]

    Daily News MONTENEGRO

  77. 10 Ways LOST Shouldn’t End

    As Sunday night’s series finale creeps closer, everyone and their mother, step-cousin and pet parakeet are […]


  78. Thư gin Chủ nhật: B mật “huyệt trai tn” giải oan tội hiếp dm

    “Ngy 22/04/2002, ba thanh nin ở x Yn Nghĩa, H Đng (H Nội) l Nguyễn Đnh L […]

    Bauxite Việt Nam

  79. Sorting Out Chess Endgames

    An approach to solving chess endgames using fast sorts Hector Garcia-Molina is one of the top experts in […]

    Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP

  80. First Video Look: Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Flash 10.1

    Google, as expected, has unveiled Android 2.2 — aka Froyo — at its I/O developers conference. Froyo […]


  81. خاطمی … ؟!

    بدون شرح !


  82. Aparece una extraña criatura en un lago de Canadá.

    El segundo hallazgo en la zona de una criatura extraa en dos meses.
    Los habitantes de la reserva Big Trout Lake en la […]

    Tejiendo el mundo

  83. Diskusi Sgp Senin


  84. ‘Singaporeans must learn to loosen up a little’

    If a genie were to grant Singapore’s most famous drag queen a wish, what would it be?
    “I want a make-up mach […]

    Fit to Post – Yahoo! Singapore News

  85. Kyle

    Even God looks for him now
    Submitted by: Tots via deMotivational Builder
    View All Caption […]

    Very Demotivational – The Demotivational Posters Blog

  86. Bones Season 6 Spoilers: Big Changes!

    Exclusive: ‘Bones’ boss promises ‘big changes’ nextseason
    by Michael Ausiello and Andy Patrick […]

    Spoiler Junkie

  87. Video: Is this how Cesc told Wenger he wants to go?

    In no way is this endorsing an exit of Cesc Fabregas but the humor and even honesty portrayed in this animation of the […]

    Red London

  88. MotoGP Le Mans 2010 . . . . Podium Kedua Buat LorenZo

    Duo Fiat Yamaha, Valentino dan LorenZo menempati pole 1 dan 2, Pedrosa dari Repsol Honda di Posisi ke 3 lalu diikuti du […]

    Taufik & Motorcycle™

  89. daisies

    The weather is amazing – not so very long ago there was frost on the ground, but last week it warmed up, and […]


  90. 39 Fakta Terunik Di Dunia

    cocacola dulu berwarna hijau
    nama yang paling umum digunakan di dunia adalah Mohammad
    dalam bahasa inggris, semua nama […]

    Galih karank bawank's

  91. Adanalı 66. Bölüm Online izle 29 mayıs

    Adanalı 66. Blm izlemek iin ATv ekranlarından ayrılmayın. Adanalı dizisinin yeni blm Adan […]

    FarFara – Canlı Bilgi Merkezi

  92. Bayern Monaco – Inter 0-2: foto-racconto della Finale di Champions League, tutte le emozioni della partita.

    L’Inter torna sul tetto d’Europa dopo 45 anni. E’ la terza Champions League della storia dei […]

    Squeezer Magazine

  93. In wake of Moss news, T.O. to Redskins a good idea?

    While the Washington Redskins have already added a boat load of veterans on offense this offseason, might there be room […] Blogs

  94. Four killed in Afghanistan attacks

    Three international service members of NATO-led forces in Afghanistan died Saturday in two separate attacks that also ki […]

    Afghanistan Crossroads

  95. Unlimited Clay, Sculptris hollygrail soon in Blender!?

    Hi Everyone
    I just couldnt resist the temptation
    The first time I saw voxel sculpting in 3D Coat I said to myself: I […]

    Tinker Code

  96. Does Advertising Work On You?

    Ron English is at it again.

    Mike Shinoda's Blog

  97. Can a Good Mormon Make Over $100,000 a Year?

    [Cross-posted to In Medias Res]
    This post is, in a sense, a sequel to two older posts: “Can a Good Mormon be a […]

    By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

  98. Victoria Day long weekend: What’s open, fireworks and reminders

    We know that nothing ruins a long-weekend faster than a closed sign at a store or missing the fireworks because you […]

    National Post | News

  99. It’s the Sun, stupid

    Solar scientists are finally overcoming their fears and going public about the Sun-climate connection
    Four years ago, […]

    National Post | Full Comment

  100. Three Simple Lessons From One Simple Photo

    Out in the Palouse area of Washington, the skies are big. One of my workshop students called the clouds in the area […]


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